Chapter 1

"Plug the holes before filling the bucket."

-Frank Sonnenberg

The University of Felis was smaller than I thought. For as many programs as they had you would think it would be much bigger. They had world class facilities for such a small university. This was an elite place. The thing about Felis U is that it's a wealthy private college. You didn't have to be smart to get into this school. The total cost for the academic year was damn near 60 thousand dollars. It was rare that people got scholarships either.

I see the mascot of the cat when we arrive. It's in gold. Real gold. Not the knock off shit. No one steals it either because they have security around the statue. This place is stupid rich for no reason. Everyone is driving in all these luxury vehicles. To tell the truth I can't even hate on it because my dad drove a Bentley. Even the stupid mascot cat seemed too classy for no reason. It was a Persian cat for godsakes. It's a stupid fucking mascot. I guess Felis was the Genus classification for a cat as well as the name of the city so some nerd decided it was a good idea to have the University mascot be a cat. I can imagine the football games now. The domestic cats playing against lions, tigers and bears.

It was stupid as all fuck, but they had a good Philosophy program.

"I can't believe my baby is growing up."

"Ma...stop. My roommate can walk in any minute now."

"His parents will probably be doing the same thing."

The dorm room is bigger than I thought. Most schools don't have full size beds in the dorms with Egyptian cotton sheets and assistants waiting on you. This was Felis U, though.

The bed is decadent. My mom is crying. I did not look forward to this. Honestly, I just live 30 minutes away. Pops looks embarrassed for me. My little brother Joziah is too busy playing Pokemon Go to really give a fuck about my send-off.

"Don't worry Mrs. Choice. I got your son. He'll be OK," a voice says.

It isn't my new roommate, fortunately that walks in. The last thing I want is for him to meet my family. It is my best friend who walks into the room. Jordan. I was happy I wasn't attending this college myself. Jordan and I have always passed for brothers. We were both just 5'9". I didn't work out or anything like that but I had a natural muscle tone. Jordan is a little bit more on the stockier side but I definitely plan on putting on some more weight. Jordan smiles and he has a slight gap that he hates but I think it looks unique. Right now he is giving my mother that gappy smile of his and it seems like everything is right again when he does.

"Jordan, when did you come in?" my mom asks.

"A few hours ago. My mom said she called you a few times," Jordan replies, "I think they are down in the lobby. The school is having something for the other families. Going over security and what not. Letting you guys know we won't get murdered while you're away."

Jordan's family has always been close to my family. My little brother had a crush on his little sister. He's been my best friend since we were kids. Maybe that's why my mother feels comfortable enough to punch him in the arm.

"Don't play with me like that goddam it," she says before grabbing him up, "You better take care of Mariano."

"Mars is in good hands," Jordan responds, "I'll protect him from all the bad influences..."

"The Gamma's are going to have a lot of those," my dad says winking at me.

I know my dad. I know what he's talking about and it's causing Jordan to smile from ear to ear. Even the mention of the Gammas is causing my mother to cringe. My dad had told stories after stories about what went down in his old fraternity house from the back in the day. They always made my mother so uncomfortable and now that I was planning on becoming a Gamma my mother was scared as hell.

"Speaking of bad influences," my mother says pulling condoms out of her purse, "Here you go Mariano. These girls out here are hoes and they want you for your money."

"Ma...not everyone wants our money OK?" I ask.

"That's what you think dear."

I could tell her that this was a rich school and everyone had money but my mother didn't care. She would assume someone knew who my father was and just wanted more. I damn near have to drive my mother out of the dorm. There is no way in hell I plan on dealing with this right now.

When my family leaves, I should be smiling as I walk through the halls of my new dormitory but all I can think about is whether or not my breath stinks or if I have the right clothing. I know I'm cute. I've been told I have a good body but coming from my small ass town that didn't mean much here. Just walking through the halls I notice all these good looking guys that look far better than me.

I wonder how my new roommate is going to look like. I tried hard to get a room with Jordan but he maintained that he needed one of the singles. I guess he wanted to bring all his girls back there in privacy or something.

As soon as Jordan and I are alone he smiles at me, "Are you OK?"

"I'm nervous."

"You're gonna be good, Mars," Jordan tells me pulling me close into a hug, "You'll get your little useless degree in quoting old people. And as soon as rush week starts, we are going to work towards pledging Gamma Phi Beta together like we always planned."

"About that..."

"Don't tell me you're having second thoughts?" Jordan asks.

Jordan always wanted to be a Gamma. The party life was everything that he wanted. Jordan was always the guy trying to get us into bars we were too young to get into or trying to hook up with girls that were way too old for us.

"It's just I'm thinking my freshman year I should focus on school," I state.

"Do it for Ross," Jordan tells me.

Jordan knew that would get to me. He knew mentioning Ross would always get to me. I was what was known as a legacy. My granddad was a Gamma. My dad was a Gamma. My brother was a Gamma. Not my little brother Joziah who was just a freshman in high school but my other brother Ross. Ross wasn't around anymore. Something horrible happened to Ross when he came to Felis U. He committed suicide. The doctors said it was because of the stress. That wasn't really like Ross. He was always carefree as hell, but I just went with it. I guess I didn't know any better. I guess I didn't want to know any better.

"Even if I wanted to, I'm not one of those Gamma pretty boys man. I'm probably not going to get in."

"You are a pretty boy. You know it. We just got to fix your wardrobe and swag before Rush Week. Plus you have a secret weapon."

Jordan gives me a nudge at that moment.

It's the only other person that I know that goes to this school. He's a Junior. He's a few years older than me. He is wearing a jersey with ripped off sleeves. His muscles are coming out of it. The freshman girls are turning to watch him walk. He's always been the kind of guy to capture attention. He's always been the kind of guy that everyone wanted. He has on these basketball shorts and a smile that is a million dollars. His hair is cut in a lowcut. It's wavy and perfectly trimmed. He has a beard. That has always been the most beautiful thing about him. That goddam beard. It's thick and perfectly maintained. He's from Philadelphia and a lot of guys out there grow beards like his. He has skin the color of bronze and these deep brown eyes. His voice was deep and sounded like Denzel a little bit. He wasn't really black, though. If you ask him he'd say he was Creole. He had French and African-American ancestry. He's always kept his hair perfectly trimmed no matter what. Sometimes Jordan and I used to assume he got a haircut twice a week or something.

"Gaige," I state.

His name echoes. Gaige was the king maker. He was known as having the plug. He was hooked into everything anyone needed.

Even back home he was the plug. He looks around to see if anyone is watching but then leans in and smiles at me. I notice the Greek letters Gamma Phi Beta on his shirt. Gaige wasn't just a member of Gamma Phi Beta. He was the vice president.

When he looks around and sees no one is looking he comes in for a hug, "I've missed you, baby..."

With that Gaige gives my ass a hard squeeze.

I know I can't really escape it especially when Gaige hands me a Gamma shirt. I haven't even rushed or met any of the members but he's almost letting me know now that I'm a shoe-in. Not only was my grandfather a Gamma. Not only was my father a Gamma. Not only was my dead brother Ross a Gamma but thr one and only boyfriend I've ever had was a Gamma.


Caliph Bashir arrives on the campus during the day of Orientation. He is attempting to find his dorm room. He looks lost but he's never really been the type to ask for help. Besides, even if he wanted to help he had a little bit of an accent. What if these Americans recognized the accent of his? What if they didn't understand? He liked to think his accent wasn't that strong. He'd spent a lot of time in New York when he was younger, but in his mind, he could still hear the Muslim kid that never really got it together.

"Yo Taliban! Watch where the fuck you're going," a guy bumps into him as he walks past.

Caliph hesitates to ignore them. The guys are Americans. Some are black and some are white but they all have one thing in common. They are American. They have these Greek letters on their shirts. They all have this painted on look like they were manufactured in some laboratory for perfect men or something. It wasn't even how handsome they were. It was just how they seemed. They just seemed...fake to Caliph.

"Ignore them. They're just Gammas," a girl says, "You just moving in here. What's all this stuff you have with you?"

The girl is pretty. She's a black girl about his height. She has curly hair and glasses.

"I was just looking for my dorm," he says.

He's shy. Painfully so.

"What?" she asks.

"I'm sorry my accent."

"No I can understand you perfectly. You are just whispering..."

Caliph is even more embarrassed when she said that. He's always struggled with confidence. He didn't look in the mirror and see one of these American boys. He was so far from his country and with all the hate against Muslims he's seen in the news he'd realized he wouldn't really be welcome in this all American school.

"Here give me your paperwork. Let me help you," she says but takes it before he can hand it to her, "I'm the RA. Resident Assistant. My name is Kimberly but everybody calls me Kimmy. Ok this way actually. I got you. What's your name?"

He follows her through the hall. It's late at night. He hesitates to answer her. He just wants to get this over with. He didn't really come to school to socialize or anything like that. That's not what he was here for.

Just when she turns around to ask him again some girl opens a nearby door.

"Kimmy, my shower isn't working," a girl says.

She's an American girl. She's one of those girls that seems to have a million races mixed in her. Light hazel eyes and long black hair. She was beautiful. Caliph had always found girls like her very attractive. The weird thing is they seemed to find him attractive too. Even this girl seems to give him two or three extra looks when she sees him walking with the RA, but he ignores it like he does every other girl. Girls were distractions. At least that is what his dad always said.

"You're going to have to put in a maintenance request, Marilyn. that a boy in your room. Excuse me! Hello. No boys in the girl's rooms after curfew."

The boy runs out. He's a good looking Spanish guy covered in tattoos. Caliph goes out of his way not too look but the boy is clearly drunk and it's hard not to realize that this was his first real experience of American college life. The boy smelled like weed. He is buckling his pants and throwing on a shirt. The shirt had those same Greek letters of the assholes in the hallway. This boy had the same look as them except for the tattoos. He looked like he was some sort of model or something. It was also very clear that they had been having sex in that room.

"Relax. I'm not a freshman lady. You know who I am right?" he asks before leaning into Kimmie.

"Should I know?"

"I'm Zackery, bitch," The boy says.

The girl who he was having sex with is laughing from the doorway. She is entertained by this. Caliph takes a step forward. There is something about disrespecting women that he really hated. Where he was from women weren't respected and he didn't like it even then.

"Did you just call her a bitch?" Caliph asks.

"Oh, the cute Muslim boy has some balls," the girl at the doorway is saying.

She's checking him out. It's clear. Caliph may had been shy when it came to girls but this girl was going out of her way to make sure she knew that she found him attractive. She was licking her lips. She was smiling a little bit. She was doing all this extra stuff that he'd only seen from American girls really. The girls back where he came from never really acted like this.

Caliph didn't know how to take it but he knew how the boy Zackery was taking it. He seemed pissed. He gets in Caliph's face. Caliph wasn't the most muscular guy in the world. He was slim but had an extremely toned body. A lot of people didn't know how toned when he kept his shirt on. Maybe this Zackery boy didn't see Caliph's muscles or his cut body. This guy was a slim average shaped guy with a good looking face. He was slimmer than Caliph. He had no idea what he was getting himself into.

"What if I called her a bitch?" Zackery asks.


"Fuck you, you sand nigger," Zackery replies.

His heart races. His palms sweat. Caliph is about to do something. He was probably going to do something he was going to regret. All he could think about is taking his hand and bashing it in this boy's face.

Luckily the RA gets in the way, "Zackery is it? How would you like to get written up? You know WHAT I am right."

"Should I give a fuck?"

"You Gammas don't run this school."

The boy gives her a smile.

He whistles as he walks down the hallway. There is something cold about this boy. There is something menacing. Caliph can't put his finger on it but he knew that this boy Zackery was going to be a big problem for him. This campus didn't seem that big. It definitely wasn't big enough for Zackery's huge ego.

Zackery's last words to Kimmie are, "We do run this school, little bitch. You just don't know it yet. But you'll learn. This school is just the outlet. You need to learn the motto of Gamma."

"What is that?" Kimmie asks.

"Gamma is the Plug."


I met Gaige through my brother Ross. They were best friends. I always had a crush on Gaige. I used to go to the parks and watch them play football just to see Gaige with his shirt off. Gaige would always ask me if I wanted to play but I always had an excuse. We'd exchange these awkward glances when my brother Ross wasn't looking. It never mattered though. It was just innocent. He was straight for all I knew. That was until one day I finally agreed to play. He tackles me to the ground. He looks around to make sure the other boys aren't looking and then he does the weirdest thing. He kisses me on my lips. It's not a tongue kiss. It's not even a passionate kiss.

It's just a kiss that says, "I see you. I want you. And I think you want me too."

That was how it started.

That was how our paradise started together.

I'm sitting in my bedroom with Gaige, now. It's paradise every time I'm with him. He acts like an asshole to a lot of guys but he was never like that to me. I was always special. It's the best feeling knowing that someone treats everyone else like shit except for you. We are Indian style on the bed. Gaige is facing me. I'm facing him. We are completely naked. My roommate hasn't come around and Gaige swears that if he didn't show up by now that means he must have withdrawn from the school. He asked if I knew what that meant. I didn't respond.

"Kiss me," he tells me.

"You don't boss me around."

"If you are going to be a pledge then you better get used to me bossing you around," he says.

"If you are going to be treating me like shit you better get used to not getting sex."

Gaige looks immediately anxious, "Come on. I can't give you any special treatment. The brothers will think something is going on between us."

We were in the closet. We'd always been. My parents would kill me if they found out I was gay. I was supposed to be some heir to my father's big marketing firm. They were huge Conservatives. I mean, my parents believed in Trickle-down economics and had a poster of Ronald Reagan hanging up in the study. There was no way they would be into the fact that their son was gay. You knew your parents where homophobic when every time she saw a homosexual person she'd comment, "Look at that gay." I never quite knew what the point of looking at a random gay was. What was I supposed to be seeing.

"Something is going on between us," I let Gaige know, "We've been dating for 3 years Gaige."

"And I love you," he responds, "But baby. I have to be honest. When you join Gamma no one can know that we are in a relationship. And I'm going to treat you like every other pledge. It's going to be tough. You get that right?"

I shrug, "This Gamma thing just seems like a lot of work."

"You said the same thing when I asked you to be in a relationship," Gaige says, "And it's just like being in a relationship. First you rush. You meet the other person. Then you pledge. You show that person how much you want to be with them. Last you are united. You are member. You belong with me and I belong with you."

Gaige was a slick talker. He'd always been. He reaches over to me and kisses me. Hard. His lips press up against mine. I don't resist him. I never can resist him. We start kissing on each other hard at that moment. Our tongues are interacting with one another. Gaige has a dope body because he was on the football team. He benched more than I could squat. His biceps were amazing. I touch them as he climbs over me.

"Dam baby," I state.

"Look. You got my little buddy hard," Gaige says.

He looks down.

That's when I notice Gaige's dick. Gaige has a dick that I've always referred to as a boomerang. It curves to the side with the most irregular positioning when it hardens. As it grows harder and harder it curves even more.

"Let me help you with that," I state, grabbing for some lube out of Gaige's bookbag. I reach the lube. He always keeps it in his small pocket.

I put it all over his dick. The curve is amazing. I used to wonder whether sex is even feasible with this type of dick. But luckily Gaige was a very attractive guy who has lived with this dick all his life. Within seconds the dick is in me and Gaige is showing me that he can work it at all these different angles that I didn't even know were possible.

"You want me go deeper?" he asks me.


"Yeah what?"

"Yeah Zaddy," I tell him.

He likes it when I call him Zaddy. Not Daddy, but Zaddy. It turns him on. He is touching me at places that made me feel insecure. He had the kind of dick that would turn the most carefree person into a jealous psychopath. I felt like Gullom when it came to his dick. I wanted it all for myself.

"Zaddy is going to make your asshole cum," he warns me, warning me that he is going to cum in my ass and watch as it oozes out.

He's thrusting me on the bed, slamming me into the headboard thrust and after thrust. He goes deep. He's pushing into me. He's making sure that I scream. His thick white nut fills me completely and oozes out like lava when he pulls out. He always seems to sit back and watch the stuff come out of me. It makes him feel powerful. It makes him think he did a good job. He pushes his dick back in and settles in comfortably.

"I love you," he tells me after we soak my expensive bedsheets.

"I love you more."

"After we graduate, we are going to be together forever," Gaige tells me.

The idea of it seems perfect. This was my dream guy. I was at my dream school. I was going to join my dream frat. My life was would be perfect and this was the beginning of it all. Everything was going to be just perfect.

I should have known that nothing is perfect. I shouldn't have jinxed myself.

I don't know what causes me to push over Gaige's bookbag and just as I do I see something that I wasn't supposed to see.

"What the fuck is that?" I ask Gaige.


"The condom. The used fucking condom wrapper that just fell out of your fucking bookbag!" I ask Gaige.

Gaige is still in me. His dick is still hard when his eyes turn to the side with this look of utter shock and abhor. He's not expecting this. I see pure fear in his eyes. This isn't some hookup. This was my first love. This was the boy who had taken my virginity.

His eyes are so wide he looks like some confused owl, "It's not what it looks like."

There was no excuse. NONE!

"Get the fuck off of me!"

"You really aren't going to let me explain? I'm telling you it's not what it looks like. I swear to GOD!" Gaige explains.

I want to believe him. Maybe I should let him explain. Right now I can't though. I should have known this school was going to be like this. Gaige was way too attractive not to have a ton of people throwing themselves at him. He was way too attractive not to be having sex on campus when I wasn't around. Now that I was here I was just realizing what he's probably been doing this whole time in this school. I feel sick to my stomach.

Love. Was this what love was?

"Get out," I state.

Gaige stops talking. He doesn't seem ready right now to beg or really even argue. He just seems surprised. I know why. I've never really told him to get out like this before. I push him out of me. His dick is literally still hard. He's still dripping with cum.

" you don't let me explain. After all these years I don't even get an explanation?" he asks me, "Really?"

"Get out!" I repeat at the top of my lungs.


Caliph arrives at his room. Kimmy gives him a smile. He knows the smile. She likes him. Jesus. He was so scared of girls and for some reason they just seemed to find him attractive. If he was a normal guy this would have really gassed his head up to think that he was the shit. He didn't want to really be like that though. He'd learned humility from his mother. That was before she was killed because of an honor killing back home for being too outspoken however...

"This is me," he tries to say as he arrives at his door.

"Yeah. I wanted to just thank you for sticking up for me back then."

"No problem. Thank you for showing me my room."

"Not a man of many words I see. Listen, I know you are new here...but if you ever want to hang out. Here's my number," she explains.

He smiles at her. It wasn't that he wasn't a man of words. He'd been known to talk a lot honestly. He just didn't know this culture. He didn't understand these people. He'd been in this school for not too long and two girls had already hit on him. She walks away clearly not wanting to leave him.

He nods and gets his keycard out. He opens the door but just as he is about to turn the knob someone turns it from the other side. It's this guy with light eyes, a body like an athlete that seems racially ambiguous. Yet another one of these guys with the frat shirts. And the thing about this one is that he actually looked the part.

"Move," the boy says.

The boy is in a pissed off mood. It's clear as he storms past Caliph. Caliph lets out a sigh. He's going to have to get used to these frat boys. The attitudes they had were kind of disgusting. As he walks into the dorm room he sees another boy sitting on the bed. That must be his roommate. Caliph drags in the cart with all his things into the room. The boy sitting there doesn't even seem to notice him. The boy is sitting on his bed with a t-shirt and boxers on.


"Hey, hey are you OK?" Caliph asks.

The boy looks up. His eyes are wet. Caliph is honestly blown away for some reason. He has to catch his breath. He doesn't understand at first what that means. He'd never actually felt like that. He never actually had a reaction just by looking at someone that would trigger him to lose his breath completely. The longer the boy looks at him with this confused look the more Caliph seems to really not understand what is happening in his head.

"Who are you?" the boy asks.

"I'm Caliph. I think I'm your roommate."

"Mariano," he responds, "I also go by Mars."

Caliph isn't really sure how to respond to Mariano. Where he was from men didn't cry. It was a show of weakness. It was a show of femininity. Mariano was on this bed and he seemed different from guys that Caliph was used to. It wasn't that he was feminine. No. Mariano has a vulnerability to him however that Caliph wasn't used to. He wasn't trying to hide his tears. Mariano seemed to actually embrace it. He was miserable looking but he held his head up high as though not afraid of how broken he was.

"Are you OK, Mariano?" Caliph asks, "I noticed someone run out of here. Did he do something or...did you want me to call someone or..."

Caliph felt like he sounded stupid. He'd never really known what to do when his sisters cried let alone a grown man.

"No, it's personal."

Personal. Caliph wondered why a man would cry over another man. The first thought was that maybe they were related, but they looked nothing alike. This boy Mariano was dark and the other boy seemed as though he was something else all together.

Then a thought came into his head.

Homosexual? The Quran, the primary religious text for Islam was very explicit in his teachings to Caliph. Homosexuality was banned in Islam. If this boy was a homosexual then it would be a problem staying in the same room as him. His father had warned him on many different occasions that homosexuals were in America. Still, the boy didn't seem homosexual to Caliph. Caliph had seen homosexuals on television when he was in New York. They wore makeup and crossdressed. They were loud and flamboyant. This boy was none of those things. This boy was just vulnerable.

Caliph was sure Mariano couldn't be a homosexual. There was some goodness when he looked at Mariano and he knew that homosexuals were evil. So it wouldn't make sense if Mariano was homosexual and good at the same time.

Maybe that's why Caliph walks over to Mariano. He hands him a pack of napkins he had in his pocket, "Just in case you need it."


The first week of school was a fucking mess. Jordan Rodgers picks up his schedule. He's annoyed with it to tell the truth. He looks over at his best friend Mariano. Mariano has been completely out of it. He could tell.

"What's wrong with you? Bad schedule?" he asks Mariano.

"No. The schedule's fine," Mariano states.

School hadn't even started yet. Jordan shakes his head not really understanding Mariano. Mariano was never really moody. He'd sworn to protect Mariano since they were younger. Mariano usually had everything that he needed and more. Sure Mariano was gay but no one knew about it except Jordan and Mariano's boyfriend. Jordan never judged him about it either. Mariano's family had a lot of money but then again Jordan's family wasn't struggling by any means either. It wasn't really money that was the issue. Mariano had obstacles though regardless of money. When Mariano's brother Ross committed suicide Jordan felt like he had to fill that roll. He had to look out for Mariano.

He had promised. He had promised Ross.

"What is it?" Jordan asks his best friend.

"I think...I think that Gaige is cheating on me."

"Gaige? The boyfriend you've been with forever?" Jordan laughs in his face, "The one who is obsessed with you? You have to be kidding me."

"I found an empty condom wrapper."


"So why the fuck would he have an empty condom wrapper."

"Yo. Don't be stupid. He lives in a frat house with a bunch of other horny ass guys who are getting bitches left and right. Plus he plays football. I've seen with my own eyes Gaige holding onto other people's wallets and stuff in his bag while he played ball. I'm sure it just fell out of someone's wallet into Gaige's bag."

"You think?"

"I'm sure. Man, Gaige loves you," Jordan responds, "Honestly I've never seen love like that. I would put my life on the fact that Gaige isn't cheating on you. Do you think you're the problem?"


"Yeah. Do you think you're getting cold feet?" Jordan asks Mariano, "You are a freshman. You are new here. There is a guy over there that you keep staring at."

Sure enough Mariano turns and looks at some random boy, yet again.

"No. It's not cold feet. God. I am looking over there aren't I? It's innocent. I love Gaige. That boy is just cute as all fuck though. Look at his face. You would think his long ass eyelashes are fake. Maybe I am doing this to myself and just confusing my relationship. I should apologize to Gaige. Our relationship is stronger than that."

"Stronger than the boy you keep looking at?"

"I'm not looking at him. I know him. I sleep with him. I mean...not like that. I mean. Fuck. You know what I mean."

"Is it your roommate?"

"Yeah. He's like the nicest guy. Some muslim guy. Brown skin, deep brown eyes and dark black eyes. He's looks exactly like Zayn Malik."


"Over there."

Jordan looks over at where Mariano is pointing. Sure enough there is this guy that looks exactly like the singer Zayn Malik standing there. Jordan was annoyed to be honest. He hated seeing good looking guys that didn't even seem to try. Jordan went out of his way all the time to try to look good. He was even attempting to get Mariano on his level. This Zayn Malik looking muslim guy had a scruffy beard, dark eyebrows and slightly pale brown skin. You would have thought he just rolled out of bed and looked perfect.

"Well Zayn looks like he belongs in a boyband," Jordan says.

"His name is Caliph and honestly, he looks like a Gamma," Mariano responds looking over at the Muslim boy.

"No he doesn't. I look like a Gamma," Jordan argues.

"Really because I'm pretty sure those Gammas over there are checking him out. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to recruit him," Jordan's best friend replies.

Mariano was right. It killed Jordan. He'd been trying to get around the Gammas since he got on campus. Sure it was still just the beginning and he'd just not got his schedule. Sure Rush week hadn't even started yet. That didn't matter though. Not a single Gamma had even given him the time of day. Right now a couple of them were clearly checking out this awkward looking pretty boy Muslim kid. Jordan didn't get how this guy could be so fucking pretty in the face.

It was almost like he was some sort of Ken doll or something.

Jordan hated his perfect goatee, his long eyelashes and his squinty stare. He hated the fact that the boy also seemed completely oblivious to how attractive he was.

And then he does something that Jordan really can't take. This Caliph guys turns and waves to Mariano from across the scheduling line.

Mariano waves back, "Hey I'm going to go ask him what his schedule is looking like. See you around yo."

With that Mariano just leaves! He just fucking leaves him for this guy. Jordan watches from across the hallway. He was annoyed. He was beyond annoyed because Mariano was right. The Gammas were checking on this guy Caliph. Caliph looked more like a Gamma than either he or Mariano.

Nothing meant more to Jordan then becoming a Gamma. Once he became a Gamma his life would be set. He'd be able to get any girl he wanted in school. Doors would open at Fortune 500 companies. Hell he could even run in politics if he was a Gamma.

Gamma wasn't just a was a key. It was THE key. The key to what you ask? It was the key to everything.

He leaves. He can't take the Gammas checking out Caliph. He ends up walking down the hall when he sees a familiar face. The face pulls him at him.

"Mariano's pissed at me."

It's Mariano's boyfriend Gaige. Jordan was used to Gaige coming to him about Mariano. Gaige pulls him in the bathroom. Gaige looks like he's high. Gaige doesn't admit it often but he loves Mariano and gets crazy about him. The fact that he is high right now in the middle of the day is definitely a sign that things are not going well.

"I told him that you would never cheat on him," Jordan responds.

"You need to make him believe you," Gaige says.

"What you want me to do? Carve it on my forehead?" Jordan asks.

"He's your bestfriend."

"He's your boyfriend. You deal with him."

Gaige grabs Jordan. He slams him up against the wall, "You want to be a Gamma don't you? Do you even want to have a fucking chance Jordan?"

"You know I do..."

"Then you fix things with my boyfriend and you make him believe I wasn't cheating on him."

Gaige knew exactly what to threaten Jordan with. Jordan was no punk by far. He wouldn't let anyone else do something like this to him except the vice president of the fraternity. He would have to start getting used to this once him and Mariano started to get hazed. It kind of scared him what to expect.

"I'll talk to him."

"Just talk?"

"I'll make him believe you," Jordan corrects himself.

"Good. It's your fault anyway that he found that used condom," Gaige says, "It was a goddam mistake."

Jordan digs in his pocket. He pulls out a condom at that moment.

"Sorry about that. Well I do realize you're feeling a little bit on edge. How about something to ease your mind."

Jordan hands Gaige the condom. Gaige is reluctant at first but he takes it none-the-less like he'd done before. It was a necessary evil for Jordan to be sleeping with his best friend's boyfriend even if he wasn't gay and even if he didn't enjoy getting fucked in the ass. It was a necessary evil for him to bend over and spread his asscheeks in the closet bathroom stall for Gaige.

Jordan loved Mariano. In his own way he always wanted to protect Mariano. Gaige made Mariano happy and Jordan would just use Gaige in order to get what he wanted for right now. It wasn't like Mariano would ever find out.

Because regardless of how much Jordan loved his bestfriend Mariano there was one truth above all else.

Gamma was the Plug.

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