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"Jordan they're all going to die!" Stephen was yelling "YOU HAVE TO STOP!!!"


I gasped for air as my eyes opened, it took a couple of seconds to realise where I was and what had happened,

I sat up and looked at my phone; 1:13am.


"Ugh what the fuck..." I groaned to myself.


"You're awake!" said someone coming from the bathroom


"Hello?" It was Stephan, he sat beside my bed.


"Are you okay?"


"Uhh, yeah I think so, I mean I was just leaving to come back to the dorm and-"the memories started flooding back,

The shadowy figure that attacked me was plastered in my brain.


"Jordan?" he probed


I shook my head a little and sat up,


"How did I get back here?" I asked


"Uh, you were at the bottom of the stairs near our dorm, you wouldn't wake up so I carried you up here" he smiled


Right before I was going to thank him, Jad barged in; Stephan swiftly stood up and stood in front of me like a body guard.


"Who the fuck are you, get out of our room!" Jad yelled, you could tell he was wasted.


"No! No! it's okay Jad, he was just talking to me" I said and I swiftly jumped out of bed, I moved in-between the two, they

Clearly didn't like each other. "have you been drinking?"


"Maybe" he slurred "Mike made me! And next time, let me know when you're going, I don't care if we have to leave those

Guys, it's not worth the risk" he wandered over to his bed and collapsed on it.


"Is he going to be okay?" Stephan asked


"Yeah he'll be fine, that'll change by morning" I smiled


"Well, I best go to bed, long day tomorrow"


"I'll walk you to your room if you like." He smiled and we walked out, we reached his room and he span round to say goodnight


"Uhmm, would it be okay if we didn't tell Jad about me passing out by the stairs? It'd only worry him"


"My lips are sealed" he smiled


"Speaking of your lips-" I stopped abruptly, "Oh my god I can't believe I just said that" I murmured under my breath, "Uhh I'm just

Gonna uhmm go and uhmm sleep, okay bye!" I announced as a awkwardly ran back to my room, I didn't turn around to see his face

But I imaging he was pretty freaked out. I slumped onto my bed, sighed at my stupidity and fell into a deep slumber incredibly.


"Jordan they're all going to die!" Stephen was yelling "YOU HAVE TO STOP!!!"


Great, the nightmare again, the same frigging nightmare which made no sense, lovely, the next morning I was awoken by Jads moaning and groaning about how much his head hurt and how much he was going to

Throw up.


"Make sure you do it out of my sight" I joked, he mimicked vomiting over me and I pushed him away.


"Oh you wanna go tough guy?" he challenged


"What if I do!" I retorted, he jumped onto my bed and I began to flurry my legs at him, sadly, he avoided my kicks, pushed my arms down

And lowered his face closer to mine.


"I think I win" as he said this I managed to wriggle a hand free, grab his other hand and pull so he fell onto his back, i wrapped his head with my arms which eventually worked out to be a pretty strong headlock.


"Shouldn't have spoken to soon" I laughed before letting him go.


"Damn, you're stronger than you look"


"Maybe you're just weak"


"Are you kidding me? Look at these beauties" he pulled off his shirt and started kissing his muscles


"Yeah, yeah, save that for the girl's hothead" he grabbed his shirt and pulled it back over himself


"I'm gonna grab a bite to eat, wanna join me?"


"Yeah why not, mind if I ask Stephan to join us?"


"Stephan? Who the hell is that?"


I frowned at his drunken stupidity from last night "He's the guy who found m- uh I mean he's the guy I was talking to when you came back last night"


"Hmm, can't remember a thing, you'll need to re-introduce me" he smiled "So why was he here?" before I could answer there was a knock at

The door, I rushed to open the door to see Stephan standing there, his hair was so perfect, it was like a wave of hair which spiked at the top and front, and he was wearing a white t-shirt and an unbuttoned purple shirt. His jeans were perfect, they didn't bag at all and they weren't so tight that is was suffocating his genitals.


"Hey Jordan, I was just wondering if you wanted to go and get something to eat?" he smiled


"Well actually I was just about to ask you the same thing, me and Jad were thinking of checking out the breakfast place near us"


"Yeah, that sounds good"


"Jad! You ready?!" I yelled


"Pretty much" he said as he joined me at the door, "Hey I'm Jad, sorry about last night, I'm not very good with alcohol" he smiled and he shook Stephan's hand.


"No problem" Stephan smiled "shall we go?"

"We shall!" Jad beamed "I'm starving."

Jad took the lead and ran to his, Stephan closed the door behind me and ushered me down the stairs, he put his strong arm around my back and my heart dropped with every good feeling I could think of, sadly it was ruined by a group of people who were opposite us walking towards the gym.

"Dirty Fags!" one yelled "You deserve to die!"

Stephan began to walk towards them until I grabbed his shoulder

"It's okay" I assured him

"No it's not okay, you can't just let them get away with that or they'll walk all over you Jordan" he argued

"I just don't want any trouble, besides they're gone now anyway, can we just go?" I was unsure of what his reaction would be

"Sure" he said, I could tell he wasn't happy, but he followed me into Jad's Car, I decided to sit in the back to give Jad and Stephan a chance to talk, we pulled out and started driving for our much awaited breakfast, god was I hungry.

"What took you guys so long?" Jad smiled

"Some assholes just throwing the fag word around" Stephan explained

"Are you serious? You should've said earlier I would've beat the shit out of them" I could tell Jad was a little angry

"See that's exactly what I wouldn't want, if you get thrown off campus I don't' know what I'd do" I smiled"

"Oh Jordan, always trying to avoid confrontation, you know you need to stand up for yourself once in a while"

"Oh don't you start, that's basically what Stephan just said to me" I moaned

"I like the way you think Stephan" Jad smiled, he knew he was annoying me, and with a 2 1 ratio, there was no point arguing, it took around 10 minutes to get to the place, we talked about Food and our courses we were taking and other things, Stephan seemed really cool, definitely the nicest person I've met so far, the other guys are nice, it's just I haven't really spoke to them much. We arrived at the breakfast diner and ordered our food, me and Stephan had a double-egg and sausage burger and Jad had Sausage, bacon, egg and cheese burger with beans, boy could he eat a shit load, and it didn't show at all, he works out 3 times a week, and my god it shows, he catches me peeking them I think he's not looking, he's my own personal bit of eye candy.

We were talking about checking the gym later when Jad received a phone call;

"Hello? Yes? Oh you are? Yeah we're just at the Breakfast diner? Jordan and Stephan. Just some guy who's on our form floor. Okay, see you in 10. He put his phone back in his pocket and smiled "That was Mike and Tyler; they're nearby so they're coming in and then we'll all go to the gym together, sound good?" me and Stephan nodded happily, even though I hated the gym, I wasn't particularly strong, and the inconvenient boners from looking at guys working out didn't exactly bode well when I would sit and wait for Jad to finish his workout. Mike and Tyler walked in and sat on the opposite side of me and Stephan.

"So what were you doing in town then?" asked Jad

"Oh I was just picking out a present for my Dad, it's his birthday in a couple of weeks. Smiled Mike

"cool, what ya get him?" asked Jad as he tried to spot the gift through in the bag.

"Just some stuff, a couple of really old records, he collects them, although when people ask he always tries to hide it, no idea why but it keeps him happy" he smiled "I'm sure your dads have things they're not proud of." I saw Jads eyes fall upon me.

"I've left my phone in your car Jad, could you gimme your keys?" I asked almost tearing up.

"Jordan I-"

"Please Jad?" I interrupted, he noticed I was almost crying so he forked over the keys and i got out as soon as possible.

"Could you make sure he's okay for me?" whispered Jad to Stephan whilst the other two were still trying to figure out what was wrong. Stephan nodded and started to jog to catch up to me. I kept running till I reached the nearby beach and collapsed into the sand crying, you see coming out wasn't easy, it caused so much pain.

It was a Friday afternoon and I felt the happiest I had in a long time, school was done with and I was free, I told myself I was going to tell my parents that evening over dinner, why not? There's nothing to lose, or so I thought.

"Are you okay Jordan?" my mother asked

"Uhmm yeah just nervous, I wanted to tell you both something." I trembled "I'm uh... I'm... gay..." There was complete silence into the room until my father stood up in his chair almost causing the table to flip over.

"You best be fucking joking boy" he bellowed "I will not have any fags in this household, do you hear me?!" I was overcome with shock to hear my own flesh and blood was so angry with me, a little part of me hoped he was joking.

"I... i..." I trembled, I couldn't get a word out, I was frozen in fear. He walked over to me, picked me up by my hair and pushed me to the floor and began to forcefully kick me.

"JAMES NO!" my mum screamed, but he ignored her.

"You get out of my house now, I don't want to see or hear you ever again, YOU HEAR ME?!" He screamed at me whilst he threw me out of the house. I just sat at on the steps leading up to my doorway and sobbed, I was so overcome with fear and despair, I could hear my parents arguing inside the house, I managed to stand up after wincing at the pain I felt from my father's boots and slowly walked from my house, to Jads, I knocked on his door and collapsed into his arms when he answered.

"What the fuck Jord? What's happened? He yelled at me worried

"I'm sorry" I said crying "I didn't have anywhere to go" he helped me inside and I explained about how my dad beat me after I told him I was gay, his parents tended to my bruises and cuts and made up a bed for me. I didn't say a word that night, Jad tried talking to me about it but I remained silent, after about 20 minutes he was sound asleep, and I began to quietly sob. I had nothing but Jad left.