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by Macout Mann


Luke proved to be as great an asset to the Wildcats as he had been to the Harding Bisons. Although football practice often kept him away from Campus Ministry events, his friendship with Joe blossomed, and Ron also looked forward to the time when he could work more closely with the young Adonis. It was apparent that he had "lost his religion."

Joe and Luke soon found opportunities to share their bodies. It began on a Saturday night when the football team had an off week, and Luke's roommate was home for the weekend.

"You claim you're gay," Luke said, "but you never act like it. I scratch my nuts, and you don't even seem to notice."

"I try not to..." Joe began.

"Not to what?" Luke interrupted. He moved over to the couch where Joe was sprawled and grabbed Joe's jewels. Immediately he felt Joe's dick stiffen. "Yeah, you can get excited all right," Luke continued. "So what's your problem? Afraid you're going offend your Lord?

"Shit, Joe, there can't be anything wrong with two guys doing their thing? We can't get each other pregnant. We can't give each other any diseases a fucking female can't give us.

"So I get caught sucking another dude, and get expelled. Another member of the team gets caught fucking a bitch, and they say it's too bad he couldn't control his sex drive, and he mustn't do it again. But he can knock her up and ruin her life, and all we do is have a little fun. Where's the justice in that?

"I don't think God gives a shit what two dudes do with their dicks. He ought to care a whole lot more what some son-of-a-bitch does to some gal!"

As Luke had been preaching, he had also opened Joe's fly and taken Joe's oversized dong into his huge hand. "And all you need to do is just relax and enjoy it," he said.

Luke went down on Joe, and Joe took Luke's sermon to heart. Ten minutes later they were both naked and sucking each other. In the days that followed they had sex every time they could spend time alone together.

Joe also spent as much time as he ever had with Ron. As Christmas vacation approached, Ron suggested that Joe have a date or two with some good Christian girls while he was home. Sooner or later his pastor or a deacon was bound to ask him about his love life. He needed to show that he was going out but could say that he just hadn't found the right girl yet.

Joe did as Ron suggested. Over the holiday he had genteel dates with three different girls, so genteel that he didn't even ask for a goodnight kiss. And on the dates he made sure he was noticed by members of the church. Still trying to be chaste, he also managed to restrict his liaisons with Malcolm to two hot encounters.

Luke remained on campus during Christmas. The coach arranged for him to move to a small dormitory which the university kept open for those, mostly foreign exchange students, who couldn't return home or for one reason or another had no place to go. This gave Ron an opportunity to get to know Luke better. The young minister invited him for spaghetti at his place.

"Joe Scanlon told me about the problem you had at your other school," Ron said. "That was a terrible thing to have happen."

"You think so?" Luke responded. "I'd think you'd say I got what was coming to me."

"Kicking somebody out of college just because they're gay? That's hardly doing unto others what you'd have them do to you."

"Well, it sure taught me what a crock all this `love thy neighbor' shit is. `We'll still love you, if you stick your dick in a pussy; but if you stick it up another guy's ass, you can't ever be forgiven.

"Fuck it."

"So you're going to tell God to go to hell, just because of what some misguided fools did?" Ron asked. "You didn't make yourself gay, you know."

"Oh sure I did. And I could just turn it off, if I wanted to. I could learn to want to fuck gals and forget all about guys, but I am really in bed with the devil. Isn't that what all you preachers believe?"

"Not all of us. Some do, but they are misguided too. And I ought to know."

"You say that. What about what all those Bible verses say?"

"There are lots of explanations for `what all those Bible verses say.' But mainly the Bible is telling us not to do anything in excess. That's what most scholars think Paul was saying. The Roman Empire had some pretty raucous sexual practices. The Vestal Virgins were anything but."

Ron had not intended to annoy Luke, but Luke was getting pretty hot under the collar. "Well," he retorted, "Paul must've been talking about me, 'cause I can't get enough sex. I'd even come on to you, if I thought you'd play around. You're one hot motherfucker, dude. And I'll tell you something else. Since Joe told you about me and Harding, I'll tell you. I've even fucked your boy, Joe!"

"You think I haven't wanted to? It's all I can do to keep my hands off of him. You too."

"Son of a bitch! You're gay?"

"Like I said, Luke, you didn't make yourself gay. Neither did I. God did. So there must be some divine purpose in our being the way we are."

Luke was in shock. He was silent for what seemed like minutes. Then he said, "Will you let me suck your dick, man?"

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