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by Macout Mann


Luke woke up with Ron's naked body entwined with his own.

No, it was not like when Joe had slept over. The smells of sex permeated the room. Both had been totally satisfied. Well, not so satisfied that they couldn't do it again.

Luke reached for Ron's morning hard-on and said, "Time to give me some more cum, preacher."

He swallowed the minister's prong and once again slid his lips up and down its length, burying his nose in Ron's pubes on the downstroke, planting his tongue in Ron's piss slit on the upstroke. For his part Ron palmed every part of Luke's body he could reach.

Ron's ejaculation wasn't as powerful as it had been the three times before, and he didn't expect Luke's to be either; but as his dick began to soften, Ron once again went down on the football player. He sucked Luke passionately, until Luke also gave up what cream that was still stored in his low hangers. Their exhaustion was complete.

"We need to shower," Ron finally exclaimed. He led Luke to his small bathroom. They stuffed themselves into the three foot square shower and thoroughly soaped each other clean, allowing the remaining spunk to drain from their well-plugged ass holes.

Once they were dressed, Ron made breakfast. Only then did he allow himself to say what had been tormenting him since they headed to the shower.

"I'm really ashamed of myself," he said. "I should never have let you get started with me. And then I didn't have the backbone to stop. Even this morning. May the Lord forgive me." He was at the point of tears.

"You told me yourself that there's nothing wrong with being gay," Luke replied. "So what the fuck's wrong with doing what gay guys do?

"When was the last time you had sex?" he continued.

"Last summer."

"Well sure as shit, that ain't excessive."

"But...I don't know. My conscience tells me one thing. My instinct says something else. Sometimes I just don't have the fortitude to do the right thing."

"Hell, man, don't you know a hard dick aint got no conscience?"

"Please don't tell Joe what we did," Ron pled. "I couldn't bear him finding out I hooked up with you, before he and I got together. I really adore him and I've been able to do the right thing by him. As much as I've wanted to, we've never had sex."

"Mums the word," Luke says. "But maybe what we did will make you realize that you two should've been fucking around. Dude, it looks like you've got it bad."

As crude as Luke's comments were, Ron had to admit to himself that the gay jock had a point.

When Joe returned after Christmas vacation, he was able to report that his discernment was progressing nicely. Ron was glad to hear it. He also asked Joe to be sure to come to his next service.

As a result of his night of passion with Luke, Ron had decided to preach a sermon on sex. He took as his text Genesis 19:5, which details the assault by the men of Sodom on the messengers of God who were visiting Lot.

"Preaching about sex isn't the done thing," he began, "but we live in a time when public attitudes toward sex, especially homosexuality, are radically different from what they were even a few decades ago. Also, if we try to beguile ourselves to believe that our good Christian college students don't think about sex as much as other teenagers, we are really deluded."

He went on to say that most people are taught that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was homosexuality.

"And yes, the men of Sodom did want to "know" the "men" who were Lot's guests. And Lot was quite willing to let them have his virgin daughters in order to keep his guests safe. That's something that appalls us today. But in those days hospitality to strangers was a paramount virtue. And in passing we can deduce that bisexuality was then evidently more common--or at least more readily admitted to--than it is today. But in the two whole chapters of Genesis that deal with Sodom and Gomorrah this encounter is the only place that sexual practice is mentioned. And the sexual practice that is being condemned is rape. The sin is violence."

"The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is mentioned several times elsewhere in the Bible," the sermon continued. "Nowhere is homosexuality mentioned. Pride and arrogance, self-indulgence, idleness, failure to care for the poor and needy, the commission of the hundred or so abominations that Jews might be guilty of--these are the sins that the cities of the plain committed that so outraged God that he caused fire and brimstone to be rained down upon them.

"Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that you should feel free to wantonly engage in any sexual practice that strikes your fancy. I am saying that God has established a hierarchy of sins, just as the secular government has. Rape is more serious than fornication before marriage. Murder is more serious than robbery. But these days--I suppose because we find sex so titillating--we tend to list sexual activity outside of wedlock among the most heinous sins that we can commit. Perhaps we should be a bit more tolerant. Society at large seems to be moving in that direction."

Ron concluded by suggesting that a more tolerant attitude would help his hearers bring more converts into the Christian fold.

He was anxious to hear Joe's reaction.

He was also aware that the sermon might offend some of the more straight-laced and fundamentalist-orthodox students. He had been very careful in his word choices, using none of the collegiate slang that usually found its way into his sermons. So he was not surprised to get a phone call from the pastor of Lexington's First Baptist Church, who informed him that he had advocated homosexuality.

"Doctor," he responded, "I was afraid that I might be misinterpreted. I don't often preach from manuscript, but this time I did. Let me send you a copy of exactly what I said."

After reading the sermon, First Church's pastor said that he wouldn't have preached it, but that it was certainly not undoctrinaire.

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