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A Promise Well Kept 01


"Okay everyone, let's get started. My name is Mr. Delfino. This is U.S. History and I plan on you guys having a great time this year. I'm a pretty easy going person. If you do your work then you'll get at least a C. Of course, you can easily get an A because my tests are not that hard. As far as homework goes I give it every week. I'll give notes everyday which you are not required to do, but they are twenty extra credit points. Everyday we will start with notes, then a class work assignment, and then we'll start a movie. About every week and a half I'll give a chapter test. That's also when you'll turn in your notes and your homework. Oh, by the way, you can use both on your tests so I suggest you do them. As for projects you will do a semester project around December before Christmas break. I think that's all for the class." I explained to the class. I was so nervous about the first day of my new career, but so far it isn't going all that badly. But it is only the first period.

"Well, I'll tell you some personal things about me and then if you want to you can do the same. I'm 24, and this is my first year of teaching. God, I hope it won't show." That got a laugh out of a few students. Perfect. "I am married, but that is something I don't feel like talking about right now." Some students started whispering to each other, but hopefully it wasn't about who I'm married to. Although, I told myself and Jared that if one asked I would tell. "I graduated this school in 2008. Does anybody know if Mrs. Lanner is still working here? I haven't had time to see if any of my teachers are still here."

A girl raised her hand. "Yeah, I have her third period for English."

"And your name is..." I said to myself, checking the seating chart. "Sally Mason."


"Anything else anyone would like to know about me?" I asked. No one raised their hand nor did they say anything. "Does anyone want to tell the class about themselves?" Still no response from anyone. "So, everyone wants to start on notes then?" Finally, someone raised their hand. "Yes, uh, Trevor?"

"Can I ask you something personal?" he asked.

Shit, this can't be the question that I was hoping to stall until at least the second month of school. "Why not?"

"Well, I heard that you're married to Jared Young, that doctor at the hospital."

Silence is usually a good thing in a classroom, but not today. I so badly wanted the phone to ring or someone to pull the fire alarm as a joke or even an earthquake. This was the question I feared ever since I wanted to become a teacher. I know that gays are more widely accepted, but it can hurt you in your career, especially teaching.

"Actually, he's a physician assistant." I corrected him, trying to keep a straight face.

"So, you are married to him though?" Damn, this kid just won't quit.

"Um, yes I am." I said quietly, but not taking my gaze away from the students.

"Oh, that's cool," Trevor smiled.

I looked at him incredulously. "Huh?"

"What? You thought that being a gay teacher would be bad?"

"Well, I just assumed I should keep that part of my life quiet at school so that it doesn't distract anyone's learning ability."

"Those kids that do care don't count. Most of the students at this school are pretty open with things now. Even the rules for discrimination have been bumped up a few notches." Trevor explained.

"I know that, but it's not the same for a teacher."

"Either way no one really cares anymore. I mean, I'm straight, but I totally respect gay people. All the challenges that they have to face are pretty messed up."

"Well, thank you, Trevor. I appreciate your maturity in the subject. But if there is anyone who doesn't like it the counselors are waiting in the offices." I said. No one seemed to budge though. It really seemed like they are okay with it. Huh.

"So, how long have you and Mr. Young been married?" Trevor asked. I think I'm really starting to like this kid. He wasn't even bad looking. He seemed tall, a little thick, but there was quite a bit of muscle, medium length brown hair, and to top it all off he had on a somewhat tight shirt and some tight pants.

"For six years now. We got married right after high school. It was our dream wedding." I gushed.

"Wasn't Celine Dion there?" Sally blurted out.

"Yes, she sang 'My Heart Will Go On', signed some autographs, and took some pictures then she was on her way."

"That is so cool," she sighed.

I smiled. "Yeah, it was pretty cool. Well, as much fun as this is we actually need to do some history here people." And that was that. I basically taught the class as I had originally planned.

The rest of the day was like that. But my personal story changed. I told each class that I am gay and that if they don't like it that the counselors are available in their offices. But there was no major drama. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary at all. I guess the world, or at least or city, had matured a bit.

As the last bell of the day rang I felt proud of myself for being able to make it through the first day. Sure, I was nervous as hell when the day started, but now I can't wait for tomorrow. And I really can't wait to see my husband when I get home and tell him the exciting news.

* * * *


"Jared, can you go and get my mail for me, please? I'm expecting an urgent letter from a cardiologist in Vermont about my next patient." Dr. Zanders asked me.

"Sure, no problem." I replied. I had no issues on my first day back at work. Everything went as normal as always. I'm a physician assistant here at the Applewhite Memorial Hospital. I've been working here for about three months. The pay and benefits are great as well as the hours that I work.

My advisor is Dr. Greg Zanders. He has been a physician for 27 years and counting. In that time he has nearly seen it all. Ever since I started three months ago Dr. Zanders has really been nice to me. He's taught me a lot about the job and even offered to let me have paid time off to go back to school to become a physician. But I told him that I wanted to earn a lot more experience before that happened.

Zanders's mailbox had a whole bunch of stuff in it, but I couldn't find any urgent letter. Maybe it'll be in tomorrow's mail. I walked back to the office and Dr. Zanders had already gone with his next patient. The receptionist told me he was in room 209. I searched for the room and finally found it. I knocked on the door before entering and waited until Zanders let me in.

After we checked out his patient he told me that I was able to go home early as our wing was really slow and he expected another assistant within an hour. I thanked him then went to clock out.

The drive home. Something that most working people look forward to at the end of the day. It signifies another day's hard work. But sometimes the drive home isn't always that great. Sometimes you are so tired and worn out from work you just want to fly home. Or if you had a bad day at work you really don't have the nerve to drive home. But for those who are thrilled about their job the drive home means that someone is waiting for them at home with a warm dinner and an even warmer body.

Tyler was already home when I arrived. I figured he'd be home before me though. I'm really looking forward to seeing how his first day of teaching went. He was so nervous this morning I thought I'd have to put my medical training into use off the job site.

"Tyler, I'm home!" I shouted when I walked through the garage door and into the laundry room. The house smelled of chicken and basil. I love coming home to his dinners. Before he was finished with school I was already at work and I'd always love coming home for many reasons. One of which was definitely my husband's dinners.

He came running out of the kitchen and into my arms. "Mmm, how was work?"

"It went great, but more importantly, how was your first day of teaching? Tell me everything. I want to know all the changes, what it's like being the teacher instead of the student, and who's doing who?" I tried saying without laughing.

"Funny, babe, really funny. My day went great. Nothing much has changed there except now I'm a teacher. Mrs. Lanner is still there as well as Mr. Danforth. I didn't get a chance to see him though. My first period is my best so far I think. There's this boy in there named Trevor and he is quite a person." Tyler said quickly. He was so cute explaining to me about his day.

"Wow, sounds like fun. Was it what you expected?"

"No, it was way better!"

"See, all that nervousness this morning was useless." I smiled winningly. "I guess I was right, huh?"

"Yeah," he replied, leaning in to kiss me. "And later tonight you're going to be right again." He gave me a quick, sloppy kiss then walked back in the kitchen while looking over his shoulder.

Dinner was excellent as always. If I hadn't started to go for a morning run two months ago then I definitely would be thirty pounds heavier than I am. Tyler cooks so well I usually have seconds. This one time I actually had fourths.

"Oh, babe, Austin called before you got home and wanted to know if we wanted to go out to dinner with him on Friday." Tyler told me. I was sitting on the couch with him lying on my lap and we were watching TV.

"Sure, let's go. I haven't seen him in like two weeks." I said.

"Well, he's been busy with the police academy remember?"

"That's right, isn't he almost done?"

"I think so," Tyler yawned.

"I was surprised when he told me he wanted to become a cop, but then I thought about the plus sides."

"Plus sides?"

"Yeah, I mean, you know how fast I like to go in my car." I said humorously.

"I definitely know that," Tyler laughed. I poked him in the ribs causing him to squirm.

"Oh, please, like you don't like to red line your Murano!" I laughed.

We continued watching TV. It started to get a little warm in the house so Tyler got up to turn the air on. Instead of sitting back in my lap, he went into the kitchen. After a few minutes of him not returning I walked in there myself. He was loading the dishwasher and obviously thinking hard about something.

I snuck up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. "Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong. I just realized I needed to do the dishes. And I want to start on the notes for tomorrow's lecture." Tyler said. I detected a hint of emotion in his words.

"Tyler, we've been married for six years now. Do you honestly think you can still lie to me?" I grinned, knowing I'd just caught him.

With a sigh he said, "No,"

"Then tell me what's wrong."

"I don't know, Jared. I just don't know. It just feels like something is right."

I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear lobe. A thought came to my mind. The perfect way to take his mind off of things was giving him something else to concentrate on. I slid my hand up his muscular stomach to his chest and found two hard nipples. With my index finger and thumb working together on one of them my other hand was making its way into his shorts.

"What time is your mom bringing Travers and Keegan home?" I asked him.

"Mmm, around seven." he moaned softly.

"Well, it's only six. You wouldn't want to start our night early would you?"

"I guess we could, but only because the kids are going to be hyper when they get home."

* * * *


"Oh, Jared, you are fantastic," I panted heavily.

"I was just trying to keep up with you," Jared lightly giggled. He leaned over and kissed my neck. I kissed him back on the lips. Suddenly, we heard the front door close and pairs of feet wandering downstairs.

"Dad, we're home," Travers shouted.

"Okay, son, we're up our room." Jared yelled back. I love my husband, but sometimes he needs to lie a little better. FYI: our room is never dirty. Don't get the wrong idea though, Jared is a wonderful father.

We came from downstairs and made our way into the kitchen. Mom was putting some food away in the fridge whereas Keegan and Travers were sitting at the island drinking their own juice boxes.

"Hey mom," I smiled as I came up and kissed her on the cheek. "How were they?"

"Oh, they were all right. Although," She took me by the hand and led me into the laundry room. "I think Travers is going through a hard time right now."

"What do you mean?" I asked in confusion.

"Well, I think he may be having a hard time finding what he likes." She cocked her head and gave me an analytical look.

"You don't think..."

"I never think, Tyler. I always know." she said arrogantly before walking back into the kitchen. Jared and I are going to have a serious talk about that later.

"Dad, guess what!?" Keegan said excitedly. He ran up to me and jumped in my arms.

"What, buddy?" I smiled.

"I got an A on my spelling test!"

"Whoa, that is awesome! We'll have to go out and celebrate tomorrow, huh? How about we go to Clementine's Pizzeria?"

"Thanks, dad," I set Keegan down and he ran to the stairs to go up to his room.

"How was school, Travers?" Jared asked him.

"Okay," he said, before getting up from the bar stool and walking to his room.

Mom stayed for about fifteen minutes prior to leaving. I told Jared what she had told me about Travers and he agreed we'd talk about it before we went to bed. Keegan came back downstairs and told us about his great day at school. Eventually Travers came out of his room and spoke another word before leaving back to his room.

Travers is fourteen and Keegan is ten. They're blood brothers and refused to be separated. When Jared and I were looking to adopt one of them we saw no harm in adopting both boys. The adoption took place two years ago and my life has grown so much better since having them. I'm sure Jared feels the same way as he shows a great deal of affection towards both our boys.

Lately we've been seeing changes in Travers. Jared, being the health official that he is, said Travers is probably starting puberty. As I recall I started puberty around age twelve or thirteen, but I guess everyone is different with their maturity. Now that mom has suspected him of being gay I kind of feel guilty.

Jared and I went and tucked Keegan in bed upstairs before we headed towards our own room across the way. Jared brushed his teeth while I prepared on what I was going to say in our little talk about Travers.

"Aren't you going to brush?" Jared asked when he crawled into bed.

"I did before I tucked in Keegan." I replied. "So, Travers might be gay. We expected this might happen."

"Yeah, we did. I think we should just stand back and watch him for a little while before we decide to talk to him. I mean, what if we're wrong?"

"I agree," I kissed him on the lips. "I just hope we're wrong."

The next morning was the same as yesterday. I got up, took a shower, made breakfast, packed lunches, and reviewed my lesson plan for the day. Jared had already left for work an hour ago so it's just me and the kids right now. They don't have to be at school for another thirty minutes, but as yesterday proved we should go early.

"Travers, Keegan, let's go!" I shouted from the kitchen. Travers' room is connected to the kitchen. Keegan on the other hand is upstairs and down from me and Jared.

"Dad, do you think that when we go to Clementine's I can have my own pizza?" Keegan asked, putting his backpack on.

I helped him get his left arm in the strap. "We'll see,"

I grabbed my stuff and herded them both out to my Murano. Keegan was the first to be dropped off. He's in the fifth grade. His elementary teacher is one of the veterans. He was there when I was in elementary. Travers is in high school. He's a freshman now and we both are at the same school. I made sure to call my mom and leave her a message not to pick the boys up today.

"All right, so, we're going to Clementine's tonight so try not to eat a big lunch." I said to Travers as we got out of the car and walked towards the campus.

"Whatever," he said in a monotone. He walked away from me leaving me to feel a little guilty yet again.

I walked in the office and checked my mailbox. For being a new teacher I sure did get a lot of mail. I thought teachers weren't bombarded with mail until their third year at least.

"Morning, Mr. Delfino," Nancy, the secretary at the switchboard said.

"Morning, Nancy," I replied happily. I walked out of the office and to my room. I noticed that most of the kids that were already at school were already hyped up on something. Probably those damn energy drinks that they like so much.

The bell rang just as I put the finishing touches on the notes for today. Few students came in with the first bell, but when the two minute bell rang the rest of them slowly piled into the class. When the final bell rang I looked the class over to make sure I wasn't miscounting, but I sure as hell wasn't miscounting. Ten students have switched out of my class. So much for being more widely accepted.

"Good morning everyone," I said.

"Morning," A few students replied tiredly.

I walked up to the podium. "Well, it's nice to see most of you decided to overlook some things and stay in my class."

Trevor raised his hand. "Mr. Delfino?"

"Yes, Trevor?"

"Do you have kids?" he asked. Man, this kid does not hold anything back.

"Uh, yeah, I have two sons. My oldest is Travers; he's 14 and a freshman here. And my youngest is Keegan, he's ten and in the fifth grade." I explained. "Is there a reason you're asking?"

"No, I just saw you walking with someone this morning and I didn't know if it was like your nephew or something." Trevor said.

"Oh, okay," I said. "Well, let's get started on today's fun, shall we?"

Trevor quickly raised his hand. "One more question. Can I talk to you after class?"

"Uh, sure," I said confusedly. I started my lecture on Indian tribes and British colonies. No one groaned as I put the third overhead sheet on the projector so I'm assuming that they find my notes somewhat interesting. "Okay, when you're done with that grab a book and do the vocab and section review then we'll start The Last of the Mohicans."

While they were working, I was trying to figure out what Trevor needed to talk to me about. My curiosity only lasted a few minutes, though, as everyone began to finish the assignment.

"Done already?" I asked out loud to no one in particular.

"There were only two words to define and one question." Sally answered for everyone.

"Oh," I said, baffled that I didn't already know that. Maybe I should check more carefully at what the section reviews have in store for them. "Well, I'll start the movie then."

As the movie began playing, Travers's birthday came to my mind. It's in three weeks and so far Jared and I have no plans for him. Since it's his fifteenth I guess we could just throw a pool party at the house. I'll have to talk to Jared tonight and see what he thinks.

The bell rang and everyone except Trevor filed out the door. He walked up to my desk looking a bit sad. His once happy expression was completely gone.

"What's up, Trevor?" I asked worriedly. He had really grown upset in the past twenty minutes or so.

"I think I might be gay," he blurted out. This took me by complete surprise. I thought he was having family problems or even girl troubles, but this?

"Um, wow, how do you know?" I asked.

"Well, any more when I'm out and about I can't help but look at all the guys that walk by me. And my best friends are starting to mean a lot more to me. I just don't know what I'm gonna do." Trevor sighed. He was calmer now, but I could tell he was still on edge. "I'm just gonna go. Thanks for listening to me, Mr. Delfino."

I sat, stunned by what was just thrown at me. This flattered me, though, to know that he trusted me enough in such a short amount of time to tell me such a personal thing. "No problem, Trevor. I'll always have an ear for you, okay? So don't hesitate to come to me anytime."

"Thanks again, Mr. Delfino." he said, heading out of my room.

The rest of my day went by really fast. I had so much to talk to Jared about. I've been thinking about Trevor and Travers. Maybe there's a way that I can help Trevor out, but also help Travers out. I'm thinking blind date, but not really a date. More of a blind get-together.

I told Travers to meet me at my car right after school so that we could go and pick his brother up. Of course, right after school to him means whenever he feels like it right after school. Figuring I had about 15 minutes before he actually starts heading to the parking lot, I started on some grading. Before I knew it, it had been twenty minutes. I hurriedly packed up my things and went to the lot. There I saw Travers actually waiting for me.

"Dad, I've been waiting here since the bell rang. Where have you been?" Travers said madly.

"Sorry, I got into some grading and I figured you wouldn't even be out here for a few minutes so I figured I'd still be out here before you." I explained.

The expression on his face told me that he didn't even care. I unlocked the Murano and hopped in. As soon as I turned it on, Travers blasted the air conditioning.

"So, how was school?" I tried to start a conversation, but it was probably an ill-fated attempt.

"It was okay. My friend Jason almost got in a fight today." he said.

I was shocked that he went into detail with his day. Usually I barely get an "okay." Instead of responding to that, I just let it slide. In no time we were pulling up at Keegan's school. There was still fifteen minutes left before he was to get out.

"So, what do you think you're gonna eat tonight? I'm kind of thinking fettuccini myself." I said, looking over some of my students' work.

"Pizza sounds really good," he said.

"Yeah, but I am more of a pasta fiend."

Travers laughed. "Yeah, dad, I remember that one time you ate like four plates of spaghetti. That was insane."

I smiled. "Even Pepto-Bismol couldn't help me that night. Your dad was so worried about me he almost took me in remember that?"

"Oh yeah, his big old fit. I had to stop Keegan from dialing 911 later that night. He thought you were dying because of all the groaning." Travers laughed.

It was nice to talk with him normally, especially humorously. I just wish we would have talked about something else besides my misery of that night. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me stomach upset.

Keegan eventually walked out from school and to the car. I was grateful because I could start the damn air conditioning again. I sincerely hate the heat, and our house is always cold during the summer.

"Hey dad," Keegan said.

"Hey sport,"

"Guess what? Guess what?"


"My teacher said that I get to go to a advanced class!" Keegan beamed.

I turned around to face him. "Sport, that's great! Congratulations!"

"Thanks, daddy!" Keegan exclaimed. We drove to the hospital to pick Jared up. All the way there Keegan could not stop talking about his day. I'm glad that my son is having such a great time in fifth grade. I remember my fifth grade class. It was the best class of my entire life. The teacher alone made it great.

* * * *


As I sat waiting for Tyler to pick me up, I started to think about when we first met. It seems like such a long time ago. Just then, my cell phone went off. I didn't recognize the number though.


"Hey butthead,"

"Who is this?"

"It's Austin,"

"Oh, hey Austin,"

"What's going on, man? I haven't talked to you in a while."

"Just waiting for Tyler to pick me up so we can go out and celebrate Keegan's grades."

"How are the boys?"

"They're really great,"

"That's good," Austin said. "How's Tyler?"

"He...he's good, too."


"You haven't told him yet, have you?" Austin asked accusingly.

"I can't just tell him about this, Austin. He is going to flip."

"Jared this is assault. Whoever did this is either joking with you or is very serious. You really need to tell Tyler."

"I know I do, but...he...I just can't, at least not yet." From my pocket, I took out a folded letter that I had received last week.

'You will pay for what you did to my life. I'm coming for you, but I'm not alone.'

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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