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by Macout Mann


Paul was in Joe's class, and Joe found him much more compatible than Jacob.

Jacob continued to be uncomfortable with everyone. He was a graduate of a small Baptist college in Central Louisiana, and was the epitome of naivete.

Paul came from Baylor, one of the denomination's more prestigious universities. He was much more sophisticated than either Jacob or Eric, and he was drop-dead gorgeous. He stood just under six feet with black hair, brown eyes, and regular features. Clothed, a patch of chest hair always peeked from beneath his collar. When he was naked, you saw that his pecs were covered with a heavy fuzz, which sloped to a treasure trail that extended down to his ample pubes.

In addition to getting together with Eric and Jacob, Joe and Paul studied together, played around together, and became good friends generally.

It was in the spring that the burden of his sexual activity became too great for Jacob. He went to the dean, admitted that he was gay, and dropped out. Eric contributed to Jacob's trauma by telling him that he was a "fucking pussy" for throwing away two years of schooling and that he was going to spend his life getting fucked in the ass, whatever he did.

Jacob's decision also affected Paul. He began to feel that he too ought to forsake the ministry because of his sexual activity. As a result Joe spent many hours in deep conversation with him. They explored all of the issues that Joe and Ron had talked about previously.

As a result Paul ultimately reached an uneasy accommodation with himself. He came to realize that he would always be gay and that his sexual orientation must be God given. He still had pangs of conscience from time to time. But then, Joe sometimes had second thoughts as well. Twenty-some-odd-years of indoctrination are hard to throw over.

The academic year ended and Eric received his certificate, which relieved Joe no end. Eric would be out of his life. He and Paul would become closer.

Both of them had been chosen to supply while ministers at small churches that had only one clergyman took their vacations. This opportunity gave seminarians much needed preaching practice in real world situations and also provided them small steipends.

Joe and Paul were back in Louisville at the same time only one time during the summer, but they did get to enjoy each other's bodies then. And for the rest of their time at the seminary they shared a room.

Their sexual encounters provided blessed relief from the stress of academic competition. It was normal, friendly behavior. No sin, no regrets.

Before graduation they each secured pastorates in small rural churches. Joe became pastor of Sand Hill Baptist, about thirty miles northeast of Jackson, Tennessee.


In the years that followed, Paul would continue to have sex with other guys on occasion, but he would also find that he had an attraction to some members of the opposite sex. During his second pastorate, he would meet and marry a girl with a dedication to the Lord's work equal to his. They would make perfect companions as Paul rose to become a denominational leader. They would have two wonderful children. And he would end his career as pastor of Alabama's largest Baptist Church, where he would lead it to leave the Southern Baptist Convention, not over gay issues, but because of the denomination's involvement in politics generally. That, of course, also encompassed the denominations hostility to homosexuality.

After leaving the seminary Eric Priest did become pastor of a small church in East Texas. He would follow his plan to become a radio preacher, first buying fifteen minutes a week on a small station in Longview. After a couple of months, donations would more than pay for the cost of the program, so he would buy time on other stations. In a couple of years he would be able to resign his pastorate and devote all his time to preaching on the radio. He would become able to turn his program into a daily enterprise, which ran on seventy stations in Texas and nearby states. He would begin his "television ministry" in Shreveport and repeat on tv the success he had had on radio, becoming a celebrity and "spiritual mentor" to hundreds of thousands. His addiction to sex would not abate, however, and like so many of the rich and famous he would become less and less concerned about appearances. He would forget that he had made an appointment to do an interview with a reporter for a religious journal. She arrived at his dressing room to find him naked with his dick buried in the ass of a young cameraman. His "ministry" ended in disgrace, and he had not saved for retirement.

After dropping out Jacob returned to his home in Lafayette, Louisiana. He would tell his father only that he had decided that he wasn't called to ministry after all. His father owned a shoe store in Lafayette's Acadiana Mall, and Jacob was given work there. He would find that Eric was right. He would continue to relish sex with other males; and although he hated himself for it, would seek satisfaction in the mall restrooms, at the bus station, the Amtrack station, anyplace he could cruise. Ultimately, he would be found out and unable to face reality would take his own life.

These things were all in the future, however, as Joseph Scanlon faced new experiences in his own life.

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