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"Oh uhmm, I'm Jordan" I said as I held out my hand to shake his.


He seemed taken aback by me and had a look of wonder and shock in his face


"Uh, I'm Stephan" he smiled


"You weren't following me were you?" I joked


"uh, no I'm washing my laundry"


"Ah of course"


"So why are you down here?" he playfully questioned


"I heard a noise coming from here, must've been your laundry..."


"Yeah must've been..."


I began to walk away and his hand grabbed my arm.


"Be careful..." he warned


"Uhhh, okay?"


I slipped my arm out of his grip, and ran back into my room when I was out of site.


I quickly forgot about the mysterious guy and fell to sleep within minutes, today was very hectic and I imagine tomorrow will be just as much.


"Jordan, you need to stop!" yelled Stephen "you need to stop! You have to! You're going to kill them!"


I looked down at my hands to see black blood oozing out of my hands.


"I Can't! I can't stop it!" I yelled in panic


Stephen's voice drifted off and all that could be heard were the sound of drums, getting louder and louder.


"Jordan! Jordan!" Jad yelled, his body was hovering over my bed, he was shaking me. "Thank god you woke up, you must've been having the worst nightmare."


I wiped off the sweat on my forehead away and playfully pushed Jad away.


"How'd you know?" I questioned


"You were screaming, you just kept saying something like "I can't stop, I want to but I can't." you have some issues bro" he smiled.


"Huh, I can't remember a thing, what time is it?


Before he could answer there was a knock at the door, Matt, Josh, Tyler and Mike were waiting outside and Jad welcomed them in.


"You're not even dressed yet Jord?" smiled Mike


"Sorry guys" I smiled "I'll just have a quick shower then I'll be ready"


I walked into the bathroom, dropped my boxers and stepped into the shower, I began to lather my 7" dick and massaged it with both hands, I groaned to myself as I worked over my shaft, I sucked my finger and started to tease asshole little."


Knock Knock Knock


"Jordan? How long are you going to be in there!"


Ugh, I sighed, washed off the soap and stepped out of the shower, I looked at my rock-hard cock in the mirror and smiled.


"I definitely need to find someone soon"


Jad opened the door abruptly.


"Hey you're takin-"he realised that I was completely naked "Oops, sorry Jordan."


"If you wanted to see me naked all you had to do was ask" I joked


I heard him walk back towards our beds and giggle.


"Did you just walk in on Jordan naked?" laughed Mike


"Might've, nothing I haven't seen before" retorted Jad


"Are you both fags?"


Jad walked towards Mike angrily.


"He is, is there a problem with that?"


"Uh, uh, no I guess not."


"Good" Jad smiled "Jordan's had enough shit for just being himself, if any of you can't accept that then I suggest you leave right now"


I walked into the room fully clothed as he was finishing his sentence, a flood of panic came over me, I didn't want to be rejected by the friends I've just made.


"It's not a problem with me" smiled Tyler


"Me either" repeated Josh


"It's fine with me" nodded Matt


"Did ya hear than Jord? They're fine with it!" smiled Jad


"Thanks guys" I beamed "It's nice to have more than one friend who accepts me"


"Hey man, it's your business, you liking guys don't affect anyone but you" Tyler reassured me "Let's go get some food"


We all followed Jad out and got into his car, we drove a little around the area around our campus, there were a couple of restaurants around that seemed pretty cool, and a cinema, I'd definitely be going there. We decided to eat at a new place which did amazing Kentucky fried chicken. I fell very ill all of a sudden; I pulled my phone out of my pocket and scanned it for the time.


"10:15..." I murmured under my breath "I started feeling sick that time last night too"


I didn't want to have to force Jad to leave on my account so I decide to try to sneak out.


"I'm going to the toilet quickly, I'll be right back" I said as I stood up and began to walk towards the bathroom. I checked to see if anyone was looking before I walked out the back entrance and began to stroll home. After a while of walking I decided to text Jad and let him know I walked back to the dorm and not to worry because I'm already there. I clicked send and began to walk and a huge eruption of pain erupted from my stomach, I screamed and held my hands over my waist. The pain was unbearable, my entire body was now covered in pain; I fell onto the ground and rolled onto my back. I could see a shadowy figure in the distance moving towards me, very, very fast. It stood at my feet and reached both its arms out, my eyes started to close involuntarily as I began to lose consciousness.