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The Pastel Cowboy

by Carl Holiday

Chapter 4 – Surprises

Zach and Steven stood out in front of Steven’s apartment building waiting for Charlie to show up. Summer was still two weeks away, yet it was a warm, clear evening. The clouds that brought early morning showers were now far to the east beyond the mountains. Zach was done up in his tight jeans, clearly advertising his seven inch pleasure tool, and a blue, black, and white Western-style shirt with shiny chrome buttons with mother of pearl insets. With his Stetson and snakeskin boots, he was about as cowboy as anyone can get in Seattle. He was so nervous he had to keep daubing the tears out of his eyes. His ass was still throbbing from the three enemas Steven insisted he needed.

Steven, on the other hand, was dressed in his usual pajama bottoms and t-shirt. This time the pajamas were navy blue flannel with white pinstripes and the t-shirt had a faded picture of Kenny Chesney. He seemed excited, yet somewhat subdued. After all, twenty-five thousand dollars is an awful lot of money, especially just for a fuck.

“I still can’t believe Charlie is willing to part with twenty-five thousand just to fuck your virgin ass,” Steven said in a loud whisper. There wasn’t anyone else out on the sidewalk, but one never knew how far a voice could travel in the shallow canyons between apartment buildings. “He’s never impressed me as being that much of a fool for sex. He’s got to be smart. Aren’t rich people smart?”

“Not if they’re second generation,” Zach said, not really thinking about anything more than having a cock stuffing his ass in a few hours. “If it was daddy who earned the money and he’s just living off an inheritance, he doesn’t have to be smart at all, which may explain his willingness to part with so much money just for my tight ass.”

“I don’t know,” Steven said, “Charlie’s never impressed me as being dumb.”

“You don’t have to be dumb to be a fool,” Zach said. He certainly wasn’t looking forward to being fucked by a fool. Far back in his mind a warning light was blinking madly, but Zach was too focused on the traffic passing the apartment building to notice. What kind of man would spend that much money just do deflower a virgin? Zach hadn’t a clue and wasn’t all that interested in pursuing that train of thought.

A black, Lincoln Town Car with dark tinted windows turned the corner coming down from Eastlake and headed their way. Steven had been in a lot of those, being ferried to various rendezvous. Zach paid little attention. He was expecting a hot Mercedes sports car or, at least, a Jag or Beamer. The Town Car pulled into the empty loading area and a uniformed chauffeur got out.

“Is your name Billy?” he asked.


“If you would be so kind,” the chauffeur said, opening the back door.

“Well, I guess this is it,” Zach said, turning to Steven. “I guess I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Give him a good show,” Steven said. “And, relax, it’s as natural as pissing your name in snow.”

“I’ve never done that, either.”

Zach got in the empty back seat and flinched when the door shut. He was alone. The privacy screen between him and the driver was closed making him more nervous about what was to occur shortly. He tried to sit back, but there was something in the seat. When he moved over to the other side, he saw he’d been sitting on what looked like a white, terrycloth bathrobe and a matching pair of slippers. The madly blinking warning light was still being ignored, as Zach was too unsure of anything to be concerned about what dangers might affect his life at that moment.

After the car turned left on Eastlake and headed north toward the Ship Canal, the chauffeur said, “Mr. McDonald wants you to disrobe completely, including underwear and socks, and put on the robe and slippers. You can put your clothes on the seat and change on your way home tomorrow.”


“Mr. McDonald isn’t looking for a cowboy. Disrobe or I’ll return you and the deal is off.”

“Okay, I’ll do it your way,” Zach said as he started to unbutton his shirt. A queasy feeling turned his stomach in knots. The warning light transformed itself into an image of Zach standing naked in the foyer of a fancy penthouse after the butler removed the robe from him. This wasn’t what he pictured in his mind when he first agreed to this deal. Something was up, but he didn’t have the foggiest idea what.

His only clue was the chauffeur implying Charlie’s last name was McDonald, the same as Sara’s. He thought of little Suzy the other night when he sucked Bud and an image of Sara taking his robe when entered the penthouse flashed into his mind. He shook off the thought as he began to wonder if he was walking into something not dangerous, but possibly unlikable or undesired, something that might make this an unpleasant experience he’d remember forever.

He felt a bit of an exhibitionist disrobing in the limo, but knew no one could see him through the tinted windows. It was still unnerving to slip off his briefs and sit there naked as he neatly folded his clothes before putting on the robe. Then he noticed they weren’t going downtown, but were heading east across one of the floating bridges toward the east side of Lake Washington. He knew Bill Gates had his mansion on the lake, but wasn’t certain which, of the many, huge houses along the shore belonged to the billionaire. The limo left the freeway at the first exit and turned right. After a short while there was another right turn and Zach saw the lake below them. They turned into a gated drive and stopped in the porte cochere.

The house was simply massive. The style suggested something French with an Italianate influence with a heavy Wagnerian inspiration. Zach halfway expected to hear an operatic aria fill the air when the chauffeur opened the door. Zach carefully—the slippers were a bit big—walked up the four granite steps to double oak doors straight out of the set of a horror flick. They opened before Zach could figure out where the doorbell button was hidden.

“Ah, yes, the guest of honor,” a tall, slender man in a tux said with an obvious tinge of disdain in his voice. “You will follow me.”

The foyer was more kitschy, movie set oversell with a sweeping staircase reminiscent of something Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers might use in a dance number, a polished tile floor of light and dark granite in a pattern of dizzying incongruity, and an art deco wallpaper only a blind person could enjoy, but it was the painting that caught Zach’s eye. It had to be eight feet tall and at least six feet wide and was multi-colored splashes on a brilliant white canvas. It definitely clashed with its surroundings, but it also said, “I am owned by someone who doesn’t understand me and has hung me here to show me off to others who have little knowledge of my true worth.”

Zach followed the tux down a carpeted side hall full of closed doors. About halfway down, the man inserted a key in a deadbolt and opened one of the doors.

“You shall wait here,” he said walking into the room. “There are sandwiches in the fridge and various sodas. If we don’t have what you like, I suggest you improvise. The remote control for the television is on the nightstand. There is a toilet and shower through that door. Now, I you would be so kind, I’ll take the robe.”

Zach took off the robe and handed it to the man. Strangely, he didn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable being naked. It was all so unreal. He looked about the room, well, more of a guest room, but the lock on the door was a little strange. The door clicked shut and Zach heard the deadbolt slide in. Then he noticed a keyhole on his side of the door; not only could you lock someone in, but you could also keep someone out.

Zach began to feel very vulnerable being alone and naked. If it was meant to unnerve him, it was doing a very good job. He couldn’t figure out what all of this meant. He’d, and even Steven, expected Charlie to pick him up, but when the limo arrived, Steven didn’t seem all that concerned. And, now, standing in this room without clothes only added to the mystery.

Then there was a quick rap on the door. It swung open and a middle-aged man, of more than forty, came in. He as wearing pleated, green Dockers and a long sleeved, white dress shirt. He an air about him that said, “I’m rich, but I still buy my clothes off the rack.” He looked at Zach for a brief moment then walked up to him and unexpectedly slapped Zach hard on his face.

“Let’s get one thing straight, whore,” the man said. “I fully intend to get my twenty-five thousand out of your ass tonight. This is the gig. My son, who I fully believe is gay, is having a birthday party right now in the dining room. You’re my special gift to him, or rather your ass is the gift. In an hour or so, I will bring him in along with his friends. You will pleasure him until he fully satisfied, then his best friend Derek will have a go. After that, there are ten other boys who will want to plug you. Then we’ll see if someone wants another go. After they all leave, it will be my turn. As I see it, you should be fucked at least twenty-six times, but probably a lot more. I fully expect you will be bleeding and will need hospitalization. They’ll probably have to sew up your asshole and give you a plastic baggy to shit in from a hole in front. But, you see I don’t really care what happens to you because you’re nothing, absolutely nothing. You’re a whore, nothing more. A rather expensive whore, but just a whore who can be used as we see fit. Oh, and that delicious dick of yours? Well, I don’t think it’ll see much action tonight. Sorry.”

While he was saying this, Zach moved back to the bed, sat down cross-legged and began to study this strange man. He was almost as tall as Zach, but fuller around the torso and legs. His face was splotchy and needed a shave. He may have been rich, but he didn’t look or act like anything other than a common street criminal, or a middle management type who is angry he will never rise above his level of incompetence.

He left as abruptly as he arrived and Zach began to look for some kind of weapon. He hadn’t a clue what or how he would use it, but a weapon sounded like a good idea, something sharp, to stab or slash, knife or knife-like. Only, looking around the room he couldn’t see anything obvious, so he started opening drawers, cabinets, doors. He didn’t know exactly what he was looking for, but suspected when he found it, it would be the right tool for the moment. He felt a tear dribble down his cheek.

Steven was going to pay for this. This was all his fault. Only, Zach had gotten into the limo on his own. The limo was the first clue something was amiss, or maybe it was the second clue. Steven’s interest in selling his virginity might have been the first clue, to what, Zach wasn’t certain. At that moment he wasn’t certain of anything other than his situation looked hopeless. He felt another tear dribble down his other cheek. He sat down on the bed and softly wept.

He was utterly defeated once again. First his family broke him and now, on the verge of some unknown horror, he felt completely and hopelessly alone. There was nothing he could do except hope some miracle might occur, something to save him even though he knew deep down in his heart he was only a whore, an inexperienced whore, and had no right to expect anything so special as a miracle.

A faint knock on the door broke into his thoughts of doom. He wondered why they knocked. This was their house, after all. They could come and go as they pleased, he was the prisoner, locked in a cell of relative comfort. There was another faint knock and the door opened. It was a young boy, early teens maybe or on the cusp, still more child than young adult, baby fat puffing him up into a beautiful child of unknown innocence. He was wearing a black sweatshirt with Oregon State Beavers in orange letters and faded blue jeans on the verge of being sent to a thrift store.

“Can I come in?” the boy asked. His voice was still had the high tonality of childhood, puberty still seemed a hidden beast bidding its time till a fateful day of reckoning when hormones would flood his body and all innocence would be thrown to the winds.

“It’s your house, it’s not like I have a choice,” Zach said. He wasn’t in the mood for childish logic.

“You’re crying, I’m Paul,” the boy said. He sat down beside Zach. His dark brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail held by a blue rubber band. Nearly black eyebrows looked like a pair of caterpillars on a marble statue. They were so big they were distracting.

“Come to check out your birthday present?” Zach asked. He didn’t want to sound bitter, but how could one talk decently in such a situation.

“It’s not my birthday, it’s Jeremy’s,” Paul said. Zach jumped when Paul placed a hand on his thigh. Zach brushed it away. “I’m gay, too.”

“You’re a little kid. How can you be gay?”

“I don’t know, but I am. I’ve never met another queer, or at least I don’t think I have.”

Zach thought about the kid’s father. What was Charlie? Was a man who liked to fuck young boys, but had a wife and kids, gay? It didn’t sound gay to Zach, but what did he know. Of course, there had been Bud, too.

“Can I suck your cock?”

“No! You’re too young to do that,” Zach said, then Steven came to mind. He said he was nine when he started. Paul definitely wasn’t nine, but he was still too young for Zach. Another bout of weeping started. It was all so confusing.

“What’s wrong? Why are you so sad?”

“Look at me. I’m naked. I’m locked in a room. Twelve boys are going to fuck me tonight until they can’t fuck anymore. Then your father is going to come in here. He said it’ll be so bad I’ll have to go in the hospital. And, you wonder why I’m crying?”

“But it won’t be like that.”


“We know all about this. Jeremy is going to fix it so you only have to stay with him. I don’t think he’s gay. Daddy is certain, but I don’t think so. He looks at girls the same way I look at guys.”

“Can I ask you a question? On the way over the chauffeur said Mr. McDonald wanted me to be naked.”

“That stupid Reginald! He can be so dumb sometimes, I don’t know why Daddy keeps him.”

“So, your last name is McDonald.”


“There’s a girl in my English Comp class at North Park. Her name is Sara McDonald and I’m supposed to take her to a movie tomorrow night.”

“Jeez! You’re Zach! Oh, shit!”

Two boys, one naked, one fully clothed, sit on the carpeted floor, their backs leaning against the bed. A plate full of various meat and cheese sandwiches between them and a can of cheap store brand soda on the other side, cola for Zach, root beer for Paul. On the television, Wiley Coyote, Genius, esq., is doing his best to get Bugs Bunny. Except for Zach’s lack of clothes and the lock on the door, this might have been any bedroom in any home in America.

Paul is giggling. Zach is more pensive, his immediate future is not something to laugh about. What surprises him the most is that Sara, Jeremy, and Paul all know what is about to happen. There seem to be few secrets in this house, including the fact that Daddy is only slightly brighter than Reginald, the chauffeur. The kids know about the condo in Seattle where Daddy usually takes his boys. They know about his affair with Jeremy’s best friend Derek, who had the idea of bidding for Zach. And, they know their mother, dear sweet Mummy, who is now living in Switzerland, has her own problems with teen boys, although she prefers them closer to twenty.

Zach suspects they’re sitting here with the sandwiches, drinks, and the television on solely for show. This was all part of the plan to outwit Daddy and Derek. Zach being Zach hasn’t so much thrown a monkey wrench in the game, as turned it upside down into a ludicrous farce to be played out as soon as the door opens. Zach fully realizes he isn’t going to get fifteen thousand for his virginity, but then he thought it was a silly idea to begin with. He hopes Jeremy is cute and not as straight as Paul thinks he is. The thought of a sixteen year old dick deflowering him is worth a lot more than fifteen thousand.

Two quick raps on the door set the scene. The players, those who’ve read the script, and those who haven’t, are in their places, some more ready than others. Daddy, playing the fool, has been given the opening line.

“And, in here, my dear Jeremy, is my special gift to you on your sixteenth birthday.”

The door opens and Daddy, Jeremy, Derek, and ten other boys crowd in through the door.

Three beats

“What the fuck!” Roger, Jeremy’s totally straight second best friend, exclaims.

“Well, Daddy? Where’s my gift?” Jeremy asks.

“Paul! What are you doing in here?” Daddy asks.

“Eating a bologna and provolone on rye sandwich, drinking root beer, and watching Bugs Bunny cartoons. Why? Oh, the whore. You’re wondering why I’m in here with the whore.”

“Daddy? Did you get me a whore for my birthday?” Jeremy asks. He moves in front of his father to block his father’s view of the twenty-five thousand dollar boy toy. “Why did you do that? I like girls. Every boy in here likes girls, except for Derek, but then he is your girl right? Isn’t that what you call him when you fuck him? Girly boy, isn’t that it? ‘Give me your girly boy cunt!’ Isn’t that what you say?”

“Aw shit!” Derek exclaims before running. A scared rabbit runs, barely thinking where it goes, sometimes directly at the source of its fear. Only, Derek runs to Daddy’s bedroom. It’s the only room in the house where he feels totally safe. Run to those you love.

The other boys take in the scene, unsure of the purpose of their presence, but suspecting they were supposed to do something most find disgusting and those who do not have little inclination to admit such to their friends.

“I think we’d better go,” Roger says. “Sorry, Jeremy, but I don’t think this is for us. See you tomorrow. Come on guys, we’d better get out of here.”

Roger leads his flock out to their cars, leaving Daddy, Jeremy, Paul, and Zach to sort out the situation.

“Uh, could I have my robe back?” Zach asks no one in particular. “I think my nakedness isn’t needed right now.”

“I’ll get it,” Paul says. “Don’t anyone say anything ’til I get back, okay? Remember, Jeremy, I get him after you.”

“Get who?” Daddy asks, but Paul is no longer in the room.

“I’m sorry you were put through this, but I’m sure Paul has told you just about everything,” Jeremy says to Zach. “You’re a good looking, uh, boy, uh . . .”

“That’s alright, I don’t know quite what to say either,” Zach says. He wants to take Jeremy in his arms and madly kiss him. Few boys are given the task to be cuter than a button, and Jeremy is cuter than that. Zach doesn’t care if Jeremy fucks him or not. Just being in his presence is enough. “But, I might offer what I said to Paul.”

“What was that?” Jeremy asks. His eyes were all over Zach, but mostly looking down at something long, hanging between navel and knees.

“Uh, I know who you guys are,” Zach says. Mr. McDonald’s countenance goes from mild shock to horror. “You see your chauffeur, who I guess is a couple bulbs short of a string of Christmas lights, let on that your last name is McDonald. And, well, you see, there’s this girl in my English Comp class at North Park; and, well, you see, I’m supposed to be taking her to a movie tomorrow night.”

“Oh my god! You’re Zach?” Mr. McDonald says as he suddenly sits on the bed. “Oh, fuck!”

“Yeah, and the twenty-five thousand never existed,” Zach says. “It was never my idea to begin with. I guess I should get going myself.”

“No wait,” Jeremy says. “Can I talk with you for a little bit first? I’ve got a few questions I think only you can answer. Or, at least I hope so. Daddy? Daddy?”

“Uh? Oh, yes,” Daddy says. He’s been defeated, utterly, irrevocably defeated. A figurehead of authority, that’s all he’ll ever be from now on, unless he has the brains to do some major damage control. “I guess I’d better leave. I’m sorry. I am, really.”

Zach watches Mr. McDonald leave, shoulders sagging more than normal. Definitely a middle manager in charge of nothing more than a room full of minions who need little supervision to go about their meaningless tasks. He is vital to the organization, so vital he’ll never be promoted. Only, Mr. McDonald is no longer a middle manager. Cashed in his stock options, made millions. Now, all he has to fail at is being a father, something he seems to be perfectly suited.

“He’s okay, just horribly dumb,” Jeremy says. “But, he had to be put in his place. And, of course, there is Derek. I’ve known him since first grade. We’ll never be friends, again, but we’ll have to let him come over to be with Daddy. They’re good for each other in a way. Derek needs love, too.”

“Are you sure you’re only sixteen?” Zach asks. He wants to get close to Jeremy, but is uncertain of how to approach someone so perfect.

“Can I ask you something?” Jeremy asks as he begins to unbutton his light green, short sleeved, dress shirt. “What is it like to do it with another guy?”

“I’m not certain, I don’t have that much experience, but I’m certain we can find out.”

“Here’s your robe,” Paul says, walking into the room.

“Thank you, I guess I’ll see you later,” Zach says.

“Oh shit! You guys are going to do it, aren’t you?”

“We’re going to do something,” Jeremy says. “Thank you, Paul, for tonight. You were great.”

“It was Zach who made it happen. We might not have pulled it off without him. Will you bring him up when you’re through?”


“Then you are, uh . . . ”

“I don’t know, but I think we’ll find out soon enough. I just don’t want to have to look back on this moment and think I let something pass, something I’ll regret.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling. See you later big brother. And, Zach, be good to him. He’s a virgin.”

“So am I.”

Zach knelt down to remove the boy’s shoes as Jeremy finished unbuttoning his shirt. Zach purposely kept his attention on Jeremy’s feet as he waited for the t-shirt to follow the shirt to the floor. He’d heard about people who have a foot fetish, and Zach could imagine falling in love with the feet before him. The nails were neatly trimmed. The skin was tanned. They were exquisite. He bent down and began to kiss and lick the left one.

When he leaned back and looked up into Jeremy’s soulful brown eyes Zach couldn’t help but smile. The stomach rippled up to perfectly shaped pecs, each highlighted with an erect, fleshy nubbin sitting in a near perfect circle of darkened flesh. A faint trail of dark hair led seductively from a shallow navel downward until disappearing under Jeremy’s pants. Zach smiled as he undid the belt, slipped the button through its hole, and slowly, ever so slowly pulled the zipper down, loosening Jeremy’s khakis. Blue and green plaid boxers were the only garments keeping the boy from being as naked as Zach. He pulled the pants down and helped Jeremy step out of them.

Standing, Zach leaned in lightly pressed his lips against Jeremy’s, luxuriating in their inviting tenderness. Their tongues met at the gap gracefully inviting the other into its realm. Zach hands began to lightly move over Jeremy’s smooth skin while he felt a hand tentatively take hold of his half-hard cock. He felt himself respond to the increased grip as fingers began to explore its length. Finally, one of his own fingers found a hard bit of boy flesh sitting atop a mass of muscle on Jeremy’s chest. Zach pressed firmly then brought his thumb into play and lightly pinched eliciting a soft moan from Jeremy and a growing presence between them.

Zach knew it was time for the boxers to join the other members of Jeremy’s ensemble. Careful for their hidden treasure, Zach slowly drew the boxers down allowing Jeremy’s stiffened dick the freedom it desired. It sprang up out of its nest of nearly black hair. Although he didn’t want to wait, Zach took time to remove the shorts from around the boy’s feet before pressing his moist tongue against the soft crinkly skin of the boy’s ball sack seeking the two orbs held within.

As sexual curiosity slowly grew, Zach became aware of Jeremy’s scent. Being inexperienced in oral-genital contact and having only a brief contact with Bud and two encounters with Steven, Zach wasn’t certain what the smell was or where it came from. All he knew for certain was that the sweetly tart musk was lustfully exciting him as Amy never did. His cock was harder than it had ever been. It practically hurt as more of Jeremy’s pheromones triggered synapses down in primal areas of his brain. Zach knew only one thing. His focus was directed to one goal. He was going to fuck Jeremy and he was going to do it right now.

Savoring the scent one more time, Zach began to slowly stand up as his tongue ran across the teen’s tender, youthful skin, following the trail of hair toward that small indentation where he lingered a moment before continuing upward. He passed the nipples and pressed his mouth over Jeremy’s forcing his tongue in without invitation, but immediately being welcomed. His hands found the nipples and he squeezed both hard enough to cause the boy to wince slightly then come back and press his erection between them.

“Love me,” Jeremy whispered. “I have to know what it feels like before I can love you. I want you.”

That was all Zach wanted to hear. This wasn’t business. This wasn’t for money. This was being gayer than he ever thought possible. This was what he thought he had with Steven; only that was always about business, about preparing Zach to lower himself to Steven’s level of disgust. He was going to enjoy this more than he ever imagined enjoying anything with Steven; and, then he would give himself to the other, relishing the loss of his own virginity.

“Lie down on your stomach,” Zach whispered and watched the fresh sixteen year old willingly comply. As Jeremy settled himself, Zach went to the nightstand and opened the drawer finding an assortment of condoms and lube. The thought of safe sex briefly came to mind before Zach started spreading some lube along the length of his cock. Taking a dollop on his fingers, he climbed onto the bed and knelt between Jeremy’s knees; and, then Zach saw it, the broad, muscled shoulders, the smooth skin of the boy’s back covering the lumpy line of his spine leading the eye to twin mounds of muscled flesh between which Zach knew he’d find the object of his lustful desire. He spread the lube over the muscled gate.

“Relax, I’ll go slow,” Zach whispered, pressing his cockhead against Jeremy’s resistance, which gave way with the boy’s own desire for this one defining moment in his young life. You can have only one first time. It has to be given, not taken, and Jeremy was giving.

Jeremy let out a deep guttural moan, almost a gasp, as Zach felt the release allowing him to slip in. The hot envelope wrapped tightly around him as he sank further into the boy. The progress was painfully slow, but unheeded by any sign of resistance. He looked down and saw himself imbedded into the boy as he was intended. This was what he was born to do. This was the most natural feeling he could imagine. Soon he would be fucking the boy beneath him, but the sight of his cock slowly disappearing into Jeremy was more than enough to convince him that he really was gay. This was how he was meant to be.

When he could push no more of himself in, Zach paused allowing Jeremy’s body to become comfortable with nearly ten inches of erect boy lust. After what seemed to be forever, he pulled back no more than an inch then thrust slowly back in where he paused a moment before pulling back. It took a long while to get the full length of his dick slowly sliding in and out of Jeremy, but when he saw the grimace on the boy’s face soften he knew it was time to get into some serious fucking.

Jeremy’s groans and moans urged him on toward their mutual desire for relief. Zach pounded the boy, pressing himself against those two hillocks of soft boy flesh before almost completely extracting himself, pulling the ridge of his glans against the loosened gate, then thrusting back in reveling in the tightness around the length of his cock. It took less time than either wanted before Zach felt his balls tighten and the tip of his cock burn with the approaching orgasm. As much as he desired this to go on forever, he couldn’t stop himself from trying to thrust deeper into the boy as he felt his cock erupt, spewing his essence into Jeremy.

He practically fell down, covering the boy under him with his spasming body. Tears filled his eyes as he slowly came down from unbelievable heights. He kissed Jeremy’s neck, ear, and then found the boy’s welcoming lips. Extracting his still hard cock, he rolled Jeremy over and sank back down as their kissing increased as the other boy’s desire for relief grew.

Soon Zach felt himself being forced onto his back. He watched Jeremy fumble with the lube, then shut his eyes in anticipation of whatever was coming. He feared little other than embarrassing himself in being unable to bear what was soon to be pushing into him. He concentrated on all he knew to lessen the assault. Allowing his legs to be bent back so his knees were practically pressing against his shoulders, he still flinched slightly when the cold lube was gently spread across his tightly closed hole. Then he felt the pressure of Jeremy’s intent.

Zach pushed against the presence at his gate and was somewhat relieved when he felt himself relax enough to permit Jeremy’s admission. An involuntary groan came out nearly startling Zach as he felt seven inches of anxious cock imbed itself in him. Zach opened his eyes and watched Jeremy above him concentrating on pushing himself in. When there was nothing more that Jeremy could give he smiled and Zach smiled back. There eyes met and Zach reached up and tweaked both nipples.

Jeremy’s rhythm was more intense, more urgent. The speed increased rapidly, but Zach relished the sensations coming from the length of the cock passing the tightness of his gate. There was no doubt, there couldn’t be any doubt. He was giving himself to another boy. There was no assault here. He was willingly doing this and he loved everything he was feeling. And, then, quite suddenly, he wanted this to be Steven. He couldn’t shake the feeling that the cock fucking him right now should be Steven’s. Tears came to his eyes as he thought of his sweet Stevie doing this to him and he would do this to him tomorrow when he went back to Steven’s apartment. He wanted Steven to do this to him. It would never be about business anymore. This was the ultimate gift he could give anyone and he wanted at that moment to give it to the man he loved.

And, then, Zach was brought back as he felt Jeremy’s cock swelling inside him and the thrusts becoming shorter and more insistent. The warmth spread within him as the boy above him shuddered with his orgasm. Then Zach felt something he never expected, never anticipated. His own body was being forced over some unknown ledge and he felt himself falling, falling as come spewed from his cock splattering onto his neck, chest, and, as the jets lessened, his stomach. He’d come from being fucked. Tears filled his eyes and he welcomed them.

“I suppose this means I’m gay,” Jeremy said as he lay down on top of Zach. There wasn’t a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Do girls still turn you on?”

“Yeah, a little, well, maybe more than a little.”

“Then you’re probably more in the middle. You get to have it both ways, if you want.”

“Is that good?”

“I don’t know. Girls don’t do anything for me. Can you do me a favor?”


“Don’t give up on Derek. Don’t throw your love away. Take him in your arms and love him.”

“But, he’s Daddy’s.”

“No, he belongs to you. Love him. He needs your love more than he needs your father’s dick up his ass. Right?”

“Yeah, I guess I see your point. Come on, let’s take a shower.”

The sensation was warm and wet, not quite like peeing in a swimming pool, but close. It invaded a dream of Stevie and him lying close to each other on Stevie’s hide-a-bed. They were naked and kissing. Their cocks were rubbing each other until his began to be surrounded by a warm wetness, not quite unlike peeing the bed.

Zach’s eye snapped open. He was on his back and a boy’s head was bobbing up and down on Zach’s cock. Then he remembered where he was.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Zach whispered.

Paul looked up for a moment then sank his mouth back over Zach’s hard-on and went back to work in earnest seeking his crème surprise.

“You’d better keep it hard because I got to pee real bad,” Zach said.

Paul looked up, eyes wide.

“Sorry, but that happens in the morning,” Zach said. “If you point me in the right direction, I can be back in a minute or two. Unless, you’re into golden showers.”

“It’s through that door,” Paul said, sitting back on his ankles, his own cock bobbing in anxious anticipation.

Zach was amazed at the size of the bathroom. It was practically the size of his dorm room, plus a few extra square feet. The shower had room for a crowd and the whirlpool tub was practically a small swimming pool. In a small alcove was the toilet. It took him a moment to soften enough to make a decent stream. Then he began to remember the previous night’s events.

Paul was asleep when Jeremy dropped him off at his younger brother’s door. Seeing the sleeping form in the bed, they began to kiss, Jeremy seeming to be more earnest than Zach. The younger boy’s hands were all over Zach’s body, but especially down between his legs caressing the length of his nearly tumescent member; while Zach concentrated on the boy’s sensitive nipples, which seemed to elicit more excitement than the hard rod between them.

“Come on, my bedroom is down here,” Jeremy whispered.

Jeremy lay back on his bed and welcomed Zach on top of him. Their partially open lips met as tongues parried in an exciting bout of sensuality. Neither wished dominance in this game, they simply wanted their bodies in full contact, their engorged cocks between them jostling for optimum sensation. Zach rolled onto his side, pulling the slightly younger boy with him, not wanting to separate for a moment. He emptied his mind, focusing only on the lips and tongue at his mouth and the incredible feelings emanating from his groin as his cock rubbed against Jeremy’s.

Nearly as quickly as it began, the end came sooner than either boy wished. Jeremy began to quickly thrust his hips into Zach lower abdomen using the older boy’s body as an erotic rub board. As he shuddered in orgasm, Zach felt his cock swell between them; and, as the younger boy’s hot seed began to warm his body, he dropped over the edge and began to ecstatically pump his own love offering between them.

They held each other tightly, not wanting to break away, not wanting the night to end, but each knew Zach had to go to Paul’s bed for the night.

When Zach left the bathroom, Paul hadn’t moved. He still knelt on the bed while his young five inch boy cock throbbed in anticipation of some yet unknown release. Zach smiled when he saw the small tube of lubricant on Paul’s nightstand. He picked it up and handed it to Paul, who looked questioningly at the offering.

“Would you like to fuck me?” Zach asked, as he lay down on his back and pulled his knees back toward his head, fully exposing himself to the younger boy. “Come on, big boy, lube it up and stick it to me. I know you want it. Come on, shove that big thing in where it belongs.”

Paul smiled and squirted a large dollop on the swollen head of his boy cock. He spread it around and down the length then wiped the excess on Zach’s hole. After quickly positioning himself at the offering, Paul pressed the swollen glans at the gate. Zach concentrated on relaxing and pushed against the pressure of the invading rod of excited boy flesh, while paying close attention to the younger boy’s face watching as the sensations of the quickly disappearing cock reached Paul’s awareness.

When the younger boy gave all he could, Zach whispered, “Wait a moment, let me get used to you, you’re a lot bigger than I thought.”

Paul half smiled at the compliment as if he wasn’t certain whether Zach was just trying to be nice or whether he really was big enough for the task ahead.

“Okay, big boy, start slow, a little bit a time,” Zach whispered. “You are a big boy, aren’t you?”

“Uh, huh,” Paul breathed heavily.

Zach felt the boy cock rub against his prostate fully inflating his own cock. He reached up with both hands and lightly tweaked the top boy’s nipples eliciting a more forceful thrust and quick withdrawal. He quickly became fully hard as he continued exciting the boy, reveling in the added pressure on each thrust and withdrawal.

“Come on, big boy, give me all you’ve got,” Zach whispered. “If you don’t hurry, I’ll come before you. Come on, Paul, give it to me.”

The increasing speed and force of the swollen boy cock thrusting into him brought Zach right to the edge, then pushed him over. Come spewed from his cock splattering the headboard behind him. As he involuntarily tightened against the invading cock, Paul was forced over his own barrier. The thrusts shortened and quickened as Zach felt hot boy juice filling him. Each cock continued throbbing as the boys’ orgasms slowly subsided.

Zach pulled Paul down on top of him, forcing his tongue between the other boy’s lips. Their kiss, tentative at first, lingered as each boy came down from unknown heights punctuated by lingering pulses of orgasmic energy. Zach felt the virginal cock embedded in him slowly soften until it slipped from him satiated far beyond the dreams of the boy who claimed ownership. Unknown to him, this was the goal of every possessor of the right to give their body to others. Whether he wanted it or not, he was now a full member of the secret society of givers of sexual pleasure. For he gave freely, what should have been given only for money, he initiated the virgin into the insatiable desire for sexual relief. From this day forward Paul would only know complete, total satiation when he was embedded in another boy. His soul was claimed by the older boy and every sexual encounter from this day forward would be gauged against this moment of ultimate orgasmic pleasure.

A couple hours later, Zach was down in the kitchen whipping up a batch of pancakes, while Paul anxiously waited on one of the tall stools next to the island. Zach was wearing the robe, but left the slippers in the guest room as they were too big and he didn’t mind walking around without them. The griddle was getting hot and in a six inch frying pan butter was beginning to sizzle.

“What are you doing in my kitchen?” the man, who last night was wearing a tux and Zach assumed was the butler or some such servant, asked. This morning he was wearing something a lot less formal, blue jeans and a tie-dyed t-shirt with black leather sandals.

“He’s making pancakes and fried eggs, Chambers,” Paul said. “Sit down and you can have some, too.”

“Not in my kitchen, you don’t,” Chambers said. “Now, get away from my stove and why aren’t you wearing clothes?”

“We can’t find the limo or Reginald,” Paul said. “Do you where he’s gotten off to?”

“Not my day to watch out for him. Go ask your father.”

“I’ll do it,” Zach said, somewhat relieved he didn’t have to cook breakfast. “Uh, where do I look?”

“I’ll show you the way,” Paul said. “I’ll be right back, Chambers, and thank you.”

“For what?”

“For not saying anything nasty about Zach.”

“Zach? Not Miss Sara’s Zach.”


“But, you were . . .”

“Yeah, I was,” Zach said. “I think it comes under the heading, Confused Teen, or some such drivel. It’s not a long story, at least, just a bit confusing. Let’s just say it worked out for the best, but I do think I need to speak with Mr. McDonald.”

“Come on, Zach, pancakes will be done before I get back,” Paul said.

“That’s why you have syrup with pancakes,” Zach said. “It makes the coldest pancakes taste good and a little hot sauce does wonders for cold eggs.”

Zach followed Paul up a flight of stairs behind the kitchen then down a short hall to a pair of light oak French doors with frosted glass panes obscuring the view into the room beyond. Paul opened the right door and they walked into a sitting room with a gas fireplace, white leather sofa, matching side chair, and a big screen television. There weren’t any windows, but two skylights brightened the room. Another set of French doors opposite were open.

“In there,” Paul whispered. “Good luck. I’ll be in the kitchen. Don’t be too long or you’ll be testing your theory about hot sauce and syrup.”

“It’s not a theory.”

“Who’s out there?” a voice asked from beyond the French doors.

“Gotta go,” Paul whispered. “Good luck.”

“It’s me, sir, Zach,” he said, as he walked into the bedroom. Mr. McDonald sat on the side of the bed in white and yellow striped pajama bottoms. His gut lacked definition, but wasn’t so fat it might be considered obscene. He was just out of shape, but six months in the gym might do wonders, if he had a little incentive to do it.

“Ah, yes, I was wondering when you were going to come in here looking for payment.”

“No payment is necessary sir,” Zach said as he looked around the room for a chair or something to sit on. “I was wondering where my clothes have gone.”

“Call me Charlie. It doesn’t make me feel so old.”

“Okay, Charlie,” Zach said. He went to the bed and sat down a couple feet from the older man. “And, I was just wondering if you needed anything.”

“Probably a good thrashing for how I acted last night. I can’t imagine why I let Derek talk me into it doing that to Jeremy.”

“Where is Derek?”

“Jeremy came and got him last night. Did you, uh, well, with my son?”

“He’s not as gay as you thought, but then he’s not that straight, either. Kind of in the middle. Gets to have fun with everyone.”

“I see, but if you didn’t sleep with him?”

“Paul wanted company.”

“Did you, uh?”

“You’ll have to have a good old fashioned father-son talk. He’s going to need a lot of support.”

“So, if you don’t want any money, what do you want?”

“I was just wondering if you might want to get together sometime. I could meet you at your condo in town. Maybe we can get to know each other a little better.”

“Then you really are?”

“I don’t think so, more of a friend I think. I know Jeremy will be with Derek a lot more, a lot more. You might get a little lonely for a while. Unless you know someone else. I wouldn’t be interested in anything rough, I don’t think I’d be into that sort of thing, but we could be friends for a while. If you want.”

“How much will this cost?”

“I think you’ve spent enough on this already. You’ve lost a lot of respect with your kids and you’re going to have to work real hard to be their dad, again. I’d just like to get to know you, sort of in the Biblical sense, if you know what I mean. Nothing special, I’m too new at this to do anything out of the ordinary.”

“You know, Zach, you’re a good kid. You don’t deserve to be doing this.”

“I’d like to say why I want to, but let’s just say I found out something about myself last night that I didn’t expect and, well, I don’t think you’re that bad of a guy. Of course, I don’t think we should say anything to Sara about this. I don’t think she’ll understand guy stuff.”

“Is that what this is? Guy stuff?”

“I don’t know, but I’d be interested in finding out.”

“How about this Tuesday evening, say six o’clock.”

“I can give you an hour.”

“Is that all?”

“I’ve got a lot of homework. I’m taking four classes this summer.”

“Four classes?”

“I know, I know! What was I thinking?”

“You know, Zach, you are a good kid.”

“Who likes a dick up his ass.”