Gaige is nervous when he is sitting at Tony's. Tony's is the restaurant right off campus. It's one of the only places in town that students go eat if they want to at least feel a little fancy. Mariano was usually on time but now Mariano is running a little late. Gaige is a little nervous thinking that Mariano won't show up at all. He fiddles with his watch.

He checks the time a few more times. This wasn't like him. There are a couple girls who are looking him up and down, checking him out. Gaige looked good. He knew it. He wasn't the type to sit there and get so excited about just seeing a guy.

"Is this seat taken?" someone asks.

It's one of the girls who was staring looking at him. She isn't the one sitting with the others. She was sitting alone in the diner. Girls usually hit on Gaige a lot more than the other guys in Gamma. Maybe it was because after he had that sex tape with Marilyn he had become some sort of sex legend.

"Actually boyfriend is coming."

Sure, it was just a half truth. He wasn't really dating Mariano any longer but he planned on winning Mariano over by the end of the night.

"Oh my god...are you that gay guy that was on Shady Shanice?" she asks.

She's a freshman. Either that or a transfer. There was no way in hell that someone didn't know who Gaige of the Gammas was. Sometimes he regretted the fact that he was so popular. It's clear she is. She has long black hair and olive skin. She's really quite pretty. Her long hair flows all the way to her butt. She seems elegant too.

There was no way he was going to risk Mariano even if this girl was sexy as hell.

"Yeah I guess that's what I'm known for now huh?" Gaige asks.

She smiles, "Interesting. Are you...sure you're gay?"

With that she sits down anyway. The girl was ballsy. He'd give her that. She starts to rub her hand up his thigh at that moment clearly seeming to be poking at flirting. Before she gets too high he grabs her wrist to stop her.

"I'm sure."

"Am I interrupting something?" someone says.

Just at that moment Mariano appears. Mariano sees that the girl is leaned over on the table next to Gaige. It looks kind of compromising. Gaige realizes he isn't in the wrong but it doesn't stop him from overreacting, jumping up from the table and hopping into the aisle to get as far away from the strange girl as possible.

"No baby your good," Gaige says.

He looks guilty. He just looks like he was doing something wrong. Mariano is giving him this weird suspicious look too.


Mariano looks at the girl. Great. They knew each other. This made things even more awkward for Gaige.

Mariano squints at the girl for a few seconds, "Nadia? I didn't recognize you without your hijab."

"You two know each other?" Gaige asks.

"This is Caliph's cousin," Mariano stated, "I didn't recognize her without her hijab."

"Interesting, my cousin never mentioned that his roommate was gay," Nadia states.

"Well he didn't know. I just told him," Mariano replies, "He didn't really take it very well. I guess his religion is really against the whole idea of homosexuals."

There is an awkward silence.

Nadia forces a smile, "It's complicated. But that should be none of our business. I'll definitely have to talk to my cousin about it. He shouldn't force his views on others or get in anyone's business. Besides you and your boyfriend seem very happy. He was actually just telling me how amazing you two are."

Gaige is shocked Nadia is actually covering for him like this. He's even more shocked when this causes Mariano to put a smile on his face.

"He was?"

"Absolutely. I shouldn't hold you back any longer though. I hope the two of you enjoy your dinner."

They finally sit down at the table. Gaige looks hard at Mariano. He looks so sexy. He doesn't know how to start. He never got nervous before even when it came to Mariano. He knew he always had all the power in the relationship but now was different. Mariano held all the cards. Mariano could tell Gaige to jump and all he would say is how high. Maybe that is why Mariano was so late.

"I ordered your favorite," Gaige tells Mariano, "I know you like pasta."


Mariano isn't even looking in his eyes. He's playing hard to get. Or maybe it was something else.

"So about this whole being out kind of thing...I don't know about you but I'm shocked everyone is taking it so well," Gaige says, "Everyone I talk to has been really supportive. If I knew it was like this I would have come out a long time ago."

Gaige slides his hands on top of Mariano's hand. Mariano moves his hand back.

"I'm glad you're having a good experience. You are really popular so people will like you regardless. My parents found out through the grapevine and aren't talking to me," Mariano states.

Gaige shakes his head.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. And my roommate hates me."

"He said that?" Gaige asks.

"He called me evil and said he was going to pray for me."

Gaige's heart was beating hard. He was really protective when it came to Mariano. He never cared for this guy Caliph either. The fact that Caliph was making him feel some type away was pissing Gaige off.

"I'm going to have to go pay him a visit," Gaige says.

"Gaige no..."

"I'm not going to let this pop star looking motherfucker disrespect you," Gaige says crossing his arms, "You're my man."

"That's the thing. I'm not your man anymore."

There is silence at that moment. Gaige shakes his head, "I don't get it. Isn't this what you wanted? You wanted us to come out of the closet. You wanted us to be in a normal relationship. Now you can join Gamma and there won't be any issues. Everyone knows and everyone is cool with it."

"I'm not joining Gamma. I already told you that."

"Because of Jordan."

"I don't get why Barry doesn't approve him to join."

Gaige thought about it. Once Barry leaves he would be the president. It would be nothing to approve Jordan of joining. Honestly though he didn't want Jordan around. He wanted Jordan as far away from Mariano as possible. Jordan was a desperate guy who would do anything to be a Gamma. He was also just a bad influence on Mariano. He didn't want Mariano associating with the guy at all.

"Why are you so loyal to him?" Gaige asks Mariano.

"He's my best friend."

"Is he anywhere near as loyal to you as you are to him?"

His mind just keeps thinking about the first time Jordan came onto Gaige. Gaige had been drunk and just remembered Jordan sucking his dick. He tried to push him off but the alcohol and stupidity got the best of him. Jordan was NOT a friend to Mariano but he couldn't let Mariano know the truth about him without throwing him under the bus.

"I know you don't like Jordan but he's my best friend."

Gaige looks at Mariano. He puts his hand on Mariano's hands. Mariano had no idea how far Gaige would go to make things right with him. He had no idea the lengths he would go to make him happy. He'd taken Mariano for granted. He'd thrown away so much but that wasn't going to be the case anymore. The others would hate if Jordan joined. They might even rebel. Everyone hated Jordan. If Gaige let Jordan join hazing would probably be the worst that it has ever been. They'd be trying to get rid of Jordan. It might affect Mariano.

Letting Jordan join was a bad idea.

"They won't listen. Even if I wanted Jordan to join...even for you," Gaige explains, "I want you to become a Gamma, please..."

It had nothing to do with Mariano's wealth. He wanted Mariano to become a Gamma because he knew what being a Gamma would do for Mariano. Mariano's father's business took off once he graduated because of the connections he got from being a Gamma. Barry's father started his own law office because of a loan that he got from being a Gamma. There were countless examples of how Gammas succeeded. He wanted that for Mariano.

He could force it to happen if he wanted to. He knew that he would be the president but he also knew how people hated Jordan. He didn't blame the guys. Everyone thought Jordan was the biggest fucking bum in the school. No one cared for him.

He couldn't make Jordan a Gamma. He just couldn't...

Mariano isn't having it.

"Me and Jordan are a package deal."

It's killing Gaige. He hated watching Mariano put his entire future on a line for a snake like Jordan. This was why Gaige loved Mariano though. He was loyal to a fault.

He'd have to figure something out...somehow.

He'd have to try to do the impossible.

He'd have to try to convince them to let Jordan pledge Gamma.

"I'll see what I can do," Gaige promises.


Jordan presses his hands on the glass.

"I want that one."

He holds the gun up. Caliph is late. He stands there looking at the gun for a moment. It's a small pistol. He'd thought about his plan to get even with Gaige. He'd let Gaige fuck him. He wasn't even gay and he let Gaige FUCK him just so that he could become a Gamma. He remembered how sick he was when he found out that Gaige would be fucking him. As attractive as Gaige was it didn't matter to Jordan. Jordan hated the idea of being fucked in the ass by another man. It took away his manhood. He couldn't look at himself in the mirror for days after that.

All of that for a chance to be a Gamma. All of that for a chance to plug into a future he wouldn't be able to obtain otherwise.

All so Gaige could play him to the left as though he didn't matter?

Fuck that.

"Careful with that thing," a voice says.

Jordan hadn't even realized he'd been waving the gun around the store until Caliph walks in. He was so angry. He just couldn't wait to wave the gun in front of Gaige's face. He couldn't wait to see Gaige piss himself in fear.

"I know what I'm doing," Jordan tells him, "I took the bullets out."

Caliph grabs the gun, cocks it, "It's loaded and the safety is off. There was one in the trigger."

"How'd you know that just by looking at the gun?"

Caliph shrugs.

"I just read a few books," Caliph explains, "Is this what we are using?"

Jordan nods, "Yeah."

"Listen you don't seem like you know what you're doing. No offense..." Caliph explains, "But I'm having second thoughts about this."

Jordan is annoyed. Looking at Caliph he could tell that the boy was confused. The boy was clearly interested in some way with Mariano. The same look that Caliph gave Mariano was the same one that Gaige gave Mariano. Jordan might not have been gay but his best friend was and Mariano had helped him with his gaydar. Regardless of whether Caliph wanted to admit it, he knew that there was some sort of emotion there.

Why else would Caliph be participating in this crazy plan to begin with?

"You like Mariano right?

Caliph pauses. He thinks about it. Jordan can see it all in his eyes. He can see it in the way beads of sweat form under Caliph's brows every time Mariano is brought up to him.

"He's a good friend," Caliph states.

Jordan could almost roll his eyes at that moment, but if this guy wanted to stay in the closet then so be it.

"Well our friend needs us. I didn't want to tell you this but Gaige cheated on Mariano. Multiple times."

Caliph's eyes get wide.


Jordan raises his hand as though testifying, "Swear to god. On my life. Gaige has been cheating on Mariano."

Jordan could just leave out the fact that the person he was cheating on Mariano with was him. That fact really wasn't important. He needed to get Caliph upset and by the expression Caliph has when he hears this let him know it has worked. Caliph is breathing heavy. His eyes are unfocused. Jordan almost wants to laugh inside. He wonders if Caliph even knows how it isn't normal or natural to care so much about what a regular `friend' is doing with his love life.

"So only is he leading him into sin but he's cheating on him?" Caliph asks, "Did I get that right?

"Yeah. Mariano is a good guy. We both know that. If me and you don't help him then who will?"

Caliph doesn't hesitate when it comes to helping Mariano.

Caliph's eyes focus at that moment, "Tell me what the plan is again."


Flip lays Zackery down, "Relax. Let me give you a massage..."

Zackery had showed up at his room. It's night time. He wasn't sure why but it seemed like Zackery wasn't really comfortable talking to his frat brothers. For some reason Zackery seemed to trust Flip and that was something that Flip really actually liked.

"That's kinda gay," Zackery says.

"No it's not. I give my dad massages. Plus, you came over here for reason. It's clear that you are stressed out. Let me give you a massage and you can talk about it."

Flip is lying when he tells Zackery he gives his dad massages. His mom actually did that. His dad had run out on him when he was just a kid. He comes back every now and then to ask for money. His mother was already poor but it didn't matter because she'd give whatever she had to his dad. She would give his dad a massage. She would pamper to his dad and when she had run out of money to give him...his dad was gone again.

He'd watch that play out for years.

Maybe that's why he doesn't mind Zackery's bad boy mentality. He'd never really known what a good guy was. To him, guys like Zackery were normal. He was used to the dickheads. He didn't mind the assholes.

"So I'm going to be the interim vice president for Gamma while Barry is gone."

Flip touches Zackery's back. It's so muscular. It's so strong. He rubs up against the broad shoulders and makes his way down Zackery's narrow back. His waist is so small.

"Isn't that what you wanted?"

"No. Because Gaige is going to be the interim president for Gamma in the meantime," Zackery responds to him.

"Is Gaige that bad?"

"The faggot just sent a group text to everyone asking if we would re-consider Jordan before for pledging. Everyone said no. What if he goes over our head on this? He has no idea what he's doing. Gaige is going to single-handedly ruin the Gamma legacy. First this gay thing and now having a lame like Jordan join?"

"You really don't like Gaige huh?"

"Does anyone?" Zackery asks.

Flip can think about Gaige. He knows a lot of people in school were jealous of Gaige. He also couldn't stop hearing about Gaige lately. His relationship with Mariano was more talked about then the Kardashians. Flip had to admit, it amused him joining in on conversation with guys in his theater class about how Gaige and Mariano got together or guessing if Gaige had ever let Mariano fuck him. If this was any normal person no one would care what they were doing but the fact that Gaige, who was already amazingly popular had come out of the closet was a big deal. You would think Gaige had some Caitlyn Jenner sex change by how people discussed it.

" one likes him," Flip lies, hoping to make Zackery feel better, "I actually heard people talking about you and Marilyn's breakup."

"Really?" Zackery raises his eyebrows.

"Yeah," Flip states.

The truth was no one cared about Zackery and Marilyn's breakup. It had been completely overshadowed by Gaige and Mariano. Flip knew that would drive Zackery crazy though so he doesn't mention it. The only reason Flip heard about it was because he damn near stalked Zackery and noticed he took all of Marilyn's pictures down on Facebook.

"I don't get that faggot shit anyway. Why would two guys want to be like that? How can a grown ass man with hair on his nuts fall for another grown ass man with the same?" Zackery asks.

Flip shrugs, "You don't think it's possible?"


"I mean Gaige and Mariano are attractive. Why can't two attractive attracted to each other?" Flip asks him.

"It's not about the attraction. I could think a guy is attractive. Hell...I'm not going to front. A good looking guy is a good looking guy. But falling in love? That's crazy," Zackery responds, "I don't get how that is the cool thing to do now."

Flip's heart turns into his stomach. If only Zackery was open to something like that in the way Gaige was open with Mariano.

Maybe it'll just take time.

"Well forget them. I wish I could take your mind off it."

"This massage is actually doing the trick...bra..."

"I can do something else for you..."

"Like what?"

"Well. I'd have to show you."

"If it will take my mind off of this Gaige bullshit then I'm all for it."

Flip goes for it. It's been on his mind the entire time. He grabs at Zackery's basketball pants and pulls them down! Zackery has a beautiful ass. It's plump round and firm. Zackery clutches his ass cheeks at that moment as though terrified about what Flip is about to do.

"Yo...what the fuck son?" Zackery asks.

"Relax. I'm just giving you a deep tissue massage. It feels good. I promise."

Zackery gives him a hard look. He turns around reluctantly but his ass cheeks are still clamped up as though scared something is going to happen. Flip smiles. He warms his hands up so they aren't too cold before he touches Zackery's bare ass cheeks. He massages them slowly allowing everything to open up a little bit. Zackery is really calming down.

Zackery let's out a strange noise.

"You OK?"

"Damn. Mhmm...that actually feels really good," Zackery states.

Flip smiles, "I can try something else."

"Hell...go for it."

Flip doesn't hesitate. He'll only have one shot at this. He's been thinking about it since that drunk night with Zackery. He lowers his head, spreads Flip's ass cheeks and puts his tongue directly on Flip's asshole. He licks a few times letting his tongue draw wet circles around the rim before diving deep inside.

"Yo what the fuck!" Zackery says.

He attempts to pull away but Flip doesn't let him. He digs his tongue in deeper and deeper. His wet tongue lashes like a small whirlwind inside of Zackery. Zackery tastes so good. Flip's dick is getting so hard just from the feeling of it. Zackery has a hairy ass but Flip doesn't seem to care. He lets his tongue ripple through the hair follicles and inside of the warm wet opening.

Flip's dick hardens as Zackery settles down all of a sudden.

"How is that?"

Zackery doesn't respond in words. He just moans a loud, "Ugh..."

He's enjoying it. Flip knows that Zackery is too manly to open his mouth and admit he is enjoying another man's tongue in his ass but at the same time Zackery isn't pulling away any longer. Zackery isn't cursing any longer. Zackery is moaning. It's a soft moan but it's a moan none-the-less.

Flip pulls out his dick. Zackery has his eyes closed.

He wonders: What if he put the head in a little? Would Zackery react to that at all? Would it be a big deal? Flip digs in his pocket and pulls out a condom.

Zackery must have heard the condom wrapper when he opens it...but he isn't pulling away. Flip leans back a little bit to put the condom on.

Zackery still isn't pulling away!

Flip's heart is racing at this point. Just as he is securing the condom down his shaft he notices a knock on the door. Zackery turns at that moment panicking.

"Who is it?" Zackery asks with a panic.

Flip shrugs.

"Who is it!" Flip asks.

Flip didn't have a roommate. He'd gotten one of the singles on campus. There should have been no one really coming to his door this time of night. Zackery is panicking and it's clear that he is probably not wanting to be caught in a single room with Zackery.

"Roddy and Cody!"

Weird. Why were Gammas at his apartment at night?

Zackery is clearly tripping when he realizes it's his frat brothers there. Flip opens the closet door and Zackery doesn't hesitate to rush in there. Flip closes it back up and pulls his own pants up. He is struggling to get soft at that moment but the frat boys are repeatedly knocking on the door harder and harder in the rudest way possible. It almost looks like they want to break it down or something.

He hurries to his door and opens it up. The two frat brothers barrel into the room.

Roddy and Cody were both as tall as Zackery but they were built. They were like weight lifters honestly. There was no way that someone their age should be that muscular. To Flip they were a little too muscular to the point that it wasn't even attractive. There were veins in their necks. They reminded him of meatheads or something. They know they look intimidating and they love the fact that everyone else recognizes how intimidating they are.

Their confidence is annoying.

"Is that a condom wrapper?" Cody says walking to Flip's bed, "You had a bitch in here?"

"Earlier yeah..." Flip states but then wonders why he's being questioned by these guys, "Is there a reason you are here. Is this some sort of Gamma thing? I didn't think I had to report to the frat house until later."

"You hear about Gaige and Mariano?" Cody asks him.

"Who hasn't?"

"Well Gaige is our boy. You know that right."

Boy is a loose term for it. These guys were Gaige's little henchmen it seemed like. Why the fuck were they at his room talking about Gaige.

"Yeah. So?"

"So word on the street is that you work for Shady Shanice. Some kind of work study. Is that true?"

Fuck. Flip could see where this is going. He swallows his spit.


"Someone went behind Gaige's back and told that nosy bitch his business. Gaige doesn't like that. And neither do we?"

"No one minds that Gaige is gay."

"His boyfriend's parents mind. This is upsetting Mariano. In return that upsets Gaige. And we are here to handle whoever caused Gaige to be upset," Roddy states boldly taking a step into Flip's face.

Flip just knew at that moment he was going to get his head busted in. He could blame Zackery. It was Zackery's plan to out Gaige and Mariano but truthfully that wouldn't have worked.

Cody gives him a hard stare, "We are going to give you one chance and one chance only to admit to it. Admit you told Shady Shanice."

The two brothers look at him. Flip has never been a good liar. He is sweating. He's shaking. He has already half closed his eyes wondering if they would fuck up his face too badly when they beat him down. He wondered if Zackery would run out to help if it got down to it. He doubted that very strongly.

They'd know he was lying. Maybe if he told the truth the beating would be less.

"It was me..." Flip said.

"Who else?"


"You have never really been around Gaige or Mariano. So someone told you about them. We want to know who it is."

"No one."

"How'd you find out about then?"

"I overheard them talking."

"You're lying."

Flip was a horrible liar. He was sweating again. The brothers were getting closer. They were interrogating him. His heart was beating fast. He had started holding his breath at this point.

"I swear," he says.

There was no way in hell he would give Zackery up.

"You sure you want to go with that lie?" Roddy asks Flip

"I swear..."

Cody looks at his brother and laughs, "I think he wants to go with the lie Roddy. What do you think we should do to him? Should we put him in the hospital tonight?"

Fuck! They were talking about him like he wasn't even there. Cody pulls out brass knuckles that have spikes at the ends of them at that point. Flip wasn't a fighter. He never really was.

Roddy thinks about it, "Nah. We have a lot of time for that. There are people here who will hear him scream in the hallways. Let's wait. He moves in to the Frat house doesn't he? No one will hear him scream then. Hazing begins tomorrow..."

The brothers leave, laughing.

Zackery comes out of the closet with a look of sadness in his eyes. He must know what Flip already suspects. The brothers will make his pledging process a living hell...


They walk up to the frat house dressed all in black. The frat house has a few people downstairs. Most people are sleeping but there is loud music playing on the first floor for whatever reason. Caliph didn't see how people could sleep through it but then again this was a frat house. Caliph can't believe that he's doing this. He knows why. He wants to help his friend. Gaige had always rubbed Caliph the wrong way and he knew that Mariano needed Gaige out of the picture to see things clearly. The connection he had with Mariano was real and he just wanted to make sure that Mariano was OK.

He follows Jordan to the window at that moment.

"How the hell do we get up there?" Caliph asks Jordan in a low whisper.

"I'll push you up there. You grab it and then pull me up."

"Why do I have to go first?"

"You're the athletic looking one, aren't you?"

Caliph rolls his eyes. Every moment he is here is a moment that he regrets. What was it about Mariano that was making him do this? This wasn't the reason he came to this to this college. He hadn't come here to fucking help Mariano.

None-the-less he thinks about Gaige cheating on Mariano. Mariano was too good of a guy. Being gay was bad enough but if Mariano was going to be gay he could have at least been with someone who would treat him like the kind person he is. Mariano could do so much better...

Maybe that is why he starts climbing up being pushed by Jordan. He grabs onto the ledge and starts pulling him up when Jordan abruptly stops pushing. He looks down to see why Jordan has stopped and it's clear Jordan isn't alone.

"Yo what the fuck?" someone says.

They turn at that moment and realize that they were caught!

Caliph's heart races when he turns and sees that Barry is down there.

Barry doesn't hesitate to punch Jordan straight in the face. The punch is something that Caliph hears ringing through his ears. These Gammas were all strong as fuck. As soon as Jordan is down Barry runs over to Caliph and pulls him down from the ledge.

The two start fighting rolling around punching one another. Barry manages to get the better of him and pins him to the ground.

"You? Caliph!" Barry asks, "What the fuck man?"

Just at that moment there is a loud bang. Luckily it is muffled by loud music coming from the first floor of the huge mansion.

Caliph doesn't know what happened until he sees Barry ROLL OVER! His eyes roll to the back of his head. There is a bullet in the back of Barry's skull...

"What the fuck?" Caliph states.

Jordan is standing there on the lawn. The gun is in his hand.

The two start running, they run all the way to the car parked at the end of the block. They jump into the car and Jordan just sits there. Caliph doesn't get it. He doesn't understand what the fuck just happened.

"GO!" Caliph screams.

"I can't...we have to...go back. We have to get the body?"

"He probably isn't dead."

"I shot him in the fucking head Caliph!"


"He... he saw you..." Jordan states, "He saw me. I didn't mean to..."

Jordan is shaking. Tears are rolling down his eyes. Caliph is more mad than emotional. He still doesn't understand what the fuck happened back there. His heart is racing.

Caliph looks over at him, "You were supposed to take all the bullets out! The plan was that you take all the bullets out we go to Gaige's room. We kidnap Gaige and take some pics and send it to his parents. We release Gaige safe and sound! His parents freak out and pull Gaige out of the school. That was the fucking plan. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU BRING BULLETS FOR THAT PLAN!"

Caliph didn't get it.

Unless that wasn't the plan at all. Unless Jordan had another plan.

Jordan is zoning out, "We have to go back. We have to clean up Barry's body. No one will notice he's dead or missing for a while they'll think he's studying abroad. I think he was supposed to leave tonight..."

Caliph couldn't understand this, "You were going to kill Gaige? Weren't you? You were going to kill Gaige because you weren't a Gamma?"

He'd overheard Jordan several times in the room venting to Mariano about not becoming a Gamma. He was astounded even back then by how serious Jordan took this petty shit. He took it serious enough to do all of this though?

Caliph's mission was now compromised...because of Jordan. No. Not because of Jordan. Caliph wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for Mariano!

"He told me I would be plugged in. I let Gaige FUCK me and he told me I would be fucked in! He took my manhood! And then I didn't get the plug. I didn't get the plug..."

Jordan is going crazy.

Caliph notices Jordan has all this unread mail on the dashboard. He must have just grabbed it.

"Yo. I recognize this. Is this mail new?"

"Who gives a fuck about mail! We have to go get that body!"


Just at that moment Caliph picks up an invitation. It's an invitation for Jordan that must have just came in. It's an invitation to make Jordan a pledge.

"Oh fuck..."

"You got an invite, Jordan. You killed Barry for nothing..."

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