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Paternal Instincts

By Archer

Chapter 39

Brian and Mike lay face to face on Brian’s bed. They were glad to be alone at last and free from adult eyes to express their love for each other. Considering that Brian lived with an openly gay couple and Mike with a very liberal-minded foster mother, it seemed strange that they should have to sneak around to have sex. Matt had tried to explain it to him, but Brian still didn’t understand. In truth, he didn’t want to understand.

"Brian," Matt had told him, "you’re going to have sex no matter what I say. But that doesn’t mean I have to approve of it. You’re simply too young. Thirteen is too young to have adult sex."

"But dad…"

"I don’t want to know about it. Just because I’m also gay, you can’t assume you and Mike can diddle each other whenever you like. Make sure you are practicing safe sex, Brian. And, for God’s sake, keep Tommy out of it."

Brian was more than glad to comply with the last of Matt’s commandments. Brian prayed Tommy didn’t have another nightmare again tonight. Last night the redhead had ended up sleeping with him. He loved Tommy, but he didn’t want to share Mike. They had to work to sneak time together. And he knew Mike was insecure enough to begin with.

Face to face they held each other as if someone were going to burst into the room and tear them apart. Their firm stomachs were pressed together as they embraced. The room was lit with the Christmas lights around the perimeter of the window. The cheery lights almost added warmth to the room.

"I love you so much, Brian. I don’t know what you see in me."

Inwardly, Brian sighed. He’d had to explain this a thousand times to him. He kissed his ear. "You are good looking. And you’re romantic and intelligent and funny. And I like being around you."

"We’re so lucky."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, we’re thirteen. Think about all the kids our age who are gay but don’t have anyone. You have Matt and Tim to talk to."

Brian snorted. "But they’re old. In some ways, they’re just like any other adults."

"Yeah, but you could if you needed to. And so could I."



"Shut up and kiss me."

Mike did, and worked his hand into Brian’s underwear and took hold of his cock.

"Let’s make it twice in a day," Mike whispered.


In the master bedroom, Tim and Matt were engaging in their own rituals.

"You feet are cold again," Matt complained.

"Wanna warm then up?"

With a grin, Matt said, "OK." He repositioned himself and took his right foot in his hand and began to rub. Matt loved his feet. They were so big and masculine, but unusually hairless. Tim kept his toenails clean and clipped. Matt took his left foot in his hand and rubbed it.

Tim raised his head so he could see Matt. By the Christmas lights around the windows, he could almost see a mischievous glint in Matt’s eyes. Without warning he took his big toe in his mouth and sucked it.

"Oooo! That tickles!"

"Shh-h! Lay down, big boy." Matt drew a moist, hot trail with his tongue up his ankle, then his calf, and finally his thigh. Matt grinned and glanced up at Tim’s face once more before planting his lips firmly on Tim’s inner thigh. There, he sucked for all he was worth. His goal was to leave a hickey on the inside of his thigh.

Tim’s hands grabbed the mattress as his head sloshed from side to side. His lips were slightly parted as incoherent little moaning sounds escaped. Matt stopped sucking and withdrew to admire his handiwork in the dim light.

But, he wasn’t finished. He pulled Tim’s underwear off. Tim obligingly lifted his rump off the bed. Matt tossed them carelessly. He placed his hands behind Tim’s knees and lifted them up, revealing his most secret place. It was pink and perfect and begging to be serviced. Matt plunged into Tim’s hole with his tongue.

He worked the pucker mercilessly with his tongue and lips, slathering it with his own hot saliva. Tim rested a hand on top of Matt’s head. His stiff cock bounced against his pubes, and oozed precum.

"Matt, Matt," he moaned.

Matt stopped just long enough to shush him before continuing. He slipped his middle finger in his mouth and placed the tip at the now-moist entrance to his tunnel. He paused just a second before slipping it in to the first knuckle.

Tim let out a burst of air in appreciation.

By the time Matt worked his finger in to the second knuckle, he took Tim’s cock in his mouth as well. Matt worked his finger in and out of Tim’s hungry hole while he sucked his cock as if it were a sucker.

"Yes, Matt, yes, yes, YES!" Tim released his load before Matt could remove his mouth.


In the adjoining bedroom, two thirteen-year-olds were exploring each other’s bodies. Matt and Tim were oblivious to the squeaking bed because of their own reindeer games.

Brian and Mike had shifted positions to a sixty-nine. Mike had only sucked Brian once before, but then Brian had sucked Mike less than ten times. They were still learning about their sexuality; allowing their hormones to do the guiding.

Brian loved the mouth-feel of Mike’s cock. It felt right to him. And Mike was doing an adequate job on his own adolescent prick, taking care not to graze the sensitive skin with his teeth and applying more pressure and rhythm than last time. Mike had worked his hands under his T-shirt and allowed his fingertips to explore the smooth skin.

Mike was first to cum. His load burst onto Brian’s neck.

Mike began massaging Brian’s scrotum while he sucked. The sensation sent Brian over the edge. Mike swallowed Brian’s load.

"Dude, I don’t think that was too safe," Brian cautioned.

Mike sat up and shrugged.

Brian retrieved a towel he had stashed away specifically for the purpose of cleaning up after sex. He wiped his neck off. Mike slipped on a pair of Brian’s underwear, and scooted to the bathroom. Brian heard him brushing his teeth.

When Mike returned, Brian took him in his arms and kissed him.

"Your breath smells good," Brian said as he brushed Mike’s cock through the cotton underwear. His own underwear, he remembered. It was odd in a way. By touching Mike, he was also touching a bit of himself.

They snuggled in bed again, drowsy and satiated.

Five males slept peacefully in the townhouse with the clear lights around the windows that damp, chilly November night. Two pairs had used their bodies to demonstrate their love for each other.

And the lights twinkled on their sleeping faces and in their peaceful hearts.



At 8 AM that Sunday morning, Matt began rousing the boys. Tim was already half-awake.

"What's up, Matt?" Tim asked sleepily. "Where are you taking us now?" He rolled over in bed like a dolphin in the water.

Matt kissed him, despite his morning breath. "When my sister and I were young, my mom used to take us out of school for the day and go to a downtown museum. I remember one time when she called in to the school to tell the principal that we would be absent that day. I remember she told the principal that we would learn more at the museum than at school that day. Of course, when we heard that, we laughed our asses off. But we did end up going to almost every major museum in Chicago, and I am very grateful for that. I did learn a lot from those outings. After the museum, we would go to some unusual restaurant for lunch. Hell, I was eating Thai and Ukrainian food long before the world discovered it."

"Your mom is something. I really love her." He paused and looked at the corner of the room in a pensive way. "I wish my mom was more like her."

Matt pushed his hair off his forehead. Tim's hair was longer than Matt had ever seen it, but it was still attractive. Matt agreed with him, but it would have been unseemly to admit it.

"So where are we going, you lunatic?"

"It's a surprise."

"Surprise? I'll give you a surprise," Tim said as he wrestled Matt to the bed and started tickling him. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Mike and Brian standing in the doorway with their mouths agape, before Brian leapt on the bed with a whoop.

"Tickle Matt!" he shouted in a cracking voice. Three pairs of hands were tickling his ribs and feet.

"Stop!" Matt gasped.

Tim and the two boys tickled him relentlessly until he was gasping for air. Tim finally put an end to his torture. "OK, guys, take it easy, now."

"Let's go wake up Tommy!" Brian yelled.

"No!" Tim commanded.

"Why not?"

"How would you like to be awakened like that?"

"Matt was asleep."

"No, I was awake. Do not wake him up like that."

As it turned out, it probably would have been better if they had pounced on his bed and tickled him. They were about to discover one of Tommy's most frustrating traits; he was difficult to get out of bed in the morning. In the end, Matt almost ended up dragging him physically out of bed.

Naturally, Matt had already pre-arranged the outing with Leah, and she was the only other person who knew their destination. Matt made them a breakfast of oatmeal with raisins, toasted bagels and orange juice.

They continued to ask Matt where they were going and he teased them by refusing to tell them until they had taken their showers. With two showers, the chore went a little faster, but the water was cold by the time Matt took the upstairs shower and Tim the basement one.

"When we get back, we're going to work on the schedule," Matt told them as they moved west on Route 30, which was void of all traffic this Sunday morning.

Predictably, Tommy and Brian groaned.

"Matthew, where are we going?" Tim demanded.

"This will explain it." He slipped a cassette into the player. The unmistakable percussion and whining keyboards introduced the song as She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby.

"Dad, this song is so old," Brian said.

"I still don't get it," Tommy mumbled. "Where are we going?"

"To the Museum of Science and Industry," Mike told him. "Get it? SCIENCE!" Mike spoke the word 'science' as Dolby did in the song, producing a round of laughs.

"But why so early?" Brian grumbled.

"To avoid the crowds. Matt explained. "This way we'll be able to see the most popular stuff right away."

The Museum was positioned on the southeast corner of Hyde Park. It was the only building that survived the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. When the fair was over, the building sat vacant for more than ten years. It housed the Field Museum briefly. Then, Julius Rosenwald, one of the founders of Sears, Roebuck and Company had the vision to fund a hands-on science museum copied from one he had visited in Germany.

He began in 1933 by replacing the temporary Beaux-Arts fašade with limestone. Inside, steel beams replaced wood. The public spaces were decorated in a riotous Art Deco style in direct contrast to the exterior.

Every exhibit was to engage the visitor by inviting them to turn cranks, push buttons, apply pressure to levers and touch, listen and view the displays. The Museum of Science and Industry was meant to be an interactive science and technology museum from the very start. No static displays of stuffed animals here. Learning was intended to be fun and engaging. It was a revolutionary idea in American museums.

The museum staff continued to add to the displays. A captured German World War II submarine was shipped to Lake Michigan and crossed Lake Shore Drive to become a display. An entire streamlined trainset from the Burlington Northern, The Zephyr, also became a display. In the mid-1980's an addition was built to house the Omnimax Theater and the Henry Crown Space Center.

Also, in the 1980's the museum started charging an admission fee for the very first time. Until that time, incredibly, admission was free, except for separate fees for the Coal Mine, the U-505 Submarine and the Omnimax. That didn't deter the millions who still trekked to it's doors and made the museum one of the top destinations in Chicago, right behind the Bulls in the new United Center. It was still the largest science museum in North America.

Matt had been right. By the time they arrived at the museum at 10:30 that morning, they found a good parking space and sailed right into the building.

"The plan is to go to the biggest stuff first, like the Submarine and the Coal Mine before the crowds hit," he told them as he led them down the green stairs.

All five were startled at the cramped quarters of the U-505 Submarine. The tour guide was a perky African American girl who still had a lot of energy this time in the morning.

"Wonder how many times she has to repeat this," Tim whispered to Matt.

All the knobs, controls and meters were in German. The short bunks looked uncomfortable and the guide told them the men slept in shifts. The mattress was often warm from the previous sailor when they went to bed.

"Sounds kinda sexy to me," Matt whispered to Tim.

Next, they caught the next show at the Omnimax Theater. The show was about Australian wildlife. Not one of them had been to the theater before, and although Matt had been hoping for a film about space, he wasn't disappointed. The images were projected inside a 5-story dome. They could almost feel the heat of the Australian outback, so realistic and crisp were the images. Tommy held Tim's hand, as he would for most of the day. Brian allowed Matt to put an arm around his shoulders.

After the show, they descended to the Coal Mine, a reproduction of a southern Illinois coal mine in the basement of the building. They rode in open cars like those on a roller coaster. Brian and Mike sat in one, and Tommy shoehorned himself between Matt and Tim. The train progressed slowly as a guide pointed out the various excavating machines and tools.

When they exited the Coal Mine, they found themselves on the lower level. They proceeded to the huge rest room with it's rows of urinals. As they entered, they passed another boy with a man who was perhaps Tim's age, but too young to be the boy's father. Still, there was a definite family resemblance. Significant looks passed between them. I know you're gay, too.

Moments later, Matt waited outside with Brian for the others to finish.

"Did you see that guy with his father come out when we were going in?" Brian said to Matt in a soft voice.

"Yeah," Matt smiled. "But I don't think he was the kid's father. He was too young."

"Were they…."

"They were family," Matt nodded.

Brian chuckled. "Family. I like that." He leaned toward Matt close enough to be affectionate, but not close enough to draw glances or unwanted stares.

Matt and Brian would run into the brothers again later. Coincidentally, Tad Balzekas had taken his younger brother Dennis on a museum outing as well.


When the others joined then, Matt exclaimed, "Hey, we're near the Fairy Castle!"

"Faa-aa--abulous," Brian said, and they all laughed.

"What's that?" Tommy asked.

"It's a doll house," Matt began to explain.

"I don't want to see no doll house," Tommy protested.

Matt smiled at him. He had said the exact same thing to his mom eons ago. He gently took Tommy's hand and said, "Sure you do. It's very special and expensive. There's real jewels and gold and silver. All the lights work and there's running water."

"I still don't want to see it," Tommy pouted.

"Tell you what," Matt said with a wink to Tim. "Just come and look at it, and if you don't like it, Tim will take you out and wait for us, OK?"

"OK," he said hesitantly.

Colleen Moore, a silent film star, had donated the Fairy Castle to the Museum. Museum purists had protested its placement, since it really had nothing to do with science. The castle's defenders said that it took a great deal of technology to produce such tiny furnishings and, besides, they couldn't turn down such a donation. From the first day it went on display, it was one of the most popular exhibits.

All five marveled at the exquisitely decorated rooms, the miniature furniture and the craftsmanship that it took to produce such a creation. No one was more enthralled than Tommy. Perhaps it represented the home and security he always wanted. It was so unlike his filthy apartment in Evergreen Park he had previously called home.

From there, they went up to the balcony where they watched the model trains, pulled levers, twisted knobs and pushed buttons in the Hall of Basic Science. Solemnly, they entered the new display on AIDS. MSI was the first major museum to present a permanent public display on the science of AIDS and how it destroys the immune system.

Also on the balcony was the famous walk-through human heart.

"Imagine if this person had a heart attack," Mike commented. "It would be one huge heart attack."

In a room off the balcony, they wandered into a room called LEGOS Mindstorms. It was presented as a unique family learning experience. In the center of the room was a huge landscape surrounded by eight computer workstations. The landscape represented desert areas, grassy plains and low mountains. In pairs or groups of three, visitors assembled a mechanical creation out of Legos and various tiny electrical motors and then control them at a computer workstation. The boys watched enthralled as a father and daughter maneuvered their rover type creation in a gully.

"Please can we do this?" Tommy asked. "It looks like fun."

"Yeah," Brian agreed. "Please?"

"It does look like fun," Tim grinned.

There was an attendant at the desk. They discovered that reservations were required, and the next available slot was 2 PM. They also found that it was an additional $5 per visitor.

"It's only 12:30," Matt observed.

"I'm sure we can find something to see in the meantime. It'll be worth it," he reassured Matt.

They paid the fees, and signed up.

In the meantime they descended back to the main floor, where they viewed Yesterday's Main Street. The storefronts and street had been so lovingly reproduced it was like walking back in time. They went to the Communications Zone where they found many of the computerized displays malfunctioning. In the Whispering Gallery, they marveled at how well sound could be transmitted by a curved piece of glass. They viewed the IMAGES gallery, which featured computer graphics, heat sensing technology and infrared imagining.

All three boys bounded toward the computer workstations in the LEGOS Mindstorms area when their reserved time arrived at 2 PM. They could barely contain their excitement. Mike and Brian shared a station with Tim while Matt helped Tommy. The two groups assembled Rube Goldberg-looking devices and attached them to the computer interface. They learned from trial and error and both took their machines off the table for alterations.

For a brief moment, Matt watched as Tim adjusted the wheels on their cart, while the boys looked over his shoulders with wide eyes. After all, Tim was the expert when it came to construction. Brian had placed a hand on his shoulder. Matt and Tommy had constructed a vehicle that bore a striking resemblance to the Lunar Rover used by the Apollo astronauts on the moon. Tommy was perched contentedly on Matt's left knee as he steered it through computer controls.

"Know what, Matt?" Tommy said without removing his eyes from their dune buggy.


"This is the best time I ever had."


"Ever," he said with finality. After a pause he said, "Science!" as if he were Thomas Dolby.

They started home a little after 3 PM. They stopped at the Museum Store where the boys spent the ten dollars Matt had given each to spend. Tommy rode atop Tim's shoulders on the way back to the car. Matt had originally planned on stopping in Chinatown, but they were tired and wanted to get home. Instead they stopped at White Castle in Chicago Heights.

"I love Sliders!" Mike exclaimed.

"That's the way it is with White Castles. Either you love them or hate them." Matt replied. Even if anyone had hated the two-inch-square burgers, they were too hungry to protest.

"You know," Tim said, "It may be time to think about a new vehicle."

"Yeah," Brian agreed. The back seat of the Saturn was extremely cramped, and only intended for two passengers. Poor Brian almost had his knees in his nostrils.

"I don’t know," Matt said hesitantly. "This is the best car I've ever owned."

"Maybe you could trade it in for a sedan," Tim suggested.

"Or maybe you could trade your car in," Matt said rather bitchily.

"OK," Tim teased Matt, "I'll get a Caravan with fake wood grain panels."

"You do that, and I'll change the locks when you're not home," Matt replied in the same vein.

"You could get a Blazer," Brian piped up. Chevy Blazers were the vehicle of the moment. Sport Utility Vehicles had become the rage, and Michael Jordan had made the Blazer even more popular with his endorsement.

"They're gas hogs," Matt grumped.

"Maybe, Brian," Tim responded, ignoring Matt. "We'll see."


Once home, they sent Mike to Leah's along with his souvenirs and memories.

They struggled with the chore schedule over mugs of hot chocolate, except Matt who drank tea. Matt promised Brian $10 a week and Tommy $5 if they completed their chores without too much nagging. When Tommy came to live with them full time, he would earn the same as Brian.

When they cleared the dining room table from dinner, Matt produced a wreath of plastic evergreen with four candleholders.

"What's that?" "Can I light it?"

"It's an Advent Wreath." He inserted three purple candles and one rose candle in the wreath.

Matt smiled at the boys and at Tim. "This is the First Sunday of Advent. Everything about the wreath has some symbolic meaning. Look at the candles."

"Why are there three purple and one pink?" Tommy asked.

"That's a good question. Purple represents repentance for Catholics. So we light the purple candles on each of the first three Sundays and the rose candle on the fourth before Christmas. The candles remind us that we are preparing our hearts for the birth of Jesus. The light of the candles reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world. Why do you think we use an evergreen for the wreath, and not, say, oak?"

Brian spoke up. "Because evergreens are always green, even in winter."

"That's right," Matt smiled at him. "Why is it a circle, and not a square or a rectangle?"

"A circle has no beginning and no end," Tim said.

"Excellent." He handed a matchbook to Brian. "Go ahead and light one purple candle."

"I want to do it," Tommy whined.

"You can do it next week," Matt told him.

"Any purple candle?"

Matt nodded. "Any one."

From a little pamphlet, Matt read a prayer for the First Sunday of Advent. Tommy held one of Matt's hands and one of Tim's hands. Brian slipped an arm around Matt's waist.

Brian lit the candle on the Advent Wreath. It symbolized the light of understanding and the unbroken circle of love that surrounded them.

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