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Stephan Noteworthy

My Wild Side

Chapter Six

...There wasn't any tongue action, but we did kiss with passion.

Ok, I haven't described Rick, except just briefly, so I'll do it now. As I said earlier, he looked like an adonis god, but even that wouldn't do him the justice he deserves. By now, you must realize I'm a pec and nipple kind of guy, and I'm looking at one of the best sets right now. It's all I can do not to stare at a good-looking set. I think sometimes my eyes must be in direct contact with my dick, cause it's always stirring, but now back to Rick. His chest is somewhat smaller than Stephens, but that's not putting Rick on a back burner in any way. In fact, in many ways Rick is even more stunning than my stud muffin.

His chest has more of a V shape than Stephens, and his hairless chest leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. Where Stephens's pecs are huge, they are also more rounded. Ricks are huge too, but more plateaued and they have that distinct chiseled look. They're firm to the touch, even in a non-tense pose. His abs are rock hard just as Stephen's are, and are more defined and pronounced. Rick's cock is about 4" soft, but when hard, it grows to 5-1/2 inches. It's just as beautiful as Stephens, but shorter and not too thick. When hard, it's only about 4 inches in circumference. It would be an easy cock to suck, and have stuck in my ass for any length of time.

His legs are some of the strongest I've ever seen. They are not disproportionate to his body, but they're extremely well defined. His calf muscles are great looking too. He wears size 12 shoes, and even his feet and toes are stunning. His back muscles would give anyone an orgasmed dream to look and lust after. There is just something about the back of a god that beckons me to him. Honestly, if I wasn't already rooming and committed, in a way, to Stephen, I would have picked Rick. Now that isn't taking anything away from my stud muffin, it's just emphasizing what an adonis Rick is.

Rick has dark brown hair just as my stud and I have. Rick only has hair on his head, under his arms and in his pubic area--probably a little in his ass crack too, but I haven't checked that area yeeee-ettt. His tan line is superb, and it accents his cock against his dark brown pubes. I'm getting harder again. I just can't control it. Ok, that's enough of the description--I can't wait as I have to get back to the action.

As Rick was licking and sucking on my pecs and nipps, I reached up and cupped his massive pecs and began massaging them as I tweaked his nipples. He responded immediately with some guttural moans and groans, but it didn't deter his actions on my bod, nor mine to his. I was moaning too as I rolled us over so he was on the mattress, and I was on top. I sat up and slid down his body, and on the way down I couldn't help but minister to his beckoning nipps as I continued to molest his ripped bod. He was massaging and tweaking my pecs and nipples as I worked him over. God this guy is good.

Finally arriving at my prize, I took him with ease to the base of his pubes. He was leaking pre-cum profusely, and as I worked his throbbing cock I was greeted with his precious cum. He convulsed copious amounts and it was sweeter than that of Stephen's. Rick was really one horny dude. Apparently, he was enjoying my antics as I was lightly rubbing my hands to his side, as if almost tickling him. The sensations of him moaning, writhing, clobbering the mattress with his fists, and moving his head from side to side and up and down was more than I could take and I soon shot my load all over him. We both stayed hard, and I collapsed onto his hard body. I crawled down to where my feet and his feet met; therefore, my crotch was between his legs just below his. My rock hard abs were on his still-hardened appendage, and my head fell between his perched pecs. I couldn't resist, and of course began nibbling on his hardened and erect nipples.

Now let me tell you, his nipples are something else! When they were hard and erect, they stood out from his body about a half an inch. They were soooo suckable. I sucked on them and pulled them with my teeth as if I were wanting them longer, and he acted as if he was heaven as I did him. I thought he was going to buck me off the bed and onto the floor, but I managed to ride him through ecstasy. My cock was uncontrollable, and I once again shot copious amounts between us. It sent him off too.

By the end of our spasms, I couldn't do anything but lay limply on his muscular V shaped torso. He managed a few grunts, but nothing legible was forthcoming. After about fifteen minutes, I regained enough strength to arise and sit on the side of his bed. He still couldn't move, so as he lay there, I played with his chested muscles and continued pulling on his very erect nipps. God I could do this all day, but my time in his room was quickly drawing to a close. I needed to get back to my dorm and work on Stephen.

Finally, Rick started coming back from his heavenly bliss and I got up and cleaned us both up. I helped him to the shower, and stayed with him as he cooled down from our sweaty escapade.

"Rick, meet Stephen and I at breakfast in the morning, and don't wear a t-shirt either. You're to leave your shirttail out and not button your shirt. Sit across from me and make sure your shirt is open as wide as you can get it without being too obvious. Got that?"

"Yeah, sure--anything for you bud. You want my dick hanging out too?" he comically asked.

"I'm serious bud--do it like I told you! Nothing's to be said about this to anyone--got that?"

"Yeah, I hear ya. Don't worry no one will know. It'll be our little secret."

"Good see ya tomorrow morning then."

With that, I closed in on him and kissed him with a passion, which could only be described as heavenly. We parted as I tweaked his nipples, and let my hands slip down his muscled torso. Nothing further was said, and I left quickly to Dorhman for another round. I was late, and I didn't want to see a perturbed Stephen.

While walking back to Dohrman, I got to thinking that maybe I could do both Stephen and Rick. Of course with Stephen's jealous streak, there was no way Stephen could handle my being with Rick. He couldn't be told. Rick could probably handle knowing about Stephen, but I hadn't mentioned it to him. Just as I rounded the corner of Dohrman, I saw Stephen. He was shirtless, and only had on a thin pair of skimpy shorts--what a sight to behold.

"Hey stud--where are you going?"

"I was on my way to see about you. What the hell took you so damn long? It's been almost three hours." I'll beat the crap out of him if any thing happened between you."

"Not to worry, we were just working on some stuff."

"I saw the way he looks at you. He may be your high school friend and all, but he'd better not even approach you, or he'll be in big shitin trouble. He won't be able to lift a finger after I'm through pulverizing him."

"Well you won't have to, we just lost track of time. Not to worry, stud."

Stephen then stormed back inside Dohrman. I knew he was the jealous type, but I didn't figure him to be quite that bad. When I got to our room, Stephen was still fuming. He was like a raging bull. His eyes were glaring, his nostrils were flaring, he was clenching his fists, and his chest muscles were tense. If he hadn't been so uncontrollably upset, his looks would have been so erotically stimulating.

He had thrown stuff in all directions, and the room was a total disaster area. He had lost control. I just stood there and gawked at him, as I was really getting really mad about this jealousy shit, but for self-perseverance, I said nothing. Once he cooled down he was going to hear it, and hear plenty. He turned away from me as I went over to where he stood and gave him a gentle push down on his massive shoulders. He rightly took it as a signal for him to sit down. As his back was to me, I started kneading his taught back and neck muscles. They were really hard--really tight. After a few minutes, he began to relax somewhat, but not near enough for me to broach the subject. He was still breathing heavily. Finally, after about thirty minutes of my working on him, he had calmed down enough, and I managed to get him stripped and onto his bed.

"On the bed stud muffin--face down--arms over the head."

I was in my command mode, and went and got my belt from my trousers, and as I did, he looked around. I saw fear in his eyes. I just smiled, as I turned back toward him.

"Face forward stud."

He said nothing as he turned his head around.

I took the belt and began to hit is buttocks with it. I wasn't overly doing it, but I made sure it was somewhat painful. After about five minutes, his ass was flaming red and he was whimpering. My big muscled jock was at my beckon call.

I stopped, put the belt down and stood near where his head was. I grabbed a fist full of hair and roughly pulled his head up so that he was looking directly in my eyes. As I saw him laying there at my mercy--he looked so pathetic.

"So mister muscles, you want more, or do you want me to stop?

"More please, I need more."

I went to my closet and retrieved a package of stuff I had bought earlier while Stephen was in class. I rummaged through the bag and laid the items on the table nearest his bed. There was a butt plug, nipple clamps, a chastity cage, a leather collar and leash, handcuffs, rope, and plastic tie straps. I had spent over $150 worth on my toys. I reached for the plastic tie straps and pulled his huge muscled arms back behind him. I wrapped a strap around his wrists and pulled tightly. He was bound, but I put another on his wrists just to be on the safe side. I cut a three-foot section of quarter-inch rope and tied his feet together. I then cut another section of rope and tied one end of it around his already bound hands and pulled the other end between his muscled legs and under the rope I had tied his feet together with. I pulled tightly. His back arched, and his feet and legs were being pulled backward so that his hands and feet were touching. Finally, I liked the position he was in, so I tied the rope securely.

I had been a busy guy, and without Stephen noticing it, I had placed 5 eyehooks above his bed. I grabbed another section of rope and looped it through the center eyehook and tied one end to his bound body where his hands and feet were now touching. With the other end, I pulled until his muscled body was completely off the bed. Since the beds were roll-a-way's, I pushed it out from underneath him as I rolled it back I pushed up and into the wall. I grabbed a fist full of hair, and roughly pulled his head up. I could see he was reeling with the pain I was inflicting upon his muscled bod.

"I'll leave you here like this for a while, as I study."

And with that, I turned around and went to my desk. As I began studying, I looked every now and then at Stephen, and the predicament he was in. I chuckled as I studied his muscled nude body suspended in mid air. He began whimpering, so I reached for my sweaty underwear. I retrieved them and shoved them unmercifully in his mouth. They were nice and ripe too. I hadn't changed them in over a week.

I went back to study for a while, and as I did, I noticed his cock wasn't hanging down soft as it once had. It was pulled up tight against his abs, and was dripping pre-cum. He was fully aroused. I decided to let him down, so I pulled out his bed, and cut the ropes which had his body suspended. He fell on to the mattress below in what sounded as a loud thud. I rolled him over to his side and tightly squeezed his nipples. They were erect, but I was going to make `em the object of my desire. Before I was through, they would be red, inflamed, and pulled out. I tightened my fingers and squeezed them with all my strength. Since his mouth was gagged, I only heard guttural responses to my manipulations. I kept my fingers on his nipples and began pulling on them. He flexed his pecs, and it only made it worse for him, as I pulled even more on them.

I released `em for a just a short time and went to get my chair as I needed more leverage. I pulled the chair up to the bed and placed my feet firmly against his body. The gouging of my toes into his muscled pecs and abs felt good.  I reached out and once again squeezed and pulled on his nipps. I used the leverage of my feet against his body and squeezed and pulled on his now swollen and extremely red pecs and nipple area. I kept the pressure up and didn't release it for about twenty minutes. During the course of time, he was squirming and making all kinds of guttural sounds. Once I released them, I noticed I had succeeded and his nipps were pulled out from his firm but red and swollen pec muscles. A few more treatments like this, and they would be as I desired.

I reached over to the clamps and let them close on each nipple. It wasn't gentle. They snapped with a vengeance. His body reacted violently with the instant pressure of the clamps. The ones I had purchased didn't have sharp teeth, but they did have rounded ones, and were made so that they would dig in as they were pulled on. I had decided that I didn't want his nipples to bleed; therefore I had picked these. I pulled on the chain that was linked to each clamp, and his nipps responded well to my treatment. In fact I pulled on them so hard, that his body was pulled to the edge of the bed. I once again placed my feet on his muscled chest so as to hold him in place while I tugged and pulled.

As I sat there torturing him, I must have snapped. The devil incarnate must have taken over me, as I began pulling again--this time unmercifully. My toes dug into his haired chest and abdominal muscles, and I was clenching against his body. Finally, I snapped back to reality, as his body was writhing in pain. I released the clamps, and his body reacted even more violently as the released pressure sent him reeling.  I grabbed hold of them and tightened my grip so as to ease the pain of his then released torture.

His body responded, as I increased the pressure. I then began to massage his now extremely erect nipps. He was moaning with pleasure as I massaged them. Over the next ten minutes, I gradually eased the pressure, and finally released them. I had pulled on them with such force that they protruded from his pecs a goodly length. I took the gag out of his mouth, and released his bonds. He stretched his body and he shook as he did it. I pushed him onto his back and gave him a most wonderful chest and upper torso massage.

As I continued massaging his haired pecs, I laid on his taught and extremely muscled torso. I was horizontal on him--feet to feet and legs on legs. My now dripping cock rested in the valley of his muscled thighs. My abs rested on his dripping cock and his well-muscled abs. I could even feel the mountains and valleys of his abs, as his cock throbbed with the sensation. My chest was on his, and my head rested between the valley of his mountainous pecs. I loved it.


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Stephan Noteworthy