NOTE: Some of this material may not be appropriate for heterosexuals, children under the age of majority, old people with pacemakers, and the household pet. If you are one of the above, and read this story anyway, don't hold me responsible for any ill that may befall you. It's your fault. That said, most stories have a disclaimer about persons, places, or things (animal, vegetable, or mineral) resembling real life being coincidence. Well, I'm not going to do that, because in this story, they're not. If you're clever enough to figure out who these people are in RL, then you're either one of them, or just an incredibly lucky bastard. This story is based on some events in my life, and the characters all have attributes of people I know. However, they are not 100% real people. Now that you're confused, (always a good state to be in, I might add) I give you On Any Given Day, a story that will take up many chapters and a lot of my time, and hopefully take you, the merry reader, through the drama that has been my life in college. In case you're wondering, the title comes from a song by the band Carbon Leaf from Richmond, Virginia. Send your unadulterated praise, monetary gifts, job offers, suggestions, questions, indecent proposals, and other happy thoughts to All other replies can go to satan@HELL. Hope you enjoy. :-D

On Any Given Day

Chapter I

By: Kyle J. Oliver

I rolled over and glared at my alarm clock. The damn thing just would not shut up. Add that to the fact that it woke me up from a highly enjoyable dream involving my boyfriend and a bottle of olive oil, and you begin to understand why I was glaring at it. After squinting (I don't have my contacts in yet), realization slammed through my somewhat foggy brain. It's 8:00 in the morning, and I have to be at my summer job in 30 minutes. Shit!

While I'm getting ready for work (trying to cram an hour long routine into 30 minutes), I'll introduce myself. My name is Kyle, and I'm spending the summer making sandwiches and ice cream cones for tourists at an ice cream shop in my home town of Smithfield. During the year, I'm 19, a college student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. I'll be starting my sophomore year in the Criminal Justice program in a few months. I'm about 5'9" tall, weigh in at about 145 lbs, have brown hair highlighted blond, and hazel eyes. Oh yeah, I'm gay. I came to the conclusion that it's not just a phase last year, and came out to my parents last month. So far things are going okay, they took it a lot better than I expected. People can surprise you, that's for sure. I mean, what would you expect a conservative southern Baptist man to do when told that his only son is gay? I certainly didn't expect the outcome I got, but I'm sure not complaining. More on that later, though, I'm late.

Fortunately Smithfield is a small town, nothing is more than 10 minutes on bike from anything else, and I happen to live just two blocks from the ice cream shop. I locked my bike to the rack on the sidewalk, and got to the door right as Joan, my boss, put the "Open" sign on the door.

"Just in time, Kyle, thought I was going to have to send Tyler out looking for you. I know you'd just HATE that, now wouldn't you?" Joan can be SO smarmy at times.

As if hearing his name was a cue, my boyfriend Tyler came out from behind the counter and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. "Hey, you. Missed you last night at the Theatre, CJ was asking about you."

Shit! Again! I totally forgot about Tyler's show last night. He was playing Iago in the Smithfield Little Theatre's production of Othello, and I had promised to be there for the opening.

"Damn, babe, I am SO sorry I missed the play last night. How'd it go?"

"Probably for the better that you weren't there, CJ flubbed a good chunk of her lines, so they're getting someone else to do Desdemona. That's why she asked about you, actually, she wanted to make sure you didn't see it. CJ's a good friend and all, but she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag." We both chuckled at that, CJ has a bit of a reputation as a hyperactive drama queen.

"Still and all, I am sorry I missed it, I should have been there for you." With a mischievous grin, I added "but I know how I can make it up to you tonight."

Jackpot! Ty's face lit up in that heart-melting grin I've come to love over the past month and some change. "Oh? And how is that, Mr. Forgetful?"

"You'll see. Cancel whatever plans you have, we'll go into the city and stay at my mom's place. I'm SURE I can think of something to atone for my grievous sins," I said with just a hint of irony.

"Hm. I'm tempted to pull a Father Mike and make you do the standard three Hail Marys, but I've got more imagination than he does."

"And a better body, don't forget that." Fr. Mike is a great guy, but he's over 40, balding, and has a bit of a pot.

"Oh yeah, and a better body. Deal. Although if I don't like what your crafty little mind comes up with, I'll just have to find a better boyfriend."

Miming a mortal wound, I shot back with "Good luck, in this town. I can count the gay men our age on one hand, and half of them are in this room. Seriously, though, I'll call my mom during lunch, she'll probably go over to her boyfriend's house tonight anyway. Which means we have the place to ourselves. Sound good?"

"Sure does. In fact, now I'm glad you weren't there last night. It's not roses, but I expect I'll live." Ty bent down to kiss me, but was interrupted by Joan clearing her throat from the back.

"Boys, I hate to interrupt the love fest here, but there ARE tables to be set up, and customers waiting to be served."

Damn, that woman sure knows how to spoil a moment. All thoughts of hot, sweaty, steamy, passionate make up sex were out the window, and pictures of obnoxious yankee tourists with cameras and antique shopping guides came to mind. Actually, and this is a by-product of growing up in a town that depends on tourism, I hate tourists. They come in from places like Norfolk, Richmond, and Williamsburg on the James River ferry to do some antique shopping, maybe pick up a famous "Smithfield Ham" or dozen, and generally make asses of themselves and clog traffic in my neighborhood. Curse of living in the Historic District, I guess.

Work passed pretty quickly that day, I called my mom in Norfolk to ask about using her place. She told me that her and Megan, my little sister, were planning on going to visit her sister Pam up in Northern Virginia this weekend, so I could use the apartment provided I re-stocked the kitchen (I love to cook) and didn't leave any permanent stains and or burn marks on the furniture. Gotta love moms, eh?

After our shift was over, Ty and I went to my house for a while. My dad wouldn't be home until 6 or so, he works in Williamsburg and has a 90 minute commute, counting the ferry trip. My stepmother has a similar commute, she works on the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach so she won't be home until around the same time. Which means we have about an hour and a half to ourselves. Finally!


Let me give you some background on Ty before we get into the sweaty good stuff. He's about 6'2", 175 lbs., dirty blond hair, swimmer's build, with the deepest brown eyes god ever gave to a man. We grew up in Smithfield together, both graduated from Smithfield High School in 2000, and he went away to school at Virginia Tech, five and a half hours' drive away out in Blacksburg. We kept in touch via email and Instant Messenger during freshman year. He came out to his parents in during Winter Break when we were both home. Honestly, I was more surprised at his parents reactions and the reactions of people we went to school with, than the fact that he was gay. I've known that (and he's known about me) since we were both in middle school. Our sexuality was more of a "you watch my back, I'll watch yours" kind of thing. His coming out seemed to be a non-issue, which surprised the hell out of me. Smithfield is in a somewhat rural county, even though we only live a half hour from Norfolk. It's a pretty conservative place, and as far as I knew, you could count the gay population on one hand if you tucked your thumb in. Ty was one of the most popular guys in our graduating class, was on the track team, choir, drama, you name it. He was Mr. Congeniality, and I expected a major reaction. All he got was everyone telling him how proud of him they were for having the courage to come out, yadda yadda yadda. Talk about anti-climactic!


Anyway, that January I went back to Richmond with a LOT to think about. I was in the Army ROTC program there, and had been offered a full-ride 4 year scholarship. The price was me selling my soul to Uncle Sam for 4 years after graduation. It didn't take me long to realize that I had a choice: follow my original career path and childhood dreams and go into the Army and be miserable, or stick it out in the civilian world and be able to be myself. I debated this until my 19th birthday, in March. I remember that morning vividly. I got out of bed, stumbled over to the mirror in my room, and just stared at myself for about 2 hours. I'm sure my roommate thought I was nuts, or he would have if he wasn't passed out drunk from the night before. I'm not sure if it was meditation, or just me being "spacey" as my mother calls it, but I came to the realization that I couldn't be happy the way I was, hiding myself from the world. I had to be able to be myself, instead of the me that other people wanted to me to be all my life. I made up my mind that I wouldn't come back to Richmond from this summer until I came out to my family and friends, and got that off my chest. As it turns out, I couldn't wait that long. I told my mother on Mother's Day, 2001, and my father on his birthday a week later. Mom was, well, Mom, she was totally accepting, she apparently came to that conclusion when I was 15 and she found some porn I had left at her place at the time. She's pretty liberal, so I knew I could trust her with it until I got the chance to tell my father. My parents are divorced, have been since I was 12, but they still talk. Dad was another story. I literally had a bag packed in the back of my car, and my keys in my pocket when I told him. His reaction was more anti-climactic than Ty's parents. I expected a yelling tirade, followed by me running out and going to stay with my mother. Instead, he told me I didn't have anything to worry about, I was still his son, and he loved me. I told my siblings after that, and my cousins and so forth the following week.


When I told Ty about the whole thing, he offered to take me out to dinner, just the two of us to celebrate. We went to this seafood place out on the James River Fishing Pier over in Newport News called the Crab Shack (killer soft shell crabs, by the way). What began as two friends celebrating a major turning point in our lives ended up as two lovers twined together in my bed the following morning. Needless to say, my dad was surprised, albeit a bit bemused. So that's how Ty and I ended up together, and we've been "an item" for about a month. Now back to the naughty bits. (Did I mention I'm a terrible Monty Python fan? You have been warned.)


It took us about two seconds to get each other's clothes off, and onto my bed. I landed on my back with Ty on top of me, his seven inches hot against my thigh. We kissed hungrily, engorged cocks grinding into each other's sweaty abdomens. One advantage of living in a 200 year old farmhouse with no air conditioning: hot sweaty sex is just that! I rolled over and pinned Ty to the mattress, and began licking my way down his chest, tasting the salty tang of his sweat and loving it. My hands roamed up his chest and started rubbing then pinching and twisting his nipples.

"Oh, god! Ohhhhhh..." To listen to his moans, you'd think I was giving him the best sex of his life. The poor boy is horribly sensitive, which makes my job MUCH easier. His moans changed pitch when I started sucking on his neck, purposely leaving a hickey too high to cover up. Yeah I know, I'm an evil bitch like that, but hey, he's mine and I'll mark him if I want to. His legs locked around my back, and he started grinding his cock into my stomach, moaning the whole time. Since we don't have AC, we have to leave the windows open, and I know the neighbors had to hear him. If they were listening, I was determined to give them something to listen to.

I pried his hands off my shoulders and licked my way down to his belly button while still playing with his sensitive brown nipples. Grabbing his hot member in my hands, I started to smear pre-cum all over it and jack him off. This elicited another squeal from him. Ty's got a nice baritone voice normally, but he makes the most interesting squeaky noises during sex, it'd be amusing if I bothered to concentrate on it. Needless to say, I had something more important at "hand."

Trailing down his tight abs with my tongue, I darted around the base of his cock, and started to lick my way up the shaft while teasing the head with my hands. I do this twisting thing (like taking a soda bottle cap off) that drives him wild. Twisting him with my right hand, pinching his nipples with my left, and licking up and down the shaft, I was in heaven. I'll admit, I'm what you could call an "aggressive bottom". I'm the kind of guy who likes to get fucked, and will leave claw marks on your back while giving you a ride you'll never forget. I don't mind being the recipient partner, but it's got to be on my terms. This was.

Ty's head was thrashing back and forth at this point, mewling noises coming out of it. His face was so cute, all scrunched up like that, I just love sex with this man. Without warning, I let off all stimuli and stopped everything I was doing.

"What the hell did you stop for?! I was almost there!" He cried, somewhat frustrated.

"Gotcha!"With a devilish grin, I dove down on his cock, swallowing all 7" in one fell swoop.

"Oh you evil... UNNNNHHHH!!! SHIT!" All complaint ceased.

I had picked up the art of deep-throating during my summers working at a scout camp (which will remain nameless) from the guy who took my virginity two years ago. He was good, damn good, when it came to these things. I learned from the best, and it was apparent from the way poor Tyler was now screaming at the top of his lungs. I felt his powerful runner's legs wrapping around my back, his heels digging into my back with every thrust. I was doing everything I could think of, in no particular order. Licking around the head while pumping with my hand, trying to impale his dick on my tongue, deep throat, all of it. I didn't want him to cum, so when I felt him tense up, I let off. He was about to protest, but I whispered in his ear, "I want you in me, I need it bad."

He grabbed me around the waist, and flipped us in one smooth motion. Now I was the one on my back, and my lover was poised over me, his dick dripping pre-cum all over the place. We'd been having unprotected sex for the whole time, I knew I was clean having just had a physical for ROTC, and he was clean, having never had sex with another man before and having tested negative over the previous summer for his college physical. Slathering his first three fingers on his right hand in pre-cum, he started to massage my hole. I moaned when he pushed the first two fingers into me, and started to pump them in and out of my now wet rectum. Soon those two were joined by a third, and he started to stretch me out for his fat cock. He's pretty big around, I can't close my hand around it at the base. Just the way I like them.

He pulled his fingers out, and soon I felt something much bigger and blunter at my entrance. I gasped when the head popped in, and grabbed his shoulders for what I knew would be a rough fuck. I was right. He showed me no mercy, pushing all of his fat cock into my tight ass at one time, and never giving me a chance to adjust. At first it felt like someone was trying to tap the bottom of my stomach with a baseball bat, but gradually the pain subsided to be replaced by waves of pleasure spreading through my abdomen with every thrust. I'm a loud fuck, I've been told I wail like a Turkish woman. I wrapped my legs around my lover's waist and ground my heels into his ass crack as his fat dick plowed into me. He knows how I like it, scraping my prostate with every outstroke, and pounding it in harder each time.

Ty didn't last long, grunting and growling as our sweat-slick bodies ground into each other. He was pounding my ass hard enough to make the bed slam into the wall, and I was babbling incoherently. I really don't remember what I was saying, I usually don't. I just go into this "tunnel vision" thing where my whole consciousness is limited to the cock in my ass and our lovemaking. Grunting like a farm animal, he gave me three or four quick jabs, pulled all the way out and slammed it all into me. I felt waves of heat in my bowels, and his orgasm set me off. We have an odd ability to feed off of each other's orgasm. My ass clamping down on his dick made him cum harder, sending more cum spurting into my guts.

Exhausted, Tyler collapsed on top of me, and his now-soft dick fell out of my ass with an audible slurping noise. We exchanged kisses for a while, until I felt my cum start to dry between us, gluing us together. I disentangled myself from him, and reached for the buttplug I keep under my bed. It would be enough to keep me from making a mess until I could get to the bathroom downstairs. I threw Ty a towel, wrapped one around my waist and waddled to the bathroom.

I'd had enough time to clean myself out and get the water running in the shower before Tyler came up behind me. Wrapping his arms around me, he gave me a tonsil-probing kiss, and we got into the shower together. If Ty is hot when he's clothed, you should see him naked and dripping wet. Our shower was cut short by the hot water cutting out (another curse of a 200 year old house), which put an end to certain `problems'. We dried each other off, and opened the door to go back to my room upstairs. It's a good thing we had towels around our waists, because there in the kitchen (directly across from the bathroom) was my younger sister Megan and her friend Samantha. Both of who are heterosexual females at the age of 17. Being my usual unabashed self, I just said hey to Samantha, and put my arm around Ty to lead him upstairs. The girls started giggling, with my sis giving Ty a wolf whistle. I flipped her the bird, mouthed "later" to her, and led my boyfriend back to my room.

Once we got back to my room and dressed, Tyler sat down opposite me at my desk and broke down. "Oh my god, Kyle, your sister and her friend just saw us next to naked and with your arm around me!"

"Yeah, they did. So?"

"So? You don't see a problem with that? That doesn't bother you?"

"No, not at all. I know Megan is cool with having a gay brother, and she likes you, you know that. She approves of us, and if Samantha has a problem with it, Megan will put her in her place. You know how domineering my sister is."

"It still makes me nervous, I guess I just have some shit to sort out. I know we can get away with it in private, but you KNOW how people in Smithfield are. Small town, remember?" He's right, the Town of Smithfield claims around 2,500 people, not counting those outside Town limits or tourists.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. I-Don't-Care-Who-Knows-About-Me Johannson, but didn't you once tell me that it was a relief not having to hide how you felt? Is it because you're with me? Does being seen with me make you nervous, now that people know we're both gay?"

"That's not what I meant, and you know it. Do try to remember where you are, huh? The buckle of the Bible Belt? Southside Virginia isn't known for being tolerant of people like us being public, babe, you know that. And yes, the gossips do bother me. On some level, if you get used to being Mr. Popular, you really hate the idea of someone not liking you."

"I wouldn't know about that, now would I? Tyler, you came out back in December of last year. No one said anything bad, and neither you nor I have had any problems so far. What makes you think we will?"

"Call it a gut feeling, a premonition. I know it's irrational, but can you just humor me on this for a while? Please?" He flashed those big brown eyes at me, and I melted. I can't stay mad at this man, I just can't do it.

"Oh, alright. C'mere, you big lug." We embraced, kissing. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Ty let go.

"Your dad will be here soon, and I have to eat with my folks tonight. I'll call you after dinner, so we can see about heading over to your mom's."

I walked him down to the front door, where we exchanged kisses again and he left. Megan was standing there with a stupid grin on her face.

"What the hell do you want, kid?"

She did a very accurate imitation of a banshee. "Ride my ass, Tyler Johannson, slam it into me! Harder!"

Oh, hell.

---End, Chapter I---

Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter to "On Any Given Day." More will follow, I've got plenty of story to tell, and I guarantee there will be some twists and turns along the way. Send me an email, us writers are whores for feedback. ::grin:: is the address. --- Kyle

Copyright 2002, Kyle J. Oliver