A work of Fiction by Pagganos Homophilator. Pagganos may be reached at paggan at aol dot com.

Pissa Lotta Beer
Chapter Five Cummers and Pissers

The next period of time - an hour at least, but maybe even longer - was something of a blur. Brothers and strangers came in, mostly by twos or threes or fours, and pissed on him. Most of them pulled Denny up or squatted themselves down in order to fuck his head one way or another, and many of those who didn't get their nut in his mouth still left a load of hot boy cum somewhere in his vicinity as they jerked themselves off on his stomach or his tits or his face, across his legs or in his hair or all over his feet.

Even so, probably a good third of the guys who came in just giggled and took a leak all over him and left, some just watching slack jawed and twitchy dicked as he blew somebody, and for a long time no one tried to turn him up and really fuck him again. None of the guys he sucked off were Goat proof, and he made most of them cum within minutes, but somehow these accumulating victories were not quite as sweet as before.

These pissers and face fuckers and masturbators didn't bother Denny half as much as the few who came in, often hesitantly or diffidently, as if they might be in the wrong room after all, and then just stood near the door watching as piss rained down on the Goat, staring as he sucked off cock after cock, looking on as he drained the balls and the bladders of guy after guy. He could see and feel the shock on these boys' faces, the ones who never hauled out their own cocks, who never implicated themselves to that extent, who maintained a stance of plausible deniability.

At first Denny was embarrassed by these 'mere on-lookers', as he dubbed them, but his shame gradually turned to anger as he considered his constrained, indeed forced, indeed his privileged position! The 'mere on-lookers' were always strangers, never Pi Lambs. What were these interlopers doing in his den? He finally told one to leave.

"Either show us all your cock or get the fuck OUTTA here!" he screamed at one unknown lad who had spent a good twenty minutes leaning against the wall near the door, watching the show but giving no sign of ever participating. The guy fled, and Denny didn't give him another thought until he ran into the boy on campus weeks later and the guy gave him a huge grin and a thumbs-up sign! That wasn't all he gave Denny - Denny followed him down the corridor of Jenkins Hall to the nearest Men's Room and sucked the guy off. Why he wouldn't do that in the Goat Pen Denny never could figure out!

The ones who left a load with, on or in the Goat did it in a variety of different ways. Whenever Denny was sucking somebody off, there always seemed to be a circle of two or three or more other guys watching. Everybody had their dicks out anyway for the main attraction - the human toilet - and eventually once somebody - anybody - had his dick good and throbby hard and buried in Denny's mouth, most of the guys watching would start jerking off.

And the sight of a pretty boy tied to the floor sucking cock was exciting enough - even before you added in the occasional simultaneous shower of piss on the pretty boy's feet or legs or groin - that many of the wanking on-lookers lost their loads long before it was their turn to fuck the pretty boy's face. So quite a few guys just shot their loads onto Denny's chest or crotch or face and hair instead of into his throat, and soon he was as crusty with cum as he was with piss.

The guys who fucked his face fell into two main camps. A very few guys - always brothers, Denny noted, never pledges or friends of the house or strangers - would strip naked or mostly naked, plunge right into the piss, and swab out Denny's throat with lusty, well-practiced mastery, taking his pissy head in both hands and fucking his head with eager skill. Neither the excitement of an enchanted audience, nor the redolent, uncomfortable setting, were conducive to prolonged love making, and even these experienced roués for the most part got their nuts in quick order and made room for the next guy.

Still, Denny noticed that the brothers and their most appreciative special guests always lasted longer than the shy guys and the strangers. And a few of them, Chad Barrett from the third floor and Mark and Jay's next door neighbor Jamal especially, Denny later remembered, took their time, getting the most prolonged, probing, slit-throbbing pleasure from Denny's cute and willing head, and getting just as much pleasure, he soon concluded, from playing to their audience with the greatest panache.

Chad and Jamal were both six-feet-and-some-inches tall guys with eight-inch-and-some-fraction tools, and both of the brothers were pretty as a picture to boot. It would have been hard to tell on either occasion whether Denny, or the cluster of horny, hooting guys who witnessed these massive throat reamings, or the stacked, studly brothers whose stout cranks and magic pounding hips and pert, round, pumping asses provided the show, enjoyed the experience more. These guys and those like them knew how to use the Goat as a sex toy, and did so with immense glee. All Denny had to do was follow them along on the whirlwind ride.

The rest of the boys Denny sucked off, he had to suck. These tended to be the ones who undressed to no greater extent than to pull their jeans and jockeys down to mid thigh, if that far, or even worse tried to get head through their flies, and who minced through the pee puddle on tip-toe, torn between the pulsing, pounding desire to get sucked off and cum in some guy's willing-or-maybe-not-so-willing-mouth, and the equally real desire not to soil their clothes nor to expose one square inch more of skin to public scrutiny than was necessary in order to get their nut. Whether they were inexperienced, passive by nature, or just shied off their form by the crowd and the pissing, they usually made Denny do all the work - some of them weren't even fully hard when their crotch made contact with his face.

Fortunately, Denny by now already knew what to do, getting them woody and throbbing, getting them wet and warm, taking them deep into his gullet, then squeezing and pulling until they shot off. And, as had been the case all evening, most of them lost their load as soon as they got hard enough to get all the way down Denny's throat, and Goat Powers got Denny through that lot with relative ease.

However, at a certain point Denny no longer found himself eagerly anticipating success and trying to gauge the dick and the desire he would find from just the eager faces and shining eyes of the boys who tumbled into his den. He was no longer a ready, open-mouthed little dickbird, and he no longer exposed his throat to be a living urinal. In fact, at times he almost stopped even looking up at his visitors, although he couldn't resist it completely, nor did he ever completely loose the sexual thrill he felt every time he saw some cute Pi Lamb brother pull his pants open and haul out a sweet Pi Lamb crank. He just lay back indifferently in the piss which kept showering down at intervals.

The Pi Lambs often lingered to watch long after cumming or pissing, and even more often just stuck their heads quickly through the door to see what (or who) was up the Goat's mouth or ass, or bopped in to take a quick piss all over him! After all, if you had to run down to the keg room to fetch beer for yourself and your date, you might as well see what was up with the Goat, especially if you had to take a leak, and if the Goat was being face fucked and you got to watch that while you whizzed on him, so much the better. Most of the brothers offered to bring Denny beer, and so he was able to both maintain his buzz, and keep his own bladder primed.

For Denny had learned to use his own piss as a weapon, twitching his hips to fling urine at those who got too aggressive with their own pee, and finding that a fountain of whizz from his own cock would never fail to amuse and excite those who were whizzing on him! It could even be used to add a certain excitement or clownishness during sex, and Denny eventually discovered the intense pleasure of sucking hot, hard cock while his own cock was streaming piss freely and uncontrollably in all directions - all the while being freely showered with piss in turn by an admiring audience!

Many of the guys who trooped through this haze were repeats - Wesley, Mark, Rodney - who finally got his enormous crank into Denny and almost choked him with the massive load of jizz which Denny, with great difficulty, finally managed to suck out of him - Brad, Aziz and a few other of the early revelers returned to keep him wet and stinking. But he'd lost interest, and none of these boys turned him on anymore, anyway. They were pretty drunk by now and many of them weren't really interested in getting off, just in pissing and laughing and watching someone get pissed on. Denny was getting tired and stiff and chilly.

One thing about the pee in which he sometimes almost floated - it was nice and hot. Being forced to lie flat back on the cold floor tiles really sucked the warmth out of Denny's body. Besides which, the tiles were by now very sticky, and whatever skin touched them eventually began to itch, an unignorable itch which had to be endured. Piss, by contrast, was warm and made the itching stop for as long as it lasted and some little time afterwards. The smell of it Denny by now either didn't notice or actually reveled in, but there were sudden and sickening times when it did make even him feel close to puking.

A few guys who hauled out their cranks and got all ready to whizz couldn't do it, either they were too pee-shy to let loose, not too surprising given the rowdy audience and the open sex; or maybe they found that the prospect of peeing on a helpless boy lying on the floor didn't turn them on after all; or maybe they just weren't drunk enough. Most of them watched for awhile, with or without cramming their useless cocks back into their flies, and most of them eventually began to pull their puds with a different aim in view, and most of those who couldn't or didn't piss on him could and did cum all over him, Denny noticed, or else could and did fuck their woody cocks into his throat.

One guy who couldn't produce so much as a drop of pee during minute after red faced minute just grinned and shrugged and started pulling harder and squeezing tighter until his cock was hard and full and after a nice moaning and groaning, huffing and puffing wank, he squatted way down and, aiming very precisely, shot a huge load of jism all over Denny's balls.

There were a few other pissers and cummers who stood out in that long stretch:

Three complete strangers with 'KKI' embroidered in brightly coloured silk on their jackets came in and pissed astringent, asparagus tinctured pee all over him, and that reek stood out for long afterward!

Then when Jamal Wilkinson came back an hour or so after he had first been down to pee and face fuck, he brought with him an old gent in a very loud suit who had been introduced to Denny earlier that afternoon (minus the loud suit) as Jamal's Grandpa. Grandpa Wilkinson beamed at Denny and whipped out a nice long black snake and joined Jamal in pissing all over the supine Goat. They laughed and chatted as they drenched the Goat up and down with hot, stinking piss, sparing neither his face nor his groin, and a clutch of frat boys joined them, giggling and craning as they watched the old geezer play their sexy game with evident relish.

Then Jamal turned Denny bottom up for the first time in ages and fucked his boy cunt long and hard while the older man stood right by watching closely and jerking himself off, further amusing himself by leaning over and squeezing Denny's balls, pinching Denny's nipples, and occasionally slipping a finger right into Denny's quivering butthole alongside Jamal's plunging, throbbing, rock-hard crank.

Denny tried to maintain a semblance of decorum in the presence of the elderly gent, but the pounding, breath-taking effect of Jamal's massive meat inside of his asshole, the incredibly sexy effect of Jamal's massive muscles and smooth, soft skin rubbing against him, the romantic effect of Jamal's handsome, leering face pushed right into his own while that crank and that flesh fucked all around and all inside of him, pushed Denny right over the edge. Without hardly realizing it, he was soon panting, moaning, and eventually screaming as he fucked Jamal back harder and harder, writhing with ecstatic pleasure as that steely slab cranked him deep and hard, both boys panting and bucking, Grandpa Wilkinson cackling and lust shining in everyone's eyes like beacons. Even though Grandpa Wilkinson's crank never seemed to get completely hard, he was obviously having a great time stroking it - and squeezing it, and pulling on it, and stroking and squeezing and pulling on the big, hairless balls which hung below it.

When Jamal finally got his nut deep inside Denny's ass, making more than enough nasty noise and jerking thrusts of his hips to let everyone in on the fact, his wrinkled elder turned and grunted and shot a big funky load of thin, watery jizz right into Denny's face. As he shot his wad the old guy grabbed Denny's head and rubbed his groin right into the wad still dripping down Denny's cheek, using his withered old cock and balls to spread his load all from one side of Denny's face to the other and well into his hair, all the while being scrupulously careful to avoid getting any cum on his beautiful suit.

A bit later Mark Adams reappeared, trailing cook's son, a cute, likely lad whom Denny doubted was any older than fourteen, behind him. Mark was very drunk, and cook's son seemed to be very amused by that fact. The two of them pissed all over Denny in the nastiest manner possible, aiming right into his face or his hair most of the time, with some side swerves to make sure his cock and balls stayed ripe and dripping. With Mark's encouragement, cook's son even wedged himself between Denny and the wall so that he could soak Denny's back and the back of his head with whizz.

Then Mark took the boy off to one side where the two of them stripped completely naked, with much giggling and stumbling, and then Mark showed his protegee how to get sucked off, straddling their piss soaked victim and grabbing Denny's head with forceful insistence, fucking the Goat's mouth with drunken abandon, loudly instructing his fascinated hanger-on as he did so. After awhile Mark stepped away without cumming, and let the kid took his place. The kid wasn't tall enough to loom over Denny like Mark had, nor was his strength great enough to really push Denny into a compliant position like Mark had, but he gave a good imitation of his idol all the same.

The lad straddled Denny's torso, ignoring the pissy flood in which his feet were immersed, slipped his throbbing adolescent wang into Denny's mouth and gave a great sigh. With a jerk of his tiny hips he fucked himself deep into his target's head. The boy's crank looked pretty big on his slim, unripe frame, but once it was in Denny's throat it felt about the size of an average Pi Lamb crank according to the Goat's newly informed cock expertise.

The kid thrust a few times and then stopped moving and took a deep breath and hesitated for a moment. Then he moved himself inside of Denny a few more times, gave a sharp intake of breath and pulled quickly but lightly out of Denny's head, his crank bobbing and weaving and running copiously with cock honey as it exited. Mark nodded to him and at the assembled Pi Lambs and assorted guests masturbating all around them and gave a grin of satisfaction at his protégée's work as he slipped his own throbber back down the Goat's warm, wet throat.

So Mark and cook's son traded Denny's mouth back and forth for awhile, Mark occasionally letting out a big loud fart, to the lad's further immense satisfaction. Eventually Mark gave the boy a big groaning, moaning, hip-stuttering cum show, getting his nut in the most over-wrought way, and inspiring cook's son to fuck his own way back into Denny's throat and do the same as soon as Mark had withdrawn his trembling, still pulsing crank. So Denny swallowed both their loads and then watched as Mark leaned on his young admirer, flailing and stumbling as he drunkenly tried to get dressed again. With much giggling and lurching, they left the Goat Pen, to the cheers and laughter of the assembled horn-dogs.

A few of those horn-dogs pressed forward to fuck their own wangs into Denny's throat, a barrage of pee accompanying them, but soon the crowd thinned out again, the last few brothers congratulating themselves heartily on a Goat well pissed as they returned to the tap room.

Hard on their heels came cook himself, a tall, exceedingly lean, salt-and-pepper haired gent with a long, narrow, not unattractive horse face. He bustled into the Goat Pen and stopped, looking Denny up and down, frowning. Given his was famous moodiness, Denny felt a sudden stab of anxiety. This was only increased when cook growled out abruptly:

"You seen Abner?"

Denny didn't know what to reply, so he kept quiet. Cook scowled.

"He was following Adams around and somebody tol' me Adams came down here to play with the Goat, and..."

Denny shook his head. Cook scowled even more darkly.

"Shit, you suck em' off or not?" Denny shook his head, but the gesture was so tentative he didn't even convince himself.

"Shit, you little asshole, you suck 'em off or not!?!" And Denny slowly nodded.

"Good! 'Bout time that boy learned how to git his rocks off that don't involve his own two hands. He jerks off more'n any body I ever knew!"

With that, cook opened up the fly of his loose cotton checkered trousers and hauled out a nice, big, bright red, half-hard cock.

"Well, it's my turn now. Git those legs uppin the air, and thank god I don't hafta git ya' opened up first. I reckon that's been well and truly taken care of!"

Cook was now working his crank up into a hard. It got bigger, and redder, longer, and redder, fatter, and brighter, until it was rock hard, and of a scarlet so intense that it looked like it might explode. It was much bigger than the man's slight build and narrow shoulders might indicate.

With a sigh, cook threw off his work tunic, tossing it into a corner, and opened up the waist band of his pants and let them fall to the pissy floor, stepping out of them and kicking them into the same corner as the tunic. Denny was shocked, not at his nakedness but at suddenly seeing that every scraggly hair on his chest and most of the tangled mass of pubies clustered below his belly were pure, snowy white. Denny had never seen white body hair before, except maybe peeking out of the collar of his Grandfather's shirt in the summer time!

Squatting down, cook straddled Denny's face and led the Goat into his familiar dance. He played the depth of the Goat's throat, fucking slow and steady into Denny's pretty little face. Looking down, he caught Denny's eye and grinned for the first time.

"Fuck, shit, you're as good as everyone's sayin' ya' are! Fuck, shit, that is some real cocksucking! I'm glad to know how much fun Abner had after all! I sure hope you like that dick, kid, 'cause ya' gonna be suckin' it off a lot from now on!"

He continued his slow, deliberate probing of Denny's mouth. Cook seemed determined to rub the head of his hot crank, the slimy slit of his pulsing cockhead, the throbbing center of pleasure where the edge of the cum slit and the underside of the shaft come together, over as much of Denny's oral cavity as he could. He slowly pressed and slimed his cock into every corner of Denny's mouth, under his tongue, between his gums and his cheeks, over every part of his palate, sliding against his tonsils, pushing against the arched entrance to Denny's throat but always staying in Denny's mouth.

Then cook switched to the Goat's throat, gradually fucking himself deeper and deeper into Denny, staying down there for longer and longer intervals. His rhythm was so deliberate that Denny had no trouble at all keeping up with cook's fuck, neither huffing nor gasping nor straining for breath, just feeling the slick glide of cook's pulsing crank as it occupied his throat, filling his head with cock, his nose buried in those fragrant, if shockingly white and grey, pubies, while cook's soft cool 'nads jostled against his chin. Cook's legs were long, the thighs encasing Denny's face were hard and hairy, and cook's hips and belly so slim and dapper that were it not for those geriatric hairs, Denny would have thought he was being had by some eager fratboy!

This dreamy facefuck continued for some long, appropriately uncertain time. Neither cook nor Denny was getting the least bit tired of it, and a bevy of brothers and pledges who came stumbling and screaming into the Goat Pen were soon egging them on, making appreciative comments about the size of cook's crank and the quality of the fuck he was giving Denny. Some of the guys tried to join in by pissing tentatively on the Goat's feet and shins, but cook snarled back at them over his shoulder:

"First guy who gets one fuckin' drop of piss on me is gonna be eating my pee in his soup for the rest of the term!" and that put a quick stop to that, amidst a flurry of nervous giggles. The assembled boys switched to jerking as the pissing option closed off, and soon Denny and cook were surrounded by a circle of pud pulling Pi Lambs as cook continued his measured, masterful exploration of the inside of Denny's head.

Slowly, the onlookers got tired, and then quite tired, of just watching and waiting. Their chatter became more critical, despite their wariness of cook and his moods, and a couple of them stepped forward and let loose with their loads onto the Goat's hair, despite the muttered curses of cook, whose slim flanks were pumping into Denny's sweet face just inches away from the throbbing pulses of cum.

"First guy who gets one fuckin' drop of cum on me is gonna be eating my cum in his scrambled eggs for the rest of the term!", but this had the opposite effect as his previous announcement, provoking universal giggles and inspiring one pledge to actually shoot his wad onto Denny's cheek, immediately adjacent to cook's probing crotch. With a loud curse, cook slicked out of the Goat's head.

"OUT! Get the fuck outta my way while I fuck the Goat!"

The circle of Pi Lambs fell back, still giggling but no longer wanking quite so enthusiastically, and for the most part, those who had already cum pulled their clothes back together and left, smirking at those who remained. They, however, most certainly kept their cranks out and in high gear, as cook and Denny treated them to an intense, sweaty fuck that got everybody about as turned on as they could be, and which resulted in more than one load being loosed across Denny's face and into his hair or his neck as cook plowed and screwed and fucked.

Cook started in the conventional way, Denny's dainty ankles thrown over his shoulders, his hips grinding away closer and closer against the Goat's upturned butt. His face in Denny's face was grinning and greedy, his eyes shining lusty and bright right into Denny's eyes. His crank was glowing and strobing in Denny's asshole, and the Goat's powers were only urging him on as Denny grabbed and squeezed at the thrusting man meat inside of his gut.

Cook's eyes closed as his lunging, probing, fucking crank began to burrow deeper and deeper still. He was moaning softly with pleasure and grinding his crotch against Denny's butt cheeks, the firm, flawless round of Denny's ass fitting perfectly into the hollow of the older man's lithe, slim hips. Cook planted his feet firmly and launched himself up, so he was over Denny's rolled up form and doing push-ups over the Goat, fucking firmly into the Goat's deepest recesses with each rise and push of his entire body, from the balls of his feet to his sinewy shoulders.

He opened his eyes and brought his face closer to Denny's. Denny could see the white and grey hairs mixed in with black and dark brown on cook's head. He assumed cook was going to put his tongue into Denny's mouth, and looked up right into his face, and saw a look there of such longing and sadness that his heart stopped.

Cook closed his eyes as soon as they met Denny's and slicked out of the Goat. Grunting, he mumbled under his breath, "Jeez, I'm gettin' tired. You are one hot fuck, Denny Foreman!" So saying, he released Denny's legs, pulling him out to full length in his filthy drainfield, ignoring the abundant dried, half-dried, and still quite liquid cum and piss and sweat with which the dimple was lined. Cook gently grabbed Denny's hips and twisted him onto his side, as far as the bonds at his wrists would allow. Then he lay down on his side behind Denny, pushed Denny's top leg well forward of his lower leg and slicked his mighty meat back into Denny's lucky asshole.

With a deep sigh, cook recommenced to fucking Denny. He went back to his deliberate, methodical penetration, deep and regular and very, very effective, from the Goat's point of view, at least. New boys had in turn penetrated the Goat Pen, however, and they once more had their dicks out, complaining about having to wait and occasionally cumming in Denny's face or on his chest.

Cook began to fuck harder, faster, harder, faster, his moans of pleasure turning to groans of passion, his deep breathing turning to a more and more rapid pant as his crank reached it's climax. He was rubbing his balls deliriously all over the back of Denny's thighs, his groans turning to cries of lust in crisis, his hips against Denny's butt forcefully bouncing and pushing as his crank shoved into the Goat deeper and harder.

Cook shot his wad with an ear splitting cry that turned into a sob, a gasp, and as he ripped his dripping cock out of Denny's ass, his last few gobs of jizz spurted out onto the back of Denny's head as he lurched away. He grabbed his wad of clothes and staggered stark naked out of the Goat Pen to the cheers of the remaining Pi Lambs, who then proceeded to fuck the Goat, one after the other.

Inspired by cook, they kept Denny in his contorted, side-ways position, and fucked him squatting behind him or lying beside him, as their own degree of daintiness or inebriation dictated. Being mere lads, none of them were proof against the Goat Powers that were, and so Denny could enjoy their hard cranks (with that special hardness that teen cranks can so easily have), their thrusting hips (with that special clumsiness that only teen fucks can so reliably display) and above all their gorgeous, lust-filled faces, their perfect college boy skin and flawless teeth and shining hair, for as long as he wanted to or needed to before milking the jizz out of their eager teen balls.

So, after a while, Denny was no longer surprised at how many of the guys who pissed and jerked off and came all over as well as all inside of him weren't Pi Lambs, weren't even College men at all. He'd heard all about 'house guests' and 'special invitees' during the planning for Purgatory, and so he hadn't been too surprised to see students he didn't recognize come into the Goat Pen. Even such unexpected pissers and cummers as Jamal's grandpa and cook and his family still had clear connections to the Pi Lambs and the House where all of these festivities were taking place. Once the true implications of being the Goat were clear, drinking the piss and eating the cum of guys he'd never met or even seen before didn't seem too out of line, either.

But Denny was truly startled when he turned his head, avoiding a particularly offensive torrent of rank, raw, salty piss issuing from a newly arrived gaggle of pledges and some of their non-Pi Lamb friends, and unexpectedly saw Benton Kramer, a very familiar face indeed.

Benton was part owner of The Disc Den, a local music store, and over the past semester he had favoured Denny with many earnest conversations about Denny's favorite musicians and musical groups and had made any number of cd recommendations which had turned out to be quite worthy. He and his very cool, very hip shop had played a large role in getting Denny through that transition from home to independence, from high school to college, which had taken place over that same time.

Denny had come to regard Benton as a great authority on music and popular culture, and had found himself questioning the older man not just about music, but about all kinds of references and incidents which the freshman had found obscure or baffling. Because the icing on the cake, the best thing about Benton Kramer, in Denny's opinion, was the way he had always treated Denny - just like any one else: like an adult, in fact. He didn't treat Denny like a pesky kid, or an ignorant twit, or an unsophisticated bumpkin (all of which Denny frequently felt like here in this strange city, so much larger than Harrisonville). And the fact that Benton was quite cute had lent a certain sexy undertone to their encounters at the record store.

Benton was in his late thirties, a slight, dapper man not too much taller than Denny, with a very beautiful face of finely cut features, fine pale skin, and a precisely defined, closely maintained goatee and mustache. His hair was dark, dark mahogany brown, but Denny had already noted as they bent over the counter looking at catalogs together that the darkness of it was relieved with strands of chestnut and cherry and even glints of pure gold. Furthermore, Benton had large, expressive eyes of greenish hazel and a mouth full of fine white teeth. Whenever Denny ventured into The Disc Den and anyone other than Benton was behind the counter, he found himself somehow less interested in what the shop had to offer, with no inclination to linger or browse, and no need whatsoever to question whoever was behind the counter!

Denny didn't know it, of course, but Benton was also a boyhound of the first water, and for years had traded deep discounts from the store in return for deep head and even deeper ass from Pi Lambda Beta boys. He had been a constant guest at the past dozen or more Purgatory parties.

Benton looked right into Denny's face, grinned broadly, and gave him a nod of recognition.

"Hey, Denny, am I ever glad to see you here! I was hopin'! I was hopin'!" he remarked, laughing lightly; and here the music store owner walked right up, opened his fly, and began casually peeing all over Denny's thighs and cock and balls. Denny was so shocked and surprised at Benton's evident familiarity with the Goat ritual, his blase attitude and his easy, eager entry into the ranks of the Goat pissers - not to mention his very presence there in the Goat Pen with his cock hanging out of his dress pants and a torrent of whizz blazing out of his cock, that he forgot to even check out the tool which was letting loose with the barrage.

"Hey, that new "Fire and Flame" cd is in. I got it behind the counter..." [peeing all up and down one of Denny's legs] "and I'll keep it for ya' till ya' got time to come in..." [peeing all up and down the other leg] "...and there's no charge, of course..."[pissing a blazing splash across Denny's chest] "...because you're such a good sport..." [whizzing back and forth across Denny's face and up into his hair] "...and from what I hear, quite a little whore! And I like whores!" And hereupon Benton broke into giggles and began spraying his declining dribbles onto Denny's groin.

Denny couldn't quite decide how to react, but even as he struggled to decide how to approach this unexpected arrival, he felt himself grinning like a fool, a bright red blush of embarrassment working its way over his face and neck and chest. Why Benton's presence, like that of the mean tow-headed guy from his math class, should be any different from the rest of the guys who visited him, Denny couldn't quite figure out, but he found himself unable to return Benton's greeting, found he couldn't even look him square in the eye. Denny hung his head, even as he began to eagerly anticipate the feel and the heft and the taste of Benton's cock, the hot reek of Benton's piss, the thick, spicy slime of Benton's load.

As soon as he finished peeing, Benton did his jeans back up and left, but no more than a minute or so later he came right back in behind another group of Pi Lamb brothers and some of their friends, clutching a cup of beer. He stood back and watched them piss on Denny, up and down his full length, with the usual hilarious soaking of his face and hair. Leaning against the wall and sipping on his beer, he watched Denny suck off two of the guys as most of the rest of them jerked off all over the squatting, cocksucking Goat.

As the brothers and their buddies left, giggling and sighing with pleasure, Denny saw that the front of Benton's pants were completely opened up and his cock and balls were pulled out of his underwear. He was fisting with one hand a big, thick, milk-white crank, beautifully formed, Denny was by now connoisseur enough to see, and still drinking beer from the cup held in his other. His 'nads, large and pendent and favoured with long, silky, dark red hairs, were displayed gorgeously across the front of his trousers. He leaned back, casually jerking himself off as yet another group of college boys entered the Goat Pen, giggling and calling out as they recognized Benton and realized what his hand was up to, giggling and singing the Goat Song as they unleashed a thundering group piss on the supine Denny.

Benton strolled forward and joined the group, his water at first reluctant because of the throbbing hardness of his cock, but soon his rod had relaxed enough to let loose with a strong, forceful stream. He pissed on Denny's groin, plastering the Goat's pubies, moving up to the boy's chest, hitting each nipple in turn, then aimed his stream right into Denny's face.

At that Denny looked up and finally met Benton's eyes, and the older man grinned at him and began pursing his lips and opening his mouth wide in little dickbird kisses, and Denny grinned back and opened up his mouth and let Benton piss into it. Benton's grin grew wider still as he carefully aimed his piss, filling Denny's mouth with warm, watery beer whizz. Denny swallowed and opened his mouth wider, his eyes locked with Benton's as the older man kept grinning and pissing and pissing and grinning. Denny could feel his cock beginning to swell.

The mood broke as the other clustering pissers joined Benton in aiming at the Goat's open pisspot, and Denny soon had to close his mouth and hang his head as a breathtaking barrage of urine washed over his face. Benton stepped back, giggling, and let the college boys have at Denny until they were through. In a cloud of uproarious laughter the boys finally pulled their clothes closed and left.

As soon as they were all gone Benton set his cup carefully onto the floor, still pulling on his dick, and advancing purposefully over to Denny. He pushed his pants down and straddled the pledge. Despite Denny's pissy hair and cum covered face, he grabbed Denny's head firmly in both hands and pulled it slowly over his cock, pushing his throbbing tool steadily, firmly down into Denny's throat. When his thick bristly bush was mashed against Denny's face and his big bristly balls were mashed against Denny's chin, he sighed, straightened up a little, and pulled Denny's face even tighter against his groin as he rocked his throbbing crank deep inside the Goat's head.

"Oh, yea, baby, oh yea! You do indeed know what you're doing!" Denny looked up and met Benton's eyes looking down, their bright hazel locked with his as Benton stood buried and unmoving in Denny's throat. The record merchant sighed again and began moving his hips slowly but forcefully against Denny's face, making little happy groans in the back of his throat.

Just then a new gang of Pi Lambs and one or two friends of the house bounced into the Goat Pen, thrilled to find sex already in progress but confused and a little put off because they couldn't pee on the Goat. Several of them were already fumbling with their flies as they came into the room, and one poor boy, sizing up the situation, staggered straight over to the stained old urinal and let fly into it with a relieved sigh, while another brother, more drunk and less inhibited, loosed a thundering flood into a corner of the old shower stall, his deluge gathering and then streaming down into Denny's little dimple as the others scrambled to get out of its path.

But Benton laughed and just let the pee run around his boots as he continued to fuck Denny's head. Soon he was surrounded by a circle of hooting young men, all of them jerking off themselves or each other one way or another, all of them egging him on. Benton took a firm hold of Denny's head and worked his crank eagerly in the Goat's throat, pushing his hips hard and nasty up against the Goat's pretty face and hairless teen jaw, always letting Denny breathe just enough but never letting him take control of the situation. He fucked Denny's throat as long as anyone had yet that night, until Denny was desperate for relief, his throat chafed, his tongue exhausted, his lungs aching for a real, sustained breath.

But before Denny quite got to the ass-slapping, life-saving stage, the cute little man got his nut, shooting a thick load deep in Denny's gullet, jerking his groin against the Goat's pretty face and panting loudly, once, twice, thrice, and then pulling back rapidly, trying to avoid the flying loads which his own nut-busting, hip-jerking pants and groans had prompted, as the throng of youths surrounding them jazzed in Denny's hair and face and crotch, more than one flying wad, Denny was glad to notice, hitting Benton's cock and pubies and pants and shirt.

In a reversal of the usual pattern, the boys clustered around Denny finished cumming and then went on to pee, washing off most of their fresh hot loads with some fresh hot beer pee and leaving the Goat more odoriferous than ever.

Benton had pulled his pants somewhat back together as he stepped away from the Goat, but he didn't go far, watching all of the cumming and peeing from close range right beside the heaving huddle of cummers and pissers. Only when they left did Benton step away from the Goat zone, but instead of leaving himself he went back to leaning against the tiled wall, his whole package still spilling out of his open, pulled back waistband, sipping beer and, soon enough, watching and wanking again, as more guys paraded through.

He remained there as the straggling little groups came and went, usually joining in the peeing, sometimes just watching and refueling his pumps with more beer. Whenever Denny's face got fucked or he sucked somebody off, Benton would jerk his pretty crank with slow, measured strokes while the college boys huffed and puffed, their slim butts jerking, their narrow hips fucking away, their sweet young balls churning their sweet young spunk into the Goat's sweet young throat as Benton watched.

After one of these little groups had cum and left, Benton stepped over to Denny's little dimple and stood right over him, letting a stream of watery warm pee break all over the pledge's chest.

"Damn, Denny, but you're good with a cock. I can see you're a natural born cocksucker, that's for sure. How long you been sucking dick like that, and how come I never got any of it before tonight, buddy?" he asked, still idly pissing all over his companion.

Denny was thrilled at the sound of that casually pronounced 'buddy', but at the same time, for some reason, furiously indignant at being called a 'cocksucker'. He was a lot of things, maybe, and after tonight those things had changed radically, but he wasn't a fag, that was for sure!

"Hell, I never touched a cock in my life before tonight. And I'm not a cocksucker, it just turned out that I had to be the Goat!"

"Sure, Denny, I know, they made you do it! And I just had to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours because they made me! And now I just have to fuck that sweet little butthole of yours, just have to plug that sweet little ass I've had my eye on all year because they made me do it, and you're gonna love it! I'm gonna make you love it!"

With that, he swigged the last of his beer, pulled off his boots and his socks, discarded his pants and jockeys, pulled his shirt over his head, and hung them all over one of the rusty showerheads. Then he slipped his feet back into his boots, strode into the heart of the piss zone, and grabbed Denny's ankles.

Once more he proved indifferent to the Goat's pissy, sweaty, spunky condition, rolling Denny back into the classic fuck position, assuming the classic fuck squat, his wide spread thighs straddling Denny's round, gorgeously narrow butt. With a deep sigh of lust and happiness, he speared his crank into Denny's gut. Denny gasped with an answering surge of lust and pleasure as Benton's big hard cock slid home.

"Damn, Goat, where's all the cum?"

"Hunh?" Denny wasn't sure he'd heard the record merchant correctly.

"Shit, the best thing about Goat fucking is all the hot slimey loads that're already up there! I LOVE to fuck another guy's load, man, and the Goat's asshole ought to be a churning pit of jizz by this time! When was the last time anybody fucked ya', Denny?"

"Fuckin' hell, I can't really remember. I guess it was Jamal, a... a while ago. I dunno. Hell, I musta left my watch upstairs! Anyway, it's all farted out by now anyway..."

"Shit! Oh, well. Next time, I'm gonna bring me some buddies to get ya' all lubed up so I can fuck a nice cummy cunt the way I like! Now, where's some o' that other lube, it's not nearly as sexy but they usually have some... Oh, great!"

Benton sprang across the Goat Pen, his turgid crank swinging wildly from side to side, looking even bigger on his small, trim frame as it preceded him, and Denny watched with pleasure, anticipating the fuck that rod would soon be giving him. The music merchant fucked the can of shortening, his hips pumping as he gobbed his cockhead deep into the can. With a backwards jerk he pulled himself free of it and tossed it back onto the floor. The walk back to the Goat's dimple was even more entrancing, the bouncing crank now even more emphatic topped with it's blob of pure white grease. Benton squatted, sighed deeply, and reinserted himself into Denny's butthole, his crank moving slowly but surely as it pushed it's greasy gob in.

Denny could instantly tell the difference which that greasy gob made, and he appreciated it, giving the record store owner a happy grin. His fucker grinned back, still pushing and throbbing, pushing and throbbing, until his pecker was buried deep inside the teenager's butt, his pubies nestled against Denny's trim ass cheeks, Denny's ankles situated well over the record guy's shoulders. With a sigh, the older man shifted his stance, relaxed, sighed deeply, and leaned forward into his fuck.

With that the conversation ceased. Benton's hard meaty crank continued cork-screwing it's happy way into Denny's red hot butthole, his svelte little ass driving his crank hard and deep into Denny's gut over and over again. He went all out for a long while, his head thrown back, low moans and nasty groans issuing from his throat, his hips working fast and skillfully against Denny's upturned buttocks. With a loud cry he suddenly froze, muttered to himself, and then began a much slower fuck, slowly lowering his head, his beautiful chiseled features and bright hazel eyes looking deep into Denny's face, and Denny forgave him the rough and arrogant beginning.

With a sigh, he pressed his face against Denny's and fucked his hot wet tongue into Denny's eager mouth. They kissed and fucked, exchanging tongues and lips, anus and cock, balls and butt cheeks pressed together. Benton began moving deep and subtle inside of Denny, making slow but forceful forays, melding their flesh closer and closer as their spit flowed into each other's mouths. Dimly, Denny heard the muffled laughter and excited shrieks which meant that another gaggle of frat boys had penetrated the chamber.

Soon Denny felt hot piss splashing around his dimple, but Benton was too sacrosanct as a 'special invitee' to be polluted, and he was covering Denny's body up so completely with his own, that the barrage remained slight as the music merchant consumed Denny and himself in a tight, hard embrace. Benton fucked faster and faster, breaking off their kiss, raising his head and filling his lungs with air, a deep, throaty moan panting from his lips as his hips flashed and cork-screwed, svelte and sexy. By now all the boys in the room were jerking off, some kid Denny didn't know was on his knees sucking on Wesley Browne's immense wang, and just then a brother from the third floor straddled the heaving fuckers and cranked his pulsing cock into Denny's throat as Benton called out:

"Oh, yea, FUCK THAT WHORE'S MOUTH!! What a hot CUNT you got, baby, WHAT A CUNT!!

and cum was flying in all directions as he and most of the other boys present let loose with floods of jizz on and in and around the Goat, who was jerking and spasming, filled at both ends with cumming cock, breathless, flushed, humiliated, ecstatic, smelling and tasting and feeling cockcumcockcum...

By the time those boys finally cleared away Benton had also left, and Denny lay thoughtfully back in his pissy dimple, alone again. He tried to do some calculations. There were thirty-two Pi Lambs and eleven pledges, that was forty-three, and he had done - twenty-six of them? Twenty-seven? But at least a third of the guys he had done weren't even Pi Lambs. Was it twenty-eight with Jay? Had he counted Jay twice? But Jay had never cum inside him at all - only on him! So how many loads of jizz had he taken so far - maybe he could remember all of those boys by taste, by heft, by size?

Suddenly, with no warning, someone was whizzing warm recycled beer into his face again and he lost track of his reckoning, and when he started counting again, yet another guy he'd never seen before in his life was thrusting a rock-hard, demanding cock into Denny's mouth, laughing hysterically. After that guy finished pumping and moaning, grinding and groaning, shooting and shaking, cumming and leaving - did that make thirty? Thirty-one? Thirty-two!?! Would Purgatory ever end?