A work of fiction by Pagganos Homophilator. Pagganos may be reached at paggan at aol dot com.

Pissa Lotta Beer

Chapter Two Goat Songs

A couple of days before Hell Nite, the Pi Lambs always gave their annual Purgatory Party. It was the beginning of the plunge into Hell, when the House commenced its descent into the nether regions. As a special preview for the pledges, and a special treat for the brothers and the closest friends of the House, on this night the Goat was thrown headlong into the pit, straight down into the very deepest part. The brothers, their selected guests, and the other pledges were privileged to observe this fall from their special vantage point in Purgatory.

The pledges were traditionally made very drunk at this party so that they would be sick and weak just before Hell Nite. It was often repeated that this would make them 'good fodder'. At the same time, 'fodder' was a term whose precise meaning and function were kept a strict mystery to the pledges. It was generally held by the pledges to mean unable to fight back, although "against what?" was a question none of them could answer for sure. Therefore, each pledge assigned his own personal horror to the imminent Nite. Violence, boredom, unnatural sex, enforced sleeplessness or public humiliation, each in turn seemed an unspeakable but all too likely possibility during the upcoming ordeal.

But Purgatory was mostly for fun. This was an equally strong tradition. There was dance music and good food and copious drink. The older brothers brought dates. Pledges were unable to have dates, because they were made to act as waiters, bartenders and kitchen help. The fiction was that the pledges were putting the party on for their soon-to-be-brothers as a way of thanking them and paying them back for getting the class ready for initiation. In fact, the brothers did all the planning, the pledges did all the work, and the Entertainment Committee paid for it all. Purgatory was something of a notorious party on campus, with many friends of the house anxious to be invited, and frequently some quite weird and unexpected guests showed up. The Entertainment Committee spent a lot of money to make it as brilliant and splashy as possible.

All the day of the Purgatory Party, Denny was kept busy cleaning, vacuuming, polishing, washing, scrubbing. Everyone came to him with their dirtiest and most exhausting work, and laughed about it. He was the butt of endless jokes, and by mid afternoon every brother who ran into him as he scurried about began to mutter "Naaaaa Naaaaa" under his breath. The Goat songs were beginning.

Denny kept an eye out for Joey all day as he worked but saw neither hide nor hair of his handsome hallmate. Indeed, Joey and he had scarcely spoken since that awful night the week before when Denny was made the Goat, and Denny didn't even know what Joey's assigned Purgatory duties were. None of the other pledges seemed to know where he was and when Denny timidly asked a brother if he had seen Joey the guy rolled his eyes and laughed.

"He's upstairs taking care of business! Don't you worry about him, GOAT! You're gonna have plenty of business to take care of yourself before too long!" and he left Denny with the Goat song ringing in his ears.

Maybe Joey was just ashamed of being associated with the Goat! Okay, whatever. Denny kept his head down and returned to his merciless rounds. He had worse things to worry about than Joey O'Toole. Finally, as dark approached, Mark came up to Denny and said, "Okay, time to get some beauty rest." Denny stood in mute amazement, drying and polishing the last of four hundred cocktail glasses.

"Go on, go up to my room and lie down for a minute. And for Christ's sake, take a shower and try to look half way decent. There will be ladies here, you snot-rag!"

This was the way he had been addressed all day, and Denny was impervious to such epithets by now. He trudged thankfully upstairs, and was already almost asleep by the time he reached Mark's room. He stretched out on top of the blanket on Mark's bed and fell into a deep slumber.

All too soon, he was being tumbled awake. Not gently shaken, but literally pushed off the bed. He woke up, in fact, when he hit the floor. It was carpeted but startling all the same.

"Come on Goat. The party is starting and your Purgatory is about to begin."

Mark and his roommate Jay were looming over him. Denny only half heard them as he stumbled to his feet and tried to wake up.

"Christ, he hasn't even showered yet. Get the fuck outta those clothes!"

Mark and Jay closed in; before Denny could react he had been pushed back onto the bed. Jay pulled off his track pants and briefs with one mighty jerk, while Mark grabbed his t-shirt and, with a lot more yanking than was necessary, stripped it off over Denny's head. They pulled him to his feet, naked except for his socks, which soon joined the rest of his clothes on the floor. They marched him down the hall to the john, threw him into the shower and tossed soap and shampoo in after him. Then they leaned in and made sure he lathered his hair twice and cleaned behind his ears and under his arms.

Mark stuck his arm into the spray and grabbed the washcloth. "Ya gotta do this part just right!", he said. He leaned further over and started scrubbing the crack of Denny's ass, wiping each rounded butt cheek carefully, and then running his hand roughly but deeply between Denny's perfect little globes with the washcloth and a huge lather of soap suds, the rough cloth scraping hard against Denny's tender asshole as it went by. Denny jumped.

Jay laughed. He took the washcloth from Mark and jerked Denny around. With the cloth covering his hand he grabbed Denny's cock and gave it a hard yank, pulling the coarse material slowly down its full length.

"This part's not nearly so important, but we still don't want ya' stinkin' up the party!" he explained. Then he grabbed Denny's balls and gave them the same harsh treatment, causing Denny to yelp with pain and pull away.

"Shit, he's ready!"

Mark and Jay reached in, turned off the water and hauled Denny out. He felt like telling them that he was perfectly capable of doing whatever they told him to do without being jerked around like a baby. He somehow realized it would be useless.

Mark and Jay's hands had been all over him ever since they woke him up, pulling him to his feet, stripping off his clothes, pushing him down the hall, washing him in the shower, and now toweling him roughly off, tugging him around to face this way and that, finally jerking him back out into the hall. Dimly Denny began to recognize that this rough handling was an object in itself, that actually Mark and Jay were feeling him up! Once he realized that, it almost began to feel good. But he still pulled back against their touch, just to keep them from stopping.

"My good clothes are all over in my dorm, uh..." Mark and Jay were shoving him back down the hall. "When I left this morning I didn't know what..."

"Shut up, Goat! Goats can't talk."

"Goats go Naaaaa! Naaaaa!"

Laughter followed this. Then Denny's insides tightened as the trio sailed right past Mark's open door. He caught a glimpse of his clothes on the floor.

"Wait guys, this isn't..."

"Shut up, Goat!" - accompanied by a sudden, hard slap on Denny's butt.

Denny shut up. They reached the end of the corridor, turned into the back hall, and turned again down the back stair, a crooked winding passage that went up and down the rear of the house, from attic to cellar. As soon as they started down it the swelling noise of the party accosted them, clinking glasses, laughing and talking. Music was playing. The unfamiliar register of women's voices wafted up to them mixed in with it. Purgatory had already commenced.

The kitchen, as they approached, contained only a few pledges and brothers still putting out food. In the middle was Mr. Wales, a tall, thin, greying personage of a famously touchy temper, perpetually grumpy, and the only fully adult resident of the Pi Lamb house. Cook was a widower and lived with his son Abner in the old carriage house behind the House proper.

He was never referred to as 'the cook', much less 'Mr. Wales', but instead invariably as 'cook', a manner of address rigorously enforced on the pledges and the occasion of much admonitory paddling during the weeks of pledging. It was traditional that whenever a pledge was paddled for failing to use the correct form when referring to cook, it was always on the bare cheeks and cook was always brought in to watch - the only times cook was ever seen to smile.

They all fell silent as Denny was marched through the corner of the room. As they turned and faced the room, a few of the pledges guffawed at the sight of their naked classmate. Cook glared briefly and then flashed Denny a cheerful grin that made his stomach sink even further.

Mark said, scarcely pausing at the foot of the stairs, "Here is our Goat. We're taking him to Purgatory." And the little procession resumed marching down the stair, turning again and descending below the kitchen floor.

They arrived at a dusty, unlit room at the bottom. There were voices down here too, echoing a little, since the cellar was mostly empty. Mark pushed Denny through a doorless opening into a corridor. Rough hands turned him to the right. They passed through another doorway. Inside, in the harsh glare of a bare bulb, was a rough plank bar set up beside two kegs of beer. This was odd, as Denny had helped set up a much more elaborate and poshly decorated bar in the dining room that very afternoon. Still, that was currently the least of his worries! Several brothers were busy tapping a keg, while others were already enjoying the contents of the other. They all turned to watch as Denny was pushed into the room.

"The Goat! The Goat!" they cried out in unison. Several began singing the Goat song, which the others found immensely amusing. Still Mark and Jay didn't stop, maneuvering Denny around the planks and towards yet another doorway in the far corner behind the bar. As they wound through the room, past the kegs and around the bar, hands reached out from all sides and groped and grabbed at Denny as they passed, shameless hands that clutched at his testicles, pulled on his penis, squeezed the cheeks of his buttocks, ruffled his pubic hairs and fondled his tiny pink nipples.

Denny was shocked. He could feel a hot blush break out all over his face, his neck and his naked chest, while at the same time his cock shriveled up like it was trying to disappear inside of his body. He tried his best not to look at any of the brothers in the room - and they were all brothers, with neither pledges nor house guests among them, he noticed - especially not once they started handling him. But he couldn't help reacting when a hairy hand reached out and grabbed his balls close and tight, pressing a couple of fingers firmly right up between Denny's legs, fingers sliding closer and closer to his asshole... He looked up as he was hustled past and there was Bill DeMarco, his habitual leering smile right in Denny's face.

The next little room they entered was an old locker room. Several clusters of battered, rusted out, mostly doorless lockers lined two walls and a wobbly looking bench went across the middle; opposite them was a low arched opening. Going through this final portal, they arrived in a close ceilinged room, completely tiled, windowless and dim, containing two urinals, a filthy sink, a couple of corroded showerheads, and a toilet in the corner. The john had once stood in a wooden stall, but the wood was all gone, and just rusty metal clamps showed where the stall had once had been bolted to the floor and the wall. An immense iron radiator clicked and gurgled in one corner, heating the room to near sauna temperatures. Another bulb hung from the ceiling, this one considerably dimmed by a wire cage and a lot of dirt.

Between the showerheads two cast iron drainpipes rose up out of the tiled floor and went up along the tiled wall until they exited right through the ceiling. They were less than three feet apart. Between the pipes, a little forward of them, was a dimple in the tiled floor with a small square drain-hole grating at the bottom of it. Mark and Jay pushed Denny right between the pipes and shoved his face into the wall. Then they spun him around and pushed him down to the ground. Before Denny knew what was happening, he was lying full length on his back, each wrist handcuffed to a drainpipe, his butt resting in the dimple in the cold tiled floor, his arms stretching over his head as his hands strained at their bonds. He was in Purgatory.

Mark and Jay stood back, breathing hard from the journey and from their brief scramble to secure Denny. Denny was also out of breath, but he managed to push the handcuffs part way up the pipes, and pulled himself up until he was in a squatting position, his back against the wall between the pipes. One of the cuffs was stopped by a collar on the right drainpipe a few inches above the floor. He couldn't get any higher.

"What the hell is going on?"

It was the first real sentence Denny had spoken since they had all started downstairs. Mark and Jay were standing over him grinning, saying nothing, still breathing hard. A couple of brothers had followed Mark and Jay in and handed them beers. The newcomers turned and ogled Denny as he slowly and gingerly sank back down into his dimple.

He had realized that he couldn't maintain his squatting position for very long. It made his wrists hurt, and his back was twisted and tight. It turned out that the only really half way comfortable position open to him was to be stretched out on the floor with his butt in the drain hole where he had been placed at the beginning. He looked up at his future brothers from his seat in the dimple and wondered very hard and very nervously, his heart beating with excitement.

"I bin waitin' for this for a looong time, little bro", said Mark, "a long time. So I went out today and had an extra spicy Italian sub, with three kinds of sausage and onions and peppers. And two helpings of garlic bread. And I just had a coupla cups of coffee. All for you, little brother. In your honor!"

The other brothers in the dim room began giggling even louder at this, but Denny was puzzled. He didn't give a shit about Mark's lunch menu. He could feel the eyes of the assembled brothers raking his exposed body. Was he down here to be admired? A brother named Wesley stepped in from the keg room. He was a tall, gawky looking kid, a guy Denny knew slightly from the first smokers at the House back in the fall. He stepped closer and stared right at Denny's crotch. Despite himself, Denny felt his cock start to get a little hard. It wasn't stiff but it sure was snaking out and relaxing.

Mark said, "Somebody go get Brad. It's time". A brother turned and jogged off, his hurried footsteps echoing through the cellar.

Mark glanced back at Denny, grinning more evilly than ever before. He and Jay turned and looked at each other. Something passed between them: a scarcely discernible nod, a mutual intake of breath - then they turned as one to face Denny and started undoing their trouser flies. Denny's heart began beating even faster. The two Pi Lambs took a step forward in unison, spreading their legs into a relaxed stance as they finished pulling out their dicks.

The other brothers broke into a cheer. All of them except for Mark and Jay took up the cry of "Naaaaa! Naaaaa!" and the low tiled room shrieked. Denny felt his heart thundering. Was this what he and Joey had debated? Here, now? The two frat boys stood there with their dicks in their hands as silence gradually fell over the room. Then they sighed loudly in unison. And then they began pissing on Denny.

Mark's piss was hot and bright yellow, strong smelling and strong flowing. The first splash hit Denny in the knee, and he started at the sudden warmth. It was hard to believe what was happening. It was gross, for sure, but his first reaction was kind of to giggle. At least he wasn't being forced into kinky sex. This was just locker room stuff - and appropriate to the setting. Denny relaxed a little and wondered how long it would last.

Mark brought his piss stream slowly up Denny's thigh to his cock. There Jay's strengthening torrent joined Mark's and together they pissed on Denny's dick and balls until his pubies were soaked and lying plastered onto his belly and his balls were dripping. The sharp, acrid smell of their urine went over Denny in waves, by turns nauseating and almost enticing. Mark's pee reeked of garlic, which almost covered the bitter, pungent undertones of coffee. Jay's piss was much paler and had a rich, salty smell of its own.

Denny found himself entranced by the warmth. The showering piss felt surprisingly kind of sexy; it was hot and wet and the force of the two virile young streams was actually massaging his cock. Denny spread his legs wide so the two pissers could get at his cock and balls better and then he looked up at his assaulters.

He had a perfect vantage point to ogle the two boys' equipment. He had never seen Mark's cock before, as often as he had hung out in his big bro's room; Jay's he knew quite well, or thought he did. Although Mark's crank wasn't nearly as large as Jay's, both dicks were big and handsome, soft and full. At first Denny was too embarrassed to stare openly at the beautiful young meat the two men were each handling, but then he thought: "Shit, they're pissing on mine - I can sure as fucking hell look at their's!" And so he began to check them out.

Suddenly Denny realized that his own cock had begun expanding and stiffening. Surely he wasn't going to really get hard in front of all of these guys - what a weird reaction, considering that he was lying on the floor being pissed on - would the brothers think he liked being pissed on? But despite his internal dismay his dick just got harder and harder as Mark and Jay's piss flowed over his stomach and down his sides. He was sitting in a puddle of piss, making its way down to the drain hole beneath his butt, his almost fully hard cock now jutting up dripping from his groin.

All this had happened in a matter of seconds. Wesley and the other brothers in the room leaned in to have a better look as Mark began playing his still gushing stream of piss up onto Denny's stomach. He and Jay then each took aim at one of the helpless boy's nipples, and two warm showers covered Denny's breast. Soon Denny could feel tiny hot splashes of piss on his neck and shoulders and the raw smell grew stronger and stronger. He started to worry - things were getting awfully close to his face! Denny struggled to regain his ankles, pressing his back to the tiles, trying to escape the relentless barrage of pee. It was only when he had pulled himself up into a squat, though, that his Purgatory really began.

Mark and Jay seemed to have an endless supply of piss, and they now lost all decency. Giggling and grunting, they sprayed piss all over Denny. Jay went for his neck, then his hair, then moved slightly to one side and took careful aim at Denny's ear. Mark joined Jay for a while in hosing down the pledge's hair, which was soon soaked and dripping with piss. Warm, stinking wizz sprayed off of his eyebrows, dripping down his cheeks and off of his chin. With his hands restrained behind him, Denny could only shield his head by hanging it down, which didn't offer any real protection.

Maybe it was the way his target tried to turn away that made Mark change directions. He bent his knees and moved to one side as he did his best to piss right into Denny's face. Denny kept his eyes and his mouth tightly shut as the warm, acrid spray covered his cringing mug. Mark laughed and scored a direct hit on Denny's mouth. Soon he was concentrating his still roaring piss directly onto the narrow space between Denny's tightly clamped lips and his nostrils.

Eventually a splash of piss went right up Denny's nose and he was forced to open his mouth to gasp for air. As soon as he did so Mark and Jay, with a practiced, simultaneous reaction, swerved their cocks and filled his mouth with hot, funky, frothing piss. Denny spat and coughed as the pungently bitter liquid filled his mouth. There was a certain dilemma here, because even as he tried vigorously to spit out the nastiness in his mouth, by parting his lips to spit he also opened them to be pissed in some more. And when he firmly clamped them shut, blasting torrents of piss ran down his chin and back up into his nose, soon forcing him to open his mouth for air once more. The room erupted in gales of laughter and Goat songs at this final victory of the pissing duo.

The sight must have inspired Wesley Brown, who had been watching closely this whole time, for he erupted into excited laughter, jerked open his pants and hauled out his whole bag of equipment: a huge pale sausage and two goose eggs, flopping his cock around with one hand while the other pulled his balls free of his jockeys. Still laughing, he let loose a stream of piss every bit as hot and smelly as Mark and Jay's, playing the rank liquid over Denny's chest and back down to the cock and balls which the other two had abandoned. Almost instantly the remaining brothers also pulled their dicks out, and Denny could feel the warm wetness of more and more piss enveloping his legs, his groin, his belly.

The worst of the torture was nearly over, though - or so the Goat wrongly concluded. Jay's stream died abruptly away, and although Mark's declining jet continued for several more seconds, his aim had left Denny's mouth and returned to spraying all over the poor boy's head and shoulders, leaving Denny at long last able to spit and retch and breath freely. His piss reduced to ever weakening dribbles, Mark stumbled forward and arched closer and closer to Denny so that every last drop which he shook out of his dribbling pecker would hit the unfortunate Goat. Finally he was finished.

"Hey you guys, watch it!", Mark rang out over his shoulder. He raised one leg high in the air to avoid the torrents of piss showering behind him as he hopped away to a corner of the room, his dick flopping around as he danced out of the way.

Stepping into the breach, Wesley came closer. Now he directed his wizz straight into Denny's hair. Hoping to keep the stinging liquid out of his face, Denny hung his head as if in submission and let Wesley pee straight onto his head from a distance of only six or seven inches away. The tall, lanky brother was forcefully aiming all of his copious flow right at the top and the back of Denny's head, which had so far largely escaped. Hot piss was dripping off of all of the ends of the pledge's hair. Abruptly, Denny felt as if he was going to cry.

Laughter filled the air and the Goat song rumbled periodically off of the tiles as Denny squatted with a lump in his throat and tears filling his eyes, hot stinking piss thundering over his head. Finally, Wesley's bladder was also empty. He stepped back, grinning and shaking his huge rod mightily. The other brothers behind him, who had mostly been pissing on Denny's legs, were given a free range at last.

The renewed piss shower was mainly just mild mannered beer piss, mostly water - but, as Denny soon learned, every one of the young college studs in Pi Lamb pissed his own slightly unique brew. Once again, one brother took a fancy to his cock and plastered his pubies with hot funky wizz, while another one took aim at his hair. This one mostly avoided his face, but all three of the boys now pissing on him would occasionally spray a passing stream into Denny's face or over his head, and they kept his groin and his belly and his legs well soaked.

Denny took a deep breath as his fit of frustration and despair passed, removing the constriction in his throat. He was getting a little tired of this game. He had a sudden inspiration. He gave his pee laden head a violent shake, and then another. His hair lashed out, throwing arc after arc of piss out in all directions across the room. The laughter increased as brothers jumped and stumbled out of the way of the flashing liquid, losing control of their aim as they did so, and pissing on their own shoes and on each other's pants legs. Wesley Brown was the worst hit. The room was echoing with laughter now, mixed with piercing renderings of "Naaaa! Naaaa!" Considering there were only five or six guys present, the noise was deafening.

It stopped abruptly. Looking up, Denny saw that Brad had entered the Goat Pen. Behind him, craning through the doorway, were a crowd of at least five or six more brothers. Still no pledges were among them, however, and Denny was relieved at that, for some reason.

"Jeez, Adams, you guys gave the Goat a good soaking already! It smells like a piss hole in here, fuckin' A!" said Brad, grinning. "I don't see what you need me for!"

Nonetheless, he undid his pants, undid the whole thing, belt and waistband and fly, and pushed his trousers and his boxers well down, almost to his ankles. His slim hips and beautifully shaped thighs were graced by a large and gorgeously formed cock, which was more than half hard, and a big set of low slung balls covered with golden fuzz which hung down below it. Denny couldn't take his eyes off of that beautiful cock, which was right at eye level as he crouched between the two pipes.

"Oh, he likes what he sees, alright!" someone called out, and the brothers erupted in echoing laughter again. Brad just grinned and advanced. Denny braced himself for another torrent of redolent piss, but instead, Brad kept advancing, taking small steps because of the hobble of his pants around his legs. He minced carefully past Denny's pissy dimple, grabbed Denny's piss soaked head, and pushed Denny's face right onto his dick. Before he quite knew what was happening, Denny's mouth and then his throat were full of warm, fragrant cock, Brad's balls were rubbing on his chin, and "Naaaa! Naaaa!" was again rebounding off of the tiles.

So this was it: it was happening. Denny fought back panic and tried to get some air into his lungs past Brad's fleshy, swelling cock. The crank in his mouth was relentless, pushy, growing larger and stiffer as Denny struggled to breathe and to accept what was happening. He really wanted to be a Pi Lamb! And he knew if he failed, if he forced Brad's cock out of his mouth and refused to go along, refused to be whatever being the Purgatory Goat was, he'd never again be a part of the Pi Lamb family.

And Denny realized something else, in those few seconds of strangled fear and rising resistance, something emerging out from under the panic and humiliation: the warm, silky smooth, living presence of Brad's throbbing meat in his mouth, the masculine smell of Brad's pubies clustered just inches from his nose, the soft heft of the President's testicles as they brushed his chin.

Brad's hips gave a few long slow bucks as he shoved his cock in and out of Denny's throat. Denny was too shocked to really react; he just squatted and tried to breathe. He was gagging uncontrollably and sputtering, but the contractions of his throat around Brad's crank only seemed to please the President, and Brad quickened his pace briefly, his dick swelling; then he pulled it out and said, "Shit, this Goat stinks! Somebody go get the hose."

In seconds, a brother handed Brad a short length of bright green garden hose. Somebody else took one end of it over to the sink and twisted it onto the faucet and turned the water on full blast.

If anything, Denny preferred the piss. The water was cold and hard, and as it hit him he felt his cock and balls shrinking, shrinking, shrinking, until they were almost drawn up into his gut. Brad hosed off Denny's head and his face, and saying "Open up, Goat", he rinsed out Denny's mouth. It was a relief to get the bitter, lingering taste of Mark's garlic infused piss out of his mouth, even with the memory of Brad's fat, sweet cock lingering there along side of it. Denny slumped down, his back against the wall and his legs stretched out in front of him.

The fat cock was never as unexpected as the piss. Denny had been partly dreading, partly disbelieving, those salacious possibilities. Now that it was really taking place, part of him was withdrawn, watching in dream-like disbelief - and another part of him was slowly heating up. He began to suspect that he wanted Brad's cock back in his mouth. He still wasn't sure about the piss - but maybe that part was over.

Sure enough, fat cock was soon back. Brad threw the hose aside, untangled his feet from his clothes and shoes and handed the unneeded items to Mark, and then, half naked, re-advanced on Denny. Brad's hot dick was even harder than it had been before and it was sticking straight out. He put his hands on his hips and thrust them forward until his rock-hard cock was just inches from Denny's mouth. Denny found his mouth opening wide in anticipation, but Brad stopped short of his apparent target and spoke out in a firm, official voice which boomed loudly off of the glazed walls. Denny jumped.

"You, Dennis Jamison Foreman, have been chosen as the Pi Lambda Beta Goat. If you wish to ever be a brother in Pi Lambda Beta, you must consent freely and joyfully to be our piss slave. Do you so consent freely and joyfully?"

Denny, taken aback, his mind already filled again with that warm fragrant fat cock, nodded dumbly.

"If you ever wish to be a brother in Pi Lambda Beta, you must consent to let any brother and any pledge who wants to use you, use you, from now until Hell Nite is over. Do you so consent, freely and joyfully?"

Brad paused, and Denny nodded again, scarcely hearing the words, his eyes never straying from the beautifully throbbing, rock hard man meat just inches from his hungry lips. As the pause lengthened, Denny leaned forward once more and opened his mouth in anticipation of another mouthful of crank, but Brad wasn't done.

"That means any brother or any pledge can piss on you whenever he wants to, he can shit on ya' if he wants to..."


"Jeez, Brad..."

"Oh, yea!"

"Gentlemen, gentlemen! ... The Goat is a Pi Lamb toilet! Piss on him as often and as much as you can, and make sure he gets to know the sweet privileged taste of Pi Lamb whizz!

"More importantly, the Goat is a Pi Lamb scum bucket! He is here to take on as much Pi Lamb cock and as much Pi Lamb spunk as we can provide, so gentlemen and brothers: PROVIDE! And get your buddies and your classmates to provide, until this Goat's mouth starts to water as soon as he catches a whiff of crotch, and he'd rather eat cum than cake!

"And Goat, you're going to learn to love Pi Lamb dick. By tomorrow morning you'll love to suck it, to lick it, to eat it, to smell it, you'll want as much of it down your throat and up your ass and anywhere else your brothers want to put it, as you can get - got that?! Any bro' wants head, you give 'em head. You are now the official Pi Lamb cocksucker, and if you don't learn fast enough, the brothers will take it out in your ass, cause your butthole is ours too, and if any brother says he wants to fuck you, you just say "How hard, SIR!"

"What about pledges?" someone called out.

"Pledges can fuck the Goat's ass with the permission of any brother, but they have to ask nicely. They can fuck the Goat's mouth at will, of course!"

Brad was breathing hard. He had started wanking his big eight incher with two lazy fingers while he was talking, thrusting his hips out towards his audience. The brothers stood mesmerized and slack-jawed, watching the House's most beautiful man pleasure himself. And about to watch Denny do it for him.

"Goat, do you understand?"

Denny tried to speak, but ended up just nodding his head as a croak emerged from between his suddenly dry lips.

"Goat, do you consent?"

Just as during the Hell Nite meeting, Denny looked up into Brad's face, right into his blazing green eyes. He finally managed to clear his throat and speak, loud and clear:

"Okay, yea ... since you guys want it so bad!"

The little assembly broke into cheers and applause. Evidently he had given the correct answer. Brad's grin widened, and as he advanced towards Denny the Goat song began again. Brad was still rock hard, and without pausing he squatted down, straddled the Goat and slid his cock into Denny's mouth, easing it down into the lad's throat with a svelte thrust of his narrow hips.

Denny immediately began to gag. He sputtered and convulsed, but Brad had a firm grip on the back of his head and just ignored him. Looking down into Denny's face, he grinned again.

"If I so much as feel any of your teeth touch my dick you'll never be a Pi Lamb - got that? Now, pay attention and have fun. We'll teach ya' this in no time!" Brad withdrew just enough for Denny to take a shuddering breath, then eased his cock back in.

Denny looked around wildly. He was pushed against the pipes, his head turned back to accept the thick column of flesh buried in his throat, so he couldn't see very well. He caught enough glimpses to realize that most, if not all, of the brothers crowded into the little room had their cocks out and were openly masturbating. Just then he felt something warm on his legs.

Someone was pissing on him again, on his calves and feet and up to his knees. Brad laughed, even though, straddling the Goat's upper half, he was at some risk of being splashed. He withdrew his cock completely from Denny's mouth and said, as helpless gasps of breath filled the pledge's lungs:

"Do you like that piss on your leg?"

Denny nodded uncertainly. He wanted to put his hand up and massage his throat, but he couldn't, of course. Without thinking he leaned forward and rubbed it on Brad's thigh instead. Brad laughed and pulled Denny's head back by his hair, slapping his hard, spit-slick cock across the Goat's face.

"Do you want to eat my cock, pledge?"

"Yes, sir!" said Denny.

"Are you gonna eat my scum, pledge?"

"Yes, sir!" said Denny.

At least two, maybe three guys were now pissing on Denny's legs. As Brad eased his dick back into Denny's throat, Denny caught himself actually wanting to watch the brothers piss on him. He wanted to look up into a brother's face, one of those gorgeous boys who had paraded naked all semester up and down the hall, and watch as they peed warm wizz all over him. It would almost be like they were cumming on him...

Just then somebody did. A gob of something thick and warm hit Denny's cheek, then his forehead and his check again, and more was suddenly dripping off of his nose onto Brad's pubies. It bore the unmistakable funky smell of freshly churned jizz. One of those horny brothers fisting his hot young dick...

Denny turned his gaze over Brad's looming shoulders and looked up into Jay's grinning face. Jay's hand was still pumping his throbbing tool, which looked much, much larger now than it had ever appeared to Denny back up in the room. Jay's breath was coming all in gasps, but he managed to give a little chuckle. He stumbled forward and rubbed his still pulsing, still dribbling cock through his own load as it oozed down Denny's cheek, pushing his cumslit through his own scum, having already left a thick trail of slime across Brad's butt cheek as he did so.

Since Brad's cock was now buried to the hilt in Denny's throat, this entailed the two frat brothers both sticking their big fat cranks right into Denny's face while they squatted there hip to hip grinning like fools. Jay put his arm around Brad's shoulder to steady himself, until finally he heaved a sigh and stumbled back.

Brad cried out, still moving his quivering cock gently back and forth in Denny's head: "Alright, men! James Woodrow Gates was the first to let fly! Hear ye, hear ye, Pi Lambda Beta, James Woodrow Gates is the Binky Balls tonight." As he spoke Brad continued easing his cock in and out of Denny's throat. "What shall be his penalty? What shall be his penalty? First, he has to get the Goat a beer!"

To which the crowd replied: "A beer and a blow job! A beer and a blow job! A beer and a blow job!" amid much laughter and Goat calling. Jay heaved a loud sigh, gave his cock one last hard shake, turned, stuffing it into his pants, and left.

Brad joined in the hooting and laughing. He was now fucking Denny's mouth slowly, every once in a while gently probing the back of the boy's throat. He rubbed his balls against Denny's chin and chest, sending little thrills up and down Denny's libido. Jay returned with a brimming cup of beer and handed it to Brad. Brad lightly withdrew his rod from Denny's face and spoke again. As he spoke he turned towards the brothers and rubbed his pulsing cock all over Denny's face through the rapidly dispersing gobs of Jay's spunk.

"Jay, the House has spoken! You must fetch beer for this Goat as long as he is tied up. And sometime before the night is over you must suck off this Goat pledge." Laughter and applause. Brad continued: "And you must make him cum with your hot wet mouth, no hands allowed, and you must eat his cum. And there must be at least three witnesses from start to finish. Aaaannnd, one of those witnesses must be a pledge!" Applause and cheers greeted Brad's stern ruling.

Jay hung his head low in exaggerated dismay and shrugged his shoulders. Denny looked up at him and Jay grinned and winked back at him. In fact, he looked quite pleased.

Brad stepped back a little - the peeing had stopped for now, although it had left behind a redolent smell - and forced Denny's mouth open by squeezing his cheeks together. Denny opened his mouth and looked up at Brad like a little bird at its nurturing parent. Brad poured cold beer slowly into Denny's mouth. It felt wonderful on his just fucked throat. Denny swallowed as fast as he could, but beer kept flowing in. He closed his mouth so he could swallow another huge mouthful of beer, but Brad just kept pouring.

Beer flowed all over Denny's face and down his neck. His chest was covered with beer. Quickly he opened his mouth again, but the same thing happened - Denny finally had to shut his throat to swallow and Brad just kept pouring. But this time, he transferred the stream of beer onto the top of Denny's head, and the Goat's head was soon as wet with beer as it had been with piss a few minutes earlier. The crowd was amused. Brad threw the empty beer cup aside and smoothed Denny's hair back from his face and squeezed some of the beer out of it. Then he thrust his hips back into Denny's face and Denny opened his mouth once more like a little bird, a little dickbird.

Brad eased his big beautiful blond tool into Denny's mouth for the third time. The brothers started a rhythmic calling. Both hands on the back of Denny's head, Brad started a slow but increasingly deep face fuck. Denny had good lungs - he could swim three quarters of the length of the rec pool underwater - but soon he was about to panic again. His throat kept trying to gag, and every time it did he wanted to gasp for breath. But Brad knew just when to ease up enough to let Denny get a good breath; then he was back at it.

His cock was a warm, rubbery presence in Denny's head, his fragrant golden pubies were all around Denny's nose. Denny was penetrated, filled, consumed with throbbing, juicy dick. He could feel his own pecker straining, as hard now as it had ever been before in his life. He wanted desperately to play with his cock, but it had to throb along all by itself, aching for relief.

Now Brad was going faster. He let Denny breathe again, then again increased his fuck pace. His hands were massaging the back of Denny's head, his knees and thighs were rubbing hard against Denny's beery nipples. He was catching the pace of the crowd now, fucking Denny's throat with complete abandon while the brothers cheered him on. Denny tried to relax, but the gagging panic never quite left him. He decided to concentrate on just letting it happen, and right then it did.

Brad moaned like a stuck pig. He threw his head back and hooted as he shot wad after wad of thick, hot, Pi Lamb cum deep into Denny's throat. Denny could feel Brad's tool get even bigger as it went into spasm, his taut, muscular thighs trembling, his hands clamping Denny's head tight against his hairy groin as his cock throbbed inside Denny's head. Denny couldn't really taste Brad's jism, and the President's crank was so far down his throat that he really wasn't even swallowing, but he instantly knew that he'd just eaten his first load. He had a feeling it wouldn't be his last...

The President of Pi Lambda Beta finally staggered away, leaving Denny shuddering for breath but yet instantly missing that warm, meaty presence in his throat...

But not for long. In a blur, other brothers stepped forward. First of all was Wesley Brown. He stuck his immense, throbbing dick into Denny's mouth and let Denny play with the head of it for a while. Denny sucked on it like a hard candy, tonguing out the immense slit that ran across it, trying to postpone getting that fuckpole of a dick shoved into his throat. It was much bigger than Brad's and Denny couldn't believe it would do anything but suffocate him. All the same, Wesley soon started pushing it further and further back into his mouth.

Denny pulled back as trepidation engulfed him, but Wesley grabbed the back of his head and pulled Denny's face down ever further over his quivering pillar of fuck flesh. Denny struggled to get free and Wesley seemed to like that. Almost instantly he was grunting and his hips were jerking. Denny thought the boy would never stop cumming, but at least he had stopped trying to fuck any deeper into Denny's throat.

Instead Wesley's hips bucked once and then jerked back and his immense tool ended up twitching and spewing right against Denny's tongue, scum wads erupting endlessly into the back of Denny's mouth as Denny swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. He could sure taste this load, slightly bitter, funky but pungent - not nearly as nasty as he would have predicted. Despite all of his cum guzzling, there was still more spunk erupting from Wesley's throbbing crank, as Wesley moaned and jerked and maintained his iron grip on Denny's head. Soon Wesley's jizz was overflowing Denny's mouth and dribbling down his chin, and still Wesley gripped his head and fucked his monster crank against Denny's tongue.

Eventually he let go and stepped back and another brother stepped forward. Denny didn't even have time to look up into this new brother's face before his throbbing, rock-hard cock was shoved into Denny's mouth. This new dick was smaller - what wouldn't have been? - but it was fragrant and heavy as it slid into Denny's throat and his face was drawn tight against the unseen fratboy's dark haired belly.

A few deep thrusts - this dick felt good! It fit just right. Denny was starting to enjoy sucking cock, although he wished he could get his breath all the way back. He let his throat close around this new pecker, feeling the warm, hard softness of it. As the second brother thrust Denny squeezed and that boy, too, came almost instantly, only to be replaced with scarcely a pause by yet another unidentified brother. Denny knew now that to get the interloper away he just had to get him off. And that wasn't proving very hard to do!

This third cock was about the same size as the last one, maybe slightly bigger, but suddenly that didn't seem like such a bad idea. The unseen face fucker grabbed the back of Denny's head and eased his rod down into Denny's throat. Denny relaxed his gullet and took the pulsating crank in as far as it could go. The unseen face fucker groaned as his meat slid home, his crank all the way down Denny's throat, his belly against Denny's face, his stiff, fragrant pubies tickling Denny's nose, his soft, fragrant gonads caressing Denny's chin.

Denny experimentally squeezed the hot, throbbing cock with his throat - and the unseen face fucker moaned with pleasure. Denny squeezed harder - the unseen face fucker gasped louder, fucked his crotch once, twice, thrice against Denny's face, gasped again even louder and shot wad after wad right into Denny's stomach. Denny was getting the idea.

Thus began a slow ballet of Denny swallowing and squeezing, unseen Pi Lambs dicking and thrusting, but quickly retreating in the face of Denny's manipulations of their horny young cocks. In short order each face fucker, one after the other, was shooting his hot slimy jizz into Denny's mouth, and Denny realized he had won. He could win with every hot teen-aged dick in the whole House. None of them seemed able to resist - he could suck any one of them dry in minutes, in mere seconds! None of them so far had lasted even as long as Brad. Denny vowed that none of them ever would again. He felt like laughing, in spite of the pee and the face-fucking and the uncomfortable tile dimple. He had discovered he was a Goat of Power!