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Have you forgotten all I know, and all we had?
You saw me mourning my love for you
And touched my hand
I knew you loved me then

I believe in you
I'll give up everything just to find you
I have to be with you, to live, to breathe
You're taking over me

Taking Over Me © by Evanescence, 2003

Control. It's extraordinary the tactics people employ to obtain it. Some rely on deception while others engage in outright trickery. Then there are those who resort to extortion. Why do we fight so hard for control? Because we know to lose it is to put our fate in the hands of others. And what could be more dangerous?

© by Marc Cherry, 2005

Taking Over Me 12

Sand Canyon Community College is a beautiful and serene campus. The institution is nestled in between a series of mountainous hills that carry over into the neighboring communities. With abundant trees and flowering plants and the occasional roadrunner zooming about, the campus is almost as natural as the scenery. In the past year the administration has approved several improvements to the campus like new stairs, ramps, even a new library. One of the most significant improvements they've made, however, came in the form of an alternative energy source. The city approved a construction project by a private company to use the college as a testing facility to their newly devised solar panels. So now the school runs partly on solar power. It's quite an astonishing feat for a community college.

"So when did that happen?" Ben asked as we walked along the fence that kept over-enthusiastic pedestrians away from the gigantic panels.

"Late last spring," I replied. The fencing kept us back probably about thirty yards from the panels. Security cameras also monitored the area for any suspicious activity. "The project cost 1.8 million dollars, I think. Or 1.6."

"Jeez, that's a lot of money. You wouldn't really find something like this back home." Ben stared at the monstrous panels reflecting off what little sunshine the day's affording us.

"So, yeah, out here are the tennis courts and PE stuff. I just have to show you the library and you've seen the whole campus." The two of us made our way back to my car. "The library is nice, but the thing is they built it quite a distance from any of the parking lots."

"Are they planning on building a new lot?"

"Well, from what I hear from people who've been here a while rumors of a parking structure float around every so often. I don't see how they can build one, though. With the hills there isn't much room." We reached my car. Once inside I continued. "My geography professor from a year ago said that the child development center's parking lot is actually a liability because of how it was created on a hill. I think he used the term seepage or something like that."

Ben smiled. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's right."

"Yeah, so that's what has caused a lot of the cracks in the lot. He said whoever built it like that was a complete moron." I pulled into the parking lot I use for every class, which also happens to be the closest to the library.

"The professor sounds like he knows what he's talking about." A sexy little smirk curled on his lips. "Are you almost out of here?" he asked as he opened his door and got out of the passenger seat.

"Sort of," I said, doing the same as him. "I have about half of my classes done, but since I don't have a major yet I don't know what other classes I may need."

"From what you've told me—" A clasp of thunder interrupted Ben mid-sentence. We both looked to the northwest at the darkened winter sky. "Um, you said that you're thinking of a science career. What about science do you like?"

I thought about his question as the two of us followed the pathway to the library.

"Hm, well I love labs. I love to do experiments and calculations and hypotheses. I love figuring out the unknown, you know? Like, I find it fascinating that horrible diseases occur naturally in the world and science has been effective at treating them." Ben nodded, looking thoughtful. "But not even just diseases. Aeronautics and electricity and engineering, I find them all so important."

Ben spoke up. "Then what about becoming a pilot or an engineer?"

I chuckled, mostly at myself. "The thing is, I don't want to be stuck in school forever. I guess I just want to start my career and not have to spend years gunning for it. Piloting wouldn't take long at all, but it's not as rewarding or challenging as what I have in mind."

"True, but being a pilot is more than just flying the aircraft. You have to know weather and physics and all sorts of stuff." he countered.

He's right, I know he is. Still, piloting seems too simple for what I want to do. And besides, the traveling and long hours don't seem like much of a perk. I like having an anchor, a constant in life.

"I don't know, I mean, I want something more sciency, you know? I want the lab or the field work. I wanna get dirty and feel like I've accomplished something."

Ben stayed silent for a few seconds. "If you want to get dirty, then maybe a geology career. You can go test sand in Death Valley." He let out a burst of laughter.

"Funny, man," I grinned.

Ben and I came up on the library. It's a nice place. Far superior to the previous one. It has three floors. The "second" floor being the entrance is crammed with computers and a few shelves of encyclopedias and magazines. Several private study rooms are also available complete with a table for six and a whiteboard. I love those rooms. The front and back walls are made of glass that way library personnel can keep an eye inside and studiers can look outside at the beautiful landscape. The third floor housed all the books and more study rooms. A few alcoves were spread among the floor plan along the outer walls. The hipster kids spend time there mostly. From the way Ben's eyes remained wide I imagine it's bigger than what he had back home.

I didn't bother showing him the first floor as it was only the writing and math center. Classrooms were also downstairs, but I just made sure to mention that.

"So, you've seen the entire campus. What do you think?" I asked him as we headed back towards my car. Storm clouds rolled in while I gave him the library tour. The dark puffs of weather are definitely storm worthy.

"Yeah, it's a very nice campus, especially the library. Back home the library only had one story." he laughed. "I just can't get over how huge it is."

"Welcome to California, Benny boy," I cheerfully cracked.

Rolling his eyes, he said, "Thanks for the warm welcome. Thanks for the tour, too."

I smiled at him. Our quote-unquote date thus far has been going very well. The tour has taken a solid hour, hour and a half, and I'm starting to feel the telltale symptoms of hunger: stomach churning, watering mouth, thoughts of what I want—besides Ben. I wonder if he's feeling as good as I am right now.

As we reached my car a flash of lightning lit the darkened sky. My date should be used to this weather.

"Are you pretty familiar with storms?" I asked him, sitting in the driver's seat.

"Sort of," He buckled his seatbelt, then continued. "We had a few thunderstorms, particularly in the spring. One year we had a tornado, but it wasn't big and didn't last long. I might've been ten or eleven."

I let out a short whistle. "Were you scared? I'd probably be as freaked out as fascinated and curious."

He nodded, staring out of the windshield. "Dad rushed everyone into the cellar. First time it had ever been used in the decade or so I'd been alive. I was pretty scared at the time. Thinking back on it the tornado actually touched down a meager three miles from the farm."

"Yeah, I probably would've freaked the hell out." I muttered. "At least it wasn't a strong one."

"Yeah," he said, still staring out the windshield.

"So," I started quietly, "I'm actually pretty hungry. How about you?"

Finally, he tore his gaze away from whatever he was stuck on. Probably just a random moment. I looked into his sapphire eyes and blushed.

"For sure!" he exclaimed. Back to his normal self. "What's good around here?"

"Well, if my dad owned a restaurant I'd take you there. He makes the best mac and cheese around."

Ben cocked an eyebrow. "Really now? Because my mom can make one that'll make you cream in your pants from just seeing it."

I laughed. "We should have a cheese off one of these days."

"That would be interesting," I'm not sure, but I think a blush formed on his cheeks. "You know what I haven't had in a long time? Chinese food. Back home there were, like, two Chinese restaurants and I honestly can't verify they were Chinese." He chuckled at the memory.

This place downtown right by the theater immediately came to mind. In my opinion that have the best Chinese food in town, bar none. It's always hot and fresh. The sweet and sour chicken is crispy, not greasy. The chow mein isn't crammed with nasty cabbage and bean sprouts. The egg rolls are to die for . . .

"I'll take you to this place right by the theater. Let's check what's playing first."

Driving downtown Ben kept the conversation flowing by talking more about his family and the farm they owned back in Oklahoma. The reason they moved here, from what I gathered, is because the country life out there was not as open minded as out here. There wasn't trouble or anything, but they decided to move before it could get to that point.

"So, my parents started looking for farmland out here after checking up on the city. They were impressed with the university here and they liked the size of the town and its demographics. I didn't even know my dad knew what demographics meant." We both shared a laugh. "When they found the house they wanted they flew down here one weekend and took a grand tour of the city. They fell in love."

"It's pretty easy to fall in love with this place." I agreed whole-heartedly. "I mean, it has the hustle and bustle of the city life while retaining the simple, hometown feeling. I can't really see myself living anywhere else."

"It is a nice place. Haven't seen much of it, but I've only been here a couple of months so maybe if you're up for it I can get some private tours." Ben said shyly. I detected the coyness in his words.

I felt a stirring in my groin. Did he mean anything by that other than asking me to show him around? Please, God, I'm so damn horny!

Adding my own southern drawl, I said, "I'm willin' to show you around, that is, if'n you're willin' to pay." I squinted one eye and raised the opposite brow. I must've have looked pretty stupid, but regardless Ben started to giggle.

"That was too adorable even though it was meant to be serious." he said in between giggles.

"Well, what can I say?" I laughed along with him.

"What, uh, what kind of payment would you accept?" Ben stared longingly towards me.

I swallowed hard. "Um, I don't know. We can . . . We can figure something out." I wanted to stare back, but unfortunately the road called my attention.

"Yeah, we can," he said, with a slight huskiness to his usually honey smooth voice.

I risked a glance in his direction. He was still looking at me, not as intensely as before, more of a stare that was waiting for me to say something.

Clearing my throat, I began, "Here we are."

Ben finally turned his head in a different direction. The line formed behind the ticket booth was already almost a bloody mile long. Typical Friday night, though. I then had a brilliant revelation.

"Wait, we don't have to get out. I'll just look the times up on my phone. Duh!" I felt dumb for not remembering that earlier. This kid next to me is just distracting me to the max.

Ben smacked his forehead. "Duh, I can too!" The both of us laughed at our idiocy. "I don't know how I forgot that."

It was a short twenty second drive to the Chinese restaurant near the theater. As mentioned earlier, this place has the best Chinese food in the city. Ben will finally be able to taste what real foreign food tastes like. Not surprisingly, it was fairly busy there as well. I found a parking spot quite a ways away. The sky was now entirely covered by charcoal colored clouds. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Ben had a distant look in his eyes. Perhaps he's not as good with storms as he let on. The tornado incident probably scarred him worse than he even realizes. Or maybe I'm just looking too much into it.

"You okay?" I asked, wanting to bring him back to his normal, chipper self.

He blinked. "I'm fine. Having a great time with you." A small, convincing smile lit up his face. Then he did something so unexpected. He took my hand in his.

"Me too," I grinned.

Hand in hand, the two of us walked into the restaurant. Ben appeared to be utterly enticed by the steaming trays of food shielded by glass. I knew what I wanted before we even got out of the car, but Ben couldn't make up his mind. The orange chicken and the sweet and sour chicken had him cross eyed. He told me to order first and that he'd make up his mind in a second. I ordered my usual: a bowl of chow mein with beef and broccoli. The woman serving me then went back to the beginning of the food line and awaited Ben's order. The people behind him seemed to be growing impatient. But finally he spoke up, requesting both kinds of chicken. He looked over at me with a sheepish grin. I grabbed a bottle of tea near the register and paid for my meal. Last night while we were texting we agreed to go Dutch, meaning we'd pay for ourselves. That way we avoid the awkward situation of who pays for what.

Once at our table we dug right in. I checked the movie times as well.

"How's your chicken?" I asked.

"Great," he mumbled through a mouthful of food. He finished chewing then said, "I'm glad I got both. This stuff is phenomenally better than back home."

I chuckled. "I thought so,"

A sudden clasp of thunder reverberated into the restaurant. Everyone immediately stared out the window. The weather was deteriorating quickly and I silently hoped it wouldn't put a damper on our night. Again, I noticed how Ben clammed up. The tornado incident must've really scarred him, like seriously. Sensing our fun time was weakening quickly, I acted quicker.

"So I think we should see a scary movie. There are a few out right now." I said in a tone slightly louder than normal.

Ben faltered. He slowly swirled his cheap, plastic fork in his chow mein, collecting noodles with each rotation. Then, almost like magic, he snapped out of his funk and smiled up at me.

"Dude, I love scary movies." He took a big bite of chow mein, then went on. "There were so many times when my parents would go out at night and me and my siblings would watch scary movies. Lights off. Pitch black inside and outside. Sometimes there'd be a storm or something. Oh man, it was intense."

Scary movies during storms? Perhaps the reason he repeatedly clammed up tonight was for a different reason other than the current storm. I'm probably just looking too much into it. He could simply be tired or he just zones out like normal people do. Another clasp of thunder echoed through the dimly lit sky. This time, however, Ben didn't clam up. He ate normally, didn't freeze up. I feel kind of dumb for even thinking he had an issue. The real problem was probably his stomach. In other words, he was most likely just hungry. His energy could have been low and he could be one of those people who clam up when they have zero energy. At least I didn't bring it up at all. That would've been embarrassing.

"I haven't seen a decent one in a while, though. My best friends and I went to see this one movie—forgot what it's called—but anyway, we jumped maybe twice throughout the whole thing. We mostly laughed." I recalled that night. One of the best nights with them . . . and Trevor.

"Yeah, I've noticed that problem. There haven't been many standout horror movies since the nineties."

I handed him my phone. "You pick. I'm pretty flexible." I hope he picked up on the suggestive word usage.

Unfortunately, Ben didn't even glance up at me. His eyes stayed transfixed to the small screen he held in his hand.

"How about The Midnight Hunter? The reviews aren't bad and the next one starts in forty minutes." he suggested, handing me back my phone.

Not even bothering to check it out, I said, "Sounds good."

Our meals were finished fifteen minutes later. Well, technically Ben finished whereas I only went through about half. We went back to my car and I drove us to the theater. The line behind the ticket office was considerably shorter than earlier, probably due to the adverse weather conditions, which were still deteriorating by the minute. The wind had picked up, blowing around tree branches and stray pieces of trash. Ben and I waited at the back of the line. I silently wished to be able to make it inside before the rain started. A brewing storm like this, the rain could start at any given time.

Ben huddled next to me, feeding off my warm body. The cold doesn't bother me at all, and I run warmer than most people. Trevor ran warm too so sometimes cuddling was uncomfortable unless we had a fan on us. Seems like Ben doesn't really have that problem. His shivering body leaned welcomingly into mine.

I took a chance.

Since he was already so close to me I hooked my arm around his torso, melding our bodies together. Ben acted grateful, slightly craning his neck, giving me a peck on the cheek. I looked at him, wide-eyed. I had an instant semi.

"What?" he grinned mischievously. A gust of wind blew the hair out of his eyes.

"Just wasn't expecting that at all." I smiled in return.

He brought his mouth to my ear, speaking quietly. "Wait until after the movie."

The instant semi I once had now grew into a full blown erection. There was no innuendo in his words. They sounded exactly as they were meant. I swallowed hard, feeling that knotty sensation deep in my stomach, anticipating this damn movie to be over with so Ben can fulfill his hidden promise. Dampening the mood, literally, was a single raindrop I felt on the top of my head.

"I, uh, just felt a raindrop." I mumbled. We were fairly close to the ticket windows so as long as it didn't start pouring we'd be in the clear.

"Same, but we'll be inside before it starts coming down." Ben optimistically spoke. He still kept his body pressed to mine. What's that saying? Glued together by the hips? Attached at the hips? Whatever, but that's what it basically was.

Only minutes later did we end up buying our tickets and heading inside the theater. The warm air that enveloped us was a comforting relief. However much I enjoy and disregard the cold it's always a great feeling to go from frigid outside air to the warmth of the indoors. Having just eaten we skipped the ridiculously overpriced concession stands and went straight towards our room number. With only ten minutes before the movie starts, the room wasn't terribly crowded. In fact, there was hardly anyone at all. The choices for seating were overwhelming. The front, middle, and top rows were ours for the taking. Ben decided he wanted to sit closer to the top. After taking our seats in the middle of the row, he was still shivering from the frigid outside air.

"Still cold? It's like ninety degrees in here." I commented teasingly.

"I'm not cold," he shakily said. "I'm just warming up is all. Mind if I get closer to you? You're really warm."

"Not at all," I was secretly delighted that we were bonding so well, moving right past the awkward phases of the first date.

Ben set the armrest up that was between us, then he scooted so close to me he might as well have been on top of me. I draped my arm over his shoulders and held him securely. This is going to sound incredibly cliché, but this night is simply going perfectly. How it could get any better I do not know. Well, there is one thing that can make it even better, but I suppose I'll have to wait until the movie's over for that one. I placed my feet against the chair in front of us, obtaining some level of comfort. Ben's shivering became almost absent except for the occasional sharp jolt of warmth that would surge through his body.

The movie finally started. Our positions didn't change until about half an hour into the film. Ben turned his body sideways and stretched out his legs on the seats next to him, using my body as a pillow. Both of us jumped multiple times from the frightening scenes and amateur scare tactics. I was becoming increasingly impressed with the plot and originality of the movie. Something else that was increasing was my boner. Having Ben so close to me, touching me, kept me at a constant erect status. He has yet to show any signs of noticing, but I fear him just accidentally brushing his hand over it and thinking I'm a pervert or something. I wonder if he's having the same dilemma, though. I didn't have to wait long for an answer. Ben stretched his legs out, then shifted his body a little to get more comfortable. As he did that I know he felt my erection because he laid his hand right on it, even squeezed it a bit. This guy sure does know how to be a tease. Hopefully that's not what all this is about . . .

Eventually, the movie ended, with no further sexual advances from Ben. Along with the other people in the room, we exited out slowly and blindly. I stayed in front, leading him. He kept his hands locked on my waist. Once in the main lobby, the first thing we both noticed wasn't the loud chattering of the clustered groups of people but the amazingly loud downpour coming from outside. In the pitch black night the rain was coming down in bucketfuls. It was just insane how hard it was coming down.

"Um, it's really coming down. I wish I would've thought to bring an umbrella. Total fail on my part." I said sheepishly.

"Aw, it's not your fault. It was mostly clear when you picked me up."

"Yeah, but I should've checked the weather or something."

"Hey, it's fine, really." Ben smiled reassuringly. "Wanna make a dash to your car?"

"Sure. Why not?"

Opening the doors made the real sound of the rain be heard. It was loud in the theater, but being outside was so much louder. I could barely make out parked cars in the lot. Ben and I looked at each, laughing nervously. We walked as far as we could under the protective concrete roof the building, but once that ended we ran like mad men towards my car. Having it in sight I pressed the unlock button on the key fob. The lights came on, illuminating the nights' darkness. I flung my door open and dropped inside. I was soaked from head to toe as was Ben. I started the car and turned the heater on.

"So, what do you wanna do now?"

Ben asked, "Can we go to McDonald's? I'd love a hot apple pie. My treat."

"I'm down."

Surely it needs no explaining that it only took seconds to make it to the nearest McDonald's. I mean, they're virtually everywhere. The rain hadn't reduced in the slightest so it was another mad dash into the safety of the small restaurant. At the register Ben ordered four pies. They were immediately given to us and we went to a table near the back.

"Mmm, these smell so good!" Ben said, practically frothing at the mouth.

"Four pies, huh?" I began. "Someone must be hungry."

He smiled shyly. "Yeah, I'm, um, hypoglycemic so I have to eat every few hours otherwise I sort of clam up and can get irritable." He finished with a big bite of his first pie.

So that explains his weird mood swings earlier today. They happened because he was hungry, he needed food. At least it wasn't the weather or anything I did.

"Are you diabetic?" I questioned innocently.

"No, no, nothing like that. I just have it. Simple to manage so it's not a big deal at all. Besides, it's good to eat so much."

"You'd dig my brothers then. They eat, like, constantly."

"You know, you've hardly talked about your family at all."

I shrugged. "I've told you about my dads. Then there's just Torry and Keegan, the latter being blood related."

"Are they younger?"

"Yeah, but only by a few years."

Ben took the final bite of his first pie. "So a house full of boys. That must be interesting. I'm grateful for a couple of sisters. My brothers and I are nothing alike. They're much more like dad. You know, outdoorsy and such."

"Tyler and I are the most alike. We hike a lot, cook together, I help him with grading his students' work. Jared on the other hand is a bit more difficult to bond with only because he loves sports and working on cars and that kind of stuff. I'll help him with yard work and grilling, but I don't like sports very much, especially that damn NASCAR."

"Jared would get along with my parents then. They watch every single race."

"Do you like it?"

"I like when they crash."

"Me too!" I laughed. "But yeah, that's Jared in a nutshell. We're close, though." I'll probably never tell him about what happened between Jared and me when I was sixteen. Not even Trevor knows about that. "And although Keegan and I share the same DNA, we are worlds apart. The same goes for Torry, even though we're not related, but we're all very close."

"Well that's good you're so close with them."

"Aren't you close with yours?"

Ben smirked. "I am with mom, cliché alert." he laughed. "She's hard not to be close with. Dad, though, he's different than mom. He takes care of the farm and is generally quiet. When I came out both needed time to adjust, mom taking the least amount. Dad says he's okay with it, but I can tell there's something deep down that still troubles him."

"He'll come around. They all do."

"My brothers and sisters were okay with it. Most likely because they grew up in our generation, mostly anyway." He began eating his second apple pie. In one bite half of it was devoured.

What Ben had told me back at the ticket line flashed through my head, and I suddenly became very horny. But with the weather the way it is who knows what'll go on. Speaking of the weather, though, through the windows I could see the rain had lessened in severity. Now it was coming down in a steady flow instead of bucket loads. My clothes were still fairly wet, which could make any kind of sex hard to initiate. Perhaps he wouldn't mind a quick pit stop at the house, or maybe he'd even be down for a dip in the hot tub.

"Hey, I know this might be awkward, but would you like to go back to my house. We can go in the hot tub and warm up." I said in a hopeful manner.

Ben's eyes stared into mine with a slight glaze to them.

"Your family home?" he asked.

"Yeah," I sighed.

"Hm, well, I don't know if you've noticed but I'm without swimming apparel at the moment." He let out a chuckle.

I did the same. "I noticed, but we appear to be about the same size. I can loan you a pair."

"Hot tubbing in the rain? Isn't that kind of frowned upon? Or are things different in this state?" He giggled sarcastically.

"Nah, our hot tub is indoors. It's actually in our basement." Ben's face scrunched up. "It's easier to understand once you see it. So what do you say?"

Ben smirked. "Let's do it, on one condition."

I found that rather odd. What condition could he possibly come up with? "What's that?"

"You give me your pies."

Pushing the pies across the table, I said, "You're a dork." Ben winked.

We raced through the rain to the car. In minutes we were pulling into my driveway. All of a sudden a huge pang of anxiety surged through my body. Tyler and Jared are about to meet Ben, a guy I barely know myself. Please, God, if you can hear me over this storm, please, please, please don't let this be awkward! Dashing up to the porch, I gave a quick glance over at him. He bore a small, nervous smile. Show time.

We stepped inside, being hit with the delicious aroma of apples and spice. Tyler must've made an apple crisp or something. Shame we already had apple pies, but I'm sure I'll be serving us up a slice before the night's over. I led him into my room, then searched around the immediate area for any sign of Tyler or Jared. I came up short. The only clues to anyone being home were the cars outside. They could've already gone to bed, but the odds of that are slim.

Ben's curiosity got the best of him. He was looking around my room when I came back. He turned on his heel, cheeks a lush rose.

"You have a nice room. And your bathroom is huge!" A toothy smile lit up his face.

"Yeah, it has served me well in the past. I love soaking in the bath." I said, digging in a drawer for an extra pair of swim trunks for him.

"So, your hot tub is in the basement. Let me guess, your pool is down there, too?" he said sarcastically.

"Actually," I started with a chuckle, "it is."

He stared blankly at me. "Can't wait to see this."

I finally found an extra pair of trunks and gave them to him. "You can change in my bathroom really quick. Do, um, you want a drink?"

"Like, drink drink?"

"Yeah, Jared buys me these raspberry Smirnoffs that are to die for. It's almost like raspberry soda, except they're alcoholic." I laughed.

"Sure," Ben headed into the bathroom. I grabbed my own trunks. Shucking off my shoes and pushing down my pants I quickly pulled the trunks on. I tossed the pants into a hamper and went into the kitchen for our bottles. By the time I popped the caps off, Ben appeared out of the bedroom doorway. He looked sexy as hell in my trunks. Or maybe it's just the fact that his junk is rubbing all over the inside. I wonder how big he is . . .

Handing him his bottle of alcohol, I couldn't help but glance down at his crotch. It was partially bulged, meaning he's either semi there or he's just hung. Ben caught the glance. We stared into each others' eyes for a split second, then he moved forward. Our lips connected almost magnetically, being pulled together by an invisible force. And as they touched, well, I felt it. The spark of compatibility. Ben ran a single hand up my spine, sending shockwaves of bliss, overloading my senses. He came to a stop at my neck, where he caressed it with an ardent grasp. His tongue serenaded mine in a dance of passion. I felt light as air. Our mutual erections rubbed against each other through the thin layers of fabric. Wetness at the tip of mine reminded me of just how in need of another man's touch I am.

Ben slowly pulled away, his eyes still sealed shut.

"So," he breathed heavily, returning to normal, "show me your hot tub."

A faint grin tugged at the corners of my lips. "Come on,"

I led him downstairs into the basement. Deep bass and the sound of gun fire came from the theater room. That must be where everyone is. I wonder what movie they've all agreed upon? We all have such different tastes. Maybe it's just Tyler and Jared. Hopefully they don't go for a swim or anything. If I keep the lights off in the pool area they shouldn't notice us whatsoever so we can still have total privacy. Ben was taking in his surroundings, wide-eyed over the size of the basement and what was located inside of it. I quickly took him past the closed theater doors in case anyone came out. When we made it to the pool area I realized we'd be totally unseen. I forgot about the walls separating the pool and hot tub from the rest of the basement.

"I've never seen a basement like this before, especially a pool and Jacuzzi underground. What a total trip!" Ben exclaimed, darting his eyes in every which direction. "Is that a sauna?" he asked, pointing at the single wooden door in the corner of the area.

"Yeah," I said. "We don't use it much at all. The hot tub receives the most use." I slowly raised the small dimmer switch that controlled the tub's lights. Dim lighting would help create a more relaxing mood. I also turned on the jets to make for a little more interesting experience.

Ben stood on the opposite side of the hot tub as me. I tried not to stare as he lifted his shirt over his head, but his body was calling all of my attention. He tossed the shirt aside and slowly stepped into the swirling water.

"The water feels great." An abrupt moan escaped his lips, followed by a long groan. "Feels so good." He sat all the way in. The water came just above his nipples. "Well, get in here."

I shucked my shirt off and gradually sank into the water next to him. Indeed the water felt amazing. I felt like falling asleep and never waking up. My eyes closed on their own, and out came a deep sigh of bliss.

"I haven't been in here in a while. I've forgotten how awesome this feels." I distractedly mumbled. I rested my head on the rounded cement edge enjoying the water.

"Our farm doesn't have a hot tub, but I might have to convince my parents to buy one or something."

Opening one eye just a smidge, I took in how relaxed Ben appeared. To be honest having any kind of sexual contact with him right now doesn't sound as fun as it did. Perhaps this hot tub time wasn't the best idea. I'm just so relaxed.

"Do you ride?" I asked.

"Um . . . it's not my favorite position." Ben said softly. My eyes flew open. "I prefer missionary or on my stomach."

Oh, no.

"I . . . I actually meant horses . . ." I said, embarrassment clear in my voice.

"Oh, my God!" he groaned loudly. "I cannot believe I just did that! This is so humiliating!" Ben laid his head against the concrete and covered his face in his hands. His cheeks turned a rose color—and not from the heat.

I laughed. "Karma,"

"What?" he said through his hands.

"Remember my first day at work? You asked if I was something, but I cut you off and came out to you on accident? Pay back." I found the humor immensely more entertaining than he did.

But in good spirit he let out a short laugh.

"Pay back. Jeez, I would've rather done anything else than admit something like that."

I eyed him suspiciously, feeling an overwhelming courage. "So, are you a bottom then?"

He dropped his hands and turned his head to look at me. "Yeah,"

"I am too," I mumbled. "I've never topped before."



"I've topped a few times. It feels great, but I so much prefer bottoming." Ben took a sip of his drink, then set it on the concrete. He sat up straighter. "I can't believe you've never topped."

"Well, my situation is a bit bigger than average so my ex wouldn't even think about it. I never complained, though. I mean, I love bottoming as well."

"Your situation? Your dick?"

"Yeah," I chuckled.

"How much bigger than average?"

"I'm about eight and a half on a good day." Ben's face changed a shade. There was a new look in his eye. I know that look very well. "And I cum a lot."

Ben took another drink, a large gulp rather, as did I—not wanting to be outdone. A moment of silence overcame both of us. Call me crazy, but it's entirely possible Ben was trying to picture my dick in his mind. I, of course, was doing the same about his. I just don't know how to start anything. Trevor was the sexually dominant one; he took charge in the bedroom. I don't know if I have a sexually dominant bone in my body. Obviously I know how to top someone—pretty self-explanatory—but I have zero knowledge of making it to that point. And if Ben is as submissive as I am in the bedroom, then I can't exactly rely on him to initiate anything. Ugh, it's not like it's a law or anything. He may very well start it. He is the one who kissed me in line at the theater and who even suggested we'd be doing something at the end of the night. So perhaps he's a neutral person in the bedroom. One who can be semi-dominant and completely submissive at the same time.

"I'm about six inches. I cum a lot, too."

"You, uh, have much experience?"

"Ha," he spat out, taking the last swallow of his drink. "There was one guy back home. It was serious, or so I thought. I get attached too easily if I'm not careful. I wasn't careful with him. I let myself fall for him even though he constantly made it clear he wasn't interested in any kind of commitment. So one night after we finished he said he was moving away for college. I was heartbroken, of course. But I recovered quickly and found a couple of other guys who satisfied my needs." Ben smirked. "Don't think I'm a slut, though."

"I don't," I softly said.

"I love sex. I love everything about it. The bond, the intimacy, the final explosion of release. I especially love the feel of a man, holding me tight against his body."

A stirring in my groin reminded me of just how horny I was. And Ben's description of his love for sex wasn't helping at all. I want to just kiss him . . . and things would naturally progress from there. If I could just work up the courage to make the damn first move!

"Sex is great," I said stupidly. Way to go!

"What's your favorite position?"

"I love being on my stomach or missionary."

"On my stomach is the best!" he said excitedly, laughing. "So, uh, are you as boned as I am right now?" Not waiting for an answer he reached underwater and grabbed my erection. "Wow, you are big." I heard and saw him take a longing gulp.

"Told you," I giggled, feeling a light buzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach. The alcohol and heat of the water were making my head feel kind of light.

Ben unexpectedly straddled my lap, forcing my cock between us, pressing it against my stomach. He immediately stuck his tongue down my throat, moving it in and out in rapid procession. I ran my hands up his back ending in his blonde hair. He grasped my cock with one hand and began to jack it through the fabric.

"I don't want to sound slutty," Ben started, in between mouth rapings, "but I really want you right now. Badly. I want you inside of me." He tore himself away from my mouth and swirled his tongue around one of my nipples. I moaned too loudly, fearing who might hear.

"Let's go to my bedroom!" I said huskily.

I grabbed his hand and we dashed upstairs into my bedroom. I locked the door and dropped my shorts. Ben did the same, and he pushed me on the bed where he then crawled on top of me and assaulted my nipples again. Fuck it felt so damn good. But I still hadn't had a good look at his dick. I felt it rubbing against me, though. I really want to taste it.

"Condoms? Tell me you have condoms!" he breathed out, taking my dick in his mouth.

"Yes!" I loudly said. I reached over and pulled out a box of condoms. Trevor and I rarely used them so the box was almost entirely full. I also grabbed a bottle of lube.

Ben stole a condom and rolled it down my shaft. It barely fit. But it fit nonetheless. I poured a healthy amount of lube on the condom while Ben collapsed onto his back next to me.

"Start slow," he whispered.

I positioned myself above him, forcing my hard cock at his hole. He lifted his legs and placed them atop my shoulders. I'm so horny to try topping, and I finally got a good look of Ben's dick. Not that big, as he said, but it's like a model penis—no joke. He helped move my cock into the right spot and I carefully began to enter him. I felt my head slip inside, and saw Ben's face tighten. But he didn't say stop so the penetrating continued. Inch after inch went into him. The tightness and warmth were very alluring, perhaps transforming me into a versatile person instead of solely a bottom. The deeper I pushed in the better it felt until all eight and a half inches were swallowed by ass. Ben relaxed a lot; a look of pleasure replaced the former discomfort.

"Fuck," I moaned.

Slowly again, I pulled out almost all of the way, then slid back in. An easy enough motion. He really seemed to enjoy that.

"Fuck me, Travers!" he hissed.

Again I nearly pulled out and then pushed right back in. I did that a few more times before picking up the pace and flat out pounded him. The intense waves of pleasure remained constant. His tight ass kept a firm hold on the entire length of my shaft as I pummeled into him with each thrust. With his legs on my shoulders it was easy to bend forward and mash our lips together, adding dashes of passion into our crazed sex. He kept telling me how good it felt, how fucking great my huge cock felt inside of him. But after a few minutes of intense thrusts and hearing his whimpers and long moans of pleasure and how fucking great I was, I felt the ending quickly sneaking up on me. I didn't want it to end for it had been the hottest thing I'd experienced in some time.

Ben clawed at my back, cupped the back of my head, grabbed my hair. He was overcome with pleasure. His eyes had been shut the entire time, squeezed tight, trying to enhance the sensations that he was feeling. I knew the look so well. His mouth hung slightly open, allowing grunts and moans to escape freely. The feeling of my climax was rearing up fast, so I pounded him even harder.

"I'm gonna cum," I whispered hoarsely.

He moaned. "Yeah, Travers, cum inside of me. Fucking fill me with your hot cum!" Then he started jacking his own cock off.

I slammed into him as the first spurt of cum shot into the condom, sending me into the deepest crevices of bliss, followed by another spurt. I moaned loudly. His still tight ass clenched tighter on my dick, encouraging more cum to gush out. I didn't stop fucking him until I felt ready to collapse from exhaustion. As I started to pull out of him he came, shooting all over his heaving stomach.

I dropped next to him. My own stomach was heaving from the previous exertion, but I felt absolutely incredible. My first time topping someone and it wasn't even with Trevor.

"That . . . was so fucking amazing!" Ben deeply breathed. "Damn, that felt so good!"

"First time topping was a huge success." I grinned, basking in the afterglow.

Ben searched the floor for his pants. He grabbed his phone from the pocket and muttered a curse.

"I have to get home." he said morosely.

"Really? Hm, I was hoping we could just lay here for a while." I felt the threat of abandonment, of being used.

"Trust me," he began, "I'd rather stay here, but I don't want to push it just yet. With my parents, I mean. It's my first time going out since moving here. Wouldn't want them to worry."

The point was taken. I got out of bed and tossed him a dirty shirt to clean his stomach off. He set it back into the hamper as he got dressed. I threw on my usual pajamas and grabbed my keys. I unlocked the door, peeking out to make sure no one was around. Luckily their movie was probably still playing. I waved to Ben and the two of us ran outside to the car. In about ten minutes we were pulling up to his farm. The clouds shielding the moonlight made it seem entirely black out in the open fields. I couldn't see a thing other than his house.

"Thanks for today, Travers. I had a lot of fun." He leaned over the center and planted a kiss on my dried lips. "We should definitely hang out again soon."

I agreed hastily. "Yeah, definitely!"

"Text me when you're home, okay?"

"Will do," I smiled.

I felt on cloud nine. Not since Trevor have I felt this good about anything. Our date was, in my mind, perfection and what came afterwards couldn't have been any better. This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, and I cannot wait to get to the next page.

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