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Chapter Two

Paul walked over to his gear bag and pulled out a towel to mop off his sweat. Our instructor called the class over to talk about techniques. She discussed different things until the end of class. I kept finding myself looking over at Paul during the rest of the class. When she dismissed us, I went to the locker room to shower and change. As I left I saw Paul waiting to talk with the instructor. I thought to myself that he probably didn't want to go into the locker room at the same time as me. Especially after I practically drooled over him in class. He probably thinks I'm some sort of pervert or freak or something. I kept chastizing myself as I showered and changed.

Finally I exited the locker room. As I walked down the hall towards the door I saw Paul standing up against the wall. He had already showered and changed and was there in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I found myself admiring his legs, his physique looked even better than it did when he was in his fencing gear. "He's probably waiting for someone else." I thought to myself. I continued to walk towards him and the doors that he was near. As I got closer he noticed me and smiled. He then stood up from leaning on the wall and approached me.

"Hi there." He said.

"Hey. How's it going?"

"It's cool. Say, I was wondering, how'd you learn to fence so well?" He started to walk with me as I was headed out of the building. I was hungry and was planning to head over to the Memorial Union to grab something to eat.

"Well I took a the beginner's course a couple of semesters ago, and I just seemed to be a natural at it."

"Well you're really good at it."

"Thanks." I couldn't help be keep stealing glances at him, he really was hot. The type of guy that would make me stop in my tracks if I saw him running around the SRC running track shirtless. "Oh, boy would I love to see that! Ugh, stop torturing yourself Mark" I yelled to myself. He was still there walking with me, and I couldn't figure out what to say next.

"You're welcome. Say, I was heading over to the MU to get some food, care to join me?"

I was taken aback by that. "Ummm, sure, I 'm feeling kind of hungry myself."


We walked over to the MU and I grabbed a personal sized pizza and salad from the Pizza Hut, he grabbed a chicken sandwich combo meal from the Chick-a-filet. We sat down and talked about what we were studying and what we did for work and for fun. Before I knew it we had eaten all our food and had been talking for over an hour and a half. Fortunately I didn't have my other classes till the next day and it turned out that that was his last class for the day. Finally we had started to head back to the parking lot. He was parked a few aisles away from me so we were able to chat for a little while longer. We started to say our goodbyes in the lot when he started to walk towards his car.

"Hey, you want to head out to a bar tonight?" He asked.

"Sure, why not? I'm free around nine."

"Ok, say 9:30 at Bandersnatch?"

"Sounds good."

"Great, see you then!" He waived as he walked away.

My mind was racing. "Did he just ask me out? I mean we got along really well. Bandersnatch is a straight bar. He probably just wants to be friends. He wouldn't want me in that way."

I got into my Jeep, headed home, got changed for work and went in to work. The day seemed to drag out but finally I got off work at 8:30 and got home at nine. I hopped into the shower, changed and headed out.

Unfortunately traffic was a little heavier than I thought, so I started to run late. I was really started to get upset. "He's going to be mad at me."

I finally arrived at the bar 15 minutes late. I walked into the patio and saw he was at a table out there. He looked really good, he was in a pair of black pants and had a red silk-like shirt on; it really showed his chest well. But he seemed a little anxious. I walked over towards him. When I was about 1o feet away he looked over and saw me heading towards him. He stood up when I got there and shook my hand.

"Hey there! Glad you made it, thought maybe I was going to be stood up." He smiled at me, and then when he saw I was looking at him , he winked at me!