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by Macout Mann


"You know," he began, "I...uh...I know this guy. He...uh...he's attracted to other guys. He's hung up, and I don't know what to tell him."

That's how Joe began his conversation with Rev. Ron Bannister, his minister and mentor at Baptist Campus Ministry.

Months ago Ron had realized that something was probably bothering Joe. He was glad that they could finally talk about it.

"Some dudes are that way," he said. "How do you feel about it?"

"It's sinful to be that way!" Joe exclaimed.

"So do you know if `your friend' has really gotten involved with other fellas?"

"Uh...Yeah...that is I think so. That's what's bothering him most, I guess. But...well...he really wants to be a regular guy."

The strain was beginning to show, as Joe expressed his concerns. Perspiration covered his forehead.

"Doesn't he realize that God loves all of us, even the biggest sinners?" Ron asked.

"But I...he can't stop wanting to do things with other boys!" Joe cried. "How can God keep on loving somebody that wants to keep on sinning?"

"I know just how you feel, Joe," Ron said. "You see, I'm gay too."

"You? But you're a preacher!"

"Yes, I'm a preacher. But God created both of us, you and me, the way we are. Being gay isn't something that you can just turn on or turn off.

"I guess you might say being gay is sort of like being an alcoholic. You can try and hopefully can succeed in not drinking, but you'll always want to have booze. Being a homosexual isn't a sin, Joe. Giving in to the urge to have licentious sex with other guys--that's where the idea of sin comes in.

"Right now there's nothing I'd rather do than get naked with you and have sex. It's all I can do to keep from giving in to my urge. And yes, like you I cannot always control my desires. And Joe, I can't say that two guys getting together is always sinful. I do think that wantonly giving in to every desire is against the way God wants us to behave. With the Lord's help, I can try to do what He wants me to do...and if I am strong enough, I may succeed.

"But Joe, being gay doesn't have anything to do with being called to the ministry. Sometimes I think it helps me. Like now. I think I can help you, because I know what you are going through."

"So I'm not going to hell?"

"I can't say who's going to hell, Joe. Nobody can. But I do know that God forgives the repentant. Even the worst criminals can be forgiven. You must just be truly sorry for the sins you feel you have committed, and you must try your best not to do the same things again. And we all continually must ask God for his mercy."

The young minister grasped his young friend's hand. The gesture was intended only to give him comfort. But Ron's dick twitched as he did so. Emotion ran rampant through his being. He recognized that it would take some kind of divine strength to keep him for giving in to his carnal desires. Joe felt the same way.

Yet as they continued to talk--they spoke for over an hour--Joe began to feel a lot better about himself. And of course they agreed to keep everything they said completely confidential.

When Joe came home for Spring break, his parents felt that he seemed more mature. He told them about his relationship with Rev. Bannister and that really pleased them. They were also especially pleased by his grades thus far.

Malcolm and his family had been visiting his grandparents in Florida over the Christmas vacation, so Joe didn't see him until Spring break. Malcolm was hot to pick up where they had left off last summer.

"We mustn't," Joe protested.

"You mean you're all hung up again about having a little fun," Malcolm responded. "Shit, I'll bet you haven't fucked around all year. I've sure as hell found some good ass down at Tech. One of my fuck buddies is on the fucking football team."

"It's not that I haven't wanted to," Joe said, "but you're right. I haven't done anything since I left for college."

Malcolm didn't answer immediately. He just reached for Joe's dick and felt it respond to his touch. "Yeah, you've wanted to all right," he grinned.

He opened Joe's fly.

"Please don't!" Joe cried.

"I'm goanna eat you, man," Malcolm responded.

Joe tried, but he couldn't resist. He thrilled to Malcolm's ministrations. Although he tried to avoid his friend for the rest of the week, he was unsuccessful. And yes, each time they spent time together, they wound up fucking each other.

Ron's counsel had helped. Joe was no longer convinced that he was going straight to hell. He just felt that he had fallen short and that he needed to become stronger. He resolved to talk to Ron about that when he returned to school.

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