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Have you forgotten all I know, and all we had?
You saw me mourning my love for you
And touched my hand
I knew you loved me then

I believe in you
I'll give up everything just to find you
I have to be with you, to live, to breathe
You're taking over me

Taking Over Me © by Evanescence, 2003

Control. It's extraordinary the tactics people employ to obtain it. Some rely on deception while others engage in outright trickery. Then there are those who resort to extortion. Why do we fight so hard for control? Because we know to lose it is to put our fate in the hands of others. And what could be more dangerous?

© by Marc Cherry, 2005

Taking Over Me 23

Dan was stretched out on the couch when Ben and I entered the apartment. He mumbled a simple "hey" and I introduced him and Ben. He didn't say anything about the condition of my friend, but it was apparent he was curious. I took Ben to my room where he threw his bag on the ground and got comfy on the bed. Earlier I had decided not to ask Dan's permission to have a guest stay the night. I already paid a prorated first month's rent, so I'm free to do what I want in the room I paid for. If that causes a problem, then I'll handle it when the time comes. For now, though, I'm just going to revel in the fact that Ben wanted to stay the night with me.

"You didn't tell me how hot your roommate is." Ben said with a mischievous grin. "He seems like a top."

I chuckled. "Considering he's straight I can only assume he is a top."

"When you guys have sex let me know."

The look on my face was one of surprise. "What makes you think we'll be having sex?"

"Come on, Travers," he said, as though it was supposed to be an obvious answer. I was unsure of the answer, however. "You're hot. Your face practically seduces people without your lips even having to move. And you guys are rooming together. It's bound to happen sooner or later."

Although his logic is flawed, I can see why he'd have that little fantasy. Dan is a stud. Athletic build from his job, including thick, muscular arms-my particular favorite. He kept his hair neatly trimmed, parting it to one side. The color reminded me of wet sand. Stubble cascaded his face, adding depth to his hazel eyes. Dan and I won't be having sex, though. There's no way. He is straight and that's all there is to it. The only possible way anything could happen between us is if we were drunk to the point of being belligerent. And that, as history has proven, isn't hard for me to do. So . . . who knows what might happen, but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.

"You're a dumbass, you know that?"

"Someone's enthused by my idea," he giggled. "Well, mind if I grab a quick shower? I'm beat."

I set him up in the bathroom and let him have his time. Going back into the bedroom, I debated on whether or not to stay in there or go out and visit with Dan. Not wanting to come off as a recluse, I figured watching TV for a few minutes with him couldn't hurt anything.

Dan was watching some cop program that I had lifeless interest in. For some reason he was looking extra handsome tonight. It could've been his shirt, which was on the tighter side. The sleeves were gripping his biceps like a vice. I couldn't help but admire. I had to be sneaky, though, because the way he was laying on the couch and the chair I was sitting in nearly faced each other head-on. There was no talking between the two of us. The cop show was too enthralling for him, I suppose. His beer bottle was sweating all over the glass top of the coffee table. I pictured him as someone who used coasters given the immaculate cleanliness of the apartment overall. Then again it is just glass. A simple spritz with Windex can take care of that mess. I guess he isn't that anal retentive.

Ben finished up his shower about ten minutes later. I went back to the bedroom and shut the door. He was combing through his hair with his fingers. The usual summer blonde was darker from the moisture. It made him look a bit older, more mature.

"I am so beat," he said, plopping face down onto the bed. He let out a long, low groan.

"Could someone use a massage?" I asked in the hopes that a massage would relax him and turn him on at the same time. Right now sex isn't seeming very likely. Actually, he's probably not even clean so I'll settle for some oral action.

The only affirmative response he gave me was the shedding of his shirt and dramatic repositioning so that he was parallel with the mattress. I gently straddled his back and began to knead his flesh. I took special care to apply enough pressure to work out the tension but not so much that his spine might crack. He seemed to enjoy the attention. His low moans proved that. Hopefully Dan doesn't walk by and get the wrong idea-though that idea will be happening shortly. Massages are a great way to loosen a guy up as well as harden him up. I continued kneading his back, being sure to occasionally catch his shoulders and biceps for an extra special experience. When his soft moans of relaxation came to a halt, I asked him to take his sweatpants off. He complied and before he could roll back onto his stomach once they were on the floor I noticed the erection poking out from his boxers. I began to squeeze one of his legs, slowly making my way down to his feet, then back up again. Paying particular attention to the insides of his thighs (which are my weak zones), I managed to accidentally brush the underside of his balls. Although it was obvious that Ben was turned on from the massage I continued to tease him anyway.

Finally, Ben couldn't take anymore. He rolled over onto his back, letting his erection slip out of the hole in his boxers. I wasted no time in going to town on it. Small moans escaped his cut up lips. It didn't take long for him to explode and release, what seemed like, a week's worth of cum into my mouth. He was panting heavily, eyes closed, arms rigidly at his sides. I realized there won't be any attention for my dick tonight unless I partake myself. Ben's in no condition to perform oral and he's exhausted and sore from work and the scrap in the parking lot.

"Jack off on me," he nearly whispered. "Cum all over my body."

Didn't have to tell me twice. I got half naked and straddled his waist. Grasping my raging boner firmly, I pumped slowly at first, increasing my speed as the pleasure ballooned. Ben was rubbing my legs and would often grope my balls. After several minutes of this I did my own explosion, coating his stomach and chest with a heavy amount of seed. A wave of exhaustion hit me like a bullet train and I had the strong urge to just collapse and pass out. Instead, I cleaned Ben up, then went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I snuck back into the bedroom. Ben was sound asleep by the time I returned. Poor guy. He had a long day. I'll be having a long one tomorrow.

"You want me to fight that bitch, Travers?" Claire asked, agitated by what I told her of last night. "He seriously has gone mental. It has to be drugs."

We were walking towards our oceanography class. I've been excited yet incredibly anxious to go to school today. Excited to see Claire, but anxious about running into Trevor. The idiot will most likely try to talk to me about what happened. I don't have anything to say to him, though. He not only attacked Ben last night, but he also shoved me down to the ground. Not once in our entire relationship had he ever even lifted a finger at me. For him to completely freak out and actually put his hands on me, well, it won't ever happen again.

"I think you could take him . . ." I trailed off. My phone was vibrating with a new message. Jake. I'll check it later. "But I just want to move on from this and never talk to him again."

"Even though he'll definitely try talking to you today." She pointed out.


Once we made it to class I gave Olivia the shortened version of what happened. She too was surprised by what had gone down. Trevor has just changed so much that it's almost like he's an entirely different person. Perhaps aliens descended to earth a few months ago and replaced Trevor's human soul with one of their own extraterrestrial souls. That could account for a few things, at least.

While the girls were discussing some sort of makeup crap, I figured I'd check and see what Jake wanted. As if I didn't already know.

Can you come over? Roommates gone.....

I have class until 1220. I replied.

Damn man I'm so fucking horny. Can't skip anything?

Not really.

Your ass is so nice tho. Can you host??

Damn it, now he's turning me on. I don't feel like having sex. That will probably change any minute now, but ugh. I'd have to go home and clean. I really don't want to push my luck by bringing him to the apartment. Dan didn't say squat about Ben and I certainly don't want him to bring anything up. Besides, Jake is kind of loud during sex. Personally, I love hearing a man moan and groan while having sex, but it's not exactly the type of stealth sex we'd need if I were to invite him over.

He texted again. I realllllly want to fuck you

"Oh, my God!" Claire nearly shouted. A few people from the lower rows looked back at us in annoyance. We're not exactly the class favorites, not that we really care or anything.

"Dude! Don't be creepin'!" I laughed.

"I cannot believe he said that to you! He's straight!"

"Bitch, don't be jealous," I continued laughing. "You wish your man texted you that shit."

Claire rolled her eyes. "We've hardly had sex at all. Maybe like twice. He's so different from other guys I've dated. Such a gentleman," Her words were dripping with sarcasm. She acts like a gentleman is a horrible thing to be, or to have.

Olivia spoke up before I could respond. "Be thankful for that. Seriously, this guy sounds like a catch."

"Speaking of that guy, you haven't even told us his name."

"His name is Dillon," she sighed. "Dillon. And I don't know what to do with him."

"Here's an idea. Continue dating him, unless you want more losers to line up for you. Take your winner and run with him."

Olivia said, "I have to agree with Travers. He has a good job, a good head on his shoulders, and you said the sex is amazing. You're definitely just overthinking the situation."

I can come after class. Head only

A burst of sunlight lit the lecture hall, illuminating the front half of the room. Trevor sat in his usual seat, not bothering to even glance at me. He's either really embarrassed or he just doesn't give a shit. I'm hoping for extreme embarrassment. Claire nudged me a little, but I only shrugged in response. Trevor is in his own little world as usual. He can stay there for all I care. The professor came in not too long after and began his lecture. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop staring down at Trevor. I'm so curious to know why he acted the way he did last night. Can it really be drugs? He's not the drug kind of person. I should know. But . . . no, I don't want to know. He's betrayed me more than once. He doesn't deserve a chance to explain himself. And I shouldn't even want to know. I should despise him for all that he's done to me.

When ocean ended, Claire, Olivia, and I split up. By the time I made it to English (after a quick bathroom break), Lizzie had a seat reserved for me. Trevor was even in his usual seat already. How late was I?

"So . . ." she trailed off. I knew what she was referring to.

"I'll have to text it to you." I replied. Giving her the shorter version I filled her in on what happened last night.

She snickered. "You're kidding?"

"Does his face lie?" I chuckled softly. "It was crazy. I don't know what's going on in that head of his."

"The hamster must've fallen off the wheel or something."

"Well, it must've gone into a coma, too. Hamsters usually jump right back on."

The professor came rushing in late as she usually does. No one really minded. The less time in this class the better. Personally, the class was a challenge and I love a good challenge, but other students aren't as inspired as I am. Most wouldn't mind an easy class without thought provoking work. Those are the kind of students that don't retain much wisdom. Perhaps I take things too seriously, but the bottom line is education is the best tool in life and I don't intend on wasting it. There will come a day when these kinds of things don't come easily to me anymore, so why waste such a great opportunity now?

She began discussing our essays and how she graded them. Reminding us that she was particularly critical of spelling and grammar, I wondered if I was dinged any in that category. As she passed them back, Lizzie shot me a nervous look. My paper was towards the back of the pile. I almost didn't want to look at the grade when she handed it to me. She's a notoriously difficult grader so . . .

"Why are you squinting?" Lizzie whispered.

"I'm afraid of the grade," I whispered back. I worked incredibly hard on the paper, but that means nothing in the end.

"Why? You got an eighty-eight on it."

Thanks, Liz, for ruining the surprise. I opened my eyes and stared at the eighty-eight in red ink, circled twice. Thank you, Jesus! My grades have been slowly improving since all the assignments I missed because of the break up. Glancing over at him it was obvious his grade was no eighty-eight. Lizzie received an eighty-one, which was perfectly acceptable to the both of us.

English ended not too long after that. Our professor showered us with praise at our impressive work on the essays and let us out a whopping thirty minutes early, but not before giving us our new book assignment: Kindred. I'd read the book a year or so earlier and wasn't worried about any of the work she could possibly give. Lizzie and I separated in the parking lot. I texted Jake saying that I had to go home really fast, then I'd be over. Arriving at the apartment was quick, and it turned out Dan was home as well.

"Hey," he greeted me as I walked inside. He was washing a few dishes at the sink.

"Hey, Dan," I replied with a smile. It could be the sunshine streaming in through the patio, but he looked extra handsome today. And his cologne was strong. Not overwhelming, but strong.

"Listen, I hope you don't take offense to this, but are you gay?"

Well, if that didn't stop me in my tracks. Where was this coming from all of a sudden?

"Would it, um, matter if I was?"

"No, no, I was just wondering because . . . I sort of heard you and your, uh, friend last night."

Pretty sure no firework in the world could have lit up as bright as my cheeks were at that moment. I knew I should've done a better job at keeping Ben quiet, but I love when guys moan and groan with pleasure. Damn it.

"Um . . . yeah, sorry about that." I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. If it were someone I knew better, the humiliation wouldn't be so awful. But this is nearly a complete stranger.

"I don't care," Dan said. "I was only wondering. Not a big deal. Maybe next time, though, you won't make so much noise."

Chuckling, I replied, "Will do,"

In the safety and comfort of my room I immediately mellowed out. The embarrassment faded and in its place came drowsiness. Jake's waiting for me, but . . . I don't really feel like going over anymore. I'll just have to text him and give him a rain check. Poor straight boy won't be happy about that.

A nap is due.

A long nap.

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