A work of fiction by Pagganos Homophilator. Pagganos may be reached at: paggan at aol dot com.

Chapter Three
The Rules

Jay had just brought him a beer and actually stood nicely by and held it for him so he could drink it. Denny's throat needed it - he had lost count of how many brothers he had triumphed over after Brad had taught him how to suck cum out of college cock - seven or eight, at least. Most of them had sort of slunk out of the room after shooting off, as if in shameful acknowledgment of their defeat, and now only Jay and Mark and Brad were left.

Denny, feeling triumphant, said, "Shit, might as well bring me another one!" and Jay laughed and did just that. Denny had quite a buzz on as a result, what with not having had any dinner, and when Brad stepped forward again and started pissing on him he actually thought it was sort of funny. Brad was still half naked. He had stood by and watched while the goat was pursuing his oral triumph over the first detachment of his future brothers. Now he stood in front of Denny and casually let loose a stiff current of pee onto his chest. He said, in a conversational tone, playing his hot piss all over the Goat's stomach and chest, his pubies, his cock and balls, his thighs... :

"Now, here are the Rules: No one can piss right in your eyes. No one can make you eat shit. No one can strike you with their fist, or anything else except an open hand. No one can suffocate you," - here he interrupted himself and turned slightly to look meaningfully at Mark and Jay - "and if you ever start to really choke on anyone's cock, you let whoever it is know. And no one can bend you around or twist you up in those cuffs so that you really get hurt."

Brad finished pissing and shook the final drops off of his always gorgeous but now completely deflated cock right into Denny's face. As he stopped speaking, Mark and Jay had slipped out of the room. It occurred to Denny that neither of the two roommates had gotten any head from him earlier. Despite the uncertain identity of most of his face fuckers, Denny somehow knew that neither Mark nor Jay had been among them. Didn't they want any? Or were they just afraid of his ability to get them off and show them up?

Denny was lost in the glow of that thought when he realized that he and Brad were alone together. Denny had a sudden vision of Brad and him in a passionate embrace again. Pursuing it in his mind, he envisioned Brad bending over him, thrusting his tongue rather than his cock down Denny's throat. Denny suddenly wanted to say something, but he didn't quite know what to say to the blond and gorgeous young President who had just finished pissing on him.

Looking up he saw that Brad was already turning away. He went to the sink and hosed off his feet and looked over his trousers carefully before pulling them back on, getting into his shoes and socks, straightening his hair and his tie in the cracked mirror. He didn't say another word or give another glance to Denny before leaving the Goat Pen, every inch the gleaming frat host.

No one was left in the little tile room. Denny let out a great sigh and slid down until he was lying back full length in the never quite gone film of piss which collected in the little dimple. He drew a loud breath and expelled it just to hear the walls echo. Very dimly, from above, came the faintest noises from the party. They were so remote that he wondered if he would even have recognized those sounds if he didn't already know what they were.

His ass started to itch. For the first time, he looked around enough to notice the details of his den, the metal struts where the wooden stall had been, the discoloured sink, the battered showerheads. For the time being, he seemed abandoned, although he could hear voices and hilarity echoing from the bar two rooms distant. A sudden wave of sharp laughter made him think he wouldn't be alone for much longer.

He was right. Just a minute later Mark and Jay were back in the room with beers in their hands and a handful of brothers. For the first time a pledge was with them, the only sophomore in the class, a wrestler named Mike Gibson. He was a short, wide shouldered kid, dark haired and cute as a button. Mark and Jay were both plainly drunk.

"We're just waitin' till we can piss again," said Mark. "You're gonna really get to know my stinkin' piss this evening, Goat."

Jay seemed to think this was excruciatingly funny. Denny was leery of them, although he was already getting hot at the thought of bringing pretty little Mike the wrestler down to the mat in seconds flat with his newly learned throat hold. Mike and the other brothers were laughing too. They were all drinking and exchanging looks. Something was up.

Suddenly Mark and Jay started to strip - really strip. They took off their shirts and t-shirts, their shoes and socks, their jeans and briefs. Although it cost them a good deal of drunken cursing and stumbling, they kept pulling off clothes and piling them up near the archway into the old locker-room until they both were stark naked, both sporting straining, bobbing hard-ons, both chugging the last of their beers. Mike was visibly startled as this unexpected sight unfolded, and actually guffawed before being silenced with a drunken glare.

"We're gonna work him over good, man. Strippin' fa action, man!" said Mark.

Denny was inspecting Mark's and Jay's rigid cranks, both looking so very different - so much better, Denny found himself acknowledging - than the same cocks had looked all soft and nestled in their denim bowers when both of them had been spraying Denny with piss just minutes, really, before - although it already seemed like a memory from a former life.

Jay's fully erect crank was every bit as gorgeous as Denny had always speculated back in the room upstairs, fat and veined, the dark pink prepuce fully extended, the foreskin melted invisibly into the manly shaft, the whole thing big and straining and throbbing visibly. Mark's crank was much paler than Jay's, bright pink, even fatter but much shorter than his roommate's, with a pointy, incomplete looking cockhead and a gaping, misshapen piss slit that seemed somehow off center. Denny thought it was the ugliest cock he had seen yet that night.

Jay's nakedness, his hairy tits and long legs and muscular frame, were already quite familiar to the Goat, but his big brother Mark's physique had been a mystery up until now. Mark's body was bright pink and almost hairless, his tits hard and well formed, his nipples bright red and huge, the size of silver dollars at least. His belly was soft and already revealing the paunch it would soon enough sport, and below it clustered a thin patch of hair much brighter and more golden that the whitish blond locks on his head, trailing off into a pale bower surrounding the frat's ugliest crank.

"Yea, and you assholes might wanna strip off too, when ya see how much fun we're havin', assholes! ASSHOLES!!" Jay seemed deliriously drunk, but it wasn't having any effect on his erection, which was bouncing stiffly up and down in time with his cries. He grabbed the hose, turned it on, and doused Denny with a spray of cold water, none too gently, and not nearly as thoroughly as Brad.

He said: "Squat up, you Goat, so I can get up underneath ya'. Looka aw that piss on tha floor! Asshole!" He giggled some more.

Denny scrabbled to his ankles as Jay washed down the Goat Dimple, anxious not to give the troublesome twosome any excuse for mistreatment. It turned out they didn't need any.

"Okay, a little higher, Goat." Jay was playing the chilly water all over Denny's underside as he squatted on the hard floor, dripping cold water into his dimple. Jay stumbled forward, till he was less than a foot away, now splashing cold water all over Denny's chest.

"I said get UP there, ASSHOLE!" Denny strained to pull himself higher. Jay abruptly doubled over. Reaching under Denny's squatting butt, he casually stuck the nozzle of the hose into Denny's unsuspecting asshole and pushed hard. Denny gasped as the hard brass entered his anal ring and cold water assaulted his rectum. He involuntarily raised up even further, pulling hard at the handcuffs securing him to the pipes as Jay shoved the nozzle ever further up into his butt.

"Now he gets it! I said asshole, ASSHOLE!" yelled Jay, giggling.

Denny felt as if his insides would burst. A chill pressure pushed up against his diaphragm, and the rapidly increasing weight of the water within him pressed against his sphincter, but his sphincter couldn't relax with that brass nozzle inside of it. Jay was pushing harder and harder and then...

...and then the hose slipped or Jay removed it and Denny gasped again as pints and pints of liquid came gushing from out of his bowels into his little tiled roost. He was almost afraid to look down but when he did it was all perfectly clear and clean as far as he could see.

"Aw, gross, Gates! What the fuck!... Jeez, Gates!"

But, aside from the offended brother, a heavy set guy named Rodney, everyone else pealed with laughter. The Goat song was heard once more as Denny huddled before them dripping both inside and out.

"Okay. Now, lay back down just like you were."

Denny did exactly as he was told. At least the cold water had stopped. He felt like hugging even the floor for warmth. Looking up, he saw Mark grinning his wolf smile.

"Okay guys, time to go!"

Were they leaving? No, they were all advancing on Denny, all four - no five of them. Were they going to piss on him again? No, Mark and Jay were much too hard to piss on anyone, their cranks thrusting forward from their tight young bellies, swaying poles of living flesh, and Mike and the other brothers didn't even have their dicks out. What was up?

Then Mike and a brother called Aziz each grabbed one of Denny's ankles and pulled them up and back and just rolled Denny double till his little pale round butt cakes were practically pointing skywards. And then Mark Adams fell to his knees and fucked his big, fat, rock-hard pink crank right into Denny's virgin asshole.

Denny screamed. It had all happened so fast that he hadn't had time to get scared - and his sphincter had been a little prepared by the hose nozzle. At least Mark's cock was warm - hot, even - and there was a soft, rubbery quality cushioning the wooden stiffness of Mark's virile rod, which the hose nozzle had lacked. Mark shoved again. He was just barely into Denny's butt yet but the untried fuckhole was tight and resistant and the going was tough. He moved his hips into position for a more leveraged attack and shoved again, even harder, and as Denny screamed once more he finally shot his big, hard, throbbing tool all the way home. His face lit up with a triumphant grin as Denny filled the chamber with sound.

Rodney put his hands over his ears. "Shut up, Goat!" he yelled. "Get used to it!"

Mark was now squatting to match his groin to Denny's up-turned butt, his hips thrusting and grinding right up against Denny's ass cheeks, his crank buried as far as it could get inside of the Goat's trim, round butt. After a few slow, deep fucks back and forth to make sure of his way, he started pounding Denny's butt good and hard, grunting and groaning, pumping his crotch hard and fast against Denny's butt, his crank slamming brutally back and forth in Denny's asshole.

Denny could hear his own anguished groans of pain as if they were coming from another room, as if his mind was in kind of another place from his body, numbly denying what was happening to him. No one during the pledge period had really said much about butt fucking, the teasing and innuendo was all about cocksucking. Cocksucking, he had found, he could handle, but this felt like a burning telephone pole had been thrust up inside of him. This was not the aromatic tastiness of cock in his mouth - this was torture.

Soon the force of Mark's savage fuck was causing Denny to pant uncontrollably, his breath huffing and puffing as Mark pumped the whole weight of his hips, the full hardness of his probing crank against the Goat's diaphragm. The aspiration calmed him down a little and he found himself able to relax slightly. Looking up, he saw Mike Gibson's eyes shining and lips parted as he watched Mark's huge, hard rod go in and out of Denny's tiny round butt. Mike was grinning like a fool.

Denny turned his head to better draw in a deep new breath, and was shocked to see Jay crouched down blowing the short, paunchy Rodney - the possessor, Denny now saw, of an immense, uncut, monster cock. Jay had one hand on the floor and the other was clutching and pulling on the tremendous, and tremendously hairy, ball sac that hung down in front of him. Jay was making a fair amount of headway, but could by no means mouth all of his prey. Still, he appeared to be enjoying it more than Rodney, who had a sour, detached look on his face, but whose hips, all the same, were bucking in perfect time with Jay's bobbing head.

Glancing up, Denny saw that Mike and Aziz now both had their eyes popping out of their heads - whether at Jay's suckmanship or at Rodney's huge boner or at his own rugged reaming out, Denny decided he couldn't tell. This was partly because Mark's cock was now fucking deeper and deeper - Denny could feel it penetrating more with every stroke - and suddenly he didn't really care about anything else.

Amazingly to Denny, the feeling of having that cock way inside of him and the effect of what it was doing there were growing better and better with every thrust. Mark had brilliant hips, that was for sure, as he twisted and turned his tool this way and that, always to great advantage, and never missing the beat. Waves of sensation swept over Denny, coming from deep inside where Mark's cock was plunging. His big brother's crank was slowly setting off a tantalizing, resonant feeling which Denny had never felt before. He realized that he could feel that throbbing, probing dick in his nipples, in the slit of his cock, behind his balls, in his earlobes - everywhere. He wasn't cold anymore - in fact, he was almost sweating in the waves of heat which seemed to be radiating from Mark's tool.

Just as Denny began to finally melt in this new found warmth, Rodney gave a great yelp, attracting all eyes his way - even Mark peeked briefly over his shoulder to watch Rodney shudder and buck as his immense dong sprayed flying ropes of hot spunk all over Jay's delighted upturned face, his hairy chest, the floor, even the wall across the room. Denny had never seen so much jizz - a matter upon which he was to become better and better informed as the night progressed - shoot out so hard and so fast and fly so far. Rodney's hips were jerking wildly, setting the fat all up and down his lumpy body to shaking and bouncing. The sight made everyone giggle, except for Mark who was making noises way too deep down and dirty to resemble laughter.

The only witness not amused was Rodney himself.

"God dammit, Jay, I told you not to make me cum! Now I gotta wait god fuck knows how long before I can fuck the damn Goat. Dammit Gates, I was lookin' forward to pounding that hot butt..."

With a dirty look at Denny, Rodney pulled his trousers up and trundled out of the Goat Pen, still complaining under his breath. Denny felt a wave of relief that the fat brother's enormous wang would not be shoved up his ass just right now, despite the ambiguous feeling of ever increasing intensity which was resulting from his big brother's own cock pounding away in that very place. Mark's fuck was no longer just painful - it was also deep and yearning and in a strange but more and more undeniable way, very, very satisfying.

Mark was grunting more and more loudly with every shove of his straining crank, his hands clutching Denny's shoulders a little roughly, but firmly and surely, his hips and his butt pumping with tenacious authority. And way up inside of Denny his thrusting, steely cock was doing things, causing feelings Denny had never felt before, in the face of which the lingering ache in the Goat's anal ring was less and less important.

Eventually Denny had no choice but to admit, bit by bit, slowly but surely, to the undeniable fact of the incredible pleasure which Mark's fuck was giving him, and ultimately to surrender to it completely. He stopped resisting, relaxing in synch with his growing delight, and finally gave himself over to the fuck.

First he slackened his hips and gave Aziz and Mike and Mark's shoulders all the weight of his legs. Mark took this move easily, accommodating to the new angle of Denny's hips without missing a twist or a turn or a beat. This made all the difference in the world, as Denny let his legs, his back, his shoulders relax and dissolve and be carried along by the heat of Mark's rhythmic motion.

Now the hot beat of the fuck took over, and soon Denny was thrusting right back against his big brother. He found that being bound to the drain pipes gave him excellent leverage, even in his awkward pose, and he was able to meet Mark's wonderfully working hips with gratefully grinding hips of his own, and grab at that thrusting rod with deep muscles he scarcely knew how to use.

Mark's grunting abruptly went up an octave or two. "Jeez... Shit! JEEZ..., FUCK..., Oh, shit, you little whore! GOAT WHORE!" Groaning and jerking, Mark's sure cadence faltered for just a fraction of a beat, and for the second time that night, Denny had a frat fuck epiphany. He could do it with his ass, too! He could make them all get so hot and turned on, he could squeeze them so hard up in there, that they'd loose it just like they did in his throat!

He started really fucking Mark back, pressing his ass hard up against his big brother's groin and working over his big bro's tool way up inside himself as powerfully as he could. Mark's gasping cries crescendoed.

"Fuuuuck! Fuuuuuck! I'm gonna cum, man! Oh, shit, I'm CUMMING!", and Mark was grunting, gasping, jerking, panting and collapsing onto Denny's chest all at once.

Jay had been watching the newly inspired Denny's cornholing from up close ever since he had finished getting Rodney off, his large, rough hewn face, still festooned with funky gobs of Rodney's load, grinning and leering right down beside the action, or as close as Mark's flying hips had let him come. Now he signaled to Mike and Aziz to let Denny go. Denny sighed with relief as his legs swung back down to their usual position. Mark rode him down and then lay between his quivering legs, full length on top of him, still drumming slightly against him, panting with abandon, his cock still pulsing half way up Denny's asshole, his face rubbing against Denny's neck. With a deep sigh, Mark rolled abruptly off of his little brother and stumbled to his feet.

"Damn! Ya' got off easy, Goat! I was planning to fuck ya for a good half hour at least, Goat Whore! Well, there'll be plenty of time for half hour fucks later. It's the Cherry Fuck that counts, after all, and lemme tell ya' it was tight and hot and as good as it gets! So now that I've had my big brother's Privilege, I guess the rest of ya' will just have to take turns." He glared back down at Denny. "Don't worry, I'll be back for more of your sorry pussy later!" While he was talking he began slowly pulling on his clothes, shaking his head as if to clear it.

"I need a beer," he said, and turned and left. There was a brief moment of loud breathing and no words. Then Jay abruptly turned and followed Mark out of the room.

Denny looked up and saw Mike looking down at him with his tongue literally hanging out of his mouth. His dick was so hard his pants looked like they were trying to go sideways. Aziz was equally turned on, Denny thought, although it wasn't quite as apparent. Denny was developing a special sexual sense: all of a sudden he could see right through these innocent seeming Pi Lambs!

As suddenly as he had left Jay was back, clutching a small, bright blue canister in one hand, a leering grin on his rough hewn face. He broke the silence.

"You guys might as well strip. Believe me, it's a lot easier that way!"

In spite of all that they had just watched happen, Denny could see Mike and Aziz both recoil in surprise, their hesitation showing in their faces. Their heads turned as one to peer through the doorless opening into the abandoned locker room.

"Come on, bros, the brothers in the keg room have got everything under control. From the looks of things you both wanna get a piece of this, and you might as well get comfy and do it right. Believe me, you don't wanna be all balled up in some stupid pants when you finally get your cocks into this hot butt."

Mike and Aziz exchanged glances, shuffled about, and then hesitantly pulled off their shoes and slipped off their jeans and jockeys. Aziz kept on his long-tailed dress shirt, and Mike pulled off his sweater but kept on the t-shirt under it. They both looked sheepish, but that didn't stop their cocks from sticking completely out, completely hard and bouncing around completely enticingly. Mike's crank was fat and rather short, pale and compact, its generous girth gleaming pink and shiny. The thick, shimmering tangle of pubies above it was a rich chestnut, with entrancing ruby highlights. Aziz' rod thrust through between his dangling shirt tails. It was very long, much thinner than Mike's, a warm, dark gold colour.

Jay directed them back to Denny's side, and made a rolling motion with his hands. They grabbed the pledge's legs and turned him backside up again. Denny would rather have rested longer, but he decided he was recovered enough to get through Jay's fuck and then maybe they would let him relax again. He wondered how long it would take him to squeeze the cum out of Jay's big hairy balls with his new found talents, looking askance at Jay's huge cock, only half hard now after the effort of supervising his roommate's fuck, but still bouncing beautifully about. He remembered that Jay had cum once already - how long ago had it actually been? - and wondered if that would give him any added resistance to the Goat's powers.

Jay went down on his hands and knees, but instead of dicking the Goat, and before you could say "Jack Robinson", he had plunged his tongue deep into Denny's upturned ass. Denny jumped in surprise, and then almost giggled with relief as the feathery soft tongue probed deep into his asshole. Jay knelt there, eagerly rimming Denny's still pulsating butt while rubbing the backs of his thighs, and reaching forward to squeeze and fondle Denny's balls and his dick, which was leaking and oozing freely, even as shriveled and ignored as it was.

"Ooh, this is damn good eatin' boys! Nothin' like eatin' out just fucked Pi Lamb butt, men. It's the best way to eat Pi Lamb jizz - well, one of the best ways! - and Mark's jizz is always good and sweet! Anybody else want a taste?" Mike and Aziz both shook their heads, their faces wrinkled with distaste. Jay laughed and plunged back tongue first into Denny's butthole.

Jay's tongue was neither as big nor as hard as Mark's cock, obviously, and yet it was causing something of the same sensations. Denny felt a wave of delight proceed from that slick, wet organ as it tickled and slobbered in his asshole. Jay moved his tongue vigourously and deeply, his face entirely buried in the crack between Denny's perfect little grapefruit buns. Denny began to squirm in response, once more relaxing, once more thrusting back, only this time pushing against Jay's grinning face. After a few heady moments Jay pulled back and sprang lightly into a squatting position.

"Oh, he's ready men, he's ready fer sure! Okay, Azzy, fetch me that lube, brother. Thanks!"

Aziz handed Jay the bright blue canister and the older boy rammed it over his slavering cock, twisting the little blue handful and moaning softly. He tossed the can into a corner of the room and his crank emerged crowned with a huge gob of white shortening, throbbing and bobbing in time with the blood gorged twitching of Jay's massive wang. Denny's eyes widened in amazement at the sight, and Jay guffawed.

"This'll do ya' for awhile, I guess! It's not the fanciest lube, but it's got staying power! And you're gonna need all the staying power you can muster tonight," he giggled.

"Hold him down, boys, Daddy's comin' home!"; with which brief warning, Jay eased his well greased pecker into Denny's hungry hole. He pushed it slowly but steadily in, never stopping until his pubies were nestled in Denny's ass crack. Denny could feel the Crisco spreading and slipping all over his butt crack, then down in his asshole, then following Jay's pulsing rod deep into his gut.

Jay's crank was so much bigger than Mark's that Denny gasped, and gasped again as it hit home. Fortunately, and surprisingly, it felt about as much better than Mark's as it felt bigger. Maybe it was the lube, but Denny suspected it was something to do with Jay. Looking up, he found himself gazing right into Jay's big brown eyes. Jay grinned.

"Damn, Goat, you got one fine, tight butt! I'm glad I got here good and early!"

Jay pumped his big cock slowly part way out, then all the way back in, his eyes never leaving Denny's. Now, remaining at full depth, he started a slow, deep twirl, turning and twisting his crank with small, subtle motions of his well educated hips, then pushing it even deeper into Denny's gut, then twirling and twisting again. With each move of that giant cock, Denny gasped loudly and shuddered with pleasure, his new found Goatish ass talents abandoned for the moment.

Hopping forward a little, Jay pushed his dick deeper in again, and leaned over the prostrate Goat. He pushed his face into Denny's face, his eyes never leaving Denny's eyes, and then he thrust his tongue into Denny's mouth, his eyes never leaving Denny's eyes. Jay was fucking Denny's butt with his cock and Denny's throat with his tongue, both moving in perfect accord, both deep, probing, hot and slick...

"Okay, boys, he's ready. Aziz, you're a brother so you take precedence over this mere pledge to my left. Go get on it, man!"

So saying, Jay sprang deftly back, his crank slipping smoothly out of Denny with a loud farting noise. Everyone giggled nervously at this and looked from one to the other: Mike with his mouth still hanging open, practically drooling with eagerness, his cock throbbing mightily with a strong, regular beat of lust; Aziz' beautiful mouth with its small, tight smile, his cock pointing motionlessly straight towards the ceiling; Jay with his big open grin, his cock still rock hard and glistening with the commingled juices of his roommate's wad and his own spit. Jay stood up and took Denny's ankle as Aziz let it go.

Aziz stepped away and stood for a few seconds stroking his long golden prick with light, feathery touches. His handsomely chiseled face was tense, his huge dark eyes shining brightly with lust. He lifted the front of his shirt, revealing a billowing cloud of fine spun, jet black pubies, and sighed deeply and arched his back and relaxed a little, his cock swelling visibly as his concave belly, transected by a narrow river of dark hairs, stretched backwards. He gave Denny a quick grin, and then he in turn squatted down and fucked his long, skinny cock without hesitation deep into Denny's upturned butt.

Aziz' eyes contracted closed with the intensity of his fuck, and he gave a little gasp. He administered a few slow, increasingly profound pushes, breathing deeply, then stopped to pull his shirt tails out of the way. Jay said "Shit!" under his breath and leaned forward, grabbing the hem of Aziz' shirt, and pulled it up over the boy's head. Aziz made a muffled sound of surprised protest, but let Jay pull the shirt completely off of him, leaving the handsome brother totally naked.

Aziz' newly revealed chest was large and full, his stomach as flat as a board, his waist tiny. His front was covered with fine black hair, arranged in gorgeous swirling patterns around his hard, swelling tits, encircling his small, purplish nipples, trailing across his belly, and massed in his groin. His ass, invisible as of yet to Denny, was tiny, round and also covered with a dense fuzz of tiny hairs, Glowing a burnished gold, his skin was as fine as a baby's.

His shirt-tails out of the way, Aziz leaned forward and grinned, thrusting his crank deep within the Goat, his hips banging against Denny's back side, his face looking right into Denny's face in a friendly, open manner. His tool was very different inside of Denny from Jay's or Mark's; it probed very deeply and then held absolutely still for long seconds. Denny moved his hips a little and squeezed on the cock inside of him, drawing it in even deeper. Aziz gasped, louder than before, and opened his eyes wide, his smile lost as his mouth opened with passion. Denny could see in Aziz' face as plain as day how immensely good the brother's cock felt, and the look in his eyes convinced Denny even more of the power his own body could wield.

Aziz crouched down lower and hunched back, slowly withdrawing all but the very head of his dick from Denny's butt. He had to lean his upper body forward in order to do this, and his face was very close to Denny's. Their eyes each held the other's while Aziz fucked just the very tip of his crank in and out of Denny's asshole. Aziz' face shone with pleasure, his eyes glistening brighter and brighter as this stately fuck dance continued. Denny responded happily, grinning up into his brother's happy face and nipping Aziz' slimy dickhead with a friendly squeeze of his sphincter each time it fucked in or out.

Soon Aziz increased his pace, his cock penetrating a little deeper, then a little deeper again; then even faster and even deeper, until he was pumping a quick steady rabbit fuck way up into Denny's ecstatic butt, his slim hips slamming against Denny's upturned cheeks. Ecstatic was the only word for the way Aziz' cock was making him feel. Denny was panting steadily, one wheezing hoot for every well aimed pitch of that lean frame and its soft, swirling black hairs...

Denny suddenly realized that he still wasn't exercising much Goat power. He didn't really care, he was just trying to breath and to not drown in the tidal waves of bliss coming from deep within his ass. Aziz was slowing his pace again, going slower, staying deep, moving more thoughtfully, probing more carefully... Denny tried to rouse himself to reassert his Goat force, but he was far too lost in Aziz' big brown eyes and beautiful face, too far lost in the pleasure of riding this beautiful fuck. And it was then that the Goat made yet another discovery - sometimes he could win, not by making the cock inside of him cum, but by making it keep going on and on and on...

Quite abruptly Aziz' eyes got even bigger, and his face was split for the first time by a peal of laughter. He arched his back and his hips started pumping faster and soon he was moaning loudly. Aziz was fucking hard now, deep and fast but with short, forceful strokes, panting through his open, grinning mouth, his face filled with joy, his eyes still never leaving Denny's.

Not only that, but his fuck had a different weight, a peculiar feel, and Denny finally broke off their horny gaze to look down at their writhing hips - and there was Jay, crouched behind Aziz, his tongue not clearly visible to Denny but quite obviously from the position of the guy's head it must be buried entirely in Aziz' ass. Denny giggled and his eyes rejoined Aziz' as they both laughed out loud.

Denny raised his butt to meet Aziz' reinvigorated attack. Now he was finally able to summon back his Goat power, squeezing Aziz' cock deep in his gut, then all along its length as his hips quickened to meet Aziz' thrusts. Aziz' moaning changed in pitch and he abruptly shut his eyes tightly. a look of immense concentration crossing his face, and Denny knew he had done it again. Looking into Aziz' eyes, he saw the onset of orgasm cloud them as Denny grabbed that deeply delving tool hard for the third time. Aziz' eyes closed again as his moaning increased in pace and volume, then his hips were stuttering against Denny's butt and he was collapsing onto Denny's chest.

Denny was abruptly back flat on the floor, his legs trembling with relief, Aziz lying panting on top of him, Jay's face still buried in Aziz' butt crack. Aziz' crank had slipped right out of Denny's ass on a wave of its own spunk, but was still throbbing, held tightly between Denny's thighs. Mike was standing beside the other three, panting almost as loudly as Aziz, his cock standing straight out from his belly, trailing a thick thread of boy nectar from its juicy slit and jerking visibly with lust. With every jerk the thread of cock honey lengthened considerably, and Denny was worried that the lad would cum before he ever got a chance to enjoy his big fat cock!

Jay continued to root around in Aziz' upturned ass, and the boy even pushed his hips back against Jay's happy mouth from time to time, grunting contentedly, his arms still clutching Denny's shoulders, his head resting on Denny's chest. Denny was finding it hard to catch his breath fully with the brother's weight on him. Eventually Aziz responded to Denny's attempts to shift his weight and rose lithely to his feet.

"Oh, I... I'm sorry, De... uh,... Goat. I was just sort of out of it there. Jay can really eat ass, ya' know?"

Denny giggled and said, "Oh, I know!" and then he looked up, back into Aziz' eyes, and said: "Nice fuck, bro". And Aziz smiled his tight nervous smile and said: "Till next time. And, believe me, there will be a 'next time'!"

"Okay, lovebirds, it's my turn!"

And before a still lip smacking Jay and a still trembling Aziz had even lifted Denny's ankles all the way back into the air, Mike had gotten into the fuck squat and already had his thick, bright pink cock pushed up into Denny's asshole. He brought his pretty, Satyrish face down towards Denny's as he squatted still lower for a still deeper fuck, but his eyes never met Denny's - they were glued to the sight of his crank fucking into his fellow pledge's upturned asshole. He moaned as he slid his quivering cock all the way in once more, and...

"Hey, pledge-boy!" growled Jay, "You think I've forgotten?! Ya' didn' ask nicely, asshole! Get offa that nookie!"

Mike, stumbling in surprise, drew himself rather roughly out of Denny's butt and stumbled to his feet. His face red with indignation and his rock hard crank pulsing suddenly aimless in the air, Mike threw his shoulders back and said:

"Permission to fuck the Goat, sir!"

"Permission granted - but!", said Jay with a grin. Mike, who was already squatting back down into his fuck position, hesitated.

"But what, sir?!" he finally said.

"But first you gotta suck my dick, pledge-boy!" barked Jay.

Mike recoiled and opened his mouth to protest. He looked down at Denny's upturned butt, at the beckoning pink rosebud still oozing out Aziz' thick, spunky load, his mind flashing back through all of the hot images of the last half hour, his crank still twitching with the memory of the tight slick hotness which had just so briefly but marvelously engulfed it...

"SHIT!" And with that, the pledge fell to his knees and took Jay's cock gingerly into his mouth.

"That's right, get it good and wet, boy! Don't worry, I ain't gonna cum - ain't gonna waste a good load on a shitty little cocksucker like you!"

Mike was barely doing anything to Jay's half hard crank, just holding it loosely in the front of his mouth, a dour, unhappy look on his face. Jay snorted with contempt.

"Jeezus, pledge, you better focus on what you're doin', cause what you're doin' there is NOT cocksuckin'! You ain't even got it hard, turd!" Jay gave a lunge with his hips and his crank plunged deeper into Mike's mouth as the poor pledge gagged audibly. Jay giggled.

"Okay, now SUCK, pledge! I said SUCK! I wanna see those cheeks pull in, cocksucker. I wanna feel that dick gettin' happy and HARD, pledge. If ya' wanna fuck ya' better SUCK!"

Mike sucked hard, his cheeks pulling in and his tongue and palate and throat finally making enough hot, wet contact with Jay's throbbing, swelling cock to satisfy his tormentor. Giggling and moaning both at the same time, Jay put a hand on the back of Mike's pixieish head and fucked his rapidly hardening crank back and forth in the young man's mouth, careful not to push it too far back into the boy's throat. He gave the pledge a good dozen or so fuck strokes, some fast, some lingering, as Mike relaxed and finally let the older guy dick him. Shaking his head, Jay sighed deeply and freed the boy with a sudden backward jerk of his hips.

"Okay, fucker, go dick that hole. You might even be a decent cocksucker, someday - Lord knows you're pretty enough! And give us a good show, pledge, or I'll tell your big brother you couldn't even get it up!"

Mike scowled even more fiercely as he reinserted his fat rod into Denny's upturned honey pot. Soon he was launched into a hot, eager fuck, his powerful arms on either side of the Goat, his sturdy legs pushing his wide cock energetically up into Denny's butt. Denny pushed back just as hard with his own hips and squeezed the hunky wrestler's tool. Mike grunted with pleasure deep down in his massive chest. Leaning over, he grabbed one of Denny's nipples in between his teeth and bit down.

Denny cried out in surprise and pain. Mike chuckled, and soon he was torturing Denny's tiny virgin nipples with a volley of bites and nips, licks and pinches. Denny tried to concentrate on squeezing the pledge's probing rod, bringing his Goat power to bear, but it was clear that he had an Achilles heel he had never even suspected.

The sensation in his tits was unavoidably intense, right at the mutual border of pain, tickling and ecstasy. Soon it made him thrash and buck in increasingly desperate evasion. This in turn, however, seemed to hit Mike's button head on. The wrestler cried out in sudden passion, his body crashing harder and harder against Denny's, his crank banging deeper and deeper in the Goat's butthole, his breath suddenly ragged and uneven. Goat power lay in unsuspecting places!

Abandoning his nipple assault, Mike began bucking his hips even harder and grunting even deeper, his whole body pumping with the rhythm of his fuck. His short cock was hitting directly on Denny's buzzspot, and despite his diaphragm not being at all involved, Denny couldn't help but gasp and pant to the same cadence. He pushed back and started grabbing at the wrestler's cock with his butt again, but this time his tricks had little effect. Mike responded alright, varying his fuck pace and increasing the depth of his ecstatic gasping, but those svelte hips kept pumping, that big round ass kept flexing and working, that fat crank kept thrusting and pounding. After several attempts it was clear that Mike's cock was not going to explode just from being given a good tight ride.

Then Denny tried a new trick - he started panting and moaning loudly, to a still faster rhythm than Mike. He tried to gasp just a little louder, just a little quicker, anticipating Mike's pounding fuck and meeting it with a slightly faster, twistier, harder reception of his hips and ass. He started to pant louder and more feelingly, until he was screaming with passion - by no means faked, either!

It worked. Denny's crescendoing pants brought an answering crescendo of pants from Mike, and seconds later Mike was gasping his nut out in Denny's face, still avoiding Denny's eyes, his crank drilling deeper than ever into Denny's gut. He continued fucking for a long time; even as shudders and sobs racked his body he still bucked and pumped, his ass still moving in a steady but decelerating fuck.

Mike stopped abruptly and sprang back to his feet with a loud, wrenching moan and a shudder that racked his entire body. Jay and Aziz immediately released Denny's legs, who gratefully straightened them out. Mike stood panting, a thick drool of cum hanging from the end of his dick. Denny could feel cum just like it dripping out of his butt hole, and he lay back in relief, watching the little gob of nectar whose thick sweetness he could already taste in his mind.

So could Jay. Leaning forward, he licked the gob of cum off of Mike's crank before it could fall to the ground, swabbing off the startled pledge's cockhead with a good hard swipe of his tongue. Crouching down once more, he wheeled Denny's weary hips back again and proceeded to eat out the pledge's red hot butt. By the time he had licked and sucked that funky hole dry, Aziz and Mike had both dressed and left, shaking their heads in disbelief at Jay's avid ass-eating. Finally Jay raised himself up, heaved a great sigh, and, without surrendering Denny's upturned ankles, he eased his cock once more into Denny's asshole.

Things were a little raw down there by then. Denny waited patiently while Jay slowly fucked his giant cock in and out in long slow strokes that went slowly and steadily from the pubie decked root to the slavering, dripping slit and then all the way back in again. Heaven for Jay, to judge from his face, but delicious torment for Denny, whose sphincter badly needed to rest and relax.

Jay kept fucking, ... and fucking, ... and fucking. The minutes dragged out, with Jay showing no signs of speeding up or doing anything that might result in a climax and withdrawal, just cock all the way in, cock all the way out, slow and regular, deep and hard. He only spoke once, to say, with utter conviction: "DAMN, that feels good on my dick, man!"

Denny was getting tired, not of the big fleshy hard cock inside of him, nor of Jay's closeness, nor of his strong grip on Denny's ankles and shoulders, but his hips hurt and his asshole was burning a little and he just wanted to STOP for a few seconds. The muffled party sounds drifted in through the arch, and every once in a while the sound of voices or laughter would filter in from the tap room, but no one had entered the Goat Pen for a long time.

Denny's attempts to exert his Goat powers were wasted on Jay. Whenever he tried to squirm or grab at Jay's crank with the fucking muscles deep inside of him which he had never known about before, Jay would just say "Settle down, Goat, and jus' lemme fuck ya!" Eventually Denny had an idea.

"Jay, could you get me another beer?" he asked sweetly, looking up into the brother's face.

Jay nodded absently but continued his slow probing fuck, his eyes now locked with Denny's. He bent forward and placed his mouth over Denny's, his tongue entering Denny's mouth, bearing a gamey taste redolent of beer, cock, cum and butthole. He increased the pace of his fuck as he did so, pushing harder and deeper, his arms gathering Denny into a ball held tightly against his hairy chest. After swabbing out Denny's mouth but good - just as he had done his butt a few minutes before! - Jay whipped his hips back and slicked out of Denny's ass, released him, and left to get a beer - buck naked, hard-on throbbing and bobbing in front of him as he went, nectar dripping copiously from out of his slit.