Promise Well Kept 11

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A Promise Well Kept 11


"I already told you," I slowly and agitatedly said. "I don't know what happened. The only thing I do know is that while you are here asking me pointless questions, my son is in a car with strangers probably on his way to Mexico!"

"Well, speaking to me like that sure won't get your son back any faster. I'm going to ask you to calm down." the officer said impatiently.

"I'm not talking anymore. I want my son back!" I shouted.

The officer stiffened a bit. "Sir, I am going to tell you one more time. You need to calm down."

"I'm leaving! I'm going to find my son myself!" I angrily stormed off.

Jared followed behind me, trying to talk me down. "Tyler, come on. We have to comply with the police. They're the professionals in these matters."

"Apparently they aren't. I want my son back. Of course, if my stoner son would have watched him this wouldn't have happened!" I said towards Travers. He was also following, but he was smart and kept his distance. "How could you be so careless!?"

"Tyler, this was not Travers's fault." Jared said.

"The hell it isn't! If he would have been watching him instead of getting high then we could've been at home enjoying dinner!" I raised my hand and was about to hit Travers square in the face, but Jared caught my hand.

"Tyler Delfino! Don't you dare ever raise a hand to your child." Jared scolded me, staring fire into my eyes. Travers looked terrified and took a few steps back.

I broke down. I latched onto Jared and buried my face in his neck. "He's our baby. We have to find him!"

"Shh, we will find him."

*    *    *    *


"You know, you're a pretty cute kid. I can't believe you got stuck with Tyler and Jared."

"What do you mean? I love them." I responded to the man.

"I mean that they are two fags who don't deserve to have you. They're two fags who don't deserve to live. They're two fags who should have learned to keep their-"

"Andrew!" a girl said.

"What, honey?"

"Don't talk to him right now."

"Well, what are we supposed to do with him? Just stare?"

"Don't worry, we'll be using him soon enough."

*    *    *    *


Mom handed me a glass of lemonade, but I was in no mood for a drink. It's been an entire day since Keegan was kidnapped and there has been no word news regarding him. I'm getting more and more worried as each second passes. Jared and I have gotten numerous calls from friends and family saying they are praying for Keegan's safe return.

"Honey, you've got to eat something. I know you're worried about Keegan, we all are, but not eating isn't good." mom said.

"I know," I sullenly said. "I'm just not hungry is all."

"There's soup in the kitchen whenever you're ready."

I rubbed my temple before standing up impatiently. "God damn it! Why aren't we out looking for him!?"

"Babe, the police said the best thing to do is to stay home." Jared said.

"I don't care. I'm going out to look."

"Tyler-" Jared's words were cut off by the door slamming behind me. I got in my car and started it. I just sat in the seat for several seconds letting the tears stop on their own.

The passenger door opened and Jared got in.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked him.

"I'm not letting you go alone. You might do something incredibly stupid." he said. He buckled his seat belt then stared out the windshield avoiding eye contact.

"Gee, with all the faith you instill in me I'm utterly grateful to you." I sourly responded. We drove the first few miles in silence. I don't know what I was looking for exactly. I guess I half expected a giant sign saying 'Here's Keegan' in giant neon letters.

An hour passed by with no signs sporting 'Here's Keegan.' Jared tried several times to start a conversation, but I mostly ignored him. I wonder if he thought I forgot about what I saw. That image is forever stained into my memory.

"Are we going to talk about what happened?" Jared asked me once more.

"I told you I don't want to talk about it." I bitterly replied.

"Well, that's just too damn bad because I do!" Jared forced.

"Fine, where the hell do you get off having an affair with Travers? Are you fucking insane? Your married, and you're almost ten years older than him." I said quickly.

"Tyler, I know you're upset, but I didn't have an affair with Travers."

"So, now you're going to sit there and lie to me? I saw you with my own eyes. Don't even dare think I'm stupid enough to believe you were just napping in his bed, the both of you naked!"

"We did have sex, but I was not in a conscious state."

"That is the stupidest... Wait, you what?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He was unconscious when they had sex? How the fuck does that work?

"Tyler," Jared suddenly hushed his voice to a whisper. "Travers drugged me."

That was it. The icing had just frosted the cake. I slammed the brakes on and turned around, not caring if there was a cop around nor did I care about the several car horns blaring at me. Straightened out and no longer tipping, I pressed the gas all the way down. The engine roared like Godzilla.

"Tyler, you're scaring me. Please calm down." Jared begged.

"Calm down!? How the fuck can I calm down!?" I screamed.

Once I reached home I again slammed the brakes on and came to a screeching halt. I looked at Jared with lust in my eyes. I got out of the car and ran inside. Mom was sitting in the living room with Travers and Debbie. Knowing what was about to happen, self-control was flung out of my soul. My legs angrily stepped in front of Travers. My hands heatedly grabbed him by his shirt collar. My arms furiously lifted him and pressed him against a wall.

"You son of a bitch! How the fuck could you do this to me!? To us!?" I screamed, shaking Travers.

"Tyler!" mom shouted. I felt arms grabbed me to try and release my grip on Travers, but I wouldn't have it.

"First you sleep with my husband then you get stoned instead of taking care of your brother! What the fuck is wrong with you!?" I continued screaming at him.

"Tyler!" Jared yanked me away from Travers and tried to restrain me, but I still wouldn't have it. I had murder on my mind.

*    *    *    *


"Are you ever going to tell me where I'm at? It's not like anyone else is going to know." I said to the man. He is always watching me. It sort of weird's me out.

"For being only ten you sure have a mouth on you." he said.

"Bite me,"

"Wow, you do have a mouth. Maybe I should make you-"

"Andrew, we will have none of that. And if I have to tell you again I will beat the shit out of you, understand?"

"Yes, Julie,"

"Good, now, let's just tell him where we're at. He's got a point about nobody knowing where he's at. So if he ever did try to escape, he should at least know that it's mile to civilization from here. He'd never make it without us knowing he left." Julie explained coyly. She was trying to psyche me up. It was working.

"Why don't you like my dads?" I asked her.

"For starters, they're gay. We don't like gay people. They think they can demand special treatment with no consequences. Well, before I go down that nasty road I'll let you in on what happened between all four of us."

*    *    *    *


"Tyler, you need to get a grip on yourself."

He cried harder. "I'm sorry,"

"I'm not the one you need to apologize to. Travers should hear that whether he cares or not."

"I know, I know, I'll go down in a few minutes."

"You aren't the only one who misses Keegan, you know? I love him just as much as you do."

"Where did that come from? I know you do and I've never doubted it." Tyler looked up at me with bewilderment. I honestly don't know where that came from, but Tyler is acting as if he's the only one suffering over Keegan's kidnapping. I may not be crying or acting out like Tyler, but I sure as hell miss Keegan just as much.

"I'm just stating a fact. You aren't the only one who is suffering."

"I know I'm not." Tyler defensively said.

I sighed. "I wasn't finished talking in the car."

"Okay then, continue."

"Travers put a tranq in some ice cream along with male enhancement pills. He raped me Tyler. He had sex with me. I had no idea what was going on. When I came to he told me that he taped it all and that he would be doing whatever he wants or else the tape would be exposed everywhere. I'm being blackmailed by him. Now do you understand?"

"Why is he so evil? I don't get it. We've given him everything from brand new electronics to a fucking home to come to. What id going on in that head of his?" Tyler dropped his head in his hands.

"I'm not sure, but you blaming him for the kidnapping isn't helping. I completely agree that he should have been watching Keegan the entire time, but there was no way he could've known this would happen." I scooted closer to him. "We will find Keegan. Do you understand me? We will find him and he will be okay."

"I trust you."

Just then the doorbell rang. "I'll get it. Maybe you should consider getting some shuteye, huh? I'll wake you should anything come up."

"Thank you," Tyler yawned. "I love you so much, Jared."

"I love you, too." I kissed his forehead then shut our door on the way out.

Mom was at the door with Lynette when I went downstairs. They both looked normal so I assumed it couldn't be Austin or any other officer. I walked to the door and was surprised to see two boys standing across from me.

"Are you that boy's dad?" one of them asked.

"Yes, did you know Keegan?" I asked them.

"No," the same one answered. "I'm sorry, my name is Tommy Hammond and this is my boyfriend Zac Grant." Tommy nudged his boyfriend in his side. "Tell him, babe."

"I saw who took your son. And I followed them to where they took him."

*    *    *    *


I woke up to find Jared sitting next to me. He had a huge grin on his face and a tear rolling slowly down his cheek. My mind went into overdrive.

"Keegan?" I asked, sitting up.

"Let me explain first." he said. "About half an hour ago, two boys rang our doorbell. They're boyfriends and one of them followed the kidnappers to where they took Keegan." I latched onto Jared and began to weep. He rubbed my back and continued. "Apparently they took him out into the old creek bed going to the mountains. I called Austin and the police are going out there as we speak."

"This is so great, Jared!" I cried.

"It is, baby, it really is. I cannot wait to see him again. Travers has locked himself in his room. I swear I saw tears in his eyes."

"I should go and apologize I guess. He seems to actually be sorry for what he did at the arcade, but I don't mean he has changed."

"I agree," Jared said. "But you should also know that those two boys are still downstairs as well."

"They're still here!?" I asked loudly.

"Yes, is that a problem?" Jared seemed worried.

"What are you kidding? That's great!"

"Babe, wait, you don't-" Jared began, but I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs.

The boys were sitting at the island with my mom and Debbie when I walked in. "Hi, I'm Tyler Delfino." I stuck out my hand.

"I'm Tommy Hammond and this is my boyfriend Zac Grant." Tommy stuck out his hand and shook mine as did Zac.

"My husband told me what you boys did and I can't thank you enough." I said, wiping tears away from my eyes.

"Actually it was Zac who followed them." Tommy pointed out. Jared just then walked into the kitchen with a smile still on his face.

"Well, thank you so much, Zac. I can't tell you how appreciative we all are for your...brave effort."

"It was no problem, Mr. Delfino. I was just doing what I thought was right. I really don't even remember doing it really." Zac modestly said.

"Nonsense," I said. I looked around the kitchen looking for something in particular. When I found it I switched m view back to the boys. "What grades are you guys in?"

"We're freshmen at the UC actually." Tommy said.

"College already, huh? Well," I started as I walked towards the item I searched for. "It's never too early to think about how you're going to be paying for the rest of your semesters." I began to write some numbers on one of my blank checks.

"Mr. Delfino, paying us isn't necessary." Zac said.

"Nonsense, you both will need all the help you can get."

"Really we don't need your money. We've got academic scholarships to last us quite some time." Tommy said.

"Well, think of this check as an academic donation towards your academic scholarships." I said to them both.

"What?" Tommy asked.

"I'm a teacher at the high school. This is my first year." I explained after signing the check. I handed it to the boys and became amused when I saw their eyes practically bulge out of their eyes.

"Sir, we can't accept this amount of money." Zac protested.

"Sure you can," I chuckled.

"But this is ten thousand dollars. Our moms will flip out." Tommy stated.

"Boys, I will not take no for an answer. Use this money for an education and there is no questions asked." I firmly said.

"Tyler, I think we should consider our financial situation as well and maybe-" Jared said, but I cut him off with my own consideration.

I turned around to face Jared. "I'm taking the Volvo back. I've decided to just get a new Murano. It's as simple as that." I walked into his arms and gave him a strong hug. "I love the Volvo, but I miss my Murano. Plus, the fully loaded Murano is about twenty grand less than the Volvo."

"You're really sweet for doing this, Tyler." Jared softly spoke.

"You're really sweet for putting up with me." I whispered back.

"Babe," he whispered, "maybe you should go put some clothes on."

I backed away from him and looked down. True enough, I was in my briefs. I just got so excited that Keegan was found and the heroes were downstairs I didn't even remember I undressed before I fell asleep.

"I'll be right back." Everyone let out a small chuckle. I hurriedly ran upstairs and made myself more decent. When I came back down Travers was just coming out of his room. "Are you excited to see Keegan again?" I noticed the pungent scent of pot lingering on him.

"Yeah, I can't wait to see Karen again." He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, glanced at Zac and Tommy, and then walked back into his room.

"Um, he..."

"Hey, it's cool. He'll get over himself eventually." Tommy said.

Just then the phone rang. "Hello?" I answered excitedly.

"Tyler, we have him. Come down to the station." Austin said happily.

"We're on our way!"

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

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