Physics with Martin.

I have never thought of myself as a person who would do anything with a guy, nor anyone who would write one of these stories but here we are. Interesting.

My name is Brian and I have always considered myself to be straight. In fact, I am straight, despite the encounter you will read about in this story. I am six feet tall, 20 years old, white, reasonably tan, and skinny. I have never been athletic and I don't work out...I'm just one of those people who can eat anything all day long and never gain weight. I am also somewhat hairy. I have a thick patch in the middle of my chest that gets sparser as it goes out and a line of hair going down my stomach, to my bellybutton, and then to my pubes. I have hairy legs and a little on my ass, but, strangely, I have very little facial hair. There is a little around my chin and upper lip, but I could never grow a beard. Thankfully, I have no hair on my back.

I started taking physics at my university last summer, starting around the beginning of June. I had taken lots of physics in high school at a high level and since this stuff was just algebra-based math most of the time, I almost never studied and I aced everything. I missed a week of class one time---one day because of a bad hangover and the rest of the week because I'm lazy and enjoy sleeping in. I went to a study group being held that Saturday to get the notes and a listing of all the homework that had been assigned. There were six people there, all of whom had never taken a physics course before so they were struggling.

As soon as I got there, I was absolutely arrested by one guy. Remember, I always thought of myself as straight, so finding a guy attractive was strange to me. He was a little shorter than me, perhaps 5'9, and was just stunningly handsome. He had brown/black hair that was hidden by a baseball cap and a thin, neatly-kept beard. He wore a polo shirt and, with the buttons open, I could see a magnificently hairy chest. His legs were covered with at thick fuzz, too, and he had the most striking blue eyes. Although not overly-built, he was very well defined and had a good shape to him. I think the beard was the most impressive thing to me, since I could not grow a proper one and very few college-guys could pull that off well.

I knew some people there at the study group and they asked me to work some problems for them. I did so and after helping, more and more people kept leaving. Finally, it was just me and that amazingly handsome guy. I helped him on three our four very simple problems. The poor guy may be good-looking, but he isn't a physics-person at all. Before I left, I introduced myself. He shook my hand (I had never felt hands that strong in my life) and introduced himself as "Martin."

For the next week or two, we always said "hi" and acknowledged each other when we ran into each other on campus, but it didn't immediately go far beyond that. Then, I did something that sort of surprised me: I started going to the study groups. I told myself that I was going so that I could get help, but in the back of my mind, I knew that I was going to see Martin. I didn't really need help, remember, because I was acing everything. Over the next two weeks, we became somewhat-good friends. He was easy to talk to and we shared a lot of common interests. We had similar tastes in music, movies, video games, and politics. We were both Lutherans, but didn't really go to church all that often now that we had started college. We were both from small Texas towns of less than a thousand people. We had both had one or two serious girlfriends in the past few years.

I invited him over to my house one day to play CS and to help him with a few problems that he didn't understand for the upcoming exam. My parents are both doctors, so they could afford to get me an awesome house that was close to campus and had a huge pool and everything. I gave him a tour of the place and when he saw the pool, he immediately declared that we had to take a swim. It didn't strike me as odd, because he was always playful, friendly, and rather impulsive. He didn't have a pool in his apartment complex and he had been aching to swim for weeks, but couldn't. I went in my room, put my bathing suit on, grabbed two towels, and we walked out. For some reason, I didn't even stop to consider that he might not have a suit so when he just pulled it all off and jumped in naked, I was sort of taken aback. My neighbors would have all been at work and I had a high fence, so I wasn't worried about anyone seeing. I acted as uncaring about this as he did.

I got in and we swam for about an hour. We talked about this and that. I had my sunglasses on so I could easily check him out the entire time. He was so nonchalant about everything, but I had to struggle to cover my boner. His hairy chest was absolutely hypnotizing. Most guys in college covered that up or shaved, but not him. When we finally got out, I got a peek at his ass and cock. His ass had a fine layer of brown hair over it and he had tanlines at his waist and a few inches above his knees. Even with shrinkage, he was pretty big. He was soft (how he managed that, I'll never understand) and about four or five inches. I had to crawl out of the opposite side of the pool and quickly wrap the towel around me so that he wouldn't see my bulge. Again, I had always thought of myself as being straight, so all of this was so confusing and new to me.

We played CS for a while (I kicked his ass) and I helped him on the homework problems. His smell was intoxicating- he smelled like old spice and chlorine from the pool. His breath even smelled sweet and he was always so friendly and charming. We were working so close at my coffee table on my couch when, just out of nowhere, we kissed each other. It's hard to say who initiated it, but it happened and it was wonderful.

The only thing that felt better than his tongue rubbing across mine was his beard rubbing across my face. As it got heavier and heavier, I started to rub my hand across his cheeks and that just drove me wilder. I was used to kissing girls and they are always soft and smooth, but this difference in texture was driving me crazy. I reached my right hand down to his zipper and felt poking at it a very hard, very large cock.

I took off his shirt and he took off mine and we laid down on the couch so that I was on bottom and he was on top. We stayed there kissing and rubbing our hands up and down each other's bodies for what must have been about ten minutes. Slowly, he moved down, pulled off my shorts and boxers, and started rubbing his hands up and down my cock and balls. After a few seconds of this, he finally slid my cock into his mouth. I winced in pleasure and then sat back for a wild ride. My cock is extremely average- cut, approx. 6 inches, average circumference. Still, he had some difficulty getting it all the way in and was sort of awkward with his rhythm (compared to the ones I had received from girls), but once he got the hang of it, it was amazing. I guess we were experiencing something new together. I stopped him when I had almost reached my threshold of cumming and told him to sit up.

I pulled off his shorts and underwear, just had he had done to me. He wore boxer-briefs, which I always thought were sexy, but just didn't look good on skinny guys. You have to pretty muscular to look good in boxer-briefs, and he fit the bill exactly. His cock, to my amazement, was enormous. Now, I thought that big cocks were only fictional things in pornos and from people who lie, but the cock that was in front of me at that moment took my breath away. I didn't have a ruler or anything, but I would guess it was nine inches and cut. I slid the first half of it into my mouth and he shivered. I instantly understood why some girls bitch about this, because it is by no means easy. You have to concentrate on using your tongue and when the guy is as big as he was, you have to be extra careful not to accidentally brush his skin with your teeth. After I got the hang of it, he looked like he was in heaven. I kept rubbing my hands over his hairy chest and when he would moan, I would just start going at it even harder. I never got the whole thing into my mouth, but he was enjoying it all the same. The smell of him was what kept me going and trying to make him feel good. It was a strong, masculine scent--sweaty, almost, but not dirty or unclean. It was primal and manly and the taste was somewhat slaty. It felt like it was about two hundred degrees in my mouth.

I moved my hands from his chest to his hairy thighs and this left him able to stroke my back as I blew him. His hands kept going lower and lower until they brushed across the top of my ass. It sort of surprised me, because I honestly had not thought of doing anal until that moment. Still, strangely, it did not disgust me like it had before. I removed his cock from my mouth, took his hand, and told him to follow me to the bedroom. We both plopped down on the bed at the same time and started making out again. Even though he had sucked my cock for about ten minutes, his breath was still sweet and drove me wild.

He started to move his hand back down to my ass while kissing me and I absolutely did not mind. He moved his finger across my hole. I whispered to him, "The lube is in the drawer next to the bed." I used KY regularly to jerk off and occasionally on girls, but it would be used for something entirely different tonight.

He squirted some onto his fingers and slowly put one into me. I broke our kiss to gasp. He saw my discomfort and slowed down a bit, but then resumed his speed within a minute. He slipped another one in and another one until finally I was loose enough for his massive cock. He had me lay on my back on the bed. He put his big, strong hands on my back to support himself as he pushed against my asshole. It took him a while (he obviously didn't know exactly what to do, just confirming that it was the first time for both of us) and he was pretty clumsy. He finally poked the head in and made me gasp again. Even though I thought I was loose enough to take it, he was so huge that I instinctively tightened up. He pushed it into me anyway and, although the pain was excruciating, his kissing my neck and back and the feeling of his beard kept me from losing my erection. He asked if I was alright and when I told him yes, he started moving in and out of me. He was slow at first and he kept accidentally pulling out of me, but he sped up and got the hang of it. At first, it felt alright, but when he finally started hitting this one spot inside me, it sent waves of pleasure up and down my body. I thought gay guys were always bullshitting about the prostate being the G-spot, but I finally understood.

After a while, he moved out of me and laid down on his back on my bed. He had me straddle him. I aimed his huge (it still amazed me) cock at my hole and moved down on it. His face took me by total surprise. He smiled and relaxed, obviously enjoying it, but he never took his eyes off of me. This position gave me the chance to move my hands over his chest, as I had enjoyed doing so much before, and also move in just such a way that the tip of his penis hit my gland every time. We fucked while staring straight into each other's eyes. I started going faster and faster. Suddenly, his legs went tense, he closed his eyes, and his face contorted. His cock already felt as warm in my ass as it did in my mouth, but then I could feel him shoot into my ass, making it downright hot. A second later, without even touching my own cock, I just came all over his face and chest.

We sat there for a few minutes breathing heavily, his cock still inside me. Finally, I kissed him again and licked all of the cum off of his chest. I really, really loved the feeling of his chest. Not a word was spoken. We just laid there moving our hands across each other and kissing. We both just fell asleep there, naked.

We woke up around the same time the next morning and, almost as if there was a silent agreement not to, we didn't discuss it. Our friendship continued on as per usual. We still played CS, talked about politics, iPods, professors, and which girls were "so hot," but whenever he came over to my house for the next month or so, we would end up sucking each other off and/or fucking each other. He usually fucked me, since his cock was bigger and it was harder to pleasure him with my mouth. The physics class ended. I got an A+ and he ended up with a solid B.

We sort of just lost track of each other, which was fine. We were just friends, so there was definitely not any love there. The fall semester started and he was staking some ghastly economics classes that kept him busy. We managed to bump into each other from time to time on campus (can't help it when you go to such a small school) and we could comfortably shoot the breeze, just as we had done at the very beginning of our friendship. The topic of our bedroom activities never came up again. I saw him the other night at a party my girlfriend threw with the girl he had been dating for a few weeks. We are still amiable, but do not mess around. I get plenty now from the girl that I'm seeing. :)

Honestly, even though I sucked, got sucked, fucked, and got fucked by another guy, I still see myself as being straight. There aren't any other guys that I would do stuff with. The whole thing was a positive experience and I would recommend it to other guys who see themselves as exclusively straight. It is an interesting change of pace.

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