One Semester.

Date 3 August 2016.
Author Palantir
Subject One Semester.

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"You maniac! Get out of there."

"Come and try it, Martin. You need a beauty treatment more than I do."

Peter lifted another double handful of black gooey mud and added it to the slimy mess already slathered from shoulders to stomach. The sailing idea hadn't worked due to lack of enough breeze so the Eildon trip for Sam the next day meant hiring a couple of canoes and loading in supplies for an overnight camp on an island in the big reservoir and at this, their first rest stop, Peter decided on a swim.

"What about you, Joel? Are you game? I need some help with my back."

He didn't need help. All he had to do was change from sitting to lying and his back would disappear in the bank of muck he'd discovered. Joel wavered, but not for long, as there was something perversely intriguing about wallowing in mud and he tossed his T-shirt to one side.

"No throwing! I don't want that stuff in my eyes."

The mud squelched between Joel's toes, then over his feet, gradually deepening with each cautious step closer to Peter, till it reached almost halfway to his knees. With more handfuls of mud Peter was looking very keen to share the mess. He got a strong cautioning look and for whatever reason respected it. Joel tried kneeling first, rather tentatively, then sitting back on his haunches and watching the front of his speedos disappear under the black goo.

"I don't believe I'm doing this."

Peter moved closer and with great delight pressed two handfuls onto Joel's chest and started spreading them. There was no going back now and the next few minutes became a mutual slathering act with Peter putting on a special show for Phillip's little travel camera. Martin's disgust turned to shouts of encouragement to slap on piles more mud, till there were two black creatures with only faces left clean.

"Mud wrestle! Mud wrestle!"

That was Sam calling out. Joel gave Peter a nod of agreement, grabbed him in a bear hug, then pushed him slowly down and under till only his head was showing. Martin and Sam laughed like crazy while Phillip kept snapping away with the camera. Peter stood up, and with the new coating of mud sliding from his body, returned the bear hug. Now it was Joel's turn and when the mud had oozed all round him he lifted his arm to wave at the three watchers. For whatever reason it totally cracked them up.
Phillip knelt and covered his head with his arms while Martin and Sam screeched with laughter. Peter closed in for a very dirty hug and then there was several minutes of posing for the camera which had to stop when Peter plastered mud in his hair and it started oozing down his forehead.

"Help! Get me out of here."

With his eyes scrunched shut he felt for Joel's shoulders then jumped for a piggyback. The double mud beast made its way slowly to shore then worked its way along to clean water where it submerged. There were more grins from the shore when the speedos came off for a proper rinse and then an evil look from Martin who grabbed them when Peter tossed them to the shore. Joel, embarrassed and wondering what Phillip was thinking, moved to where the water was nearly chest deep, then got tipped over when Peter dived between his legs. As soon as he stood up Peter was on his back again.


"Replay? What of?"

"Last night with Sam."

His feet rubbing and pressing purposefully, quickly set Joel going. At least they couldn't see from the shore.

"Don't let me down. This is great."

Well, that was obvious.

"Can you make it to that corner?"

"Of course I can. What for?"

"We'll tell them we're exploring for half an hour."

That was done. Martin shook his head as if he was disgusted and said something to Phillip and Sam.

"He just told them you're so randy we have to disappear for a while."

Joel looked back, and seeing Sam give a thumbs up, thought Peter just might be right.

"You're giving us a reputation."

Peter's only response was to get more active with his feet and whisper "Big One".


"Where have you put our speedos?"

Martin pointed towards the quagmire, Sam pointed upwards into the gum trees, and Phillip pointed towards a fallen tree stump then turned to fiddle with something in one of the canoes. Feeling somewhat awkward about his nudity in front of Phillip and Sam, Joel followed Peter towards the stump. While Phillip kept his attention with the canoe Sam was really getting an eyeful and you could see his eyes flicking back and forth.

"Panty snatchers!"

"Show ponies!"

"Penie perves!"

The insults traded between Peter and Martin made everyone smile and then Sam joined in.

"Where's the Big One, Joel? Been showing it off for Peter?"

It was a bit blatant, especially in front of Phillip and everyone looked for his reaction. It was just a smile. Martin grabbed Sam in a headlock, gave him a few pokes in the stomach, then turned to Phillip.

"Joel likes flashing his boner for everyone. That's what Sam's blabbing about."

Phillip laughed.

"Joel? Well I guess he does give us the occasional surprise."

It was the first time he'd said anything about the bouncing butt incident, as Peter referred to it whenever they discussed what he really thought. They'd agreed that he didn't mind. As Joel approached Sam's attention focused fully. He really was making the most of the chance to get that eyeful. He wriggled out of Martin's grip, ran for the tree trunk and waved the speedos tauntingly in the air before stuffing them down the front of his own.

"Catch me! Catch me! Catch me if you can!"

He looked very pleased with himself and then even more so when Peter encouraged him.

"Go for it, Sam."

So they wanted to gang up did they? Well, the other speedos would do just fine. Joel made his move but Peter must have read his intention because he got there first, and dancing away, quickly slipped them on.

"You Boofhead! Now you have to help me catch Sam."

Peter nodded agreement, then happily managed to be no help at all. After a few minutes of feeling totally ridiculous Joel caught Sam and demanded the speedos. That was no good with all the struggling and there was an impasse till Peter joined in and held Sam's arms.

"Now you can get them."

"What? Reach inside his speedos?"

"That's why he put them there."

Sam shook his head in denial but his expression said otherwise and he twisted this way and that when Joel went ahead. It felt quite rude, especially as the target garment had been shoved way down, but the alternative was staying naked.

"Crikey, Joel! Get your hand out of there. You can't wank him in front of everyone."

A moment later Joel had his speedos and to a triple chorus of hot-dog he slipped into them.


"There they are."

Joel was taking a turn in the kayak with Phillip and a couple of meters behind was the big Canadian style canoe with the other three and most of their gear.

"Which island are we going to?"

"We'll have a look and see. Last time I was here was six or seven years ago in the drought so it will all be changed, but I remember some flat areas on that bigger one."

Five minutes later they were coasting beside a steep bank. It didn't look good but when they rounded a spur Phillip's bay came into view. A hundred meters ahead the steep slope flattened so it looked like an actual beach and landing spot. Phillip pointed and got grins and nods of acknowledgement from the other canoe. Five sets of paddles dug into the water and the race was on. The kayak won with its sleek design, but not by much as the Canadian had an extra paddler. With a degree of exuberance the canoes were beached, the paddles safely stowed, and buoyancy vests removed.

"Do you want to camp here or look at the other island?"


Joel hoped it would be here. He thought it could hardly be a better spot. Not far across the water was the other island and past it and to the side the main expanse of the reservoir reached a couple of kilometers to a low range of mountains. Half an hour later two tents was set up, wood for a small campfire collected, a fire pit built, and the sleeping gear all organised and made ready for the night.

"Who's coming for a swim?"

Phillip decided to relax on his foam mat and read a book. T-shirts came off, and after a fresh lot of sunblock was applied, Martin led the way into the water. Joel had to smile, they did look like a team of some kind with these stylish silver-grey speedos. The first stop was the sun-bleached upper branches of a giant swamped gumtree reaching above the surface at semi-random angles. One of the branches spread almost horizontally at a depth of about half a metre and made a great place for a seat. Martin liked swimming underwater and following the branches down till he ran out of breath.

"Let's swim over to the other island."


"It's not too far. We can all do it easily."

"What about Sam? He hasn't been swimming for long."

"He can do it. It's the same as about four laps of the pool and he did five last week."

"We have to swim back too."

"So? We'll just stop for a rest whenever we feel like it."

Sam looked worried and Joel didn't blame him. Four laps looked a lot further out in the open like this.

"What do you reckon, Sam? Will we have a go or would you rather take the canoes?"

"We'd all stay together wouldn't we?"


Everyone stared at Peter.

"Well, if a shark or crocodile turns up I'm not waiting for anyone."

"Lame brain! You're the only shark round here."

Martin tipped Peter off his perch on the log, splashed him when he came up, and lazily glided a few meters on his back.

"You go first, Sam, and we'll stick really close."

"It looks a long way."

"And that means you'll be really pleased with yourself when you get there."

When Sam reached wading depth at the new island his smile was gigantic and Joel felt proud of him. After a bit of an explore they made the return trip, slower, with several rests, but this time Sam was relaxed and confident. Phillip had started the campfire and was heating some water.

"Who's trying my billy tea?"

"Billy tea? Is that ordinary tea in a billy?"

"Nearly. It's the way they used to make it in the outback."

Intrigued, everyone watched. Phillip lifted the billy from the fire with a handy stick, added tea leaves then scrunched a handful of gum leaves and added those as well. After a quick stir he checked that the handle was cool enough then whirled the billy three times in a full-arm circle.

"That's supposed to settle all the tea leaves to the bottom."

It worked, because when he poured the tea was clear in the mugs.

"Who wants milk?"

Everyone did and he laughed as he squeezed condensed milk from a tube.

"This bit is cheating."

The eucalyptus oil from the gum leaves gave the tea a distinctive flavor.

"Hey, Phillip, I love condensed milk. Can I finished the tube?"

"Sure, we've got two more."

Martin sucked the remaining paste from the tube and licked his lips.

"Yum!... I used to pinch this stuff from the kitchen when I was a kid."

Peter leaned towards Sam with a stage whisper.

"That's why he's always sucking on Dani's tits. He thinks he can get milk out of them."

After a moment of disbelief, Martin looked thoughtful.

"You're dead!"

His grin said there was definitely some dire payback in mind.


"Did you really mean it about the hug and a kiss?"

"No kissing, Sam. Your lip's still sore."

"It's not that bad."

"Don't fib. It's still swollen."

"We can hug though can't we? You said any time as long as it's secret."

Joel reached an arm round Sam's shoulder and gave it a squeeze. Sam twisted his body, rolled on top and pushed his arms behind Joel's back.

"What are you doing?"

"Giving you a proper hug."

"Sam, all we've got on is our jocks."

"It feels nice."

Joel wasn't sure if he was referring to the hug or the fact that they were both practically naked. He locked his arms round Sam's back and returned the squeeze, making it quick and strong like a friendly action.

"Which was the best thing today, Sam?"

"The funniest was when Martin held Peter down and got us to stretch his nipples."

That had been hilarious. Martin's orders had really been to suck on them, but Sam couldn't and Joel wouldn't, well not in front of Phillip, and then the stretching had turned to tickling till Peter was totally begging for mercy and promising Martin he'd be good for ever.

"Everything was the best. I've never done things like yesterday and today, and swimming to the little island made me feel like I wasn't useless."

Joel rolled to the side so Sam was no longer on top of him.

"Sam, you're not useless. You've been through a bad patch and it'll all get better from now on."

"Is our hug finished already?"

"Just for a while."

"Do you like hugging?"

"I love hugging."

"Why did you stop then?"

"You already know."

"Are you getting a big one?"

"Nearly, and you've already got one."

"It must be contagious."

"Sam, you're a duffer."

"I like your country words. ...Are you ticklish?"

"You know I am, but you can't tickle me."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm too ticklish."

Joel grabbed for the hand that he sensed was heading straight to his stomach.

"No tickling."

"Tickles or hugs."

"What do you mean?"

"Five minutes of proper hug or I'll tickle you."

Joel laughed.

"That's blackmail."

"I know, but it's fun and last night was even longer and you said it was all right then."

"We weren't in bed."

"Tickles or hug?"

"How will we know when it's five minutes?"

"I'll tell you."

"All right, but no rude stuff."

Sam dived into position so eagerly Joel had to smile.

"That's rude already."

"...Phillip's kind. He's going to pay off my car loan and I can pay him back whenever I like."

"Wow, when did he tell you that?"

"When we were in the kayak. ...How did you and Peter get together? Second-Years usually stay in their own group."

"He helped me with HTML on the very first weekend and then we got friendly. He makes me laugh all the time.... Sam, that's definitely rude."

"It's fun.. Is it secret that you're together? The guys in our group at College think he's with Martin."

"Not really. We just don't tell anyone because it's none of their business."

"I wouldn't tell anyone either. When did you start going to bed with each other?"

"Bed? What makes you think we do?"

"You told me yesterday morning.... Your Big One's really hard."

"Ha! ...I wonder why."

"Would Peter really kick you out of bed if he knew we were hugging?"

"Hugging? Is that what you call it?"

"It's the perfect hug."

"I already told him, Sam."

"Did he get mad? It didn't seem like it today."

"He didn't get mad. He said you need lots of hugs."

The wriggling and pressing actually stopped while Sam took that in.

"... He's right, and now we can hug all night."

"All night? Like this? We'd be stuck together like Siamese twins."

"Peter and Martin must have done something together?"

"No way. Martin just wouldn't be interested... Sam, what are you doing now?"

"My jocks are too uncomfortable."

"More fibs. You're touching my Big One."

"My hand must have slipped."

Joel rolled Sam to the side the way he'd done before, then turned himself even further so he was on his stomach.

"That wasn't five minutes."

"Too bad. ...And no tickling either."

"I like sleeping in a tent. It's friendly."

"Well, you're a friendly person."

"No I'm not. Most people don't even know I'm there."

"You were friendly to me on the very first day we had lectures."

Joel twisted onto his back, wondering if Sam would want another hug. He didn't, but while he was talking, mostly about staying at Phillip's place, he wriggled until he was nestling close against Joel's side. In the middle of explaining how they were going to share the travelling to College he dropped his arm across Joel's chest and left it there.

"Sam, are you comfy?"


"Good, because I'm going to sleep. Phillip said he's waking us up at eight o'clock. Remember?"



The paddle back to the ute took all morning, twice as long as expected, because they kept stopping to swim and explore and by the time Phillip and Sam dropped them off at College it was after three o'clock. Martin left in a rush, wanting to get to Dani''s place and Joel and Peter practically ran to 42. When the storm had passed, well, a couple of storms really, they relaxed quietly in a dreamy glow.

"Hmm.. I was so horny last night thinking about you I told Martin he had to wank me off before I went crazy."

"What did he do?"

"Told me to suffer, so I started talking about how good Dani looked and how he must miss being cuddled up with her in bed, kissing and touching, and rubbing his hands over her smooth skin. I had to stop because he nearly twisted my nipple off."

"Was Phillip awake?"

"He just laughs. He likes it when we stir each other. Hey, Sam looked happy too when he was waving goodbye. You must have had a good talk last night?"

"Talk? Yes, we did talk but you wouldn't believe the rest of it."


"I was trapped and he's obsessed about my Big One."

"Sounds like a good idea to me."

Peter's hand moved.

"That's what Sam did all night. Every time I woke up he was holding me. I couldn't stop him."

"That's because you like it so much."

Joel ignored that.

"Remember how I told him yesterday that we could hug whenever he liked? Well, I didn't expect I'd be in bed with him the very next night did I? And his hugs aren't really hugs."

"??.. How can a hug not be a hug?"

"Ha! I'll show you."

The showing was fun.

"Was he really doing that?"

"Exactly that. He said it was his perfect hug."

"And he had a boner?"

"All the time it seemed like, and in the morning he wanked me."

"You let him?"

"Only till I woke up enough to realise it wasn't you."

"Again? Did it feel good?"

"Boofhead! ... You'll find out for yourself because you're the one in the tent with him next time."

"On the long weekend? How come?"

"He got really interested when I told him you said he needs lots of hugs, so I dobbed you in. You can octopus each other all night."

Phillip had offered the use of his camping gear and when he described a whole stack of places that were good to go to, Martin got all excited about The Great Ocean Walk which was a coastal track in the South West.

"Interested? What sort of interested?"

"He thinks you're hot and he can't believe you and Martin aren't together."

"We are. We're best friends."

"He means for sex."

"He said I was hot?"

"Really hot, especially in your speedos. Martin too."

"All of us? Holy cow!"

"Hey!.. You stir me for saying that."

"I know... It must be contagious... What's the joke?"

"Sam says that about my Big One."

"He's going to be all right at Phillip's, but I hope Phillip doesn't do too much for him."

"Too much? He needs every thing he can get."

"At the moment he does, but Phillip's too kind. Every time there's something Sam needs he'll get it for him."

"He's paying off Sam's car so it saves on interest."

"Holy cow! How much?"

"Thousands of dollars and Sam can pay him back whenever he's ready... And this is for stirring."

Joel sat up from the perfect hug position and gently stretched Peter's nipple.

"Holy cow! This is Martin's fault. He's given you a nipple obsession."

"Boofhead! Come and have a shower."

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