This is a story of friendship, commitment, love and trust. It is not a sex story. However, this story deals with love between two male teenagers. If you are offended by stories involving love between two teenage boys, please do not read this story. There will be some sex scenes in this story; however, sex is not the main theme. If you are under age 18 or 21 or it is illegal to read this story where you live, don't read it. Reproducing this story for distribution without the owner's permission is a violation of that copyright.

Sam Lakes

For month's I've been getting e-mails saying isn't there any more? And for months I said no the story ended, never bothering to check Nifty. Oops three chapters missing! So, here's the first of the missing chapters. Am I writing any more? No. I quit writing two or three months ago. Why? It's a long story...well not that long or that interesting I fell in love for real - then reality bit and I found myself in a fantasy but hopelessly in love. So I got busy working and at least that helped some - I'm still hopelessly in love and when I say hopelessly I mean hopeless - what I dream of will never be and maybe one day I will once again write my dreams. This is not my favorite story that I've written but some people like it...Sam



St Moritz was the greatest. I love Jason more than anything and life at that time was perfect. I was never so happy in my life.

Getting back to Paris though was like getting back to reality. I had a new job. The first month it wasn't that exciting, but I liked it and I really enjoyed working with Claude. He has a way of making you feel special. Not just with me, but with all his people. The next couple of months things changed, not for the worse, but for the better, I was really getting involved with the production of movies and documentaries. Claude was leading me the whole way, and sometimes pushing me into things, but he was always there to bail me out when I got in over my head.

I was getting addicted to my work, working long hours and loving it. I guess I was just getting too involved with work. There were times when I got home that I was completely worn out, exhausted, I'd hit the bed and I was out.

I think it was too much for Jason. I didn't realize I'd been so involve with work that I'd forgotten to take some time for him. We argued. It was our first real argument. He wanted me to quit my job and move from Claude's. He thought Claude was trying to break us apart. I love Claude and I work with him every day. I know he loves Jason.

I won the argument, I made love to him. Making love to Jason is the most remarkable thing in the world and he always reciprocates. I love him, I love my work. Life couldn't be better.

About a week later I was in the soup at work; things just weren't working right, the talent would screw up, or the cameraman or me. I was getting so frustrated. Claude pulled me aside in to a small office I thought for sure he was going to tell me off, but he didn't!

He kissed me right on the lips!

"Now calm down, okay, Alex? I know you can do it and remember this I love you." He kissed me again and I responded back and the kiss turned into a passionate, lustful kiss...

"I love you Alex. Now go do it!"

I was somewhat confused. I mean how could this be? I had feelings for Claude and he for me. It wasn't the same as with Jason. We got home late with me still feeling guilty and confused.

Jason started in again bitching and asking why I was late. I thought of what happened with Claude, but suddenly I was angry and I took it out on Jason. I had to cool off before I really blew it, so I left the apartment and went for a walk. There was no way I could tell Jason, because he'd insist I quit my job. I loved my job.

When I came back Jason was gone.

"You were right Alex, he needs to stop wasting his talents. I think you gave him something to think about!"

I started crying and Claude rushed over to me and took me in his arms. "It's okay, he'll be alright, I love you."

He kissed me on the lips I tried to fight it for a few moments, but I couldn't resist, I had feelings for him. Maybe if I just let them out that will be it, they will go away. Our kiss turned passionate and lustful. I could feel his hard penis rubbing against me.

"Oh Alex I want you so bad, I love you." I unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed his hairy chest with my hand. It felt so soft. I started kissing his harden nipples and worked my way downward, removing his belt and letting his trousers drop to the floor.

I grabbed his penis and gently stroked it while my mouth opened to receive it's fullness. It was hot and smooth as I worked my way down to its base. He was moaning with delight. We maneuvered into a sixty-nine position while I continued pumping away with my mouth on this hot tool. We were almost in a frenzy sucking each other as hard and fast as we could until we both exploded hot cum down each other's throat. We laid there for a few moments in silence then got up.

What had I done! Suddenly I felt so low, so dirty! I was overwhelmed with guilt. I went to my room. I wanted to die. I knew Jason would be hurt by what I had just done, how could I have done it? I should have quit my job.

"Alex, I'm sorry," Claude said. I just laid there on my bed. I couldn't answer. "I will make it right with him some way. It was not your fault, I- I forced it on you."

That didn't make it any better, I have betrayed my love and myself.

It wasn't until 2:30 that Jason came in. I had wondered if he'd been out with somebody else. I hoped he had, but I knew Jason too well he would never pick up a stranger.

When he got into bed with me I pretended to be sleeping as he scooted his naked body over against mine. I snapped at him. Some how he guessed what had happened! He was so angry, so hurt and then my heart felt like it shattered when he screamed at Claude and said that Claude had stolen the only thing that made life worth living for him, me.

He was gone. My Jason was gone!

I felt like I was dying.

"I want to die, Claude. I can't stand to live without Jason in my life. I just want to die!"

Claude lay down beside me and wrapped his arms around me. He was weeping, "I'm so sorry, Alex. I promise I will do anything I have too to fix this. I promise." Claude slept with me all night with his arms around me. I think he knew I would have committed suicide if left alone. We left at the usual time, but I couldn't function. I sat in Claude's office most of the day crying.

"I found out he was around the Contrescarpe Cafe last night around 1:30. Maurice said he asked for Ian's address in England. I think he's gone to see Ian. There's a flight we can take tonight, then first thing in the morning we can catch a train to Lingfield where Ian lives."

We left for the airport and tried to catch an earlier flight, but no luck we stay at the Savoy in London.

The next morning we headed to Victoria station.

"What if he won't see me? What if he tells us to get lost?" I started crying again. I was so tired of crying that my eyes hurt.

"Alex what we did has hurt him a lot, but I know Jason is still madly in love with you. With me out of the picture he'll be fine. He loves you. You love him. Everything will be fine."

The next train to Lingfild was just arriving at platform 11. Claude gave me my ticket and I followed him. Some guy with a cart nearly ran over me and I dodged sideways to avoid getting hit and knocked someone down and fell over myself. "Oh! I'm very sorry, I..." I said to the person. Then I looked at him. I think my heart did a million flip-flops. It was Jason! I couldn't speak, I just started crying for the zillionth time that day.

Jason leaned over and took me in his arms.

He whispered in my ear, "You are my life and I'm not ready to die. I love you Alex. What you did hurt me, but in time, I can get over it. I thought about leaving you, but that would mean death and death is being without you forever. I find it hard to be without you for a day. If I have to exist without you I'd rather not exist at all."

We sat there with me crying on his shoulder and thousands of people walking, running around us and it didn't matter. It didn't matter to him and it didn't matter to me. All that mattered was we were together. He knew I was sorry. But most of all he knew that I loved him.