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Nick and Ryan -- Chapter 3

He still had his arm around my shoulder. I kept walking quietly, lost in thought, just a few blocks away from the frat house. He said that he knew what I needed. How could Ryan know what I needed, when I didn't even know what it was? I felt my head becoming congested with thoughts and knew that I needed a drink very soon to help me forget. (My first weekend in college and already I'm showing signs of alcoholism!) My leg even began to tingle as weird thoughts were running through my head. What was wrong with me? It was then I realized that the tingling I felt was just my cell phone ringing in my pocket on vibrate. How stupid was I at that moment?

Noticing that it was my Mom, I took a few steps back from our rowdy group of freshman to answer it.

"Hey Ma, what's going on?" (Yeah, I know, you are probably thinking, who says Ma anyway? I do have a slight Brooklyn accent, as that was where most of my Italian relatives were from, including my mom.)

"Nicky, are you okay? It took you a long time to answer that phone!"

"I'm fine, but I'm out with a group of friends getting to know the town a bit better." I fibbed a bit, knowing that she would not like the full truth at all. But, by going to this frat party, I was getting to know the town better!

"You better be careful Nicky, and stay out of trouble!" I could picture my mother's face as she was both yelling at me and pleading with me to be cautious.

"How's everything going with your roommate? And did you get your books yet?" I could tell that she wanted to talk, but I was getting anxious to rejoin my new group of friends.

"Everything's fine here Mom, really. I am meeting many good people and am having fun too. And don't worry, I'll be safe Ma." I wanted to get off the phone quick. I was really becoming embarrassed at this point, as I was the only one out of the 20 of us to be on their cell phone. And worse yet, I was talking to my mother! What a loser!

"I'll give you a call tomorrow Nicky. BE good and BE safe! I love ya!"

"Of course Ma. I love ya too. Bye."

I quickly raced to catch up with our group again, as I had stumbled a bit behind while talking on the phone. Just as I caught up, we stopped outside of a large, green, shabby looking house. It actually looked as though it should be condemned. A shutter was hanging off from the front window, and some shingles looked like they had been missing for many years. Another window off to the side of the house was boarded up, while a large, gray dog was barking at us from a second story window. People couldn't actually live in a house like this, could they? Worse yet, we couldn't really be going inside?

The crowd seemed to be moving towards the backyard, where they quickly disappeared down a flight of steps. Our group continued down and slowly began entering into the basement. One by one, we paid the four-dollar admission, received an empty plastic cup to use at the kegs, and received the big, black, X's on our hands. This was the fraternity's way of covering their butt in the event of a police raid. This way, they could show the police that they had distinguished between those that were 21 and those that were still under aged. However, this did not put a damper on your ability to get a ton of cheap beer.

Once inside, my first goal was to meet back up with my friends. I was one of the last ones to enter, having lagged behind to take the phone call. The bass from a stereo was pumping hard, and the sights and sounds of the room immediately overwhelmed me. I felt that the room was sucking me up. It was a strange feeling that I had never experienced before. My naivety was slowly dissipating, as my mind was racing to take it all in.

A hundred people were crowded into the first room, as a keg was pumping out beer to a group of thirsty freshman. A large table was set up in the corner, where people were playing beerpong. An open doorway led towards a second room, which was dimly lit by a blacklight. This was the source of the music. This is where I needed to go.

I forgot about my friends for a minute as I let the room overtake me. People were dancing, grinding, smoking, drinking, and fighting their way through the crowd to get to the bar - you name it and people were doing it. Hands and other limbs were touching my body everywhere, as scores of people rushed past me. I even felt a hand at my crotch in the short time I had entered the room. I think I saw it all that night. A large bar was placed towards the front of the room, as the DJ was mixing from the back. The only light at the bar came from a strand of old Christmas lights.

Just as I was feeling the urge to grab a beer at the bar, one was being thrust into my hand. I felt a hand on my back, as Ryan reached over to give me the beer.

"Drink up dude. We're playing beer pong soon. I signed us up. You need to be good and ready to play." Ryan punched me in the arm again as he said this, causing me to spill some of my beer down the front of my shirt. He had to stop doing that!

"Oh sorry bro, didn't mean to do that! Don't worry, nobody will notice that huge wet spot on your shirt." He said to me, grinning. I couldn't help but to laugh. This kid really had some control over me.

"Hey, don't forget that lacrosse meeting we have tomorrow afternoon. I don't want to drink too much tonight. We will probably be running a bit and practicing some." I figured that I should at least remind him of this.

"Don't worry about that Nick, that isn't until 1 in the afternoon. We've got plenty of time to recover from that! That's over twelve hours away from now!" Somehow, Ryan's response wasn't too reassuring.

After hanging out and talking to people for about an hour, it was finally our turn to play beer pong. Now, I had never played this game before that night, but I heard about it from an older friend from home. I was quickly learning that college parties were very different from our high school parties.

For those that are not familiar with the game of beer pong, it needs to be explained so that its relevance to the story can be fully appreciated. First, you start with two teams of two. Each team receives ten plastic cups, which they then form into a triangle at opposite sides of the table. They are set up much as you would set up bowling pins within a lane. Then, you add about two inches of beer to the bottom of each cup. Using a ping-pong ball, the object of the game is to bounce your ball into one of your opponent's cups across the table. The ball can only bounce once before landing within a cup. If you get a ball into your opponent's cup, they have to quickly chug that cup of beer. The first team to eliminate their opponent's cups wins the game. The losers must then also finish any remaining cups of beer on the table. The winning team usually continues to play until they are defeated by another team. Therefore, you could actually end up playing for hours. This is exactly what happened to both Ryan and me. It turns out that we were pretty good, until the alcohol took effect!

We finally lost a game after winning a countless number of times. In the beginning, we were winning quickly. The first few teams weren't able to hit more than two of our cups before we defeated them. By the end, our opponents' cups were nothing but a blur to me. It was becoming increasingly difficult to stand up straight. I knew that I drank too much that night. By this time, it was beginning to get late and I wanted nothing more than my nice, warm bed. Surprisingly, my dorm bed was actually quite comfortable and cozy.

After we finished playing, Ryan disappeared from the room, and I found some of my floormates. (Yeah, floormates isn't a real word, but we used it often in college.) We stood there bullshitting for a while until most everyone was ready to leave. Still, Ryan was nowhere in sight. I finally found him off in a corner, lip-locked with girl I hadn't yet met. Ryan broke the kiss as he saw me approaching them.

"Hey Ryan, we are taking off now. I think that we are going to stop for pizza on the way home. You coming along?"

"Nick, this is, ah, this is, ah Jenny. Jenny, meet my roommate Nick." Ryan seemed very nervous and uncomfortable in front of me with this girl. For some strange reason, I felt oddly jealous of her at that moment.

"I'm going to stick around here for a little while longer. Don't worry about me. I'll meet up with you later on in the dorms." He then pulled me over to the corner slightly, to make sure that Jenny couldn't hear us.

"Would you mind if I took her back to our room before you get back? I'm really hoping to hook up with her."

Before I could comprehend what he said, I just yelled out "Yeah, sure, go ahead."

"I'm hoping to take care of business before you get back, but if not, just give us a little time. I'll try to be quick about it."

Great, I was already being "sexiled" from my room. I was hoping that this didn't become a regular occurrence. "Ok, later bud, have fun."

With that, I turned around and walked, or actually stumbled back to my friends. I drank a lot of beer that night and was definitely feeling its effects!

Our group had gotten smaller as the night progressed, with various people hooking up or going off with other people. As we left, eleven of the original twenty joined us on our uphill walk to get pizza. I knew that I would get used to the hills in this town, but it would definitely take some time. It didn't help that I had drank as much as I did that night. However, after walking for what seemed like an eternity, we were standing in front of Paolo's Pizza. The line was already long, stretching clear out of the store. It appeared that people got their food and found a place to sit along the curb to eat. That was fine with me. In addition, it now looked as if I had some time I needed to waste before returning home.


I thought that we wasted enough time, but I guess that I was wrong. It had been almost two hours since we'd left the frat party, and still my room was off limits when we returned. There was a large X on the wipe board attached to my door. I guessed that this was the sign to stay away. If the X wasn't obvious enough, the sounds coming from our room could have told me to stay out. Man, were they loud! As I returned, there was actually a small group of perverts listening in front of my door. I thought that this was hilarious. Anyway, being a good roommate, I hung out in Alex and Kyle's room next door. Unfortunately, being right next door, the only thing we could hear was the sound of squeaky bedsprings. At around 3:30, both Kyle and I were beginning to pass out. The squeaking had not let up at all, so he tossed me his sleeping bag and I passed out quickly on the floor. I had a bad feeling that this would become a regular occurrence for me.

It was bright in the room when I woke up. Kyle was snoring away, but Alex wasn't there. The clock told me that it was noon. Shit, I had that lacrosse meeting in an hour. Sitting up, I quickly realized that my head was spinning badly. Great, now I had a hangover too! I carefully got up, making sure not to fall over and rolled up the sleeping bag the best I could in the state I was in. I needed to get into our room, even if there was still an X on the door. I gave them plenty of time to have their fun. Plus, we had to be at our meeting in an hour.

I decided to knock first on our door. There was no answer, nor did I hear people stir at all. I knocked harder the second time, but still, I got no answer. So, having tried to be polite, I decided to just go right in. Being as quiet as possible, I walked into our unlocked room and saw both Ryan and Jenny lying naked on the bed. However, they were both still passed out. It was stifling inside this room, as a wave of heat hit me. Moreover, the room reeked of sex. Being as courteous as possible, I decided that I needed to keep my gaze away from them. I would quickly get my shower gear, including shower shoes (a must in a communal shower!) and get out. But I still had to wake Ryan up for our meeting, without making it extremely uncomfortable for everyone. If only they weren't naked, it would be so much easier. I could not let him sleep through our meeting though.

It was too much to think about at that moment, with my head still swimming from my morning hangover. Oh well, I decided to deal with that after my much needed shower.

The bathroom was devoid of all life. I guessed that most people were still passed out from the night before. After relieving my aching bladder, I picked the shower on the end and quickly got in. The warm sprays of water felt awesome. I could feel the hangover leaving my body as this invigorating shower got me ready for the day. (I felt like I was in one of those herbal essences shampoo commercials!)

Before I knew it, I was as hard as a rock. Thoughts of Beth came to my mind as I absent-mindedly began jacking my dick. I imagined that she was here in the shower with me. My mind drifted into a dream-like state. We were together again kissing and pressing our bodies up against each other. Our hands were throughout in the exploration of every nook of each other's body. All of a sudden, that naked image of Beth pressed up against me changed to a naked image of Ryan pressed up against me, with his hands all over me! At that exact moment, I lost control as my body tensed up and I shot a huge load in the shower. It was one of those exceptionally intense orgasms, when your knees begin to buckle and your body becomes weak. I leaned against the marble enclosure of the shower, trying to regain consciousness. Both my mind and my body were engaged in a battle against each other, with neither side becoming victorious.

I was crazy. This was not really happening to me. I am not gay. I just couldn't be. I loved Beth. We talked about getting married and starting a family in the future. We went so far as to discuss names of children. We had experienced the utmost level of intimacy on countless occasions. No, I just couldn't be gay. This was all happening because of my new surroundings. I was just having trouble adjusting to my move. There, I rationalized it to myself. These strange fantasies would stop as soon as I fell into a normal, everyday routine. Once classes began tomorrow, I would be fine. Then, in just a month, I would see Beth, and all would be great again.

I quickly finished my shower and dried off. I was starving, but knew that I would have no time to eat. We had only thirty minutes to be at the meeting. I went back into my room and quickly threw on my favorite pair of lacrosse shorts, a white t-shirt, and my hat. Seeing the light blinking on our phone, I checked my messages on my voicemail and found that I needed to bring my lacrosse gear to the meeting today. I guess that we were going to play today. That was exactly what I needed. Sports had always helped me stay levelheaded. I needed to be on the field right now!

Ryan and Jenny were still lying naked, in the same position as they were before. I know, I tried not to look, but it wasn't that easy. Jenny was pressed up close behind Ryan, so only part of her body was exposed. With blond hair and a pretty face, Jenny was beautiful. She had those classic good looks that you would expect to find in an actress.

I couldn't help noticing that Ryan's morning wood was standing at full attention right in front of me. This was the first time I got to see Ryan completely hard. He had an amazing body. His tight body showed off his nicely built chest, hard six-pack, and thick dick. His balls hung low and heavy under his massive purple-headed monster. He looked to be around seven inches long, but very thick. He had the perfect amount of hair around his crotch, including a small trail that led up towards his belly button. His powerful, thick thighs led down to his long, muscular legs. A dark coating of dense hair covered those sculpted legs. I was quickly rock hard as I realized that I needed to snap out of it and stop drooling. Yeah, I needed to play lacrosse. That would set my mind straight.

I grabbed my stuff and headed towards the hallway. Whipping out my cell phone from my bag, I chose to call Ryan to wake him up. I went into our floor's study room to make the call. The first time, it just rang until I reached our voicemail. I called again until this time, a very hoarse, scratchy voice answered the phone.


"Hey asshole, get out of bed. We have our meeting in 30 minutes!"

"What meeting?" Ryan responded, still sounding very much out of it.

"Did you forget about our 1 o'clock lacrosse meeting?"

"Who is this?" Ryan said to me. He must have had a bad hangover. He really sounded as if he didn't know what was going on.

"Ryan, get up, its Nick. We're going to be late if you don't hustle. We have lacrosse practice in thirty minutes. I'm waiting for you in the study room. Meet me here in 15 minutes. We can't be late on our first day!" There, by now he should at least realize where he is and what he needed to do.

"Fuck, I forgot all about that. Thanks for waking me up. I'll meet you in a few minutes. I just have to take care of, er, a few things. Wait for me."

"I will, but don't forget your gear. We are practicing today after all."

"Ok, later bro." Hanging up the phone, he had to wake up Jenny, see her off, and take a shower.

Fifteen minutes later, we were out the door with our lax gear in tow. Luckily, Ryan brought the crackers with him that I bought the day before. We quickly ate the remaining crackers and continued to walk silently to the gym. It was that awkward kind of quiet. Neither of us wanted to start the conversation. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and had to break the silence.

"Did you have fun last night?" I said to Ryan.

"Yeah, yeah, I guess. Did you?" Ryan asked me.

"Yeah, I had a lot of fun playing beer pong and meeting all of those people. I drank way too much though. I think that playing beer pong killed me!" I was trying to lighten up the atmosphere. There was this weird tension between us.

"Yeah, me too. I was really wasted last night. Listen, I want to apologize for what happened. I really didn't mean to kick you out of the room for the night. I feel like an ass for that."

"Don't worry about it. I slept on the floor in Kyle and Alex's room. Kyle gave me his sleeping bag."

"Shit, sorry about that bro. I'll make it up to ya. When Beth comes to visit, I'll give you the room for the entire weekend."

"It was only one night bro. Really, don't worry about it. It won't kill me to sleep on the floor for a night." I tried to change the subject, as this was obviously upsetting him.

"So, Jenny was pretty hot. Did you guys have a good night?"

"Yeah, we had fun. I really don't remember too much from last night though. It's all still kind of blurry."

"Well, you made a lot of people jealous last night. You even had an audience in front of our door listening in! I think everyone on this floor and below knows exactly what went on in this room last night!" I said this to him as I punched him in the shoulder. It's funny, but before I came to this school just two days ago, I never punched anyone just to play around.

"Really, people were listening? Were we really that loud?"

"Yeah bud, you were. From the sounds of things, those springs got a good workout last night. Even with the TV on in Kyle's room, we could still hear you two.

Now I felt bad. I thought that I had embarrassed him because he got really quiet and just looked down at the ground for a little while. He looked mortified.

"Hey Nick, can I tell you something kinda personal?" Ryan asked me while still looking down.

"Yeah, go ahead dude."

"Well, last night was my first time."

"First time for what?" I said to him perplexed. It had been my first time for a lot of things too. It was my first time at a frat party, first time playing beer pong, first time funneling beer, etc. Yeah, I did some stupid things that I said that I wouldn't do. But, as a good friend of mine always said, "There's a time and a place for everything. It's called college." I was now beginning to understand this saying much better.

"Well, I've jacked off plenty of times, but it was my first time, you know, with a girl last night. Please don't tell anyone. I'm actually humiliated that it took me that long to have sex. I feel like I was the last person my age to have sex.

"Congrats dude! I'm happy for ya. Was it everything that you imagined it would be?" I said this to him while I wrapped an arm around his strong shoulders and gave him a small squeeze.

"Well, it was weird. I don't know, it was great and all. I didn't want Jenny to know that it was my first time actually having sex, so I put on a good show. It felt great to get off. It was much better than just jerkin'. I had been waiting a long time for that."

"Do you like her?"

"From the little I know about her, she's great and a lot of fun. Plus, she gives awesome head!" Grinning widely, Ryan punched me in the shoulder as he said that. Ok, the old Ryan was coming back. "I'm not sure though. I might see her again, but I don't know. I just didn't really feel a connection with her or anything. I guess that she isn't my type."

"Well, I'm happy for you bro. At least one of us is getting some! I need to wait another month or so before I can. I can't wait to see Beth again!"

"Please don't tell anyone about this though. I don't want people to know that I was a virgin before last night. You know, I have a reputation to uphold bro!"

I assured him that his secret was safe with me, and we continued on our way. I really was happy for him.


We entered the meeting room with about two minutes to spare. It looked like we were the last ones there, although we were still early. About forty guys were standing around with their gear. It was easy to spot the other freshman, as they were the quiet ones in the corner of the room. The other guys were laughing and catching up with each other. There were guys of all sizes and shapes, but most were really good looking. It looked like I was going to be one of the shorter members of the team, standing at 5'8. What I lacked in height I made up for in speed. I was quick. Playing right wing attack, I was always the fastest guy on the team in high school. I was usually successful in dodging the defensemen each time, allowing me to become the high scorer on the team.

Just then, the head coach walked in. Judging by his looks, he was in his mid-thirties, with black hair and ice blue eyes. Coach Peluzo was very good looking, appearing to work out often. He introduced himself and the two assistant coaches. Then he laid out the next few weeks for us.

Since the official lacrosse season was in the spring, we would be playing "fall ball" until it got too cold. That meant that we would scrimmage with other college lacrosse teams in the area, and compete as a club sport until our season started in March. We would practice everyday except Sunday, from four until six, with games being on either Thursday or Friday nights. Practice would officially begin on that day. Coach Peluzo also said that he was assigning us mentors to help us get acquainted to both college and athletic life. With that, he brought us into the locker room to assign us lockers. Strangely enough, Ryan and I got lockers next to each other. A sophomore by the name of Chris received the locker on the other side of mine. Standing at 6'3, he was a tall, light brown-haired guy with a perfect body. He was standing in baggy, tan cargo shorts that showed off his sculpted, hairy legs. I never saw a guy with so much hair on his legs before. He also appeared to be very quiet, not saying two words during the orientation session so far. He turned out to be my mentor and last year's highest scorer on the team. When he first saw me, he just stared at me for a minute. I thought that I had seen him before, but couldn't place him.

After both lockers and mentors were assigned, we were told to get changed into lax gear and be out on the field in ten minutes. I was excited. I guess that I forgot how much I loved playing this game and couldn't wait to be on the field again. Still, my mentor had said nothing to me except for hi. Ryan was busy chatting away with his mentor, whose locker was also beside him. As Chris took off his shorts to put on his jock, he revealed the hairest ass and lower body that I had ever seen. Except for a light dusting on his pecs, and a trail leading up from his crotch, the hair didn't rise much above his belly button. Still, I began to feel myself getting hard just by looking at him.

This was another first. I had never gotten hard in the locker room by looking at another guy. I had been in locker rooms for years, never having this problem. I saw other guys get hard in the locker room, but it was just one of those things that occasionally happened. It never happened to me though. Hiding the bulge in my crotch, I quickly changed, grabbed my gear, and ran out onto the field.

It was a hot day. Temperatures were in the mid 80's, which was warm for Western New York. There was only a small, warm breeze blowing. I knew that it wouldn't take long to get sweaty today. We began practice by running, for what felt like 45 minutes. I ran closer to the front of the pack, showing the coaches that I could run well and that I did not tire easily. Yeah, I was trying to show off, but you need to on the first day of practice. First impressions are important.

After running, we worked on passing and shooting for a while. I was paired up with my mentor, Chris. Again, he had almost nothing to say to me. The only two things I knew about him were his first name and that he had a hairy ass! The sweat was dripping off of my forehead, as I was really beginning to heat up. But looking around, this was the case for everyone. My white t-shirt was almost transparent as it was just drenched with my moisture. Ryan was still near me while he was running drills with his mentor. His nipple ring was clearly visible through his shirt too. It actually looked really funny to see. I'm sure that it caught the attention of many other guys that day as well.

Finally, practice was over, and we were told to report back tomorrow at four in the afternoon. We were going to receive our practice clothes tomorrow as well. I noticed a bunch of guys dragging ass back into the locker room, obviously out of shape from the intense workout that day. Thanks to regular exercise, I had no problem keeping up with everyone else. Once inside, I quickly stripped off my sweat-drenched clothing and followed some other guys into the showers. Wasting no time, I quickly washed up and was out in under five minutes. However, I still had to wait for Ryan to get ready, as his earlier hangover was obviously beginning to catch up to him. This gave me plenty of time to just sit there and watch the others nonchalantly. I watched as these jocks proudly displayed their bodies for everyone to see.

There was no shame among them. These fine, young specimens of raw male power were too much for my body to take. Once again, my shorts were beginning to tent up as I began to think nasty thoughts. I had to stop this somehow. I needed to talk to Beth. That would stop me from thinking this way. In all of the years that I had been within a locker room, this had never happened to me.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Ryan dragged himself to the bench I was sitting on.

"Let's go Ryan, I'm starving. We really didn't eat anything yet. Let's stop at the dining hall and get some food before I pass out."

"Yeah dude, I am starving too. I invited some of the guys to come with us for dinner. They're going to meet us there in a few minutes."

During the walk to the dining hall, we talked about the team and lacrosse, and about what went on that day in practice. It turns out that we both played attack in high school, with him being left wing and me being right wing.

"Your mentor, Chris seemed to be very boring. He didn't say much at all throughout practice."

"Yeah, he didn't. I still don't know anything about him. He must just be really shy or really hung over from the night before." There was something rather odd about him that I knew I needed to figure out. It was as if he was hiding something.

Dinner was great. There were eight of us in all eating at the table, all of which being freshmen. We spent a few hours just sitting and bullshitting about lacrosse, where we were from, what our majors were, and so on. I had a great time. These guys were completely different from the asshole jocks in my high school. They had more on their mind than just beer and sex. Ryan seemed to be the natural leader of our little group. He was the loudest guy, but made sure to include everyone in the conversation. I was happy to just sit back and take everything in.

We returned to our room after sitting in the dining hall for over two hours. Classes started in the morning, and we both decided to make it an early night. Luckily, our first class was at 9:30, so we were able to sleep later than some of our friends. Ryan found a classic Stallone movie on TV and decided to relax for the rest of the night. I still hadn't talked to Beth that day, so I took my cell phone into the hallway to give her a call. I didn't want to disturb Ryan's movie by talking though it.

She answered the phone almost immediately. We talked for almost two hours that night, which was the longest amount of time I had spoken to her since I left Long Island. She had almost a week before classes began in Chicago. In fact, I was the first one starting college out of my "friends" from home. For some unknown reason, this school started a week earlier than most. This gave Beth another week to party and meet people. I was envious of that!

It was almost ten when I hung up with Beth. Ryan was still watching TV while laying in bed. After brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I stripped down into my boxers and laid down too. By this time, Ryan was already watching his second movie of the night. I looked over at his bed and noticed that he wasn't really watching the movie. Instead, he was staring up at the ceiling, deep in thought. I picked up my pillow and chucked it at him.

"Hey! You asshole, what was that for?"

"What's up buddy? You were zoning out. What's on your mind?"

"Er, nothing really. I'm just thinking about things. A lot has happened since moving here on Friday." I knew exactly how he felt. I was a different person after only two days.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. But, I've enjoyed myself so far. I can't wait until next weekend!"

Ryan was quiet for a few minutes and again zoned out. He looked upset. I could tell that he had something on his mind that he wasn't sharing with me.

"Hey, if you need to talk about something, I'm here for you." I was hoping that he would open up a bit to me.

"Well, I was just thinking about last night. I had fun at the frat party and then later on with Jenny. I don't know, I'm just feeling weird about having sex last night. It wasn't really what I had expected. I mean, I've obviously gotten off before, and have even gotten head back home in high school, but I always pictured sex to be different. Don't get me wrong, it was a great feeling, but I felt like something was missing. I don't know, maybe all the alcohol I drank this weekend is getting to my brain. Sorry to complain like this to you bro. I'm a dumbass to be complaining about having sex!"

"Maybe it just felt weird because you haven't found the right girl yet. You said yourself that she wasn't the one for you. You just need to keep looking. This place is crawling with hot, horny, single girls just waiting for you." I know that this sounded cheesy, but it was what he needed to hear.

"Maybe your right. My goal was to get as much ass as I could. Next weekend will be a whole new game."

"Just as long as I don't get sexiled from my room again all night. I don't mind leaving for a few hours but all night is too much."

"Don't worry, I'll be more considerate next time. Hey, if you want, you can even watch as I fuck a hot girl right next to you!" Ryan said this while throwing my pillow back at me.

"You sick pervert, you would enjoy that too much!" I said back to him in a sarcastic manner.

"You know it. But thanks again for everything. I really mean it. I'm going to bed. Night buddy."

"'Night Ryan, and don't mention it. Just be there for me when I need advice! My alarm's set for 8, and its really loud and obnoxious."

"'Night." With that, we were both asleep in minutes. It was a long day and I was glad it was finally over. Now, if only I could survive college classes...

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