Once In A Lifetime Part 1.

By Christopher Zaldana
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"Love is an energy - it can neither be created nor destroyed.  It just is and always will be, giving meaning to life and direction to goodness.... Love will never die." (Celeste in "April Fools Day")

--Bryce Courtney--


The alarm went off at 6:30 a.m and as I hit the snooze buttom, I closed my eyes and wondered as to where the summer had gone.  It was the second week of September and this was going to be my first year in College and also the first time, that I was to be away from home.

I looked towards the window and the first rays of sunlight where shining through and as I glanced around my room, a funny feeling suddenly hit me.  I realized that I would soon be leaving the sanctuary of my bedroom, with all the commodities that I had taken for granted for the last 18 years.

I was going to miss my television, the stereo, my comic books, the computer and my beloved Nintendo and PS2.  My parents had promised me, that my room was going to off limits to my twin brothers, Sean and Aiden.  At the age of 10, these two were more than a handfull and Sean, being the more rumbustious lesser of two evils, had begged my parents to have my room while I was away.  Luckily, Mom put a stop to his whinning and her last word on the subject, was a simple no.

There was a loud knock on the door and a familar voice, said.

"Wake up, Liam.  It's time that you got up, breakfast is ready and waiting for you downstairs and you better get going, if you want to be at the campus by 10:00 a.m.", I slowly got up, took a big breath of air, sighed and headed towards my bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I could only see a tall, pale, freckled kid, with strawberry blond hair and the reddest set of lips.  For a brief second, I remembered that in highschool, I was called, pussylips by the stupid jocks, although in all honesty, I have no idea as to why I was called that?.

I mean, I never stopped to ask them.  I was a shy, quiet guy, who minded his own business and I was quite lucky that the bullies didn't really bother with me, they either went for the effeminate guys or of course the nerds.

I was neither effeminate or a brain, I got good grades but I wasn't a complete nerd, so I was pretty much left alone.

I brushed my teeth, splashed cold water on my face and grabbed my electric razor.  I checked to see if I needed a shave but I knew that was unnecessary, I can actually go a whole week without shaving, it's unbelievable that at the age of eighteen, I still have baby smooth skin and that really pisses me off.  I had been envious of all the other guys in highschool, that were able to  grow facial hair or any kind of hair, even the geeks that grew that mousy little mustache, that looks more like dirt on their upper lip.

I jumped in the shower, soaped up and as I shampooed my hair, I was glad that my sister had dragged me to get a haircut last week, it was a good cut and I really like it.  As I got out of the shower and headed for my closet, I wanted to to pick something nice, I wanted to look my best on my first day of school and at least try to pass for normal at my University.

I was starting my freshman year at Aberdeen University and at the moment, I felt pretty nervous.  At least I felt a little bit better, that my sister was going to be driving me to the campus and I'm sure that she was going to give me, the "big sister" talk.  She had gone to the same University, four years ago and only to drop out on her second year, much to the anger and dismay of my parents.

Deirdre, had told me that she simply wasn't cut out for College, at least for now.  She had also clearly chosen the wrong career, she had gone into Nursing and just couldn't stand the all the pressure, responsabilities and obligations that were part of the job.

I had prepared my wardrobe last night and ended up choosing, my favourite Ralph Lauren ensemble.  I wore a French Navy, Oxford Rugby cotton jersey with an embroidered golden winged-lion emblem on the chest,designed with a three-button woven collar and ribbed cuffs, dark indigo denim jeans and black suede and leather shoes and last but not least, my signature Eau De Toilette, Romance by Ralph Lauren.

I gave one quick look around my room, sighed, closed the door and headed downstairs.  I really wasn't feeling hungry, my stomach was in knots, but I knew that Mom would be on my case if I didn't have at least a bowl of cereal or a glass of orange juice.  My sister was watching the morning news and eating a bagle with cream cheese and drinking a cup of hot chocolate and Dad, was reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.

My sister almost choked on a piece of bagel, when she snickered.

"Oh my God!.  Liam, you look like a poster boy for a Polo ad.", My mother, threw Deirdre a nasty look and said.

"Oh Sweetie.  You look so handsome, let me take at least one photo!.", Since they were paying for half of the tuition, I figured that as might as well indulge them.

"Just one, Mom.  We really have to get going.", My sister was grinning from ear to ear, as she checked me up and down and finished her bagel.

After drinking one glass of orange juice, I was ready to go.  My father and sister took the last boxes to the car, that held my clothes and other essentials.

I was almost out the door, when my mother in a very annoyed tone of voice yelled out.

"Sean Tyler, Aiden Brenden your brother is leaving!.  Get down here, right now!.", I looked at my watch and knew that the twins, were still in a deep slumber.

"Mom, that's o.k.  I'll see them next time.", I was about to walk to the car, when Aiden showed up first.  His face had that sleepy look and was still yawning.  Aiden was standing at the top of the stairs and rubbing his eyes.  My mother looked at her watch and asked.

"Where is your brother?.", Aiden turned around and simply shrugged his shoulders.  My sister was now honking and waiting for me, in the car.

"Sean Tyler Ashley, get your butt down here this minute!.", I could hear Sean running towards the stair and looked quite annoyed to be woken up so early in the morning.

"Well, come downstairs and give your brother a hug!.", Aiden waited for his twin to be next to him and then ran down the stairs.  He gave me a big hug and in a yawning, sleepy voice, said.

"I'll miss you.  I'll pick up your comic books at the comic shop.", I smiled, gave him a big hug and tried my best not to shed a tear.  I was closer to Aiden, than I was to Sean, I don't know why, though.  Aside from the both of them being twins, they did have very distinctive personalities.

Aiden tended to be the more quiet, shy, sweet natured and tender of the twins.  Sean on the other hand, was the complete opposite and more independent.  They were both very, very smart and always brought home good grades, but I felt that Sean was going to be a hellraiser, once he hit puberty.

Sean took his sweet time down the stairs and while rubbing his sleepy eyes, yawned and gave me a curious look.

"So, I can't have your room?.", I smiled at the nerve this kid had.  My Mom rolled here eyes and slapped him in the head and angrily said.

"Enough with that subject and give your brother a hug!.", He rolled his eyes and gave me a very warm hug.

My father walked in and quickly pointed out.

"Son, your sister is getting impatient.  You better get going or you'll be walking to campus and please call us once you get there.", My father looked sad and yet sounded excited that his son was going to College and following his footsteps.

Deirdre, was honking the car like crazy, which made my mother more nervous and she finally yelled out.

"Deirdre Fallon Ashley, for heaven's sake!.  You're going to wake up the entire neighbourhood.", The twins grogily followed me to the car and waved goodbye.

I gave my Mom another hug and kissed her cheek.  She was on the point of tears and if she started crying, then I would soon follow.  Deirdre was now getting on my nerves and was still honking loudly in the car.

My Mom, caressed my cheek and in a tender tone, smiled and said.

"Call us, if you need anything and please be good.", I nodded in agreement and got into the car.

"Jesus Christ,....Liam.  We're going to be late and it's not like you're not going to see them again!.", She turned on the radio and we were off.

As we drove down the highway, I noticed how beautiful the woods looked.  The leaves in the trees had started to change colours and would soon shed billions of tons of leaves.  Preceding this preparation for winter the trees present an spectacular colour show and leaves that have been green all summer turn to brilliant and alluring shades of yellow, orange, brown and red.

Autumn to me, is my favourite time of the year.  I love the smell in the air, the cool weather, the leaves covering the ground and just the feel of it all, it's sorta magical.  Growing up, my sister and I, would go camping, fishing, swimming, canoeing and trekking in and around Lake Achray.

There is plenty of wildlife as well, the woods, lake and sorrounding areas, are filled with; Alligator snapping turtles, Bobcats, Bears, Beavers, Cliff Swallows, Geese, Great-horned owls, Great-gray owls, Great Egrets, Moose, Muskrats, Peregrine falcons, Red Fox, Raccoons, Swamp Sparrows, Skunks, Squirrels, Screech Owls, Swans, Snowshoe hare,Wood Ducks, Wild turkey, White tail deer and the list goes on and on.

My family, lives in the wealthy suburb of Aberdeen, New Hampshire.  Built on a set of hills, the town has a beautiful and picturesque setting, there's even a small lake, Lake Achray, which has a surface area of 82 ha (202.7 acres) and a depth of 11m (36 feet).

There's also Walnut Creek Falls, which originates from the lip of a granite cliff and the falls consists of two main leaps, 25' and 10, one fast on the heels of the other, then a long fan or horsetail, that cascades hundreds of feet down the rocks through lush, dense wood and wet logs.

Ribbons of white plunge insistently, splatter off smoothed rock and split into broad plumes, while mists swirl from an urgent roar and drift downstream.  Little wonder that to America's first people, waterfalls were places where spirits spoke and were often associated with legends and myths.

Waterfalls are appealing because of their perfect balance, such as their constant motion, soothing sound, spiritual tranquility, natural beauty and harmony of sight and sound.  Waterfalls, are simply a miracle of creation and have so much to offer and both humans, animals and overall nature.

I once read a book, on "The Joys of Waterfalls", and I was fascinated to learn that researchers have concluded that waterfalls generate negative ions that make people feel good.  Negative ions are negatively charged air molecules created by a number of natural and electronic processes, including ocean surf and waterfalls.  Negative ion levels at large waterfalls are estimated to be 50 times higher than at other rural sites.

Benefits of the exposure to high concentrations of negative ions, also result to brighter moods, increased energy, improved physical performance, and better health.  The same source notes, that waterfalls also create "soothing white noise", the sort of constant sound engineers try to duplicate in order "to help humans relax, concentrate or sleep." and furthermore, that the "cooling mist", found at waterfall sites creates "a 100 percent natural, energy efficient form of evaporative air conditioning."

"Hey you alright?.", I hadn't even noticed that my sister had been talking to me.  I looked at her and must have giver her a puzzled look.

"You were drifting somewhere Liam.  What's on your mind?, you nervous?.", I sighed and opened the window to let some fresh air.

"No, not really.  Just eager to get started, I guess.", That was partially true.  I was eager to get out of the house and also excited to start school.

"Well, we'll see how you feel, once the assignments and exams start rolling in.", She turned down the music and told me to pull a bag, from underneath my seat.

"I bought you some stuff, nothing that Mom and Dad have to know about.", I gave her a very curious look and while she drove and smiled.

"What did you do, Deirdre?.", I touched, found and pulled a pink plastic bag, from underneath my seat.

I opened the bag and took two books out.  One was called, The Joy of Gay Sex and the other one was, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men.

I know for a fact that when I blush or get flustered, my face turns beet red but at the moment, I think my face came up with a completely different colour.

There were even tons of condoms in the pink bag.  I could see, specific types such as; lubricated vivid condom, textured condoms, sensitive condoms, extra strenght condoms and a large tube, called Astroglide.

I didn't know what to say, I could feel that my earlobes were on fire and that I was trying to find words to actually put together and form a sentence but nothing would come out of my mouth.

"Breathe Liam.  For crying out loud, your face is turning purple!.", I knew that she was saying something, but somehow my ears were blocking her words out of my head.

"Look, if it's about the books.  I even bought one for myself, it's called Anal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women.", This woman driving was not my sister.  I was having a bad dream or I was in another dimension but one thing for sure, I was not having this conversation with my sister.

"Liam, will you please relax.  I'm your sister and I've know you've been gay all your life.  So relax and look at me, look at me!.", I couldn't believe this.  I couldn't believe that I was going to have this conversation with my sister, today.

"Remember on my 16th birthday, when I invited Jason McDonald, to my party?.", I tried to remember Jason.  Deirdre was trying to point something out and I wanted to see where she was going with this.  I do remember a tall, very goodlooking, brown haired, muscular guy, who was also the Captain of her highschool's basketball team.

"Nope, can't say I remember him.", I was still avoiding her eyes.  My face still must be all red and I was wondering if we were ever going to get to the damm College.

"Good try, Liam but I know when you're lying.", She pinched my leg, which made me wince.

"You caught us making out in our parents bedroom, remember?.  He told me, that he thought you were kinda,...", I looked at her and raised my eyebrow.  If Jason ever thought about me, in some sort of way, then I wanted to know.

"What Deirdre?.  What the hell did he say?.", She sighed and bit her lower lip.

"Well, he really liked you but he thought that you had a crush on him.", As soon as she had said that, I closed my eyes and wanted to die.

"OH MY GOD!.", I covered my face with my hands and thought back to all those evenings that we had spent playing basketball, while Deirdre was getting ready for their date.  I loved playing basketball with Jason, not because of the game itself, fuck basketball!.  It was because this way I got to touch him, to smell him, feel his body and this was the only way that I could spend time with him.

"No Liam, wait.  He thought that was cute, I mean you were always following him and hanging around him.  He thought of you, as a little brother that he never had.", Oh, this just keeps getting better.

"Goddammit, Deirdre.  Why didn't you ever tell me?.  He probably thought that I was an annoying little queer!.", I don't know wether I was angry at my sister or myself for being so stupid and obvious.

"Will you stop, being such an asshole!.  Jason liked you, he still does and besides the last time that I saw him, he asked about you.", I quickly turned to see if she was telling the truth and I was pretty good at reading my sister facial expressions.

"Why did you break up with him?.  The real truth and not the story you told Mom and Dad.  Jason was a really great guy, even our parents liked him.", She shrugged her shoulders and gave a deep sorrowful sigh.

"Well, it's complicated.  Jason was going away to College that fall, and I knew that it was just a matter of time before he either found a girl that would fuck him and make him forget about me, so I decided to cut my losses short.", I raised my eyebrows and this was the first time, that I had heard that version of the story.

"Did you and Jason?.  Well you know, do it?.", She gave me a mischivious smile.

"Oh yeah, baby.  Let me tell you something about Jason McDonald, that stud is hung like horse and can fuck like one, too!.", I rolled my eyes, while she started laughing.  For a brief moment, I wanted to ask her if that was true but I then decided to change my mind.

"So you're o.k with me being gay?.", She gave me a very sincere look and took hold of my left hand.

"Liam, I have no problem with you being gay.  You're my sweet brother and I love you, besides we still have another two Ashley's that will carry on the family name.", If she was referring to Mischief & Mayhem, as my father called them, I wouldn't be so sure.

"How do you feel Mom and Dad are going to deal with this.?", She shrugged her shoulders and gave me a vacant look.

"I don't know, Liam.  I mean, Mom thinks it's just odd that you haven't dated girls.", She made a sour like face, when she said that and kept looking at her rear view mirror.

"Oh please, Deirdre.  I can't take much more surprises, so don't get started." I closed my eyes and put my hands on my ears in a childish way and pretended to ignore her.

"Relax, Liam.  Mom just thinks that you're slow in maturity.", Oh this is just great.  Now my mother thinks I'm slow.

We finally arrived at Aberdeen University and the place was crawling with cars, buses, bikes, etc.  The entrance to the University was filled with beautiful trees, such as; Birch, Eastern Hemlock, Maples, Maidenhair, Oaks and Wild Cherry.  There were two large statues of lions guarding the main entrance.  The University's crest bears the motto, "Via, Veritas, Vita", which translated from the Latin, means; "the Way, the Truth, the Life".

As we drove to the student residence, there was a small and charming creek running alongside the road, lined with Mountain Pine, Maples, Oaks and Western Red Cedar.  As we reached the entrance to the dorm rooms and standing tall, over Aberdeen Hall, was Aberdeen Tower.  It has been a beacon for over 130 years and it is a symbol of strength and pride.  Through the decades, the tower image has appeared in a number of places from notebooks, school rings to blazer pockets.

My sister, had told me that on even going as far back as our Mom and Dad, the Alumnae Association Council selected the tower image as its logo.  One of the most popular characters in the long-standing annual student performance of Revels, was the Heart of Aberdeen.

The Heart of Aberdeen, is a lion or better said, the University's athletic mascot.  The Aberdeen Lions, are the best in the State and are undefeated in the sport of Rugby.

We found a parking spot, close to the student residence and got out of the car.  I stretched my legs and arms, it was a 6 hour car ride to the campus, so I'm not really that far from home.  All around people were scuttling around, while carrying suitcases, boxes and one guy that I saw, was carrying his clothes and other belongings in two large, black garbage bags.

There were also different groups of people, passing out pamphlets and asking you to sign up for their clubs.  Flyers, were littered all over the pavement and I saw a number of students, joining the French club, Spanish club, the Boxing club, Christian club, Gay club even the Goth club, etc.

I grabbed a box that held my books and school supplies and left the lighter load to Deirdre to carry.  I also grabbed the pink bag, that held the books and condoms and put it on top of the box.  I went ahead and looked for Residence B, room number 822, so that meant that I was on the eight floor and hopefully overlooking the pond behind the dorm.

I was lucky or perhaps spoiled in the sense, that I was not going to be sharing a dorm.  My parents had paid just a bit more, so that I could have a room all by my wholesome self.  I've never really shared a room with anyone and I'm a very tidy guy, so I don't think I could get along, having to share a room with some slob.

I was almost to the entrance to the dorm rooms, when the pink bag fell from the box and scattered the sex books and condoms all over the pavement.  At first, I wanted to continue walking and pretend that those dirty books, weren't mine but I then I heard a deep, masculine voice yelled out.

"Hey, wait a minute.  You dropped your books!.", At that moment, I just wanted to be struck by lighting and die.  If Deirdre wasn't my sister, I would kill her instantly if I survived this horrible incident.

I turned around and saw a tall, good looking, muscular guy pick up the books and condoms, while he also read the book titles.

At that moment, all I wanted was to be swallowed by the earth, couldn't God just whip up a major catastrophe, like a twister, an earthquake, the school catching fire or even an explosion?.

There he was, the most gorgeous looking guy, that I have ever seen.  He was walking up to me and looking quite serious while holding my fairy pink bag in his hand.  He was about 5'11, short jet black hair, clean shaven and with the most beautiful grey/blue eyes.

He was wearing a leather, Letterman's jacket in Royal blue colour and the jacket had a large Varsity letter C on the left chest, with white leather sleeves and knit trim at the neck, waist and cuffs.  His first name, was embroidered on the right chest and it read, Kyle.

"Here you go, you dropped your books and condoms.", I stood there frozen.  I know that I was capable of hearing what he was saying but I couldn't form a sentence in my mouth, part of my brain had gone into shock.

He had the damm pink bag on his hand and was handing it to me.  I was paralyzed and couldn't move, but then I heard myself say something so lame and stupid, like.

"It's not mine!.  The bag belongs to my sister.", He stood there looking at me, still looking serious but at the same time, I think he wanted to laugh.

"Oh Really?.  Your sister is reading the The Joy of Gay Sex and what's the other one called?.  Oh yeah, The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Men?.", This simply wasn't happening.  I was going to wake up soon, I was going to be in my room and in my cozy warm bed and all of this, was going to be a hideous nightmare.

"Well, here you go bud and I hope that your sister, finds the books useful.", He winked at me and went back to join his friends, who had witnessed the whole embarrassing episode and who were practically rolling on the ground, with laughter.

I closed my eyes and walked faster, than I've ever walked before and went through the doors, that led to the student residence.

To be continued!