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Stephan Noteworthy

My Wild Side

Chapter Four

... "Now, I'd like to see just how much of you I can swallow."

And with that, I scooted down and closed my mouth around his now flaccid cock and began sucking on his entirety. Let me tell you, he was a mouthful. As it quickly began to swell, it beckoned me to continue my quest and my mouth widened as his cock hardened. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep up with it's growth, and I began to retreat as his member lengthened and widened. I did him for all it was worth, but my being new to this did have its drawback though as my teeth got in the way a few times. I quickly learned and didn't do it but twice. He grimaced as it happened, but didn't complain. I just caught on as I thought how he had done me.

The most I could get, once it hardened fully was only about half. I felt really good that I had taken what I had of his 7-8 incher.

"God your good Palmer. You sure you haven't done this before?"

He was chuckling, as he said it, but I just nodded no as I continued to perform my noble duty. After about ten minutes, he started bucking his hips wildly. It seemed the most I could get, once it had hardened to fully was only about half of his length. I felt really good that I had taken what I had of him, and felt even better after I had swallowed everything he gave. He yelled for me to back off, but I wouldn't hear of it. I just thrust further forward. He must have shot into me ropes and ropes of his cum. Believe me, he gave and gave, and gave more--he was like the energizer bunny, as he just kept it cumming and cumming, and cumming.

His shots were as powerful as he was, and it tasted grand. Once finished doing my do, I crawled up his muscular body and we kissed madly. In doing it, he opened his mouth and I gave him a taste of his own sweet nectar--the nectar of my stud. Our tongues dueled--I got the best of him while he in turn got the best of me.

We fell asleep with me on top of his massive and muscled physique. My face was perched in the creviced cavern between his massive pecs. I couldn't resist as I nibbled on his perky pecs and nipples, and gently pulled on his inch long, and somewhat curled chest hair with my fingers. I continued until I finally fell asleep with his muscled arms holding me close to his body. We awoke several times during the night and played lovingly with each other.

The next morning, I awoke to find a very hard and pressing cock at the cavern of my ass. He wasn't implanted, but it was beckoning at my entrance point. Nothing anal happened--we just played with each other and talked. I found out he was in Goodman hall, which was just a hundred yards or so from Dohrman. The commons fed both our dorms, so we could enjoy eating together too. His dorm was a bit nicer than mine, and he had a roommate who was thankfully 'straight.' Up until that point, I didn't think I had a jealous bone in my body, but with the thought of Stephen with someone else, I was shivering to my core. This guy was a wet dream come true.

We cussed and discussed his moving in and bunking with me, and decided to check it out with our dorm managers later in the afternoon. We were both freshman, and took several of the same courses, but were never in the same class, except my art class, but he wasn't a student then--he was the hunk model.

If we had classes together, I would have never concentrated on the course subject, as I would have been constantly ogling over his muscled bod. We decided that we wouldn't try to be in future classrooms together, as it wouldn't have been good academically for either of us.

We strolled over to the commons and we had just sat down to eat breakfast when Kevin saw me. He came over and asked if we had minded him sitting with us. I looked at Stephen, and he said he didn't mind. Kevin was sitting across from me and next to Stephen. He must have noticed that something was going on between my stud and myself, cause he kept looking at me and then at Stephen. He had that goofy, but all knowing grin.

Once we had finished eating, we left Kevin and went to Stephens's dorm. His room was smaller than mine, but was much nicer as it had new carpet, furniture, and the like. It still had that smell of newness, as a new car has. His roommate wasn't in, so it was just the two of us. We kissed and fondled for a while, then left for our appointed 10 am classes. I arrived, on time, and the teacher duly noted my arrival. Right after he called the class to order, he apologized to me in front of everybody. Now that was classy! I was really pleased, as he told them of my exploits of the other day. After class I went up and thanked him. He seemed genuinely pleased.

Later that afternoon, I met up with Stephen again. He was a sight for sore eyes. We went to his dorm and checked the possibility of his switching dorms. The manager didn't seem to think there would be a problem, except that Stephen wouldn't get the difference in cost back. That didn't seem to bother Stephen, so we went to my dorm manager, and he said basically the same thing. He signed the necessary paperwork and we were soon to be rooming together, as if we wouldn't have been together during the nights anyway--but now it was legal.


I love e-mail, but do not accept attachments. Let me know if you like this story.

Stephan Noteworthy