I grind on him. Caliph grabs my ass. I'm bouncing on his dick. He is holding me so hard. He thrusts inside of me deeply getting his dick deep inside. Caliph and I were a extended room hotel. At first I thought it was weird that Caliph had an extended hotel room but I realized it was more for privacy than anything else. It wasn't the most comfortable thing staying in the Gamma basement.

"Damn it's so fucking good," Caliph is saying as I ride him.

He is breathing heavy. His dick is hard inside of me. We've been at it for almost thirty minutes. We are both sweating. I hold onto his chest letting my hands slide on top of him. There is so much fucking emotion here between us. I can feel it as he pulls me down and gives me a hard kiss.

He lifts my ass to hover over him for a second. Then he begins to thrust upward, taking a more aggressive position even while he was on the bottom.

He keeps thrusting up sending his big dick into me over and over and over. I pant. I'm grabbing onto the sideboard. I'm grabbing onto the pillows. I'm pulling at the sheets. I'm grabbing at everything until I feel him nutting.

"Oh FUCK!" I notice I'm nutting as well as I am jerking my dick.

His nut comes out first. I can feel the warm juices fill my asshole. As he's nutting I start to go as well. I'm pushing the nut out of me sending it all over his chest. Caliph lets out a deep moan afterwards.

I collapse on his chest as we sit there.

"Yo where have you been all my life?" Caliph asks.

"Waiting for you."

Caliph pulls me in. He gives me a hard kiss. His tongue goes into my mouth. He hugs me as well. He lets our bodies connect at that moment. When he is done giving me a hug he just stares at me. I notice that he is crying. It's weird that he is crying. I don't get it.

"You OK?"

"I'm fine."

"Caliph you were crying..."

"I just been emotional lately," Caliph explains shaking his head, "Does that make me weak?"

"No. There nothing wrong with a man crying," I state, "I just wanted to make sure you were OK? You know if there is anything you want to talk about that I'm here right."

"I know," he says before all of a sudden seeming uncomfortable, "Let me get you a rag to clean up with."

With that Caliph give my ass a hard smack. I flip over getting off of him while he runs to get us something to clean up with. I sit in bed just waiting for him to come back. The more I wait for him the more I realize how amazed I am with him.

I look over at Caliph. His naked body is amazing. He has a tight ass. He has that toned body and his dick is still semi hard and still oozing with cum. His dark eyes are what set him apart from any man I'd ever met though. They are so deep and dark I feel like I am falling into them. I watch as he walks across the room and takes a few seconds to clean his dick off. As he does it I'm just realizing that this is happening. I'm falling for Caliph. Since the first time we had sex we hadn't been able to be away from each other for more than a few hours. We'd been under each other in a way that I'd never been able to do with Gaige. Gaige always wanted time for his frat and to entertain his adoring fans.

Caliph was different.

Caliph acted as though I was the only thing that he wanted in life.

Just at that moment I notice something underneath the bed. It must have come out while I was pulling at the sheets during sex. It looks like some sort of...vest or something. I lean over the bed to take a better look at it. I guess I'm interested on why Caliph has clothes underneath the bed. Just as I do that though Caliph grabs me from behind.


" OK?" I ask turning around, wondering what's wrong with him.

Caliph looks like he is scared of something all of a sudden. He stares me in his eyes. It's really weird behavior but I know Caliph has never been the most normal person.

"Sorry to scare you. It's just. Um. I have to tell you something," Caliph says.

I lean in really interested. He comes to the edge of the bed. He's still naked. We look at one another at that moment.


"You mean more to me than anyone I've ever known. I know that sounds weird. But family. Friends. Anyone. You mean more to me than all of them," Caliph explains to me, "And you always have. Since the first day I met you I can't take my mind off of you. At first I used to think it's a bad thing but I don't think that way anymore."

"It's mutual," I tell him, "You know what that means don't you?"


"We have a bright future together?"

Caliph looks away. His voice trails a little bit repeating a specific word that I used, "Future..."

"What? You don't think you have a future with me?" he asks.

"It's not that. It's just..."

Just as he's talking I notice his phone ring. I notice how he asks for a second, goes into the bathroom for a few minutes and comes back out. He's done this before. I am annoyed at it. Gaige used to do the same thing and I knew that it was Gaige's hoes.

"It's that girl Nadia isn't it?" I ask him.

It's been the Nadia girl before. She calls him way too often. It makes me uncomfortable. She was a pretty girl and she seemed to have a history with him that I couldn't understand. She said they were related but I doubted it sometimes. There was something about them that didn't really rub me as family.

He looks at his phone, "She's on her way over. We had to"

"You're going to ask me to leave aren't you?" I ask him.

He gives me an embarrassed look, "I promised her we'd study together..."

"Family first," I respond getting up and starting to clean myself off so that I can leave.

Caliph watches me clean up the whole time.

"You are first..."

For some reason right now I don't get that. When Nadia demanded Caliph's time he dropped everything and came to her aid. It was annoying but at the same time it was becoming expected.

"Is there anything I should know about?" I finally ask Caliph, "Like honestly. What's going on between you and Nadia?"

Caliph's eyes get wide a little bit


He kind of sounds guilty at that moment.

"You heard me. I know you two aren't cousins. So are you having sex with her or not?"

Caliph does something I don't realize at that moment. He laughs. He laughs heartily as though he is really amused at this. I'm a little shocked to say the least.

"Look at me baby," he tells me, "I'm not Gaige. You are the only person that I'm interested in. If you have to ever question anything I'd understand. But don't ever question that."

The way Caliph says it makes me believe him. I don't doubt it. Caliph has many walls up but that doesn't seem to be one of them. He is looking me right in my eyes and I believe everything he is explaining to me right now.


"Ok? You sure?"

"I'm fine. I'll head home and start getting ready for tonight."

"Tonight? You still going out with Jordan right? You aren't going to that party right?"

Shit. I had almost forgotten that I had promised Caliph I wasn't going to the party. Just at that moment I realize though that maybe I should. Gaige would be in a good mood at his party. Maybe it was the best time to break the news to Gaige that I was moving on and I didn't want to be with him any longer. Maybe it would have made it easier.

The party was the best time to separate from Gaige.

Still...I didn't want to make it weird for Caliph.

I shake my head.

"No. Of course not. I'm not going."


The party would be starting in a few hours. They are still in the extended stay hotel room. Caliph just had the most amazing time with Mariano but it was back to reality. Nadia was his reality. Nadia stares hard at Caliph. He's sweating. He watches as she is showing all the weapons she'd be using to carry out the attack that night.

"I think this AR-15 is going to do the job. I got a glock handgun too," Nadia explains to him, "Just in case I run out of bullets with the AR-15. I think I'll use the gun to kill myself when it's over. What do you think?"

His stomach turns listening to her.

"What do I think about what?"

"Should I shoot myself when I'm done or should I wait until the police get me?" Nadia asks.

Caliph can't believe the conversation. He had told Nadia that it was OK to go through with the plan. He shouldn't have been surprised she was so ready. He was in a different mindset then. He had just been raped. He was so angry. Right now watching Nadia he still has anger over what the Gammas did to him. He was still so angry about everything that had gone down.

But there wasn't all darkness any longer. There was this light in his life. There was this light

named Mariano that had really started to shine through the darkness.

"Does it matter how you die?"

"Allah says..."

He sighs all of a sudden, "Does it matter? "

She's confused. Nadia looks at Caliph up and down. He can tell she is being judgmental. Hell, maybe she had a reason to be judgmental. Maybe he didn't make sense and everything that he wanted right now wasn't really what he originally had planned with Nadia.

"Don't tell me you're getting cold feet?" Nadia asks, "You wanted this, remember?"

"I know I wanted it, but we are going to die tonight Nadia. Have you thought about that? Have you really thought about that?"

Nadia has no emotion when she looks back at him, "That's the point. We've prepared for this all our life. People are counting on us. These infidels must die and we will live forever as martyrs."

"No we won't. We'll be forgotten. The story line will live for years maybe but we won't live forever. There have been people who died for the cause before and they have been forgotten as well."

"If we kill enough people our name will live forever."

Caliph can see the look in Nadia's eyes. Glory. That's what she wanted. Glory.

"I don't think I want to do this anymore," Caliph states.

He starts moving towards the door. Right now he isn't sure that it's worth it. Just as he gets to the door he hears the sound of a gun being cocked behind his head. He stops in place.

Nadia has a gun to the back of his head. She has it pressed there. She is steady. Her breathing hasn't even changed. She was so ready to become a killer that Caliph wouldn't put it past her to kill him right now.

"You don't get to change your mind," Nadia explains.

"Nadia. Listen. You've been living among these people for a while now. Has there not been one thing that made you second guess hurting them? Has there not been one person that challenged the ideology that they were all evil?"

Caliph and Nadia had been taught that if someone doesn't believe in Allah and support the global Jihad that they are evil. They both came from that school of thought. Caliph knew more than anyone how powerful that ideology could be when implemented. Ever since he was a child it had been beaten into his head over and over again. He had done some horrible things based off of what was taught to him. He'd done some things that made it hard to sleep at night.

Now there was just this one last thing that he needed to do and he wasn't sure if he would be able to do it.

"The rumors are true aren't they?" Nadia asks, "The rumors about Mariano. There is something going on with you and him, isn't there?"

Caliph can feel the tears coming down when Nadia asks that question. He thinks about denying it. Maybe it would have been easier to deny it, but then another thought came into mind. He was thinking about the emotions that he was just now starting to develop for Mariano. Caliph wasn't sure if he could deny those emotions. They were so strong. They were so powerful. They took over everything that he once thought he was.

He knows he gives himself away with his tears when he faces Nadia and shows her the emotion. It isn't just the love of Mariano that is making Caliph emotional. Caliph is crying because his whole life he had fought back these feelings but now he found someone who made him want to throw in the white flag and surrender.

He was surrendering to who he really was.

"You will call me infidel. You will call me filthy. You will call me foul," he says to her, "But that's alright with me. This isn't about Mariano, Nadia. This is about me. You've known me since I was a child. Mariano may have brought this out of me but it was already in there. It was hidden so deep that I wanted to bury it. In order to bury it I had to kill it. In order to kill it I had to kill myself. I was willing to sacrifice myself as a martyr just so these emotions wouldn't come out. But I can't Nadia. This thing inside of me, this homosexuality, is alive and it wants to live. It wants to come out regardless. You can kill me if you want right now, but I won't do it."

There is silence. Caliph can see Nadia about to pull the trigger. She never related to emotion before so maybe she would take him out right now. He was fine with that. He was fully prepared to die now that he was living in his truth.

That's when Nadia does the strangest thing. She drops the gun.


"No why?"

"Regardless of the reason you do the attack tonight, I know you'll make the right decision," Nadia explains.

"What do you mean?" Caliph asks her confused, "I just told you I couldn't..."

Nadia does something weird. She goes behind Caliph's desk. At first Caliph wasn't sure what was going on but she pulls out a small device. It was a camera!

"I've been watching you..."

"You've been what!"

"I've been watching you. I wanted to know for sure that you were gay. For the last few days I've seen how Mariano came to your room. I saw the kind of things you were doing with him."

Caliph is shocked.

"So you knew?

"It was clear even before seeing the videos that you and him were gay."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"Because I know you are going to still do the shooting."

"How do you know?"

"I saw what happened the day you were attacked. I saw how you were bleeding. I couldn't believe. But you're going to help me kill them. You know how I know? I know because you don't want to have the same thing that happened to you to one day happen to Mariano. These people are evil and we will do the right thing Caliph."

Caliph can feel his heart sink when Nadia makes the point.

She had a point.

If he allowed them to live he'd be opening the door for Mariano to get attacked like he got attacked. He could never allow that to happen.

He picks up the gun and hands it to Nadia, "To answer your question before don't let the cops kill you. Kill yourself..."

Zackery walks into the basement. Jordan and Flip are the only ones down there. He's pissed and he has a reason to be. The party was going to start shortly and breaking news had just come out on the Shady Shanice show. It was news that he really didn't want to hear.

Zackery looks at Flip, "Follow me."

"I was talking to Jordan," Flip says.

Zackery gives him a hard stare, "Follow me. Now."

Flip looks at Jordan who seems a little confused but nonetheless Zackery leads him upstairs. He's beyond angry at the fact that Flip isn't doing what he said he was going to do and keep quiet about everything.

They end up in the front of the Gamma house. The party is getting started and people are already starting to pile in. Zackery needed privacy in the house.

"You are pissing me off," Zackery states.

"You been running your mouth to Shady Shanice?"

Flip's face says it all. Flip has never been a really good liar.

"What if I have?"

"You told her that there are some possible bombshells with the Gamma house?" Zackery asks him, "Have you completely lost your fucking mind?"

"It's true. You were getting at the fact that something might have happened in the past. I want to know what it is."

"You need to mind your business," Zackery states.

Flip shakes his head, "Z. You are scared of Gaige. If he has some shit in his past I think you should tell everyone about it. You have no loyalty to that guy. You want to bring him down using small things. Small things aren't working."

"What I have against Gaige isn't just about Gaige," Zackery states, "It's about all my other frat brothers. I can't let that shit out."

"Maybe you should," Flip says.


"I know you. It's killing you. It's weighing you down. Maybe it's time you did something about it and just let the chips fall where they may."

Flip was being reckless talking like this. The other frat boys were getting real antsy about Flip. Rumors were swirling that Flip was the leak. Flip had no idea what happened to people who were leaks though. People who were leaks ended up getting plugged.

He liked Flip. He probably liked Flip a lot more than he should have. The problem with liking someone is that he wasn't thinking right when he thought about Flip. He was letting shit get in the way of this. The party was tonight and Zackery didn't need any drama to go down at this party.

"Yo. I need to know if you are going to leak any more information," Zackery states.

"I don't have any information to leak," Flip states, "But you do..."

Just at that moment Zackery is distracted. A cop car has pulled up. Zackery is shocked when he sees it. He looks at the car and watches two cops walk out of the car. Zackery looks at Flip but Flip shrugs as though not really knowing what was going on in this situation.

Zackery wonders if Caliph broke. Maybe he finally told the cops what the fuck happened the night Caliph was raped.

The cops approach them.

"You two boys live here?" the cops ask.

"Yeah. Why?"

"We were looking for the Gamma frat house. We had a few questions."

"What about?" Flip asks at that moment.

"You have a frat brother named Barry correct?" one of the cops asks, "Well Barry has been missing. He was supposed to go overseas but never actually checked into his flight. His parents are saying this is the last place he is reported to have been."

Zackery's mouth drops. Barry was missing?

"He's not here," Zackery states.

"When was the last time you've seen him?" the cop asks.

Zackery stays quiet. This was weird. This was very weird.

"The night that he disappeared," Flip answers, "Do you think he's OK?"

"We aren't sure," the cop asks, "Do you know anyone that may have wanted to harm Barry for any reason what-so-ever?"

"Well..." Flip starts.

Zackery cuts him off, "No."

"Do you mind if we come in and ask the frat some questions," the cop asks.

Flip seems ready to talk. Zackery can see it in his eyes, but as Zackery looks at him he knows that Flip is about to say anything. Flip was na´ve enough to do that.

"Actually we do mind. I'll have my lawyer call the station and set something up."

"Lawyer? Kind of defensive huh?" The cop asks.

"Just crossing my T's, detective."

Zackery pulls Flip back in the house at that moment before Flip lets them know anything else. This was serious. Barry was missing. This was huge. This was scary. What the fuck happened to Barry? He didn't get it. He didn't understand what was going on.

Flip looks over at him and there is an awkwardness between the two.

"Oh fuck," Flip says, "You think something happened to him?"

Zackery sighs, "I don't know..."

Flip leans in, "What if Gaige did something to Barry? He was the only one who had motivation to get Barry gone. What if he took Barry out of the picture...permanently."

Flip was talking about murder. Zackery grabs him. He pushes him up against the wall hard. Just at that moment his frat brother Reggie walks past and gives them a weird stare. Zackery waits until Reggie disappears.

"Listen. Shut up. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about..."

"Are you trying to protect him?" Flip asks.'

"I'm trying to protect my fraternity."

"Even if they committed murder."

"We don't know that anyone in this fraternity did anything to Barry. It could be something completely different," Zackery argues, "Barry may be alive for all we know."

"But what if he isn't? What if Gaige killed Barry? You still not going to tell people what you know? You still not going to tell people the secrets you know about the Gammas?"

Zackery feels the pressure. Flip is looking at him with this distinct look of disappointment. He hated disappointing Flip.

At the same time, he knew he had loyalty to the Gammas.

"I'd never betray Gamma."

Flip shakes his head at that moment. The way Flip looks at Zackery is something that Zackery never wanted to see. He looked disappointed. He looked beyond disappointed actually. He looked like he was over it.

"You're just like the rest of them," Flip walks away from Zackery, "After the party tonight I quit. I'm leaving Gamma. I can't do this anymore."

Zackery grabs his hand, "Flip please don't. No one walks away from Gamma..."

"Guess I'll be the first. I'll be walking away from Gamma and I'll be walking away from you."

Zackery watches Flip walk away. And he knew that if he had to choose between Flip and Gamma that he would always have to choose Gamma.

The problem was Flip had no idea what he was doing. Flip didn't know about the curse. No one walked away from Gamma. If you tried you didn't get far.

Someone else had tried to walk away from Gamma before. Ross Choice. Back then they had said it was a suicide...but Zackery knew there was more to what happened the night that Ross killed himself. They'd forced Ross to rape a girl who was causing trouble on campus for her boyfriend at the time. The problem with it is that her boyfriend was Barry; a Gamma. The girl was Shady Shanice. She had gone to report it. No one believed her of course. The cops turned her away when she went to report it. Boys would be boys. Shady Shanice had changed since that day. She never told a soul what happened when Ross raped her. Ross felt so bad about it afterward. He wanted to leave Gamma. He wanted to go to the police about what happened. Zackery had warned Ross about leaving back then too. Ross didn't listen to him.

He remembered how his frat brothers had pushed Ross to kill himself. They were trying to make Ross feel bad about the rape to save their own asses. Gaige was the one who had put the idea in Ross's head for him to just end his life. Gaige had driven Ross to the bridge.

All the frat brothers knew and Zackery didn't put it past Gaige. If he could do that to Ross, then maybe he could do this to Barry too.

Gamma was the plug. Sure a plug gave you power but once you weren't plugged in any were done for.

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