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Have you forgotten all I know, and all we had?
You saw me mourning my love for you
And touched my hand
I knew you loved me then

I believe in you
I'll give up everything just to find you
I have to be with you, to live, to breathe
You're taking over me

Taking Over Me © by Evanescence, 2003

Control. It's extraordinary the tactics people employ to obtain it. Some rely on deception while others engage in outright trickery. Then there are those who resort to extortion. Why do we fight so hard for control? Because we know to lose it is to put our fate in the hands of others. And what could be more dangerous?

© by Marc Cherry, 2005

Taking Over Me 08

Why must every second of my existence be focused around thoughts of Trevor? I thought I was over this . . . I mean, I am. I just keep thinking about him. Random thoughts, like, his prom-he was a grade above me so he graduated first. The two of us had the best night of our lives. All the dancing got our hearts pounding and bodies sweating. Our sex that night-Jesus! And then there was my prom the following year, which arguably wasn't as fun as his prom for the soul fact the location was a bust. The sex wasn't even that great, which was highly unusual.

A couple of months following his graduation and entry into college was when I began noticing the changes in his personality. Subtle changes here and there, nothing extreme at first. His humor had changed. It went from dorky and charming to witty and sarcastic, even rude sometimes. A once unselfish person, he'd done a one-eighty. I remember the first day I noticed that. We were at Starbucks and I had to pay for myself. Not that I'm cheap or a gold digger, but he never used to let me pay. Though never paying drove me crazy quiet often, we hadn't discussed anything about it before that day. So having to suddenly purchase my own order was bittersweet.

Yes, his selfishness grew to an all-time high. I couldn't figure out what was going on in his head. I wondered if he was cheating on me, but quickly banished those thoughts. It took me a while to realize his transition into college was what set his new personality. A rush of relief set in. College I could handle, but not an affair, so I was happy to have come to a safe conclusion.

I never confronted him about the changes. What could I say? Hey, babe, you're a selfish jerk now and it needs to change. As if he'd respond positively to that request. For all the selfishness and arrogance he was still an amazing boyfriend. Our sex was still great. I had nothing to truly complain about.

Thankfully, Tyler came staggering into the kitchen, breaking me from my depressing reverie. He didn't look his usual chipper self. The hangover must be incredibly potent.

"Coffee." he mumbled, eyes half closed.

"Fresh, hot pot," I said proudly. "Want something to eat?"

"Don't mention food right now, please. The thought of trying to swallow something solid-" Tyler cut himself off, holding a hand over his mouth.

I silently ate my bowl of oatmeal. I've never actually seen him suffer a hangover. He's never had so much to drink before. I wonder if there was a reason for the excessive amount of consumption. Trouble at work? No trouble at home, at least I don't think so. More likely than not I'm simply overthinking a night of partying and having fun. Regardless of the reason, it was a funny moment last night.

"Isn't your-" Tyler burped, "party tonight?"


"And do you plan on drinking?" He reached for his head, rubbing his temples. Poor guy really must feel like crap.

"I'm thinking about it."

He stayed quiet for a moment. "Do you need a driver?"

"No, Olivia texted me already and said she'd be DD." DD stands for designated driver for those of you abstinent folk.

Just then, Jared walked in, looking much more cheery than his husband.

"Morning, guys," he said with a grin. "How's my big, drunken stud?"

Tyler shot him an evil glare, then went to the living room. Jared made himself a cup of coffee and glanced at my bowl of oatmeal.

"What?" I grinned.

A grimace turned up on his face. "How can you eat that garbage?"

"It's good with a sprinkle of brown sugar and raisins. You should try some sometime. God knows your heart could use a little whole grain."

"My heart is just fine, thank you."

I finished up the food and washed the few dishes in the sink. The party isn't for several more hours and I'm already bored out of my mind. It's the worst feeling having to wait for something so desired. I was about to go to my room, but Jared called for me from the living room.


He was sitting comfortably in his recliner, Tyler almost right next to him on the couch. "Tyler reminded me about the party tonight. He says you're going to be drinking."


"Well, I don't think that's such a brilliant idea."

I sighed, sitting down on the couch. Here comes a big lecture about responsibility and all that jazz. Like, I know I've screwed up before, but that was a few years ago. Since then-and the other night-I never once even touched a bottle of alcohol. And with the few drinks I had last week it didn't have any negative consequences. Jared is just being the overprotective and paranoid parent in this situation. I'm genuinely surprised it isn't Tyler who's acting like that. A complete role reversal, I suppose.

"Everything will be fine. Olivia isn't going to be drinking so me, Claire, and Lizzie have a safe ride. They'll be looking out for me as well. There's nothing to worry about."

"I'm only concerned with you drinking. I know you had a few wine coolers last week, but those aren't very strong. The party will probably be supplied with much more potent drinks. I'm only thinking about your safety, Travers."

"And while I appreciate that immensely, it doesn't take away from the fact that I've been incredibly anti-alcohol ever since that phase in my life at sixteen."

"You have, absolutely, but-"

"No, Jared, no," Tyler interjected. "Travers is right. I was nervous, too. He has a point, though. He's a responsible kid who knows the difference between having fun and slipping back into past habits. I have no doubt nothing bad will come out of this party." Tyler winked at me. I can always count on him to side with me on most issues. We have a very similar train of thought.

Jared looked between Tyler and me. I know he's struggling between what he believes to be right and the argument brought up.

"Olivia isn't drinking?" he asked.


He sighed heavily. "Okay, then. Have fun tonight."

"Woo!" I shouted loudly. Tyler winced in pain. "Oops, my bad." I chuckled and left them alone.

I went into my bedroom and logged onto Facebook. Not surprisingly, no one was really online, at least not anyone I really wanted to talk to. Doesn't that always seem to figure? You go online looking to kill some time, but you find nothing to do. I remember the days when hours were spent online and it felt like just a few minutes.

I decided to go through old pictures and videos. I have so many folders of pictures that time will definitely be burnt. The first pictures to be sorted through were obviously ones featuring Trevor in any way. Many of them were of the two of us. It stung to see some of them, particularly the beach pictures. Those were always special days. But then I came across a folder named 11-11. I clicked into it and was immediately submerged into a folder of pure pornography. There were so many photos of us naked, having sex in every position, acts of oral gratification, and the usual plain cock shots. The little member between my legs began to grow rapidly.

Trevor's cock is so gorgeous and perfect. I never could have enough of it, whether it be in my mouth or a certain other hole, filling me with his seed. Ugh, what I wouldn't give to have some right now, but no. I cannot give in to hormonal urges. After the way he treated me last time there's no way I can handle anything remotely similar.

Unfortunately, I next stumbled upon a few videos of us and, of course, opened one.

'Ooh, baby, that feels so good. I love when you rim me.' I moaned longingly. 'Fuck, fuck,'

Oh, my God. Fuck yeah I love when he'd rim me. I practically tore my shirt off and threw it across the room while trying to take my basketball shorts off.

'Come on, Trevor, fuck me now. I need your cock so bad!'

'You sure are horny tonight.' Trevor mentioned with a short laugh.

'You know how I get when you rim me. It's all your fault.'

Mmm, yeah. I would give anything for the feeling of that cock buried deep inside of me again! I grabbed my cock and began stroking. I fast forwarded the video a little.

The familiar sound of his balls slapping against my ass was sending chills down my spine. Trevor loved to fuck me doggy. It wasn't my favorite position, but we normally did a couple of positions each time, ending with me straddling his lap; my favorite position. Our mixed noises were so hot. His moans, my moans, balls slapping, the bed barely squeaking, all of it is making me incredibly horny.

I skipped ahead towards the end of the video as I felt the end of my jerk off sesh. Now I was on top of him, taking his rough upward thrusts like a pro.

'Fuck me, babe. Fuck me!' I could be heard moaning softly. His cock looked so fucking awesome being pummeled into my hole. 'Cum for me. Cum in my hole, Trevor. I want your cum.'

'Mmm, yeah,' he said with a short pant. 'Yeah,' he said with another pant. 'Yeah,' he panted again. I could tell he was on the verge of finishing. I skipped ahead several seconds more. 'Travers! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, shit! Oh!' Trevor thrust into my ass a few more times with great force, planting his seed deep inside of my body.

I jacked faster. My orgasm was just seconds away. I imagined Trevor inside me, roughly fucking my ass with all his might, moaning, clawing at my body in blissful passion. Wasn't much warning after that. I leaned back, wanting the cum to shoot straight up my body. The first spurt caught my chin.

"Travers, can you run to the store for some anti-nausea medicine?" Jared called from the doorway.

"Yeah," I half-moaned, half-answered. The following shots of jizz landed in their usual spots all over my body.

I sat motionless, tired, wanting to go back to sleep. In the video we were now cuddling and talking softly. I quickly closed the window, not wanting to see the mushy shit. Hm, might as well shower really fast since I have to go out for Tyler's medicine. Ugh, roaming around online and jacking off only killed thirty minutes. I thought for sure more time than that had passed by.

Showering only took five minutes. A longer shower will be before the party, but for now a short rinse would suffice. It's not like horrid odors were emanating from my body or anything. Jared wrote down exactly what medicine to buy and gave me a twenty, also telling me I could buy something for myself to "put some meat on my bones."

For being a Saturday morning, the grocery store was rather busy. Normally it doesn't become this busy until about two. I saw a couple of familiar faces during the scavenge for the medication. One face that stood out was a very attractive guy, probably in his teens somewhere-hopefully his late teens. His cropped, messy hair that shone healthily in the fluorescent lighting was terribly dim compared to his bright blue eyes. I'm a sucker for blue eyes, although Trevor had hazelnut colored irises. Anyway, I think the guy was checking me out, too. After I grabbed a box of anti-nausea pills, I went down each aisle looking for anything that I might want, including that cute guy. A couple of the aisles I went down he was there . . . Staring at me. The final aisle I went down was the ice cream aisle, where the guy was again, but this time he was accompanied by an older woman with a grocery cart full of products. If I had to guess I'd say it was his mother.

Our eyes connected.

I turned, pretending to search for ice cream. A few seconds later he walked past me. Just before rounding the corner he glanced behind him. Uh, does he want me to follow? I slowly moved away from the freezer. Past the corner only a couple of shoppers were near. I checked down the other aisle, but he wasn't there, either. Then, behind me, I heard a door close. The bathroom. Did he go into the bathroom? Oh, my God, if he went into the bathroom, then that absolutely means he wants me to follow him. He is cute enough. Ugh, I haven't done this in so long . . . ever really. I've never been in this situation. I took a deep breath and set the pills on a random shelf before heading towards the bathroom.

I opened the door. The smell of corporate cleaning chemical invaded my sense of smell, which wasn't exactly a turn on. But there was the guy, standing in the only stall, glowing with sexual energy. He didn't wait any longer. He stepped right up to me and shoved his tongue in my mouth. Fuck he tasted delicious. The hard-on's between our legs were rubbing against each other. His hands were roaming all over my body, whereas I just stood and enjoyed the feeling of passion.

He pulled me by my collar into the stall and locked the door, then shoved me into the corner where he undid my belt and yanked my pants down. He wasted no time in devouring my eight inch cock that protruded from the flimsy boxers trying to contain it. Whoever this kid is, or however experienced he may be, was lost on me for his cock sucking skills were unmatched. I've never had my entire dick swallowed until now. I stared down at him in disbelief. His velvety, warm throat treated my raging rod with utmost pleasure. Even the slurping sounds he was making were sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.

"Oh," I moaned softly, not wanting to attract attention to the bathroom. "Fuck you're good."

The unnamed hero used one of his hands to caress and fondle my balls, while his other hand held onto my dick adding stability to his incredible blow job skill. I found it immensely sexy that I'm receiving head in a grocery store bathroom with a flood of other people just outside of the door. Someone can walk in at any moment.

The guy took my dick from his mouth. "Like that, bro?"

"Hell yes!" I said breathlessly, pushing my hips out so he'd get the hint to keep doing what he was obviously born to do.

He grabbed my dick and began to jack it off. Meanwhile, he dove tongue first at my balls, lapping away like a dog trying to eat peanut butter. It was becoming difficult to stand, being pleasured so intensely. But, luckily for my knees, I felt an orgasm quickly approaching. The mystery guy must've sensed it as well, for he brought his mouth back up and swallowed every inch.

Just a few more licks was all it took. The guy didn't flinch-or gag-even though I felt several spurts go down his throat. It took every ounce of willpower to not scream out in ecstasy. Once he finished sucking me dry, he stood up and began to walk out of the stall without saying a word. I stood, dazed and breathless, wondering what the hell just happened. But my moment of recovery was interrupted by a chime and a vibration.

Tyler needs those pills

Ugh. I pulled my pants up and made sure I looked normal even though I just had the best blow job of my life. No one was staring at me awkwardly when I backtracked to where I set the pills, so it must appear as if nothing ever happened. Luck was on my side today apparently, because there was no sign of the mystery guy whatsoever. The cashier rang me up and I was out of there in less than thirty seconds.

Arriving home, I was still in a state of disbelief over what transpired at the grocery store. Claire is going to shit a solid gold brick. Let's see her top that story. Jared thanked me for buying the pills and told me to keep the change. I went into my bedroom and plopped down on the bed, clasping my hands behind my head. What a day so far. I go to the store and get a blow job in the bathroom by some stranger-still the best head ever. Perhaps the party will prove to be even wilder. I've never told anyone this, not even Trevor, but it's always been a fantasy of mine to be in a threesome or just be taken advantage of by three or four guys. Trevor never would have been down for that, not that it would've been suggested, either. There will be a lot of drinking tonight . . . This could be the night my fantasy comes true . . . or not. Like I said it is just a fantasy.

That mystery guy was so freakin' hot. I wonder if he does that very often. He must, because I've said it before and I have no shame in saying it again: best head ever. Or he could just be one of those people who are blessed with such talent. A certain someone told me all the time that I was the best head he'd ever had, but seeing as how I was his first anything I'm not sure how accurate that claim is. Whatever. I'm so fucking tired of thinking about him . . . It's just so natural. At least I'm not depressed about him anymore, though.

An irritatingly loud crash came from the kitchen. It sounded like metal on wood-a pot or pan on the wooden kitchen floor. Either Jared's trying to cook something that doesn't require an open flame or . . . Well, that's truly the only possibility.

"Ugh, Jared," Tyler sickeningly groaned.

Yep. Jared's probably trying to make soup. Not too difficult for the average human being. Grab a can of soup, pop open the lid, pour in a pot, heat, serve, enjoy. Now it's probably easier to understand just how bad of a cook he is if he can't even heat up sodium enriched canned soup.

I hopped out of bed and padded into the kitchen. There he was standing before the stove looking absolutely lost. He turned his head and saw me, then flashed an embarrassed grin.

"I, uh, need to get something into his stomach." Jared said, referring to Tyler. "Who knew chicken noodle soup could be such a pain, huh?"

I shook my head and sighed. "Only you, Jared, only you." Instead of allowing him to potentially blow the house up, I took over kitchen detail. "You are a physician's assistant. How can you not open a can of soup?"

Jared stared blankly. He quickly began howling with laughter, which turned out to be a bad idea for Tyler. He tried to cover his mouth, to quiet his volume, but it did no good. Soon I joined in the bout of laughter. Poor Tyler was groaning in misery from way over on the couch. We both began to calm down. I have no idea what was so funny about what I said, but Jared sure found it hilarious.

"What exactly set you off?" I asked, catching my breath. "That wasn't that funny."

"Just the way you said it," He wiped his eyes dry. "And . . . Ugh, it was just funny."

I let him have his moment, and opened the can of soup, pouring it into the pot that I'm assuming he dropped earlier. I turned the flame on medium and let the liquid heat up.

"Time is going by so slowly. I want to party already."

"Try not to speak that vile word around Tyler right now. I told him earlier that he couldn't ever drink like that again. He chuckled, then threw up. And just before you came home he asked what you went to the store for. I was joking around and told him a bottle of tequila. He threw up. As a health professional," I giggled at that, "it seems he reacts to anything that involves booze."

"Well, thank you, Dr. House." Sarcastically, I responded.

The soup began to boil, which meant it was past done. I had Jared grab a bowl, then I filled it with the steamy goodness. He thanked me and went into the living room to serve it to his husband. I realized the hoodlum brothers have yet to wake and that means it's my duty as their older brother to do the honors of opening their coffins and releasing them from their respective tombs into the bright new day.

Keegan is a tricky one to wake. He's become a real stubborn kid who won't get out of bed willingly for anything short of candy for breakfast, which by the way, actually happened once. Tyler and Jared were so desperate to get him out of bed they told him he could have anything for breakfast. Who the hell wakes up and thinks ice cream for breakfast? Plus, there was a bag of red vines that he devoured along with the frozen dairy treat. I'll be damned if I . . . Wait a second. Holy shit this will be hilarious!

I slowly and carefully opened his bedroom door. He was lying unrecognizably among his blankets. I crept over to his bedside.

"Keegan, it's time to get up. It's almost noon." Nothing. "Tyler said you can have cake for breakfast."

Suddenly, the blankets flew from the bed and a beeline was all that I could see leaving the room. Ha, wait until he gets down there and realizes-

"Travers!" he yelled.

I held in my most obnoxious snicker knowing that Tyler's head is probably throbbing with intense pain right now. Footsteps could be heard quickly coming up the stairway. Keegan rounded the corner into his bedroom and stared daggers in me.

Innocently, I asked, "What?"

"You know damn well why I hate you right now." The scowl on his face was more humorous than anything, at least to me.

He wasted no time in crawling back into bed. What a bum.

"Come on. I'm bored. I want to kick your ass in some games." I whined, yanking the blankets off of him.

"Ugh, go ask Torry. I want to sleep longer!"

"Whatever," I mumbled dejectedly.

Torry isn't as fun to wake up. Once he's up he's up, though it does take a while for that to happen. Plus, he knows better than to mess with me. Keegan has yet to learn you can't dupe the dupe master. Eh, I won't wake Torry up. I'll let him sleep. He treats me with more respect than Keegan most of the time.

Ugh, nothing to do. I guess I can just watch movies to kill some time. That always seems to work. A Jurassic Park trilogy marathon will kill a lot of time to be precise. Oh! That's perfect! Tyler and Jared bought me a small surround sound system for my bedroom this past Christmas and I've only used it once, and it was not for Jurassic Park. This will be great!

"Now listen, if you guys get too crazy don't hesitate to call me, okay? I mean it." Jared sincerely spoke. Claire, Olivia and I nodded in agreement. "I know you're supposed to be sober," he singled Olivia out, "but I've been to parties before and, for me, it didn't take much convincing to drink."

"We'll use our heads, Jared. Don't worry." Claire reassured.

"All right," he sighed. "Go have fun!"

The three of us rushed out of the front door and climbed into Olivia's car. The moment is finally upon me, to have fun, to let go, to forget about the depressing couple of weeks I've had to endure. Tequila is my Achilles heel, and hopefully there is a trough there tonight! What is wrong with me? Haven't taken a drink in years and all I can think about is getting hammered. Huh. Why question, though? I'm just going to be free tonight.

Claire spun around from the front seat. "Dude, okay, so Lizzie texted me and she said the party is already off the charts. Please tell me you're going to be letting loose tonight." The look on her face was priceless. It was mixed between unbridled hope and fear of disappointment.

"Yes, I plan on loading myself up tonight." I grinned devilishly.

"Great!" she exclaimed.

It didn't take too long to wind up at the party. We're in the oldest part of the city, meaning these houses were built with privacy in mind and aren't right next to each other. Most of the houses around here are Victorian style, which also means they're enormous inside; the perfect place for a kickass party.

There were several people talking and hanging out on the small front lawn, not paying any attention to the new people showing up. I didn't recognize anyone I knew, but then again there were only a few. Hopefully there are some hot guys. Wow. Ever since that bathroom debacle at the grocery store this morning I've not been able to get my mind off the talented stranger, nor the idea that tonight could prove to be even more wild. A sharp chill in the air made me clutch to my jacket tightly.

"Hopefully it's more upbeat inside than outside." Claire mumbled next to me.

I nodded in agreement. "One can only hope."

Olivia came around to my left side-as Claire was on my right-and the three of us walked up to the front door, not bothering to knock as we entered. Our hopes came true. The music was loud, but not loud enough to mute a conversation. There were plenty of empty cups lying around already and even more cups in the hands of the partygoers.

Brenda, the host of this fiasco, was just coming around from the other room where a number of people were dancing without a care in the world.

"Hey, guys! You made it!" she greeted us. Only a slight slur clung to her words. "Come on in and just, you know, drink and have fun, okay? Beer and stuff is in the kitchen." Then as fast as she found us she disappeared back into the crowd.

"Well, I'll help myself to some liquor." Claire grinned mischievously. "Travers, join me."

"I'll see you guys later." Olivia turned and went off with a few of her other friends who appeared sober enough.

In the kitchen were empty cups galore. Claire was actually kicking them out of her way. What a bunch of freaking pigs. I've never been to such a messy party. I mean, it's not even in full swing yet and it looks like it's been going on for days. There were a few people I recognized from high school and some from college. While Claire poured us what looked like vodka I took a moment to truly gather in the other faces. One of the persons that stood out most was Jake Smithson.

A blessing from the heavens above.

Jake Smithson was my biggest high school crush. True enough I was with Trevor all throughout high school but even before him there was Jake. What was it about him that captivated me? Was it his messy faux-hawk? Was it his cocky but polite attitude? Or it could've been his one hundred percent masculine demeanor from the way he dressed to where he worked to his love of football. Not everyone shares my obsession. Claire finds him repulsive. Olivia tolerates his existence. And Lizzie once told me she almost punched him. I never could understand why. From the minimal interaction he and I ever had in enviro science I was surprised by his charm and wit. Then again, infatuation blinds those who fall victim.

Anyway, back to the current timeframe, he stood with a few of his football buddies, each with a red plastic cup in hand. His deep voice sounded like angels singing a hymn. I half expected a spotlight to shine down on his beauty. He hasn't changed much from the days of six periods plus lunch. Still as masculine and hunky as ever. I must've really been transfixed because Claire jabbed me in the stomach harder than normal.

"Hey, pay attention," she complained. "I was talking, FYI."

"Oh, sorry. The weed in the air was dazing me." I grabbed the second cup she was holding.

She rolled her eyes, not buying my lie for a heartbeat. "Oh, please!" Then she focused where I was staring off. "Hey, that's Jake . . . Oh, I get it. You were undressing him with your eyes."

"Was not!"

"Were too!"

"Okay, so I glanced over. Big deal."

"Well," she said, "from what I hear he's got a very big deal." Quickly, tauntingly, she rushed off.

I caught up with her in a flash. "How do you know of this?"

"A friend of mine dated him her junior year. They only had sex a couple of times during their three months because it just didn't work very well for her."

I glanced back at Jake. "Big, huh?" Then I realized Claire had been hiding this tidbit of info for years even though she's always been well aware of my secret desires. "Bitch, why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"Cunt, you were happily taken. Why would you need to know?"

Rolling my eyes, I said, "Just to know. I've been wondering ever since the first day I saw him."

"Want to go talk to him?"

"What? I don't know him!"

Claire brought her cup to her lips and chugged the rest of the drink. I hadn't even tried mine. She let out a small burp and said, "I do. Let's go get you some man."

Before any objections could be heard, she dragged me over to where Jake was. My heart was pounding around in my chest like a fish out of water.

"Hey, Jake, long time no see." Claire said, interrupting a conversation and grabbing him in a hug. She can be such a fraud when she needs to be. His friends dispersed.

Jake appeared at a loss for words for a moment. "Uh, yeah, it was what, senior year?"

"Yeah, you remember Travers?"

"How could I forget?"

What does that mean? A small smirk grew on his face as he glanced at me.

"Hey, Jake," I muttered shyly.

"Great party, huh?" Claire said.

"Yeah, it's somethin'," Jake slurred. And then it hit me in the face like an eighteen wheeler. Jake was totally shit faced. I bet if I held a lighter up to his mouth the flame would shoot out like a flamethrower.

"So, you're going to the university, right?" she asked him.

I glanced away for just a second, trying to contain my thoughts.

"Sure am," he sighed. "It's a pretty good deal there. On a scholarship and all that. How about you two?"

"We go to 'Harvard on the Hill.'"

"Oh, I was gonna go there if a scholarship didn't work out. For a community college it has very good academics and sports." He took a big drink from the beer bottle in his left hand-his football throwing hand. "What's your major?"


"I'm undecided, but probably a science." I answered. "You?"

"Economics," he chuckled.

"What a field," I said, actually interested in why he chose such a difficult field. "Why economics?"

Jake took another drink from his beer. "It's difficult to explain. I love a challenge, and with economics things change constantly, kind of like real estate. I considered that, too, but with the real estate industry there are high points and low points. With economics, there really isn't a high or low because I'd be studying both." And with another drink of his beer, finishing the bottle, he asked, "Why science?"

I took a drink from my own cup. "It's just the subject that interests me the most. I'm thinking of majoring in botany, to be specific. There's a mystery behind plants and I intend on figuring the mystery out."

"Ooh!" Claire gushed. I quickly took a huge gulp from my cup. "I love this song!" And so did most everyone in the house apparently, for the living room suddenly filled with dancers. "Come on, Travers, let's dance!"

Jake nodded a good bye, then left, probably to find his buddies. I was a bit disappointed. The two of us were having a real conversation for the first time in a long time. My dick was hardening just in his presence and at the possibility of seeing his later in the night. Drunken straight guys sometimes forget their orientation . . .

Claire dragged us only so far into the mass of dancing drunks. The beat from the music wasted no time in controlling my body. I began to dance in sync with Claire, having a blast already. Other people around us were doing the same. Somehow, over the bass of the music and shouts of pleasure from the crowd, I heard Lizzie's crazy scream. I smiled, focusing more on my dancing.

The song ended, and with it most of the dancing. It's kind of crazy how one song can move so many people. I followed my favorite bitch back into the kitchen where she made us another drink. I hadn't even finished my first, but the effect of the alcohol was starting to loosen me up. Claire handed me another cup, so I dumped the remaining liquid from the first cup into the second, topping it off. Then we wove around the crowds and found Olivia with a few of her friends she met earlier.

Cups were in their hands, but they were clear instead of red. Olivia is too smart to drink and drive, so I'm not worried in the least.

"Having fun?" she asked.

After a big drink, I replied, "Hell yeah!"

"Oh, Travers, there's a friend of mine I want you to meet. He's gayer than Anita Bryant, but definitely your type. He just went to get a drink. Hang out for a sec."

Well, this is going to be potentially awkward. I had no idea Olivia knew other gay guys, or at least not ones that I'd be interested in. Then again, why would I have known? I was in a perfect relationship. There was no need to divulge that information before now. Hopefully this guy is at least a seven out of ten in every aspect.

"Here, girl," a guy said to Olivia, handing her another clear cup. He wasn't bad looking, a solid seven. Bigger set, that's what I like. Nice hair. Can't really see his eyes, but from his hair color I'm sure they're some shade of brown. Style-wise he's an eight. Gay-wise he's well past ten, which is a turnoff personally, but I can try overlooking that with another drink.

"Jay, this is my friend Travers. Travers, this is Jay." Olivia introduced us and I was able to see a better angle of his face. Okay, looks just got upgraded to an eight.

"Nice to meet you," Jay said genuinely, extending his hand.

I shook it and said, "Same,"

"Jay goes to Cal State, studying law."

"Oh, wow, that's great. A gay lawyer?"

"Yeah," he agreed. "My parents, though not thrilled about my orientation, are ecstatic about my career choice, so I guess that sort of makes up for the gay thing." He said this humorously, but I sensed a little despair underneath it all.

"I'm undecided still, but I'm leaning towards the sciences."

The awkwardness I feared was nowhere in sight. This is starting out pretty well.

"Olivia, we might have to leave before clothes come flying off. Can you feel the chemistry in the air?" Claire quickly grabbed her and darted away, leaving me alone with this stranger. And-oh, what's that over there, flying in from the east? Awkwardness.

I stared down into my cup, fighting a crooked smile.

"And I was so hoping this wasn't going to be awkward." Jay mumbled.

I chuckled. "Tell me about it."

"So . . . any idea about what science?" he asked.

"Um, botany. I like plants. I think they're pretty fascinating." I took a large drink from my cup, then continued. "Why law? I mean, it's such a demanding field to move into."

"Like I said before, my parents were really happy. They've always wanted me to either be a lawyer or a doctor. But for myself, I think law is a very interpretive set of words. A lot of lawyers are thought of as crooks and thieves, but people fail to realize the truly hard work most lawyers put into their cases. Staying up all night going through books, researching online, talking amongst colleagues, sacrificing precious family time. They charge high amounts of money for their services because that's one of the only things that make all the work and sacrifice worth anything." Jay almost seemed like he was venting, like people often question his career choice or something. Or he could just be tired of people assuming he's going to be a crook. I've never known any lawyers personally so I couldn't give an unbiased opinion. Even when Tyler and Jared were going through their divorce neither one would let any of us kids in on the legal jumbo.

I raised my cup to take another drink, but grew disappointed when I realized there was no more alcohol in the cup. Then I noticed how incredibly light I felt. Not having drunken in quite some time-years to be exact-the effects of alcohol won't take long to set me up.

"Hmm," I moaned, forcing my eyes shut.

"So, want to dance?"

I stared blankly at him. "Uh, yeah, I love to dance. Just let me get another drink first."

We went into the kitchen, avoiding being spilt on along the way. Jay graciously made a drink for me, not even bothering to ask what I wanted. Being he's so fem I'm sure the drink will be fruity and the alcohol will be very well hidden. When he finished, he handed me the cup. I took a big drink.

Boy was I wrong.

The drink burnt like acid as it traveled down my esophagus. I scowled, disgusted by what was in my body now. I looked at Jay and he was grinning evilly.

"That'll knock you on your ass. I call it Jay's Jackhammer."

"Well," I coughed, "your jackhammer sure has quite a kick."

I quickly finished the remaining poison off and the two of us went into the room with all of the other crazed dancers. The music was fast and loud, the bass reverberating deep within our bones. Trevor always told me I was an amazing dancer. I learned quickly and moved with fluid motion. He wasn't similar. Claire and Lizzie are the only two people I know that can even come close to keeping up with me.

But then there's Jay. And my world was turned upside down. Not only was the bitch keeping up with me, he was actually surpassing me. I suppose I've lost my touch-sort of!-because the last party I've been to was back in early December.

Someone brought in light machines, casting the dancers in different neons of blue and red and green and yellow. From the cheers, everyone approved. If dancing didn't come so naturally to me the lights probably would have disoriented me combining with the increasingly powerful effects of the alcohol in my bloodstream. Whatever Jay gave me was truly something I've never experienced before.

Jay kept grinding his cock into my ass. With each gyration I could feel it hardening, which was resulting in my own cock hardening. Nothing is clear to me at the moment, but it would seem that he is asserting himself as a top.

The song changed, a faster song with deeper bass. I don't know if there was a hidden message in the music, but I suddenly turned and forced myself upon him. His tongue snaked its way into my mouth within the heartbeat-our dancing ceased. I pulled away, staring into his eyes. The alcohol was inhibiting my mind.

"Want to go to my car?" he shouted into my ear.

I couldn't speak. The lust was making me incapable of even moving. Jay didn't wait long for an answer. He grabbed me by the hand and dragged me out to his car about a block away, which turned out to be a mini-van. He opened the door and told me to start undressing. I shucked my shirt off and started to undo my pants when something cold spooked me.

"Came prepared, huh?" I slurred, holding up a bottle of lube.

"To a party? Always. You never know when you're going to get lucky."

It took a second to register what I was seeing, but he was already as nude as a newborn, assuming the position between my legs. In the darkness, it was difficult to distinguish exactly what size Jay had between his thighs, but I doubted it would be any larger than Trevor's. He rolled a condom on and lubed himself up. I laid back on the floor, waiting for a sensory overload of pleasure. Without an advanced warning he shoved a slick finger deep inside of me.

And just as quickly as he shoved a finger in, I felt his dick moving in and out of me. It felt weird. Not the sex part, but the realization that I had no memory of anything between his finger entering me and now. Did I blackout?

I looked around the van, ignoring the person having his way with my ass. Everything seemed blurred, doubled. I felt increasingly drowsy. What the fuck was in that drink he gave me? I wonder . . .

He must be finished already. I don't feel him inside of me any longer. I sat up on my elbows, browsing for my clothes. But it was then that I again realized something was strange. Jay wasn't in the van. Not next to me, not in the front seats. What the fuck is going on? I began to panic. I frantically searched for my clothes wanting to get back into the house, to be near the safety of a crowd, of people, to find Claire.

As I scrambled to put my clothes on, my mind wandered into the comprehension that I may have been raped. There's no way I blacked out because of the alcohol. I've never blacked out like that before. Ever. That son of a bitch had to've put something in the drink he gave me. So, the big question is . . . Was I raped? Oh, please, God. No! Not again!

I was about to put my shirt back on when it dawned on me there was something cooling on my stomach. I dabbed a finger into the substance, bringing it up to my nose and sniffed. Cum. There's cum all over me. Raped or not, Jay is the biggest pile of human excrement I've ever met in my life. There was a seat cover on each seat so I grabbed one and wiped his cum off of me, then hastily pulled my shirt on. Stepping out of the van was a bit of a mistake. When laying down the aftermath of the alcohol was undetectable, but jumping from the van made my head spin.

"Fuck," I groaned in misery.

There was a previous sense of dread that I was a block away from the party, but now it seems better for the reason that I do not want anyone to see me like this. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths, hoping my stomach would stop doing cartwheels. The cold night air was soothing to some degree, though it was beginning to grow uncomfortably cold.

Maybe if I get back in the van . . . Why am I laying on the concrete? Oh, fuck, did I blackout again? This is starting to freak me the fuck out! There's no way I'm making it back to the party in this condition! Even if I did make it I'd probably blackout within seconds of walking inside. That's an embarrassment I'll be happy to live without. I know! I'll call Olivia to come get me! Not wasting another precious second, I pulled my cell phone from my pants and dialed her.

"Travers?" she answered. I hadn't even heard it ring. The music in the background was disturbingly loud and painful to hear. "Hold on! Hold on!" Then a few moments later the music was a simple background noise.

"Olivia," I mumbled, suddenly feeling drowsier than before. "I need you to pick me up. I'm a block away from the house, just turn left when you leave and go straight down."

"Okay, Travers, I'm on my way."

I felt relieved that someone at least knew my whereabouts. Should a blackout occur once more it'll be fine because Olivia is on her way and I'll be home before I know what hit me. Jared and Tyler are going to flip when they hear what happened. Tyler will definitely want to pursue legal action, but that's only if I actually was raped. I mean, perhaps the alcohol really did mess me up. Either way, Jay's an asshole for continuing to have sex with me and then just leave me in his van.

"Travers, what're you doing on the ground?" Olivia asked, kneeling next to my body. She sounded panicked.

"My head is pounding. I can't stand." I complained.

I heard another set of footsteps approaching. "What the hell is he doing on the ground? Is he that wasted?" The other person was Claire.

"He says his head is pounding and he can't stand."

"Jay," I mumbled. An abrupt burning sensation overwhelmed my stomach. My mouth watered heavily.

"Jay? My friend Jay? He did this to you?" Olivia asked.

"Wow, some friend, Olivia." Claire responded.

The burning sensation finally overloaded. I swiftly crawled over to the curb and vomited. Neither of the girls came to my side, for which I was grateful. They stayed back ready to help if necessary. I heard them talking to each other, but couldn't make out what was being said. Another burst of vomit followed soon after the first. It hurt. But it was the last one. My stomach felt void of content. I crawled back to the concrete and rested my head on the cool cement.

"We need to get you home," Olivia said, grasping onto one of my arms. "Claire, go bring my car around."

"On it," Claire said.

"Should I let your dads know what's going on?" Olivia asked.

"No!" I blurted out. "God, no. Tyler is already going to freak the fuck out. No need to arrive home to that panic. I'm feeling better, anyway."

She hesitated. "Was all the alcohol a shock to your system?"

"I think Jay slipped something into my drink."

Olivia tensed. "What makes you say that?"

"He gave me a drink before we started dancing. It didn't take long for me to start feeling incredibly wasted. Then he asked if I wanted to go to his car. The rest is kind of fuzzy. I know we started to have sex." I paused to collect my thoughts. "Then I woke up with his fucking junk all over my stomach, with him nowhere in sight."

"Travers, I am so sorry. I had no idea . . ."

"It's not your fault. I'm not even sure he did slip something in the drink. Maybe this is just a horrible, horrible effect of alcohol." I wanted to look at the positives. I didn't want to immediately go to the rape zone. The last thing my family needs is more drama right now.

Claire pulled up with the car. They tried helping me stand, but I waved them off saying that I wanted to do it myself, just to prove to them I truly was okay. And, surprisingly, I didn't stumble. My head was only spinning slightly. Close to entering the back seat, the unpleasant burning feeling returned swiftly to my stomach. I turned and bent over too quickly, hitting my head against the rear of the car.

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