This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

One Night During Play Rehearsal

During his senior year, Mike decided to audition for a play. It was written by another undergraduate student at his school. The last time Mike was in a play, it was in high school and he missed being onstage. The best thing about this play was that it was a comedy, and Mike hasn't done a comedy play yet.

Before I continue, Mike is 21. He's 5'9, about 220 pounds (he's slightly muscular, but has a small beer belly). Mike has black hair, brown eyes, and isn't that hairy (only a little on his underarms, light coating on his chest, legs and arms). His cock is about 7 to 7.5inches long. Another thing is that Mike is bi, but leans more towards men than woman. Mike has had three girlfriends, and with each he didn't get far except for his first; they had sex once before they broke up.

But going on, the play has a total of 5 cast members: 4 males (Mike being one of them) and 1 female. Jack is your average college student (thin, average height, slight natural build), Greg is the type found on a rugby team (Thus being the reason he is on the rugby team, he's strong and also more heavyset), and Kevin has a baseball like build, he's the tallest of the group. Mike would be willing to do anything with any of them, but he had his eyes on Greg. Nikki is the only female on the cast, Harrison is the writer/director, and Jenn is the stage manager.

One night during the rehearsal period of the play, the cast, director and stage manager went to the local bar to hang out afterwards. It was a Friday night, and they deserved the break of work and everything else. Everyone played some pool, darts, danced with whoever was there. After about two hours, everyone was pretty much drunk. Luckily for everyone, they lived on campus, which was right across the street from the bar. Jenn, Harrison, and Nikki headed off to their rooms since they were tired from the day. Mike, Greg, Jack, and Kevin headed to Mike's room.

On the way to the room, they stopped by the near by 7-11 and picked up some more beer and some chips as well. Settled into Mike's room, stories about girlfriends and sex started to spill out, as well as fantasies. Kevin found one of Mike's porn DVDs and popped it into the player. Pretty soon, everyone was quiet and watching the action on the screen.
Comments flew out like "She's faking it." or "Those tits are fake." and other comments about the girls.

Eventually, Kevin and Jack left, leaving Mike alone with greg, which is what he wanted.
"Man, I can't believe my girlfriend isn't around this weekend. I really need some head this weekend," Greg just blurted out.
"I hear ya man, I haven't had shit from anyone recently. It's like I'm going through a dry spell or something."
"Yeah, don't you just hate those?"
As the porn continues on, Greg blurtes out "Fuck, do you mind if I just jerk off? I need some fucking release."
"Yeah, sure, go ahead. I've jerked off in front of friends before."
Mike gives him a couple of napkins to clean up with when he finishes. The two just sit there watching the porn as Greg just goes at it. After a bit, Mike just stares at the huge cock being jacked next to him. It's about 8 to 9 inches long and Mike slowly licks his lips.

As Greg keeps his eyes closed, Mike makes his move, slowly though. Mike gets on his stomach and at the right moment, he takes over what Greg was doing, but with his mouth.
Grge was initially shocked, but since he needed the release, he just went with it. Who in their right mind would gives up head? No one. Mike just continued on sucking on the monster. Mike stayed at it for quite awhile, and Greg had yet to cum. His mouth was getting tired, and Mike wanted to feel the monster in him, too.
"Greg, would . . . would you want to fuck my ass?"
"Hellz yeah man, I need something tight."
"K, let me get into position."
Mike got on his back while Greg grabbed a condom and put it on.
"Here, use some of this," Mike said handing him a bottle of KY lotion. "It'll help keep the pain to a minimum since you're big."
"Aight. Here, let me use some on your ass. It'll help as well."

Once Mike's ass was lubed up, Greg but his bulbous head at Mike's pucker. He slowly pushed just the head in and out, making sure Mike started to get used to the size. After a couple, Greg pushed more and more in and out slowly until he had his entire dick inside of Mike. As Greg gently fucked Mike's ass, his pubic hair rubbed against Mike's ball sac, causing one of the best sensation Mike had ever felt against his sac. The combination of Greg's dick in his ass and the rubbing of the pubic hair brought Mike to the brink of orgasm almost instantly.

"Oh God man, I think I'm going to cum. Could . . . could you jerk me off?"
"Yeah, I guess so, it only seams fair."
Within the next 30 seconds, Mike cam, sending shot after shot of cum into the air, and some got onto Greg's hand. As Mike cam, his hole tightened on Greg's dick, causing him to cum right after Mike finished cumming.

After about thirty seconds, Greg finished cumming inside of Mike, and stopped moving his dick in and out, trying to get the last of the cum out of his dick.
"Dude, what . . . what was that?" Greg asked Mike after a minute or two.
"That, my friend, was some great sex."
"It felt good, but . . . . but . . . ."
"You're not gay or bi? Yeah, so?"
"Then how could I have . . . . have . . . "
"Enjoyed it? Easy. Because it's the same as doing it with the girl. Only difference is we got a cock and they got a fuckin' pussy."
"Wow man. This is freakin' blowing my mind."
"Yeah, well, there's more."
"It feels great receiving it too."
"Are you serious?"
"You wanna try it?"
"Oh God. I'm not sure."
"Look, just so you know. It might hurt at first, but it gets really pleasureable after the first couple of seconds. It sometimes even makes the receiver cum cause it hits the prostate gland."
"I'm still not sure man. If I do decide to do it, would you be gentle and stop when I say so?"
"Of course man, I wouldn't force this upon you and not make sure it feels good to you."
After a couple of minutes, Greg responded "I guess I'll try it."

Mike got the KY lotion and another condom out of the drawer as Greg layed down on the floor. After putting some on his fingers, Mike started to rub it on Greg's pucker and started to push one finger in for a couple of minutes. Then he moved on to two fingers, and then was able to manage three fingers. Once Mike was satisfied enough that Greg was loose enough, he slipped on the condom and covered it with a good amount of KY lotion.
Slowly, Mike pushed the head of his cock in. He got only his first inch in and pushed just that one inch in and out. Slowly Mike moved his cock further and further in watching Greg's face to make sure he wasn't in pain. Pretty soon, Mike had all of his cock inside of Greg, who was moaning with pleasure by this point. Due to the amount of moaning Greg was making, Mike moved faster little by litle, which caused Greg to moan even more.
Within about 10 minutes, Mike started to gasp because the pleasure was starting to build up deep inside of his balls. It slowly started to feel like it was rising inside of his cock.
"Oh God dude, I'm gonna cum soon."
"I think I am going to also. You were right about this."
All of a sudden, Mike grabbed Greg's monster of a dick, which was hard again by this time, and started to jack him off again. Soon enough, Greg was going to cum.
"Dude, dude, dude. I'm fucking cumming." greg yelled as he shot about 5 huge spurts into the air. This caused his anal muscles to contract onto Mike's dick. Due to the extra pressure, Mike pushed in one last time and shot his load, probably one of the biggest loads he as ever shot.

After collapsing on top of Greg, the two laid like that for about 10 minutes. After their breathing calmed down, they just looked at each other.
"Enjoyed it?"
"Hellz yeah man. I never knew this shit was so intoxicating. hehe, maybe this'll be a new thing for the rugby team."
"Ha ha, the rugby team screwing each other, now I would pay to see that."
"You're welcome to join."
"Hmmmm, lucky me."
Smiling at the remark, "Wanna get cleaned up?"
"Yeah, here, let me get that cum." Mike licked it up as Greg laughed it off.
"Taste good?"
"Salty of course."
"He he. Thought so."

The two got cleaned off, took a quick shower, and Greg headed back to his room.
Later that evening, he got an email from greg thanking him for the events that happened, and a couple of naked pictures of himself. Responding back, Mike did the same, and asked when should he show up for the Rugby team fun.
Greg replied the next weekend.

The End. Questions, comments, email me.