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by Macout Mann


Pastor Joe found a Peabody grad student in Phys. Ed. who was a member of Westside. He volunteered to give four hours a day during Christmas break to supervise the gym. There would be two hours of activities for girls and two hours for boys. Basketball. Calisthenics. Whatever other stuff the participants wanted to do.

Joe got the deacons to agree to hire someone permanently to run events in the gym, if the Christmas experiment was successful. They also agreed to let him do the same thing with the pool come spring and summer. He got his most active guys and gals to make sure that lots of teens showed up during the experiment.

Like he had done at Sand Hill, he found out what teens would like to do and recruited ladies to lead the girls in activities they chose. He could take care of most of what the boys were interested in, but found others capable and willing to volunteer for such things as organizing a country band.

Before the end of his first year at Westside, youth participation in events at the church was greater than it had ever been. Admittedly, most of the activities were not Bible related, but as Joe told Dr. Hancock, it was better having the kids at church than down on Music Row or God knows where else.

As a result of his involvement with the kids, many trusted him enough to seek him out for counselling. Most interviews were about minor matters of conscience. Some about violations of the commandments. "I stole a book." "I cheated on a test."

Of the sexual problems that bothered the Baptist young, the most frequent was to admit to "committing adultery." Joe had to explain that they hadn't committed adultery, since they weren't married. He stressed that their action wasn't something that should be condoned, but... He developed a patter that left each kid feeling better about himself, but still chastised.

A few of his sessions involved drugs or alcohol. These were the most difficult for Joe. The kid's parents needed to be involved.

There were a not a lot of such cases. Five or six. Interestingly, after talking with Joe the kids from Belle Meade seemed most willing to have their parents involved. And after Joe had met with them, most were more than willing to accept what was going on and willing to participate in their child's support. Working with the less affluent members of the congregation was more difficult. They were less forgiving. Only one of the kids refused to let Joe contact their parents. He referred her to a twelve step program, but without parental support it was not successful.

Meanwhile, Joe and Bill's friendship blossomed. They had much in common and got together about once a week. Not that they became boyfriends. Bill admitted that he stayed randy all the time and wanted to "get romped" whenever he was in the mood. He spent a lot of evenings on Church Street.

Bill was the epitome of what the Brits call "fit," however, and Joe loved to mess with his hard body, especially the part beneath his waist. They would meet in one or the other of their apartments, have dinner, and go to bed to cuddle. They would nibble each other's nips, burry their noses in each other's pits, tongue each other from ear to navel. Bill loved to have Joe finger his "arse." Soon the sucking and fucking would begin.

Joe was always the first to cum. He still believed in moderation and was always hornier. But each was usually able to attain five orgasms before the evening's adventures were over. And toward the end Joe could always make the sex last as long as he wanted. And Bill was an expert in giving pleasure, whether Joe's dick was up Bill's ass or down his throat.

Toward the middle of May, Joe got a call from the head of Camp Linden, one of the Tennessee Baptist Convention's two camp and conference centers. Orval Reese, the assistant director of the 7th to 12th grade summer camp session for boys would be unable to serve this year. Could Joe step in?

Joe had been to camp as a kid, but had no experience as a leader. Still Westside did send a half dozen or so kids to Linden each year. He was assured that the assistant director's job was primarily to be the disciplinarian and teach a Bible Class, so after consulting with Dr. Hancock, he agreed. The camp was the second week in June.

The campers would come tonight or tomorrow morning. But on Monday the staff gathered to get to know each other and be briefed. Linden was designed for various kinds of events. So there were apartments for couples at seminars. Joe was given one of these. It overlooked a waterfall. Joe felt that he was being paid to have a wonderful vacation in the mountains.

Campers lived in twenty man cabins, each overseen by two counsellors, college students who had been campers themselves. They had a room at the entrance to the cabin opposite the john. At the morning meeting Joe was introduced to each of them.

As was his custom, he wandered about the property that afternoon to discover the lay of the land. He was not an eavesdropper, but as at Westside he overheard a conversation that he'd rather not have been privy to.

"...and on the last night after lights out, we brought him and his buddy up here and they cornholed each other for about an hour, while about six of the older guys watched. And he's goanna be back this year." It was a senior counsellor speaking.

"Maybe we can get with him," the other counsellor said.

"Nah. That's something Reese never would allow, counsellors messing around with the campers."

The cabins were not well insulated, and Joe had just opened the front door of number four, when he overheard the two counsellors' conversation. He entered, making as much noise as possible.

"So what's all this, boys?"

"Oh...hello, Reverend Scanlon. We were just going over our list of campers. Some of `em were here last year."

"Come on, guys. I wasn't born yesterday. I know what cornholing is. Are you boys gay?"

The senior counsellor decided that honesty was going to be the best policy. "Ye...yes, sir. The whole cabin is gay. A lot of gays know to request cabin four, when the first come. They all know to ask for cabin four, if they come back a second year."

"And Mr. Reese was aware of this arrangement?"

"Uh...yes, sir. He figured it was best to have us all in one cabin, rather than our being scattered all over. He...he figured that if we messed around, it wouldn't upset the rest of the camp."

"Well, I'm not going to screw up the whole session by making an issue of this," Joe told them. "But tell your campers that I'll be around at all hours and they'd better be on their best behavior at all times. I also don't expect either of you to volunteer to counsel next year. And I'll see that after this year campers will be assigned to cabins on a random basis. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

The camp was a great success, due in no small part to Joe's role in its management. He wished that he had not found out about cabin four. But he did the least that might be expected of him. And he did find putting boys up to fucking each other for the amusement of other campers despicable.

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