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by Macout Mann


Joe returned to Lexington. He had discovered that he might go on to seminary right away. It offered a course of study which did not require a college degree. But it did not lead to a master's degree; and Joe's family, Ron, and Joe's pastor back home all agreed that it would be best for Joe to get his bachelor's, before going on to seminary. A master's was really necessary if a preacher aspired to pastor a major church.

At the university, it was not common knowledge that Joe was now "a reverend," but the students who participated in the Baptist Campus Ministry were aware of his new status. Ron had him participate in the services, first by saying prayers and reading scripture, then as time went on Ron allowed him to give carefully vetted sermons from time to time.

Joe was still thought of as a big cocksman by his roommate and his secular friends back at the dorm, since many nights he didn't return to his room. Luke, now a senior, seldom attended Ron's services, but he, Ron, and Joe remained close in more ways than one.

One Sunday after Joe had preached, he was approached by a freshman, named Bob Kendrick.

"You seem like an `all-right guy,' Joe," Bob began. "I need to talk to somebody about something."

"Sure," Joe responded. "Wanna go and get coffee?"

Joe wasn't prepared for the conversation that followed, but it was the beginning of his understanding of what being a pastor really meant, something that too few ministers were up to.

"I'm an only," Bob said. "My folks never talked to me know. I guess I shouldn't have been so curious, know. I wanted to know what sex was all about. When I got here, some fellows told me this girl at the Seven/Eleven would put out. I ask her to go to a movie with me, and...well, I fucked her. I know that was wrong, but now I can't stop. I go out with her and screw her every chance I get, and...oh, what can I do?"

"Why don't you talk to Rev. Bannister?" Joe asked.

"He wouldn't understand."

"Believe me, Bob, he's helped me understand a lot of things. Maybe things more embarrassing than getting addicted to pussy. He's an `all-right guy' too.

"But you're not the first person that's gotten hung up about sex. God made us all different, and believe it or not, he made us all horny. That's part of being a teenager. Some of us seem to be able to avoid sex longer than others can. Some can be celibate all their lives, but sex is addictive. Once you've had it, you've got to have more."

"Are you saying...?" Bob began.

"Yes, I've had sex. I can't say I'm proud of everything I've done, but I'm no longer ashamed of it either. God gave us humans the ability to enjoy getting off. They say other animals just screw to get offspring. I'm not sure about that. (When a dog humps your leg, I don't think he's looking to make puppies). But I am sure that the sex act itself isn't sinful. It's how we get involved that can be wrong. When we make someone do something they're not comfortable with. When we have sex just for our own satisfaction, not thinking about our partner. When we just set out to see how many people we can screw, like it was just a contest. That's where the sin comes in."

"But the Bible says..."

"The Bible says a lot of things. And a lot of people misinterpret what it says, and most of us are very selective about what they choose to pay attention to and remember. Let me see if Ron can talk to us. He can explain things a hell of a lot better than I can."

Joe got Ron on his cell, and Ron told them to come on over to his place. Ron successfully explained that the world twenty-five hundred years ago had different understandings than we do today; but it's still hard to make a kid understand that, when he's been taught from birth that the only thing a dick was made for was to piss and to touch it for any other reason is dirty.

Joe took Bob back to campus, but as they left Ron whispered that Joe should come back later. Bob was relieved after their encounter.

Back at Ron's, Joe was commended on how he handled Bob's problem. "You've got to approach people with problems from their standpoint," Ron said. "You seemed to have done that. If you hit them head on and just preach to them, all you do is reinforce the confused thinking that created the problem, or you can just make them mad.

"All you've done for me is make me horny," he continued.

"That's too bad," Joe grinned.

Soon Ron was playing with Joe's tool. "You have such a beautiful dick," Ron said. "Such a big head. So straight and thick. I would love to touch you, even if I couldn't eat you."

"I love to have you do whatever you want with me," Joe moaned.

As Ron's hands continued to pleasure Joe's root, Joe removed his mentor's shirt, then undid his fly. Soon they were both naked and in Ron's bed. Only then did Ron take Joe into his mouth and begin to minister to his hard member.

"Feels so good," Joe panted.

"For me too," Ron gurgled.

"I've got to taste you too," Joe cried, and he quickly vaulted into the sixty-nine position, and took Ron's prong into his hungry mouth. They both slid their lips up and down the full length of their partner's throbbing bone.

It wasn't long before they came...almost simultaneously.

"Let's face it," Ron whispered, "we both love dick."

"And ass," Joe said.

In only a few minutes Joe was again hard as a steel rod.

"I gotta tap that pucker," he cried. "Gotta feel you spasm around my shaft."

"You first, then me," Ron replied. "Rim me good and I'll take you with just your jizz and my spit to lube your shaft. I don't need any grease to get between your dick and my ass."

Joe tongued Ron's sphincter and filled his hole with saliva. Then he slid the full length of his dick into Ron's ass, mashing his pubes against Ron's cheeks. "Yessss," he whispered.

"Fuck me, man. Give me some cum," Ron cried.

There was no longer reticence by either of them. They were now both caught up in the ecstasy of their passion. No sin. No regret.

"That was heavenly," Ron said.

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