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Paternal Instincts

By archer

Chapter 16

Matt was still asleep when Tim awoke and decided to get out of bed. It was the curse of the construction worker. He showered and dressed. He was going to his house in Flossmoor to get some clothes. Just before he left, he stood at the edge of the bed, and like a crane, bent at the waist to kiss Matt on the forehead.

Matt stirred and smiled lazily.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up."

"It's ok, babe. Where are you going?"

"To my house to get some clothes."

With a mischievous grin, Matt pulled Tim to the bed. They both giggled, then kissed.

"What if you run into one of your parents?"

"I'll deal with it."

"Want me to go with?" Native Chicagoans end their sentences with prepositions more often than not.

Tim kissed Matt. "Thanks, but I can handle it."

Tim's mom was sitting in the kitchen with a mug of coffee.

"You need to apologize to Kevin," she said without preface.

Without raising his voice, Tim responded simply and calmly, "No way. He needs to apologize to me." Tim started moving toward the stairs.

"But you started it...."

Tim spun around to face her. He maintained vocal control but his eyes flashed fury. "No, mom, you started it. You started it when you took it upon yourself to tell Kevin, Beth and Cathy. It's none of their business."

"They deserve to know the truth...."

"The hell they do." Jeannie was take aback by this outburst. "What I do in my bedroom is my business, and mine alone. You wouldn't want me talking about what you and dad do in the bedroom. Or lack thereof," he added with a smirk.

"No but...."

"I didn't think so," Tim responded smugly. "Where's dad?"

"I don't know. You know Kevin's not going to going to come over as long as you live here."

"Good for him."

"I won't be able to see my grandchildren and it's your fault."

Tim began to lose patience. "No, it's your fault, mom. If you hadn't told them, none of this would have happened. I am entitled to some privacy, even if I am your son."

"But, the grandkids..."

"You know what your problem is, mom? You lost all interest in us once we grew up. Once we weren't cute and cuddly anymore and didn't depend on you, it was all over for you."

"What a mean and hurtful thing to say." Jeannie started to cry.

"You're so big on the truth. There's the truth." Tim didn't care if he hurt his mother's feelings. He was past all caring. He had played the perfect son role for long enough. He turned and headed upstairs. Once in his room he extracted an old army duffel bag from deep in the closet and started throwing clothes in. He needed to bring his tan work boots also, but they didn't fit into the bag, and they were awkward to carry. So, he slipped of the sandals he was wearing, threw them in the bag along with his good NIkes, and slipped the boots on without tying them. From the upstairs bathroom, he grabbed his toiletries.

He slung the bag over his shoulder. In the dining room, he spotted his mother in a chair. Her limbs hung dejectedly over the edges of the chair.

"Where will you be?" She asked in an expressionless monotone.

"At a friend's house in Park Forest. Dad knows how to get a hold of me. And I have my cell phone in case Kevin decides he wants to talk about this like a human being."

Matt greeted him at the back door with a hug and a kiss. "Welcome home," he whispered.

The next few weeks were the happiest Matt had known in a long time. But, he wasn't used to deciding things with someone else. Chicken or pasta for dinner? Should we rent a movie or go out to the theater? Who picks up the mail? They learned a lot about each other in those first few weeks, too. Tim actually listened to country music, Matt detested it. Tim used Aquafresh; Matt used Crest. Tim disliked tomatoes; Matt hated meatloaf. Tim burned everything he attempted to cook. He had no concept of sorting laundry. But, he excelled in some skills Matt lacked. He fixed a leaky faucet in the basement bathroom. He assembled some furniture they bought at Target for the third bedroom. When one of Matt's cousins offered a bed to Matt, Tim enlisted the services of a McGraw and Sons pickup to get it from her house in Oak Lawn. He even changed the oil in Matt's car until Matt told him that it was forbidden by the cooperative association.

Tim tolerated Matt's snoring. He tried to cheer Matt up when he had a rough day at work. He was much better at balancing Matt's checkbook than Matt was; in fact, he excelled in math. He was attentive, affectionate, and had a good sense of humor. He even laughed at his own mistakes, like the time he tried to prepare something to eat for Matt Wednesday night when Matt worked late and, of course, it was burned.

All the little details that would have driven a couple to distraction, they tolerated because they were very much in love and because they both wanted the relationship to work. Unspoken in the back of both men's minds was the old cliché: It doesn't get much better than this.

They had one issue left: Tim's family. By mutual agreement, Tim would leave before Brian was scheduled to return July 22. He couldn't go back to Flossmoor until he reconciled with his family, especially his mom. It was Matt who suggested Leah might be able to help. They talked to her, explained the situation, and she responded that she would be more than glad to help. Tim began to make preparations to have the whole McGraw family meet with her in about a week.

July 8

Dear Brian:

I had a great 4th of July! Hope you had fun, too. Tim and I went to see the fireworks here in Park Forest. I had to work during the day, though. I had the next day off. We're going to have a little party when you get back. Marty will be there and so will Tim.
I'm still going to parenting classes at St. Luke's. They're required so I can get my foster license. I thought they would be boring, but they're actually pretty interesting! We have a final in August. I'm not looking foreword to that!
I took the first week of August off for vacation. I really have no idea what we're going to do yet.

Have fun!

Love, Matt


Once Gary was gone from camp, things did go much better for Brian. He actually had time to do some things he wanted to do. He found a good book in the library. He made a coffee mug for Matt in the pottery shack. He had time to participate in an evening ritual: begging the counselors to take them out in a boat or canoe during free time. A counselor was required on every boat. The boys soon learned which counselors would take them out, which ones might, and which ones would never do it. Tip and Dane both fell into the "might" category. Tip had a lot of additional duties because he was in charge of all the senior campers. He had to ensure they were doing their jobs, and doing them correctly. Dane simply liked to relax in the evenings.

This particular evening, Mike, Jason and Brian had convinced Dane to take them out in a boat. However, it was Brian's night to check on the animals. When Dane took over the nature lodge, he immediately set up a schedule. Dane and Brian worked together in their free period in the morning to feed the animals and clean the cages. Brian liked to work with him, and when they worked together, they finished their tasks in half the time. In the evenings, they alternated duty. Every other night Brian went to the lodge to check to see that all the animals had food and water. It usually took about twenty minutes to a half hour.

But Mike and especially Jason were anxious to go out on the lake. Mike suggested that they all go help Brian so he could finish earlier. They agreed to take a roundabout way to the nature lodge. If the campers saw that Brian was opening the lodge, they would all want to come in to see the animals, and the three boys would never clear the lodge until bedtime. Their shortcut took them through the junior quad and along a short path through the woods to the rear of the lodge. Once inside, they closed the door again.

Brian gave them brief directions. Mike added some food for the ducks and doves. Brian scooped the cat litter. Jason snooped around in the small office that doubled as food storage for the animals.

"I have to take a piss," Jason announced. He stood in front of the utility tub.

"No, no, don't!" Brian hurried to the office.

Before he could reach the office, Brian heard the drumming sound of Jason's stream of urine hitting the bottom of the deep fiberglass sink.

"Dude, that's gross."

"Well, how much animal piss have you washed down here? What's the difference?"

Mike peered around the corner in curiosity.

Jason didn't put his dick away immediately. Instead, he started rubbing it. He reached over to Brian's shorts, but Brian backed away.

"Take yours out."

It wasn't Brian, but Mike, who took his dick out next. Mike stepped into the tiny room and stood next to Jason.

"Lock the door," Mike said to Brian.

Brian did, and just as he returned to the office, he spotted Jason putting his left hand on Mike's little cock as casually as if he had done it dozens of times.

Jason encouraged Brian again. "Come on, take it out."

Brian hesitated, then unzipped his denim shorts, and pulled his cock out. Jason immediately reached over. No one else had ever touched his penis before. It was a strange, thrilling sensation. Jason had one hand on Mike's dick, and another on his own, so Brian decided to reach his right hand out to Jason's. His hand wavered at first. When Brian's fingertips touched the shaft, Jason let out a little sigh. The texture was that of velvet on steel.

Jason started a jacking motion on Brian's dick. Within seconds, all three boys were full erect, and soon thereafter, panting and moaning.

All too soon, it was over. Adolescent boys are not known for their sexual endurance. Jason stepped to the utility tub and shot his load into it. The sight of Jason doing this pushed Brian over the edge and he also ejaculated into the tub.

"It feels like I have to pee, but I can't," Mike complained.

The two other boys cracked up.

"Haven't you ever cum before?" Jason asked, still snickering.

"I...I'm not sure. I don't know."

"What about a wet dream?" Brian asked.

"I think I had one of those."

Brian zipped up his jeans. "I didn't mean to laugh. Here." He positioned himself behind Mike and steered Mike toward the sink. He took Mike's small, nearly hairless dick in his right hand and began masturbating the shorter boy. Jason watched over Mike's shoulder.

"OOOh, that feels so good," Mike moaned.

Brian quickened the motion. He didn't want to get caught doing this. Shortly, Mike was near orgasm. He arched his back, thrust his pelvis foreword and released his load. The first shot hit the back of the sink.

"If you tell anyone I did that, I'll kill you," Brian said to them both. He turned on the water and washed away the puddle of cum that had accumulated at the bottom.

Jason crashed out of the nature lodge. "Let's go find Dane before he changes his mind."

As Brian locked the front door again, Mike pulled him aside. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it." Brian said, then he grinned. "Really, don't mention it. Just giving a friend a helping hand." He chuckled at his own pun.

Mike dropped his voice. "I love you, Brian."

Brian was torn. He liked Mike, a lot in fact. But he wasn't attracted to him. Could it be he was in love with Mike? Brian didn't think so. He didn't want to hurt the other boy's feelings, so Brian did one of the things he did best: he changed the subject.

"Let's go catch up with Jason."
Matt and Tim

Marty had invited Matt and Tim to a party at his apartment. It would be mostly Marty's friends, although Matt knew some of them. Knowing Marty, Matt knew there would be a lot of people there. If the party got dull, which was unlikely, they could go to the 129 Club, or vice versa.

Matt looks handsome in his button-fly jeans and gray long-sleeved T-shirt. He had pushed the sleeves up to his elbows. He was wearing a simple silver chain around his neck, and it hung on the outside of his shirt. Tim was wearing khaki shorts and a loud print shirt over a white tank top. The shirt was unbuttoned and not tucked in. He was also wearing his tan work boots with white socks.

"Why are you wearing your work boots?" Matt asked him.

"Why? Is it politically incorrect?"

"No, not at all. I was just curious."

"I wanted to give them a thrill."

Matt chuckled. "Hon, you'll give them a thrill just by being there."

The skies threatened to open, and the additional humidity added miserably to the heat of the night. Mists seemed to be rising everywhere as they drove to Marty's.

"Why, oh, why is my best friend always late for my parties?" Marty kissed Matt on the lips. Then he addressed Tim. "And he brings you to break my heart." He gave Tim an innocent peck on the lips.

"I have to be fashionably late." Inwardly Matt was pleased that Marty had kissed Tim. He was the first of Matt's boyfriends that Marty approved of.

A few things were obvious from the outset of the party. Matt and Tim were very much in love. It was going to be a wild party. Tim was going to be one of the main attractions of the party. And there were certain guests there who wanted to cause trouble for Matt.

Marty took Matt by the elbow. "Could you be an angel and help with the hors d'oeuvres? My maid is on vacation. You can help, too, Tim."

"Oh, no he can't," Matt responded. "Food preparation is not one of Tim's strong suits."

"And guess who's here?" Marty paused for dramatic effect, even though he knew Matt despised guessing games. "Al Wagner."

"Al Wagner? THE Al Wagner? Captain of the football team? Voted most popular boy? Married right out of high school to the girl he got pregnant our junior year?"

"The very same."

"How? Why?"

"Seems he's divorcing the little woman and he's having questions about his sexuality."

"Sounds familiar," Tim chimed in. Matt grinned but tactfully refrained from replying.

"Well, I always say:  Ditch the bitch and make the switch."

In the kitchen, they worked silently for a time, placing vegetables on a tray, putting cheese puffs in the oven and taking them out. Marty appeared and disappeared with completed trays of food. An occasional guest wandered in to get a fresh drink.

When they had finished, they turned off the harsh overhead light but left a soft light on over the sink. They stood against a counter with their arms around each other. Both men occasionally dipped a carrot or broccoli floret in ranch dip. Their affection was constant. Matt rested a hand on Tim's back or shoulder. Tim preferred to hold hands. It was as if they believed that breaking physical contact would somehow break the magic. Few words were spoken between the two lovers. They communicated with their eyes, their smiles, their hands. In the kitchen, they felt safe and insulated from the brouhaha in the living room.

"Having fun?" Matt asked him.

"As long as I'm with you."

"you seem uncomfortable."

Marty burst into the kitchen again looking befuddled. "What did I come in here for?" he asked himself. "Oh....ashtrays." As he rummaged through a drawer, he said, "Let's end the suspense now. When is the wedding?"

Tim's' dimples appeared. "Well, Matt?"

Matt stammered, "Well, I...."

Marty pointed at Matt. "We know you won't be wearing white. Why don't you two pry yourselves apart and be social for a while?"

Marty led them into the living room. Matt recognized a lot of faces from the 129 Club. Some he knew only by sight; he didn't know their names. He did know the names of some the others, including James and Daniel.

As the trio entered the crowded living room, someone said, "Here comes the Neanderthal now."

No one could identify which direction the comment had come from. Matt could see Tim grinding his teeth, a sure sign he was angry.

"Some people have no manners," Marty sniffed loudly. He linked his arm through Tim's and the message was clear: Tim is my guest, too.

Al Wagner approached. He gave Matt a rather stiff hug. "Matt, it's been a long time."

"Yeah, it has. How have you been?"

"Oh, ok, I guess. You look really good, Matt." His eyes raked up and down Matt's body.

Al looked good, too. He had managed to avoid the potbelly that many high school jocks developed. He still had wide shoulders and a cute face. Matt remembered from gym classes that he was hung like a horse.

"Um.... Al, this is my boyfriend, Tim." They shook hands. "Al and I were in the same class in high school. And junior high."

"Didn't Marty need some help in the kitchen?" Tim addressed Matt.

Matt caught on to Tim's cue. "Excuse us, Al. We'll be making the rounds."

"I didn't know I would have to watch you," Tim finally commented quietly.

"Why? Am I misbehaving?"

"No, but other people are."

"Oh, you mean Al. You have nothing to worry about, Tim. I love you."

"Yeah, but I saw the way he looked at you."

"I'm very flattered that you feel the need to watch out for me me."

Tim grinned. "You're not getting rid of me that easily."

They kissed for a long time, pausing only when Daniel came in for another beer.

"Well, it's Matt and Muscleboy."

"Hi Daniel."

"Marty said he would set up the sling in the living room later." He addressed Tim, "If you like, I'll reserve a time for you."

"I think Marty has it reserved for you, Daniel." Daniel left with his fresh screwdriver.

"It's OK, babe," Matt rubbed Tim's back.

"I hate people like that. It's like the bumper sticker says, `Mean People Suck.'"

"I guess I deserved that. I insulted him one night. Ignore him. He's a prick"

"I just can't understand why people are like that."

"They're jealous, Tim."

"Jealous of what?"

"Of you. Of me for being involved with you. Of us for being in love. Daniel's lover is always out fucking around on him. They're jealous of you because you're so big and strong and handsome. And unavailable. But what they don't know is what a beautiful person you are inside. You are faithful and reliable and trustworthy. And you just came out to your family. Most of those old queens in there still haven't done that. But you know what amazes me the most?" Matt rested his head on Tim's shoulder.

"Tell me, babe."

"You waited for me. Even though I treated you like shit, and I told you I didn't want to get involved, you still persisted. I love you even more for that. But how did you know that I would eventually come around?"

"I'm not sure. Intuition, I guess. I wanted you so bad I was willing to put up with your shit. I knew you were the right one for me. " He kissed Matt's forehead. "I'm the lucky one. Matt. You have given me so much, and taught me to be proud of who I am."

Matt's hands had worked under Tim's tank top and he was playing with the other man's nipples.

The dimples appeared. "Keep playing with the knobs, young man, and I'll turn up the volume. It might not be appropriate here in the kitchen."

James entered the kitchen for another beer. He was already quite inebriated.

"Ooooooh! Look at you two! Is the orgy starting?" He walked over to Tim and started to rub his bicep. "Such a big, strong man! I'll be he's great in bed."

Tim forced a smile. "Please don't touch me."

Matt was more blunt. "James, fuck off."

Marty poked his hear into the kitchen. "Hey, Matt. Al's leaving. Do you want to say good-bye?"

To Marty he said, "Sure." To Tim he said, "I'll be right back, hon."

Matt and Marty met up with Al in the hallway where they exchanged awkward good-byes. From the kitchen, Matt could hear Tim's voice rising in anger.

"I said keep your fucking hands off me!"

Just before Matt made a dash for the other room, he and Marty exchanged surprised looks.

"Aw, big boy. I can't help it. You're such a pretty studmuffin," James slurred.

"Come on, James." Marty led him away by the elbow. "Daniel is in the living room."

"Are you OK?" Matt asked.

"Yeah. I'm so sorry, Matt. I didn't mean to lose my temper. I really made an ass out of myself. I ruined it for you."

"Don't worry about it. Most of these people are fuckheads, anyway. I'm ready to leave. How about you?"

"Yeah," Tim sighed his relief.

They said their good-byes to Marty. He was somewhat disappointed, but he understood.

The mist turned to droplets on the way to the car.

Tim said to Matt, "Remember what we talked about on the Fourth of July?"

"We talked about a lot of things. Refresh my memory."

"I want you to fuck me tonight."

Matt smiled. "really?"


"I want you to leave your boots on when we do it."

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