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P.M. Chapter One

It was a typical August afternoon here in Tempe, Arizona. I just parked my car want started walking towards the Campus. My name is Mark, and I'm starting to work on my second degree at Arizona State University. I had already earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a minor in Organizational Communications and now I was back working on a Bachelor of Science in Economics. This semester I had a pretty light load, just three classes - two economic classes and for fun, one physical education class - fencing. I needed seven credits to be eligible for my student loan, both the economic classes were three credits each and the fencing class was a one credit course. I had taken level one fencing when I was working on my first degree and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I'd go ahead and take the level two course.

Today I just had the fencing class and I was walking over to the physical education east building, I had already picked up the gear I had rented for the semester and had it in my duffel bag. I arrived to the gym just as the class was beginning. We started with our stretching exercises and then put on our gloves and masks. Since we all had already learned the three forms of fencing the instructor let us break into three groups of our choosing. I choose the saber group, as this was my strongest back in the level on class. I stood there and watched as a pair had already begun their duel. The taller one of the two was pretty good, quick and agile he was racking up touchés like mad. Once he had defeated his opponent I was up. I saluted him and placed on my mask.

"En Guarde" He ordered as he returned my salute.

I immediately went into my stance. My opponent was good, and he was definitely making me work. I lunged in and slashed my saber and managed to hit him on the side. He acknowledged the touché and we continued. Back and forth we went I scored once again on him before he managed to score on me. The bout became heated; we each were drenched in sweat and out competition had managed to draw most of the class around us to watch. I worked hard at finding an opening, finally after I had parried off an attack from him I found my opening, he had not recovered fast enough from my defensive move and I was able to land the winning touché on the underside of his arm. The class applauded as I stood out of my stance, saluted my opponent and removed my mask.

My opponent stood out of his stance and I saw that he was just about six-foot tall - about two inches shorter than I was. He returned my salute and removed his mask. It was then that I saw the most beautiful man I had seen. His hair matted down by sweat was sort of that red-brown-blond mix that you aren't so sure about and his eyes, a bluish-grey with some silver flecks. He was walking perfection.

He walked over to me and shook my hand. "Good bout, you're one of the few people that make me have to work at winning."

I nodded and said thanks, not realizing that I was still holding on to his hand. He looked right into my eyes and then down at our hands. It was then that I quickly released my grip and slightly blushed.

He looked back at my eyes and smiled at me. "I'm Paul."

To be continued…