Chapter 2


Felis U had a problem. That problem was Shady Shanice.


She leans back in her old tattered chair with missing leather, just messy as ever, pressing her mouth to the college radio microphone. Everyone in school loved Shady Shanice's station. This is where you came for all your news. This is where you got all the scoop.


"It's a new semester and there is shady business already going on. It's Rush week ladies and gentleman. For those who don't know Rush week is the recruitment period of time when fraternities and sororities recruit. There are so many frats to choose from this week. Iotas, Kappas, Lambdas and Omegas. So many options but only 2 really matter. Girls around the country all want to be Zetas but the real shade is with the boys. Everyone is wondering who will make the cut to be a Gamma man. And this week I'm going to get all the dirt. Scratch that. I'm going to get all the TRASH."

Shanice puts down the microphone and goes to commercial. She hated the fraternities honestly but the Gammas ran the school. This is what people wanted to hear about and she was going to deliver one way or another.


Ever since Barry, the president of the Gammas got her pregnant and then dumped her to get with some prettier Zeta bitch, Shanice had one thing, and only one thing on her mind. That one thing, that she had to get done so badly, was to destroy the matter what. When she miscarried that baby she lost all respect for Barry and she had a pledge. That pledge was to destroy what he loved more than anything. That pledge was to destroy the Gammas.


Lucky she wasn't the only one. Everyone loved the Gammas and everyone loved to hate the Gammas.


"Excuse me?" a voice says.


A boy walks into the radio station. He's a geeky looking guy. The kid is covered in rags damn near. Shanice wondered how a guy like this actually got into Felis. You had to be rich as fuck to get in here. By the way he saunters into the studio, stares hard at the equipment room, almost knocks the chords out of the console and hits the audio processor she could tell he was a freshman.


"Fuck do you want?"

Shanice didn't have time for this weird looking kid. She needed to find some dirt for Rush Week on the Gammas and she needed to find it now.

"I came here for work study. My name is Michael," he says.


She can barely look at the guy, "Michael? Michael? Doesn't ring a...oh shit! Michael Flip! Flip! Ah fuck, I thought they would have send me somebody I can use."

She'd heard he was a really smart guy from the work-study office. She'd never taken one of those before but she was a senior now. Someone would have to carry on her legacy when she was gone. Once she graduated someone would have to carry on the legacy of Shady Shanice so she asked for their best journalism student. She didn't expect some dirty Harry looking fuckboy.

"I was really interested in journalism and you're a really big deal on campus. I was really hoping to learn from you. Was hoping you can use me."

"What could I possibly use you for dressed like that?" she asks him.


"Dressed like what?"

He was dressed like a poor person. It was clear he was one of the few kids who got in here on a scholarship. He had to be really smart. Shady Shanice walks up to him. She struggles to reach over her desk and grab her glasses. She didn't really see him until she put her glasses on. When she sees him she is kind of surprised.

"Wait, lift your shirt up," she says.

"Excuse me."

"Just do it."

He lifts his shirt up. Abs. Six packs. Underneath all that dirt and grime was this handsome looking guy. She is walking around him. She's studying him. She's scaling him up and down. He wasn't too short. His wardrobe would need some updating but she definitely had the money and connections to do that. He was a freshman so he didn't have any friends probably since school just started.

"Is there a reason you are um...walking around me like this?" he asks her, seeming more nervous by the moment.

She needed to find a way into the Gammas. She needed to get dirt on Barry's pride and grace. It was Rush week and with a little work this boy might be her ticket.

"How would you like to do some investigative journalism...and also be one of the most popular boys in school?"

He doesn't answer right away but Shanice knew he would say yes. She was going to use him. She wanted to bring the dirt and she just found her trashman...





Jordan and I walk to the party. Jordan is nervous as though this is the first party he's ever been to. He's honestly being ridiculous. I've never seen him act so nervous when he gets to the door. He's already taken a few shots just to ease his nerves. I knew the Gammas was a big deal but it kind of scared me how people were acting. It wasn't just Jordan either. Everyone wanted to be a Gamma. They only chose an elite few to join them.


"Are you serious right now?" I ask him.


"Yeah, this is Rush week. Everything we do this week is going to be scrutinized and most of the Gammas will place their bids tonight."

"Bids? What bids?" I ask getting even more confused.


"Don't you know anything about frats?" Jordan asks, "The Gammas give out bids or invitations at the end of Rush week to everyone they want to become pledges. After a few months of pledging you become a frat."

"Oh. Well, we'll be fine," I respond, shrugging.

"Do you even give a fuck about this at all?" Jordan asks me.

I look around, "No. Not really. Honestly I was going to skip this Gamma party but I was hoping to see Gaige. You think he's still pissed at me?"

Jordan seems a little confused by the question. I don't know. I've been reaching out for the past few days trying my hardest to get Gaige to forgive me for accusing him of cheating but nothing worked. He was pissed that I would insinuate he was cheating on me.


"He'll be fine. He invited us here right. C`mon..."

Jordan leads me into the party. The place is at the Gamma frat house a few blocks away. Walking into this place I'm greeted by a drunk guy running around stripping butt naked! He runs in a few circles with shots rapping to the music blasting. There are girls everywhere but that's not what I'm really interested in clearly. I'm interested in the guys. There are a bunch of good looking fucking guys here. Immediately I get a little distracted from thoughts on Gaige to tell the truth.


"Everyone here is sexy as hell," I realize.

"These are the Gammas for you," Jordan states, "The best of the best. The house went through a renovation by these pretentious rich graduates. The staircase alone is worth 1 million dollars."

I can tell. The staircase spirals out of control. There is a DJ in there spinning. People are having fun everywhere, drinking mingling and talking. There were multiple stories but almost immediately you can tell the freshmen from everyone else. There is one freshman that sticks out specifically at that moment.


"Hey Jordan, I'll be right back."


"I see Caliph."

"You invited him?"

"He's new here. I wanted to invite him out. What's the big problem?"

Jordan rolls his eyes, "I'm going to go look for Gaige. If you see your boyfriend, come find me. Gaige has to introduce us to all his frat brothers tonight. We need to make sure we get bids."

When Jordan sets his mind to something there is nothing my best friend won't do to get it. I respect the hell out of him because this boy wanted to be a Gamma more than he wanted to breathe. I just didn't get it honestly. For some reason I don't want to get it right now. Seeing Caliph in the room kind of makes me smile. I don't know why I decide to take a few steps over to him. He's handsome as all fuck and I can tell he's not trying. He looks completely out of place even among the freshmen.

Caliph has on a tight black shirt and black pants. He has on black boots. For some reason I notice he always wears black. He has that real "cool boy" thing about him. He's not cool in the same way Gaige is though. Caliph is cool without trying. He's cool without knowing he is. There is something just so fucking cool about the way he carries himself. He's dope as fuck.


"You not feeling the weird looking red stuff in the bowl over there?" I ask.


My roommate looks over at me smiling, "Don't really drink."

"Hope you don't mind," I respond grabbing a drink for myself. I'm a little surprised when Caliph actually follows me over.

Ever since the first night we met we've been civil. It's been a lot of small talk. He never said anything about his personal life. I don't blame him though. I didn't really say anything about mine either. We were too busy asking each other where this building was on campus or that building was. We asked how to use these cards called "Catbucks" that our parents could load money on for things in school.


"Do you know people at this party?" he asks me seeming a little confused.

I am about to talk about Gaige but I decide to really change my mind. Gaige and I are in the least he is. The last thing I can do is out him especially to someone I don't know like that.


"Kind of. You don't feel uncomfortable, do you?"

I didn't know why I invited him honestly. He was cute as fuck. He's standing there now pressing his hands through his hair and feeling a little uncomfortable. He had a unique style with his all black, his dark eyes and his perfect goatee and I loved it. Caliph also does this thing where he licks his lips and thinks a little bit before he says every word. It's like every word is calculated from moist, full sexy ass lips.

"I don't get intimidated easy. They all seem like a bunch of pretentious rich, spoiled, good looking brats," Caliph says, before deliberately adding, "The Gammas at least."


I laugh. I came from a Legacy of Gammas but for some reason it made it even funnier that he was saying this in front of me.


"It's not that bad," I try to assure him.


As I say that I see a girl who was grinding on a boy. Out of no where she bends all the way over. I think at that moment she is just really getting into whatever song they are dancing to but I'm wrong. She is puking. She is throwing up right there. The guy is disgusted. He walks away from her and her friends hustle to come help her.


"I'm sure it's not," he responds with a little bit of sarcasm, "Can I ask you a question?"


"Why are you here?" Caliph asks, "I don't know much about Frats but you don't really seem like a frat boy?"

"I dunno. I do plan on pledging though."

"To these guys?" he asks with a slight laugh.

"You think it's funny?"

"You aren't funny," Caliph says giving me a tap on the arm a little bit, "Just the whole situation is funny. I think you can do better. I mean look at you."

He looks at me at that moment. I let him look at me. It gets awkward for a minute. I grab the drink off the table and throw it back and quickly get another one. These things are strong but being around so many people kind of makes me nervous. Being around Caliph specifically is making me straight panic.


"Listen. I don't know why I want to join. It helps you fit in. It's just what normal guys do when they go to college," I respond with a shrug, "It's just what people get into."

"Normal huh?" he asks.

"Yeah, pretty much."

We get quiet again. The party is really getting crowded at this point. The more people that pile into this place the closer Caliph and I seem to get to one another. He turns after a minutes and laughs when it becomes clear our shoulders are bumping into one another. This girl is dancing next to us and I think she wants to dance with Caliph but he keeps moving awa. As he moves away he moves closer and closer to me.

I turn. Caliph is right in my face.

"Sorry, I'm all up on you," I state.

Caliph smiles. His teeth are white as all fuck. Who has teeth like that?

"I don't mind."

"Maybe I should think about doing it too then," he suggests.


I laugh, "What?"

He shrugs, "Attempting to pledge. I dunno. I kind of want to be normal too. You're one of the only people I've met who seem cool so if you think it's not that bad then maybe it isn't."

"Caliph. You don't just wake up one morning and decide you want to do this," I explain to him, "This is a really big thing. Pledging, fraternity dues and hazing. I didn't want to admit this to you but I'm doing this because I kind of have to. My parents were Gammas. Otherwise I wouldn't be. I've heard stories. I don't think you know what you are getting yourself into."

Caliph shrugs, "How bad could it be?"



"What's your name?"

"Michael Flip. You can call me Flip though."


Flip walks into the Gamma party. They are playing Drake and a boy covered in nothing but golden glitter is swinging from the chandelier jingling his balls back and forth. The party is crowded and Flip is shocked that a girl has spotted him from across the room. The girl talking to Flip is someone who would normally have not given him the time of day. She had long black hair and all this expensive looking clothing on. She looked like some long last Kardashian/Jenner.


"I'm Marilyn. Like Monroe."

"Nice to meet you Marilyn, like Monroe."

She smirks at him and sips on her drink. She is looking at him like he is something to eat honestly. "You looking to be a Gamma pledge, Flip?"

He shrugs, "Yeah I think so."

Honestly Flip had no idea why he was here. This all had to do with his boss. Shady Shanice had sent him here damn near against his will to do `investigative journalism'. It seemed a lot more like spying to him though. Still, this was an opportunity to rub shoulders with the Gammas. He wasn't going to waste that opportunity.


"You'll get in. You look like a Gamma," she explains.

"What's a Gamma look like?"

She bites on her straw, "Perfect. Look up there. What do you see?"

She's pointing on a balcony. There were three guys standing up there. One a biracial boy that had green eyes with a lowcut, the other was an all American looking white boy with blonde hair and the last one was a Latino guy that was covered in tattoos. Flip could tell he had tattoos all over because all three guys had their shirts off. They were just standing over the foyer looking down like some Olympian gods making sure that everyone would look up from the balconies to see that they were the three best looking guys in this place most likely.


"Gammas," Flip responds.

He didn't need to see them showing their letters to tell. They were Gammas. There was no doubt. One good looking guy was one thing. Three perfect looking guys was another.

"That's Gaige, Barry and Zackery. They call them the Terrible Trio. They run the Gammas. I'm pretty cool with Zackery. The one with the tattoos. I can get you a Gamma bid."

Just at that moment the one with the Tattoos looks down from the balcony. He looks right at Flip. The moment their eyes connect it just seems like sparks. Flip doesn't really know how to react to it. He's always been bisexual but he's never actually had sparks when he met someone before. The tattooed guy on the balcony continues to look over at him. He's just staring as though about to say something but he's too far for Flip to say something.

"How cool are you with Zackery?" Flip asks.


"He's my boyfriend."

"Damn. I'm sorry I'm not trying to start any drama here," Flip raises his hands at that moment and takes a few steps away from the girl.


Maybe the Gamma thought he was trying to flirt with Marilyn. Maybe that's why he was looking at Flip like that. Flip couldn't take any chances of pissing off a Gamma though. Shanice would be pissed if he didn't infiltrate the Gammas. He needed a bid and it wasn't going to be a good idea to make an enemy of a TOP Gamma.


"Relax. He's cool with it," she says.


"We have a know...fetishes," Marilyn admits whispering in his ear.

"Like what?"

With that Flip feels Marilyn reach over and grab his dick. She holds onto his dick for a few minutes and gives it a light tug.

"He likes to watch me get fucked..." she says and laughs, "So how about this. You scratch his back I'm sure he can return the favor."

Flip's eyes get wide. Was this a dream? Had this girl just insinuated that he sexy ass guy on the balcony would enjoying watching him fuck his girlfriend? Flip definitely was shocked by this. He had assumed it would have been a lot harder to get into the Gammas then just pulling his dick out and doing something he would have done anyway.


"Come on daddy," she says.

She grabs onto his hands and leads him up some stairs. Flip still can't believe this is going on. He follows her though with a smile on his face. Right now Flip is feeling like the man!

God knows how Shanice knew what outfit he should wear, how he should fix his hair and even down to how he should stand. All he knew was that Shady Shanice needed a new nickname. She should be called the King Maker.



Gaige's body looks good. His abs are lean. His pecs are ripped. He sways around in place. He could really be a go-go boy in a gay club in Vegas if he wanted. He'd probably make a killing. He searches the crowd pretending like he's dancing but he's really looking for Mariano through the crowd. He hasn't seen him yet and he's hoping that by him playing hard to get Mariano didn't change his mind. Even worse what if stupid ass Jordan had slipped up and told Mariano something he wasn't supposed to.

"Where the hell you going?" Gaige asks Zackery.


"I'm going to fuck around with my girl. Why?" Zackery asks, "You my fucking keeper now bro?"

Gaige shakes his head. Zackery was always jealous of Gaige. Maybe it was because Zackery's girl Marilyn was a Zeta hoe who Gaige rawdog'd his freshman year. Shady Shanice had gotten a hold of the sextape they made and released it all over her blog. Gaige had known Zackery was infatuated with Marilyn even back then but there was a pecking order in Gamma and Gaige was just higher on food chain.


"Shouldn't you be handling the freshmans?" Gaige asks him.

"Actually it's your turn," another voice says.


Gaige turns to see Barry. Gaige may have been higher on the pecking order than Zackery but Barry was definitely the top dog. He was the President. If Gaige had it his way that wouldn't be the case for long though. Right now though Barry was president and Gaige would respect it.


"Fine. Whatever. I'll head down."


Gaige gets off of the balcony leaving his friends up there. It's his turn to mingle with the "common folk" and entertain the freshmen that had strolled their asses into the frat house. Normally this wasn't really the thing he enjoyed the best about it. He walks past a few freshmen girls who literally took turns attempting to suck his dick on the first day they got here. One of the girls even goes out of her way to try to say something. Gaige literally pushes past her though.

"Move," he says with a strict hard arm to her chest.

He pushes her off balance but she doesn't fall. She just struggles and gets caught by someone near her. Gaige keeps walking. There is only one person he wants to see right now. He's been playing hard to get but all he can think about is his boyfriend. That was the only person on his mind.


"Hey Gaige," a familiar voice calls out to him.

The person is Jordan. Gaige isn't surprised Jordan walks up to him. He's annoyed however. In the distance he can see his boyfriend Mariano. That's who he needed to be with but Mariano is talking to some guy and Gaige is stressing to see exactly which guy it is.


"Jordan, is he still pissed?" Gaige asks.

"Damn. Can I get a hello? A what's up dog? A head nod? Anything before you start talking about Mariano?" Jordan asks.

Gaige sighs. He leans into Jordan. The music is loud so it will cover up what he says but he still wants to make it perfectly low.

"You know that whatever happens between us doesn't mean shit. Mariano has my heart. And it's over."

"You said it was over the last three times."

"It's over FOR REAL this time," Gage says.

Jordan shrugs, "I don't give a fuck. I just want you to introduce me to Barry."


"I want you to introduce me to the president of the Gammas. Barry."

"Go introduce yourself. What the fuck do I look like?"


Gaige was annoyed with Jordan. Jordan was pathetic to him. He was also desperate as all fuck. Gaige had tried so many times to tell Mariano to stop hanging out with Jordan. Jordan was bringing down Mariano's stock. Honestly Jordan wasn't the kind of guy that would ever get to become a Gamma. It wasn't that Jordan wasn't attractive. Sure Jordan was attractive but his swag wasn't there. He didn't have the confidence it took to become a Gamma. Jordan was way too pressed.

"You look like someone who doesn't want his boyfriend to find out that he's been cheating," Jordan says.

Jordan says it at a regular pitch. It is a little too regular. Gaige wants to grab him up and slam his head into the wall when he says it. Forever Gaige kept saying it would be the last time with Jordan but there was always a time after that. This time Gaige knew that it had to be last time. His boyfriend was here fulltime now. Things would have to change completely.


That started with Jordan.

"Are you threatening me Jordan?" Gaige asks.

"Of course not. I would just like to meet Barry. That's all I ask. Please."

Gaige wants to tell Jordan to fuck off. Normally he would. Jordan didn't really have any fucking real backbone. He was the biggest pussy that Gaige knew. Right now however Gaige was looking back over at Mariano and the guy Mariano was talking to was damn good looking. They had moved over to a private corner probably to hear each other better. In the corner the boy was against one wall and Mariano was against the other. Both their hands were pressed up against where the walls met. Their fingertips were slightly touching. It was the smallest thing to notice but it was tearing Gaige apart. He was Kappa goodlooking. He was Barry, Gaige and Zackery good looking.


For some reason the freshman is real close to Mariano. Too close.

"Whose that guy with Mar?" Gaige asks.

"Some Aladdin looking motherfucker. Who cares?"

"If you want to meet Barry you better start talking," he says.

That was when Gaige saw it. Mariano was leaning up against the boy. The boy grabs him. He's on the boy's shoulder. The boy is holding him up around Mariano's waist it looks like. They were doing this right in front of everyone! RIGHT in front of everyone!

"Fine. His name is Caliph. It's his roommate. Gaige? Hey Gaige!"

Gaige had lost it. The fact that his boyfriend was staying in a room with a guy that looked like that was a problem. That was not happening. That wasn't going down in Felis. That wasn't going down in the school that he ran.

"Can I talk to you?" Gaige asks Mariano.

Mariano had been laughing with the boy about something. They were bonding over something very personal it seems like. Gaige knew the laugh Mariano was giving the boy. It was the same laugh that Mariano used to give him when they first met. Mariano's pretty white teeth would smile first, his lips would separate and he would laugh while squeezing together his eyelids in the most exaggerated way. Gaige always thought it was the cutest thing.

"Can I have a minute?" Mariano asks him.


He grabs onto his boyfriends arm. He could care less if they had been on bad terms right now. They hadn't broken up. Mariano was still his. Mariano talking to some handsome stranger was not going to work. Ever.

"What's the problem here?" the Arabic boy asks Gaige.

"Mind your fucking business," Gaige says quickly.

"He's drunk. Now isn't exactly the best time to have a conversation with him. Let go of his arm. I was taking my roommate home."

"Taking him home? No the fuck you aren't..." Mariano stated.

"Yes I am."

Caliph attempts to shove him first. Gaige is shocked by this. He shoves Caliph hard as hell. The shoving match ends with Mariano giving him a long hard shove. Gaige lands on the floor in front of all these people who are looking and wondering what the hell is going on.

Gaige was beyond embarrassed. Did this fucking guy really just push him on the floor?

"What's goin' on here?" a voice says.

Gaige turns to see Barry. Barry isn't alone. A bunch of other Gammas are with him as well.

"Beat his ass!" Gaige says pointing at Caliph.

The Gammas seem ready to attack but for some reason they hesitate. It pisses Gaige off. Why the fuck are the hesitating. Maybe it's the fact that Barry is holding his hand out. He's telling them to wait.


"What's the problem here?" Barry asks again.


"I'm just taking my roommate home. He's drunk."

"He attacked me."

"Because you are trying to stop me from taking him home when he clearly had too much to drink," Caliph responds.

"I know him. I can take him home," Gaige says.

"Gaige it's his roommate. Even if this guy was a friend of yours shouldn't you just let his roommate take him home."

Gaige didn't trust him. He didn't trust some hot, tall, dark haired Arabic looking sex god with his fucking boyfriend. That shit wasn't going down.

"I'd just prefer to take him home."

"Why? Who is he to you?" Barry asks.


Fuck. Other people were looking at Caliph as well. They seemed a little confused on why Caliph was so intent in taking Mariano home. There was no way that Gaige couldn't push this without looking completely gay as hell.


"Fine," Gaige finally responds, "Take him. I didn't want to get any vomit on me anyway."

Truth was he didn't care about that. He just couldn't have anyone suspicious of him or pulling him out of the closet.


"Thanks," the Arabic boy says.


"Hey what's your name?" Barry asks him.


What Gaige hears next from Barry to Caliph blows his mind.

"Well Caliph I like how you are taking care of your roommate here. That shows real loyalty and character. You should definitely show up at the next event. You look like a Gamma man if you ask me."



Flip couldn't believe what was happening here. On his first week in college he was having his first threesome with a beautiful girl and her boyfriend.


Marilyn is riding him while her boyfriend looks on. He definitely had a huge fantasy here and it was kind of weird for a straight guy but Flip definitely didn't mind. It wasn't long until this boy pulls his dick out of his pants.


Flip almost nuts. The condom he is using with Marilyn is so tight that the friction of Marilyn's pussy plus the sight of Zachary's dick is really pushing him over the edge. Zachary's dick is huge, fat and swollen. Flip watches Zachary as he takes his big dick and shoves it down Marilyn's throat. Flip watches almost drooling wishing that Zachary was putting that big dick of his in his mouth instead.

Zachary seems to notice the stares.

"Don't look over here at my dick bro..." Zacharay says to Flip, "I don't like guys looking at my dick."

" was just there...nevermind," Flip says.

Flip focuses on Marilyn riding him. It's clear this guy Zachary as attractive as he was, was completely straight. Watching men dominate his girlfriend may have really been her thing instead of Zachary's because the entire time Zachary seems like he has been having a little bit of an attitude.


"Your dick tastes so good baby," Marilyn is saying sucking her boyfriend's dick while riding me.

"Swallow it."

"I'm trying baby."

"You wanted this stupid ass threesome so you better fucking enjoy it. Swallow that dick!" Zackery says aggressively, "I'm about to cum."

Just as he says that he pushes Marilyn's head down really hard, right when he was about to cum, which made Marilyn choke and push away.


Flip has an orgasm as well. Hearing Zackery moan throws him over the edge. He fills the condom up with nut.


This made all of his cum spray right onto my face and a bit got into my gasping mouth! I just got a fucking facial from this dude!

"Oh fuck!" he says, "My bad!"

He's laughing as though it's funny. I've never tasted nut before. The tangy, salty taste fills my mouth. I'm shocked by what just happened. I'm too shocked to even wipe it. I am thinking about what is going to happen now but Marilyn, who seems drunk jumps off my dick, grabs her clothes, cups her hands around her mouth and starts running out of the door.

"I think I'm going to be sick..." is the last word she said.

I'm not sure if it's the sperm in my mouth that caused it or if it was just the amount of alcohol she consumed. Either way she leaves Zackery and I just looking awkward.

"Fuck dude, I did not mean to do that..." Zackery says.

"It's OK," is all that I can say.


"You want a rag or..."

"A rag would be nice."

Nut is all over my face. It's even in my eye a little bit. I lay on the bed. My dick is still hard. I'm a little confused on what's going on and why it is taking Zackery so long.

"I don't know how to apologize man," Zackery says.

He was actually seeming kind of nice now for some reason. That didn't rub me the usual Gamma way. Still right now he was being welcoming and I wasn't going to start complaining about that. I take the rag and wipe my face a little bit.


"That was...awkward."

"I know right. I'm still horny too man. Fuck..."

"There's a ton of girls downstairs," Flip states shaking head and taking the condom he used to fuck Marina off, "I'm sure a guy that looks like you wouldn't find trouble getting those girls."

"That's too much work," Zackery says.

Just at that moment he does the weirdest thing. He leans back in his bed and starts to play with his dick. He cups his dick through his underwear. His tats are so sexy as they outline his entire body almost down to his crotch area. After a few tugs I realize that his dick is completely hard. He pulls it out of the hole of his underwear. It's swollen, throbbing and still dripping with cum.


"What you going to do about that?" Flip asks him.

"I dunno. You got any ideas?" Zackery says

Flip looks around. He has his dick still in his hands and his used condom still in his hands dripping.

"I don't know."

"I don't know if Marilyn's coming back. She gets sick like this and goes and passes out somewhere. Does it all the time. She never usually comes back. It's probably just us."

"Yeah. Just you and me."

"You still horny?"

Fuck this boy was sexy as hell. He was the kind of guys that just oozed sex appeal. Flip couldn't take it. Zackery was like the kind of guys that were sexy and knew it and spent their entire life perfecting their sexiness. He had perfected it. It was a fucking art to him.


This straight boy grabs Flip's hand and puts it on his dick, "Well I've never really done this but maybe we can work something out...we will need another condom I think..."

Flip gets so excited that he throws he fucked Marina with to the ground not realizing that there were some holes in it...