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West Fargo


Alex 3

I quickly changed my clothes and dashed down the stairs meeting Madame Renoir, an 80 year old lady who lives on the first floor, on my way down.

"Bonsoir, Madame Renoir, ca va?" I greeted.

"Bonsoir, Alexis," she smiled, "I see you're in love. Is it perhaps with the young man waiting downstairs?"

The look of utter shock made her laugh. I was speechless, moving my mouth, but nothing came out.

She laughed again, "Do you think that I am blind? I may be an old lady but I can still see love in the eyes of a young man, and you my dear boy are definitely in love and so is the young man down the stairs even though I think he had been shedding a few tears."

"He is crying?" I said suddenly anxious to get on my way.

She grabbed my arm, "Pay attention! He is fine now. A very polite young man, American, right?"

"Yes, ma'am, American. Did he tell you that he loved me?"

"Goodness no, he didn't have to tell me, I could see it in his eyes and feel it in his heart! Just like I can with you! He is a very beautiful boy! If I were younger I would definitely compete for him!" she laughed.

"Madame Renoir, I love him with all my heart and soul, you would never win!"

"Perhaps," she smiled and patted my hand, "You best be going. Have a good evening."

"Thank you, I will!" I said as I ran down the final set of stairs.

Jason was standing just outside the hotel entrance. As soon as he saw me he smiled, "Come on Alex! I'll race you to the cafe!" and he took off like a startled gazelle. We were both in near hysterics laughing and giggling and out of breath by the time we got up the hill to the cafe.

"Loser!" he giggled. He is so cute! I wanted to just grabbed him in my arm s and hold him forever.

"You cheated! You had a head start!" I said as I placed my hand on his shoulder and leaned on him as I tried to catch my breath.

"Cheat! Cheat! How dare you! You-you, scoundrel! A duel! Yes, I insist a duel! Epee, saber's or foils, sir?"


"Oh, never mind! I don't have any of those weapons! But I do have pencils!" he said as he dramatically pulled two unsharpened pencils from his shirt pocket. Laughingly he said, "Choose your weapon!"

I choose one of the pencils, "en guard!" striking a fencing pose. I got in the first point, which surprised him.

"You know how to fence!" he said in utter amazement.

For ten minutes we battled, laughing and giggling the whole time. Jason was jumping up on to tables and putting on a great show for everyone. Finally, he let me get in the wining point, dramatically dying for the crowd, which had gather. They were all laughing. Sven helped Jason to his feet.

"Ian, Adrianna, sends you her love and you to Sven."

"She called?" he asked.

"No, I called her" I said.

"So, how is she doing?"

"Great, she's planning on visiting again in August."

"Hey! That's terrific!"

"Well, you two let's go!" said Sven.

"Where's Jason?" I asked.

"He said to go on he had to get his sketch book. He'll meet us at the restaurant," replied Sven.

We had our meal. During the whole meal my attention was on Jason. What had happened to him? Was he lost? After forty-five minutes I left to go find him, I was really getting worried. I practically ran to his hotel from the restaurant. I stopped to check with the concierge before going up she said she had seen him go up about an hour ago looking very sad. I flew up the stairs and knocked on Jason's door. No answer. I pounded again.

"Jason? Jason, I know you're in there! Open up!"

"Go away, Alex! Just go away! I'm leaving in the morning. I'm going back home."

My heart sank; I couldn't loose him. "Jason, please open up, let's talk, if I've done something to upset you I'm sorry! Please open the door" I begged.

"It's not you, Alex, you're the best friend I've ever had. It's me I don't belong here. Please just go away. There's nothing you can do..."

I could hear him crying. My heat was breaking.

"No! Jason, you can't leave! You are my very best friend too! Please open the door!" I cried. Nothing.

"I'm not leaving, you may want to leave me, if that's the case then it's your decision. I've made my mind up I never going to leave you. Do you hear me I'm never going to desert you!"

Still nothing.

"Okay! You win! Next time we fence I'll let you win! Happy now?! I know I'm way better than you, but I'll let you win!"

Jason opened the door. His eyes were red from crying, but then I figured mine were too.

"In a pig's eye you're better," he said then broke into a smile.

Somehow we fell together into a hug, neither saying a word.

"You know somebody might think were a couple of gay guys."

"Does it really matter?" he asked.

"Not to me."

I felt so at home in his arms, like it was the place for me, but I knew any moment I'd kiss him and I figured that it would upset him even more. I was happy that at least he was no longer homophobic.

Almost the same time we broke our hug. I sat down on his bed and patted the bed beside me, "Sit." He sat down beside me.

"So, what's all this about?"

"You sort of got me looking at things and I guess I saw some things about myself that were pretty bad and a few things that I'm finding really hard to face, deal with or change..." he was looking down and I saw his tear start to fall.

"It's just stuff that I have to sort out." He sat there for several moments then looked up at me.

"I won't leave, I promise. If I left I'd have nobody. I like you a lot Alex, but you suck at fencing."

"I'm better than you! A duel tomorrow meet me at work and we'll see who is better monsieur Epee, Saber, or foil?"

"Sabers and dirks!"

"You are on! I'll have you crying for mercy!" I laughed.

"Ha! Anyway could you take me to that bistro we ere at last night?"

"Why?" I said in reserved tone of voice.

"Because I have something I've got to do. I won't embarrass you I promise."

Our walk to the bistro was fairly quiet. I had no idea as to what Jason had planned. As we walked in Jason spot the man he'd embarrassed the pervious night sitting alone toward the back of the bistro and quickly walked over to him with me following. The gentleman looked up saw Jason and back down to his evening paper.

"Pardon, Monsieur" he said quietly.

"Oui" the man said curtly.

"Alex, please tell this gentleman to please excuse me for being a pig, a lowlife, and that I am so very sorry, if he will allow me to make up some of the damage by buying him a drink or dinner or a movie I would appreciate it.."

Before I could translate the man spoke.

"Your apology is enough, thank you." He said coldly.

Jason stood there for a moment, the man looked back down at his paper. Jason, turn and walked away, but after two steps he turned and walked back.

"No, sir, hat is not enough!" I could see his eyes welling up. He was trying not to cry. The man looked up his expression changed from cold and indifferent to one of concern and perhaps compassion. A single tear rolled down Jason's cheek followed by another and another. He was trying so hard to keep his emotions in check.

"I'm...s-s-sorry." Jason turned to leave. "Wait! I have changed my mind, I would like a cafe au lait, but only if you and your friend will join me."

Jason nodded his head and surreptitiously wiped the tears from his face before approaching the bar and ordering three coffees. I introduced myself to the man, his name was Claude St.Jacques. When Jason came over the man stood and they made their introductions.

"I apologize for being so abrupt with you at first, but II guess I thought you weren't being sincere. I too am also sorry for what happened yesterday. I have no excuse for my manner except that you are a very beautiful young man and I could not help wanting to touch you. When it seemed not to bother you, I continued. I'm am truly sorry."

I could see that Jason was struggling to say something. Quietly he spoke "I deliberately led you on, I don't know why, because I-I'm not gay. I saw someone behind me watching I think and that's when I yelled at you. I guess to cover up my mistake, but it was wrong. I know that now."

I guess Madame Renoir is wrong. He's not gay.

to be continued... ???

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