A work of fiction by Pagganos Homophilator. Pagganos may be reached at: Paggan at AOl dot com.


Chapter Six: Advanced Math

Someone was pissing on his legs, and one or two others on his cock and belly; Denny wasn't looking at them. He lay back with his eyes closed, thinking of his trip to Paris with his High School choir the summer before - the high point of his life up to now. He was aware, dimly, of voices sounding in unaccustomed tones, and then felt the piss showering onto his legs slacken off. Tonight might not actually be a high point, but it would undoubtedly change his life as profoundly as finally getting out of Harrisonville had last summer. Now there seemed to be only a single pisser, someone who was blasting the side of his head with hot, stinking urine, but that was okay, 'cause Denny was walking down the Champs Elysee, looking up at those beautiful buildings of carved stone...

"Foreman, wake the hell up! I'm talking to you!"

Denny jumped abruptly to the here and now. That voice - loud, snide, stentorian - could only belong to his math professor, Dr. Dunmore. Denny looked up and brought the figure in front of him into focus.

Jesus shit! - it was Dr. Dunmore, in person. His tall, broad-shouldered frame, his rotund paunch, his big shiny bald head with its horseshoe of dark curly hair and it's striking, hook nosed face, pale blue-grey eyes and wide, mobile mouth, all so familiar from General Mathematics 101, loomed over Denny in the dim light. What was not so familiar was the large, fleshy cock he was holding in one hand, nor the stream of rank, dark yellow piss he was directing onto Denny's chest, aiming it now at one nipple, now at the other, before sweeping it across Denny's face. The pissers of a moment previously were all gone, and there was no one else in the room.

"Isn't it odd how ... exciting it is ... to piss like this on a fellow human being. Specifically, of course, all over a beautiful boy like yourself. And secure in the knowledge that one will soon be pushing one's hard prick into his yielding throat and sending a nice tidy load of cum into his gut. It's about the most exciting thing I know of, in fact", continued Dr. Dunmore, sweeping his whizzing stream once more across Denny's face and into his hair, "and I've always regretted that Purgatory is held but once a year. I've been agitating for years for us to have a 'Spring Fling' of some sort, but old traditions die hard..."

Denny was too shocked and surprised to respond. Shocked, of course, to see a faculty member in the Pi Lamb house, but even more shocking - a real adult, a full fledged grown-up, with old mottled skin, hairy ears, fat and bald and wrinkled - and almost as surprised to see yet another member of his math class here in the Goat Pen. Was the whole class out there waiting it's turn? And even more shocking was Dunmore's last sentence - that 'us'. It was obvious that Dunmore was no casual guest at Purgatory.

Dunmore must have noticed his reaction, for he spoke again, quietly but firmly repeating one of the secret Pi Lambda Beta invocations, words one brother spoke to identify himself to another. Dr. Dunmore was a Pi Lamb?!? Denny felt his eyes widen in continued surprise. Joey's uncle was a Pi Lamb, of course, and he was probably as old as Dunmore, but Denny had never seen him. In Denny's mind a Pi Lamb was about nineteen or twenty, usually very cute, always quite virile, never mottled or bald. He was making a rapid mental readjustment as Dunmore shook the last drops of piss out of his cock onto Denny's shins.

"Lydecker tells us you were quite uncooperative when he asked you to suck him off." These last words sounded distinctly unreal coming out of Dunmore's well-known face in his well-known, drily superior tone. "That was not entirely inappropriate, since the boy is of course not a Pi Lamb. But still, the Goat is generally expected to cooperate. One might go so far as to say that cooperation is the essence of being a Goat." Dunmore sounded exactly like he did when he was talking about set operations or some arcane distinction between digits and integers.

"However, Mr. Breckinridge, on the other hand, made an extremely enthusiastic report about you. In fact, he says you gave him a real old fashioned trip around the world, and that is exactly what I am now going to have. Yes, indeed, I think so - a trip around the world! First, however, I shall need the services of one of those lockers." So saying, Dr. Dunmore turned on his heel and left the room.

Denny shook his head hard, trying to get over his astonishment and disbelief, and pulled himself up to a half sitting position. He had no idea what Dunmore had meant when he mentioned lockers, and he was half way hoping, though with no real conviction, that the professor had simply gone away. But Dunmore was back in a minute or even less, stark naked, one hand working up his crank to a full throbbing hard. What had before been large and fleshy and loose was now gigantic and fat and tight, with a big straining purplish head and huge, hairy, loosely swinging balls.

The rest of the math teacher seemed to have grown in tandem with the man's cock - his pecs were immense bristly mounds, his biceps and shoulders bulged with muscle, his thighs were shaggy columns, his hands and feet colossal. Just as noticeably, however, his paunch hung below his waistline, and his body had parts which to date no other Pi Lamb's body had had - love handles, extra chins, more bones and bumps in his knees than any joint could rationally require. Dunmore stood over Denny, breathing loudly, his eyes gleaming with anticipation. He grinned suddenly.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Foreman, I'm going to enjoy this immensely!"

And with that, he straddled the helpless Goat, squatted down and thrust his throbbing crank into Denny's mouth. He sighed, and gave a few slow, thoughtful fucks in and out of Denny's throat. Then, with a powerful thrust of his well padded hips, he stuck his cock as far down Denny's gullet as it could possibly go and kept it there, heaving another deep, satisfied sounding sigh.

"Why, oh why, is it only once a year? Everyone enjoys it so. Only once a year!" He sighed again.

Denny waited patiently, but Dr. Dunmore seemed quite happy to be buried in Denny's gullet, and made no move whatsoever to leave. His great huge dick filled Denny's throat, and Denny was surprised to find that it's fleshy, aromatic presence in his mouth, the manly scent of the pubies in which Denny's nose was buried, the velvet soft touch of the balls draped over his chin, were as delightfully velvety, manly and fleshy as any of the innumerable cocks and balls and pubies he had enjoyed so far that evening - in fact, was indistinguishable from those of any other Pi Lamb in similar circumstances. The spell was broken somewhat when Denny glanced up and found his view entirely filled with the sagging, hairy gut which hung over that beautiful crank.

Dr. Dunmore gently rocked his cock from time to time, but left it fully immersed. Eventually Denny felt suffocation to be near, and began moving his head from side to side and making muffled grunting noises. There was no response from his math teacher. Denny increased the force of his head motions. He felt as if he was going to expire, and had about decided to use his teeth to increase the force of his argument, when Dunmore pulled his dick back, just far enough to allow Denny a gasping breath or two.

"Mr. Foreman, Mr. Foreman, how delightful! You do know how to handle a cock, don't you? Let's have some more of that!" With which pronouncement, Dunmore once more buried his tool in Denny's head. Once more he sighed, once more he rocked his pulsing crank at full depth with tiny jerks of his well padded hips, once more he contentedly kept it at full, pulsing depth for long, slow minutes. Then he withdrew completely and sprang lightly - considering his, to Denny, immense waist - to his feet.

"The problem with Purgatory, of course, is that it combines two somewhat inconsistent pleasures: that of using a beautiful boy as a pissoir, and that of fucking and otherwise enjoying said same beautiful boy. Now, both activities are quite enjoyable - I do think the pissing is the more so, because it is so unusual - but then truly intimate contact with a urine soaked... anything... is quite unenjoyable, at least to me it is, and therefore..."

As he was lecturing (there was really no other word for it) Dr. Dunmore was also bustling about, retrieving the hose, adjusting the force and temperature of the water, finding and removing a scrap of soap from the wall beneath the shower head. Soon he was hosing Denny off with a gentle spray of warm water, lathering up his chest, his belly, his groin, groping his cock, softly squeezing his ballsac. Then, reaching between Denny's legs, the professor soaped up Denny's much used butt crack, slipping a large finger into Denny's hole and playing it around as his other hand continued to rub warm soapy water over Denny's face, shoulders, legs and arms. It was as complete a scrubbing as Mark and Jay had given him in the shower upstairs - was it really only hours previously? It felt like days! - and infinitely more welcome.

" ...so I have repeatedly suggested having two Goats, one for use and one for abuse, as it were, but of course I'm not a voting member of the Chapter and so... " His voice droned on and on, but the warm soapy water felt great and Dr. Dunmore's finger in his asshole felt even better. In spite of his initial embarrassment at his situation, Denny found himself squirming around and around, pushing back against that big hard digit and impaling it deeper and deeper into his butt. Dr. Dunmore chuckled.

"Yes, indeed, I can see that the Committee choose the right Goat this year! For once I don't believe one can quibble..."

Dunmore was squatting next to Denny - almost as wet as Denny was from their hose bath - and now he leaned forward and stuck his tongue into Denny's mouth. Denny felt himself blushing a fiery shade as his math professor probed his butt with a huge, relentless finger and probed his mouth with an equally large and even more relentless tongue.

This continued for quite some time. Denny smelled Dr. Dunmore's beery breath and felt his stubbly chin as the man's finger and tongue both performed increasingly deep and effective gyrations. Soon Denny was bucking eagerly against both probes, moaning deep in his throat as his tongue fought back against the professor's and writhing as his hips rose to meet his math teacher's finger fuck. Denny could feel his cock straining, hard and upright once more. Soon Dunmore found it as well, and his other hand began to squeeze and pull on Denny's throbbing pecker as his tongue and his finger continued their slick, delving assaults.

"My dear boy, I can tell you're ready. Don't worry; we'll get to that eventually. Believe me, we'll get to it all sooner or later..." He slowly withdrew his finger from Denny's asshole, and giving it a long, lingering sniff as he kicked the abandoned hose out of the way and rose to turn off the water. Straddling Denny once more and grabbing his head firmly, he proceeded to fuck the Goat's face. As he gently but thoroughly cock whipped Denny's throat, he continued his analysis of the celebration.

"Yes, I was quite glad to find that you were the Goat. I'd been hoping that it would be you from the first instant I heard you were pledging. Of course, that pretty Mr. O'Toole gave you quite a run for the money, but I was always sure you would make a better Goat. And as soon as I heard you were the one, I could not wait for tonight. Indeed, during our last few class sessions I could hardly keep my hands, let alone my eyes, off of you. I know you must have noticed, but..."

Dunmore babbled on, continuing his deep, deliberately paced face fuck. Denny tried all of his tricks. He wasn't sure how soon he really wanted Dr. Dunmore to cum and go - the guy was proving to be a very skilled cocksman, after all - but he was still embarrassed by the mere fact that he was doing all of this with his paunchy, bald old math teacher! So Denny repeatedly gulped that big cock all the way down, squeezed it long and squeezed it hard, moaned and writhed - all to no avail. Dunmore just fucked, and sighed, sighed, and fucked.

"That is outstanding, Jamison, outstanding! You are a damn fine Goat, young man, a damn fine Goat. You're even better, I do believe, than Jim Thorne! Now Jim was an excellent Goat as well, but in his case..."

Denny's throat was getting raw. Just when he thought he couldn't stand it any more, Dr. Dunmore slicked his crank out of Denny's throat, pulled it back into Denny's mouth, let it linger briefly between Denny's lips as the boy tongued out his oozing slit, and then stood up.

"Now we're going to try something only slightly different," said Dr. Dunmore, standing up.

He turned around - Denny rather wished he hadn't. Dunmore's love handles were much more apparent from the rear, and whereas the professor's cock was fat and hard and quite engaging in it's own way, his butt was fat and droopy and hairy, and quite a contrast to the svelte, bubble-butted young men Denny had been ogling all night. Dunmore straddled Denny once again, but this time his head was towards Denny's groin and his mouth was going for Denny's crotch. Soon Denny again found himself with Dr. Dunmore's cock down his throat but this time Denny's nose was in Dunmore's balls, his math prof's soft, ample belly was draped around his chin, and, even more novel, Denny's own horny crank was buried in Dr. Dunmore's throat.

For the first time in his brief life, since his mother had stopped bathing him, another human being was touching his dick. Denny had touched it often enough, himself, in the nearly six years since he had discovered sexual orgasm, but these exertions had to date been strictly limited to the sensations produced by his own two hands and certain water faucets. Now, unexpectedly, and completely unforeseen, he found out the immeasurably increased and enhanced effects of having another human being bring about those same sensations, using entirely new organs.

Dr. Dunmore's throat engulfed Denny's crank and squeezed it with a warm, wet slickness which defied belief. He also had a thick finger probing deep up into Denny's butt again. He pulled back, trailing Denny's pecker through the hot embrace of his gullet, and then Denny's cock was in the man's mouth and he was eating Denny's slit out with hard deep strokes of his tongue, and all the while his finger was fucking Denny's honey pot and his own meaty cock was fucking slowly in and out of Denny's throat.

Denny's mind was reeling, his heart was racing and his balls were raging and tightening right up. He tried to draw a deep, steadying breath as Dunmore's barrage continued, but his own pounding excitement, the unremitting pressure of that fat finger, the lust emanating from the fleshy pole quivering and fucking in his head, not to mention the unprecedented feelings emanating from his own hot crank, were all too much. Now Denny himself finally realized what he had been putting his own Goat victims through all night - and more!

From somewhere deep down in Denny's insides a vortex of euphoria washed over him as his balls exploded. Somehow Dunmore's rod was free of Denny's throat and Denny's whoops were echoing off the tiles. The spasms of feeling in his cock and balls, the contractions of muscles deep down between his legs, the instant rush of pleasure in every part of his skin, were all so intense as to put this into an entirely new category of orgasm. Before he had quite figured out what was happening, he was pumping wad after wad of ecstasy straight into Dr. Dunmore's mouth - and the good doctor was eating each one down faster than the one before, with loud slurpy noises and deep groans of appreciative pleasure. Slowly the shuddering and the slurping dwindled and ceased.

"Oh, Mr. Foreman, I am sorry! I should have realized what a hair trigger you would be on, tonight of all nights. Oh, well, it's all part of being the Goat!"

Dunmore didn't change positions. He hovered over Denny momentarily, while the Goat panted and squirmed and bucked out the aftermath of his unprecedented orgasm, Dunmore's warm wet mouth engulfing Denny's deflating cock as he sucked out the last dribbles of the Goat's jizz. All too soon, in Denny's opinion, he released the Goat's nearly flaccid cock and moved his own groin back towards Denny's face. Denny was about to rediscover the meaning of Purgatory.

For this time, the exchange involved, not stiff, slick cocks, but dark funky buttholes. Dunmore nuzzled his way past Denny's dripping pecker and still tight balls, pulling the Goat's thighs up and apart so he could dive tongue first into the boy's asshole. He began to swab out that slippery hole with an eager mouth. At the same time, he squatted his hairy butt cheeks around Denny's nose and centered his big brown butt hole right over Denny's sweet little mouth, and pushed down eagerly.

Denny tried to signal his distaste - without overly diluting the gratitude which he felt he owed the professor for his first ever blow job - by planting chaste, close-mouthed little kisses at the edge of his math professor's ass crack, but the hint was not taken. Despite Denny's lack of response, the hairy butt hole was pressed ever more firmly against Denny's lips. Finally Denny drew a deep breath and extended his tongue into the dark and funky zone in front of him.

The deep breath was a mistake, for it filled his nose with a fetid, sweaty odor. Then his advancing tongue encountered the thick forest of hair encircling it's target. Denny tongued that furry spot for a while, only making flickering advances towards the true opening, until the thought popped into his head of what those long silky hairs must necessarily encounter, every single day, or nearly, and suddenly he was gagging and retching.

Dr. Dunmore was having none of it, though, for his butt bore down mercilessly onto Denny's face and, to save his nose, he had to compel his tongue once more into the hole. Bypassing the hairs as much as possible, his mind focused on the Eiffel tower, Denny delved once more into funk city. After all, this he had done before.

This asshole, however, was not the tight soapy rosebud offered by Trent. No, it was a kind of pot-hole, a wide, craterous opening which led into a maze of soft, slick tissue. The way in was hardly clear: it was like fighting your way through heavy drapes towards an opening which you knew had to lie behind them. The slightly metallic taste of Trent's butt was here a predominant note in a very funky stew, and there were no soapy overtones to distract your mind from the usual role of this warm rubbery hole as a body part. Denny could not help but gag again, and withdrawing his tongue, he turned his head slightly, inserting most of his chin into Dunmore's capacious ass crack, pressing hard and hoping that it would serve well enough in its stead.

Dr. Dunmore, however, was having no such qualms. He was eating Denny's butt like there was no tomorrow, grunting and rooting with his whole face in the boy's flawless cranny. Denny squirmed with delight, and tried to make up for his lack of mutuality by the appreciation he showed for what Dunmore's tongue was doing to his butthole. Suddenly the math prof jumped up and ran around to kneel in front of Denny. He grabbed his young student's ankles, rolled his legs back into the classic position, and squatted down to feast some more.

Dunmore's tongue went even deeper, and felt even stiffer, in this new stance, and his enthusiasm, if anything, also increased. Suddenly, however, it wasn't enough. Suddenly, despite his recent orgasm, Denny's asshole wanted more than just that tongue - it needed more than just that tongue! He was hot again, his cock still drooling but growing harder and bigger, and he called out, pushing his hips desperately against the older man's face:

"Fuck me! For God's sake, FUCK ME, Dr. Dunmore!"

And the ever skillful professor did just that, raising himself up into a fuck squat and adroitly inserting his monster crank into Denny's sloppy, wide open asshole. It slid in like a charm and despite being the biggest cock which Denny's ass had taken so far - with the possible exception of Jay's - it kept going slowly in until the doctor's hawk nose and gleaming pate were hanging over him, until he was filled and buzzing with warm, slick, throbbing cock, until the doctor's hips were grinding against his own, and the doctor's tongue with it's now enticingly funky butt-tongue-and-cum-breath taste, was back in his mouth...

Dunmore fucked like a stallion as well as being hung like one. His powerful, measured thrusts ignored all of Denny's feeble efforts to goat him. Denny soon gave up the attempt and drifted back onto that sea of whirring excitement which he was learning to love so well. He relaxed, letting himself be impaled on the Professor's mighty rod.

Dunmore knew what he was doing. His fuck was just paced enough, just varied enough, that neither he nor the Goat was likely to get tired. After a proper season of deep penetration and deep rocking; feathery long, light strokes; tip to tip cock lips to ass lips kissing, all accompanied with mouth-to-mouth as well, Denny's prostate began to have ideas of its own. It began to drum, and the lad's hips began to beat back against Dunmore's, and the good doctor renewed his efforts, pounding Denny's ass just as hard as Denny's ass was pounding the older man's groin.

At a certain point Denny realized he was going to have the same strange, cumming-without-cumming orgasm he had had with Trent. Only now, so soon after Dr. Dunmore had so obligingly blown him, the effect and intensity of the feeling was practically painful. Denny whooped, cried out, and began panting from the ferocity of his 'ingasm', as he thought of them. His gasps for air and groans of ecstasy actually brought two or three brothers in from the tap room, and for the first time since Dr. Dunmore's arrival the duo had an audience.

"AWRIGHT! - the Dick Doctor is here!" roared a voice that could only be Jay's.

"Christ, Mr. Gates, you know what to do!", cried Dr. Dunmore in response. And immediately Jay was squatting as low as his ankles would take him, plunging tongue first into the good doctor's butt. Dunmore gave a loud grunt of satisfaction as Jay's lingual talents hit home.

"Boy! Some boy!", next cried the math professor.

Forward sprang the President of Pi Lamb, laughing and stumbling out of his trousers once more. Brad straddled Denny's head, then squatted down until his butt was in Denny's face. Denny, with no hesitation this time, began licking and exploring the dark brown slickness at the base of Brad's gorgeous ass crack, with as much of his tongue as he could get out of his mouth. At the same time - Denny could tell by sound, pressure and smell rather than see - Dunmore commenced working over Brad's crank with his mouth and throat.

Soon the professor was deep throating Brad's magnificent cock in a steady rhythm, which matched the peerless reaming out his own cock was giving Denny's ass. A copious stream of drool and dick juice drained from the base of Brad's cock and down between his legs, where it was energetically pushed well up into the presiding officer's butthole by Denny's industrious tongue. Meanwhile, Jay, the professor, Brad and Denny were all grunting like a litter of piglets whose mother has left them hungry.

Brad got his nut first, despite it being his second load of the evening — or was it his third? Maybe it was Denny's freshly inspired tongue swabbing out his buzz spot — who knows? The President shot and the dick doctor — again for the second time that evening — took a hot load of Pi Lamb spunk, and that was that for Brad. He tumbled out of the way, and Denny didn't see him again for hours.

As Brad lurched away, the good doctor threw his head back and yelled once, loudly; then he looked over his shoulder and cried out, pushing his hips as hard as could be against Jay's eager mouth: "You know what to do, Mr. Gates!" With that, he leaned forward and stuck his tongue into Denny's mouth, a sorry substitute for the golden ass upon which Denny had just been feasting but a passionate one, none the less.

And Jay stopped grunting and reared back, one hand whipping his big fat cock, and then he plunged his hips forward, spearing himself to the hilt into Dr. Dunmore's asshole in one fell swoop. The professor, relinquishing Denny's tender but exhausted mouth, whooped and grunted till the tiles rang as Jay put it to him in a diligent, butt pumping fuck. Dunmore's own hips were now a blaze of rabbit strokes, deep, fast fucks which impaled him onto Jay's cock even as they cranked his own throbbing crank steadily deeper into Denny's red hot butt.

Denny was panting deep and fast into hyperventilation; somehow, he just had to cry out. Jay and Dunmore enthusiastically joined him, and the tiles were ringing again as the three of them whooped and fucked. Dunmore shot first, deep in Denny's gut and screaming like a banshee. Then Jay blasted his wad into Dunmore just as deep and every bit as hard, and after a long moment of whooping and pulsing and cumming the whole scrimmage fell down onto poor panting Denny, who could hardly breathe as it was.

As Jay and the professor disentangled themselves, satisfied dicks pulling free of happy assholes, other brothers pushed forward. Before Jay and Dunmore had even gotten their breath back, Bill DeMarco was fucking Denny with his big, mushroom-headed cock, and another strange boy was straddling Denny and pushing his crank into the Goat's throat. Denny was still hot, still goat powerful; the boy in his throat only lasted seconds before filling Denny's mouth with another load of spicy spunk, but Bill took a much longer and more deliberate time to get his nut.

Once the unknown kid had stumbled away, panting with satisfaction, Bill threw Denny's legs over his shoulders and began to fuck the Goat more seriously. His powerful body and handsome, classically Italian face hung over Denny as their hips thrashed together. Denny offered him his mouth to kiss, and Bill leaned forward eagerly, but then pulled back when he caught a good whiff of the Goat's funky breath. He giggled and made a face and then looked embarrassed. He turned his head and watched the wall, rather than Denny, as his fucked his way gently but deeply into the boy's gut. Denny was embarrassed too, of course, so the moment was awkward.

Then Bill, finding the rest of the Goat actually clean and fresh smelling, due to the good doctor's efforts, leaned further down and embraced the lad, snaking his arms all around the poor Goat, for the first time all evening relieving his back of the floor, embracing Denny's thighs with his thighs, rolling them both into a tight skin to skin ball as his crank screwed lustily into the Goat. He fucked and hugged, hugged and fucked, and Denny squeezed and squirmed in the Pi Lamb's embrace until Bill got his nut, too, and, withdrawing his happy crank from Denny's slick, cummy hole, he hobbled out of the way, his face split with a grin of success.

Denny lay back panting. A pledge named Jimmy Kilmerk and a brother from the third floor, Greg Vanoides wandered in. They greeted Bill and pulled out their dicks and started pissing on the Goat.

Denny stretched and preened in the showering Pi Lamb piss as Bill got dressed. Being fucked by DeMarco had of course brought Joey to mind. The whole time Bill's crank was working inside of him, Bill's strong arms surrounding him, Bill's ecstatic breath hot in his face, Bill's ecstatic jizz hot in his ass, Denny had been remembering he and Joey's hesitant conversation about just such a possibility. Well, it had become a reality to Denny, an increasingly shameless and welcome reality, to Denny's profound surprise, but apparently Joey wasn't even going to be around to see it. Denny wasn't sure if he was hurt or relieved at his erstwhile friend's absence.

For the fact was, ever since Denny had been proclaimed the Goat, Joey had been acting funny. During the days running up to Purgatory, Denny hadn't seen much of his hallmate, and earlier today while the rest of the pledge class had been scrubbing and cleaning and chopping and mincing, Joey had been nowhere to be seen. Denny wasn't even sure whether Joey was at the party or not. He must be, of course, but Denny hadn't seen or heard of him so far, and it must be getting late by now.

He decided to ask DeMarco about Joey, as the studly brother fumbled his legs back into his pants. Bill was almost finished dressing, tucking in his shirt and doing up the buttons of his 501s. He was going to turn and leave soon if Denny didn't speak up...

"Hey, Bill, where's Joey?"


"Where's Joey? Is he around tonight?"

Denny lay back, ignoring the abundant streams of Jimmy and Greg's piss splashing over his cock, his belly, his thighs, watching Bill's face. Bill grinned.

"What, ya' want him to come down here and piss on ya'?"

"I don't care where he goes or what he does! I was just wondering what's up..."

Piss was still splashing all over him. From the locker room next door Dr. Dunmore's unmistakable tones droned on and on, punctuated by laughter.

"Hey, don't worry, Goat, he still cares, he just hasn't had time to shop for a ring!"

DeMarco couldn't help laughing at his own witticism. "Shit, he's upstairs working his butt off, and he's damn lucky he's not down here, where he could really be working his butt off! I tell ya', he was way up in the running and if he hadn't shown Brad and me so much hot and heavy attention, who knows how things would have turned out...!" With that, Bill laughed and shrugged and left. The voices in the tap room faded.

By now Jimmy's whizz had dribbled out. He started jacking off, bending his knees and flexing his hips, his hand a blur as his cock went from soft to full, from full to stiff, from stiff to throbbing red and hot, squatting over the Goat's belly. As he did so, Greg swerved his aim only slightly and the whacking freshman's throbbing cock tip and Denny's belly and chest and sometimes Denny's face were all caught in a shimmering golden shower. Greg had a full capacity bladder, that was for sure.

Jimmy didn't seem to mind the piss splashing over his hand and his cock. He started giggling and panting and shooting his wad and Greg drew closer and closer, his pee aimed squarely for Jimmy's cumming slit. The mingled piss and cum ran over Denny's stomach. Greg staggered back as his whizz lost steam and Jimmy's climax stopped. Jimmy crouched over Denny, giggle-panting and shaking the piss and cum off of his hand and his cock.

"'C'm'on, pledge, get out of the way!"

Now it was Jimmy's turn to stagger away as Greg advanced, now it was Greg twisting his crank in his hand. Greg, however, had a better goal for his hot fratboy spunk. He advanced into the still dripping piss, shooing Denny up against the wall as high as possible without actually touching his pee soaked body. Then he leaned over Denny and speared his cock right into Denny's throat.

He had a nice, somewhat fat, average sized crank, and the thick, curly pubies into which Denny's face was thrust were warm and most wonderfully scented. Greg's belly was hard and concave, his form the lithe long body of a swimmer, his eyes dark green and his hair a curious dark blond. He knew how to get head, how to resist the Goat's blandishments, and how to give some subtle, relaxed face-fucking back.

Greg worked Denny's throat over for a long while, then abruptly paused and said, "Hell and damn!" under his breath in the exasperated manner of someone suddenly remembering something crucial, something impossible to forget and yet forgotten all the same. He began pumping his hips hard and deep, reciting with himself a litany, as follows:

"(OH, SHIT!)"

"Suck me, Denny, suck me baby!"

"(Maybe she forgot... Fuckin' damn!)"

"Make me cum, Denny, make me cum right now, baby, right NOW!!"

"(Goddammit to fuckin' hell! She's gonna kill me!)"

"I gotta get a nut, buddy, PLEASE, I gotta getta nut NOW!"

which resulted after about thirty seconds in an ear shattering volley of groans, grunts and heaving pants as Greg gave Denny's belly yet another load of hot Pi Lamb spunk. The Goat may not have had any dinner, but he was sure getting lots of protein! Greg tore out of the room, fastening his clothes as he flew away...

...but before he had even negotiated his way around the bench in the next room Benton the record merchant was back with two younger guys in tow.

One was a kid Denny had often noticed around the record store where Benton worked but whom he didn't know — somehow, it was obvious that the kid wasn't a college student, and he looked to be much younger than Denny. The townie was a kind of skate-board type, hatchet faced, not pretty but very attractive, somehow, long, dark blond hair, average height and scrawny build but with eyes which were simultaneously bright blue and crystal clear, shining like headlights whenever he turned his head to face you.

The other kid with him was yet another student from section (2) of General Mathematics 101, 10:30 - 12:00 am Tuesdays and Thursdays, in Room 137 of the General Mathematics Building. Denny didn't know his name but there was an instant shock of recognition in the other student's eyes as they took in Denny's nude, prone, pissy, cummy, skanky form, and Denny immediately knew that he was probably going to have to drop General Mathematics 101 - or else, just possibly, it might become his favorite class!

"Hey Denny, this is Tony and a guy I know from the store. I told ya' I'd be back with some dudes to get ya' all lubed up, so I rounded up some buddies who I knew would wanna fuck ya' too. They're gonna fuck ya' first and get that red hot cunt of your's all cummy and jizzed up and then I'm gonna slip it to ya', and I do mean SLIP it to ya'! I wanna fuck a RIVER of cum, man, a fucking FLOOD! So now here we are!" Benton opened up his jeans as he made this statement, pulling out a half-hard dick and working it up into a solid woodie.

"It's the best lube, fresh cum!" Here the handsome entrepreneur sighed impatiently, toed off his boots and pulled off his jeans and jockeys and stripped his shirt over his head just like he had done before. Tony and the anonymous student began to similarly completely and rapidly undress, everyone very matter of fact and focused upon the pleasures at hand. It was clear that all three men were eager to put their cocks into Denny and it didn't appear as if Tony and the other guy had any qualms whatsoever about how slimy and cummy Denny's asshole might be when they did so - lucky for Benton, Denny decided!

"So, Tony and, uh... uh,..." Denny suddenly realized that Benton didn't know the other student's name, either! "uh... they're gonna fuck ya' first and then I'm gonna plug ya', 'cept I'll probably fuck your mouth while they's fuckin' your asshole, ya' know..." Benton was now straddling him, his cock straining as hard as it could get, pointing straight at the ceiling.

"That is, if that's okay with you...?" Denny nodded wordlessly at the unexpected courtesy as Benton squatted down between Denny's head and the tiled wall and fucked his throbbing crank into Denny's eager mouth. Benton sighed again, with satisfaction this time, leaning forward and easing his crank appreciatively back and forth in Denny's throat. He looked up at the two boys he had brought with him.

They looked equally excited, their cranks also throbbing hard and pointing towards otherwise unremarkable places up near the top of the room. Tony had a fat, long, rock-hard cock, much more than big enough in itself but looking even larger on his skinny torso, a small, well defined patch of bright gold pubies gracing the root of it, his balls small and scantily provided with long blond hairs. His boyish body was hairless and tan - tan all over, Denny noted, with no tanlines at waist or thigh - his belly flat, his tits small and high, his nipples pale and tiny.

Anon was older and more mature - Denny thought he was a sophomore or a junior although he wasn't sure - and his body was fuller and much more muscular, hairy and hard looking, his cock somewhat smaller, his balls much bigger, and both of them furry with dark, abundant hair. A lush glory trail crossed his flat belly, and his pecs were big and well formed, lightly furred and crowned with dark red nipples. His meat was uncut, and even fully hard and straining as it was now, it had a prominent ruffle of extra flesh around the head, the prepuce peeking out of a tightly pulled back sheath. Denny thought it looked delicious and wished he could suck the guy off - that juicy, tasty extra treat would just be wasted on his asshole, or so it seemed to the Goat!

However, Benton was enjoying the Goat's mouth instead, working his crank all around between Denny's tongue and palate and back into his throat with deep moans of satisfaction while watching as his buddies stripped.

"Okay boys, have at 'im!"

And with that, Tony and Anon, as Denny had mentally dubbed him, rolled his legs back into their accustomed fuck-roll, his knees awkwardly straddling Benton's squatting form. Benton reached out and held Denny's ankles up, still fucking his cock in and out of the Goat's gullet, while Tony made a growling, chuckling sound deep in this throat as he leapt around and speared his throbbing, fat cock right into Denny's asshole with nary a pause or a puzzle, his aim clumsy, his thrust ragged, the effect uncomfortable, to say the least.

Denny cried out sharply in pain, as loudly as he could around Benton's thrusting crank. He wasn't quite ready to receive that generous organ without some preparation and Tony's awkward start hadn't helped. With an embarrassed curse, Tony hopped back and pulled out as quickly as he had stabbed his way in.

Benton giggled briefly and said, "I'm sorry, Denny, he's just a little jerk. Whattaya expect from a sixteen year old, anyway? He's only fucked one other guy before, and that was at Purgatory last year, right Tony?"

"No, asshole, I fucked lotsa guys since then. Lotsa guys are hot for this dick, baby!" cried Tony with spirit, grabbing his crank by the base and waggling it in the air proudly.

It was a major wang, alright, thick and long and well shaped, with flawless baby skin and a juicy demeanor that hinted at a sweet, sweet nectar inside. The kid had a point, grinning with pride as he waved his huge, swollen, visibly pulsing cock at the rest of the room's occupants, which by now included several brothers who had wandered in, as well as Dr. Reginald Atkinson, a well known and well liked English professor who had taught one of Joey's favorite classes of the just completed semester.

By this point nothing surprised or embarrassed Denny, although the sight of Dr. Atkinson did bring to mind his handsome friend and his recent coldness. The professor was young and cute, with bright brown hair and a pleasant, handsome face. He was dressed as if he were on his way to class, in khakis and a sports coat, a neatly knotted tie around his neck. In one hand he clutched a cup of beer, which he sipped as he watched, looking as if he were at an intramural softball game or an impromptu concert on the College lawn.

Anon stepped forward, a little stiffly, embarrassment still visible in his face despite the urgent condition of his crank. He reached down under Denny's up-turned buns and began to finger Denny's asshole, moistening his fingers several times and reinserting it, slowly penetrating deeper and deeper, before finally rolling his eyes, shrugging, sighing elaborately, and then going down on Denny's sweet, if now far from virginal, butt hole. He buried his face in Denny's crack, slobbered and sucked and probed and swabbed and generally hotted that hole up good and slick, and then he reared back and fucked his not-too-fat, just-about-average one-eyed dick gently but deeply into Denny's butt and began to slowly, cautiously fuck him.

"HEY! It's my turn first!" protested Tony, but to no avail. The uncut and unknown boy from General Math 101 just grinned at the townie over his shoulder and shrugged, then put his head down and began to fuck the Goat's cunt with more concentration.

Before long Anon was fucking Denny's hole with complete abandon, his hips pounding freely as he leaned forward and put his face down near Denny's, his lips and tongue sharing Benton's throbbing crank with Denny's lips and tongue, the two boys together kissing and sucking and licking Benton's lucky and quite grateful crank and balls and pubies. Benton bucked his hips happily against the two boy's eagerly grubbing faces, and Denny decided he might be able to face this sweet, pretty mathematician again in class, after all! And the whole time Tony continued protesting loudly, wailing his indignation to deaf ears as the other three boys exerted their cocks and butthole and mouths together.

Meanwhile, Anon's cock in Denny's butt was proving that Dr. Dick wasn't the only mathematician with a good technique! His groin was grinding against Denny's ass, one arm securely around the pledge, one hand availing itself of the Goat's balls and nipples and neck and belly and bush and face as he fucked and ground and ground and fucked. Denny gave himself limply and completely to the unnamed boy, who took him up on it, his arm supporting Denny's back, both boys abandoning the record magnate's cock as Anon began to pant, hipping his groin harder and harder against Denny's butt, probing deeper and deeper into his fuckhole, creating a glowing, increasing heat in the Goat's buzzbox.

Denny heard a deep, satisfied groan, and turning his head he saw Tony finally quieted by Dr. Atkinson, who was squatting down with Tony's ample young crank occupying his mouth. From the way his cheeks and throat were behaving, he appeared to be giving the lad's cockhead a good solid work-out. Then, as Denny watched with fascinated wonder, the junior professor completely swallowed Tony's hefty wang with one practiced push of his face against the younger lad's crotch. It was obvious Atkinson had sucked cock before - he took Tony's monster, meaty wang with no hesitation, no gagging, no heavy breathing, and soon the English scholar's handsome head was bobbing back and forth and Tony was grunting and fucking his hips against the older man's face.

And then Anon was gasping, his hips stuttering and pounding, his breath ragged and moaning as his big, hard anonymous crank shot a thick, hot, anonymous wad deep, deep in Denny's gut. Denny could feel his crank spasming and jerking deep inside of him, and he squeezed and pulled and worked on it until the unnamed student from General Math 101 cried out in ecstasy, his body rubbing uncontrollably all over Denny's as he jerked and spasmed and cried out some more. Anon swooped down and planted his tongue firmly in Denny's mouth, and as his hips still shuddered and his breath still panted he and Denny kissed deeply and gently, panting and shuddering together, Anon's tongue still tasting of the gamey, metallic flavor of boybutt, his crank still moving and swooning deep and satiated in Denny's ass.

"Okay, okay already! Pull out and let me in there! I was supposed to go first, remember!"

It was Tony the indignant tiger, his fat, luscious cock throbbing right out from his flat boyish belly, his striking face flushed with excitement, still intent on his fuck. Denny grinned and pulled his legs up and back and Tony squatted and fucked into him, the Goat's butt now open and ready, still dripping Anon's load as Tony fucked and bucked and huffed and puffed. His eerie crystal blue eyes blazed as he leaned over Denny, his mighty crank creating quite an effect in the Goat's buzzbox. Denny cried out and clamped down involuntarily on the massively probing crank in his gut and Tony cried out as well and almost instantly shot his hot teen wad into Denny's butt.

There was a round of applause from the audience, Dr. Atkinson joining in, but none of the Pi Lambs watching had their cocks out, and no one interrupted the trio fucking the Goat with piss or flying loads - perhaps it was the professor's calmly unruffled, serenely unexcited presence, his face not flushed, his crank to all appearances not straining in his pants; he wasn't even breathing hard!

Then it was Benton's turn. This time Denny's butt was as full of boy cum as that worthy could have wanted, and it seemed to suit, for he grabbed Denny's legs from Tony and fucked himself into the Goat without a pause, sighing deeply as his crank probed Denny's ass, grinning widely as loud squelching noises and the jizz overflowing out of Denny's fuckhole all around the store owner's thrusting crank gave proof to all the hot slime his thrusting crank was encountering up in that tasty boyhole.

"Oh, baby, yea, it's a SWAMP up there! GOD, I love a hot cummy cunt! Gimme some jizz to fuck with, it's better than fuckin' Crisco ANY time! Oh, baby, I LIKE, I LIKE!"

Benton took his time, fucking Denny's hole fast and slow, deep and shallow, lightly and heavily, now pounding his hips against the Goat's butt cheeks, now fluttering feathery light thrusts into the Goat's ass. Tony and the unnamed student from General Math. 101 left and returned with beers; Benton sent Tony back out to fetch one for him and then squatted there fucking pensively into Denny's butt while he sipped the brew provided and moved his cock back and forth in Denny's asshole.

It was only when a noisy crew of Pi Lambs bustled in, drunk and boisterous and horny, that he set aside his cup, wrapped his arms around Denny and began to fuck all out, his breath gathering, his groin thumping, his face flushing, until with rough loud cries and thrusting, flashing hips he grunted and ground his glory out before the applauding frat boys, his customers and friends!

Benton and his buddies drifted away as the new group pissed and jerked, watching as Denny obligingly blew a few of them, the rest impatiently jerking off onto the Goat in a giggling straggle...

They all at last cleared away, and the only person left was Dr. Atkinson, whom Denny had lost track of in all of the pissing and cocksucking to which he had been recently subjected. The older man set down his cup, advanced to the center of the room and for the first time opened up his trousers.

His manner was shy - he barely pulled his cock out past the edge of his fly, and left his gonads firmly bundled up in his underwear. He was blushing and kept his face down, never looking Denny in the eye as he began to urinate on Denny's belly. Despite his shyness his piss streamed out strongly, hot and bright yellow and smelly, and he never varied the aim of his high pressured torrent, covering Denny's tummy with an overflowing pool of piss, the steaming, redolent liquid running copiously down Denny's flanks and under his butt in its tiled dimple.

When he was finished Atkinson stood there shaking a few last drops out of his still completely soft cock; he put his junk away and zipped up his khakis, then went over to where he had left his cup at the base of the wall, leaned over and picked it up. He turned, the cup in his hands, and flung the rest of it's contents right into Denny's face, tossed the cup into the corner of the Goat Pen, and left.

Then Denny was alone again; it was so quiet he could hear the party upstairs, louder than ever before. He closed his eyes and tried to relax, enduring the cold tiles, ignoring the recurrent itch, wondering what the fuck was up with Dr. Atkinson. He was tired and gradually losing his buzz. He wished one of those last pissers and facefuckers had brought him a beer. Now his aching joints and throbbing asshole and tingling tonsils were making themselves known. A wave of fatigue passed over him. He actually felt drowsy, in spite of the chill and the itch and the...