Chapter 3

I wake up with loud ringing my by head. I turn to see that the person calling is none other than my boyfriend Gaige.

"He's been calling all morning," a voice says, "Good friend."

I turn. I'm shocked that right next to me is Caliph. Caliph is actually in bed with me! That's when I realize that I'm not in my bed. I have a huge hang over. I'm fully dressed. Caliph has nothing on but a wife beater and some boxers. He's laying on his back staring up at the ceiling looking sexy as fuck.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You got drunk last night. I brought you back to the room."

"But why am I..."

"In my bed?


"You wouldn't sleep in your own bed," Caliph responds, "I tried to put you in there but you kept crawling over to my bed. I just gave up after like the third time."

My face gets red. I'm beyond embarrassed. Caliph says it as just a matter-of-fact sort of thing like it's not a big deal but I know how this looks even if he isn't trying to make it seem that way. It looks gay as hell.

I grab my phone and go to my own bed.

"I feel dumb as hell," I respond.

"That's what roommates are for," he responds but then pauses as though something is on his mind, "Can I ask you something, though?"

It was coming. I can feel it. Every gay person knows when someone is going to ask that question. I can feel the awkwardness in the room. I can feel Caliph staring me down and trying to find a way not to make this feel more awkward than it already is.

"Sure..." I state, attempting to seem confident.

"Are you gay?"

There it is. The question. I look over at Caliph. I know he is Muslim. I've seen him reading his Quran. He was a devout Muslim. I'd seen him even doing his prayers and all that. We never talked about faith. He never really shoved it in my face but I knew this would be an issue for him.

"Why do you ask that?" I ask him.

"Well. You and Gaige. Last night he seemed kind of weird. Then he keeps calling you this morning. The first day I met you, you were crying after talking to him. There's also something else."

Oh god.


"You were kind of touching on me last night..."

"Damn man I'm sorry. I had no idea what I was doing. That will never happen again. I respect your space and all that."

Soon I'd be chosen to pledge the Gammas and I probably would have to move into the frat house anyway. That was probably a good thing. I clearly crossed a line with my roommate that I didn't really want to cross.

"I get that. I get that. But you didn't answer my question. So what is it?" he asks, "Are you gay or what?"

I think about it long and hard. I would probably see this boy around. Me telling him I was gay meant that I was outing Gaige as well. I couldn't do that.

"No," I respond.

"Ok cool..."

Caliph looks at me long as hard. It's hard to read his expression. I can't tell what he's thinking. I don't know if he believes me or not. Either way he gets off his bed and does the strangest thing. He undresses! He gets completely naked right in front of me. I'm talking about butt naked. Caliph's dick is darker than the rest of his body. He has a large bulbous head and veins outline it even though he's soft. He doesn't have any pubic hair. There are only stubs from where he shaved it.

"What are you doing?" I ask him.

"I'm about to go hop in the shower. I figured since you weren't gay me being naked isn't a problem right?"

I cross my legs. I'm trying to hide the growing erection that is happening right now. This man was perfect. His sharp V- area was like some toned, chiseled arrow pointing directly to his dick. He turns around and bends over to pull something out of his dresser. His asshole peaks out from between his butt cheeks. It's pink, tight and hairless.

"You mind if I use the bathroom first before you shower."

"Go for it."

The sight of Caliph had turned me on more than I had ever been turned on before. I needed to beat my dick like it owed me something at this point.


Flip wakes up to the sight of someone throwing at plastic bag at his head.

"Let's go. Time to go."

It's Zackery. Zackery is shirtless. He has on nothing but some sweatpants and from his dickprint Flip can tell that there is nothing underneath that. Zackery is fine and he knows it. That is the hard part. He looks over at Flip.

"What time is it?"

"It's time for you to get out."

Flip gets off the bed. He's starting to realize that he's still in the frathouse. He must have passed out after the party last night. Everyone had passed out pretty much though. Zackery can see Marilyn laying on the floor balled up in a corner by a bucket. She looks a mess.

Maybe since she's passed out Flip gets a little bit more courage. He walks up to Zackery as he leaves. He leans in to whisper.

"About last night."

Last night was special. Flip has fucked a lot of guys and a lot of girls before. He'd been a top and a bottom. He'd never had a night like last night, though. His dick gets hard even thinking about how Zackery and him fucked each other all night over and over. When Zackery kissed him there was a chemistry there that he'd never felt before. Zackery was an asshole but last night he was the most sincere person that Flip had ever met in his life.

Flip was an emotional guy. He couldn't help it. Regardless of his makeover he still felt like that insecure little guy on the inside. He'd never gotten with a guy like Zackery before and he wasn't going to pretend like this wasn't the highlight of his young life.

Zackery's facial expression says he definitely doesn't feel the same way.

"It never happened."


"Listen motherfucker," Zackery says, "Go do your walk of shame and forget about what happened. If word comes out about it no one is going to believe you. I'll know it came from you, though. Do you know what happens to guys who go against Gammas? Have you ever heard of Ross Choice?"


"You probably wouldn't...because Ross isn't really around to tell his story. So word to the wise. Don't be like Ross, OK Flip? It's not worth it. Dead men don't really have much of a story to tell."

Flip heard the threat loud and clear but for some reason it made him want Zackery even more...


"While riding me cowgirl, an ex bounced up too high, I partially slid out, she came back down and my dick kinked in the middle, to the left. I felt the snap echo through my entire body. Horrible screams. A shame, it was pretty fun until that point. My dick was bent like that for almost a year until one day that same girl's sister was giving me head and managed to straighten it out."

Jordan was being awkward to say the least. The Gammas look at him with raised eyebrows. I laugh as hard as I can in an attempt to make this sound the least bit interesting.

It's so random where he came up with this story. We are just playing pool at another Gamma event. A couple of the Gamma boys are studying us asking us questions and drinking beers. They are trying to make it seem like a normal social thing but they are studying everything we do, wear and say. They ask a million questions. They were hosting more and more events as Rush Week ended. Soon we would find out who would be invited to become a pledge.

"So you broke your dick?" one of the Gammas ask.

This Gamma's name is Roddy. Roddy doesn't seem really amused by Jordan's story. Truth is a lot of the people are trying way too hard besides Jordan. You would think this was some job interview by how much effort people were putting in. Jordan could literally name every single Gamma. There were 15 of them too so you can definitely tell he was going out of his way to learn their names.

I stand there off to the side.  I'm not really saying much at all.

Jordan looks nervous, "Well yeah, but then the girl's sister fixed it. I guess I kept it in the family. Feel me?"

"I don't get it Jaron."

"Actually my name is Jordan."

"Whatever your name is. You think it's cool to walk around with a broken dick for a year?  Why the fuck didn't you go to the doctor?" Roddy asks Jordan.

"It was just a kink..."
"So you were walking around with a kinked dick for a year waiting for someone to suck it and fix it? You didn't think there was an issue with walking around with a broken dick?"

Jordan is sweating bullets by this point. He looks so nervous. I can tell he is ruining it and the more I see him sink his own ship the more I realize that I have to do something. I have to do something quick. I can't let my best friend just take the fall and look stupid in this.

I can't let my best friend just take the fall and look stupid in this.

"I broke my dick too," I say out of no where, "Twice actually."

I get the weird stares from the Gammas. Luckily they are staring at me now seeming annoyed instead of staring at Jordan. If my best friend was going to go down then I was going to go down with him.

"Is this the new thing now?" a Gamma named Reggie asks, "People breaking their dicks?"

Roddy shrugs, "I guess so. What about you Caliph? You ever broke your dick?"

They pick Caliph out of a room full of potential freshmen looking to get a bid for Rush week.  I'm surprised that they know who Caliph is. Caliph is standing off to the side. He is the only one who hasn't spoken at all. He's waiting for his turn to play pool. Caliph is so fucking sexy holding that pool stick looking too cool to socialize.

He has on this black leather jacket with black motorcycle pants. His dark eyes and long eyelashes make him look like a pretty boy but his swag and his demeanor make him look tough. It's this clashing of two worlds that I can't get enough of. When Roddy asks Caliph the question Caliph doesn't even look back at Roddy. He plays with his beard taking his time to answer.

"I'm not in the business of discussing my private parts with strangers man," Caliph responds to Roddy, "Besides we are a bunch of guys. I think it's gay that we are sitting here talking about each other's dicks. Don't you think that was a real homo question, man?"

There is a pause. I'm shocked that Caliph is saying that. He's basically shutting down a Gamma at a Gamma event. The other Gammas seemed a little surprised by it as well. You can almost hear the awkwardness in the air when Caliph is a little turned off by the questions.

"You got a point," Roddy responds.

Just then a couple of other Gammas nod in agreement with Caliph. Jordan and I look at each other. I don't think either of us are expecting that.  My best friend is just as confused as I am.

Did this guy Caliph literally just check one of the Gammas and get away with it?

The event goes on for quite some time until the Terrible Trio shows up. Barry, Gaige and Zackery walk in and everyone seems to get on edge. They were the top three Gammas in the school. If someone could impress one of those three then they damn near made it. To be honest with you I thought it was a crime that these three guys hung out with one another. It was no reason three men should be that god dam good looking and be friends.  They suck the energy from everyone else in the room when they are together.  They don't have a silent confidence like Caliph . There confidence is loud and in your face.  There wasn't even a pimple between them. Flawless men.

Gaige makes eye contact with me. We still aren't really speaking. He's been purposely avoiding me during Rush week. Maybe he is still upset with me. Maybe he just doesn't want people to know that we are in a relationship.

Zackery is the one who speaks. Barry and Gaige I guess are too cool to even lower themselves to speak to freshmen who weren't even pledges.

Zackery seems confident as he looks around the room, "Thank you guys for coming. This will be the last event the Gammas will be having for Rush week. If you are invited to pledge Gamma you'll be notified. If not...don't blame us. Blame your parents. Blame your reflections. Blame yourselves."

The long wait was here.  Some of these boys wouldn't sleep that night wondering if they would become Gammas.  There futures could all be a lot easier if they received that bid.

It all came down to who the Gammas liked...


Ivy and ferns grew through the crevices of the old winding stone path, which led directly to the colossal structure of the Gamma Mansion. The frat house loomed proudly behind creaky iron gates, flanked by rows of trees. At its threshold stood the delicate marble Gamma fountain, that had the Gamma banner and sprayed golden water. The mansion stood proudly right outside of the school limits. It had 10 bedrooms and 15 baths. Most of the Gammas stayed at the house. The Gamma fraternity house had just undergone a multi-million dollar renovation.

It's late at night when Zackery walks through the hallways. It smells like sex and privilege in the hallways. Zackery looks down at his phone. There were several texts from Marilyn. Nudes, no doubt. Marilyn liked to keep it fresh in their relationship. There were more texts from his father. His father was a Senator and had been a Gamma. Senator Augustine Castro.  He knew his father was getting on him about making sure the right people got bids tonight. It annoyed Zackery that his father still tried to run Gamma and wasn't even here.  Senator Castro never failed to remind his son that he was once the president of the Gammas.  Zackery was a failure.   He knew that was what the texts were talking about.

There was another text all of a sudden.

A text that he hadn't seen before. A text from Flip. It's a simple text. It just says.


For some reason a simple word causes Zackery to trip.  Zackery panics and quickly deletes the text without responding.  Something had happened with Flip that wasn't supposed to happen.  They had sex.  If Senator Castro found out his son had sex with another guy it would be life over for Zackery.

He panics so much that he runs right into someone walking in the hallways.

"Watch it. What the fuck?" the person tells Zackery.

Gaige. Zackery attempts not to roll his eyes. Gaige was a cocky son of a bitch, just like Zackery. Zackery didn't get why Barry chose Gaige to be the Vice President. Zackery's father had single-handedly raised the money to revamp Gamma mansion. Gaige may have had a nicer body but that just made him a meathead if you asked Zackery. It wouldn't take much for Zackery to get some steroids or something and get just as swollen as Gaige.  They were both handsome.  Gaige literally got attention based solely off of his body.

"Sorry about that," Zackery says.

There were few people that Zackery had to respect but it just so happened that Gaige was one of them...for now at least.

"Hurry up and get off your fucking phone for once. You need to pay attention. The meeting is about to start," Gaige tells him.

Zackery follows Gaige into the room. Barry and the others are already there. Zackery looks around the room at his brothers. He thought he was the best looking one, honestly. I mean Barry and Gaige were OK but Zackery felt like he had the best looking face. Model agencies contacted him, goddam it. He was the prototype for the Gamma boys. They should all follow him as far as he was concerned.

"OK let's begin," Barry says once everything settles down, "Roddy did you prep the room for the new pledges. I plan on sending the invitations today. They'll need somewhere to stay."

"Zackery said they'd just stay in regular rooms."

"I didn't fucking say that," Zackery responds quickly.

"I heard you say that," Cody replies.

Roddy and Cody were brothers. He knew they were making shit up at that moment. That's what they did. Zackery knew why too. He looks down at Gaige. Gaige is standing there with a smile on. Gaige liked to play these little fucking games and make Zackery look bad. Roddy and Cody did everything that Gaige told them to do. They were his little bitches.

"Zackery what the fuck is wrong with you man?" Barry asks him, "Pledges don't sleep in regular rooms. That is for the members. That's why they are fucking pledges. They need a pledge room in the basement for all of them to sleep in. You still doing coke or something?"

A couple of the guys laugh at Zackery. He doesn't really find this shit amusing. He should have been respected. His dad was a fucking senator and was probably going to be running for president in a few years.  If Senator Castro found out that Zackery was being bitched around in the Gammas he would disown him.

Zackery felt like he needed to prove that he was a leader in this.  He shouldn't have to take this disrespect from Gaige or anyone else for that matter. Gaige was purposely trying to make him look bad in front of Barry. His face flushes with embarrassment. Still he manages to put on a smile. For now he'd let the disrespect continue but things were going to change.

"I'll make sure the room is set up," Zackery says.

"Don't fuck it up," Gaige adds insult to injury, "You're good at doing that."

Zackery doesn't reply. It's the last thing he wants to do. The competition between Gaige and Zackery went back for years. All he needed was to find Gaige's weakness and exploit the fuck out of it. He'd take Gaige down and he'd be the Gamma Vice President. After that who knows...maybe Barry will step down and he'll be president. Then he wouldn't have to answer to anyone.

Barry looks around the room surveying his fraternity, "Gaige how many pledges are we looking at this year?"

Gaige shrugs, "Honestly I just saw a handful that had potential. Maybe three or four. The rest were trash."

"Who are we looking at?"

Gaige is surprisingly quick to say, "Mariano has to be on the list."

"He doesn't look the part," Barry says.

"He was kind of shy too," frat brother Reggie adds.
"He's legacy," Gaige points out.

Zackery actually agrees with Gaige this time, "Plus my dad wants to make sure that he is on the list. Supposedly the Choice family is donating to his campaign."

"I don't give a fuck about your father's campaign or legacy," Barry responds, "Senator Castro doesn't run the Gammas anymore.  Get it?"

Barry had a lot of shit to say behind Senator Castro's back.  Zackery wondered if he was bold enough to say that to his father's face.

Zackery shrugs, "I'm just saying.  The Choice family is one of the richest families in the state."

"Rich doesn't make a Gamma man.  I want more than just money and looks.  Gamma should be something more.  Is Mariano going to fit in with us or not?"

Zackery can almost roll his eyes at how patronizing Barry is.  He's acting like Gamma is something it's not.

"He fits in," Gaige says.

Mariano didn't fit in at all. It wasn't that he was ugly. He was actually quite attractive to Zackery but he wasn't a Gamma God. Gamma men were above perfection. Currently there was no Gamma man under 6'1". Mariano may have been cute, but Gamma men were FINE! Cute really didn't do it for Gamma. They weren't in the business of breeding puppies. Zackery knew that and he felt like Gaige must have known that as well. Zackery had a motivation for making sure that Mariano Choice was a pledge.

He didn't understand exactly what Gaige's motivation was though...

None-the-less he couldn't argue with Gaige especially when it came to Emilio Choice's son. Gamma men had to look a certain way but Choice was born an exception.

"He fits in," Zackery seconds Gaige.

Barry nods, "I don't know..."

Gaige sighs, "Barry. You do know. He's a Choice. He may not look like us now but I'll make sure he fits in."

"Why are you so ready for this kid?"

"Why are you so against him?"

"You know why."

"His brother..."

Barry looks around the room. Zackery knew what they were talking about. Everyone in the room knew what they were talking about. They were talking about the thing that the Gamma brothers never really talked about.

The Choice Curse.

"Mariano doesn't know about Ross," Gaige assures Barry.

"Make sure he never does," Barry says.

Barry isn't just talking to Gaige. He's talking to all the members. There are head nods around the room. No one liked to talk about Ross anyway. The Choice Curse was real.  Even talking about it Zackery could feel it in his bones.  There was no way they'd go talking to Mariano Choice about what happened to his brother Ross Choice.

"You're right though," Barry says, "Mariano has to be in. Who are the other pledges?"
"I was thinking Christian," Gaige says.

"No. Absolutely not. His family is poor."

So much for Barry saying he didn't care about how much money they had.


"No. Too skinny and a little bit of a nerd."

"What about Jordan?"

There is laughter in the room that erupts. Zackery leads it. Jordan was a fucking joke. He tried way too hard. He was like some sort of fucking lame or something. There was no way they could have that.  Gaige pulled that one out of his ass.

"Give me someone serious please," Barry states.

"Michael Flip," Gaige suggests.

"I like Flip," Barry responds, "Cool, laid back. He doesn't try too hard.  Not sure how much money his family has but he wears expensive clothes. He looks the part."

"Wait. Hold on. Flip? Seriously?" Zackery asks.

"What's wrong with Flip? He was cool?" a Gamma named Russell asks.

Zackery had sex with Flip. That was the problem. His girlfriend Marilyn loved to do freaky stuff and had been bugging him to have a threesome for the longest time. He had assumed the threesome would have been with a girl. Little did he know that he ended up having a threesome with another fucking guy. What's even more weird is that Marilyn got sick and right after Zackery ended up finishing the job WITHOUT Marilyn.

There was no way in hell that Flip could be his Frat brother.

"That's not a good idea," Zackery says.

"Why the fuck not?" Gaige asks, "Do you have a reason?"

Zackery was tongue tied. He couldn't think of one. Flip was the most ideal member of the Gammas. He had the look. He had the swag. He had the body. He knew what to say to charm all the frat boys. Flip was a good one. He should have been at least.

"Just trust me on this one will you?" Zackery asks Gaige.

Gaige looks him up and down. It's almost as though he can see the desperation on Zackery's face. It's almost as though he can feel the tension that Zackery has. Sure they didn't get along all the time but Zackery had to hope that Gaige wasn't fucked up enough to push this guy through regardless of how Zackery resisted.

"No," Gaige says, "I want Flip in there."

Zackery was steaming. What annoyed Zackery even more is that Barry was listening to Zackery. Barry is nodding in agreement.

Barry nods, "Great. We are at two. Who else?"
"There is no one else," Gaige says, "The rest of the guys from rush week seemed like trash. Dozens attempted to talk but honestly there aren't any others really worth it."
"What about that Caliph guy...he seemed cool," the frat brother James suggests.

It was weird to Zackery that Gaige hadn't mentioned Caliph. James is joined by a chorus of guys seeming just as confused.  Caliph had been the talk of the Fraternity. He was this Middle Eastern dude that had all this swag. He had this presence about him. Zackery honestly thought he was like the male version of Rihanna. He just walked in a room and seemed to set a trend or something. He probably didn't even mean to do it. He didn't try. He was anti everything and that made him dope.

He seemed humble so he wouldn't outshine the Terrible Trio but at the same time he would make them look good if they associated with someone like that.   He had that IT factor about him.

"I don't like him," Gaige responds.

There it was. Zackery could see it. There was something about this Caliph guy that was making Gaige nervous. If Gaige was going to push for Flip to be in the Fraternity then it was definitely time for a little bit of payback.

"I like him," Zackery adds immediately.

Zackery was lying through his teeth. He'd run into Caliph in the hallway when he was visiting Marilyn. The guy was a self-righteous, Quran reading, goth Zealot. He wasn't the typical frat boy but at the same time Gaige didn't want him. That meant Zackery was going to make it his mission to have Caliph pledge.

"I don't give a fuck what you think," Gaige says directly to Zackery, "The answer is no."

Gaige is getting defensive. This is definitely getting underneath his skin. Every moment Zackery watches Gaige squirm is a moment that he relishes.

"Bro. Relax. We are all bros here right?" Zackery asks with a smile, "What's wrong with him Gaige?"

Gaige struggles.

"He's a weirdo. He wears all black all the time. He seems anti-social."
"That's just his swag. Plus he seems like he's close to Mariano Choice," Zackery argues, "He can't be that anti-social. He probably just has to come out of his shell and---"
"The answer is NO!" Gaige screams at the top of his lungs.

The room gets quiet. It's awkward. Gaige clearly has an issue with Caliph and he was letting it be known. Zackery is loving every moment of this. He literally has a smile on his face when he hears Giage getting all passionate and losing his shit. It's out of character for Gaige. Gaige is usually cool, calm and collective. Not even Gaige's little cronies Roddy and Cody are sticking up for him at this point Everyone is looking at Gaige like he completely lost it.

"The answer is yes," Barry trumps Gaige, "I have to side with Zackery on this one. Stop acting like a little female Gaige. You're raising your voice like you're on your period or something."

Gaige is steaming. His eyes connect with Zackery. Zackery smiles back. Karma is a bitch. Payback is a bitch.

Now they'd both have people pledging that they absolutely hated. This was going to be interesting in a very, very bad way.



"Did you get an invitation?"

Caliph is sitting outside when Mariano walks up to him.  Mariano must have just gotten out of his class.  Caliph can't help but smile when he sees Mariano's smile.  There is something about Mariano's smile that always makes him want to smile for some reason.
Caliph raises his invitation, "I did.  One of the Gammas gave me one.   Did you get one?"

Mariano sits down across from Caliph.  He has stopped smiling but for some reason Caliph is still returning a smile at him.  They slept in the same room.  It wasn't like they didn't see each other all the time.  Caliph didn't understand why Mariano just brought out this happier side to him.  For some reason things didn't feel so bad when Mariano was around.  He'd never met someone who seemed so positive before.

"We are going to be pledging together," Mariano says puling out his own invitation to pledge.

Mariano reaches over the table and touches Caliph's hand.  Caliph looks at his hand.  Mariano realizes that he is being touchy so he quickly withdraws his hand.

For some reason that Caliph can't explain he reaches across the table and grabs Mariano's hand.  It just felt right.  He liked touching Mariano's hand...


"I didn't mind," he lets Mariano know.
He doesn't know why he doesn't mind.  It's so new to him.  It's so new that Mariano smiles and Caliph manages to smile even fucking harder.  Why did this guy make him smile so hard?  Caliph felt like a child who ahd just discovered facial expressions.
They smile at each other and hold hands for what seems like forever and yet at the same time not long enough.

Something interrupts them.  A girl.  She sits next to Caliph.  Caliph knows who it is before she sits.  She wears a hijab that veils her face.  The headscarf doesn't take away from the beauty underneath though.  She is a beautiful woman with a clear natural face and yet eyes that have the most dangerous intent that Caliph has ever known.

"Caliph.  I knew I saw you."


It was like seeing a ghost.

"Surprised to see me?"

Caliph is shocked.

"Why are you here?"

"Late registration.  I transferred into the Junior class," Nadia says with a smile.

"Welcome to Felis U," Mariano says.

Seeing Nadia almost made Caliph forget that his hand was still in Mariano's hand.  He pulls his hand away quickly nervous that Nadia would get suspicious.  Nadia exchanges a smile with Mariano.  She extends her hands.  A shiver goes up Caliph's spine when Nadia shakes hands with Mariano.

"You're cute.  What's your name?" Nadia asks.

"I'm Mariano and you are?"

"Nadia.  I'm Caliph's cousin."

Cousin?  Is that what Nadia wanted to call herself now?  Caliph slinks back into his chair.  He feels so nervous with her around.

"Mariano can I have a moment with my cousin?" he asks.

Mariano seems confused.  Caliph wasn't trying to be rude.  He enjoyed spending time with Mariano.  He probably enjoyed it a lot more than he should have or a lot more than he would be willing to let Mariano know.  He hadn't come here to make friends.

As Mariano leaves, Nadia gets bold.

"Look at you.  You are fitting in, making friends already.  I knew I had confidence in you."

"What are you doing here Nadia?" Caliph asks her.
Nadia wasn't his cousin.  It wasn't anywhere near close to that.

"I was sent."

Caliph shakes his head, "I don't need you here."

Nadia had a reputation for being hard to control and emotional.  He didn't want here here or like the fact that she was here.

"You do need me here.  To do what you came to do."

"I'm fine here.  You can leave."
Nadia gets quiet and looks down at the pledge invitation.

"What's this?"


Nadia laughs, "You are joining a fraternity."

"I am trying to fit in."

"Have you forgotten why you are here?"

"I know who I am and what I came to do.  I don't need you to remind me."

Nadia squints her eyes, "Everyone needs a reminder sometime Caliph.  Here is mine in case you forget.  You are member of Isis, Caliph.  You are to infiltrate this school and when the time comes you are to carry out the biggest terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11."



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