A work of fiction by Pagganos Homophilator. Pagganos may be reached at: Paggan at aol dot com.

Pissa Lotta Beer

Chapter Ten The Party's Over

Denny was in a daze. Somehow, he knew that his asshole and his throat and his wrists and his shoulders and his hips were all sore and throbbing, even though he could scarcely feel them. Fortunately, he was numb from beer and the cold tiles and his lack of free movement. He remained in the upright crouch to which he had been forced during the drenching group shower, leaning against the wall in near exhaustion.

He noticed with disinterest the growing pool of KM jizz which was running out of his ass and gathering between his ankles as it began its long, slow slide into the Goat dimple's drain grating. From time to time he would gently fart another wad of jism out of his butthole and onto the tiled floor. Despite an abundance of excited chatter and rollicking laughter coming from the tap room, Denny was alone again for several long minutes, shaking his head and replaying the mad, KM assault over in his mind. He wondered where Joey had gotten to in all of the confusion.

That question was soon answered when Joey reappeared at the door, still stark naked, his rock hard, bobbing cock leading him and a crowd of other pledges accompanying him. The gaggle of freshmen stumbled into the Goat Den and then clustered near the Goat, gawking and incredulous. Wesley Greene was close behind, and, shouldering his way through the press of slack jawed lads, he walked right up to Denny, pulled open his trousers, and let loose a barrage of beery pee onto the Goat.

Wesley giggled as he played his thundering piss now all over Denny's crotch, now up and down his legs, then across his chest, each tiny nipple receiving it's share, and finally aiming his still copious wizz right into the poor boy's face, athwart his sculpted cheeks, into his chestnut hair, right against his rosebud lips. The gathered pledges soon caught on, and one by one they pulled open their flies and began to join their older brother: before long even Joey O'Toole was pissing on his buddy, and Denny sat up and opened his mouth so that Joey could let loose directly into his throat, the Goat's mouth filling with his hallmate's beer water, filling and then overflowing, Joey's hot piss running down Denny's chest to join the urine showering down out of the flaccid but still entrancing cranks of his soon-to-be brothers. Denny was awash with pledge pee.

Wesley's whizz finally slowed to a trickle. Flapping his cock, mow playing with it openly, he cried out as it swelled and grew:

"Hey, O'Toole! Weren't you fucking the Goat when the Kappa Mu's showed up? I thought I saw your cock cranked way up his butt when the Kappa Mu's were lining up."

"Yea, I guess."

Joey was standing shaking the last drops of his pee into Denny's face. He seemed more drunk than before the Kappas had arrived, and Denny thought back to the sight of Joey sucking off the paunchy Kappa Mu alum, and after that a few other Pi Lamb brothers in the dim interval since the Kappa Mu Alphas had burst into the Goat Den. He thought to himself: 'Joey likes to suck cock! And he likes to piss in my mouth, apparently!' Joey O'Toole appeared to him in a new and much less innocent light.

"Well, fuck him again! I as a Pi Lambda Alpha brother give you permission and command you to fuck this Goat so we can all watch!"

Joey needed no further encouragement! He swayed into the pissy dimple and straddled the Goat, squatting down and presenting his crotch. Denny leaned forward and took the pretty blond boy's crank into his mouth — it needed very little encouragement to get stiff and rosy bright once more. Joey fucked Denny's mouth deep and hard, once, twice, his cock now rock hard and as big as could be, working his crank in his buddy's throat until it was wet and slick and as fuck-ready as it could get. With a deep sigh of anticipated delight, Joey sprang up, freeing his cock from Denny's clinging throat, and plugged the Goat's asshole with one fell stroke, spearing his throbbing cock into the Goat's butt in a sweet, beautiful move that had all the other pledges — and Wesley Greene! — sighing with envy.

So Joey fucked Denny's butthole while the other pledges watched. It was indeed an entrancing sight — the two most beautiful members of the pledge class, the hottest blond and the cutest brunet — having hot and dirty fuck sex on the floor of the Goat Den. Not just the freshmen were mesmerized: Wesley Greene's tongue was soon hanging out, and his crank swollen and throbbing in his wanking fist as he watched the marvelous scene.

Joey's cock was every bit as beautiful as his face, thick and long and exquisitely formed, rising out of a thick cloud of spun gold pubies, and it was cranking in and out of Denny's sweet, round butt, in and out of the Goat's cum dripping fuckhole, back and forth in the lucky pledge's perfect, debonair ass crack, as everyone watched. No one's eye's could leave Joey's trim, virile hips slamming Denny's pale, flawless bubble butt again and again and again. Not only that, but Joey's own perfect bubble butt, visibly different from Denny's but every bit as gorgeous, pumping and flexing, pushing those lithe hips back and forth and that fat cock in and out of the Goat's glowing fuckhole, was as enthralling to the spectators as Joey's pulsing, fucking crank. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the spectacle, everyone's cock as hard as Joey's and everyone's attention as fixated on Joey and Denny's buzzing breathless fuck as the two pledges were themselves.

Denny looked up into Joey's handsome, grinning face, deep into his shining, lust filled eyes, and yielded up his asshole joyfully. Joey's crank was doing just what it ought to inside of Denny's quivering boy cunt, thrusting slick and full, hitting Denny's buzzspot over and over again. Joey leaned forward and his mouth met Denny's, their tongues lashing each other's, their lips sucking each other's, and Joey's crank fucked even harder, pushed in even deeper, and Denny fucked back just as hard, working his Goat muscles all over Joey's delving dick. Soon they were both panting and moaning as loudly as they could with the faces plastered together, writhing and spasming as wildly as they could with their crotches plastered together, fucking, fucking, fucking...

Every single watching boy had his cock out of his trou wanking it as hard as he could. The audience was moaning almost as loud as the two fucking pledges, and one by one a half a dozen Pi Lambs and Pi Lamb pledges sprayed their hot teen loads all over Joey's pistoning butt and broad back, into Denny's hair and all up and down his upturned legs. Wesley Green grabbed the nearest pledge, none other than Mark Gibson the wrestler, and forced him to his knees. For the second time that fateful night Mike had a huge, throbbing Pi Lamb crank pushed past his cherry lips and down his gagging throat, but this time, although the whole thing was quick as a flash, it ended in a mighty wad of Wesley's thick, sweet spunk being shot right down Mike Gibson's throat!

Normally the wrestler would have had no trouble in evading the older boy's move, even as big as Wesley was, but the element of surprise, the automatic deference instilled into all the pledges for their brothers and — to be entirely honest — the incredibly aroused and liberated state of mind to which all the hot sex he had witnessed and participated in all evening had brought him, ensured that Mike not only complied, but actually closed his lips tight around Wesley's pulsing meat, gave it a good, hard, unthinking, unconsidered and absolutely naturally proffered suck, and ate up the resulting jizz without even taking his eyes off of the hot fuck which had inspired the act. Mike even fondled Wesley's big hairy balls the whole time without even realizing what he was doing!

As all good thing must, Joey's hot fuck ended. Joey broke off his kiss, reared back his head and cried out a mighty cum roar, even as his pumping hips began to work even harder, his magnificent svelte ass pumping like an engine as he loosed a load way up in the Goat's gut.

Denny's legs never even reached the floor as Joey slowly rose out of his fuck squat. Mike Gibson fucked the Goat again, tortured his nipples again, shot a nice happy load again, and was followed by a line of further pledges, Wesley and gaunt, dark haired Justin from the third floor standing by and giving instant permission to every pledge who asked. Somewhere in that line Justin knelt down and fucked the Goat, lasting not one second longer than he had when Denny had sucked him off so many hours earlier!

The crowd died away. Joey came back as it dwindled with beer for Denny, and stood by watching as brothers and friends of the house drifted in to pee an Denny and get sucked off. Joey joined one of the groups, and once more Denny sat up and opened his mouth, letting his blond buddy use him as a living urinal. The party noises were getting quieter it seemed, although it was hard to tell for sure, and after a while Joey stuck his head into the Goat Den and said:

"O'Toole! Get your ass dressed and upstairs! On the double! Ya' think ya' got the night off or something?!?"

As Joey scrambled to comply, Joey stood over Denny peeing up and down the length of the Goat, dousing his hair, his face, his chest, his crotch. Denny sat up and let Jay piss in his mouth as well, and that set off a loud series of Jay giggles and ended in a quick but very hot and very noticeable Jay fuck. Jay pulled Denny out to his fullest length and then rolled him over as far over as his bonds would allow. Then he straddled Denny's middle and slid his throbbing eight inches right up Denny's fuck chute. He poured beer into Denny's mouth as he fucked him, his big balls slapping Denny's twisted ass, one thigh thrown over Denny's leg, one kneeling behind the Goat. As soon as Denny and he had emptied his beer cup he threw it aside and began really pounding the Goat's ass, until just a minute or two later he cried out and gave Denny's asshole it's first ever load of thick Jay jizz — for all the fucking Jay had provided for the Goat so far that evening, this was the first time he actually let himself cum.

After that there was a bit of a break, just a few stray pissers, and one complete stranger, a twenty-something who was obviously not a college student, who fucked Denny's mouth for a good long while, shot a copious and very bitter wad, and then left.

Suddenly Denny heard loud voices and laughter in the tap room, a clatter of footsteps, and Brad was coming through the door of the Goat Den grinning from ear to ear. He stood in the locker room stripping, throwing clothes onto the bench, and then he walked right through the piss and cum over to the Goat, his gorgeous crank flopping and swaying, his handsome face radiant and beautiful. He flopped down right onto the pissy floor and tugged Denny down with him, putting his arm around Denny's shoulder, pulling the Goat against him, hip to hip, flank to flank. Denny sighed and snuggled against the warm Pi Lamb President. Brad laughed.

"I know you must be getting tired, Goat, but you've done a fantastic job. I've never seen those KMs so turned on or so into it! You've really done Pi Lamb proud, Denny, and that's the truth. Nick Kovacs and Dunsmore are standing out there right now planning a Spring Fling, and I think the Chapter Council is gonna go for it this time, and all because everyone is so worked up and hot. Purgatory is a brilliant hit this year, and I put it entirely down to you, Dennis Foreman."

Denny glowed with pride under his fatigue. He stretched a bit, and Brad began rubbing his shoulders and arms briskly, massaging his chafed wrists.

"Wouldn't ya' like a beer?" And the President himself went to fetch one for the Goat.

He returned with a full cup, and as he poured it gently into Denny's mouth, he said:

"I sent up a last call for the Goat, so there'll be a little bit of a rush, I'm sure, but soon enough we'll have you out of here and out of the zone."

"Out of the 'zone'?"

"Well, as you know, you're the Goat from now till the end of Hell Nite, but we don't exactly wanna put you out of commission. From whenever I say 'so' until the Examining Committee says 'not so', you're out of the Goat zone, meaning you're sort of not the Goat for a while, so you can sleep and rest up and clean up, but just so you can get down and do it some more later! You may think we're kiddin', but we really do keep this up all through the week-end, and you really are gonna get creamed all week-end too. But when you're out of the zone, you don't get creamed in or pissed on or restrained. And I'll take ya' out of the zone just as soon as I can.

"Tonight you'll sleep with me in my room, and whenever you're out of the zone, you can hang up there in my room or in the chapter office and no one will bother ya'. And you get put back in the zone whenever the Examining Committee says you're ready."

"The Examining Committee?"

"Yea, that's your big brother and the Pi Lamb Proctor, me as ex officio, of course, and three rotating brothers, so that's me, Mark Adams, of course, Jim Thorpe, Wesley Greene, Justin Hinks and uhhhhh... yea, Jared Stubbs is on it this year!

"Once you're outta the zone, they can ask to examine you not more than once every two hours, but only between ten a.m. and two a.m., and if any three of them agree you are fit to serve, serve you will, and I can't take you back out of the zone for another two hours at the least. And if guys are gettin' off and havin' a good time and not everyone is ready to quit yet, it's hard for me to just take you out of the zone, ya' see, if a lotta guys still wanna fuck you or some guy's waitin' to take a leak all over ya' or whatever. I'm sure you get the picture..."

Denny got the picture. He was glad and yet not glad at the prospect of leaving 'the zone' - and yet all the same somehow part of him was glad that after a break he would get to be the Goat again for awhile. He couldn't help wondering...

"What does it mean, though, 'examine' me?"

"Well, like the traditional things are, to ask you some questions about how your cock holes feel..."

"My 'cock holes'?"

Brad laughed. "Your throat and your butt, dummy! And to look down your throat with a flashlight and to take a good close look at your butt and finger your hole a lot and see how you react. And then they'll wanna see if they can work you up to a hard, and how long does that take and what does it take to get you there and they'll probably wanna see if you're ready to cum again yet and how long that takes too. And usually one member will volunteer to give you a good eatin' out, 'cause a good tongue fucking is supposed to get you all healed back up and relaxed if you're all sore and stiff from bein' fucked a lot. And so they check out your crank and your throat and your ass and consider how long you've been resting and how long you were on duty last time, and they'll come to a decision.

"It's just like goin' to the doctor's office!", laughed Brad, "except that the doctor probably doesn't fuck a load up into your butt when he checks you out, or make you blow him every time he sees ya'! And you can be sure the Examining Committee will make sure of those both of those things, at the very least, every time they meet!"

Brad laughed and shook his head happily.

Jay stuck his head around the door.

"You wanted me, boss?" he asked.

"You bet your sweet ass I did. Where the hell have you been, anyway?"

"Well, I,... Uh... I've been..."

"I don't give a fuck where you've been. Get me and the Goat some beer and then go call last Goat call again. Hey, and anyway! GATES!"

Jay stuck his head back through the door.

"Did you ever suck off this Goat? Three witnesses, full load, etc, etc.?"

Jay sighed. "No sir," he said.

"Well, get ready Gates! As soon as you get back! And bring some witnesses!"

"Yes sir!"

Brad was chuckling under his breath. "Gates is a great guy," he said, "one of the best. He's about the only brother who'll live with Mark! And he gives the best head in the house, hands down. And rims! As I'm sure you know by now, he is a master in the ass eating department! God, damn, that just might be his punishment tonight! Shit yea!"

With a merry grin, Brad continued pouring beer into both he and Denny as Jay brought them two more beers and then scuttled out to give the last Goat call. Almost immediately, brothers began drifting in in response, but Brad ignored them, slowly trickling beer from his mouth into Denny's, sometimes substituting his own tongue for the bubbling brew, his arm still around the Goat's shoulders.

By now the public and less important part of Purgatory was over, and the house was mostly clear of guests. A few KMs and special friends of the house lingered on, eager for more of what only a Goat could provide. Everyone drifted down to the basement, if they weren't sick, or passed out, or already off happily ensconced in some Kappa Mu or Sigma Chi boy's bed. A few got side tracked in the kitchen, but the ones who wanted to fuck or get sucked, the ones who wanted to piss, and those who just wanted to watch it all, assembled in the little basement Goat Pen.

As a result the little tiled room held its largest assembly thus far that evening: most of the House's residents, most of the pledges, and a good sprinkling of KMs and assorted other friends of the House. There many of them were not a little surprised to see their President totally nude and making out hot and heavy with the Goat, his crank standing up from his crotch hard and pulsing and throbbing in the air. Well, - maybe not that surprised! Brad eventually ran out of beer to dispense. After a suitable pause, he rose unsteadily to his feet, his gorgeous, swollen crank bobbing and waving straight out in front of him as he declaimed:


and Jay leapt to his feet.


"Yes sir!!"

and Jay dropped between Denny's thighs and took the Goat's soft, limp prick into his mouth. He started working it up gently but firmly in his warm, wet mouth, slowly but steadily, until, to Denny's great surprise, it began to grow and stiffen and throb. And then Jay was deep throating it, raising up on his elbows and climbing up Denny's thighs so he could really work the boy's crank over good and hard, burying his face in the Goat's crotch, holding Denny's cock all the way down and squeezing it firmly, just like Denny himself had learnt to do that very evening.

The assembled Pi Lambs gave Jay a cheer. Brad called out:


and Jim Thorne called out from somewhere way in the back of the locker room, behind a surging crowd of college men:


and Brad said:

"Are the doors closed for the night?"

Hearing an affirmative, the president then called out: "STRIP!", and everyone did, piling clothes into the little locker room and crowding into the Goat Pen naked and giggling. Jay was still giving Denny excellent Pi Lamb head, and Brad was pissing all over the two eager boys as they thrashed about on the tiled floor, Denny's hips beginning their cum buck, his throat convulsing in a cum pant, as Jay sucked for all he was worth, deep and hard and fast. He must have been taking in an enormous amount of Brad's whizz, as the young frat officer was aiming right for Denny's cock and balls, which in turn were buried in Jay's throat, but if he was it gave him no pause.

Denny came in a loud flurry of echoing moans and grunts and Jay stayed buried on it the whole time, and for long seconds afterward, as Denny bucked and throbbed in his throat and a growing cascade of piss from more and more boys fell all around him. When Jay rose up, a huge, shit eating grin on his face, he shook his head and his shoulders and his hips, spraying piss all around the room and all over everyone. Immediately, whizz erupted from everywhere, and a general piss fight ensued that put to shame anything the KMs had done earlier.

Even the ceilings were dripping with piss by the time the Pi Lambs were drained. Denny, at the epicenter, was one final time drenched with his brothers' and classmates' piss, but in truth, so was every single one of those brothers and classmates as well!

Then the fucking and sucking began. For the most part it was brief and business-like, as many of the brothers were on their third or fourth nut, pretty well soused and ready for bed anyway. Two pledges held up Denny's legs as first Jay, then Wesley, Rodney, Alonso, Aziz and Bill DeMarco all fucked the Goat, some slow, some fast. His legs were put down so he could rest and suck off Trent and a few others who wanted blow jobs.

Denny was so tired it was all he could do to get those cocks down his throat, but gradually he revived as the smell of hot Pi Lamb cock got into his nose and the slick of hard Pi Lamb cock got back into his throat. Soon he was avidly mouthing Trent's throbbing boner, gobbling up the Pi Lamb's load, then letting the star wrestler and the golden brown KM alum slam fuck his throat till they each came for the third time. Then his legs were back up in the air and for awhile he was sucking as he got fucked, once taking two loads at the exact same instant, one in his ass from the white haired guy from his math class, another in his throat from a pledge named Ray Stark.

Then Nick Kovacs was back pushing his ass over Denny's tongue, so Denny ate out the KM's hot, tight pitcher's butt as Mike Gibson and then Tony Bustiano fucked the hot, tight Goat's butt, each one face to happy grinning face with the handsome KM president as he tapped the Goat's slick, cum filled butt. Neither boy could resist making out a little with the cute pitcher, either! Then Nick did a quick turn, straddling Denny's face and slamming his fat, long crank deep into the boy's throat.

The sight must have inspired Dr. Dunsmore, who leapt out of the crowd and plowed his cock into the Goat's upturned ass and his tongue into Nick's fine, round, eagerly pumping ass. The assembled men showed their appreciation of the sight with a loud cheer. The extra stimulation soon had Kouvacs over the top, his juicy cock unleashing a thick, sweet load -- his fourth? fifth? of the evening! -- into Denny's throat. As he stepped away, still moaning and clutching his crank, Denny drew a shuddering breath, but the pitcher's place quickly filled by the carrot topped Jack Roberts.

Robert's milk white, perfectly formed bubble butt was every bit as enticing as the KM president's had been, and Dr. Dunmore resumed his ass munching, this time tonguing Jack's deep, orange-fuzz-filled crack, and then after Jack had cum and staggered away Denny sucked off the cute KM wrestler who sat near him in the good doctor's class, while the good doctor ate out that lad's butt with as much gusto as he had Jack Robert's asshole -- if he even realized the boybutt he was sucking had been switched! Just as the KM wrestler began to buck and cry out and spew a load of hot teen spunk into Denny's mouth, Dr. Dunsmore began to buck and moan and spew a load of hot middle aged spunk into the Goat's ass! Denny's math prof prolonged his ecstasy until long after the KM wrestler had staggered away, his big hairy butt still flexing and pushing his massive crank into the Goat's sloppy butthole, shuddering and flourishing, with a lot of loud cries and grunts and twitches, until the professor finally stopped, slumped, sighed, and limped out to the locker room to a round of applause and catcalls. Billy Jones took his place in Denny's butt with nary a pause.

As the older boys finished, Denny's fellow pledges lined up one by one, some eager to fuck him again and others eager to fuck him for the first time and all of them just plain hot to fuck him, among them Joey and Timmy and Mike Gibson. And they must have been hot, because each fucker had to brave the intermittent showers of watery beer piss which still streamed down from time to time.

At a certain point a very drunken Nick Kovacs reappeared and interrupted the pledge train insisting on a blow job; he couldn't cum, and just kept fucking and fucking and fucking Denny's throat as the pledges fucked and fucked and fucked Denny's asshole, until Jay and Brad finally pulled him away. Jay took him into a corner and resumed the blow job as the pledges at last finished fucking the Goat. A few final brothers, cute hot Benson from the record store, a few final unfamiliar upper classmen, a few final KMs had their way with the boy, until finally there were only a few giggling, lurching guys left, pissing on the Goat and waiting to see if there would be any more sex to watch.

Brad rose and cried out: "LAST CALL, GENTLEMEN, LAST CALL! ANYONE WISH TO FUCK THE GOAT? ANYONE? ANYONE? LAST CALL! LAST CALL! ANYONE WISH TO FUCK THE GOAT?" He paused dramatically. No one came forward, no one spoke out - there were apparently no more Pi Lamb balls or bladders needing to be drained, no one - for the moment, that is! - requiring or needing or demanding the services of the Goat.

"I hereby proclaim: THE GOAT IS OUT OF THE ZONE! PROCTOR! PROCTOR front and center!"

Jim Thorne came forward smartly with the key to Denny's bonds. He squatted and peered at the cuffs, bending down and inserting the keys to Denny's freedom, which came like a rush of relief, like the most intense orgasm yet in this lusty night of cum. Then Jim and Jay and Brad and Wesley, Jack Roberts and Bill DeMarco and Mike Adams surrounded Denny, removing the handcuffs, raising him to his feet, rubbing his wrists, chafing his arms and his thighs, practically carrying him out of the Goat Pen, through the darkened locker room and the beery tap room.

Brothers and pledges had preceded them up the stairs, and at every landing they could hear the sound of running water, laughter and singing and more horseplay from the showers as the Pi Lambs rinsed off the piss and beer and cum and sweat with which they were just about all encrusted.

They took Denny up to the President's suite under the mansard roof, the only room in the house with its own bath. There they immersed him in hot soapy water in the huge old claw footed tub, and kept him soaking there for a good half hour as they gave him three aspirin and some cold hors d'oeuvres and forced him to drink four big glasses of water. He collapsed into Brad's oversized bed - also unique to the house - and there he fell into a deep, satiated slumber, snuggled up against Brad's broad, muscular back while Jay's happy, skillful tongue gently and softly ate out the Goat's sore, well-used, but glowingly happy bung hole, until the lad had drifted off to sleep.

Denny was going to be a most excellent Pi Lamb.