by Peter

I was sitting at home reading a very boring research paper when a friend called and invited me to a party. Although I did not think that a party where his students invite a professor to could be very exiting, anything would have been better than a Saturday night at home!

I quickly agreed and James said that he would come by in about an hour to pick me up. Before you get any wrong ideas, James is straight as an arrow, and at that stage I was not sure where I wanted to be at.

James arrived and we left for the party in my car. The party was your normal student party -- an overflowing house with couples necking everywhere, the girls all reasonable decent and the guys trying to see how deep they can get into the beer stock whilst still remaining coherent enough to try and pick up a girl for the night.

I was utterly bored. I had a few beers and occasionally joined the large group dancing in the living room. I don't think anybody really cared about whom was dancing with whom.

After about two hours I decided that I wanted to leave. The only problem was to try and find James -- he had to leave with me to collect his car from my house.

I drifted through the room where everybody was dancing and got stuck in the middle of the group -- I had no other choice but to join in. It was then when I noticed the little clown dancing about two bodies away from me. She was about 5'5", slim, and, judging from what I could see below the heavy make-up, she had a cute little face. I moved close to her and started dancing in front of the clown. Conversation was impossible; the music was just too loud. After a few minutes, the music changed to a slow number. I took the clown into my arms and started to kiss her in the neck.

"Hi, Cute Clown, what's your name?" (The last of the great opening lines!)

"My name is Oscar, yours?" a distinctly male voice replied, his arms creeping around my neck.

"Uh, ah, Jacques", I replied wondering how to get away from him as fast as possible before anybody knowing me saw me kissing the guy.

"Uh, sorry Oscar, my mistake" I said, pulling away from him.

"No problem, no mistake", he said, winking at me as I moved away and started looking for James in earnest. I found James in the next room, very much occupied with a willowy blonde.

"Hi James, sorry to break this up, but I want to leave."

"Yeah, it's okay. We were just looking for you -- we want to leave too".

Eventually we managed to get away. When we got to the car, I was very surprised to see Oscar tagging along. It turned out that he was a very good friend of the blonde. They were both living in the house where the party was being held. James has told them about my new house, and they were both dying to see it. They said that they would bring Oscar back with them to the party.

At my house I took them on the grand tour, fed them coffee and cognac, and bragged with my new sound system. Eventually James and the blonde were getting so hot that it bordered on rudeness. They were all over one another, so much so that I was getting turned on. I offered to take Oscar back to the party so that they could get going to James' house. I had barely finished speaking, when they were out the door and off.

I locked up and we got going to the party. We drove back to the party without a word being spoken. When we pulled in at the party, I left he engine running.

"How old are you Oscar?"

"Nineteen, you?"

"Twenty Nine -- does that bother you?


"Would you like to spend the night at my place? Uh, what I mean is, it does not look as if you will get a chance to sleep much tonight with this lot around?

"Sounds good, thanks". Fuck, what was I doing? My best friend was by now probably fucking the brains out of the blonde -- and I invited her best friend to come and sleep over at my place!

"You've seen that there are plenty of rooms". I sounded like a teenager on his first attempt at seducing a virgin. In any case, what was I doing -- seducing him or offering him a place to sleep in quiet? I didn't know.

No reply from Oscar. We drive back to my house in silence. Once there, I didn't say a word. I locked up and started switching off lights. We walked into my room. I walked around to `my' side of the King Sized bed and started undressing leisurely. After a few moments Oscar walked around to the other side and started stripping down to his bikini briefs.

We met in the middle of the bed and snuggled close. It felt absolutely right. I started kissing him. His lips parted immediately and his tongue snaked into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue while I stroked and pinched his small nipples. His hands were roaming over my body, stroking, caressing, and teasing. I was absolutely enjoying his warm, willing body. I could feel the tip of my rock-hard cock escaping my bikini briefs and rubbing against his thigh. My hand travelled down his body, hesitated a moment at the top of his briefs. I felt for his hardness through his briefs and was not disappointed. He pulled me closer when I started stroking his cock and I could not be patient any longer. I stripped down his briefs and ripped mine off at the same time. Now I could at last feel his total body against mine. His cock was smallish -- about five and a half inches, not very thick and uncut. Actually his cock was in perfect proportion to his body. My own six and a half inches were throbbing with anticipation. I am cut, and thick -- very thick.

We kissed for about 15 minutes, bodies humping against one another, tongues duelling. I finally could not stand it any more. I broke away and started exploring the rest of his body with my mouth; kissing and sucking his nipples until they were rock-hard, sticking into the air like little cocks. Then I moved down to his cock, taking it into my mouth. He groaned. His cock was wet with pre-cum and I loved the taste of it. I circled the head with my tongue, then took him deep into my mouth, sucking hard. He pulled away, moaning softly.

"Wait, I don't want to cum yet".

He took the head on my penis into his mouth. Sucking lightly, nibbling at it, trying to stick his tongue into my piss-slit. I felt like I was going to explode any second. I reached for the lube lying on the table. He immediately rolled onto his back, pulling his legs up. I was going mad, I had to get into him. I stroked my cock with a well-lubed hand, then massaged his little hole with a handful. I moved between his legs, grabbed my cock around the base and pushed lightly against his ass-hole. I increased the pressure, pushing the large purple head of my cock hard against him.

"Take it slow, I have never done this before".

Oh fuck, not only have I picked up a complete stranger, a guy, but a virgin as well! I could not believe it. He was so open, so easy coming on to me. I really thought he had a lot of experience. I eased off immediately, but he pushed up against me and all of a sudden I felt him opening up, taking the broad head of my cock in. Oh! The soft velvety warm smoothness of his insides around my head, his sphincter gripping my cock lightly just behind the ridge nearly sends me over the edge. I bent forward and started kissing him deeply, pushing my tongue down his throat. His arms gripped my tightly, his legs raised and encircled my waist.

"Are you OK?" I whispered.

"Yes, it feels wonderful, I never thought it would feel like this".

"Are you serious, is this really your first time?"

"Yes, I have never done anything with another guy".

"Can I go deeper, are you sure you're OK".

He replied by pushing lightly against me. Just the head of my cock was gripped tightly is his hole. I pushed lightly, going in a little deeper. He reacted by putting his hands on my butt, pulling, urging me on, and inviting me in. This is all that I was waiting for. I pulled out slightly, pushing back in, in and out, pushing in a little deeper every time, building up a very slow rhythm, until at last my balls started slapping against his ass.

I really started to get out of control, pulling out almost all the way and then sliding back in slowly, savouring every millimetre of the penetration, then fucking harder, faster, with long strokes. I was in heaven. Shit, this is one of the best, most passionate fucks that I have had in my live!

Suddenly he pushed me away.

"What's wrong, am I hurting you?"

"No, I just want to try something else, turn on your back".

I turned over, willingly, just longing for more. I was totally out of it, on a high. He moved over me, his legs pulled up against his chest. He pulled my cock upright -- it was so hard, I thought it was going to break. He slowly lowered himself down, spearing himself with my weapon, until he was sitting flat on my hips. He leaned forward and started sliding up and down on my cock with small little movements. I grabbed his hard soaking-wet cock with my hand and stroked him in time with his movements. I just could not believe it. He was an incredible fuck. We must have been going for close on an hour by then, and I felt wonderful. My balls were hard and pulled up tight against my body -- as was his as I discovered when I fondled them. He stopped again and pulled himself off my cock. I pulled him forward and took his pre-cum dripping cock deep into my mouth, sucking hard, stroking his shaft with my tongue.

"Wait, not yet" he stopped me again.

"What do you want to do?

"The first way was nicer".

I could not believe that my little recently virgin clown was so totally in control. I marvelled at the way he was handling the situation, the ease, the natural way that he accepted my thick maleness deep into his body. He rolled over onto his back again and I entered him deeply in one stroke. We were both beyond return and I was leaking pre-cum almost as if I was pissing. I started fucking him deep and steady. He clung to me, grinding his cock into my body every time I pushed into him. I could feel my orgasm coming a long way, clicking up a notch closer to heaven with every stroke. We kissed, sucking tongues, grinding our bodies against one another. And all the time I moved smoothly in and out of his incredible tight hot hole. At last the moment came. I pulled out all the way one last time, then slammed deep into him. My cock swelled up until I thought it was going to burst, and then I came, spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into his body until I felt completely drained. I could feel the wet stickiness of his cum between us. We kissed deeply and passionately not stopping for a moment until my cock was too soft to remain in him any longer. I pulled back looking in wonder at his open hole, cum slowly running out onto the sheets.

We snuggled together, and immediately his hand encircled my cock, teasing the sensitive head...

This is only my second attempt at writing a story. By the way, it really happened. Please send any comments, suggestions, whatever to: Peter_oos@hotmail.com