The following story and characters are completely fiction and any similarities between any others are mere coincidence. This is my first ever attempt on writing any fiction and any input is appreciated, you can email me at `' for any questions.

Not the Average College Part 1

"Wake up! Wake up! You're going to be late!"

"Oh shit" I thought, I rolled over and inspected the alarm clock.

"Mum it's only 9:30!" I yelled, "I don't need to leave until like 11"

"I know but you need to be prepared, and have your breakfast and..." her voiced trailed of as she walked into a room where I couldn't hear what she was saying. I rubbed my eyes and groaned, I hadn't got any sleep at all, today is where I'll be moving into college dorms to start my courses, I sat up all night talking to my best friend, Jad, we are both going to the same college and are rooming together, Jad is around 5"9, jet black hair which spiked in different directions and dark-grey eyes.

I slowly talked down the stairs yawning every step of the way and greeted my mother and breakfast.

"There's my college attendee" she pinched my cheek and patted my shoulder to sit down at the table and eat; I turned the TV on and began to devour my cereal.

Here we are at Pyram College, a person has been found outside a local store dead with multiple wounds. So far there is no evidence and we're still waiting for a confirmation on the cause of death. We advise all students attending Pyram College to be extra careful, and travel in packs to remain safe; I'm Dennis Newman, back to the studio.

"Oh my god Jordan, that's where you're studying" she gasped.

"Really? I had no idea mum" I teased.

She shot me a ugly look from across the kitchen.

"I'm still going whether you like it or not" I smiled

"I know I know, but please promise me you'll be safe" she asked.

"I will be fine, I'm rooming with Jad, and we'll keep an eye on each other.

A knock at the door interrupted her before she could raise more points on how I shouldn't go.

"Mum, answer the door please, i need to shower."

I ran upstairs, threw my boxers off and got into the shower. I got out, wrapped a towel around my waist and walked back into my room massaging my short, curly hair. Jad was sitting on my bed scrolling through his phone.

"Morning dude!" he smiled "ready for your first day at school?

"Certainly am, all packed and ready, this is going to be great" I said

"You're right there, so are you going there just wearing your towel? Or are you going to get dressed sometimes today" he asked.

I just smiled, grabbed my clothes and walked back into the bathroom to change.

"Hey why are you changing in there? I thought gay guys loved male attention" he giggled.

"Would you prefer me to change out there?" I returned.

"No no, you're just fine in there thank you very much" he laughed.

I guess I should explain, I've been openly gay for about 2 years now when I was 16. If my math is correct, that makes me 18 now. Jad helped me through a lot of trouble in high school, it wasn't exactly easy coming out, I'd get threats and all sorts, but he stuck by me and kicked anyone's ass who looked at me the wrong way. Most straight guys I've known turned on me straight away, but Jad, he stuck by me, my sexuality didn't bother him one bit.

We stayed in my room talking about college and the classes we're taking, it wasn't too long before it was time to leave, he helped me get my bags into his car whilst I said goodbye.

"Okay mum, we're going now" I shouted.

She gave me a huge hug and walked me out to the car, we became so much closer after I came out, she's one of the many few who stuck with me.

"Make sure my boy is safe Jad" she said.

"Will do Mrs H" he waved.

We set off in Jad's car; it was about a 3 hour drive to college but we got there in the end, we drove up to our dorm parking lot and surveyed the surrounding. The grounds were swarmed with people, parents waving goodbye to their children and loads people sitting on the grass talking. I followed Jad up to our dorm room, it took several trips to get our stuff up since we were on the 3rd floor, but we managed it in the end. Jad threw his stuff on the floor and jumped onto his bed.

"Ahh, it's good to be home" he smiled "I think it's time we met our neighbours"

"You're not even going to unpack first?" I questioned

"Meh, I can do it later, but right now, I wanna just get out there" he said

He dragged me by the shoulder outside and met two people bringing their stuff into their room.

"Hey guys, what's up" Jad waved

The two people stopped and put their things down, one of them was was tall, about 6", wearing a tank top showing off some huge muscles, he brushed his fingers through his dark brown hair and smiled.

"Hey, how're you guys, we're just moving in, and It looks like you are too, I'm Mike and this is Tyler.

Tyler, the guy standing next to mike, wasn't as tall, he was around 5"6, he was wearing the Pyram college jumper, he wasn't as muscled as mike, but was definitely easy on the eyes. He just waved at us and continued to bring his stuff into his room.

"Nice to meet ya, I'm Jad and this is Jordan" he pointed to me

"Hows it going, want any help with your stuff?" I smiled

"Nah it's fine, were done bringing it in anyway, we've still got to unpack, but if you want we'll swing by your place a little later" Mike said as he picked up his possessions.

"Sounds good, see you later" Jad said.

I walked back into our room and started unpacking, it took around 2 hours to fully get sorted and I helped Jad unpack. I took a huge sigh and plunged onto my bed.

"This place seems pretty amazing" I said.

"Certainly is, we've even got a TV" He cheered. "Seen any hot guys you like?"

"Possibly" I smiled

"Why not, I tell you every time I have an urge to fuck the brains out of someone" he laughed

"Maybe because all you think about is sex?" I responded.

"That's not true! Well, maybe a little bit..." he said.

There was a knock at the door, Jad eagerly opened it. Mike and Tyler walked in with another two people.

"Hey man, we brought another two people with us, I hope you don't mind. He said as he and the other three walked in. "Pretty sweet place we got here huh, oh, guys, this is Matt and Josh"

Matt shook both me and Jads hands, his grip was very strong and he looked into my eyes longer than normal.

"So uhmm yeah, we're your other neighbours then I guess" he smiled "We're going to get something to eat, you're welcome to come along.

"Sounds good" I smiled.

I picked up my jacket and walked out with my new friends and Jad.

As we were walking out I saw a guy cleaning his room, I stopped to oogle him a little, he was wearing a white cotton shirt, he was incredibly hot and was fingering through his brown hair with gel. His eyes locked on mine in the mirror, I could've swore they were a shade of red, my heart stopped rushed nervously to catch up to the group.

"I'll introduce myself later" i told myself.

We went to a quiet fast food restaurant, I had fries and a milkshake" whilst Jad, Mike, Tyler, Matt and Tyler talked I just sat quietly thinking about the guy I saw, he just seemed so, I don't know, I'm probably just tired.

"I'm not feeling very well, I'll see you guys back at the dorm, I think I'm gonna hit the sack" I said

"Night then buddy" he stood up and got his coat on.

"What're you doing?" I asked "you coming too?"

"Yeah, I promised your mum that i'd make sure you were safe" I smiled

I could argue but I know it was pointless, when Jads mind is set, there's no changing it. We said goodbye to everyone and arranged to meet tomorrow morning to check out the rest of the campus. We started walking back to the dorms; it was around 10:30pm so it was pretty dark.

"You know it would've been okay to stay there with those guys, im perfectly capable of putting one foot infront of the other repeatedly all the way to our dorm."

"I know but `m not going to risk it, especially after that thing on the news." He said.

It hit 11pm when we arrived, Jad immediately slouched onto his bed and dozed off, I just sat on my bed and grabbed my phone to text my mum to let her know how my first day was. A noise came from outside, I put my phone back onto my bed and wandered outside. The noise was coming from the floor below, where everyone did their laundry, I climbed down the stairs and walked into the laundry room, it was completely deserted, although there was a machine washing someone's clothes, I turned round and found myself face to face with the stranger from earlier, his eyes weren't red anymore, they were dark brown and were fixed upon me. I gasped and jumped out of my skin.

"Oh my god, you scared me" I said breathlessly.

His eyes scanned over my face.

"You're not like the others..." he said disregarding my shock "What are you?".