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by Macout Mann


Sunday, August 10 was the day that the Reverend Joseph Scanlon was introduced to the congregation of Nashville's Westside Baptist Church. He was to be the new Youth Pastor. Just shy of thirty years old, he was a graduate of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.

He had just spent three years pastoring a rural church in Western Tennessee. It was a job he barely tolerated, but was the way most young preachers began their careers. Being hired by Westside was a dream come true. It was the Baptist Church in Music City. It occupied a full block along West End Avenue between the Vanderbilt campus and fashionable Belle Meade. The physical plant had everything one could ask for, even an indoor swimming pool and fully equipped gymnasium. And the congregation included wealthy Belle Meade gentry as well as less affluent members from such nearby areas as White Bridge.

The Reverend Dr. Hancock, the church's Senior Pastor, was very impressed with Joseph, despite the fact that he was a bachelor. He was sure, nonetheless, that Joseph, would soon be wed to one of congregation's eligible young maidens. He was a strikingly handsome example of southern, Anglo-Saxon manhood. He was just a tad over six feet tall with slightly wavy hair, blue eyes, and a lithe, athletic build. Dr. Hancock also thought he'd be a hit with the teenagers and had decided that he'd be called "Pastor Joe."

Pastor Joe did have a secret, however, a very carefully hidden secret. He had discovered back at the beginning of high school that he was gay.

He had earlier never thought that he had homosexual tendencies. Sure, he wasn't as stimulated at the sight of hot chicks as most of his buddies seemed to be. But he thought their talk was just teenaged bravado. He did peek at other guys' bodies in the locker room. Didn't everybody? He sure didn't think he was turned on by guys any more than he was by gals. And he was as macho as any boy he knew, and that was no act.

His sexual realization came as it did with a lot of boys. Joe had a good friend named Malcolm. They spent a lot of time together. They would talk. Sometimes Malcolm would bring up sex. That is, talk like getting hard-ons and jacking off. This led to their playing with themselves and mutual jack off sessions. Then to beating each other off, and ultimately to sucking each other. For Malcolm it wasn't the first time.

Both boys had been "saved" on the Easter after their twelfth birthday. They were both from good Baptist families and had gone to Sunday School and Church since they were babies. For Joe, walking proudly down the aisle of the church to "make his public profession of faith" and subsequently that evening to be immersed by his pastor in the church auditorium's large marble baptistery--these were the most important things that had ever happened to him. So the "sin" that he had committed, when he got his first blow job and sucked off his friend in return, weighed heavily on him. "Spilling your seed on the ground" was one thing. Having relations with another boy was "an abomination!"

"We mustn't do that ever again," he told Malcolm.

Malcolm just laughed. "You think something that feels as good as getting blowed could be bad?" he asked. "Not me."

"I'm still not doing it again," Joe promised.

Of course hormones are just as powerful in the loins of dedicated Baptist teenagers as they are in the loins of the devil's own disciples. So it was not long before Joe and Malcolm were once again naked in the Scanlon's garage blissfully reenacting their sinful escapade. Malcolm later introduced Joe to the two older cousins who had introduced him to the joys playing around. It was one of the cousins who finally took Joe's cherry at the same time the other one was fucking Malcolm. Joe loved it all in spite of himself. So he had to accept the fact that he was gay, although he still believed deep down that he was going to hell. It was an addiction, but a sin nonetheless. He could pray for forgiveness, but being a Baptist there was no way he could confess and be forgiven. He certainly could never come out to his parents or to his pastor.

Throughout high school he and his buddies continued to mess around. Then he went away to college at the University of Kentucky. Arriving at Lexington, he resolved to turn over a new leaf.

At the outset he became involved in the Baptist Campus Ministry. Most "devout" Baptist boys did when they first reached campus. Most fell away after a few weeks. Joe did not. The "missionary" who was in charge, Rev. Ron Bannister, was a hot and virile twenty-something and was also a serious thinker. He stood about six feet with a handsome T shape. Had a square jaw and dirty blond hair. He was a graduate of Louisiana College, a Baptist School in a mid-Louisiana town. Had gone on to seminary in Texas. And he was now working on a doctorate in Comparative Religions.

Rev. Bannister's sermons were not just about "hell fire and damnation." They contained real explanations of Christian Theology and a realization that the turn of the Twenty-first Century was quite a bit different from the beginning of the Common Era. He even said that the Bible was written for primitive people and that if it had said there was a universe created by a "Big Bang," the ancient Hebrews couldn't have understood what it meant. But, he pointed out, the cosmic events described in the first chapter of Genesis did happen in the same order that science said they occurred, even if not in the same time frame the Bible said. Joe was very impressed. Soon he and Rev. Bannister were on a first name basis. Over the fall semester they became very close. The young minister thought he may have found a protégé. For his part Joe felt that he might in fact be called to the ministry...except that preachers were not gay.

Joe had not sinned sexually since coming to Lexington, and not just because of lack of opportunity. Ron Bannister did turn him on, but then lots of hot dudes caused his dick to twitch. He commanded his libido to be calm, not always with success.

Finally, a few weeks before Spring break, he summoned to courage to talk to Ron about sex. They met at Common Grounds, a popular campus coffee house. The minister invited students to have coffee with him every Friday afternoon. Two or three might come. Joe was always the last to leave. When they were by themselves he broached the subject.

"You know," he began, "I...uh...I know this guy. He...uh...he's attracted to other guys. I don't know what to tell him."

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