One Way

Note: I have revised chapter one. So those of you who read it before this chapter was uploaded, might want to reread it. Although not many changes have been made to it.

Chapter Two

When I returned home, I just wanted to jump into bed and embrace my lovely pillows. I was so god damn tired physically and mentally that I just wanted to sleep. I never talked about chicks with such detail ever in my life. Being with Aidan and his friends was a nerve wrecking experience. But then thinking about Aidan calmed me down.

My eye lids were getting heavy when suddenly the phone rang. I sat upright with a jerk. Who the fuck? I got up and hurried down the hall and picked up the damn thing to end its horrendous reverberation.

"Hel..lo?" I said sounding like a ghost.

"Ryan...ohhh...did I wake you up?"

"Emma...its 2:20 one sleeps at this time!" I said with sarcasm evident in my voice.

"I am sorry Ryan...just wanted to talk to Rick..."

Rick room's door was ajar. I peeped inside, it was deserted.

"No...he isn't back yet."

" how was your night out with the guys?"

"What? How did you know about it?"

"Ah...never mind. I will call later. Bye!" She hung up.

Rick! He was gossiping about me I guess. Before I could get fully angry, I was asleep.

The next day I left to the university early as I had to complete some assignments. I knew I would just go back to sleep if I tried finishing them at home. Rick was sound asleep after his late night outing. I would investigate into the gossip matter later. As I walked through the corridors I thought about last night. It wasn't exactly a nice thing to think about...going out with a bunch of straight guys, checking out chicks and getting to know that Aidan has a girlfriend. But I didn't feel so bad about it.

I entered my empty class room and sat on my desk. I took out my freaking assignment and glanced at it. I was going get an awful grade; I was going to something about that now.

A few minutes later, I took a break and looked around. To my far right I could see the bench where Aidan sat. I hesitantly walked towards it, as if he was sitting there at that moment. The next thing I knew I was sitting on Aidan's bench. I glanced at the horizontal platform in front of me. I tilted my head down and my delicate cheeks felt the coldness of the wooden desk. I closed my eyes and images of Aidan filled my mind. He was calling out my name. Ryan. Ryan.


I sat up right with a jerk for the second time today.

"Aidan!" I said looking up, trying to hide my embarrassment.

"Were you just dozing off there?" he asked mockingly.

I stood up quickly and looked at him embarrassed. "No I was just looking for some papers. They fell some where here."


I walked towards the desk where I ought to be and breathed a sigh of relief. Phew! That was close.

"So man did you have fun yesterday?"

I turned around and looked at him sitting on his lovely desk with his legs placed comfortably on his neighbor's.

"Ohhh...yes. I did." Yeah. Except for the talk on girls, but hey, that is ALL we talked about!


There was a moment of silence. He was alone with me in a room. There were probably a million ways I could initiate a conversation with him. But I had suddenly lost the capacity to use God's marvelous creation -- mouth.

"So what are you doing here so early?" I asked, finally.

"I had to get some assignments done...otherwise that horny professor is going to suck my brains out."

"You mean, Mr. Hornett?"

"Yes. Mr. Horn whatever."

Mr. Horny..err...Hornett was our architectural designs professor and had his ways of dealing with defaulters.

"Hey I have to finish his assignments too... Come on over." Yeah baby, come on over to me.

Aidan took out some crumpled papers and walked towards me. I couldn't help but stare at him as he walked so elegantly towards ME. He came and pulled a chair close to mine and sat next to me. He had this aura around him that made me want to yelp with delight.

"You horny faggot..." Aidan said.

"Huh?" I said coming out from my reverie.

"You have completed so much and say you haven't finished? Are you trying to get a date with Mr. Horny or what?"

I was embarrassed for the second time. And what more, I knew he could see it written all over my face. To my relief, Aidan didn't wait for my brain to cook up some lame excuse.

"Now you gonna to help me or not?"

Working on architectural designs was incredibly interesting. I guess I was a nerd in that way because I loved this subject.. The combination of designs and helping Aidan was euphoric. The unwanted touches on his hands and the excessive explaining while looking into his blue eyes made me ecstatic.

"Dumbass! Why would a shopping mall have an indoor theatre?" I asked.

"Why not?" Aidan said, "While the chicks shop, the dicks can watch some flicks"

I giggled in amusement.

In the minutes and hours that consisted the rest of the day all I thought about was those blissful thirty minutes with Aidan. At the end of class Aidan was back to ensnare me.

"Hey Ryan, thanks for helping me dude!"


"You know what? Mr. Horny did a spot check on my assignment and he was impressed!" Aidan said and hugged me. "I love you bud."

And so he left.

I looked strangely at my legs wondering how come they were still supporting my lean structure. I quickly sat on a bench besides me. I tried to chill, but what Aidan said was going round and round in my head. The Gods above have finally decided to bless me or what?

That night I couldn't sleep again. Aidan was sure giving me a lot of sleepless nights. I heard the main door close. It was Rick. I got up from my bed and put on my pants (for some reason) and walked towards Rick's room.

"Rick?" I said. The door creaked as I opened it. Rick was showing me his back in incredibly tight blue underwear. Nice color. While I was admiring his butt he suddenly turned around. I quickly looked up. Then I looked down again because something caught my eye. Something huge. To my amazement his cock was erect in his underwear!

"Ryan!" he said and dropped a few magazines. They had pictures of, yeah you guessed right, naked girls...woman to be precise.

"I am sorry..." I said quickly and closed the door. I shrugged in embarrassment. I wonder if my brain left my head temporarily, why didn't I `knock'? Suddenly the door opened. I didn't let it open as I was still holding the door knob tightly.

"Hey Ryan! Let me out man!" Rick said.

I left the knob. Rick's head popped out.

"You wanted something?" he said.

"Yes. I want to talk to you...but since you are err busy with something else I will talk later."

"Yes. I was indeed jerking off...wanna to join me dude? I've got a cool collection."

He caught me totally off guard. Yeah...great idea! A gay guy jacking off with a straight guy who is totally oblivious that he is shaking his thing with a guy who probably is looking at his thing.

"HUH? N-no..." I said trying hard to sound unshaken by his question, "I had my shagging session earlier." Shagging session?

He made me think for a second about the last time I jerked off. When was that anyway?

" I will be out in five minutes."

Five minutes!

Even though I knew guys, well straight guys were open to each other about their cocks and jerking off, I didn't expect Rick...well, I guess he is just - normal. I knew in such a situation Rick must be the one who should be embarrassed and nervous! But he was so calm as if nothing had happened.

I sat on the living room couch deciding it was better not to go to my bedroom. (Don't ask). I just couldn't help hear Rick moaning from inside his room or was it my imagination. I switched on the TV to disturb the tense atmosphere. As usual some shit was going on. I changed the channel to some rock music which effectively stopped my brain from functioning.

Minutes later Rick came out, fully dressed to my relief. He sat on a couch adjacent to mine.

"So what was it you wanted to talk about?"

"Did you tell Emma that I was going out with Aidan and the guys" I said with the `and the guys' coming out a bit late.

"Yeah I did" he said unperturbed.

"Are you guys talking about me behind my back or something?"

"Fuck you suspicious whore! Why would I do that?"

I actually trembled when he raised his voice. I didn't expect him to get so angry.

" just asking." Suddenly even I wondered what was wrong with Emma knowing that I had gone out with Aidan...and the guys. Suddenly I realized why I was upset; it was because I felt these guys would suspect I have something going on with Aidan. How utterly stupid can I be?

"I am sorry Rick...just that Emma called yesterday and I was surprised she knew. She was sounding strange yesterday...she just hung up on me."

"She is a strange bitch. That's why I like her you know?"

Yup. News for you. Emma and Rick were interested in each other.

"Yeah. I know..."

Suddenly it struck me that I was talking to a guy who had ejaculated moments back. The thought of which turned me on. And what all that soccer had done to Rick's body, anyone would be turned on. I dismissed the thought immediately. Gosh, I get so horny some times.

Rick was looking into my eyes. I quickly looked at the TV, as if he could read my mind.

"So how was yesterday night?" he asked.

" was cool. Hanging out with Aidan...and the guys. He is a nice guy you know." Why would he want to know? Ryan. Control that darn tongue of yours.

"My sources say he screws every chick he sees..." he said.

"Well...screw your sources!" I said in contempt.

"Why are you getting so defensive about that are his lover?"

I turned red. Shit. In my anxiety I switched the channel.

"Aw Gawd!! Xena...! Look at that babe!" Rick commented looking at Xena running wearing a skimpy outfit on TV.

Phew! Thanks Xena for the rescue.

"Hey Ryan..."

Shit. What now?


"Tomorrow we are going to Club 4...are you coming?"

Club 4...why does everyone go there?

"Sure...anyway it's going to hit the bed."

"Good...I can see Xena sleeping on the couch!"

Somehow I knew his cock was going to get some activity again. I had a good sleep with pleasant dreams of Aidan. There was someone else in my dream too. It was Rick! I could see him with his erection in his underwear. He then drops it and asks me -- "Want to join me honey? I know, you want some" with a smirk on his face. Ok, that is a nightmare!


End Of Chapter Two

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