Plugged 8
It's late at night. The basement of the Gamma house isn't something that Flip necessarily was looking forward to. He gets up in the middle of the night and he makes his way to the kitchen. As he gets up there he opens the fridge.

That is when he sees Zackery.

Zackery is standing there in the darkness. He's in his underwear. The underwear is tight and clings to Zackery's slim tattooed body. Zackery is eating a sandwich in the middle of the kitchen.
“I didn't see you there,” Flip explains.

Pledges don't use the fridge. You stay in the basement,” Zackery says, “If anyone caught you up here, do you know how much trouble you'd be in?”
Flip can't take his eyes off of Zackery. Even now as Zackery is being a dickhead to him all he can think about is how much Zackery turns him on.

Oh my bad,” Flip tells him, “I was thirsty.”
Zackery licks some mayo off of his lip. His big plump tongue sucks the mayo up slightly. He puts the sandwich down and turns to Flip. He squints at Flip in the darkness. Flip doesn't get why Zackery looks at him the way he looks at him but he isn't complaining.

Thirsty huh?” Zackery asks in a deep, sleepy nighttime voice.

“I got something for you to do drink,” he responds.

It only takes a few seconds before Zackery takes out his dick. He pops it in his hand and slaps it a few times showing Flip just how thick his dick is. Zackery is definitely getting more comfortable. They were in a house where a bunch of frat boys were asleep. Hell, Flip was sure that he had seen a Gamma brother asleep on the steps.

I thought you weren't about the gay shit,” Flip reminds Zackery.

Zackery is still holding his dick. It hardens in his hand. He uses his other hand to take a big bite of the sandwich. He leans back. He strokes his dick a few times.

I'm just trying to help you out,” Zackery says, “You know you want this? All in your mouth. All down your throat.”

Flip couldn't lie. Just thinking about Zackery fucking his throat was causing him to almost lose it. He wanted to taste every inch of Zackery. He wanted to please Zackery. He wanted to make Zackery happy. Still the cocky way that Zackery stands there thinking that he is a man reminds Flip of the rest of these Gammas boys. They all thought they were god's gift to sex and everyone was made to make them happy.

You' as fuck but what if I was looking for more than just pleasing you all the time.”

Like what?” Zackery asks.

Like more...”

I can give you more. I can give you a mouthful,” Zackery responds.

Zackery walks up to Flip. He is stroking his dick. He stands right next to Flip. He lowers his pants to his knees. He drops his underwear to his thighs. He is stroking inches away from Flip. Flip is so turned on that he can barely take his eyes off of Zackery. It's taking every inch of him not to show Zackery what how much he likes him right now.

You clearly aren't straight. You broke up with your girl.”

So what do you want?” Zackery asks, “You want me to admit that I'm bi. Fine. I'm bi. What else do you want from me?”

Do you like me?”

Clearly. If I'm trying to do something with you then I like you,” Zackery explains, “Open your mouth let me show you how much I like you.”

Flip doesn't part his lips at that moment, but Zackery doesn't care. He pulls at his already hard cock slow and hard letting a stream of precum come out of the tip of his dick. Then he takes the precum and puts it in Flip's mouth. He puts the precum in Flip's mouth. Flip sucks on Zackery's finger tasting the salty thick man juice. He bobs his head up and down Zackery's finger loving every freaky moment and wanting to taste more of Zackery.

Just as he is about to drop to his knees he stops.

I want more than just fucking.”
“You been paying too much attention to Mariano,” Zackery responds, “We have a good thing going on? Why complicate it with emotions?”

There's nothing wrong with gay romance.”

Yes there is,” Zackery responds, “It don't work. Society doesn't like that shit regardless of how much they say it's 'cool' now. Gaige and Mariano are not even together. That shit doesn't last. Gay love isn't real.”

I'm not talking about Gaige and Mariano.”
“Then who?”

Caliph and Mariano.”
Zackery's mouth drops open. Flip raises his eyebrow. Sure enough the romance he had seen between Caliph and Mariano was something real. Flip had seen how Caliph kissed Mariano the night they had found the key. He looked at how Mariano kissed him back.

Flip was jealous. He wanted something like that with Zackery.

Are you trying to say they are together?” Zackery asks, “Oh my god. This is fucking big. You need to go tell Shady Shanice.”

I didn't bring them up to spread gossip,” Flip responds, “I was trying to make a point.”

Zackery seems all of a sudden uninterested in Flip all together. The idea of Caliph and Mariano together is making him really excited.

This would destroy Gaige if he found out. This is perfect.”

Are you even listening?”

Go tell Shady Shanice about this.”

Flip rolls his eyes. Zackery wasn't listening.

I'm already in trouble with Gaige. You want me to put more embarrassing shit out there about his relationship?”

You want to be a journalist right. Shady Shanice wants info on what's going on. Go tell her.”

Flip thinks about it. Regardless of how rude Zackery was being right now by dismissing his feelings he knew that Zackery had a point. He had joined the Gammas for dirt. Mariano moving on from Gaige and getting with Caliph was most definitely dirt.

For some reason his feelings for Zackery made this hard but he knew that he had to do what he had to do. He'd have to tell Shady Shanice what he knew.

He turns walking away from Zackery.


Damn. You got me excited,” Zackery says, “See. Look at us. We have a good thing going don't we? Maybe we should turn this up. Maybe after you suck my dick I might let you kiss me in the mouth this time...”

Zackery is saying this as though he's giving Flip some sort of gift. Flip can't believe how disrespectful he is being right now.

You're annoying. You know that?” Flip asks him, “I don't even know why I like you.”

Caliph can feel Mariano's eyes on him. His heart is beating. He's stressed. He can't believe what happened last night. It feels like God is watching him. It feels like he gave up on his religion. He gave up on everything.

And he enjoyed it.

Caliph touches his lips.

He looks over at Mariano. Mariano is studying. Study hall is crowded. Right next to Mariano is Gaige and a few other of the Gammas. They are probably wondering why Caliph is sitting so far away from them. It isn't that he didn't want to be around the Gammas. It was that he didn't want to be around Mariano. He didn't know how he could control himself when he was with Mariano and that scared the fuck out of him.

He would need to pray. He would need to repent.

You ok?”

He doesn't notice Nadia coming to sit down next to him in the library. Everyone is quiet. Nadia has her hair out. She has bright red lipstick on that she's never worn before. Caliph is shocked that she is in the library looking like this.

Where is your hijab?” he asks her immediately.

We are going to die soon anyway. We might as well just live a little until then...”

SHH! Someone will hear you,” he responds.

The library is quiet. Nadia had always been a little bit of a wild car. She would have been punished if they were back home but here she was getting braver. Here she was acting as though she was changing. Maybe Western culture was having an effect on her.

Don't worry. No one knows what we are talking about,” she whispers to him, “Besides. I'm trying to fit in. Just like you joining a fraternity.”

She had a point.

Have you made...any friends?”

Of course. A whole bunch,” she responds.
He sighs a little bit. He looks back over at Mariano. Mariano's eyes are up again. Mariano is staring back at him. For some reason when their eyes connect again Caliph's eyes are glaring hard. Mariano makes his stomach turn. At first Caliph thought it was a sickening feeling but now he's thinking that Mariano gives him butterflies. He feels nervous like he's about to take a test. He hasn't studied anything. He just stares at his book.

Caliph leans into Nadia.

When we do the you think it'll be hard for you to pull the trigger on the friends you've made.”

Nadia nods at that moment, “Definitely hard. I think about it often. It keeps me up...”

No one could really understand what Caliph was going through except for Nadia. She was the only one who would really understand how he was raised. They had been born in the same village. They had answered the calls of the holy Jihad to rid the world of the infidels of the west. They were fighting not for their country, they had a bigger calling.

Some of them aren't bad people.”

You're probably right.”

He is surprised she's agreeing with her.

So doesn't that make you second-guess it. Doesn't that make you think maybe we shouldn't do it.”

Nadia shakes her head, “Of course not. Don't get too close them. None of them. We were sent here for a reason. We are to be martyrs. That's why we are here. You can be friends with these people but to spare the life of an infidel because they are your friend would be to turn your back on Allah.”

I see.”

He doesn't know why he thought for a moment that Nadia would really be second guessing things like he was. Nadia wasn't second guessing it. For Nadia it was possible to make friends with these people and act like she was one of them but when the time came to kill all of them Nadia wouldn't have a problem with it. That was clear now.

Is everything ok, Caliph?”

Yeah I'm fine.”

Nadia squints. She is suspicious.

You asked me that question for a reason. Who was the friend you had in mind?”

Caliph couldn't tell her about Mariano. There was no way in hell. How do you tell a religious zealot that you were having gay feelings about another man? He didn't get how that was possible to make happen. He knew that this wouldn't fly for Nadia in any way possible.

No one.”

Just at that moment Mariano walks over to their table. He is standing there over her. He had to walk over now! This was the absolute worse time. Caliph's stomach rolls when he sees the way Nadia looks up at Mariano.

Nadia's dark eyes were painted on him. It sickened him seeing her look at Mariano like that. Her eyes don’t stop staring at Mariano either. There is a madness underneath her eyes. Nadia smiles at Mariano but Caliph knew better. He had seen that smile that Nadia had before. He had seen Nadia smile like that when gay men were thrown off of buildings in their village back home. He remembered that it always entertained Nadia. The death of infidels was something that she enjoyed.

He thought she had changed but seeing her face now he knew she was the same Nadia. She was the same 8-year-old girl who threw the first rock in the eye of a woman back home who was accused of cheating on her husband. That woman was stoned to death. Nadia's eyes were set on her the whole time.

Today those eyes had returned.

And they were on Mariano.

Oh look Caliph. It's your friend,” Nadia states.

Sorry about interrupting,” Mariano says smiling back at Nadia.

Oh no. It's OK.”

We were having a conversation,” Caliph tells Mariano.

He had to get Mariano away from Nadia. If Nadia knew Mariano was an infidel she would target him first when they had begun killing. Caliph knew that he had come to be a martyr but if he could have Mariano survive it wouldn't be so bad.

I don't mind,” Nadia responds.

Mariano looks over at Caliph, “Can I talk to you in private?”

In private?” Nadia interrupts, “Sounds serious. Should I leave?”

She is suspicious of it. Caliph can see the suspicion in Nadia's eyes. This wasn't good.

No. I don't have anything to say,” Caliph says.

Even if he did have something to say now wouldn't be the right time. He couldn't let Nadia know that he was interested in talking to Mariano. He couldn't let her know that Mariano was all he thought about all day. If she knew it would put Mariano's life in danger. He had to keep Mariano safe no matter what.

Mariano looks a little hurt at that moment. He takes a deep breath.


Are you OK?” Nadia asks Mariano.

He's fine!” Caliph screams at the top of his lungs before turning to Mariano, “Go the fuck away! I don't want to fucking talk to you. What the fuck?”

He'd taken it too far. He'd taken it way too far.

Yo what the fuck is the problem here?” Gaige asks.

Caliph forgot he was in the library. He was so nervous to get Mariano away from Nadia that he had completely overexagerrated. Gaige walks up clearly wanting to protect Mariano. Maybe this was a good thing. Maybe Gaige would be able to get Mariano away from Nadia before Nadia got too suspicious about Caliph's relationship with Mariano.

Everything's fine,” Mariano states.

Gaige gives Caliph a hard stare.

C`mon,” Gaige says.

He then grabs Mariano's hand. He is holding his hand as they walk away. Nadia watches them holding hands walking away at that time.

At least he got Mariano away from Nadia.

He seems relaxed for a moment until he sees Nadia stare at him directly in his face.

They hold hands now,” Nadia states, “The infidels are brave in the west. The gays are open here. This entire country is damned. It must be cleansed.”

She shakes her head in a knowing way.

Yeah. It's disgusting,” he agrees with her struggling to keep his cool, “I believe Mariano isn't gay though...”

You think?”
“No. He is just confused,” Caliph defends him, “He told me he wasn't gay.”

It is a lie but he knows that Mariano is on Nadia's target list for his sexuality. This wasn't a good thing.
Nadia shakes her head, “Remember back home. You were in the flirt squad. You would
uncover closeted gays and expose them. You were always the best at pretending to be gay back home...”

Where was she getting at with this?

It was a job,” he responds.

Did you ever enjoy it Caliph?” she asks him.

Excuse me?”

His heart was sinking. Was she asking him if he enjoyed flirting with other boys?

She smiles, “Did you ever enjoy watching them die after they were exposed? Watching in the streets as they were thrown off the building? Did you enjoy it?”

She was sick.

Nadia stands up, “Me too. When we start the killings I'll leave Mariano for you. If he is your friend, then you will be doing him a favor by putting him out of his misery.”

With that Nadia disappears.

With that Caliph knew that things were going to just get worse from here.
Gaige is holding my hand. We are headed back to the frat house. He wants to make sure that I am there by night. All four pledges had a curfew and he didn't want me getting in trouble. He said there was a horrible punishment for people who were late. It was clear he was giving me preferential treatment.

I want you to stay away from him.”


Caliph. I don't trust him.”

I can feel him being jealous. Gaige was always a little jealous but now he was just openly jealous now
that we weren't in a relationship.

I don't understand what happened with Caliph. We kissed. It was the most passionate kiss that I've had in my life but all of a sudden he was back to being the Caliph that feared his own sexuality. This wasn't just some normal closet case either. His religion was deeply engrained in Caliph. He wasn't going to turn that around for anything.

Caliph won't be a problem anymore,” I tell him.
“Good. He's in trouble. Me and you are in such a good place now. I don't want any bullshit going on. Let's just make sure you pledge and see if we can get back to where we used to be.”

Who says I am ready for that?” I ask.

I don't mean to smile when I say it. I mean to say it in a serious tone but then I realize Gaige smiling at me. He leans over at that moment and attempts to kiss me.

I move my face and let him kiss me on my cheek.


You think it's going to be just that easy?”

I'm trying here?”

You need to try harder.”

Figured you said that. Hold your hand out.”

I am annoyed when Gaige says that but none-the-less I hold my hand out. Gaige puts a key in my hand. I'm shocked at that moment.

What is this?” I ask him.

I got an apartment for us.”

We aren't even together,” I state.

I know. But I figured after you became a Gamma we can leave the frat house and go live there together. I figured by then maybe I would have earned your trust back. By then you'll be able to realize that I'm serious this time,” Gaige explains.

I'm shocked. Gaige wasn't the mature type to actually go out there and get a fucking apartment. If he did get one, it was going to be a bachelor's pad most definitely. The fact that he was giving me a key to the apartment right now is blowing my mind.

Gaige had changed.

If we aren't together by then I don't want to move.”

The apartment is yours. If we aren't together by then you can have the apartment. I paid up the rent for the year. It's small and close to school. I'm doing this because I want a future with you Mariano. A real future. I'm not the old Gaige anymore. I know what it feels like to lose you and I want to make things right.”

I'm shocked but I'm smiling.

Gaige turns to walk away but I grab and stop him.

Ok. One kiss.”

He doesn't hesitate. Gaige starts tonguing me down. He shoves his tongue down my throat and begins grabbing at my ass from the side. He squeezes at my ass and plays with my hair. He slowly massages my sides letting me touch him. I exhale feeling how good he feels next to me. It's the most amazing feeling.

I feel like maybe Gaige really has changed. I remember this kiss. I remember the spark.

All of a sudden I'm having all these expectations again.

Just as we are kissing the frat boys barge into the house. They are hollering about something or another. I expect Gaige to pull away when his frat brothers run in the house but he doesn't. He continues to kiss me, pressing me up against the wall.
He doesn't stop until it is painfully clear everyone has seen him being affectionate to me.

I have to admit, I'm still going to have to get used to this shit,” the Gamma Joe says, “It's not the gay thing. It's the Gaige in love thing.”

A couple of the frat brothers laugh as well. Gaige isn't hesitating. He's holding my hand at that moment.

Don't worry about what me and my man do on our spare time,” Gaige tells his frat brothers, “Where the hell are you guys coming from?”

Showing Flip and Jordan around,” Regis states.

Flip and Jordan are with the other frat boys. I'm surprised that the frat is all so cool about Gaige being with me. They aren't even really reacting to it even as they are talking to Gaige who is still holding my hands.

It's past curfew. Where's the other one?” Gaige asks.



Just a few seconds later Caliph walks into the frat house. He's late. A smile spreads on Gaige's face at that moment.

Gaige...” I start.

Gaige doesn't hesitate, “There has to be a punishment…”

A few minutes have passed.

Is he ready?”

He's ready,” Roddy says.

Caliph has been tied up and gagged. He's on a chair. The other frat brothers have gathered around and are laughing at that moment. Gaige is amused as hell. He looks over at Mariano. Mariano has a long face but as a pledge it is out of his place to really disagree with the hazing.

Caliph deserved it. He was late for curfew but this was different for Gaige.

This was personal.

Caliph had screamed at Mariano earlier. He had embarrassed Gaige in front of Mariano the night of the party. He didn't like Caliph and he was going to make him pay.

Caliph would regret the day that he decided to pledge the Gammas.

You think you're so special?” Gaige asks Caliph.

Caliph doesn't respond. He's gagged and tied.

He thinks he's special,” Cody answers for Caliph.

Mariano, Flip and Jordan you can leave,” Gaige states.

Why?” Mariano asks, “What are you going to do to him?”

He's going to be punished. Leave Mariano.”

Mariano looks pissed. Gaige normally would want to make him feel better. He couldn't though. Zackery was there and Zackery was judging everything that Gaige did. Gaige had to look strong in front of the Frat. He also couldn't let Caliph get away with all his disrespect.

This was punishment.

Jordan, Flip and Mariano are removed from the room and sent to the basement.

Gaige goes to Cody and gets a bag.

He walks up to Caliph.

You know what this is?”

He opens the box and pulls out a dildo.

Caliph starts to squirm at that moment. A couple of the Frat brothers start laughing. Caliph is panicking in the seat.

This is a bit extra,” Zackery says once he sees what Gaige has in his hands.

Did I ask you?” Gaige asks Zackery.

Gaige needed Caliph to quit the Gammas. He needed him to walk away from the Gamma. He didn't trust Caliph. There was something about Caliph that was off. He didn't want someone like Caliph anywhere near Mariano and he was going to make sure that he kept Caliph away from Mariano. Forever.

A original,” Zackery states.

Gaige holds a paddle in front of Caliph.

This is Gamma,” Gaige corrects Zackery, “Lower his pants.”
They lower Caliph's pants at that moment. Caliph is bent over. His pants are down.

Gaige smiles.

This would definitely scare off Caliph forever.

Oh my god!” Roddy screams.

Gaige looks over at him annoyed, “You acting like you offended now too?”

No. I just got texts from my girl,” Roddy responds, “Turn on the radio. Shady Shanice...”

Just at that moment one of the frat brothers turn on the radio. Gaige is kind of nervous when he hears his name on the radio. What was Shady Shanice up to now? What had she heard now?

Shady Shanice is loud, “Word on the street is that Caliph and Mariano who are pledging the Gammas are in a love affair. It seems like the gay bug is all in that fraternity. The worst part? Gaige is so in love with Mariano that he is blind to the fact that Mariano is love with another man.”
Gaige turns off the radio!

It's too late. The frat brothers all turn to him. They all look at him. It's the ultimate embarrassment. This was worse than coming out for Gaige. Mariano was playing him. Mariano was playing him for Caliph.

His heart is beating.

He loved Mariano! How could this have happened. Shady Shanice may have been a gossiper but everyone believed everything she said.

That's pathetic,” Zackery laughs.

A few other of the frat boys laugh with him.

Shut up.”
“Caliph is the man,” Zackery laughs, “Got to give it to him. Gaige aren't you supposed to be the president of this Frat? You can't even keep your gay boyfriend satisfied? He wants to leave you for another pledge?”
There was laughter. More laughter.

Mariano is not leaving me,” Gaige says.

It's Cody who shakes his head, “It's OK. Fuck Mariano. You will find another girl or guy or whatever....”

Cody is trying to be nice but it's embarrassing. It embarrasses him even more. Gaige had never been played so publicly. The whole school now thought Mariano was in love with Caliph. The whole school thought Caliph was the man for stealing his boyfriend.

I don't think Caliph deserves to be hazed,” Zackery states, “I think he needs to be applauded. He's out here stealing people's lovers. Sounds like a Gamma man to me.”
Reggie laughs in agreement, “That does sound like a Gamma man.”
Joe starts untying him, “Yeah.”

LEAVE HIM!” Gaige says.

You still going to paddle him?” Zackery asks, “Is that really going to make you feel more of a man? It's too late Gaige. He fucking stole your boyfriend. Get over it. We all are losers sometimes...”

Gaige shakes his head.

He wouldn't let this go down. He wouldn't let Caliph publicly steal the man he loved.

This wasn't going down.

Gaige only sees red. He takes off his pants.

Cody. Go bring some lube,” Gaige says.

Gaige lets his dick out. The other frat boys are so drunk they don't even know what is happening until his dick is hanging there. Gaige stares at Caliph's ass at that moment. His dick hardens.

What the fuck are you doing?” Zackery asks.

Gaige has made up his mind, “Everyone take off your pants. This boy wants to be a Gamma so bad...we'll make him a Gamma. We are going to run a train on him...”

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