Oh, Quel Cul Tu As!

By Erik Maskot

This story is purely fiction, and should be read as such. It includes unsafe sex between males. I support safe sex, and would like to remind you to always remember condoms.

Someone told me that the Broadway show "Oh, Calcutta!" actually had nothing to do with Calcutta. The name was derived from the French "Oh, quel cul tu as!" which means "Oh, what an ass you have!" That was exactly what I thought when I saw this new French exchange student. He was everything I had dreamt of. He was the cutest guy I had ever seen. His face so beautiful, almost like a girl, his short black hair, the way he talked with a French accent, his slim body, but most of all his firm, round ass that filled his tight faded jeans.

The problem was, how would I approach him? He was popular, I was not. He was always surrounded by friends, and most of all girls. I was a nerd. I've heard I didn't look too bad, but I was a nobody. I wore glasses, I was not into sports, and spent most of the time by myself. So why would a guy like André notice me.

One day I was in the public bathroom, he came in. Our eyes met. I don't know if he noticed my passion for him in my eyes, but surprisingly he smiled at me. It was like I melted. I tried to see if I could get a glimpse of his cock. I was nervous and couldn't piss. He discovered that I was watching him in the corner of my eye. I thought he would be mad at me, and turn away. But instead he winked and turned towards me. I was shocked. I couldn't believe what he did.

He started pulling on his cock, started masturbating it, right in front of me. I got nervous. How did he dare doing this? Somebody could come in any second. Still, I could not move. I was like paralyzed. My eyes focused on what he was doing. If somebody had walked in, I probably wouldn't have noticed before it was too late.

"Oh, quel cul tu as!" I mumbled. I didn't know that I had uttered those words, but André said "What did you say?" But he knew. I suddenly realized what I had said, and blushed. André laughed, and said "Why don't you show me your ass?"

I was back to real life. "You mean here???"

"Yeah, why not?" he said.

I considered. Then I gave in and pulled my pants down quickly, so I could get it over with. He then grabbed me and turned me around, and put his hands on my asscheeks and squeezed them hard. "Yours are not too bad either," he said.

He pulled out a bottle of lubrication from his coat pocked, and he put some in the crack of my ass, and rubbed it into my hole.

"Err, shouldn't we go into one of the stalls? Someone might come in," I said nervously.

"Why not add some excitement into your life," he replied, and he pushed me up against the wall. He then inserted his cock into my tight virgin hole. I wanted to scream, but clenched my fists and teeth together as hard as I could. I didn't want any attention from anybody.

In between my moaning I finally said "Aren't you gonna use a condom?"

"No, I only do bareback," he said. I let him fuck me. After all he was my dreamguy. For a moment I forgot everything around us, that somebody actually could come in any second.

André fucked me hard, and soon he came inside me. He made no sign of pulling himself out before he was empty. When he heard footsteps down the hall, he pulled himself out quickly, and pulled his pants up. I felt sperm running down the insides of my legs, but pulled quickly my pants up. When another student walked in, André was already over by the sinks, while I pulled my zipper up. I was all shaky. That had been close. André said "hi" to the student and walked out, like nothing had happened. The cum soaked through my pants, but I don't think the student noticed anything.

The next time I met André was the following evening in the park. I was on my way home, while he had been jogging. He was wearing a great sweatsuit. He stopped and smiled at me, while he was rubbing his crotch.

"You wanna join me behind those trees?" he asked.

I wanted to, but the tree wouldn't hide much. Again I was afraid we were gonna be discovered, but André just said "That's the excitement," and he pushed me behind a tree, and pulled my pants down. Again he lubricated my ass, and then pulled his own cock out and entered me.

A guy on his bike passed, just a few feet away from us, but I don't think he discovered us. Never had I been this scared before. I tried not to make any noises, but that was easier said than done, because every time André hit bottom, I moaned.

A girl with a dog came down the path right by us. The dog seemed interested in what was going on, but the girl just pulled the leash and walked on faster. Did she notice us? I was pretty sure she did, but hopefully she didn't see our faces behind the tree. When she was gone, André laughed softly in my ear. He obviously enjoyed this. He fucked me slowly, because he didn't want to cum too soon. A couple of young boys, they couldn't have been more than 14-15, rode their bikes on the same path. I heard them chuckle, and was pretty sure they had seen us.

When André came in my ass, I knew they had seen us, because I could hear someone crawling in the bushed nearby. They had come back to watch us. Again the French exchange student laughed softly in my ear. I was scared. Now the whole world would know about it. They would surely tell all their friends, or so I thought. When I pulled my cumsoaked pants up again, André was already jogging towards the apartment complex where he lived. I walked home.

The next morning I met the two boys on the way to school. They looked at each other and laughed. When I passed them, one of them made obscene movements with his crotch, while the other one stuck his ass out. I blushed and thought this was the end of the world. They laughed. I had a hard time concentrating on my studies that day.

But that night something unexpected happened. It turned out that the boys lived very close to me, and that night I was going down to my shed to look for something. When I unlocked the door, I noticed that one of the windows were open. And when I turned on the light, the first thing I noticed was the one boy fucking the other. The same moment I had discovered them, they both came, and of course they blushed and felt ashamed. They pretty much felt the same way I did in the park, and they were begging me not to tell anybody. That worked out great. I promised not to tell, if they didn't. So we sort of ended up being friends. Since then we've always said "hi" to each other when we met.

The following morning André was waiting for me in the public parking lot. He pulled me in between a minivan and a Suburban, and pulled my pants down.

"You're crazy," I said to him. "Now we'll be discovered for sure." André just laughed and inserted his cock into my ass and started fucking me again. We heard footsteps, car doors slamming, cars starting, but nobody discovered us. As soon as he came inside me, he pulled his pants up, and ran to the college. I was always late pulling up my pants, and André always disappeared before I was ready to go. "Fuck and run," all of a sudden had a meaning to me.

There was no doubt, André was an exhibitionist. He always wanted to have sex in public places, where there was a chance he could be discovered. That's what turned him on.

André was sitting way back in the classroom, and I had the desk right next to him. That same afternoon he pulled his dick out, and started stroking it while the whole class in front of him were reading. I caught a glimpse of him in the corner of my eye, and just couldn't believe the guts he had. One turn on one of our classmates' heads and he would have been caught. He was masturbating under his desk. There was no way I could concentrate on my reading. I was just waiting for him to get caught. His eyes met mine, and he smiled. I was too nervous to smile back. It didn't take long before he shot his load of semen onto the floor. When one of the girls who were in love with him, dropped something on the floor, and looked at him when she bent down to pick it up, he had just put his dick back into his pants. The girl then looked at me, and wondered why I had such a strange look in my face, like she had caught me in doing something. I just turned my face down, and continued reading. At least I pretended to. André chuckled a little. He loved making me feel awkward. I thought at that moment he would make me a nervous wreck or give me a heart attack someday.

But believe it or not, I got used to it.

The next day I was surprised that I didn't meet André on the way to school. But that was not what surprised me the most. I went into the chemistry room to pick up a book that I had forgot the day before. There I saw André getting a blowjob from Jason, a friend of mine. I don't know who was most shocked. Me or Jason. André had shot his load of semen right into Jason's face the same second I had opened the door. Jason, who had always appeared to be straight and always been telling me about girls, didn't know what to do. He was scared shitless, and there was a wet spot in front of his pants. He wanted to hide. But where? When we heard more people in the hallway, Jason jumped out the window. We were on the first floor, so he wouldn't hurt himself, but I saw him run home while André was buttoning his pants. André seemed calm, like nothing had happened as usual, but we didn't see Jason anymore that day, and he didn't show up the next day either.

I decided I had to go visit him. Had to tell him that neither André nor I would tell anybody. I probably would have to tell him about my experiences with André.

Jason had decided he couldn't go back to school, he was even thinking about moving to a different town. It's a good thing I decided to visit him, so I could talk him out of it. Actually we ended up being closer friends.

André couldn't function without sex it seemed. He was a complete sex maniac. And he needed the excitement of doing it anywhere there was a chance of being discovered. I loved the sex I had with André, but right now I felt that I needed to support Jason, because he was having problems being alone after the incident with André. I suggested that Jason could move in with me for a while, and he accepted.

Jason was a very handsome guy with short blond hair and smooth skin. He was pretty short, only 5'6". We'd known each other since childhood, and we had always been in school together. So there was actually nothing new in spending time together. He was a very quiet guy, and nobody really noticed him in class. However, he got straight A's, so I guess he could've been considered a nerd like me, even if he didn't look like one.

Even if I spent a lot of time with Jason, who turned out to be bisexual after all, it didn't mean that I never saw André anymore. But the situations were different. Now I ended up discovering all his encounters instead of being a part of them. One day I discovered him with another straight friend of mine, Steven, in the school kitchen, with his cock up Steven's ass. Then I found him in the dressing room fucking the gym teacher, who was married with two kids. Another day André was fucking Dan, the best quarterback in the whole school, in the back seat of Dan's Ford Taurus.

All of André's 'victims' begged me not to tell anybody. They all felt embarrassed, and thought their whole lives would end up in ruins if I told someone. Without mentioning names I told them they were certainly not the only ones.

Learning this, they all decided to get together in the end, and when everybody saw who else were in the same situation, they all started relaxing and laughing, because it turned out that the people they feared the most knowing about their gay encounters, were there themselves. I turned out that almost half the football team was there, including the coach. It turned out that the most anti-gay people in school, the ones who appeared to be straight and used to run down on gays, were there also. The gym teacher was there, and so was the new young math teacher. They had all been attracted to André's charm, and they had all let him seduce them. They had all let André fuck them in public. Normally neither one of them would have done anything like this, but like me they had fallen on love with André's good looks. Put a wig on André, and some women's clothes, and he'd fool anybody. He's be the prettiest girl in school.

We could thank André for one thing. He had made us all confess to each other that we weren't as straight as we might have appeared to be. Actually that night's get together ended up with more than twenty people coming out, and before the night was over we had made new friends and new couples had commenced. Knowing there were so many of us made us realize being gay was nothing to worry about. People who hardly knew each other before, now started spending time together.

But one question came up: "What should we do about André?" Should we let him continue seducing his fellow students? Or maybe we should let him join our new club that we decided to call the "Oh, Calcutta Club" (my suggestion, of course) - a name that everybody agreed on, after being told the French meaning of the name, the fact it was because of a French student the whole idea of the club was launched, and because of the kind of club it was. We certainly had asses on our minds.

One point that was made, was that André never had been fucked or sucked anybody's cock. It was always him being in control. It was always him who got to empty his cock inside us. Therefore we decided we were going to set a trap for him.

Being so many of us, we had no problems following his movements throughout the day, without him being suspicious. After school we noticed that he headed for the bathrooms. We waited a minute before five of us headed in the same direction. When we entered the room, André was already inserting his cock into a freshman's ass. Four of us grabbed André, pulled up his pants, and dragged him out. I had to calm down the young student, who was in shock. He was shaking, he couldn't even pull his own pants up again. I had to help him. Then, while holding my arms around him, I told him about André's encounters, that he wasn't the only one, and then finally about our club. The freshman, whose name was John, admitted he was gay, and wanted to join our club.

André has afraid. It was the first time I had seen him like this. He thought we would beat him up. But we didn't. Why should we? Without him there wouldn't have been a club. We had dragged him outside the school building, and waited till everybody had left school.

It was Friday, and some of us had went to the store and bought a few cases of beer. We handcuffed André to the flagpole in the school yard. We were sitting around him, drinking and joking. We had never seen André this quiet before. All the people he had had sex with sitting around him. He had tight Levi's on, and he had never looked this good, now that he was helpless. We were all making comments about his hot ass. André blushed.

The sun set, and it started to get dark. The twenty or so of us, were still sitting by André. We were getting drunk now. One of the football players stood up and started rubbing his crotch against André's ass. André said nothing, but when his pants were pulled down, he said "No, please don't!" and he seemed worried. But nobody seemed to take notice.

A big cock was shoved up his ass, and it was going in and out of him. Finally André was about to taste his own medicine, we thought. Big time. Anybody could discover us. Anytime. But this was what André wanted, wasn't it? I wasn't so sure anymore, because this time André was not in control.

Cum filled his ass. One cock pulled out, and another one entered. We were having so much fun, no doubt the best party I'd ever been to. I was so happy, because of all my new friends. And I was so happy, because Jason and John were enjoying themselves as well. If they've had problems being caught in public in the past, that definitely didn't seem to bother them now. They both fucked André with their greatest enthusiasm. Cum was running down André's legs and soaked his pants that were still on him, hanging down below his knees.

I noticed somebody by the gate, and went over there. We for sure were being watched. It was the two 14-15-year-olds who had caught me and André before. They got scared when they saw me coming over, and were about to take off, but I told them to wait. I grinned at them, and then they grinned as well. They knew exactly what was going on.

I held up a key to them. It was the key to André's handcuffs. I said "I'm gonna give you the key. When we leave, he's all yours." The two boys jumped in excitement, and I noticed they both had a bulge that was growing in their pants. They were actually both good looking, but too young for me. But I can tell, when they started college, they became regular visitors at my apartment. When I was about to turn around and walk back to my friends, I told them "But please, let him loose before dawn." They both smiled and said "We will."

Shortly after, we had all emptied our cocks inside André's ass or mouth. André seemed tired, and even if he had given the impression of not wanting this, he didn't seem all that unwilling either.

When we started walking away from him, ready to continue our party somewhere else, André started shouting after us, "Let me loose! Please let me loose! You forgot to let me loose!" He was about to cry. The others asked me what we should do, and I told them about the two boys. We all laughed, and walked away, not worrying about André.

The next morning, I walked by the school yard. André was not there anymore. I'm pretty sure the two boys had had the moment of their lives as well. They seemed very thankful the next time I saw them. One of them asked me if I wanted the handcuffs back, but I told them to keep them. They probably could make good use of them, I said and winked. They both smiled their cutest smiles.

But what happened to André? The first couple of weeks he seemed awfully quiet. Didn't want anybody's attention. But when he realized that we told nobody about that night, and we actually didn't want to hurt him, he was soon back in business.

The next time I caught him with another guy, it was one from the basketball team. It was actually André who had a cock up his ass, and not the other way around. Thanks to André, the number of members of the "Oh, Calcutta Club" was rising fast. But André never joined. He needed the excitement of having sex in public with new partners all the time. People he didn't know. I felt kinda sorry for him, because he didn't seem to have any close friends. But it seemed to be his choice. He was a sex maniac. On the other hand, he didn't have any enemies either. If there was anybody who didn't like him, they just hadn't met him yet. That is, they hadn't had sex with him yet. When André graduated and went back to France, the "Oh, Calcutta Club" had almost 300 members. We surely missed him, but every member in the club had a photo of him, and a membership card with a picture of his ass. Oh, quel cul tu as, André!