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Nick and Ryan -- Chapter 2

Ryan led the way as we strolled on down the three flights of stairs, heading towards the bookstore. My eyes were transfixed upon the thin, light blue, nylon material that covered his firm ass. Why couldn't I stop looking at his ass? What was wrong with me? I had a girlfriend and I was very happy being with her.

"Let's see your schedule Nick" Ryan said to me as we were reaching the bottom floor. I was still partially dazed as I reached into my pocket to pull out my schedule. Handing it to him, I was lost in thought.

"Hey, we're in three of the same classes!" Ryan exclaimed, while he gently nudged me in the arm. I quickly came back to reality.

"Nice, bro, we can help each other out then." I guess that I shouldn't be shocked by this revelation, being that we were both History majors, concentrated in Education, at this small school.

We walked in silence for a few more minutes as my mind raced back to Beth, my girlfriend. I missed her immensely at that moment, and would give anything to be with her. With the weird thoughts of Ryan circling around my head too, I thought that I might be going slightly crazy.

"Hey, earth to Nick, are you okay buddy?" I guess that I had a "lost" expression on my face and didn't even realize it.

"Yeah, I was just thinking again about Beth and about, eh, other things. You know, it still feels weird to be here. It hasn't sunk in yet that this is where I am going to be living for the next four years of my life."

"Stop thinking so much and just enjoy it. You already missed a great party last night because you were too busy "thinking". I guess that it will be my job to make sure you get enough exposure to parties and girls."

"Great, just what I needed" I said sarcastically as Ryan again punched me in my arm. I had enough of that scene back in high school. I've been to my share of parties and had the girl that I loved already.

"Ryan, Nick, what's up guys?" Both Ryan and I turned around to see Kyle and another guy walking up behind us.

"Nick, this is my roommate Alex, Alex meet Nick." The usual greetings were exchanged as attention turned to the party from the previous night. The three of them laughed as they talked about girls, beer pong, and bad beer.

"Where are you guys off to this morning?" I asked both Kyle and Alex, trying to change the subject.

"We're heading to the bookstore. Want to get those books before the lines get too long. My brother is a senior here and said that he's already waited three hours on line during his freshman year because he got there late." Kyle explained that his brother lived off campus in a frat house and that he was hoping to become a brother there too.

Rounding the corner to the bookstore, we noticed a hefty line already stretching two stores down. Later on in college, I would have just waited until later in the week to get my books, as did most upperclassmen. But being a foolish freshman, I had to have my books even before my classes began.

"Shit, what a way to spend a morning." Ryan exclaimed as we all nodded in agreement.

An hour and a half slowly passed by as the line crept to the counter at the front of the bookstore. Most colleges have bookstores on campus that are operated by a major bookseller, but this college was different. Moonshine Books was owned by a group of hippies that had attended this college during the 1960's and never left the town. Forty years later, they still dressed and acted much like they did during their younger days. It was finally my turn as I walked towards the hippie waving me over.

"Hey man, you have your schedule?"

I handed this guy my schedule as he appeared to study it very closely. His eyes got all "squinty" and his face contorted. I decided to use this opportunity to study him closely. Dressed in a tie-dyed Grateful Dead t-shirt, ancient, brown, torn pants, and a pair of Birkenstocks, this guy looked as though he stepped through a time warp. With a tattered bandana tied loosely around his forehead and hair that looked like it hadn't been brushed yet this decade, he carried the look entirely. Interestingly enough, the other five men behind the counter all looked very similar to him. Where was I?

After a few minutes, his eyes slowly began to look up from the paper in front of his face.

"Wow man, you have some difficult professors this semester man. And they have plenty of books to keep you busy with. Do you want new or used books?"

I heard that it was best to get used books for two reasons. First, they were cheaper, and second, people already highlighted and marked the important sections of the chapters. Having begun college with very little money saved, my decision was easy.

"I'd rather have used books if possible."

"I'll see what I can do, man and I'll be right back with your books."

About five minutes later, the guy came back with an arm full of books. I looked at the pile as he placed them on the counter. I was thinking that I had my work cut out for me this semester.

"I'll be right back with the rest of your books, man." he said to me.

"What! How could there be MORE books than this?" I exclaimed.

"I told you man that you have some pretty hard professors this semester. You will be plenty busy this year. I'll be right back."

He came back with another pile of books. That made 23 books in all. How could I have 23 books for only five classes? I suddenly heard laughter coming from nearby as I turned to see Ryan pointing and laughing at me.

His laughter died off quick as he spotted his pile of books beginning to form on the counter in front of him. Since we had three classes together, it was only logical that he would have almost as many books as I would have. I guess I began to drift off when I had a sudden, painful shock back

to reality.

"Your total is $544.32. Will that be cash, check, or credit card?"

"Excuse me, how much did you say?"


I could feel my jaw drop as he said it again. How could a bunch of books cost that much money? It took me months to earn that sum of money back in high school. I reluctantly opened my check book and wrote the check out for one of the largest amounts I had ever written before. All for a bunch of books I thought.

I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to carry all of my books back. We decided to walk to the bookstore because of the nice weather. It was about a twenty minute walk from our dorm. I asked the guy for some plastic bags, but now it was his turn to drop his jaw.

Raising his voice for the entire store to hear, he said "Plastic bags ruin the environment, man, and are bad for mother earth. How dare you even ask me for them. All we have here are recycled paper bags."

He tossed me a few paper bags while giving me a look of disgust. Great, I thought to myself. Now I pissed off a hippie after just giving him most of my money.

"Just like you Long Island city snobs to cause trouble everywhere you go" Ryan said to me, with both Kyle and Alex behind him. They were laughing hysterically at my situation. I just sat there quietly packing up my paper bags with books. I tried to get them all into two bags so that I would only have to carry one in each hand. I thought it would become difficult to carry multiple bags back to the dorms.

As I lifted one of the bags from the counter, the bottom tore out, spilling my books all over the floor. This sent Ryan, Kyle, and Alex over the edge. They were laughing so hard that their eyes were tearing. I was just trying to keep my cool as best as possible and get out of that crowded bookstore with at least an ounce of dignity left, while cursing under my breath the entire way.

The three of them continued to laugh and pick on me the entire way back to the dorm. It also appeared that I had the most books out of them, with Kyle carrying only one small bag. I wasn't a violent person at all, but at that moment, I felt like beating the shit out of all of them!

Stepping foot into our room, I immediately put the books on my desk and plopped myself down into my bed. My rest was quickly interrupted by Ryan, as he silently snuck up to my bed and began jumping on it.

"What the fuck! Get off my bed asshole!" I yelled to him, startled at the sudden movement.

"Its noon and time to get some food. Come on! I'm starving!"

Ryan wrapped his arms around my torso and lifted me off the bed, dropping me onto the floor.

"Dick" I whispered under my breath as I slowly got up and followed Ryan out of the door. For this, I again received a punch in the arm. My arm was beginning to turn a multitude of colors as it was bruising up from the continuous punches.

The dining hall was a separate building located just across from our residence hall (I had already been criticized about calling the dorm a dorm, when in reality it was a "residence hall". The RA's told me that a dorm was only a place to sleep. Our hall was a place to live and interact with each other. More propaganda I thought to myself.)

I heard from some of the other guys on the floor that our dining hall had the best food. However, I thought that they were sadly mistaken. The dining hall consisted of two different lines. One line served cold food, like sandwiches, while the other line served hot food. All food was sold a la carte, or by the piece. After not being able to recognize the food being served on the hot line, I decided to buy a small sub and a coke on the cold line. $7.00 later, and I was ready to sit down and eat. Luckily, my meal plan was already paid for using my loan money. This college really knew how to rip off students, with expensive books and food.

Ryan and I decided to sit at a table with other guys from our floor. So far, I hadn't met many of the girls from my hall. I sat down while they were again in the middle of talking about the party they had all attended last night.

"That bitch was hot bro, I would hit that if I could."

"Did you see the one with the long blond hair, shit she looked good. I wonder if I could get with that one."

Did these guys only think about one thing? Don't get me wrong -- I loved having sex and thought about it just as much as any other 18 year old guy, but really, there were more things to talk about when just meeting a bunch of new people. I felt really out of place at that moment. I noticed that Ryan wasn't really participating too much in this discussion, probably because he couldn't remember much of the previous night.

"Hey Nick, why didn't you come out with us last night? We had a lot of fun man." Kevin was a really friendly guy that also lived in our small corridor.

"I was beat and decided to turn in early. Plus, I wanted to talk to my girlfriend." I said to the group, as they focused their attention to me.

"GIRLFRIEND? Ah, are you whipped bro? You missed out on a lot of fun." A few of the guys called out to me.

"I'll come out next time with you guys, don't worry about that!" I said to the group, trying to save face with these people I just met.

I decided to ignore the rest of this conversation and finish eating quickly. I was feeling more and more uncomfortable as I sat there listing to them talk. These guys seemed to be like my superficial jock friends from high school, interested only in hooking up and drinking. Getting up to leave, I told the guys that I'd see them later and left the building.

I got back to our dorm and decided that I needed to talk to Beth as soon as possible. I took out my cell phone and called her while lying down on my bed. I felt very lonely at that point in the day. As she picked up the phone, I heard a lot of giggling in the background before anyone said anything. Well, at least she sounded like she was having fun!


"Hey sweetie, I miss you tons already!"

"Nick, I miss you too. How are ya? What's it like there so far?"

I told her all about the problems I had when I first walked into my room, with the party going on and all. I didn't have to tell her how my parents reacted to it, as she guessed it before I could even tell her the story. She thought it was all hilarious. I heard her relaying the stories to her roommate while she was trying to regain her composure. I'm glad at least one of us thought that it was funny.

"How's everything going in Chicago? How was your move?"

"Well, my parents left early this morning to get back to New York. The move went well and my roommate is awesome. We've had so much fun already and have a lot in common." She then proceeded to tell me about her adventures at the bar on the previous night and about how she got completely drunk with her new friends already.

"I'm glad that you're having so much fun, Beth. I wish I was in Chicago having fun with you too."

"Aw, baby, I miss you a lot also. But we'll see each other sooner than you will realize. And I can't wait for that!" Beth said to me just as Ryan walked into our room.

"So, what do you think about Ryan?" Beth asked.

"Oh my roommate, well Ryan is a scrawny, geeky, prick of a guy that smells sort of like cheese!" I said to Beth, knowing that Ryan was listening closely to every word that I was saying.

"You dick" I heard just as it felt as though an enormous brick had fallen directly on my torso. It turned out to be Ryan's massive body, as he tried to wrestle the phone out of my hand. Before I could say anything else, Ryan was talking to Beth. I cringed at the thought of what they were saying to each other. I was only able to hear muffled sounds, as Ryan's body covered my head and prevented me from hearing well. His strong, masculine smell was intoxicating. I could clearly smell his soap and what appeared to be a hint of cologne, mixing with his own natural scent. He smelled awesome and I found myself getting hard. Fuck, it was happening again. Why did this happen to me? I wanted Beth, and only Beth.

I was able to push him off from me and regain consciousness. He was laughing hard as he handed the phone back to me. I decided to end my conversation with Beth right here, telling her that I would call her later on in the evening. Thank god for free nights and weekends on my cell plan!

"I'm sorry dude, but you were talking about me. I couldn't let that go unchecked." He said joking around and laughing as he threw a rolled-up towel at me.

"Yeah, I guess that I deserved it, but I'll get you back."

With that, we both just laid back in our beds and watched TV for a little while. We had 40 cable channels in each dorm room, including two campus movie channels. We settled upon watching a classic Denzel Washington movie as sleep rapidly enveloped the both of us. Fifteen minutes passed before we were suddenly awakened.

"You lazy asses; get up guys! It is a nice day and everyone is just hanging out and meeting each other. Come on! A few of us are going to walk down to the waterfall just down the road. Let's go!"

We were out the door in under five minutes as I followed Ryan and a few other guys and girls out towards the parking lot. There were twelve of us in all going out. Kyle seemed to know where he was going and led the group up towards the main road.

"There's this awesome place to hang out and hike about ten minutes from here. My brother took me here last year with some of his friends. There's this waterfall that drops in between this small gorge and you can hike down into it. It's very steep, but a lot of fun."

I began to make small talk with some of the other people I had not yet met in our little group. I noticed that a few of the people were wearing their backpacks. It was a nice, Western New York summer day, with temperatures reaching just 78 degrees and a warm breeze blowing. I spoke with almost everyone in our small group while we walked along the road to get to Autumn Brook.

I spent a good deal of time talking to one of the girls, as she looked familiar to me. It turned out that she was my neighbor, having attended a private Catholic school for her entire life instead of our public high school (as a large number of kids from my town did). I even knew her boyfriend through the lacrosse summer camps that I attended and worked. Her parents had actually moved into a house only two blocks away from my parents' house while she was in high school. We continued to swap stories of our neighborhood hangouts.

"Wait a minute, don't you have a brother?" Tonya said to me, cutting me off in mid sentence.

"Yeah, a have a few brothers. I come from a large family" was all I could think to say, while she again cut me off.

"No, you have a twin brother. I know you two. I remember seeing you on the...oh wait, sorry. I'm so stupid, I'm really sorry." She must have just realized how she knew me. I'm sure she saw our faces on television or on posters put up around town. When my parents and the police decided that Joey was, in fact missing, his face was plastered all over. And since we were identical twins, my face was also plastered all around town. Things like that did not just "happen" in our town.

"Don't worry about that Tonya. I'm not upset that you mentioned it. Just try to keep that quiet. I do not want everyone finding out about that. Anyway, its awesome having someone to talk to about home. Hey, if you ever need a ride back home, I have my car here. I'd be happy to take you with me back home."

"Thanks Nick. And I'm sorry about that again. Leave it to me to say stupid things. That always happens to me!"

"We're here!" Kyle exclaimed as we reached a clearing in the dense thickets in a wooded area on the side of the road. Luckily, he broke the tension in the air between Tonya and me. A small path trailed back through the woods. NO TRESPASSING -- PRIVATE PROPERTY signs hung everywhere as we began to walk back into the woods. The path was narrow, with thick trees and shrubs all along the way. After walking for about a minute, we began hearing the sounds of rushing water. I knew we were getting close. Reaching the top of the waterfall, I was in for an awesome site. We were standing upon an overhang, giving us a great, 360-degree view of the surrounding area. It appeared that the hike to the bottom was very steep. Being from the suburbs, I had never hiked down a mountain like this. (It was not even a mountain, but having never really gone hiking before, it looked enormous to me at the time!)

"Last one down has to do my laundry this week. And it's going to be a very hot, sweaty week!" Ryan said. He then took off from the group and began running down the large hill. We all watched as he braced himself upon the trees as he made his way down. Nobody made a move until he was halfway down. I guess we were all just waiting to see if he fell or killed himself. Before I knew it, I was left behind as everyone began to race down the hill. A few people began stumbling, tripping, and falling as they raced to beat the others out. I immediately pegged than to be the city dwellers. Few of us urban kids had much experience with mountains and hiking. One of the guys was close to the bottom, but nobody would beat Ryan, as he was already standing at the base of the waterfall.

I decided that I needed to get moving, before I had no chance at beating anyone down. I moved cautiously and slowly, grabbing onto trees and roots for support as I crept down. I tuned out everyone else as I concentrated on my goal -- to make it to the bottom without any broken bones. When I made it to the bottom, I realized that I was the last person down. They were all laughing at me and calling me names as I sprinted down the last part of the hill. Hey, what do you expect from someone who had never been hiking before?

"Sorry dude, it looks like you have an extra job to do this week." Ryan said to me as he walked past me and continued to follow the river. I just laughed with everyone else and continued down the river with Ryan. Like hell I was going to do his laundry!

Thoughts of him would not leave my mind. I thought back to last night, when I had helped him in the shower and put him to bed. I thought about examining his body and seeing his well-developed chest up close. I thought about the trail of hair that led down to his massive cock and balls. I thought about him stroking his dick and pumping out a thick, hot load of cum all over himself.

I must have been carried away in thought, because before I knew it, I walked right into Ryan, with a hard-on raging. He definitely felt my hard cock press up against his tight ass as I ran right into the back of him. Yet another embarrassing situation to deal with, I thought to myself as I tried to figure out what to do next.

I saw him blush as he turned around speechless. He just looked at me and gave me a small smile. "Sorry bro, I wasn't paying attention." I said to him as I tried to pretend as if nothing had happened. I think that this was the first time that I saw him at a loss for words.

"No problem." He finally said to me, and continued walking. Our whole group stopped about a half hour into the woods and sat on some rocks littered alongside the river. Alex opened his backpack and pulled out a few cans of beer. He began tossing them to other people in our group. Following his lead, the others began to open their backpacks and pull out beer to share too. Perfect timing, as I had reached the point where I decided that I needed a drink. I had embarrassed myself more than once today and needed something to help me forget about it. It was funny looking around at our group as I sipped my beer. Judging from the expressions on a few peoples' faces, it seemed as though this was their first sip of beer. Their faces cringed up as the beer reached their taste buds.

I thought back to my first experience with beer. I thought that it tasted like piss and was amazed that people could actually enjoy the stuff. What a foolish child I had been! Joey and I both snuck one beer from the fridge at my parent's house. We must have been in seventh grade at the time. Dad didn't really drink much, but always kept beer in the fridge to offer to the frequent guests in our home. One night, as my parents had a small party going on downstairs in the living room, Joey and I snuck down through the back stairway into the kitchen. There, we stole a beer from the fridge and ran down into the basement with it. We couldn't go back to our room, because we shared it with another brother. We couldn't risk anyone else finding out about this! I opened the can excitedly and took the first sip. Joey sat there watching as I too, contorted my face and spit it out all over the floor. I thought that it had the most awful taste in the world. What a silly child I had been! However gross I thought it tasted, we both managed to finish the can of beer and hide it within the pile of cans set aside for recycling.

I came out of my daze as I heard someone mention that they were going to pack a bowl. Again, I instinctively knew what they were talking about. I had been well acquainted with alcohol and drugs by the time I entered high school. However, I only drank and smoked occasionally. I was often the designated "sober child" between my brother and me. I made sure that he didn't do anything stupid on the nights he decided to smoke up. I did not mind, as I quickly learned that smoking wasn't for me.

I watched as one of the guys, Mike, began packing a small glass bowl with weed. It actually was a nice bowl and I saw the look of amazement on some of the other kids' eyes. This didn't really faze me though. I had actually not smoked since Joey disappeared, and planned never to pick up a bowl or other illegal drug again in my life. After he sparked it, a line of people encircled him, hoping to get a hit too. Ryan jumped right into line, as I saw the bowl exchanging hands between a number of people. I took the time to just relax and enjoy the day.

"Hey Nick, take a hit man. This is good shit" Ryan said to me as he passed the bowl in my direction.

"No thanks bro, I don't do that shit anymore." I decided to stand up for what I believed in for once.

"Come on man, don't be a pussy Nick. A hit or two won't kill ya!" Ryan began to annoy me with this comment.

"Not interested in it bro. I'm fine."

"Suit yourself guy -- more for us then!" Ryan said to me.

He really made me angry at that moment. I just concentrated on my beer as I quickly guzzled it down. My second beer went down just as smooth as the first. I really had grown to like beer! I continued making small talk with the people around me, gradually getting to know each one. I heard the telltale coughing all around me of people taking their first hits from a bowl. Here they were being initiated into a world of under-aged drinking and weed smoking. Poor kids, being corrupted on their second day in college!

Just then, I heard the sound of a large animal splashing its way towards us. I turned around to see a cow walking in our direction. If I had smoked, I would have just blamed this hallucination on the drugs. What the hell was a cow doing at the base of a hill? I think it was the funniest moment of my life. Never in my entire life would I believe someone if they told me what I had just seen. Here we were, surrounded by trees and brush, and a cow! It turns out that a dairy farmer owned the land we were on. Occasionally, a cow would depart from his pasture and come too close to the edge of the hill. These cows would then tumble down the hill until they ended up in the river. I know that some people will yell that it is cruelty to animals, but it might just be the funniest site on earth to see in person! The farmer would then have to walk the cow up the river until they came to a relatively level area, where he could lead the cow out. Again, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, (on more than one occasion), I would have never believed that it could be possible.

Well, my bright, young friends sitting in front of me decided that they wanted to try to get the cow high.

"Don't worry I know about cows; I live on a farm" I heard one of these young scholars say as they put the bowl up towards the cow's mouth. The cow just stood there looking at them. They then decided to blow smoke into the cow's face, which again proved to be futile. In the end, they decided to leave the cow alone, as they caved in defeat. I was glad that they gave up. However, the whole episode still ranks upon one of the funniest moments in my life. First, I had never seen a cow up close before, and second, who thought that I would see a cow standing in a river? (There was not even enough water to call it a river, as it was only about a foot deep.)

We eventually had enough fun playing around in the river, and decided to head home. This time, I was one of the first people up the hill, as I was still relatively sober and alert. I waited at the top for about ten minutes, as people began stumbling back up to the path out. In the end, we all made it back to the dorms relatively unscathed, with no serious injuries to report. I thought that this was an accomplishment for a group of drunk, high people.

Our group headed straight towards the dining hall for dinner, instead of going back to the dorms. We all ate the reddish-brownish mass of mush that the hall called spaghetti and meat sauce. Well, in actuality, I think few of us ate it as most of us just pushed it around on our trays. I guess that the college decided that this was the best way to prevent people from gaining weight -- known as the freshman 15. It was going to work beautifully! Throughout dinner, we recalled stories from the day's events, as we were all laughing and having a great time. I was actually having a lot of fun for the first time in a long time.

It was 6:00 by the time we got back to our rooms. We both decided that we would take another nap before going to a frat party that night. Two naps in one day! I was becoming such a lazy ass!

I woke up to a rhythmic pounding noise coming from Ryan's bed. The room was becoming dark as the sun was beginning to set. He was probably about 15 feet from me, but I distinctively heard the sound and knew immediately what he was doing. But what should I do? I slowly opened one eye and looked over towards his bed. His sheet was raised up near his crotch and he appeared to be pumping away on his dick, while trying to be quiet about it. With eyes closed tight, he seemed to be deep in thought. I guessed that he thought about one of the hot girls he talked with at the party last night.

As I continued to watch inconspicuously, I felt something thickening right down in my crotch too. What was I supposed to do now? I decided to lie perfectly still and fight the temptation to touch myself, even though I was as hard as a rock. His pumping became faster and faster as I guessed that he was nearing ejaculation. In the dimly lit room, a soft moan left his mouth as his face contorted slightly. I figured that he had just shot his load under his sheet. I quickly closed my eyes as I saw him open his and reach out for a towel from the floor. I remained perfectly still, pretending to still be asleep. All the while, I was thinking about that hard, muscular body that I had seen naked the previous night. His hard, uncut cock pulsing with his touch, that nipple ring that I wanted to suck on and bite, that happy trail stretching down to his massive dick. I was ready to shoot without even touching myself.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. I pretended to still be asleep as I heard the rustling of sheets and clothing coming from the other side of the room. I felt the blood slowly leaving my member, as I tried to make it look like I was just waking up. The door flung open and in walked Kyle.

"Be ready by 9 o'clock. A bunch of us are walking over to the frat party together." With that, he walked out.

"I'm all nasty and shit from our hike this afternoon. My clothes are plenty dirty for you to wash." Ryan said as he gave me a little smirk. I had forgotten all about that little bet he had made earlier in the day. I didn't really think he was serious.

"You actually want me to do your laundry for you? I don't remember ever agreeing to that deal!"

"Of course I want you to wash my clothes Nick. You lost, fair and square!"

"Okay, but I'll only wash today's clothes -- not the entire weeks worth." I conceded in defeat, as I knew that I wasn't going to win this one. Ryan agreed that this was fair as we both got ready to shower.

This time we both stripped naked and wrapped a towel around our waist before walking over to the showers. I had my back turned while I was taking off my clothes, so I couldn't get a hard-on by looking in Ryan's direction. Again, I didn't know why this was happening to me. However, I had this weird feeling that he was watching me strip the entire time. I just had one of those strange feelings that someone was staring at me. I turned around and saw Ryan quickly change his gaze towards the floor. I led the way to the bathrooms, with him right behind me.

After showering, shaving, and dressing, we began to meet other people from our floor in the meeting room. There were about ten of us just milling around as we waited for more people from our floor clique. I noticed that people generally did everything with their floor, as they slowly began branching out and making new friends.

Finally, after waiting around for about fifteen minutes, our group grew in size to nineteen. We all rushed out of the building, walking in the direction of the frat houses. Ryan and I were walking towards the back of the group, socializing with our newfound friends. All of a sudden, I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder, as Ryan pulled me in close to talk.

"I'll take good care of ya tonight buddy. I owe ya one, or two, or three!" I felt myself begin to melt in his strong, chiseled arms as I was left to wonder what he meant by that.

"Ah, ok, thanks" was all I was able to mumble in response, still shocked by this show of emotion. How was he going to take care of me, I wondered.

"What do you mean by taking care of me?" I asked him, still confused by his statement.

"I know what you need Nick, don't you worry about that! And I'm going to make sure you get it tonight." This was going to be an interesting night, from the looks of things.

To be continued...

Again, my thanks go out to those people that sent emails about my first chapter. Future installments will hopefully be written in a more timely fashion. By the way, the cow part of this story was completely true!

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