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West Fargo



Jason's room was empty except for a few art things he'd left behind like an incomplete sketch of Alex. The concierge said he'd left fifteen minutes ago; she had no idea where. I couldn't believe he was gone. I think if I hadn't been in shock over this whole episode I'd be crying.

I love Jason as a friend and so did my fiancé Gerta. Everyone loves Jason, he's just that type of guy. I had no idea he was gay, I suspected Alex was until Adrianna came. Gay people don't really bother me and of the people I know who are gay, I don't think of as 'he's gay' or 'she's gay'. They're just people, my friends.

I don't know what possessed the Brit to do what he did to Jason. I mean he hung out with Jason almost as much as Jason hung out with Alex. I know that Alex is in love with Jason, I guess I've always known especially since the big blow up about three months after Jason had arrived.

Jason had taken to sleeping on Ian's bed during the day after he got out of school. That's because he'd stay up all night painting. He's an awesome artist.

Ian used to grumble about it all the time, but I think he really enjoyed it because he and Jason would discuss his stories. Jason has been a positive influence on Ian because now he actually writes, where as before Jason he just had excuses for not writing.

Jason is a positive influence on everybody. I know my sculpting has improved a thousand percent and he and Alex have me working so hard I just can't believe it. I've got a show coming up in a month. The two of them just arranged it all and told me I had to get the work down or else. Alex even called my parents and invited them to the showing. I had no choice; no show - no money from Dad to live on; no money from Dad means I have to get a regular job!

Anyway, back to my story of he big blowup between Alex and Jason.

Alex and I came up with a practical joke to play on Ian because Ian was always bitching about the Yank sleeping in his bed.

"Yank, I wish you would not sleep in my bed!"

"Wank, you're bed is so much more comfy than mine. Besides, yours has less fleas. Yesterday, I was having a hard time sleeping because of your incessant banging on that antiquated thing you call a typewriter that I decide to take a census of your bed's flea population and did you know you have exactly 43 less fleas inhabiting your bed than my bed?

"I don't have any fleas in my bed!"

"Exactly! Just what I said, your bed has less fleas than mine. When I try to sleep in my bed it feels like there are forty-three tiny little vampires awaiting for me to drift off to sleep so they can suck my blood. If that happens too often I would become a flea vampire called Fleacula! So, my little Wank would you prefer me to run around here terrifying the locals and yourself by saying 'I am Count Fleacula. I want to drink your blood?'" Jason smiled.

"You're hopeless! Just don't pee in the bed or have a wet dream!"

"No problem, at least the peeing in the bed part - I stopped that when I was 17 or 18. Oh well, forget that one as far as the other stop telling me your fantasies about Madame Rochelle and I stop having wet dreams."

"I give up!"

"Good! I'm going up for a nap. Later dudes!" he yawned and left for Ian's bed.

I left and came back after six. Alex came in about fifteen minutes later.

"Is Jason still sleeping?" Alex asked Ian.

"Oh, thank you Alex, yes I'm doing fine," Ian said snidely, "How nice of you to ask. And yes, the bliter is still sleeping upstairs!"

Alex and I chitchatted for a while then he proposed a devious plan for a practical joke. We agreed to it and quietly went upstairs. I was carrying a pitcher of water.

Jason was sleeping. Alex took the pitcher of water and slowly poured half of it on Jason's crotch. I ran downstairs to the cafe.
"Ian! Jason's peed in your bed!"

"WHAT! HE WHAT! I'LL KILL HIM!" he said running up the stairs.

Alex pointed to Jason's wet crotch.


"Huh?" Jason groggily said trying to get his bearings.

"You peed in my bed. Get the fuck out of my bed!"

"I didn't pee in your bed!" Jason retorted.

"Yeah, well explain your wet pants and my wet bed, bastard!"

Alex and I were laughing our heads off.

I swear even though he was half asleep Jason had figured out the joke. He started his infectious giggle. He got up walked over to the half empty pitcher of water and walked back to Alex and emptied the pitcher of water over Alex's head!

"Here the pee, Ian! I don't pee in beds! Haven't since I was out of diapers. Don't believe me, smell your bedcovers!"

"Well, just sleep in your own bed!"


For a week Jason slept in his own bed.

"Jason, I'm sorry for being an ass about my bed. I miss having you there," said Ian.

Jason narrowed his eyes and looked away from Ian towards me and put on an evil smile and looked back at Ian

"Too late my little vanker, I am Count Fleacula! I vant to drink your blood!" Jason leaped from his chair grabbing Ian in a hug and kissed him on both cheeks!

"I'm not gay! It's just a French thingy"

The two of them laughed for five minutes.

A few days later Ian came up with a devious plan to get back at Alex.

The idea was to get Alex to play tennis and we would give him a bum racket and balls to play with. Jason was to persuade Alex to meet at the tennis court after work.

What Jason and Alex didn't know didn't know was the rest of Ian's plan.

Ian knew that Alex would have to change at the courts. When Alex arrived we gathered around him so he could change. Jason stood behind Alex, back to back shielding Alex while Ian & I shielded him from in front.

"Here Yank, catch the bag" Ian said as he threw it way out of Jason's reach.

Ian had somehow rigged a thin fishing line to Alex's shorts & jockstrap and the gym bag. He'd also rigged the shorts and jockstrap so they'd would come apart. Alex was left completely nude.

Ian & I where laughing ourselves silly when a group of girl's who happened to know Jason came by. Jason turned around to see what was happening and quickly moved closer to Alex to shield him from the girls view. Alex who totally embarrassed and angry hit Jason in the stomach and then a let upper cut which hit Jason in the right eye and cheek.

Alex grabbed his bag and ran off. Jason fell forward his face smashing into the clay court.
Jason lay there for a moment then got up to run after Ian. He looked at Ian & I "Fuck you two!"

"Jase, I didn't mean it to happen this way, said Ian.

"Fuck you!"

He left.

I went to see Alex. He refused to see me and refused to open the door.

"Alex, Jason had nothing to do with this prank, I swear he didn't. Alex, I can't find him. He's not in his room. I waited for him for half an hour. I need your help to find him."

He opened the door.

"So whose idea was it, Sven?" he demanded.

"Ian and I."

"Go sit by his door until he arrives," he ordered as he went past me.
"Jason!" I heard him yell from the floor below.

I ran to join them.
Jason face was a combination of blood and tears.

"Alex, I'm so sorry, I-I didn't know," Jason cried.

"Shh, it's okay, I know. Jason, I'm sorry too. Come on let's get you cleaned up."

He looked at me as he went past and said "You and the Brit can just fuck off!" I heard him closed the door to his room.

Three days later Jason appeared at my door. I grabbed hold of him and hugged him and gave him a kiss on each cheek.

"It's a French thingy!" I said with tears rolling down my face.

He laughed. Jason has a laugh that would turn the gloomiest day into happiness.

"Here's the deal, Swede, you have four months to get twenty sculptures done and ready for show in four months. I've seen you work and I know you can do it. You accept the deal and I'll be your friend again. Turn down the deal and you'll never see me or Alex again. Your answer please."

We agreed on 10 sculptures.

So now, I'm a month away from the show and Jason is gone and I think he took my confidence in myself with him.

The tears rolled down my cheeks as I left the empty hotel room.

To be continued...

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