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Paternal Instincts

By archer

Chapter 17 Matt

Just inside the door to Matt’s townhouse, they kissed passionately.

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for, Tim?”

“For ruining the party for you.”

“You didn’t, loverboy. I didn’t know most of those old trolls, and the ones I did know aren’t worth worrying about. Actually, I’m the one who should be sorry. I wish things had gone differently with your family.”

Tim sighed. “My family has a lot of issues.”

“What natural family doesn’t? That’s why so many gay people have a gay family.” He kissed Tim’s forehead.

“You were here for me, Matt. That’s enough. I don’t know what I would have done without you.” He took Matt’s hand and began leading him upstairs. On the way, they paused to turn off a lamp in the living room.

“You probably would have a lot fewer problems.”

“That’s not true, Matt. Like Leah said, I would have never dealt with the issue.”

“Maybe you’re right. I still wish I could have made it easier for you.”

“You already have.” Tim sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled at the front of Matt’s shirt. “Kiss me.”

Matt did, and as he did he began tugging at Tim’s bright shirt. Their lips parted, reluctantly, so Matt could remove the garment. He did the same with Tim’s white tank top. Matt let out a sigh of appreciation.

“Your chest is so sexy,” Matt said, “And so are your boots.”

Matt’s fetish for men’s footwear bordered on an obsession. He wasn’t really attracted to feet, just shoes, and the bigger, the better. Matt was mostly aroused by boots, especially work boots. Biker boots, army boots, hiking boots, and to a lesser extent, cowboy boots turned Matt on. Athletic shoes also did it for him, especially white high-tops.

Matt knelt down on the floor between Tim’s knees. His tongue explored most of Tim’s chest, pausing to flick his nipples. His chest felt smooth and silken under his tongue.
Matt became aroused simply thinking about the request Tim had made on the Fourth of July. Tim wanted Matt to fuck him.

He kissed Tim’s lips again and as he did, he pondered about how their sex had changed. Before, it was hurried and clandestine and emotionless, at least on Matt’s part. It was almost like two adolescent boys messing around in the afternoon after school but before their parents returned home from work. Now it was an extension of their love. Orgasm was no longer their primary goal. The goal was now to please the other man and to demonstrate their passion for each other.

Matt attempted to pull off Tim’s shorts and underwear over his boots, which was a tricky task. They both giggled as Matt struggled. Once he had the shorts off, he took Tim’s thick, fully erect cock in his left hand while resting his right hand on the back of Tim’s neck. They looked in each other’s eyes. There, each man saw a reflection of his love.

Outside, flashes of lightening silhouetted the windows, but the thunder was tardy in responding. Matt was masturbating Tim with his left hand and himself with his right hand. Matt slowed the pace a bit. He wanted this to last. The length of time that each sexual encounter lasted had also increased. That was another thing that had changed about their relationship. They had learned much about each other’s sexual rhythms and which erotic buttons to push.

“Please, Matt,” Tim whispered as he raised his knees. He presented his beautiful hole to Matt.

Matt grabbed the bottle of lube from the night stand. He smeared the viscous liquid over his middle finger and then on Tim’s crack and his pinkish brown pucker.

“OK, hon. I’m going to take it slow. Let me know if there’s any pain at all.”

Tim nodded. Matt’s middle finger slipped in to the first knuckle. Tim moaned involuntarily.

“Are you OK?”

“Yeah,” he panted. “I want it, Matt.” Using every bit of willpower he could muster, Matt very slowly pushed his finger deeper into Tim’s throbbing love channel. Matt found himself timing the period between the lightening and the resulting clap of thunder to maintain concentration. Finally the finger could go no further.

Tim propped himself on his elbows. “It’s all the way in, isn’t it?”

Matt grinned at him. “Yeah.”

Tim reached down between his legs and his fingertips read what his eyes could not see. Matt’s finger indeed had invaded Tim’s body. “Fuck me with your finger.”

Slowly at first, Matt complied. Gradually, Matt added a second finger to the first. Tim was still propped on his elbows. He placed his boots on either side of Matt’s head and they rested on his shoulders. Without warning he lifted his back off the bed by shifting his weight to his elbows. He thrust his pelvis forward toward Matt. Tim’s hungry hole swallowed both of Matt’s fingers as far as they could go. Matt was a bit astonished by Tim's lusty action.

“Are you OK, Tim?”

“Yes. Never better.”

“No pain?”

“A little,” he admitted. “But I want it. I want it so bad. Fuck me, Matt.”

Matt slowly removed his fingers. He pushed Tim back on the bed and they kissed. As they did, Matt’s erection brushed Tim’s ass. It felt like a hot rod of steel awaiting entrance.

Matt had a bit of trouble inserting his cock at first. Twice it popped out.

“Relax,” he advised Tim. “Concentrate on it.” Tim complied and on the third attempt, the head slid in.

“More,” Tim begged. His hands clutched the sheets.

Ever so gradually, Matt worked his cock in until his balls rested on Tim’s ass. Matt tenderly reached up and touched Tim’s face. Tim took Matt’s right index finger in his mouth and sucked on it.

“It’s all the way in.” Tim’s voice was part statement and part question.

“Yeah, babe.”

“Fuck me, Matt. Fuck my hole.”

Matt began pumping his meat into Tim’s ass. Tim began panting in rhythm to Matt’s thrusts, but he was unaware of it. Tim was also unaware of the thunderstorm outside, the sweat that was gathering on his forehead, or the fact that he was pulling the sheets off the mattress. He was only aware of the sensation that centered on his ashore. Matt was inside him. They were one. Tim somehow felt a glow spread from his ass to his abdomen, chest and thighs, then to his neck, arms, feet and finally, his head. Tim was aware only that Matt was loving him in the most intimate way two men could.

Matt’s senses were filled with Tim. He felt Tim’s hot hole gripping his cock. He could also feel Tim’s strong, meaty thighs covered by soft downy hair. He could smell the leather of Tim’s boots which still rested on his shoulders. The sight of Tim on the bed, with his eyes closed and his lips slightly parted was enough to send Matt over the edge. Tim’s abdominal muscles were tensed, and Matt adored the sight of Tim’s six pack. Matt heard him pant with each thrust, and the bed squeaked in unison. Matt had never imagined that such a hot, virile, masculine stud could be taken so completely and richly.

“I can’t hold it anymore, Tim. I’m going to cum.” Matt pulled out, hastily yanked the condom off, and covered Tim’s belly, cock and balls with his load.

Using Matt’s semen as a lubricant, Tim began jacking himself off and almost immediately added his own load to Matt’s. Matt collapsed on top of Tim and they kissed again. Tim loved to hold Matt after sex, and he especially loved to feel the weight of Matt on top of him. Matt was never heavy.

Matt was exhausted. He had had a few drinks at Marty’s. That, plus the physical exertion of sex made Matt doze off.

Tim didn’t care; he was relaxed, happy and satisfied. This was the man who loved him, trusted him and believed in him. Matt challenged him to change and grow. Only Matt could make his body and soul feel so good. I never felt pain, Tim thought, then corrected himself. Only for a few seconds at the beginning.

Matt roused slightly and rolled off Tim. Tim got up, took a shower and returned to bed. Matt was still sleeping peacefully. He pulled Matt closer to him.

Tim wasn’t particularly religious, although he was always looking for new mystical and spiritual experiences. Tonight the two men had made sex a spiritual experience. Tim whispered a little prayer of thanksgiving.

God, thank you for Matt and thank you for this night. Thanks for letting Matt in my life. Please let him be the one. And please don’t let Matt find out my secret. He would be so disappointed in me. It means so much to him. Please don’t let him find out.

July 13

Dear Matt:

Sorry I haven’t written sooner, but a lot of things have been going on here.

Gary got fired. He was a prick anyway. The new nature counselor is Dane and he’s from England. He doesn't know as much about nature, but he’s a lot more reliable and I like him.

I’m making lots of new friends up here, too. You get to know a lot of kids that you never meet on campus.

We have a kitten at the Nature Lodge. He needs a home when camp is over. He’s really sweet - he’s black and gray and his name is Prints. We can’t keep him on campus, and none of the counselors want him. Would you take him? Please let me know.

Love, Brian

PS Could you please send me batteries for my Walkman and flashlight?


Tip was originally from Boston and had a rather thick accent. Tommy had never been to Boston, but his speech sounded like he was. He had trouble pronouncing the ‘R’ sound. Brian sometimes had to ask the redheaded boy to repeat himself several times.

And there were plenty of opportunities. Tommy had become Brian’s shadow. As the end of the first camp period drew to a close, the counselors were more and more lax about making sure the campers went to their assigned activities. As a result, Tommy discovered he could be around Brian longer.

Tommy was toward the top of the camp social hierarchy despite his speech problems. He was a good looking boy, and that counted in his favor, and he had a winning smile and an easygoing manner. Most importantly, he was a good athlete -- not extraordinary -- but good enough to take some of the attention away from his speech.

Mike and Jason tended to ignore Tommy but for different reasons. Jason simply couldn’t be bothered with the younger boys. His attitude was similar to most of the older boys at St. Luke’s. The younger boys simply didn’t exist. They were to be ignored. Mike was jealous of Tommy, plain and simple. Tommy always seemed to be around, like a mosquito buzzing in his ear, and it irritated him. He was also angry that Brian was affectionate with Tommy and not with him. Neither boy wanted Tommy to hang around with them and their plans for the evening free period were designed to exclude Tommy rather than include him.

What Mike didn’t understand is that it was precisely because Tommy was younger that Brian felt he could be affectionate. Also, sex wasn’t an issue with Tommy, as it was with Mike. After the incident in the nature lodge, there was an unspoken tension between them. Mike never said it outright, but insinuated that he wanted it to happen again. Brian simply wasn’t interested.

About a week before the end of the first camp period Brian and Tommy convinced Tip to take them out in a canoe. The trio talked and laughed easily as the boys put on their life jackets and Tip prepared the canoe. Clouds were moving in from the west, but it did not look like a storm. Streaks of the setting sun poked through the thickening clouds.

Their chatter stopped when they spotted an eagle lazily gliding over one edge of the lake. All three stopped to watch in wonder and awe at the grace of the huge bird.

“Are you going to stay at Matt’s for the rest of the summer?” Tip asked Brian after the eagle disappeared.

Brian wished Tip hadn’t brought the subject up. He had been having so much fun, that he didn’t want to think about the end of camp. But Tip’s question brought him back to reality. “I’m going to spend weekends there. He might take me on vacation.”

“Aren’t you excited?” The man asked the boy.


“You don’t sound too excited.”

“I’ll miss camp and certain people.” Brian and Tommy exchanged looks. Tommy didn’t like the direction of this conversation either.

The trio was almost in the middle of the lake.

“I had a good time, thanks to you,” Brian said to Tip.

“No, you made it fun. You have only yourself to thank.” The counselor lowered his voice. “But, I’ll miss you, too. The counselors aren’t supposed to have favorites, but you are one of my favorites. You, too, Tommy. And if either of you repeat this, I’ll just deny it.” He chuckled.

They watched the gathering clouds in silence for a time. They seemed to grow more threatening.

“Tip,” Tommy spoke up timidly after a time, “If anything happened to my natural mother, would you adopt me?”

A smile slowly spread across Tip’s face. He framed his answer very carefully. “I think I would. But, you’ll be adopted by someone long before that happens. You’re a great kid. So are you, Brian.”

Brian was puzzled. He wondered about the purpose of Tommy’s question.

“Looks like we’re going to get some rain. We’d better head back to the dock.

As Tip and Brian paddled toward the dock, Brian commented, “It’s been fun. A lot more fun than I thought. But I won’t miss Gary. Or Demetrius.”

“That kid is a prick,” Tip mumbled, emphasizing the ‘K’ sound. The two campers exchanged surprised looks. The had never heard Tip talk like this before. Large droplets of rain began to splatter on their skin.

“Well, guys, I guess we’re having a video tonight. Help me get the canoe onto the shore, please.”

“What’s the movie?”

“I think it’s A Night to Remember.”

Camp Homewood had a projection TV donated by an alumnus of the school. It had been installed in the Main Lodge. The high-tech piece of equipment seemed incongruous in the Lodge, which was constructed of logs. The counselors knew that the combination of a movie and the cool damp air that accompanied the rain would lull the campers into sleeping soundly.

Rain was coming down in earnest when Tip, Brian and Tommy rounded the corner of the lodge. Almost everyone else had gathered in the building and the contrast of temperatures was acute. Outside the air was cooling fast; inside it was warm and humid.

Brian found a bench in a rear corner and Tommy followed him. Tommy made himself comfortable on Brian.

Brian liked A Night to Remember even if it was in black and white. Bill paused the tape halfway for a bathroom break and Cory made popcorn in an ancient donated commercial machine.

Brian felt at peace and happy. Brian wondered what it was about Tommy that he sought out his company. It certainly wasn’t sex, although Tommy was handsome. It went deeper. Tommy felt like a little brother. Tommy idolized him and that was a boost to his ego. Tommy liked him, no matter what.

He didn’t want to think about leaving his friends and the adults he had become close to in three short weeks. He thrust those thoughts out of his mind. He would see Jason, Mike and Tommy again in the fall when they all returned to campus. He could keep in touch with Tip and Dane by mail. He was a good letter writer. He would have time to work out his relationship with Mike. And maybe he could get together again with Jason.

Little did Brian know that nothing was going to turn out the way he planned.


The rain stopped late that night. A redheaded boy left his cabin to go to the bathroom. He had slipped on a T-shirt and shoes. He knew the paths that led to the bathhouse had turned to rivers of mud due to the rain.

Instead of going back to Menominee, he veered right on the path that led to the Senior quad. His destination was Illini.

Tommy was a bit frightened by the night. The canopy of trees continued to drip rain, and each breeze created another cascade of droplets from the sodden leaves and branches. Otherwise, the night was quiet and still. He noticed a light still on in Bill’s cabin.

Because he knew the spring on the cabin door would squeak when he opened the door to Illini, Tommy opened it gingerly. He stuck his head in first to see if anyone was awake. He heard only snoring.

He didn’t know where Brian’s bed was, but he looked for his blond hair. Behind the counselor’s room, in the light from the sodium vapor lamp outside, he spotted Brian. He removed his shoes and slipped under the sheets with Brian.

“Huh? Wha....”

“Shh! It’s me. Tommy.”



“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to be with you.”

“What time is it?”

“I dunno. Late. After midnight.”

“Go back to your own bed.”

“I can’t. I’m scared,” Tommy lied.

“Well, you got here, didn’t you? How did you get here, anyway?”

“I walked.”

“Well, duh. I’m serious, Tommy. If they find you here, we’re both in deep shit.”

“I wanna sleep with you. Please?”

“You don’t wet the bed, do you?”

“No way. Please?” He repeated, softer this time.

“Oh, OK. But you have to leave early tomorrow. Before anyone else gets up. I’ll set my watch. It has an alarm.” It took Brian a while to set his watch for 5:30 in the dark, but he finally accomplished it. He had never used the alarm feature before and he prayed it went off in time to get Tommy out of Illini without anyone seeing him.

The night was cool and they snuggled together. Brian’s hand was on Tommy’s chest, and he could feel it rise and fall with each breath.

“I pretend you’re my big brother,” Tommy whispered.

“Aww, that’s sweet.”

Brian was about to drift off to sleep, when he heard Tommy whisper something to him. Brian asked him to repeat it.

“I said I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Brian whispered back.

Brian’s watch did go off at 5:30 the next morning, and luckily, Tommy was sleeping on Brian’s wrist. Otherwise it might have awakened the whole cabin. Tommy left without incident and stumbled his way sleepily back to his own cabin.

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