A work of fiction by Pagganos Homophilator. Pagganos may be reached at: paggan at aol dot com.

Pissa Lotta Beer

Chapter 8 Shit and O'Toole

The party upstairs was at its noisiest. Denny heard the music more clearly than ever, mixed confusedly with what sounded like screams. The dim but still ringing clatter of breaking glass reached him, riding a wave of shrill laughter, just as another, closer noise attracted his attention. Startled, he looked up and saw Mark Adams leaning in the door way. He seemed to have sobered up a little, but a little only - he was still pretty obviously drunk. He was breathing hard, as if he had been working out. After a few minutes of menacing glare, he grinned and staggered into the Goat Pen.

Slowly, he started to remove his clothes, throwing them over his shoulder in the direction of the little locker room's bench. Most of them failed to reach their target. His cock was already partly hard, and sprang out of his pants as he pulled them down. Still grinning, he advanced on Denny and slipped his crank into Denny's burning throat. Denny tried to protest, to explain how used up and raw his gullet was. Mark just grinned and fucked Denny's throat anyway. A few minutes of this, however, and Mark lost his hard. Mark's poor pecker, still swollen but no longer stiff, missed Denny's mouth a few times, and got stubbed against Denny's cheek. Mark swore and drew back a little. Then he slapped Denny across the cheek.

"Hey, watchit you asshole!" cried Denny. "No hitting." His experiences as the Goat had taken away all respect for his big brother, and all fear of reprisals no matter how clearly he showed that lack of respect.

Mark just grinned and made goat noises as he tried to work up a hard-on again.


Moving decisively, Mark stood up, spun around, and squatted back down. He positioned his asshole right above Denny's mouth and pushed it right down. Sighing, hoping to get rid of him, Denny started drilling out his bro's funky hole. To his surprise, he found Mark shaven and smooth, his hole small and shyly pink. It was actually quite clean, quite tight, and hot as a pistol. The further Denny drilled, the hotter the territory his tongue encountered. Mark began to moan, his hips moving rhythmically, his rubbery anus clutching at the Goat's probing tongue, then releasing it as the older lad worked his hips, his firm, fleshy butt enveloping Denny's face. Mark panted, squealing every time Denny's lingual attentions reached a certain special place up inside of him, and soon the Goat's big brother was jerking his crank and moaning in time with Denny's enthusiastic rim job. Denny figured he may have found his favorite part of his big brother.

Denny rimmed and Mark squirmed. They were both having fun, it seemed, and yet Denny was beginning to wonder how this little scenario would end. He found out, or thought he did, when he felt a warm flow over his chest. The first few drops he took to be cum, but as Mark relaxed, the copious flood which began coursing over Denny's chest and stomach could be nothing but piss.

Mark sighed deeply as his watery beer piss dribbled to a near stop. He was kneeling in his own piss, his hips crouched over Denny's sucking, probing mouth, his asshole grinding against Denny's cooperative lips. Denny continued to eagerly probe Mark's tight little butt hole, and Mark continued to push back, moaning and seemingly getting the most out of Denny's efforts. Denny was almost sorry the episode was over. Maybe sometime when Mark wasn't so drunk, they...

Mark farted. Big, heavy, stinky one.

Denny's head flew back against the hard cold tiles, giving him quite a bump as his mind reeled in shock and disgust. Another fart followed the first - the force of it strong against his face; Denny could miss neither the warmth of the escaping gas nor, over everything else, the heavy, shit-laden smell of it. It was redolent with it's own version of the rich, garlic laden odor of Mark's funky, long-ago ur-piss, the first of the evening, of Denny's initiation into the world of golden showers and hot boy whizz. Denny drew up and back as fast as he could, gasping and struggling to escape the nauseatingly fetid air, closing his eyes against the sulfury sting. Mark giggled loudly.

That's when it happened. Something prompted Denny to open his eyes. What he saw made him gasp in horror.

"Shit, no!"

"Oh, shit, YEA!!".

Giggling like a kid, Mark had raised himself into a bent-over crouch, straddling Denny's hips, his butt crack squatting right over Denny's chest. A long, glistening turd had broken through the pale pink rosebud of Mark's ass. It curled down, swinging erratically from left to right before it broke away and landed on Denny's chest, mere inches from his chin. Mark was shitting on him.

Denny gagged, and felt his stomach flip flop within him. He tried to imagine the consequences of vomiting while chained to the floor, and they weren't good. Denny gagged again and fought to suppress it. Then, for the second time that night, Denny screamed.

No one came. Voices from the tap room continued to rise and fall, but no one came. They must have gotten used to the strange noises coming from the back room, or perhaps they were just satiated with the possibilities which strange noises implied. In any case, no one came.

Mark giggled louder as another, much smaller turd emerged from his asshole and fell athwart the first one, making a little odorous pile on Denny's chest. Some little shit dribbles followed, curly wisps of crap that fell away onto either side. Denny saw the pink, hairless rosebud of Mark's asshole almost reverse itself as Mark pushed hard to empty his gut, but nothing else came out. He was still giggling softly to himself as he duck walked forward until he was free of the toilet zone that surrounded Denny and could safely raise himself up. He turned around to regard his handiwork.

"Jeez, looka what I did! Oops! And I think I forgot to wipe..."

With a mirthless giggle, Mark once more walked right through the film of filth which surrounded Denny, until he was leering right over the Goat.

"I love what you're wearing tonight, shit hole!" he said in a simpering, breathless sneer. Spinning around, he straddled Denny's leg and squatted, cradling the fleshiest part of Denny's thigh deep between his muscular white ass cheeks. He duckwalked forward, pausing to sensuously work Denny's kneecap against his asshole, quickening as he traversed the hairier, bonier zone of Denny's shin. Then he raised himself up slightly, stepped sideways, and repeated the manoever on the Goat's other leg.

The result was a crusty, irregular daub of shit on Denny's right thigh, with a trailing stripe of brown that went down below the knee. His left leg was less impacted, but also sported a faint stripe of feces from thigh to shin.

"You look mahvelous, dahlink, simply MAHVELOUS!" Mark crooned, his eyes glinting with cruelty as he stood over Denny laughing. "A big shit for a little shit! Damn, that was fun! Oh, yea!"

Mark stepped forward again, crouching above his own stinking pile of shit, leering evilly. His hand was back on his cock, which was growing and hardening under his grip. He didn't seem nearly so drunk all of a sudden, and his hard-on was back. He wasn't close enough to Denny to force Denny to lick anything. Denny's choices were to look at the pile of shit sitting warm and damp on his chest, or look up between Mark's legs and watch his jiggling balls and stroking cock.

So Denny looked up at Mark, who grunted and whacked and jerked until panting overcame him. He staggered forward and shot his wad right into Denny's face, squatting down as Denny turned away, and cumming now in the Goat's hair, bending forward so he could really work his pullulating crank well and hard all through Denny's chestnut locks. He pushed his cock around in Denny's hair for a while, panting and mumbling to himself under his breath, then staggered to his feet and stepped back to the middle of the room again, breathless, panting, looking almost crestfallen.

Mark gathered his clothes with an exaggerated precision and for some reason began talking as he dressed.

"You think you've got it bad, but hell, all the pledges are gonna get some of the same shit. Shit, we'll put the whole pledge class into the big shower on the second floor and piss on 'em but good on Saturday night. Course, they wash it right off, they don't get to wallow in it for forty-eight hours like you're gonna."

He heaved a big sigh. He seemed reluctant to put his pants back on, and stood talking with his shirt on and his pants over his arm, his shrinking cock and still tight balls peeking out from under the hem.

"All a' them pledges are gonna hafta suck off their big bros on Sunday afternoon, ya' know, so don't feel so bad! Everybody's so jealous of DeMarco 'cause little Joey O"Toole's gonna take care o' his big one. I can't wait to watch! That is the hottest ceremony -- except for Purgatory, of course, but you, as the Goat, already know that, doncha?"

Mark was now sitting on the rackety bench in the little locker room putting on his shoes, but still he called out conversationally: "Ya' know, they used to be jealous of me too, before the whole fuckin' lot of 'em got to share you, and share ya' all week-end. It doesn't sit easy, let me tell you. But at least I can tell you're enjoying yourself!"

By now Mark was dressed, and he poked his head back in through the door.

"SHIT, it stinks in here. You have an accident, or what? HA, HA, HA! Hey, see ya' round, Goat. Once you get cleaned up all nice and sweet again, I will definitely be back to cum inside my little brother some more. I think I'll mostly fuck ya', but I'm sure I'll wanna few blow jobs before you give me the big official blow job on Sunday afternoon!" Mark leered at Denny one more time and went out into the tap room.

Denny choked back tears, tried to swallow his fury and disgust, and considered his position. It seemed unwise to give in to his first instinct, which was to buck to the side and try to fling the shit off of his chest and away from his Goat dimple. He mistrusted his ability to do this, and the thought of ending up smeared and bedaubed with shit as well as the itchy, stinky piss just reinforced his trembling jaw and lumpy throat. It was getting harder and harder to fight back the tears, which were compounded equally of self-pity and of frustration. The power of the Goat did not seem so great at that moment.

Two guys he had never seen before stuck their heads through the tiled opening, exclaimed "Oh, gross!!" simultaneously and fled, giggling hysterically. Wesley Brown and Chris Fenne, another brother, were next to venture in. They stepped up close and inspected Denny, discussing his situation as if he wasn't there. Casually, they opened up their flies and pissed all over Denny's legs, balls, cock and pubies, carefully avoiding the pile of shit.

"Jeezus, it stinks in here!"

"Shit, look what old Adams did again! Jeezus that boy likes to shit on people!"

"Hell, I'd be tempted myself, except I don't have to take a shit right now, ya know? What would you think if I dumped a big slimy turd right across his face - would that be hot, or what!?!"

"Man, you guys are so gross! Jeez, it stinks in here!"

They left. Somehow Denny still hadn't cried, so he decided he wasn't going to. Mark's turds were starting to get cold, which just made them more disgusting. Denny was trying to figure out if they would get more flingable as they cooled. If they got harder as they cooled that might make them fling off cleaner and land further away... He couldn't think about it clearly - no data, nothing to go on, no data...

Joey O'Toole walked into the goat pen and stopped short. It was the first time the two boys had been face to face for days.

Denny felt himself turn bright red. Joey gave him a weak smile and walked right up to him.

"I heard what happened, Denny. Jeezus, it looks bad... and it smells worse!"

His eyes slid all around the scene - the pile of shit on Denny's chest, the drainpipes and the handcuffs, the tiled walls, the pile of shit on Denny's chest, around the filthy floor, up Denny's legs, taking in his cock and his balls and the pile of shit on his chest. His eyes met Denny's and he smiled again, and suddenly the two of them were laughing hysterically, laughing and laughing and laughing, until the tears did flow down Denny's cheeks, although the lump in his throat was gone. When they finally regained control of themselves, Joey said:

"Hmm... How're we gonna get you cleaned up?"

They decided on a 'jump and drop' approach - Denny would spread his legs, raise his arms, and try to jump into his squatting position, leaning forward as far and as fast as possible. With luck, the shit pile would fall cleanly into the dimple, where Joey would flush it away using the hose. Then the floor and Denny could be cleaned up, comparatively, and things would be back to where they had been before - just as bad, but no worse.

It didn't quite work. Joey got the hose ready, the pressure up, the water warm and a scrap of soap at hand. But Denny was stiff, and couldn't possibly jump from his back to a squat fast enough or cleanly enough to fling the pile clear away. When he tried and couldn't, the shit just tumbled all down his front, disintegrating as it fell, the pieces rolling raggedly through his pubies, over his dick and between his legs, smearing his front with greasy brown streaks as they went.

"Oh, gross!", he couldn't help crying out.

"Oh, well, it's not so bad! Just keep back, Denny."

Joey trained the hose on the scattered fragments of turd lying in the dimple and they broke up easily - within seconds the whole pile of shit was down the drain and only a bad, smelly memory. Joey rinsed the dimple and the whole floor surrounding Denny with a long forceful spray of hot water, and then stood over Denny hesitating.

"I guess there's only one way to do this" he muttered, as much to himself as Denny. Dropping the hose, he quickly stripped off his shoes and socks, pants and briefs, shirt and t-shirt, placing them in a neat pile well out of the way of the impending operation.

Denny had never seen Joey naked before - they were hall mates, but not room mates, after all. The gorgeous blonde had a slim, lithe build: long, well muscled legs, covered with golden fuzz; narrow hips, concave stomach, small but shapely chest and shoulders. His cock was uncut and much larger than Denny would have anticipated, nestled in a dense bower of spun gold. He played the warm water over Denny's head and front, then squatted down next to him and put his arm around Denny's shoulder.

"Cheer up, buddy. We'll have you cleaned up in no time."

Joey began to wash Denny. Like a kid or a paraplegic, Denny could only be a passive participant; without a washcloth, Joey had only his ten fingers and his two hands to get Denny all spiffed up. They sat in the spray of warm, relaxing water, while Joey worked up the best lather possible out of the tired scraps of soap available, and proceeded to rub, fondle, grope, handle and touch every inch of Denny's body clean for him.

Because they were forced to do it inches above a hard, tiled floor dimple, they had to sit close together. Joey straddled Denny's legs, kneeling with his cock and balls draped across Denny's thighs, his butt resting gently against Denny's knees. This gave Denny an excellent view of Joey's beautiful and generous package. His dick was long, not too fat, but much larger than the usual run of soft cocks, with a svelte cockhead magnificently displayed by the thin, fine skin drawn enticingly over it. Joey's balls were also on the large size, hanging down softly in a long, loose sac.

Joey leaned forward to soap up Denny's back, and Denny leaned forward to let him, and they were leaning against each other with Joey's arms around Denny. Joey was warm and smelled the way he always smelled, except stronger, closer. Denny leaned his forehead on Joey's shoulder and relaxed against his friend's weight, and Joey took all of Denny's weight in return. Denny's cock started to get hard again.

He found himself wondering if Joey was going to have sex with him like everyone else had (well, almost everyone) all through this strange evening. And, even more than had indeed come to almost always be the case, he found himself looking forward to it eagerly, wishing it would come sooner rather than later, anticipating the lust in Joey's gorgeous green eyes. Denny knew now that he was a complete whore, but he still found himself hoping desperately that Joey wouldn't mind all that much. They were going to be brothers for life, after all.

This train of thought caused a noticeable reaction. Denny's cock arose from its shitty halo and stood taller and taller as Joey rubbed his back clean. Denny let his head rest on Joey's shoulder. Joey giggled, and leaned his head against Denny's, and Denny's cock got even harder and taller than before.

"Hey, Denny, what's this in your hair?" Joey drew back in some alarm, suspecting the worst.

"I won't lie to ya', buddy. That's Mark Adam's cum, man."

"Oh!" Joey was relieved and put his head back against Denny's; Denny's cock made up for lost ground.

Soon Joey had to switch to Denny's front, which involved scooting down some and then rubbing down Denny's chest and belly and pubies, his bellybutton, which was full of shit, his cock and his balls, and the little hairy areas, behind the balls, and beside the cock, the folds of Denny's ballsac and the crack of his ass. It was kind of like giving someone a real nice hand job, but it was more like wiping someone else's ass after a real messy shit, only worse because it covered such an immensity of territory.

At one point, Joey said: "I know what" and he soaped up and rinsed off his own questionable front before slipping behind Denny, between him and the wall. There wasn't much room, and Joey was squashed up against Denny's freshly cleaned back, with Denny between his widespread legs, within his encircling arms as he cleaned Denny's front.

The two boys were plastered front to back. Joey's cock and balls were quite firmly pressing against the base of Denny's back, as Joey's hands went over Denny's whole front, rubbing his chest, pinching his nipples gently, caressing his belly, rustling up his pubic patch with both hands and a generous flow of soap and water. The whole time Joey had his head on Denny's shoulder, leaning against Denny's head, whispering in his ear.

Denny's cock was still rock hard, but this actually made it easier to handle and easier to reach the surrounding areas, and Joey whispered as much to him in his ear. He kept whipping Denny's dick with his hand from time to time, squeezing the head and making sure that it stayed nice and throbbing. Denny had no problem complying with this challenge. He could feel Joey's balls jiggling against the base of his spine, while Joey's hard nipples were grinding into his shoulder blades as his breast muscles worked to get Denny clean.

Joey had rearranged his crank so that the underside was rubbing against Denny's back and it was getting harder and crawling up the space between the two pledge brothers. Denny could feel the ooze dribbling out of Joey's cock, lubricating the cockhead, and he felt very clearly as the slick wet cockhead emerged from it's sheath. Joey was practically humping against Denny's back, and at the same time he was practically jerking Denny off. Denny figured he knew the answer to his earlier pondering about Joey and him and the possibility of sex!

"I think you're there, Denny. Let me get outta here and check," said Joey, clambering over Denny's shoulders. His sweet firm cock left a trail of slime across Denny's face as he eased his body past. When Joey stood in front of Denny, his hard crank jutting up from his belly, Denny saw that like Jim Thorne's, it was quite large for his size. He opened his mouth and Joey, after barely a particle of hesitation, stepped forward and slipped it into the Goat's mouth. He gently fucked Denny's face as he ran warm water through Denny's hair, using the remaining fragment of soap and his fingers to gently comb the dried piss and cum out of it.

The success of this operation as a shampooing method left much to be desired, but the success of the face fuck was about all that could be hoped for, or so Denny thought. He slurped down hard on Joey's rod. It throbbed and glowed in response, as Joey gasped at the discovery of Denny's new found goat arts. His cock was soon making a regular tour of Denny's throat, up and down, back and forth; nor was Denny ignoring the cock head, the marvelous folds of extra skin gathered around it, nor the tasty salty slit treat right in the middle of it. Joey just kept running his fingers through Denny's hair and fucking Denny's face, though less and less gently as the suck wore on.

Eventually Joey abandoned Denny's hair and the sliver of soap remaining. He kept hold of Denny's head, however, as he fucked powerfully into Denny's mouth. He was crouched with his hips lined up with Denny's face, his beautiful golden thighs embracing Denny, his groin pumping steady against Denny's face.

Denny was in seventh heaven. Joey had never looked more beautiful, and in his nakedness he was beyond compare. And now his cock filled Denny's throat, his balls covered Denny's chin, his pubies embowered Denny's nose - hey, maybe Denny was in the eighth heaven! Joey ground his hips against Denny's mouth, his muscular, golden haired thighs working as he fucked his hallmate's tight, slick throat, his hands holding Denny's head gently as his groin caressed Denny's face, his trim, narrow butt pumping his mighty wang into Denny's beautiful head.

All too soon, Joey's breath began to come in gasps, his soft, gold-fuzzed balls began to draw up tighter and tighter, and his movements became subtly more erratic as the seizure came on him. He cried out, thrusting his dick deep into Denny's throat, and shot wad after wad of hot Joey, which Denny happily absorbed. They stood there for several long minutes, Joey cupping Denny's head in his hands, Denny cupping Joey's cock in his throat, breathing around its warm, shrinking, but still satisfyingly fleshy presence and enjoying the sweet lingering flavour of Joey's hot young spunk.

It was only as Joey pulled out and stepped over him, his hand still on Denny's shoulder, that Denny realized that they had had an audience. Chris Fenne and the two unknown guys who had fled earlier were gathered in a little group near the door, examining the scene closely - obviously, they had been watching for long enough to be pretty turned on, since all three of them had their cranks out and hard and worked up. As Joey moved aside, Chris strode forward.

"I'm gonna need somma that too, Goat!" he said laughing.

Chris drew his cock a little further out of the folds of his fly as he straddled the Goat and thrust his dick in between the Goat's lips, mashing the front of his jeans against Denny's face. Denny did the best he could, but he couldn't get a good grip on Chris' cock and it wasn't quite hard. Denny turned his face aside to escape the grinding denim and said:

"Jeez, you idiot! Pull down your pants!"

"Hey, you better watch out! You can't talk to a brother like that, pledge!"

"Yea, well I'm not a pledge, anymore, I'm the Goat! I've gotta put up with whatever y'all dish out, and I have put up with it and I will put up with it. But I DON'T have to put up with people who ought to know better, who are trying to get sucked off through five layers of cotton. Now if you wanna fuck my face you will hafta pull down your pants!"

"And that goes for you guys too!" Denny added, turning to the two strangers, who signaled their intentions by hastily complying, pulling their jeans and boxers down around their knees and once more fisting the hard dicks that sprang out. Joey was still stark naked, leaning against the wall watching the proceedings with a grin on his handsome face and a drool of silvery nectar hanging from his handsome if shrinking crank.

Chris joined the others in opening up and pulling down his clothes, and then quickly pushed his cock back into Denny's face. It was very thick and not all that long, not nearly as long as Joey's. His balls were big and round and shaved smooth and hairless, but other than them, Chris' whole groin was covered in thick sandy hair, from which his bulky crank sprang up. Chris put just the head of it into Denny's mouth and stood there grinning while the Goat licked and sucked on it, eating out the pulsing slit; then he drew it back out, making it wiggle back and forth about an inch or two from Denny's lips.

"Lick it!" he commanded the Goat.

The Goat obeyed, gladly licking all around his cockhead, up and down the shaft, eating out Chris' slit some more and then licking his pubies, his balls, behind his balls as Chris moved his groin all around Denny's face. Eventually he ended up with his back to Denny, bent over, his hairy butt crack engulfing Denny's face as Denny squatted between his drainpipes, his tongue drilling a pulsing beat in Chris' ass.

Chris was whipping his crank harder and harder - as were the two other guys, Denny couldn't help but notice - when he suddenly spun around, unsteadily straddled Denny and thrust his crank into Denny's mouth. Denny was on it like a cat on a June bug, slurping it down all the way.

As he did so Joey darted forward, and his fresh and juicy tongue replaced Denny's in the happy Pi Lamb's funky Pi Lamb hole. Now occupied front and back, with Denny juicing up his rod and Joey juicing up his butthole, Chris cried out in loud ecstasy, thrust, and thrust again, and thrust again, and then cried out even louder, hips bucking, hands grasping Denny's head, spunk filling Denny's throat.

Chris shot what seemed like the biggest load Denny had taken all evening. He shot and shot as Joey drilled and Denny sucked and Chris just kept on cumming. Denny began to sputter and gobs of spunk began to shoot, dribble and fall from his mouth, pushing out around Chris' throbbing, still spewing crank, and still Chris shot and Joey drilled and Denny sucked - Denny having no choice, as his head was still between Chris Fenne's hands, clutched hard up against Chris Fenne's hairy groin. Eventually Joey stopped eating butt and sat back and Chris, with a sigh, released Denny's head and took an uncertain step back, gently withdrawing his still steel hard rod from the Goat's throat, little gobs of jizz still pulsing from the slit at the end of his dick and falling onto Denny's face and chest as he pulled away.

Before Denny had even had the time to swallow the abundant cum which filled his mouth and his throat, the other two guys advanced together, stopped, and looked desperately at each other. By some subtle, unseen method the choice was made, and one of them advanced. He thrust his dick into Denny's face. Denny engulfed this new tool into his wet, cummy mouth, pulled it back into his still spunk slimed throat, and the unknown boy gave a few good thrusts of his hips and then he came too. The Goat power was back!

The third one, however, took forever to get off. Chris stumbled back towards the tap room, and the other stranger leaned against the wall opposite Joey, who was now lounging naked on one wall slowly squeezing and pulling on his gorgeous crank, which was somehow rock hard once more. The second stranger divided his glances between the cocksucking scene and the beautiful naked boy. Denny sucked and sucked, the stranger fucking his face thrust and thrust, grunted, complimented Denny, thrust and grunted, complimented, thrust and thrust and thrust, and didn't cum.

After what seemed like endless face fucking, with Denny's throat growing more and more raw, the first guy finally said:" Oh, for christ's sake, Jim, get a nut and let's get outta this hole!"

Jim just muttered in reply: "All in good time, Mr. Brown, all in good time!" He glanced over his shoulder at Joey. "Maybe if Blondie there would eat out my ass like he did for Chris I could really get a good deep nut..."

Joey chuckled and shrugged and squatted down and dived tongue first into Jim's hairy, perky little round buns. Soon Jim was thrusting further, pushing harder, grunting deeper as he fucked Denny's throat, with each happy stroke bearing back upon Joey's probing tongue as well. Despite all of which, he thrust, pushed, grunted and bore down with no result.

"SHIT! There's only one way!" he suddenly cried. He bent over, using his butt to gently but firmly push Joey out of the way as he slicked his cock out of Denny's head. Squatting down and splashing right onto the pissy floor, he grabbed the Goatboy's ankles, pushed them forward, and pushed himself slowly but surely into Denny's quivering butthole.

Denny grunted gently, easing the fat cock in, his grunts of caution turning into louder grunts of pleasure as the unknown Jim plowed into him with aplomb. Soon the stranger was fucking him deep and hard, a tattoo of deep, breathy grunts signaling his appreciation of Denny's hole. Denny was appreciating him, as well, for the young man's expert fuck was making him wish this Jim was a fraternity brother - if what Jim Thorne had told him was true, a brother with that kind of control would be a real good brother to have - and to be had by!

The hot, dreamy fuck continued, Jim sliding his thick crank back and forth, his hands pinching Denny's nipples, his grip on Denny's ankles and shins firm and caressing. Joey, Denny could tell, was turned on as shit, his hands squeezing a renewed, swelling boner as he stood uncertainly in the middle of the room, deprived of the hot, hairy hole he had been so happily tongue reaming. Even Mr. Brown stopped sighing with impatience and leaned forward a little, his hands playing against the front of his jeans, which were swelling once more as he watched his buddy put it to the pretty young pledge's upturned butt.

"Hell, that's as hot as shit!" His hands were now fumbling with his fly as his pants opened up again and a juicy, bouncy, teen-aged cock sprang forth once more. "How about it, cutie?" he said, turning to Joey. Joey grinned, and shrugged, and the next thing Denny knew Joey was on his knees sucking Mr. Brown's cock - Mr. Brown having nicely opened up the whole front of his pants, needing no more lectures about flies! He grunted as his crank found it's way into the back of Joey's throat, and his glance swung desperately between his own throbbing crank going in and out of the pretty blond's rosebud mouth, and his friend Jim's throbbing crank going in and out of Denny's svelte little rosebud asshole!

Jim began a faster and faster pace, slicking deeper and deeper into Denny. Leaning forward, he nuzzled Denny's forehead with his own, and, as the two boys traded a deep glance, his tongue entered Denny's mouth. He began a tongue fucking to match his dick fucking, holding Denny in a tighter and tighter embrace as he fucked the lad more and more fiercely. His hips pounded a vigorous tattoo against Denny's butt, his tongue probing the Goat's throat, as Joey and Mr. Brown sucked and face fucked and watched in fascination as their buddies fucked harder and deeper, grunting, groaning, fighting for breath as they kissed and fucked, fucked and kissed.

At long last Jim's grunting and groaning and fucking and kissing achieved their goal and he was cumming in turn. He released Denny's mouth so he could scream out his lust and satisfaction, his cries growing louder and louder until they brought a flurry of enquiring heads to the door of the Goat Pen. As Jim finished screaming and shooting and spasming and jerking and cumming and calling out and catching his breath, he and Denny still by turns sucking face and fighting for breath, Mr. Brown had Joey's face pulled tight up against his groin, giving the assembled laughing faces in the door something else hot to watch as he swabbed out the pretty boy's face with his quivering crank.

Denny also watched the two of them as Jim gingerly withdrew his crank from Denny's ass and even more gingerly began pulling up his jeans and stowing away his well used crank. Denny was expecting the other guy to shoot in Joey's throat at any second, but instead he turned, pulled his rock-hard, spit-glistening rod from deep back in Joey's throat where he had been fucking it, squatted down, and impaled his twitching cock far and fast up into Denny's uptilted ass with nary a second's delay.

Joey giggled at this unexpected development, kneeling on the tiles still leaning towards a warm, bucking groin that was no longer there, and so did Denny in turn, as his newly inserted guest fucked and grunted and fucked and bucked. Mr. Brown lasted longer fucking than he had getting sucked, but he still displayed nowhere near the staying power of his companion. As he thrust into Denny, his eyes meeting the Goat's, he sighed deeply and began fucking in earnest, harder and deeper.

Denny grinned up into the unfamiliar boy's cute face, flushed with passion, and squeezed Mr. Brown's fucking crank hard and tight way up somewhere in his gut, and Mr. Brown called out and started panting and jerking, cumming lustily as the audience gathered in the doorway hooted and laughed. He pushed his hips against Denny as he shot, grunting and grinning, until, sighing and groaning, the audience having dispersed and his friend Jim impatiently waiting, he rose in turn and readjusted his clothes, and then Jim and Mr. Brown left, now known personally to both Denny and Joey, and no longer anonymous!

Denny was still panting, catching his breath and farting the air and abundant cum out of his ass which these latest fucks had put there. Looking over, he saw that Joey was pulling on his jeans, although his jockeys and his shirts were still neatly folded.

"I'll be back in a sec..." he said vaguely and left Denny lying alone in his Goat dimple, with his butt still throbbing and buzzing and the taste of fresh spunk filling his mouth, making his tongue glow and his throat feel nice and sticky.

Joey was quickly back with two beers. He shed his jeans and lay down next to Denny and began to make out with him, trickling beer into Denny's mouth straight out of his own, rather than holding up the cup. Dispensing drink to another person is actually more difficult than feeding someone by hand is, and Denny had learned the consequences of that fact tonight. Joey's solution, like Jim Thorne's earlier, was not only quite sexy and enjoyable, it had also the sheer simplicity of all the best elegance.

Soon Denny's mouth glow was translating to his whole body as his buzz returned. Usually if Denny had a bit too much to drink, the next thing you know he was sick or passed out. But tonight, things were so intense and the beers were so spaced apart that Denny felt as awake as he ever had been - felt like he was just catching his first big buzz, still feeling happy and giggly. He wondered what time it was? Joey didn't have a watch with him.

"I think its about 11:00, maybe a little later. When I finally got to stop hustling trays things were really picking up. The big front rooms and the dining room are both packed, the whole first floor is packed! I bet they want me back by now!"

Denny and Joey were really kissing now, and with the beer mostly dispensed the two boys were back to just plain making out, each of their tongues as wrapped up inside of the other's mouth as it could get. Joey's hands were all over Denny again, groping, squeezing...

Suddenly he sprang to his feet and presented his bubble-butt butthole to Denny's mouth. The Goat hesitated, fractionally, then plunged in. His pledge brother tasted like nothing but soap and Joey and boybutt musk. Denny drilled deep and enthusiastically into the meaty elasticity of Joey's ass, and Joey gasped and pushed back hard. Then he started grinding his groin against Denny's face like so many others had that same night, trying to get as much of Denny's tongue as far up into their butts as it would go.

The two pledges held forth like that for some long minutes. Denny was fascinated by the sensations he found in that tight, pinkish brown hole, and his tongue and lips wandered happily - in the course of their wanderings, managing to find and torture Joey's buzzbox more than once. Joey screamed and squealed when ever Denny hit it, and Denny was getting really hot again, his cock hard and straining...

Joey leaned over and swept down on it. All the way down - back up - back down - squeezing, sucking, licking, his nose buried in Denny's balls, his chin caressing his buddy's pubes. The gorgeous freshman knew something about sucking cock, that was for sure. Denny looked down inquisitively.

"I thought you were soo freaked out about having to suck cock!" chortled Denny as Joey gave him the best blow job of his brief young sex life. As if in reply, Joey drew his face out of Denny's pubic hair, drew Denny's cock out of his throat, out of his mouth, between his lips with nary a lick or two more than was necessary. Then he stood up, turned around, straddled Denny, squatted down and impaled himself completely and easily on Denny's throbbing, steel hard crank.

It sank in quickly, straight up inside of Joey's slender waist and flat stomach. His butt was so small and so round and his hips were so slim that it struck Denny as almost like fucking a little boy, but what a little boy - taller than Denny was! Joey sighed deeply as he stopped, all the way down on the shaft of Denny's cock, and responded to Denny's taunt.

"Hell, my uncle was a Pi Lamb, don't forget!" Joey giggled knowingly. "And he's always been my favourite uncle - can't you guess why? He trained me early and he trained me well and he trained me often! He made sure I grew up knowing how to suck cock, and over the past few years he's been teaching me how to take a hot hard crank up the ass as well, and enjoy the hell out if it at the same time! But in public? With who knows who? You bet I'm freaked out. Or, I was freaked out. I have standards, ya' know!"

"Well, you're gonna hafta suck off..."

"Bill, yea, I know. We already got started, if ya' know what I mean. He convinced me that if I practiced it would go better on Sunday. That's why I missed that hellnite meeting whenever - we knew you had to go, being the Goat, and Bill came over to show me - shit, everything... Like this for instance..."

And he grabbed Denny's cock way up inside with his abdominal muscles and created in that member a wave of pleasure so intense that Denny had to gasp. Joey was riding his cock like a madman, grunting and moaning as he joyfully exercised Denny's crank. He giggled and leaned forward, thrusting his tongue deep into Denny's mouth, and soon they were making out fast and furiously once more, as Denny bucked and fucked, Joey grabbed and ground, both of them now lavishing into and over and all around each other's mouths as deeply as possible, their lips and tongues and palates all mixed up and slop happy...

This idyll was rudely interrupted when an incredibly loud voice bellowed out "NOW!", and the hot young fuckers were enveloped in a thundering storm of piss which came at them from all sides. The startled boys looked up and saw the assembled brothers of Kappa Alpha, who had silently gathered in a semi-circle around the obliviously fucking pledges. Now that their silence was broken, they hooted, hollered and laughed, their copious piss rising in force as they relaxed and drained an evening of beer onto the fucking duo.