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Stephan Noteworthy

My Wild Side

Chapter Five

...Now it was legal.

We went to his room again and packed up his stuff. It only took us a couple of hours, but we lugged it all over to our room. After another hour of putting his stuff where it belonged, we were finally finished. We took a breather and laid on his freshly made bed. He snuggled up with his haired chest to my backside. I felt so secure with his muscled arm draped firmly around my chest. It seemed as if we were made for each other--it was the perfect fit. He bent over and kissed me on my forehead, as I gently rubbed his muscled arm and caressed his large hand. He caressed my muscled pecs and abs.

We had both taken off our shirts, and were bare chested. His muscled torso against my back felt wonderful, and his chest hair sent tingles throughout me. After a while, we began undoing one another's shorts, and soon there was nothing more we could take off.  We didn't talk; our bodies just spoke to each other. We laid there like that for about an hour--just basking in the thought that we would be together for at least a semester.

I gave him a good massage. Sitting naked on his back again sent shivers through my body and directly to my throbbing cock. It took a while to get him fully relaxed, but I succeeded. His muscles loosened as I did my magic. Soon he was one hunk of soft muscled tissue. It felt so good as my fingers and hands kneaded his taught body. I massaged his arms, neck, his V shaped back, and his adorable bubble butt. I didn't neglect his thighs, calf muscles, feet or toes either. Every now and then, just when he expected it least, I would tickle him at the side of his ribs. It took an hour to give him the best back massage I could muster.

I turned him turn over and as he was completely relaxed, I told him not to help--he didn't either. He was completely limp with my movements, except for maybe one area of his body (he, he!). Once I had him turned over, I peated and repeated the process for another hour and a half. It was pure heaven. My feeling his massive body with the touch of my hands and fingers was awesome. By the time I had finished with his chest side, I had stripped him of all human dignity. I had to stop several times to get towels to clean us from the copious amount of cum. I hoped it would become a daily necessity, and it did. Could life get any better?

It was soon time to get some nourishment, so we got up and showered for about thirty minutes. During the course of which I got a good snack to tide me over--he got one too. We enjoyed the sensation of lathering each other up, and as I was washing him with my hands, my fingers would linger and gently tug his chest hair as I manipulated his pecs and nipples. Once we finished and had dried each other, I led him to a full-length mirror I had recently added to the backside of the entrance door.

As we stood there, with me leaning against his body, I looked at the sight and began to chuckle. He looked rather perplexed, so I told him that the difference in height and size of our bodies looked like something out of a comic book. He turned me around so I was facing him. Of course my mouth was at the crevice of his pecs, so I began administering to his erect nipples. He was apparently hurt at my comment, and told me that he had often been laughed at due to his size, especially in his younger high school years. I immediately felt bad, that I had caused him even the slightest bit of hurt.

"So you weren't bulky then?" I asked.

"No, just tall, thin, and lanky."

"I take it that's when you decided to start weightlifting and bulking up huh?"

"Yeah, I was a freshman when I started lifting, and I joined the baseball team during my sophomore year. We did really well to. We won state my senior year, and I even came close to getting a baseball scholarship, but my grades weren't quite good enough."

"What position did you play?"


I couldn't help but laugh--this 6' 8" hunk playing shortstop?

"Yeah, yeah--I know, but coach thought that with my height and all, that I could stop some of the balls that would normally go over the head of a shorter guy. Guess he was right too--during my junior year only a couple of balls went over me that would normally be hit into left field. During my senior year, none went over me, and there weren't any home runs on my side of 2nd base either. I was pretty effective."

"Wow--no kidding? That's awesome! Are you going to be playing this year?"

"Yeah, I hope to, but I'll just be a walk on. I'll probably make the team, but you never can tell, and if I have good grades, I might get a scholarship for the rest of my college studies."

Finally, we dressed and strolled to the commons. This time, as we were eating, my high school quarterback decided to join us. I introduced Stephen as my roommate. My stud was cordial, but didn't look too happy about Rick being there--I was glad he didn't say anything about it. After about twenty minutes though, my stud's mood seemed to have change--he seemed to approve of Rick, and he actually began joining in on our conversation. I asked Rick if he was going out with anyone. He said he wasn't, and that he wasn't really looking. He wanted to concentrate on his grades.

Stephen really perked up when he heard that! Apparently he felt Rick wasn't a threat to him where it concerned me. Surprisingly, Stephen even asked him if he wanted to join us later for some weightlifting. He agreed, and we decided to meet at 8:00 that evening at the gym. Stephen and I left the commons and leisurely walked around campus for a while. It would be another two and a half hours before our gym encounter.

After an hour and a half we went back to the dorm to get ready for meeting Rick in the weight room. Since we still had about an hour before we were to meet Rick, we played with each other. Stephen, it seemed had a crick in his back, so I rubbed it out, and of course while I was at it, I rubbed a few other things too (he, he!). But that wasn't all. I had removed my shirt and shorts--he removed my undies. I took off all his clothing, and began licking his chest once his shirt was removed. I lightly pushed him to the bed and of course since he was hugging me tightly with his muscular arms, I toppled on top of him. He grimaced only a little whimper. I told him to loosen his grip on me. His throbbing cock was at the entrance portal of my ass, as I sat up, it felt really good, but once again nothing anal happened. I don't think we were ready for that yet.

I began to massage his chest muscles as I sat on his crotch. I was dripping as I massaged him. If only you could see what I was seeing. He looked so godly lying there beneath me. Soon, his massive muscles were putty in my hands. I decided to give him a really therapeutic massage so I really began to push my fingers into his pectorals. Since they were already relaxed, my fingers dug to the core. In no time, he was moaning and groaning, as I pushed into his bod with all my force. It was apparently what he wanted--what he needed, as he continued to moan. He was writhing on the bed beneath us, and grasping at the covers. I began kneading his muscles as one would do bread dough. It was sensual too. Finally, I rolled him over. He was so `out of it,' and his body seemed like jellyfish.

I began working on his sore spot, and slowly continued increasing pressure. His back was thoroughly relaxed when I finally finished doing my do. I laid on his muscled back and reached underneath his body with my hands. He raised up on his elbows so I could reach my objectives. By the time I was through with his nipples, they were so erect I thought they'd never be in a state of normalcy again. My hands once again began massaging his firm pecs, as he was still on his elbows. Finally, I succumbed, and removed myself from his body. He turned around and as I held my hand out, he used it to help himself off the bed.

"We need to get ready for our meeting with Rick."

"Yeah, I know you're right, but this felt so good, I just want to continue."

"We'll continue once we're through lifting. It'll be better then, cause your muscles will be pumped and sore. The massage will really feel good then."

"Yeah, we'd better go."

With that, we dressed each other and took off. When we got to the weight lifting room, Rick was already there. He was only in shorts and tennis shoes. God, he looked so good. He noticed my staring at his chested muscles, and he gave me a brief show as he flexed. Thank goodness, Stephen wasn't looking his direction or notice my reaction. God Rick looked good enough to eat, and I was beginning to have sexual thoughts about him. I tried to get `em out of my mind, but to no avail. Rick noticed me licking my lips as I was drooling over his magnificence, cause he smiled that all-knowing smile. As the hour progressed, I continued watching as he lifted. I spotted for him when he was on the weight bench, and his eyes told me of his desire. I was really getting horny for Rick, and he was getting horny too. All one would have to do was see him, to know why and what I was feeling.


My thoughts were fighting each other. On one hand, I had what I thought was the best of the best in Stephen, and on the other, there was Rick with his muscled and hairless body. Finally, after an hour or so, we finished working out. Rick asked me if I could come to his room for a bit, as he had a problem with some of his homework. I told (well sorta asked) Stephen, and he said it would be ok--Stephen went back to his room--I went with Rick. I told Stephen that I would be only a couple of hours at the most. He was ok with it.

When we got to Ricks room, we entered and he closed the door. He locked it too (he, he). He had a single unit--no roommate to bother with, and a private bath. He must have paid a bundle for this arrangement. In a surprise move, he came up to me and pushed some hair off my forehead. He bent down and kissed me lightly on my cheek. Immediately, I tensed up, but then reached out and hugged his muscled chest and abs against me. We looked at each other, trying to read one another's reactions. He reached under my t-shirt and began pulling it off. I released my inhibitions, and allowed my arms to rise above my head. As the cotton left my body, shivers went coursing through my body. I didn't know how far this was going to go, but decided to just go with it. I reached over and removed his t-shirt, just as he had done mine. There we were, both bare-chested, and horny as hell.

"I've wanted to do this for two years now. I've always liked you, but was afraid to start anything up in high school. Your so good looking now that you're all bulked up--why did you do it--was it because of Kevin?"

"Yeah, he was always picking on me and made my life miserable. I saw him, and now he wants me as a friend, at least that's what he said."

"Yeah, he told me the same thing. We weren't friends in high school, and of course he didn't dare pick on me, but he did say he wanted my friendship."

"Back to what you said earlier--I've always admired your muscled body, but I didn't act on it, cause I was scrawny, but even after I muscled up, I still didn't act on it. I saw that you always smiled at me, but I didn't think you wanted to do the do, so I didn't approach you. Maybe I should have though. Everyone knew you were gay, but I was so in the closet, I was afraid to even peek through the keyhole. Now here we are, in college, and I'm with my high school quarterback, the guy I ogled over for so long, but was afraid to act upon."

"Yeah, here we are, and I'm glad that I'll finally get a chance with you."

"I'm the quarterback--you be my receiver."

With that, he reached out and removed my shorts and jockstrap. My cock was already at full mast and was leaking its sweet juice. I reached over and removed the rest of his clothing and took a firm hold of his half-hard member. It quickly tented the rest of the way and was soon at full mast. We stood there and looked at each other. He was looking down, and of course, me being short, I always had to look up. I reached out and began to work his well-defined pecs and abs. As I did, he moaned in a seductive manner. I released his after I had tweaked his hard and very erect nipples. We smiled at each other and he took my hand and led us to his bed. He pushed me gently so that I was sitting on the bed facing him. He then pushed me a little harder so I was then lying on his firm mattress. He crawled on top of me, and leaned on his elbows as he firmly pressed his lips to mine. There wasn't any tongue action, but we did kiss with passion.


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Stephan Noteworthy