One Way

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Chapter One

You know that odd feeling telling you someone doesn't really like you? I was getting that feeling from everyone in class. Nah, it is just my imagination...they all love me...they are just modest.

It all started one week back. One person with whom I was neutral was Rick. He was this simply simple guy with whom anybody could get along. He also happened to be my roommate in our two bedroom, one living apartment.

Rick and myself were first introduced ourselves to Chloe. She was a fair odd looking Greek gal. We moved on. Next, we met Mac. Five minutes after Mac started talking to us we realized he was a nerd with an attitude. We moved on again. When our lecture finally began we had formed our gang. It consisted of two girls -- Alexis and Emma and one guy -- Dylan and of course Rick and myself.

In midst of the lecture a tall blue eyed guy ran down the corridor and stood at the door.

"First day coming late...Mr..?" the lecturer said.

"Aidan, Sir."

"So Aidan...tell me, why are you late?"

"Ahem...I was in the wrong class so far Sir."

There was a row of laughter.

"Silence..." my professor shouted.

"Take your seat Mr. Aidan"

Mr. Aidan came and sat next to me. After the class I introduced myself to him. I instantly liked Aidan as he was this spontaneous fun person with wise cracks up his sleeve.

But two days later Aidan became distant. He didn't sit with me any longer. I remember that day so well. After our last lecture I was about to go home when I bumped into Aidan.

"Hi there, Ryan. Howz it hanging dude?" he said.

"Am are..."

Aidan looked beyond me and saw someone calling him.

Hugging me he said, "Got to go now. Catch you later bud"

Yes, he hugged me. Now why did he do that? When I looked back, he was looking back at me, giving me a smile. And it wasn't any ordinary smile. It was a smile so contagious that you can't help smiling back. And I did.

Yup, this is where it all started.

That night I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. I thought, a simple hug couldn't mean he liked me or something. He is just warm and affable.

Five minutes later, I convinced myself - he loves me. He is crazily in love with me. Nah! The only thing crazy here is -- ME.

I couldn't sleep. I kept picturing him hugging me over and over again. And that smile...awww.

The next day, I walked in the long corridors of the university with an air of happiness. I didn't know why I was happy and didn't care. It was uncommon for me to be in a mood like this one.

When I walked towards my class, I saw him, in all his glory. The first time I saw him, I didn't think much of him. But now, in that red tee shirt with white stripes and lovely cool blue jeans, how could I miss that? As he walked towards me I could see his body move so gracefully. What more...he wore that awesome smile on his face. His presence was mind blowing.

"Hi Ryan...say what are you doing tonight?" he said.

It was only seconds later that I realized he had spoken to me.

Coming out of my trance I said, "Huh?"

"Couple of dudes are gonna have some fun tonight. Wanna join us?"


"Cool...come on over to Club 4 at 7 tomorrow okay?"


Present Day:

When I reached Club 4  at 6:40 (Fine! It was 6:30) I saw sexy chicks and adorable hunks orbiting the club. I was clad in a tight blue t-shirt with white sleeves and black jeans. Cool and comfortable. At 7:15 I spotted Aidan. I could hardly see him in the dark. When he walked closer a nearby car's headlights turned on and Aidan brightened and dazzled in his heavenly self.  

"Ryannn...come, lets go!"


"Just come little fucker"

Little fucker? Weren't we supposed to be going inside the club? This was getting crazy. But somehow I wasn't worried, maybe because I was with Aidan. He made me feel at ease. All my comfort vanished when we reached our destination a few blocks from the club.

"Come quick...its almost time..." one of Aidan's friends whispered at us. Aidan hadn't even introduced me to them.

It was dark and I couldn't see a thing. I understood that we had to be quiet, so I didn't dare ask even one of my thousand questions going on in my darn head. I could then hear the sound of water splashing. Aidan and his friends climbed a ladder leaning on a wall of this huge old building till they reached a platform. They were looking inside a window with their mouths open. I looked inside and almost slipped from the platform.

Inside the room I could see a row of chicks naked and bathing. The room was foggy but we could still spot the...err...important parts. I was disgusted. I sat down on the platform catching up with my breath from all the excitement.

"You are gay or what? Fuck...even my girlfriend isn't this gorgeous", said one of Aidan's weird friends.

I looked up again. I had to admit, that I did feel a little turned on by the sight. But nothing could turn me on more than seeing a room full of naked studs. The thought of which itself was enough to turn me on. I smiled at Aidan who was standing next to me. He winked back.

After all the excitement we came back to the club where I was finally introduced to Aidan's extraordinary friends.

"Hey...I am Jake."

"I am Martin."

"And I am Aidan" said Aidan mockingly.

"I am Ryan." I said. The little fucker.

"Did you see that tall blond? She was hot...wish that bitch was mine dude" said Jake. Yup, Jake was the same guy who ingeniously had disclosed my identity earlier.

"Gosh...I can't wait to see them again!" said Martin.

I wish I could scowl and frown right then. Pathetic people. I was thankful Aidan didn't have anything to say about the hot chicks.

"I really liked that blond Jake...fuck her", said Aidan.

Dammit. And I thought he is all noble and pure (and gay). So much for that.

"Hey Ryan...why so quiet man?"

Great! Now I had to speak too. I had to quickly think of something clever to say.

"I have never seen so many chicks" I said.

They laughed hearing my lame comment. So much for my fucking brains.

"Oh...if you come with us, you will not only see but do a lot of things dude..." Jake said.

I hate Jake.

" sure" I said.

As we sat down and got a burger and some drinks they started talking again. And guess what the topic was...CHICKS. It was as if they were truly incapable of thinking anything else but sex and female breasts.

"So Ryan, whom are you screwing these days?" asked Jake.

I wanted to bend down and force myself under the table right then.

"Ah...I just dumped a chick." Liar, Liar tongue is on fire.

"Why? Did she fuck your brains out man?" asked Martin.

I didn't know exactly what he meant, but I just nodded my head casually.

"Aidan...are you going out with Liz tomorrow night?" asked Martin.


"Yeah dude...I haven't met her for a week now."

Liz? Who?

"Fuck you are not her puppet you know..." said Jake.

"Yeah...Dump the bitch! You know, we are not made to have girlfriends", said Martin.

Bitch. Girlfriend. Liz.

I turned pale.

"How long have you been going around?" I asked Aidan surprised I could actually open my mouth and speak.

"Two months" he replied.

Why are all the nice guys taken or straight?

"I think you should stick to her then..." I said. Now why would I say that?

Jake punched my stomach and said, "Dude, you don't know Liz. If you knew her you wouldn't be saying that"

"Why what's wrong with Liz?" I asked.

"That is a long story...may be some other time" said Aidan. He didn't look so good. I wanted to take him in my arms and hug him right then and tell him everything is going to be okay.


End Of Chapter One

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